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Full text of "Pennsylvania in the war of the revolution, battalions and line. 1775-1783"

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1ANK  8.   HAKT,    STATE   PK1STBH. 




Col.  Win.  Thompson's  Battalion  of  Riflemen, 1 

First  Pennsylvania  Battalion,  Col.  DeHaas, 43 

Second  Pennsylvania  Battalion,  Col.  St.  Clair, 67 

Third  Pennsylvania  Battalion,  Col.  Shee,     101 

Fourth  Pennsylvania  Battalion,  Col.  Wayne,     113 

Fifth  Pennsylvania  Battalion,  Col.  Magaw, 137 

Sixth  Pennsylvania  Battalion,  Col.  Irvine, 159 

Pennsylvania  Rifle  Regiment,  Col.  Miles, 191 

The  Musketry  Battalion,  Col.  Atlee, 235 

The  State  Regiment  of  Foot,  Cols.  Bull  and  Stewart, 255 

The  First  Pennsylvania, 303 

The  Second  Pennsylvania, 391 

The  Third  Pennsylvania 443 

The  Fourth  Pennsylvania, 481 

The  Fifth  Pennsylvania, 527 

The  Sixth  Pennsylvania, 563 

The  Seventh  Pennsylvania, 593 

The  Eighth  Pennsylvania, 639 

The  Ninth  Pennsylvania,     671 

The  Tenth  Pennsylvania,     697 

The  Eleventh  Pennsylvania, 741 

The  Twelfth  Pennsylvania,     755 

The  Thirteenth  Pennsylvania, 765 

Additional  Regiment,  Col.  Hartley's,     775 

Additional  Regiment,  Col.  Patton's, 787 




The  New  Eleventh,        3 

The  German  Regiment, 71 

The  Corps  of  Count  Von  Ottendorff, 85 

Pennsj'lvanians  in  Col.  Hazen's  Regiment, 97 

The  Wyoming  Valley  Companies, 109 

Pennsylvanians  in  Commander-in-Chief  's  Guards, 119 

Col.  Moylan's  Cavalry  Regiment, 125 

Armand's  First  Partisan  Legion,      137 

Pennsylvanians  in  Pulaski's  Legion, 151 

Pennsylvanians  in  Lee's  Partisan  Corps, 157 

Von  Heer's  Light  Dragoons, 163 

The  Pennsylvania  Artillery, 171 

Fourth  Regiment  of  Artillery, 189 

Capt.  Coren's  Independent  Company  of  Artillery, 229 

Atillery  Artificers, 239 

The  Invalid  Regiment, 259 

The  Orderly  Books  of  the  Pennsylvania  Line, '283 




JUKE  25, 1775— JULY  1,  1776. 

1— VOL.X. 




so  styled  in  Gen.  Washington's  general  orders,  was  en- 
listed in  the  latter  part  of  June,  and  in  the  beginning  » 
of  July,  1775,  in  pursuance  of  a  resolution  of  Congress, 
Mated  June  14,  for  raising  six  companies  of  expert  rifle- 
men in  Pennsylvania,  two  in  Maryland,  and  two  in  Vir- 
ginia, which,  as  soon  as  completed,  were  to  join  the  army 
near  Boston.  By  a  resolution  dated  June  22,  the  "  Colony  of  Penn- 
sylvania" was  directed  to  raise  two  more  companies,  which,  with  the 
six,  were  to  be  formed  into  a  battalion,  and  be  commanded  by  such 
officers  as  the  Assembly  or  convention  shall  recommend.  This  res- 
olution having  been  com- 
municated tQthe  Assem- 
bly, it  resolved,  June  24, 
*'  that  the  members  of 
Congress  deputed  by  this  Assembly  be  a  committee  to  consider  of, 
and  recommend  proper  officers  of  the  said  battalion."  The  commis- 
sions to  the  officers  are  dated  the  next  day,  June  25,  Sunday,  conse- 
quently no  record  of  their  appointment  appears  upon  the  journals 
of  Congress.  The  following  is  a  copy  of  one  of  them : 


The  delegates  of  the  United  Colonies  of  New  Hampshire,  Massachu- 
setts Bay,  Rhode  Island,  Connecticut,  New  York,  New  Jersey, 
Pennsylvania,  the  counties  of  New  Castle,  Kent,  and  Sussex,  in 

"  Delaware,  Maryland,  Virginia,  North  Carolina,  and  South 
Carolina : 


We,  reposing  especial  trust  and  confidence  in  your  patriotism, 
valor,  conduct,  and  fidelity,  do  by  these  presents,  constitute  and  ap- 
point you  to  be  a  captain  of  a  company  of  riflemen,  in  the  battalion 
commanded  by  Col.  William  Thompson,  in  the  army  of  the  United 
Colonies  raised  for  the  defense  of  American  liberty,  and  for  repel- 
ling any  hostile  invasion  thereof.  You  are,  therefore,  carefully  and 


diligently  to  discharge  the  duty  of  captain,  by  doing  and  perform- 
ing all  manner  of  things  thereunto  belonging.  And  we  do  strictly 
charge  and  require  all  officers  and  soldiers  under  your  command, 
to  be  obedient  to  your  orders  as  captain,  and  you  are  to  observe 
and  follow  such  orders  and  directions  from  time  to  time  as  you 
shall  receive  from  this  or  a  future  Congress  of  the  United  Colonies, 
or  committee  of  Congress  for  that  purpose  appointed,  or  Com- 
mander-in-chief for  the  time  being  of  the  army  of  the  United 
Colonies,  or  any  other  superior  officer,  according  to  the  rules  and 
discipline  of  war,  in  pursuance  of  the  trust  reposed  in  you.  This 
commission  to  continue  in  force  until  revoked  by  this  or  a  future 

By  order  of  Congress. 

JOHN  HANCOCK,  President. 

PHILADELPHIA,  June  25, 1775. 
Attest  : 

CHARLES  THOMSON,  Secretary. 

The  form  of  enlistment  was :  "  I  have  this  day  voluntarily  enlisted 
myself  as  a  soldier  in  the  American  Continental  Army  for  one  year, 
unless  sooner  discharged,  and  do  bind  myself  to  conform  in  all  in- 
stances to  such  rules  and  regulations  as  are  or  shall  be  established 
for  the  government  of  the  said  army." 

Each  company  was  to  consist  of  one  captain,  three  lieutenants, 
four  sergeants,  four  corporals,  a  drummer  or  trumpeter,  and  sixty- 
eight  privates. 

On  the  llth  of  July  Congress  was  informed  that  two  companies 
had  been  raised  in  Lancaster  county  instead  of  one,  and  it  resolved 
that  both  companies  be  taken  into  the  Continental  service.  This 
battalion,  therefore,  consisted  of  nine  companies,  enlisted  as  follows : 
Chambers' and  Hendricks:  in  Cumberland  county,  Doudel's  in  York, 
Ross'  and  Smith's  in  Lancaster,  Lowdon's  in  Northumberland, 
Cluggage's  in  Bedford,  Nagel's  in  Berks,  and  Capt.  Abraham  Mil- 
ler's, in  Northampton. 

The  pay  of  the  officers  and  privates  was  as  follows :  Captain, 
twenty  dollars  per  month ;  a  lieutenant,  thirteen  and  one  third  dol- 
lars ;  sergeant,  eight  dollars ;  a  corporal,  seven  and  one  third ;  a 
drummer  or  trumpeter,  the  same  ;  privates,  six  and  two  thirds,  to 
find  their  own  arms  and  clothes. 

The  patriotism  of  Pennsylvania  was  evinced  in  the  haste  with 
which  the  companies  of  Col.  Thompson's  battalion  were  filled  to  over- 
flowing, and  the  promptitude  with  which  they  took  up  their  march 
for  Boston.  The  Philadelphia  Evening  Post  of  August  17,  1775, 
publishes  a  New  York  item,  "  that  between  the  28th  of  July  and  2d 
instant,  the  rifle  men,  under  the  command  of  Captains  Smith,  Low- 
don,  Doudel,  Chambers,  Nagel,  Miller,  and  Hendrieks,  passed 
through  New  Windsor,  [a  few  miles  north  of  West  Point,]  in  the 


New  York  government,  on  their  way  to  Boston."  A  number  of 
gentlemen  went  along  as  independent  volunteers.  Their  names  were 
not  entered  on  the  rolls,  and  they  claimed  the  privilege  of  paying 
their  own  expenses  and  returning  at  their  pleasure.  Among  these 
were  Edward  Burd,  afterwards  prothonotary  of  the  Supreme  Court, 
Jesse  Lukens,  Matthew  Duncan,  &c.  The  history  of  the  battalion 
appears  in  the  following  cotemporary  records  : 

Captain  James  Chambers  writes  from  Cambridge,  August  13, 1775  : 

"  We  arrived  in  camp  on  the  7th  ultimo,  about  twelve  o'clock. 
We  were  not  here  above  an  hour  until  we  went  to  view  the  lines 
where  the  English  camp  is  all  in  plain  sight.  We  crossed  the  lines, 
and  went  beyond  the  outposts  to  a  small  hill,  within  musket  shot  of 
a  man-of-war  and  a  floating  battery,  and  not  further  from  the  works 
at  the  foot  of  Bunker  Hill,  where  we  could  see  them  very  plainly. 
Whilst  I  was  standing  there,  some  of  our  riflemen  slipped  down  the 
hill,  about  a  gun-shot  to  the  left  of  us,  and  began  firing.  The  reg- 
ulars returned  it  without  hurting  our  men.  We  thought  we  saw 
one  of  the  red  coats  fall.  Since  the  riflemen  came  here,  by  the  latest 
accounts  from  Boston,  there  have  been  forty-two  killed  and  thirty- 
eight  prisoners  taken  at  the  light-house,  twelve  of  the  latter  tories. 
Amongst  the  killed  are  four  captains,  one  of  them  a  son  of  a  lord, 
and  worth  £40,000  a  year,  whose  name  I  cannot  recollect.  The 
riflemen  go  where  they  please,  and  keep  the  regulars  in  continual 
hot  water. 

"  They  are  every  day  firing  cannon  at  our  people,  but  have  not  yet 
killed  a  man.  We  expect  six  wagons  loaded  with  powder  here  in 
two  or  three  days ;  and  when  they  arrive,  our  twenty-four  pounders 
will  begin  to  play  on  their  ships  and  the  lines  on  Bunker  Hill.  It 
is  difficult  for  our  men  to  get  within  shot  of  them,  as  they  have 
floating  batteries  that  flank  the  end  of  Winter  Hill,  and  men-of-war 
on  the  other  side,  though  our  boys  think  they  killed  several  of  them. 
About  an  hour  ago,  I  saw  a  small  cannonading  between  two  of  the 
enemy's  boats  and  one  of  our  batteries,  to  the  north  of  Boston.  We 
can  see  all  the  town  distinctly  from  our  fort  on  Prospect  Hill,  and 
it  is  a  very  pretty  place.  Two  deserters  came  to  us  last  night." 

Thacher  in  his  Military  Journal  of  the  Revolution,  under  date  of 
August,  1775,  describes  this  battalion : 

"•They  are  remarkably  stout  and  hardy  men  ;  many  of  them  ex. 
ceeding  six  feet  in  height.  They  are  dressed  in  white  frocks  or 
rifle  shirts  and  round  hats.  These  men  are  remarkable  for  the  ac- 
curacy of  their  aim  ;  striking  a  mark  with  great  certainty  at  two 
hundred  yards  distance.  At  a  review,  a  company  of  them,  while 
on  a  quick  advance,  fired  their  balls  into  objects  of  seven  inches 
diameter,  at  the  distance  of  two  hundred  and  fifty  yards.  They 
are  now  stationed  in  our  lines,  and  their  shot  have  frequently 
proved  fatal  to  British  officers  and  soldiers  who  expose  themselves 


to  view,  even  at  more  than  double  the  distance  of  common  musket 

This  battalion  became  the  Second  regiment  (and  after  the  1st  of 
January,  1776,  the  Fii'st  regiment)  "  of  the  army  of  the  United  Colo- 
nies, commanded  by  His  Excellency  General  George  Washington, 
Esquire,  general  and  commander-in-chief."  So  reads  a  return 
dated  "  Head-quarters  at  Cambridge,  August  18, 1775,"  by  which  it 
appears  that  three  field  officers,  nine  captains,  twenty-seven  lieuten- 
ants, the  adjutant,  quartermaster,  surgeon  and  mate,  twenty-nine 
sergeants,  thirteen  drums  and  fifes,  and  seven  hundred  and  thirteen 
rank  and  file  were  present,  fit  for  duty. 

Lieut.  Col.  Hand  writes,  August  20,  that  he  arrived  with  Col. 
Thompson  on  the  17th  ;  that  they  were  under  Gen.  Lee's  immediate 
command,  but  were  to  move  four  and  a  half  miles  into  Gen.  Put- 
nam's department,  and  that  Major  Magaw  was  in  command  at  Cape 

This  battalion  formed  the  picket  guard  of  the  two  thousand  pro- 
vincials, who,  on  the  evening  of  the  26th  of  August  took  possession 
of  and  threw  up  intrenchments  on  Ploughed  1 1  ill,  and  on  themorn- 
ingof  the  27th  met  with  its  first  loss, private  Simpson, of  Smith 'scom- 
pany,  who  was  wounded  in  the  leg  and  died  therefrom.  "  Poor  Simp- 
son (beau)  had  one  of  his  legs  shattered  by  a  cannon  ball,  The  di- 
rector general  took  it  off , but  the  poor  lad  was  buried  thisevening." — 
Hand's  letter  of  29th. 

"  On  the  evening  of  the  26th  instant,  Saturday,  I  was  ordered  to 
draw  fifty  men  out  of  each  of  the  Cumberland  companies,  and  to 
be  ready  to  march  at  sunset.  Accordingly  I  did  so,  and  marched 
without  beat  of  drum  to  Prospect  Hill,  and  thence  proceeded  with 
the  riflemen  stationed  there,  in  all  about  four  hundred,  to  Ploughed 
Hill,  and  then  down  the  hill  within  three  or  four  hundred  yards  of 
the  enemy's  strongest  works,  to  cover  a  party  of  about  two  thousand 
musket  men  who  were  at  the  same  time  to  entrench  on  Ploughed 
Hill.  They  labored  hard  all  night,  and  at  daybreak  had  the  re- 
doubt nearly  completed.  The  English  began  a  heavy  cannonading, 
which  continued  all  day.  They  killed  one  adjutant  and  one  sol- 
dier with  cannon,  wounded  three  others  with  musket  halls.  Wil- 
liam Simpson,  of  Paxton,  was  struck  by  a  shot  and  his  foot  carried 
away,  &c.  Your  son,  Benjamin,  was  with  me  in  all  this  affair." — 
Capt.  James  Chambers  to  his  tei/e,  August  29, 1775. 

James  Wilkinson,  (subsequently  Brigadier  General  Wilkinson,) 
who  was  a  volunteer  in  Col.  Thompson's  battalion,  makes  the  fol- 
lowing reference  to  the  first  Pennsylvania  soldier  who  fell  in  the  war 
of  the  Revolution  : 

"  The  provincials  broke  ground  at  Ploughed  Hill,  August 
26,  about  one  mile  north-west,  and  in  front  of  the  British  post 
at  Bunker  Hill,  on  the  peninsula  of  Charlestown.  A  detach- 
ment of  riflemen  ordered  to  cover  the  working  party  took  post 


in  an  orchard,  and  under  cover  of  stone  fences  in  advance. 
As  soon  as  the  enemy  discovered  the  workmen,  they  opened  a  bat- 
tery upon  them,  and  kept  up  a  brisk  cannonade  by  which  volunteer 
Simpson,  of  Pennsylvania,  had  one  of  his  heels  and  ankles  so  much 
shattered  that  mortification  ensued,  and  he  died  in  a  few  days. 
The  young  man  was  visited  and  consoled  during  his  illness  by  Gen. 
Washington  in  person,  and  by  most  of  the  officers  of  rank  belong- 
ing to  the  army.  Every  exertion  of  the  faculty  was  made  to  save 
him,  and  his  death  became  a  theme  of  common  sorrow  in  an  army 
of  twelve  or  fourteen  thousand  men.  I  witnessed  the  effect  on  my 
arrival  two  or  three  weeks  after." — Memoirs,  Vol.  I,  page  1G. 

On  the  5th  of  September,  two  companies  of  this  battalion,  (Capt. 
Wm.  Hendricks,  Capt.  Matthew  Smith,)  were  ordered  to  parade  upon 
the  common  in  Cambridge,  and  join  the  detachment  ''to  go  upon 
command  with  Colonel  Arnold."  For  a  full  and  interesting  account 
of  the  hardships  and  sufferings  of  these  two  companies,  see  Judge 

John  Joseph  Henry's 
narrative,  (Lancaster, 

These  compa_ 

nies  led  the  advance 
under  captain,  afterward  Col.  Daniel  Morgan,  through  the  wilder- 
ness,* and  participated  in  the  attack  on  Quebec,  on  the  morning  of 
the  31st  of  December  at  Palace  Gate,  where,  as  the  dispatch  of  the 
day  reads,  "  that  excellent  young  officer,  Capt.  William  Hendricks, 
of  Pennsylvania,  fell,"  and  the  rest  of  the  command  after  desperate 
fighting,  were  forced  to  surrender.  The  survivors  were  paroled  on 
the  7th  of  August,  1776,  and  after  being  exchanged,  for  the  most 
part,  reentered  the  service,  following  the  fortunes  of  the  Pennsyl- 
vania Line  with  Gen.  Wayne,  down  into  Georgia,  resisting  the  fear- 
ful night  attack  made  upon  Wayne's  carnp,  near  Sharon,  Georgia, 
on  the  24th  of  May,  1782  ;  entering  Savannah  in  triumph  with  him 
on  the  llth  of  July  ;  Charleston  on  the  14th  of  December,  1782,  and 
only  returning  in  the  month  of  July,  1783,  when  the  last  of  the 
Pennsylvania  troops  embarked  at  James  Island,  South  Carolina, 
on  board  of  transports  for  Philadelphia, 

*  At  Fort  Western,  (on  the  Kennebeck,)  "concluded  to  dispatch  an  of- 
ficer and  seven  men  in  advance,  for  the  purpose  of  ascertaining  and  mark- 
ing the  paths  which  were  used  by  the  Indians  towards  the  heads  of  the 
river,  and  ascertain  the  course  of  the  river  Chamliere.  Arnold  found 
it  necessary  to  select  an  officer  of  activity  and  courage.  The  choice  fell 
upon  Lieut.  Archibald  Steele,  of  Smith's  company,  who  selected  as  his 
companions,  Jesse  Wheeler,  George  Merchant,  and  James  Clifton  of 
Morgan's  company ;  and  Robert  Cunningham,  Thomas  Boyd,  John 
Tidd,  John  McKonkey,  and  John  Joseph  Henry,  of  Smith's  company." 
Henry,  page  17-  Also,  see  Oswald's  Journal,  Force's  Archives,  3d 
vol.,  1059,  "Sunday,  24th  of  September,  dispatched  Lieut.  Steele,  Ac." 


On  the  23d  of  September,  Col.  Hand  writes  to  Judge  Yeates  : 
"Day  before  yesterday,  Lieut.  McKenzie  of  the  Bedford  com- 
pany, had  his  hat  blown  off  by  the  wind  of  a  cannon  ball,  and  a 
splinter  hit  Dr.  Hubley,and  overturned  him.  Morgan,  Hendricks, 
and  Smith,  have  left  with  their  companies  for  Canada.  Seven  hun- 
dred mnsqueteers  from  here  are  on  the  same  expedition.  The  expe- 
dition with  which  the  York  company  was  raised  does  not  help  on 
for  their  misconduct;  had  Smith's  company  been  better  behaved, 
they  might  probably  have  saved  themselves  a  disagreeable  jaunt. 
The  General  refused  peremptorily  to  take  the  York  company." 
A  cotemporary  letter,  dated  September  13,  says : 
"  On  Monday  last  (llth)  Col.  Arnold  having  chosen  one  thousand 
effective  men,  consisting  of  two  companies  of  riflemen,  (about  one 
hundred  and  forty,)  the  remainder  musqueteers,  set  off  for  Quebec,, 
as  it  is  given  out,  and  which  I  really  believe  to  be  their  destination. 
I  accompanied  on  foot  as  far  as  Lynn,  nine  miles.  Dr.  Coates,  who 
goes  as  surgeon,  Mr.  Matt.  Duncan,  Mr.  Melcher,  and  several  other 
southern  gentlemen  as  volunteers.  Here  I  took  leave  of  them  with 
a  wet  eye.  The  drums  beat,  and  away  they  go  as  far  as  Newbury- 
port  by  land,  from  there  they  go  in  sloops  to  Kennebeck  river,  up 
it  in  batteaux,  and  have  a  carrying  place  of  about  fifty  miles,  over 
which  they  must  carry  on  their  shoulders  their  batteaux  and  bag- 
gage, scale  the  walls,  and  sj>end  the  winter  in  joy  and  festivity 
among  the  sweet  Nuns." — Jesse  Lukens.* 
In  general  orders,  dated  Cambridge, September  11 ,1775, occurs: 
"Col.  Thompson's  battalion  of  riflemen  posted  upon  Prospect  Hill, 
to  take  their  share  of  all  duty,  of  guard  and  fatigue,  with  the  brig- 
ade they  encamp  with."  Also,  September  13:  "The  thirty-three 
riflemen  of  Col.  Thompson's  battalion  tried  yesterday,  by  a  general 
court-martial,  whereof  Col.  Nixon  was  president,  for  'disobedient 
and  mutinous  behavior,'  are  each  of  them  sentenced  to  pay  the  sum 
of  twenty  shillings,  except  John  Leamon,  who,  over  and  above  his 
fine,  is  to  suffer  six  days  imprisonment.  The  pay-master  of  the 
regiment  to  stop  the  fine  from  each  man  out  of  next  month's  pay, 
which  must  be  paid  to  Dr.  Church,  for  the  use  of  the  general  hos- 
pital.' " 

The  cotemporary  letter  above  referred  to  supplements  these  or- 
ders, thus : 

"  Our  camp  is  separate  from  all  others  about  one  hundred 
yards.  All  our  courts-martial  and  duty  was  separate.  We  were 
excused  from  all  working  parties,  camp  guards,  camp  duty.  This 

*  Jesse  Lukens  was  a  son  of  Surveyor  General  John  Lukens.  He  re- 
turned from  Boston  in  the  winter  of  1775,  just  in  time  to  join  Plunket's 
expedition  against  the  Connecticut  settlers  at  Wyoming,  25th  Decem- 
ber, in  which  he  was  mortally  wounded,  and  died  a  few  days  after.  A 
sad  comment  on  his  sportive  letter. 


indulgence,  together  with  the  remissness  of  discipline  and  care 
in  our  young  officers,  has  rendered  the  men  rather  insolent  for 
good  soldiers.  They  had  twice  before  broken  open  our  guard-house 
and  released  their  companions  who  were  confined  there  for  small 
crimes,  and  once  when  an  offender  was  brought  to  the  post  to  be 
whipped,  it  was  with  the  utmost  difficulty  they  were  kept  from  res- 
cuing him  in  the  presence  of  all  their  officers.  They  openly  damned 
them,  and  behaved  with  great  insolence.  However  the  colonel  was 
pleased  to  pardon  the  man,  and  all  remained  quiet ;  but  on  Sunday 
last  the  adjutant  having  confined  a  sergeant  for  neglect  of  duty  and 
murmuring,  the  men  began  again,  and  threatened  to  take  him  out. 
The  adjutant  being  a  man  of  spirit,  seized  the  principal  mutineer 
and  put  him  in  also,  and  coming  to  report  the  matter  to  the  colonel 
where  we  were  all  sitting  after  dinner,  were  alarmed  with  a  huz- 
zaing, and,  upon  going  out,  found  they  had  broken  open  the  guard- 
house and  taken  the  man  out.  The  colonel  and  lieutenant-colonel, 
with  several  officers  and  friends,  seized  the  fellow  from  amongst 
them,  and  ordered  a  guard  to  take  him  to  Cambridge  to  the  main 
guard,  which  was  done  without  any  violent  opposition,  but  in  about 
twenty  minutes  thirty-two  of  Capt.  Ross'  company,  with  their 
loaded  rilles,  swore  by  God  they  would  go  to  the  main  guard  and 
release  the  man  or  lose  their  lives,  and  set  off  as  hard  as  they  could 
run.  It  was  in  vain  to  attempt  stopping  them.  We  stayed  in  camp 
and  kept  the  others  quiet.  Sent  word  to  Gen.  Washington,  who 
reinforced  the  guard  to  five  hundred  men  with  fixed  bayonets  and 
loaded  pieces.  Col.  Hitchcock's  regiment,  (being  the  one  next  to 
us,)  was  ordered  under  arms,  and  some  part  of  Gen.  Greene's  brig- 
ade, (as  the  generals  were  determined  to  subdue  by  force  the  mu- 
tineers, and  did  not  know  how  far  it  might  spread  in  our  battalion.) 
Genls.  Washington,  Lee|  and  Greene  came  immediately,  and  our 
thirty-two  mutineers  who  had  gone  about  a  half  a  mile  towards 
Cambridge  and  taken  possession  of  a  hill  and  woods,  beginning  to 
be  frighted  at  their  proceedings,  were  not  so  hardened,  but  upon  the 
General's  ordering  them  to  ground  their  arms  they  did  it  immedi- 
ately. The  General  then  ordered  another  of  our  companies,  Capt. 
Nagel's,  to  surround  them  with  their  loaded  guns,  which  was  im- 
mediately done,  and  did  the  company  great  honor.  However,  to 
convince  our  people  (as  I  suppose,  mind,)  that  it  did  not  altogether 
depend  upon  themselves,  he  ordered  part  of  Col.  Hitchcock's  and 
Col.  Little's  regiments  to  surround  them  with  their  bayonets  fixed, 
and  ordered  two  of  the  ringleaders  to  be  bound.  I  was  glad  to  find 
our  men  all  true  and  ready  to  do  their  duty  except  these  thirty-two 
rascals.  Twenty-six  were  conveyed  to  the  quarter-guard  on  Pros- 
pect Hill,  and  six  of  the  principals  to  the  main  guard.  You  cannot 
conceive  what  disgrace  we  are  all  in,  and  how  much  the  General  is 
chagrined  that  only  one  regiment  should  come  from  the  South,  and 


that  set  so  infamous  an  example,  and  in  order  that  idleness  shall  not 
be  a  further  bane  to  us,  the  General's  orders  on  Monday,  were  '  that 
Col.  Thompson's  regiment  shall  be  upon  all  parties  of  fatigue, 
(working  parties,)  and  do  all  other  camp  duty  with  any  other  regi- 

"  The  men  have  since  been  tried  by  a  general  court-martial  and 
convicted  of  mutiny,  and  were  only  fined  twenty  shillings  each  for 
the  use  of  the  hospital — too  small  a  punishment  for  so  base  a  crime. 
Mitigated,  no  doubt,  on  account  of  their  having  comedo  far  to  serve 
the  cause  and  its  being  the  first  crime.  The  jnen  are  returned  to 
their  camp  and  seem  exceedingly  sorry  for  their  misbehavior  and 
promise  amendment.  I  charge  our  whole  disgrace  upon  the  remiss- 
ness  of  our  officers,  and  the  men  being  employed  will  yet,  no  doubt, 
do  honor  to  their  Provinces.  For  this  much  I  can  only  say  for  them 
that  upon  every  alarm  it  was  impossible  for  men  to  behave  with 
more  readiness  or  attend  better  to  their  duty ;  it  is  only  in  the  camp 
that  we  cut  a  poor  figure." 

In  a  general  return  of  the  army,  dated  September  23,  1775,  the  ef- 
fective force  present  were  three  field  officers,  seven  captains,  twenty 
lieutenants,  chaplain,  adjutant,  quarter-master,  surgeon  and  mate, 
twenty -seven  sergeants,  six  drummers  and  fifes,  and  four  hundred 
and  eighty-five  rank  and  file  fit  for  duty,  forty-nine  sick,  one  on 
command,  and  none  on  furlough.  On  17th  of  October,  same  number 
of  officers  present,  and  four  hundred  and  seventy-one  rank  and  file 
fit  for  duty,  one  on  furlough. 

October  3.  Hand  writes  to  his  wife: 

"Capt.  Ross  goes  for  Lancaster  to-morrow.  Henry  Fortney  is 
well;  his  behavior  does  him  credit.  Mr.  Henry,  junior,  has  fol- 
lowed the  troops  to  Canada  with  out  leave.  Nothing  but  a  perfect 
loose  to  his  feelings  will  tame  his  rambling  desire." 

October  23.  Hand  writes  to  Yeates  from  Prospect  Hill : 

"  One  of  our  armed  boats  fell  down  to  the  mouth  of  Cambridge 
river,  and  sent  a  few  shots  into  Boston.  One  of  her  guns  bursted- 
Your  old  friend  Worthington  was  on  board,  and  had  his  shins 
broken.  Gen.  Washington  is  irritated  by  Capt.  Ross'  absence  with- 
out his  knowledge,  and  declared  to  Col.  Thompson  that  any  officer 
who  went  home  from  his  regiment  must  resign  his  commission. 
Heard  last  night  that  Falmouth  was  in  ashes.  An  officer,  Burr, 
from  Northumberland,  with  thirty  men  from  us,  marched  for  Ports- 
mouth. 24th,  they  marched  at  dawn  this  morning." 

On  the  9th  of  November  occurred  the  skirmish  at  Lechmere's 
Point ;  for  their  alacrity  in  which,  Col.  Thompson  and  his  battalion 
were  publicly  thanked  by  Gen.  Washington,  in  general  orders  dated 
the  10th  of  November.  The  British  had  landed  under  cover  of  a 
fire  from  their  batteries  on  Bunker,  Breed's,  and  Copp's  Hills,  as  well 
as  from  a  frigate  which  lay  three  hundred  yards  off  the  point.  In  a 


"high  tide  it  is  an  island.  Col.  Thompson  marched  instantly  with 
his  men,  and  though  a  very  stormy  day,  they  regarded  not  the  tide 
nor  waited  for  boats,  but  took  to  the  water,  although  up  to  their 
armpits,  for  a  quarter  of  a  mile,  and  notwithstanding  the  regulars' 
fire,  reached  the  island,  and  although  the  enemy  were  lodged  behind 
the  walls  and  under  cover,  drove  them  to  their  boats.  Loss,  one 
killed  and  three  wounded ;  British  loss,  seventeen  killed  and  one 
wounded. — Philadelphia,  Evening  Post,  1775,  Letters  of  Mrs. 
Adams,  wife  of  John  Adams,  page  61. 

"  CAMP  ox  PROSPECT  HILL,  10th  November,  1775. 

"  I  give  you  the  particulars  of  the  fun  our  regiment  had  yesterday. 
About  one,  p.  M.,  a  number  of  regulars,  taking  advantage  of  a  high 
tide,  landed  from  twenty  boats  on  Lechmere  Point,  to  carry  off 
some  cattle.  Six  men  of  our  regiment  were  on  the  point  to  take 
care  of  our  horses ;  they  did  their  utmost,  and  partly  effected  it. 
One  poor  fellow  was  taken ;  he  was  of  Capt.  lloss'  company.  I  think 
his  name  was  Burke.  When  the  alarm  was  given,  Col.  Thompson 
was  at  Cambridge.  I  had  gone  to  "Watertown  to  receive  the  reg- 
iment's pay,  but  thanks  to  good  horses,  we  arrived  in  time  to  march 
our  regiment,  which  was  the  first  ready,  though  the  most  distant 
of  our  brigade.  Col.  Thompson,  who  arrived  before  we  had  crossed 
the  water,  with  thirteen  men  only  of  Ross'  company,  but  not  being 
supported  by  the  musqueteers,  before  I  could  get  up  with  the  re- 
mainder of  our  regiment  off  duty,  returned,  and  met  Major  Magaw 
and  myself  on  the  causeway;  the  whole  then  passed  with  the  ut- 
most diligence,  up  to  our  middles  in  water.  David  Ziegler,  who 
acts  as  adjutant,  tumbled  over  the  bridge  into  ten  or  twelve  feet 
water ;  he  got  out  safe,  with  the  damage  of  his  rifle  only.  As  soon 
as  the  battalion  had  passed  the  defile,  we  divided  them  into  two 
parties,  part  of  Capt.  Chambers',  Capt.  Miller's,  and  Lowdon's,  with 
Major  Magaw  and  Col.  Thompson,  marched  to  the  right  of  the 
hill,  with  part  of  Cluggage's,  Nagel's,  and  Ross'.  I  took  the  left,  as 
the  enemy  had  the  superiority  of  numbers,  and  the  advantage  of 
rising  ground,  with  a  stone  wall  in  front,  and  a  large  barn  on  their 
right  and  flank,  aided  by  a  heavy  fire  of  large  grape-shot  from  their 
shipping  and  batteries.  We  had  reason  to  expect  a  warm  recep- 
tion ;  but  to  the  disgrace  of  British  arms,  be  it  spoken,  by  the  time 
we  had  gained  the  top  of  the  hill,  they  had  gained  their  boats,  and 
rowed  off.  We  had  but  one  man  wounded,  I  believe  mortally,  by 
a  swivel  ball,  Alexander  Creighton,  of  Ross'  company.  Wm.  Ham- 
ilton need  not  grudge  the  money  his  son  cost  him.  His  coolness 
and  resolution  surpassed  his  years.  Billy  Burd  had  his  eyes  closed, 
by  the  dirt  knocked  off  by  a  cannon  ball. — Lieut.  Col.  Hand's  letter 
to  his  wife,  Hand  manuscripts. 

Ibid.  November  9 :   "  We  have  appointed  Rev.  Blair,  son-in-law 


to  Dr.  Shippen,  our  chaplain.  He  yesterday  officiated  for  the  first 
time."  Ibid.,  November  10:  "One  of  our  poor  fellows  of  Capt. 
Ross'  company,  was  taken;  I  think  his  name  is  Burk." 

The  general  return  of  December  30  shows  present  six  captains, 
seventeen  lieutenants,  twenty-four  sergeants,  five  drums  and  lifes. 
three  hundred  and  thirteen  men  fit  for  duty,  eighty-live  sick,  forty- 
two  on  command,  five  on  furlough. 

On  the  1st  of  January,  the  new  army  organizution-com- 

1776.  menced,  and  the  rifle  battalion  became  the  first  regiment 
of  the  Continental  army.  Its  total  strength  reported  at 
six  hundred  and  ninety  three  orticers  and  men.  On  the  6th  of  Jan- 
uary, Major  Magaw  was  commissioned  colonel  of  the  Fifth  Penira, 
(and  upon  the  return  of  Lieut.  Col.  Hand  from  furlough,  received 
in  November,)  on  2d  of  February,  Cols.  Thompson  and  Magaw  set 
off  for  Pennsylvania,  leaving  Hand  in  command.  The  latter  writes, 
on  the  8th  of  March  : 

"  I  am  stationed  on  Cobble's  Hill,  with  four  companies  of  our 
regiment.  Two  companies,  Cluggages'  and  Chambers',  were  or- 
dered to  Dorchester  on  Monday  ;  Ross  and  Lowdon  relieved  them 
yesterday.  Every  regiment  is  to  have  a  standard  and  colors.  Our 
standard  is  to  be  a  deep  green  ground,  the  device  a  tiger  partly  en- 
closed by  toils,  attempting  the  pass,  defended  by  a  hunter  armed 
with  a  spear,  (in  white,)  on  crimson  field  the  motto  Domarinolo."* 

On  the  llth  he  writes : 

"  The  enemy  seem  to  be  preparing  to  depart.  Our  regiment  is 
ordered  to  march  at  an  hour's  warning.  New  York  is  at  present 
our  destination."  The  regiment  left  Cambridge  on  the  14th,  being- 
detached  by  general  order  of  the  13th,  by  Gen.  Washington,  with 
five  other  regiments,  under  the  command  of  Gen.  Sullivan  to  New 
York.  Hand  says:  " I  left  on  the  15th.  Hartford,  21st  March,  our 
regiment  so  far  on  the  march  to  New  York.  New  York,  March  28r 
arrived  here  with  the  regiment  this  day.  I  received  your  letter  by 
Capt.  Ross.  Day  before  yesterday  received  a  letter  from  the  presi- 
dent of  Congress,  appointing  me  to  the  command  of  the  rifle  regi- 
ment. New  I"ork,  March  28, 1  have  just  arrived  with  the  regiment, 
Howe  abandoned  Boston  on  the  17th.  Two  of  my  officers  were  in 
the  town ;  it  is  little  damaged.  Mr.  Hancock's  house  is  left  in  per- 
fect repair."  Meanwhile,  March  1,  Col.  Thompson  was  made  a  brig- 
adier general,  and  Hand  became  colonel,  March  7,  with  Capt.  James 
Chambers  as  lieutenant  colonel.  On  the  5th  of  April,  Gen.  Put- 
nam detached  three  companies  to  scour  the  shores  of  Long  Island, 
and  they  captured  a  midshipman  with  his  boat  and  ten  sailors. 

*  This  standard  is  now  in  the  possession  of  the  State  of  Pennsylvania, 
having  been  recently  purchased  by  Hon.  M.  S.  Quay,  Secretary  of  the 
Commonwealth,  from  Thomas  Robinson,  Esq.,  grandson  of  Lieut.  Col. 
Thomas  Robinson,  of  the  First  Pennsylvania. 


"April  12, 1  was  moved  to  Long  Island  last  Tuesday.  My  station  is 
!New  Utrecht,  eight  miles  from  the  ferry." — Hand.  This  remained 
the  head-quarters  of  the  regiment  during  May  and  June. 

On  the  15th  of  April,  Congress  resolved  to  recruit  and  reenlist 
this  battalion  and  the  independent  rifle  companies  attached  to  it, 
for  the  term  of  two  years,  unless  sooner  discharged.  Before  Gen. 
Washington  was  aware  of  this  action  on  the  part  of  Congress,  on 
the  22d  of  April,  he  wrote  the  President  of  Congress  from  Kew 

"  The  time  for  which  the  riflemen  enlisted  will  expire  on  the  1st 
of  July  next,  and  as  the  loss  of  such  a  valuable  and  brave  body  of 
men  will  be  of  great  injury  to  the  service,  I  would  submit  it  to  the 
consideration  of  Congress  whether  it  would  not  be  best  to  adopt 
some  method  to  induce  them  to  continue.  They  are,  indeed,  a  very 
useful  corps ;  but  I  need  not  mention  this,  as  their  importance  is 
already  well  known  to  the  Congress." 

On  the  24th  of  April,  it  was  the  First  regiment  of  the  Third 
brigade,  Gen.  Sullivan's,  and  on  the  oth  of  May,  its  total  strength, 
officers  and  men,  five  hundred  and  seven.  On  the  30th' of  June  the 
time  of  those  who  did  not  reenlist  expired.  "Almost  all  the  men 
discharged  to-day  declare  that  they  will  stay  to  kriow  what  the  fleet 
will  do." — Hand's  letter,  June  30,  1776.  On  the  first  of  July  it  en- 
tered upon  another  term  of  service,  as  the  First  regiment  of  the 
Pennsylvania  Line  in  the  Continental  service. 

The  rank  of  the  captains  of  this  battalion  cannot  be  ascertained 
from  the  records ;  the  rolls  are,  therefore,  inserted  in  the  alphabet- 
real  order  of  captains'  names.  Reference  is  made  to  the  roster  and 
rolls  of  the  First  Penn'a,  Continental  line,  for  the  names  of  officers 
and  privates  who  continued  in  service.  These  rolls  are  made  up 
principally  from  imperfect  rolls  among  the  Hand  papers,  "Mili- 
tary," now  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  War,  at  Washington, 
D.  C.,  for  the  inspection  of  which,  and  permission  to  copy,  the 
editors  are  indebted  to  Hon.  J.  Donald  Cameron,  then  Secretary 
of  War.  Much  information  was  also  obtained  from  such  of  Gen. 
Hand's  papers  as  are  still  in  the  possession  of  his  grand-daughter, 
Mrs.  S.  B.  Rogers,  of  Lancaster  city.  It  appears  by  a  certificate 
of  Jacob  Howell,  dated  April  7,  1794,  that  there  were  no  rolls  for 
1775  in  the  accountant's  office  of  the  War  Department. 




Thompson,  William,  of  Carlisle,  commissioned  June  25, 1775 ;  pro- 
moted brigadier  general  March  1, 1776. 

Hand,  Edward,  from  lieutenant  colonel,  March  7, 1776 ;  commis- 
sioned brigadier  general  September  17, 1778,  to  rank  from  April 
1,  1777. 

Lieutenant  Colonels. 

Hand,  Edward,  of  Lancaster,  commissioned  June  25,  1775;  pro- 
moted colonel  March  7,  1776. 
Chambers,  James,  from  captain,  March  7,  1776. 


Magaw,  Robert,  of  Carlisle,  commissioned  June  25, 1775;  promoted 
colonel  Fifth  Penn'a,  January  3, 1776. 

Blair,  Rev'd  Samuel,  appointed  November  9, 1775. 

Ziegler,  David,  lieutenant. 

Hubley,  Frederick,  lieutenant. 

Craig,  Thomas,  of  Bucks  county,  (see  Pennn'a  Arch.,  O.  *S.,  vol.  4, 
680,)  commissary  of  purchases,  in  1780,  in  Bucks  county  ;  died 
in  Lehigh  county. 

Bower,  Jacob,  of  Reading ;  served  afterwards  as  captain  in  Flying 
Camp,  and  promoted  to  Sixth  Penn'a. 

Magaw,  William,  commissioned  June  25,  1775. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
Reinick,  Christian,  of  Lancaster. 

Harris,  David. 

Biddle,  John. 

Wagon  Master. 
Egle,  Adam,  of  Lancaster,  promoted  from  Capt.  Ross'  company. 



Yedse,  Henry. 
Leib,  Stophel. 
Smith.  Peter. 


[Enlisted  in  that  part  of  Cumberland  which  is  now  Franklin  county.] 

•  Captains. 

Chambers,  James,  promoted  lieutenant  colonel,  March  7, 1776. 
Grier,  James,  from  first  lieutenant,  March  7,  1776. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Grier,  James,  promoted  captain,  vice  Chambers,  March  7, 1776. 
McConnell,  Matthew,  from  second  lieutenant,  March  7, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
McConnell,  Matthew,  promoted  first  lieutenant,  March  7, 1776. 

Third  Lieutenant. 
Buchanan,  Thomas,  commissioned  June  25,  1775. 

Hay,  David. 
Andrews,  Arthur. 
Crawford,  Alexander. 
Johnston,  Andrew,  from  private. 

Barnet,  William. 
Beatty,  Thomas,  enlisted  June,  1775;  reenlisted  in  First  Penn'a, 

July,  1776. 
Benker,  Michael. 
Biddle,  David. 
Black,  James. 
Boyd,  David. 
Brandon,  John. 
Brooks,  Johnson. 
Brown,  Archibald. 
Brown,  Black. 
Brown,  John. 
Campbell,  Timothy. 
Campbell,  William. 


Carson,  Benjamin,  enlisted  June,  1775;  reenlisted  First  Pr-nn'a. 
Chambers,  Benjamin,  brother   of   Capt.  James,  promoted  second 

lieutenant  Xagel's  company,  January  5,  1776. 
Chambers,  Benjamin,  son  of  Capt.  James,  resided  in  Saline  county, 

Missouri,  in  1832,  aged  seventy-two. 
Chambers,  Williams,  brother  of  Capt.  James. 
Chesney,  William. 
Coneway,  Patrick. 
Davis,  Thomas. 
Derment,  John. 
Eaton,  Joseph. 
Everly,  John. 
Fairchild,  Abijah. 
Finley,  William. 
Furmoil,  James. 
George,  Evan. 
Gildersleeve,  William. 
Grady,  Thomas. 
Henney,  Richard. 
Hogan,  Peter. 
Houseman,  George. 
Hutchinson,  John. 
Hutchinson,  Thomas. 
Irwin,  Charles. 
Jamieson,  Francis. 
Joblier,  Robert. 

Johnston,  Andrew,  promoted  sergeant. 
Justice,  George. 
Keith,  Andrew. 
Kettling,  Lewis. 
Kelly,  Michael. 
Kelly,  Thomas. 
Kinkaid,  Alexander. 

Kline,  Daniel.  » 

Leonard,  Silas. 
Likens,  David. 
Lochry,  Thomas. 
Logue,  Patrick. 
Lowrie,  Nicholas. 
Lucas,  Thomas. 
Lynch,  John. 
McCosh,  John. 
McEleve,  James. 
McEnnally,  John. 
McDonald,  John. 
McGibson,  Michael. 


McGiggan,  Cornelius. 

McGuire,  Redmond. 

McIIaffey,  James. 

McKinney,  Henry. 

McMurtrie,  John.  "  December  1, 1775,  John  McMurtrie,  of  Capt. 
Chambers'  company,  killed  John  Penn  by  his  rifle  going  off 
when  he  says  he  did  not  know  it  was  loaded." — Wright's  Jour- 

Magaw,  Patrick. 

Mason,  Thomas,  discharged  May  31, 1776. 

Neall,  Patrick. 

Owen,  Michael. 

Paine,  Robert. 

Parker,  William. 

Reynolds,  Alexander 

Reynolds,  William. 

Riddle,  David. 

Rodgers,  Thomas. 

Rumphey,  Richard. 

Sawyer,  Nicholas. 

Scott,  Joseph. 

Shute,  Jacob. 

Skinner,  Moses. 

Sloan,  Allen. 

Stewart,  John. 

Stiles,  Timothy. 

Sullivan,  Patrick. 

Sweeney,  James. 

Sweeney,  John. 

Symnes,  James. 

Tidd,  John. 

Todd,  Randle. 

Vaughan,  Thomas. 

Walker,  "William. 

Weatherby,  Matthew. 

Wilson,  Edward. 

2— VOL.  X. 



[Enlisted  in  Bedford  county.] 

Cluggage,  Robert. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Holliday,  John,  commissioned  June  25,  1775. 
Second  Lieutenants. 

McKenzie,  Robert,  died  February  12,  1776. 
Burd,  Benjamin,  from  third  lieutenant. 

Third  Lieutenant. 
Burd,  Benjamin,  October,  1775,  promoted  second  lieutenant. 

Holliday,  James. 
Stoy,  Daniel;  discharged  at  Long  Island,  July  1, 1776;  resided  in 

Somerset  county,  in  1818. 
Meriner,  Querinus. 
Wright,  David. 

White,  Aquila. 
Lee,  William. 

McKenzie,  Joseph.  • 

McDonald,  Angus. 

Sullivan,  Timothy. 


Anderson,  Adam ;  resided  in  Westmoreland  county  in  1818. 
Bechey,  Philip. 
Bowman,  John. 

Broughdon,  Thaddeus,  discharged  February  10, 1776. 
Brown,  Thomas. 
Bruner,  George. 
Campbell,  John. 
Casek,  Thomas. 
Cessna,  Stephen. 
Clark,  Patrick. 
Conner,  Philip. 
Corrowan,  James. 


Craig,  Joshua  ;  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1820. 

Crips,  John. 

Crugren,  Alexander. 

Cunningham,  Thomas. 

Curran,  James. 

Davis,  John,  afterwards  adjutant,  Flying  Camp. 

Billing,  Cornelius. 

Donelin,  William,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 

Dougherty,  Matthew. 

Dowling,  Laurence. 

Francks,  Daniel. 

Freeman,  George. 

Garrett,  Amariah. 

Gemberland,  Daniel. 

Gillespy,  Reuben. 

Hardister,  Richard. 

Hanning,  Conrad. 

Jamison,  Francis,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 

Johnston,  Andrew,  enlisted  June  25,  1775;  promoted  lieutenant 

'First  Penn'a. 
Judry,  Matthias. 
Kelley,  John.  "  September  14, 1775,  John  Kelly,  one  of  Capt.  Clug- 

gages'  men,  shot  one  of  Capt.  Chambers' men  through  the  head, 

for  stabbing  him." — Wright's  Journal. 
King,  Peter. 
Knight,  James. 
Laird,  William. 
Lenriing  Charles. 
Leonard,  Robert. 

Lesley,  John,  reenlisted  in  Eleventh  Penn'a. 
McCartney,  Henry,  discharged  at  Long  Island,  July,  1776;  weaver. 

resided  in  Lycoming  county  in  1820,  aged  seventy-five. 
McClain,  Daniel,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 
McCune,  John. 
McDonald,  John. 
McDonald,  Patrick. 
McFarlane,  Thomas. 
Magee,  Thomas. 
Mangam,  Daniel. 
Miller,  Michael. 
Piatt,  Robert. 
Pitts,  John. 
Plumb,  Samuel. 
Reynolds,  Martin. 
Rhoads,  Daniel, 
Ritchie,  Philip,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 


Shehan,  Thomas. 

Shires,  Francis. 

Sivnonton,  Alexander,  reenlisted  First  Penu'a. 

Smith,  Emanuel. 

Smith,  Henry. 

Stoy,  Daniel,  promoted  sergeant. 

Stuart,  'John. 

Taylor,  Jonathan. 

Thompson,  John. 

Turmoil,  Jarnes. 

Tweed,  Andrew. 

Vanzandt,  James. 

Vanderslice,  Daniel,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a, 

Vaughan,  Thomas,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 

Wallace,  Samuel,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 

"Walker,  Solomon. 

Warford,  James. 

Ward,  Thomas. 

Wilson,  Alexander. 

Whitman,  George,  enlisted  June,  1775;  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 

Woodward,  Samuel. 


This  company  was  enlisted  principally  at  Samuel  Getty's  Tavern, 
now  Gettysburg,  June  24.  1775.  Left  York  for  Boston  July  1,  ar- 
rived at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  July  25,  at  one,  p.  >i.  The  committee  of 
Yorktown,  on  the  1st  of  July,  1775,  wrote  to  the  Pennsylvania  dele- 
gates in  Congress: 

"GENTLEMEN:  We  had  the  honor  of  receiving  your  favor  of  the 
15th  ult.,  enclosing  a  resolve  of  the  Honorable  Continental  Con- 
gress of  the  14th  ult.  We  immediately  summoned  the  committee 
of  this  county  and  laid  before  them  your  letter,  &c.  The  commit- 
tee proceeded  to  the  choice  of  officers  fit  to  be  recommended  to  the 
Congress,  and  appointed  six  commissioners  to  provide  necessaries 
for  them.  Every  resolve  passed  in  committee  with  the  greatest 
unanimity,  and  the  gentlemen  of  Yorktown,  after  the  meeting, 
dispersed  themselves  through  the  county,  and  assisted  the  officers 
in  recruiting. 

"  The  officers  we  take  the  liberty  to  recommend  to  you,  are  Captain 
Michael  Doudel,  Lieutenants  Henry  Miller,  John  Dill  and  James 
Matson.  They  are  men  whose  courage  we  have  the  highest  opinion 


of.  The  company,  including  officers  and  soldiers,  are  beyond  the 
number  fixed  for  this  county,  and  as  Gen.  Gates  thought  it  im- 
proper to  discharge  any,  we  have  sent  them  all.  "We  hope  no  al- 
teration will  be  made  in  the  officers.  The  captain  has  behaved 
very  well  on  this  occasion,  and  has  done  all  in  his  power,  by  ad- 
vancing money,  &c.,  to  forward  the  important  common  cause. 
Mr.  Miller  is  known  to  some  of  you  gentlemen.  The  other  officers 
are  men  of  worth  and  property ;  they  have  all  wives  and  families, 
and  are  entitled  to  the  warmest  thanks  of  their  country. 
(Signed,)  JAMES  SMITH, 


"  P.  S.  The  company  began  their  march  the  nearest  road  to  Boston 
this  day." 

Extract  of  a  letter  received  in  Philadelphia,  dated  Cambridge, 
July  31, 1775: 

u  Last  Friday,  [29th  July,]  we  were  informed  by  our  out  sentries 
at  the  foot  of  Bunker's  Hill,  that  the  enemy  had  cut  down  several 
large  trees,  and  were  busy  all  night  in  throwing  up  a  line  and 
abattis  in  front  of  it.  In  the  evening  orders  were  given  to  the 
York  County  Rifle  Company  to  march  down  to  our  advanced  post, 
on  Charlestown  Neck,  to  endeavor  to  surround  the  enemy's  ad- 
vanced guard,  and  bring  off  some  prisoners,  from  whom  we  ex- 
pected to  learn  the  enemy's  design  in  throwing  up  the  abattis  in 
the  Neck.  The  rifle  company  divided,  and  executed  their  plan  in 
the  following  manner:  Capt.  Doudel,  with  thirty-nine  men,  filed 
off  to  the  right  of  Bunker's  Hill,  and,  creeping  on  their  hands  and 
knees,  got  into  the  rear  of  the  enemies  sentries  without  being  dis- 
covered. The  other  division,  of  forty  men,  under  Lieut.  Miller, 
were  equally  successful  in  getting  behind  the  sentries  on  the  left, 
and  were  within  a  few  yards  of  joining  the  division  on  the  right, 
when  a  party  of  regulars  came  down  the  hill  to  relieve  their  guard, 
and  crossed  our  riflemen  under  Capt.  Doudel,  as  they  were  lying 
on  the  ground  in  an  Indian  file.  The  regulars  were  within  twenty 
yards  of  our  riflemen  before  they  saw  them,  and  immediately  fired. 
The  riflemen  returned  the  salute,  killed  several,  and  brought  off 
two  prisoners  and  their  muskets,  with  the  loss  of  Corporal  Grouse, 
[Cruise,]  who  is  supposed  to  be  killed,  as  he  has  not  been  heard  of 
since  the  affair." 

The  roll  which  follows  does  not  comprise  more  than  one  half  the 
strength  of  Capt.  Doudel's  company.  All  research  has  failed  to 
complete  it. 



Doudel,  Michael,  resigned  on  account  of  ill  health  soon  after  the 

company  reached  Cambridge. 
Miller,  Henry,  from  first  lieutenant 

First  Lieutenant. 
Miller,  Henry,  promoted  captain. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Dill,  John. 

Tliird  Lieutenants. 
Matson,  James. 

Clark,  John,  afterwards  major  in  Col.  McAlister's  battalion,  and 
aid  to  Gen.  Greene;  in  February,  1778,  auditor  of  accounts, 
died  December  27, 1819,  at  York  Penn'a,  aged  sixty-eight. 


Cruise,  Walter,  captured  in  front  of  Boston,  July  29, 1775 ;  a  prisoner 
seventeen  months ;  promoted  captain  Sixth  Penn'a. 

Armor,  Robert. 
Armstrong,  George 
Beverly,  John. 
Bettinger,  Christian. 

Brown,  John,  captured  in  September,  1775,  in  front  of  Boston. 
Campbell,  Thomas,  afterwards  captain  Fourth  Penn'a. 
Clark,  John,  promoted  lieutenant. 
Cline,  William,  reenlisted  and  discharged  March,  1777  ;  died  in  1826, 

in  York  county. 
Cooper,  William. 
Dougherty,  George. 
Douther,  John. 
Evans,  Abel. 
Ferguson,  John. 
Graft,  Robert. 
Griffith,  John. 
Halbut,  Joseph. 
Kennedy,  Richard. 
Kennedy,  Thomas. 
Lelap,  Daniel,  died  January  29,  1776. 
Lewis,  Abrarn. 
McAlister,  John. 
McCrary,  John. 
McCurt,  John. 
Minshall,  Joshua. 
Mill,  James. 
Moore,  Edward. 


Ramsey,  David,  discharged  July  1, 1776 ;  enlisted  in  Col.  Hannuni's 
battalion,  and  taken  at  Brandy  wine;  resided  in  York  county, 
1818,  aged  sixty-nine. 

Russell,  William,  promoted  ensign  in  Third  Penn'a. 

Shields,  Matthew. 

Staley,  Jacob, 

Start,  Andrew. 

Sullivan,  Patrick,  enlisted  June  24',  1775;  reenlisted  First  Penn'a. 

Sweeney,  Isaac,  promoted  lieutenant  in  Hartley's  regiment. 

Tanner,  Tobias. 

Taylor,  John, 

Turner,  Cornelius,  taken  with  Corporal  Cruise,  and  carried  to  Hali- 


[Enlisted  in  Cumberland  county,  in  June,  1775.] 
Henry  McEwen,  in  his  application  for  a  pension,  states  that 
"  Hendricks'  company  left  Carlisle  on  the  loth  of  July,  1775,  and 
-arrived  in  camp  at  Cambridge  on  the  8th  of  August."  The  records 
show  the  rank  and  file  numbered  eighty-five  men.  The  following 
names  are  taken  from  Judge  Henry's  narrative,  pension-rolls,  and 
documents  among  the  archives  of  the  State.  Congress,  October  15, 
1776,  allowed  the  executors  of  Captain  Ilendricks,  eighty-five  dol- 
lars, one  dollar  for  each  man  enlisted  by  him,  which  was  no  doubt 
the  sh'ength  of  his  company. 

In  Provost  Smith's  oration  on  the  death  of  General  Montgomery, 
and  his  officers,  delivered  February  19, 1776,  before  the  Continental 
Congress,  he  thus  alludes  to  Capt  Ilendricks : 

"  I  must  not,  however,  omit  the  name  of  the  brave  Captain  Hen- 

dricks,  who  commanded 
one  of  the  Pennsylvania 
Rifle  companies,  and  was 
known  to  me  from  his  in- 
fancy. He  was,  indeed,  prodigal  of  his  life,  and  courted  danger  out 
of  his  tour  of  duty.  The  command  of  the  guard  belonged  to  him 
on  the  morning  of  the  attack,  but  he  solicited,  and  obtained  leave 
to  take  a  more  conspicuous  post,  and  having  led  his  men  through 
the  barrier,  where  his  commanding  officer,  General  Arnold,  was 
wounded,  he  long  sustained  the  fire  of  the  garrison  with  unshaken 
firmness,  till,  at  last,  receiving  a  shot  in  his  breast,  he  immediately 
expired.  These  particulars  were  certified  by  General  Thompson, 
.and  Colonel  Magaw,his  commanders  in  the  Pennsylvania  rifle  reg- 
iment, and  they  gave  me  this  further  character  of  him  in  their  letter : 
*  No  fatigues  of  duty  ever  discouraged  him ;  he  paid  the  strictest 


attention  to  his  company,  and  was  ambitious  that  they  should  excel 
in  discipline,  sobriety,  and  order.  His  social  and  domestic  virtues 
you  were  well  acquainted  with.'  " 

Captain  Hendricks  was  born  in  Cumberland  county,  on  the  place 
long  known  as  Tobias  Hendricks',  near  Oyster's  Point,  two  miles, 
west  of  Harrisburg.  He  was  buried  at  Quebec,  in  the  same  inclo- 
sure  with  General  Montgomery,  on  the  south  side. 

In  reference  to  Lieut.  McClellan,  the  following  extract  from  a 
letter  addressed  by  him  to  Capt.  James  Chambers,  at  Ireland's  farmr 
near  Cambridge,  will  be  of  interest.  It  is  dated  Norridgewock, 
Me.,  October,  1775:  "Sin:  "With  my  best  wishes,  I  send  this  to 
inform  you  that  it  is  your  indispensable  duty  to  thank  God  for  not 
permitting  the  devil  to  put  it  into  General  Washington's  head  to 
send  you  here."  He  then  gives  an  account  of  the  wretched  country 
through  which  they  passed,  and  thinks  their  sufferings  a  sufficient 
punishment  for  all  their  sins. 


Hendricks,  William,  June  25,  1775  ;  killed  in  action  at  Quebec, 
January  1  1776 

First  Lieutenant. 

McClellan,  John,  died  on  the  march  through  the  wilderness,  No- 
vember 3, 1775 ;  he  left  a  daughter,  Priscilla.  who  resided  in 
Cumberland  county  in  1787,  then  aged  fourteen  years,  whose 
descendants  still  reside  in  Juniata  county. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Nichols,  Francis,  captured  at  Quebec,  January  1,  1776;  returned 
from  captivity  October  10,  1776 ;  December  16,  1776,  promoted 
to  the  rank  of  captain,  to  have  rank  and  pay  from  the  day  of 
the  death  of  Capt.  Hendricks;  subsequently  major  Ninth 

Third  Lieutenant. 
Francis,  George. 

Gibson,  Dr.  Thomas,  of  Carlisle ;  died  at  Valley  Forge  in  the  winter 

of  1778. 

Crone,  Henry,  *  of  York  county. 
Greer,  Joseph ;  *  his  wife  accompanied  the  expedition. 

*  Indicates  those  who  were  captured. 

NOTE. — The  greater  part  of  the  foregoing  names  of  Hendricks'  com- 
panv  and  Smith's,  postea,  were  taken  from  an  old  time  worn  manuscript 
found  (October,  1878,)  among  some  estate  papers  in  Cumberland  county. 
To  those  in  italics  is  the  following  note  upon  the  original  :  "Listed  in 
the  king's  service.  Some  listed  in  the  English  to  prevent  goin~  to  Eng- 
land that  they  might  escape."  There  were  no  rolls  of  either  Hendricks' 
or  Smith's  companies  among  the  Hand  papers. 


McCoy,  William.* 

Privates . 

Agnew,  Edward.* 

Albright,  George,  was  in  the  provincial  service  1763-4  ;  resided  in 
Cumberland  county  in  1811. 

Anderson,  Thomas.  * 

Baker,  Philip,*  wounded  at  Quebec. 

Blair,  John.* 

Burns,  Alexander.* 

-Burns,  Peter.* 

Burns,  William.  * 

Campbell,  John,  killed  at  Quebec. 

Carlisle,  Daniel.* 

Carswell,  John,*  released  April  21, 1777. 

Casey,  Roger.* 

Caskey,  Joseph.* 

Chambers,  John.* 

Cooke,  Thomas,*  afterwards  lieutenant  of  Eighth  Penn'a. 

Cove,  John.* 

Craig,  John,  promoted  lieutenant  in  second  battalion,  Col.  St.  Clair. 

Gumming,  Matthew.* 

Eckles,  Arthur,  reenlisted  ;  resided  in  Cumberland  county  in  1809. 

Frainer,  Peter.* 

Furlow,  Francis.* 

Gammel,  William.* 

Gardner,  John.* 

Graham,  Daniel.* 

Greer,  James* 

Grter,  Thomas.* 

Hardy,  John.* 

Hardy,  Elijah. 

Henderson,  John,*  wounded  at  Quebec. 

Ilogge,  James,  *  resided  in  Cumberland  county  in  1794. 

Ireland,  James.* 

Kelly,  Dennis,  killed  at  Quebec. 

Kirkpatrick,  William.* 

Lynch,  liichard.* 

Lamb,  David,  discharged  July  1, 1776  ;  died  in  Centre  county,  Feb- 
ruary 12,  1837,  aged  eighty-three  ;  buried  in  Jacksonville  grave- 

Lesley,  Thomas,*  served  under  Gen.  Forbes  in  1758;  enlisted  with 
the  British  service  after  capture  ;  deserted  at  Montreal,  August 
31,  1776,  and  returned  to  the  American  lines ;  killed  on  board 
the  Penn'a  fleet  at  Fort  Mifflin*  in  November,  1777. 

Lorain,  John,  reenlisted ;  wounded  at  Monmouth ;  promoted  en- 
sign ;  resided  in  Allegheny  county  in  1822. 


McChesney,  John,*  wounded  in  left  leg  at  Quebec,  December  31, 

1775;  afterwards  captain  in  Flying  Camp;  died  at  Harrisburg 

in  May,  1S22. 
JfcCZ022an,  Daniel.* 
McClure,  Richard.* 
McCormick,  Henry. 
McEvven,  Henry,*  enlisted  July  11,  1775;   wounded  by  bayonet 

through  hand  December  31 ;  paroled  August  3, 1776 ;  exchanged 

in  1778;  died  in  Centre  county,  October  14,  1823;  buried  at 

Centre  Hill. 
McFarlane,  Archibald,*  made  his  escape  and  enlisted  in  Capt. 

Doyle's  rifle  company 
McGuire,  Harnabas.* 
McLin,  John.* 
McMurdy,  John,  reenlisted  in  Flying  Camp;  afterwards  sergeant 

in  Capt.  Patterson's  company,  Second  Penn'a. 
Mason,  Jacob.* 
Maxwell,  Philip.* 
Morrison,  George.* 
Morrow,  George* 
Morton  Edward. 
Murdoch,  Thomas.* 
North,  Daniel.* 
O'Hara,  Daniel.* 

O'Hara,  Willio.m*;  exchanged  November  8, 1776. 
Hay,  John.* 
Heed,  James.* 

Einehart,  George,  reenlisted  in  Second  Penn'a. 
Hodden,  Edward.* 
Shannon,  William.* 
Smith,  William.* 
Snell,  William.* 
Steel,  Robert*;  exchanged  January  3,  1777;  promoted  ensign  in 

Fourth  Penn'a. 

Sweeney,  Hugh;  resided   in  Cumberland  county  in  1812. 
Sweeney  Edward. 

Swaggerty,  Abraham*;  wounded  at  Quebec. 
Taylor,  Matthew. 
Turpentine,  Henry.* 
Young,  Michael.* 
Witherop,  Thomas.* 
Wright,  Joseph.* 



The  journal  of  Aaron  Wright,  New  York  Historical  Magazine, 
lS62,page  209,  states,  that  Capt.  Lowdon's  company  was  sworn  in 
at  Northumberland,  June  29,  1775,  after  which  "  we  chose  our  offi- 
cers and  lay  there  until  the  7th  of  July,  when  we  got  orders  to  march 
next  morning.  When  on  parade  our  first  lieutenant  came  and  told 
us  he  would  be  glad  if  we  would  excuse  him  from  going,  which  we 
refused,  but  on  consideration  we  all  concluded  it  was  better  to  con- 
sent. *  *  *  In  the  evening  we  chose  a  private  in  his 
place.  The  next  morning  we  marched  on  board  the  boats,  &c. 
July  13,  reached  Reading,  where  we  got  our  knapsacks,  blankets, 
&c."  They  left  Reading  on  the  20th  of  July,  and  were  at  Bethle- 
hem on  the  1st  of  August;  reached  North  River,  opposite  New 
Windsor,  August  20.  On  the  24th,  marched  through  Litchfield, 
Conn.,  crossed  the  Connecticut  near  Hartford  on  the  26th,  and 
reached  Dudley,  Mass.,  on  the  30th  of  August.  On  the  31st  they 
marched  to  Weston,  and  stayed  all  night ;  thence  through  Framing- 
ham,  Watertown,  to  Cambridge ;  thence  to  Prospect  Hill.  As  the 
return,  ante,  of  August  18, 1775,  includes  nine  captains  and  twenty- 
seven  lieutenants,  the  field  officers  who  arrived  on  the  17th,  may 
have  included  this  company  before  its  arrival,  or  Aaron  Wright 
may  have  been  with  rear  arrivals.  The  privates  were  from  the 
West  Branch  valley,  around  and  north  of  Sunbury,  and  among  them 
were  Samuel  Brady,  Peter  Pence,  Timothy  Murphy,  and  others 
who  became  noted  in  the  annals  of  border  warfare.  Timothy 
Murphy,  of  Northumberland,  was  with  Capt.  Barr,  under  Col.  Mor- 
gan, at  Stillwater  and  Saratoga,  and  was  the  soldier  who  shot  Gen. 
Fraserin  the  action  of  the  7th  of  October,  1777.  See  Simm's  Scho. 
harie,  page  259.  Lossing's  Field  Book,  vol.  i,  page  62. 

Capt.  John  Lowdon  resided,  when  he  raised  this  company,  on  his 
farm  called  "  Silver  Spring,"  adjoining  now  the  town  of  Miffl inburg, 
in  Union  county,  where  he  died  in  February,  1798,  in  his  sixty- 
eighth  year.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Supreme  Executive  Council, 
elected  November  4,  1776. 

First  Lieutenant  James  Barr  was  from  Buffalo  Valley,  near  New 
Columbia.  He  rose  to  the  rank  of  major,  and  became  noted 
throughout  the  army  for  daring  and  intrepidity.  His  history  sub- 
sequent to  the  Revolution  seems  altogether  lost.  He  died  prior  to 

James  Wilson,  second  lieutenant,  was  a  noted  surveyor  in  North- 
umberland county  prior  to  the  war.  William  Wilson,  third  lieu- 


tenant,  or  ensign,  served  the  entire  period  of  the  war.  On  the 
13th  of  January,  1792,  he  was  appointed  associate  judge  of  North- 
umberland county,  which  office  he  held  until  his  death,  in  1813. 

Sergeant  David  Hammond  rose  to  the  rank  of  first  lieutenant, 
and  served  throughout  the  war.  He  was  severely  wounded  in. 
Wayne's  attack  upon  the  block-house  at  Bergen  Point,  near  Jersey 
City,  July  21,  1780.  He  never  recovered  from  the  effects  of  his 
wound,  which  caused  his  death  April  27, 1801,  aged  fifty-five.  He 
is  buried  in  the  Chillisquaque  grave-yard.  He  was  the  father  of 
the  late  Gen.  E,.  H.  Hammond,  of  Milton,  Penn'a,  and  grandfather 
of  Lieut.  Thos.  C.  Hammond,  who  fell  in  the  Mexican  war,  at  San 
Pasqual,  December  6,  1846. 

Lowdon,  John,  June  25, 1775, 

First  Lieutenant. 
Barr,  James,  June  25, 1775. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Wilson,  James,  June  25, 1775. 
Wilson,  William,  from  third  lieutenant,  January  4, 1776. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Wilson,  William,  June  25,  1775:  promoted  second  lieutenant  Jan- 
uary 4, 1776. 
Dougherty,  John,  from  sergeant,  January  4,  1776. 


Dougherty,  John,  promoted  third  lieutenant  January  4,  1776. 
Hammond,  David. 
McCormick,  Alexander. 
McMurray,  William. 
Dougherty,  Cornelius,  enlisted  July  1, 1775,  at  Derr's  Mill. 

Henry,  Thomas. 
Edwards,  William. 
White,  John;  died  January  8, 1776. 
Carson,  James,  enlisted  July  1, 1775,  at  Derr's  Mill. 
Cochran,  Charles. 


Grosvenor,  Richard;  died  November  10, 1819,  in  Nicholas  county,. 


Adkins,  William. 

All,  Joseph;  enlisted  June  21, 1775;  discharged  July  31,  1775. 
Benickler,  John,  afterwards  sergeant  in  the  German  regiment. 
Brady,  Samuel. 


Briggs,  William. 

Butler,  George,  enlisted  June  24,1775;  discharged  January  25, 1776. 

Calhoun,  William. 

Carothers,  Robert,  enlisted  July  1,  1775.  at  Derr's  Mill. 

Carson,  James,  promoted  corporal  January  4, 1776. 

Casaday,  John. 

Ceuly,  Samuel. 

Clements,  David. 

Cochran,  Charles,  enlisted  Julyl,  1775;  promoted  corporal  January 
8, 1776 ;  discharged  July  1, 1776 ;  resided  in  Crawford  county  in 

Condon,  Peter. 

Davis,  David. 

Dean,  John,  enlisted  June  24, 1775;  discharged  July  19, 1775 ;  ree'n- 
listed  in  Tenth  Penn'a. 

Eicholtz,  John. 

Evans,  John,  discharged  July  10,  1776. 

Finkboner,  Jacob,  enlisted  June  24,  1775 ;  discharged  January  26, 


Ford,  Charles. 
Ginter,  Philip. 

Giltson,  Thomas,  enlisted  July  1, 1775,  at  Derr's  Mill. 
Hamilton,  [Hamberton,]  John,  enlisted  July  1, 1775. 
Harris,  David,  served  four  months,  two  weeks  ;  he  was  a  brother 

of  John  Harris,  founder  of  Harrisburg. 
Hare,  Michael,  enlisted  July  1, 1775,  at  Derr's  Mill. 
Hempington,  Thomas. 
Henning,  Christopher. 
Humber,  William,, 
Jamieson,  William. 
Johns,  Samuel. 
Johnson,  James. 
Jones,  Lewis. 
Kilday,  Thomas. 
Kline,  Nicholas. 
Ladley,  John. 
Landon,  Samuel. 
Leek,  William. 

Lines,  Eobert,  enlisted  at  Derr's  Mill,  July  1, 1775. 
Lindy,  Jacob,  resided  in  Lancaster  county  in  1813. 
Lobdon,  Thomas. 

Masseker,  Reuben,  enlisted  June  21, 1775 ;  deserted  July  31, 1775. 
Madock,  Moses. 
Malone,  John. 
Maloy,  Charles. 
McCleary,  James. 


McConnell,  Cornelius. 

McCoy,  [McAvery,]  Martin. 

McGonigal,  Patrick. 

McMasters,  [Masterson,]  Edward,  enlisted  July  1, 1775;  resided  in 

Lycoming  county  in  1823. 
McMullan,  Alexander. 
Morgan,  William. 
Murray,  William. 
Murphy,  John. 
Murphy,  Timothy. 
Neely,  John,  captured  at  Fort  Freeland,  January  28, 1779,  and  taken 

to  Canada. 
Oakes,  Daniel. 
Oliver,  John. 
Parker,  Michael. 
Peltson,  Thomas. 

Pence,  Peter,  died  in  Crawford  township,  Clinton  county,  1827. 
Kay,  John. 

Ritchie,  Robert,  enlisted  July  1, 1775,  at  Derr's  Mill. 
Roach,  Bartholomew. 
Robinson,  John. 
Sands,  George. 

Saltzman,  George,  enlisted  July  1, 1775,  at  Derr's  Mill 
Segar,  George. 
Silver  thorn,  Henry. 
Shawnee  John,  (a  Shawanese  Indian  ;)  died  at  Bald  Eagle  Nest. — 

See  Jones'  Juniata,  page  352. 
Smith,  John,  died  in  service  ;  he  was  a  son  of  widow  Smith,  who- 

built  the  first  mill  on  the  White  Deer  creek,  Union  county. 
Speddy,  James. 
Sutton,  Arad,  resided  in  Lycoming  county  in  1791,  on  the  east  bank 

of  Lycoming  creek. 

Swainey,  James,  enlisted  June  24, 1775 ;  discharged  July  20, 1775. 
Teel,  John,  reenlisted  Twelfth  Penn'a. 

Tuft,  Robert,  enlisted  June  30,  1775;  discharged  October  25, 1775. 
Valentine,  Philip,  enlisted  June  24, 1775;  discharged  July  20,  1775. 
Ward,  Peter. 
Ward,  John. 

West,  Charles,  died  January  4,  1776. 
Whiteneck,  Joseph. 

Wright,  Aaron,  resided  in  Reading  in  1840. 
Youse,  John. 
Young,  Robert,  reenlisted  in  Capt.  Wilkinson's  company,  Lieut. 

Col.  Procter;  discharged  at  Trenton,  January  1, 1781;  died  in. 

Walker  township,  Centre  county,  November  19, 1824. 
A  return  of  Capt.  Lowdon's  company  for  March,  1776,  indicates 


the  presence  of  a  captain,  three  lieutenants,  four  sergeants,  four 
corporals,  and  seventy  privates,  signed  James  Wilson,  lieutenant. 

Some  of  the  privates  of  this  company  also  served  their  country 
upon  the  soil  of  every  one  of  the  original  thirteen  States  and  through 
the  entire  period  of  the  war,  as  appears  from  the  petition  presented 
to  the  Legislature  of  Pennsylvania,  March  13, 1817  : 

"  The  petition  of  John  Youse,  a  resident  of  Rockland  township, 
Berks  county,  humbly  showeth  : 

"  That  your  petitioner  first  enlisted  in  the  county  of  Northumber- 
land, under  Capt.  Lowdon,  in  1775,  and  marched  to  Boston  in  the 
first  campaign  in  the  Revolutionary  war  with  Great  Britian.  Was 
in  a  slight  engagement  there,  at  Ploughed  Hill,  and  in  several  bat- 
tles and  scrimmages  on  Long  Island,  and  at  the  taking  of  the  Hes- 
sians at  the  battle  of  Trenton,  on  the  second  Christmas  day  in 
the  year, — at  the  battle  of  Bnmswick,  where  I  received  a  wound 
in  the  left  hip,  [loth  June,  1777,]  and  was  at  the  taking  of  Bur- 
goyne,  in  the  rifle  corps  commanded  by  Col.  Morgan  and  Major 
Barr,  my  captain  then.  I  was  one  of  the  party  of  the  corps  in  the 
expedition  against  the  Indians  at  Genessee,  Seneca,  &c.,  and  was 
one  of  the  party  of  five  who  survived  out  of  twenty-four  in  a  scout- 
ing party,  and  forty-one  days  of  that  campaign  was  on  half  rations. 
I  was  at  the  taking  of  Stony  Point,  and  at  the  attack  on  the  Block 
House,  [Bergen's  Point,  July  21,  1780,]  Gen.  Wayne  our  com- 
mander. I  was  one  of  the  eight  hundred  at  Green  Springs,  in  Vir- 
ginia, [July  6, 1781.]  in  that  hard  engagement.  My  last  service  was 
on  James  Island,  in  South  Carolina,  and  I  have  never  received  any 
satisfaction  for  back  rations  to  this  day ;  and  for  my  certificates 
for  my  pay,  my  indigent  circumstances  obliged  me  to  sell  for  fifty 
cents  per  twenty  shillings,  and  for  my  said  pay,  it  being  State  money, 
I  passed  for  what  was  called  silk  money,  which  silk  money  went  to 
nothing.  So  that  I  lost  in  a  manner  all  my  long,  hard  eight  year 
earnings.  I  am  now  unable  to  procure  a  livelihood  by  labor ;  there- 
fore, I  pray  your  honorable  body  to  commiserate  my  miserable  situ- 
ation, and  place  me  on  the  pension  list,  so  that  I  may  not  become 
chargeable  to  the  township  where  I  live.  So  that  it  may  not  be 
said  after  I  am  buried,  '  there  is  John  Youse's  grave,  who  cost  our 
township  so  much  money.'  " 



[Enlisted  in  Northampton  county.] 


Miller,  Abraham,  of  Mount  Bethel ;  resigned  November,  1775. 
Craig,  Charles,  from  first  lieutenant,  November,  1775. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Craig,  Charles,  promoted  captain  November,  1775. 
Craig,  Thomas,  from  second  lieutenant,  November,  1775. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Craig,  Thomas,  promoted  first  lieutenant,  November,  1775. 
Craig,  Samuel. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Harris,  David,  promoted  first  lieutenant  of  Nagel's  company,  Jan. 
uary  5, 1776. 

Holmes,  Christian. 

Norcross,  Aaron,  promoted  lieutenant. 
Brodhead,  Luke,  afterwards  captain  Sixth  Penn'a. 
Anderson,  Enoch. 

Hains,  Daniel. 
James,  David. 
Armitage,  Shubert. 
Sawyer,  John. 

Adams,  Peter. 

Bennett,  Jacob. 
Bowman,  Michael. 
Boyd,  Daniel. 
Brunei,  Bhinehart. 
Buckly,  Christopher. 
Burger,  Jost. 
Carter,  Thomas. 
Carey,  Martin. 
Clifton,  Robert. 
Clemms,  Thomas. 


Cooker,  Nicholas. 

Concklin,  Richard. 

Curtis,  Marmaduke. 

Dailey,  Elias. 

Dean,  Samuel,  of  Bucks  county;  in  1776,  appointed  lieutenant  of 

Col.  Hart's  Battalion,  Flying  Camp ;  subsequently  lieutenant 

of  Eleventh  Penn'a. 
Deats,  Chris. 
Decker,  Benjamin. 
Engle,  Wendle. 
Ferguson,  William. 
Frantz,  Henry. 
Frantz,  Peter. 
Fritzman,  Elias. 
Galbraith,  Thomas. 
Gaston,  Hugh. 
Hartney,  Chris. 
Harvey,  John. 
Hayward,  John. 
Ilegerman,  James. 
Hernichon,  John;  wounded  in  the  jaw  at  Long  Island;  drafted 

into  the  Commander-in-Chief  Guards  in  1778;  resided  in  1810, 

Warrington  township,  Bucks  county. 
Homer,  Samuel. 
Hoster,  Peter. 
Jacobs,  Cornelius. 
Johnson,  James. 
Johnston,  Robert. 
Karich,  William. 

Kehrer,  Martin ;  died  in  hospital  at  Remalin. 
Kline,  Bernhard. 
Koken,  Peter. 
Kaup,  Michael. 
Ledger,  Peter. 
Ledlie,  James. 
Levy,  Nathan. 
Louker,  Henry. 
Me C arty,  Daniel. 
McElive,  James. 
McFerrin,  John. 
Marshall,  Robert. 
Matthias,  Henry. 
Miller,  Jacob. 
Miller,  John. 
Moeser,  John. 
Moyer,  Jacob. 

3— VOL.  X. 


Nousted,  Peter. 
Orr,  Joseph. 
Price,  Rees. 
Richart,  Thomas. 
Rishell,  George. 
Robertson,  Robert. 
Roy,  Patrick. 
Snyder,  John. 
Sonn,  David. 
Wagner,  Adam. 
Watson,  John. 
Weill,  Andrew. 
White,  John. 
"Wighouse,  Anthony. 


[Enlisted  at  Reading,  Berks  county.] 

A  letter  dated, "  Camp  at  Cambridge,  July  24, 177-5,"  says  :  "  The 
Reading  company  of  rifles  got  into  camp  last  Tuesday,  (18th) ;  the 
rest  are  hourly  expected  and  much  wanted." 

Xagel,  George,  commissioned  June  25, 1775 ;  promoted  major  of  the 

Fifth  battalion,  Col.  Robert  Magaw,  January  5,  1776. 
Conner,  Morgan,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  March  9  called 

from  camp  by  Congress,  and  sent  into  the  Southern  department ; 

afterwards  lieutenant  colonel  of  Col.  Hartley's  regiment. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Conner,  Morgan,  commission  dated  July  17, 1775;  promoted  cap- 

Harris,  David,  appointed  January  5,  1776. 
Second  Lieutenants. 

Scull,  Peter,  commissioned  July  17, 1775 ;  promoted  captain  of  Third 
Penn'a  battalion,  Col.  John  Shee's,  January  5,  1776 :  promoted 
major  of  Col.  John  Patton's  regiment,  January  11,  1777;  see 
page  791  postea. 

Chambers,  Benjamin,  senior,  from  private,  Capt.  Chambers'  com- 
pany, January  5,  1776;  subsequently  first  lieutenant  First 

Third  Lieutenants. 

Grubb,  Peter,  commissioned  July  17, 1775 ;  appointed  to  Miles'  rifle 

Weiser,  Peter,  appointed  January  5, 1776. 


Potts,  Dr.  Jonathan. 


Bower,  Jacob,  appointed  quarter-master. 
Lincoln,  Hananiah,  see  Twelfth  Penn'a. 
McKinty,  John. 
Brannon,  Alexander. 
Gibbons,  Philip. 

Corpora  Is. 

Williams,  James. 
Hughes,  Hugh. 
Senevely,  Henry. 
Heiner,  Casper. 

Molay,  John. 


Bain,  Thomas. 

Baldy,  Christopher. 

Berger,  Yost. 

Bourke,  Conrad. 

Bowman,  Peter. 

Brough,  Peter. 

Brown,  James. 

Bermeter,  John,  living  in  Berks  county,  in  1810. 

Ceney,  Michael. 

Cool,  [Kool,]  Casper,  died  in  Berks  county,  in  1807. 

Cox,  John. 

Creed,  Robert. 

Crowley,  William. 

Deckert,  Henry. 

Derr,  Christian,  reenlisted  in  old  Eleventh,  Col.  Humptoii. 

Dennison,  Hugh. 

Dombaugh,  John. 

Duck,  Jacob. 

Elgerts,  Jacob. 

Ebright,  Jacob. 

Engel,  Andrew. 

Felix,  Peter. 

Fisher,  George. 

Fought,  Christian. 

Foust,  Michael. 

Franklinberry,  Lewis. 

Gearhart,  George- 


Gordon,  Charles. 

Gorman,  Daniel. 

Graff,  Daniel. 

Grant,  John. 

Griffith,  Abraham. 

Grow,  John. 

Harris,  Timothy. 

Huber,  John. 

Jones,  William. 

Kemmerling,  George. 

Kerner,  John,  wounded  at  Lechmere  Pond,  Nov.  9, 1775 ;  reenlisted 

in  Sixth  Penn'a  in  1777. 

Kleckner,  Charles,  promoted  ensign  of  German  regiment. 
Leasure,  Nicholas. 
Leaman,  John. 
Leib,  Casper. 

Leitheiser,  Harmon,  ensign  Sixth  Penn'a,  postea. 
Lewis,  John. 
McFarland,  Samuel. 
Martin,  Christopher. 
Miller,  Michael. 
Mingle,  Peter. 

Mogey,  [McGee,]  Alexander. 
Moyer,  Adam. 

Moyer,  Christian,  or  Myer,  Christopher. 
Moyer,  Michael. 
Nibber,  Ernst,  [Lawrence.] 
Nipple,  Federick. 
Orwig,  Henry. 
Parks,  Samuel. 
Pickle,  Adam. 
Reiger,  Elias,  discharged  July  1, 1776 ;  resided  in  Union  county  iu 


Eeilly,  Thomas. 
Rewalt,  John. 
Robinson,  William. 
Rone,  Christian. 
Shanefelt,  Nicholas. 
Shirk,  Andrew. 
Smith,  Joseph. 
Senevely,  Henry,  Sen. 
Spotts,  George. 
Stone,  John. 
Streker,  John. 
Tuey,  Frederick. 
Umstedd,  Abraham. 


Waggoner,  Philip,  of  Tulpehocken. 
Waltman,  Nicholas. 
"Wander,  Christian. 
"Weiser,  John. 
Willey,  Isaac. 

A  return  of  March,  1776,  states  the  strength  of  the  company  as 
follows :  One  captain,  three  lieutenants,  four  sergeants,  four  cor- 
porals, one  drummer,  and  sixty-five  privates  present. 


[Enlisted  in  Lancaster  county.    Arrived  in  camp,  at  Cambridge, 
August  18,  1775.] 

Ross,  James,  Lancaster. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Zanck,  Jacob. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Hubley,  Frederick,  Lancaster. 

Third  Lieutenant. 
Ziegler,  David. 

Dick,  John,  promoted  third  lieutenant  First  Penn'a. 


Anderson,  Adam. 
Barnett,  Joseph. 
Bealer,  George. 
Brown,   James,    reenlisted  in  Captain  Lane's  company  of  new 

levies,  and  taken  prisoner  at  Long  Island,  August  27,  1776 ; 

subsequently  enlisted  in  the  British  service,  and  deserted  to  the 

American  lines  November  23, 1776. 
Collins,  Robert. 
Connelly,  John. 

Creighton,  Alexander,  mortally  wounded  November  9, 1775. 
Carpenter,  Richard. 
Burd,  William. 

Burke,  —  — ,  captured  November  9,  1775. 
Decker,  Henry. 
Del  wick,  Casimer. 


Dillinger,  William. 

Dorsh,  Frederick. 

Dugan,  Michael. 

Egle,  Adam,  promoted  to  wagon-master ;  resided  in  Lancaster  1782. 

Fortney,  Henry. 

Freany,  James. 

Freany,  John. 

Galbraith,  Hugh. 

Gribben,  James. 

Grimes,  William. 

Grubb,  Jacob,  discharged  July,  1776;  joined  Capt.  App's  com- 
pany of  militia,  of  Lancaster  county,  and  at  the  battle  of  Ger- 
mantown  ;  reenlisted  in  Capt.  Craig's  cavalry  company,  served 
to  end  of  war ;  resided  in  Lancaster  county,  1814. 

Hamilton, . 

Hoover,  Albright. 

Lock,  Conrad. 

Lutz,  [Lntis,]  John. 

McCay,  [McCoy,]  John. 

McIIaffey,  James. 

McWilliams,  Ephraim. 

Maloney,  John,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a;   served  until  January, 

1781 ;  resided  in  Lancaster  in  1810. 
McNair,  Archibald,  reenlisted  in  Capt.  Andrew  Porter's  company 

of  artillery. 
Matthews,  Henry. 
Miller,  Frederick. 
Morrison,  John. 
Moskell,  Lawrence. 
N"ewsorper,  Christopher. 
Newcomer,  Christopher. 
Newman,  John. 
Ogelby,  Charles. 
Porter,  William. 
Reese,  David. 
Reimer,  William. 
Seamis,  Stephen. 
Shaver,  Jacob. 
Smith,  George. 
Sommers,  Matthias. 
Stratton,  John. 
Thompson,  Charles. 
Weaver,  Albright. 
Welsh,  Thomas. 
Weyland,  Michael. 
Winegarden,  Henry. 



[Enlisted  in  that  part  of  Lancaster  county  which  is  now  Dauphin."] 

Capt.  Smith  was  allowed  a  bounty  of  one  dollar  each  for  eighty 
men  enlisted.    Henry  states  that  sixty-five  of  their  number  reached 

the  Plains  of  Abraham 
in  November.  Of  the 
whole  company  nearly 
captured  on  the  1st  of 
January , scarcely  thirty , 
he  states,  remained  in 
prison.  These  were  pa- 
roled August  7,  arrived 
at  New  York,  September  11,  1776,  and  were  exchanged,  in  1778,  for 
the  St.  John's  prisoners,  captured  by  Gen.  Montgomery.  (See  note 
to  Hendricks'  company.) 

Smith,  Matthew,  Paxtang. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Steele,  Archibald,*  Donegal.  Steele  was  in  command  of  Smith's 
company  on  the  night  of  December  31st,  and  lost  three  fin- 
gers. He  returned  from  captivity  October  10, 1776.  He  died 
in  command  of  U.  S.  Arsenal  at  Frankford. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Simpson,  Michael,  Paxtang,  promoted  captain  First  Penn'a. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Cross,  William,  Hanover ;  promoted  first  lieutenant  in  Col.  Moy- 
lan's  cavalry,  and  June  3,  1777,  captain  in  Fourth  Penn'a. 


Dixon,  Robert,  West  Hanover ;  killed  in  front  of  Quebec,  Novem- 
ber 17,  1775. 

Boyd,  Thomas,*  Derry,  subsequently  captain -lieutenant  First 

Cunningham,  Robert,*  Londonderry,  died  at  Lancaster,  about  1790, 
of  disease  contracted  in  service. 

Snodgrass,  Joseph.* 

Weaver,  Martin,  Upper  Paxtang ;  was  a  justice  of  the  peace ;  died 
August  29,  1803. 


Harrigan,  Henry.* 

Shaffer,  John,*  residing  in  Lancaster  in  1809. 


Anderson,  John.* 

Angles,  James,  killed  at  Quebec. 

Ayres,  John,  Upper  Paxtang,  returned  from  Boston,  and  not  on  the 

Bell,  John,  died  in  Dauphin  county,  1823. 

Binnagle,  Curtis,  Londonderry. 

Black,  James,  Hanover,  residing  in  Dauphin  county,  1825. 

Black,  John,  Upper  Paxtang. 

Bellinger,  Emanuel,*  Paxtang. 

Boyd  Hugh.* 

Brandon,  James,  left  sick  at  Cambridge. 

Campbell,  Patrick.* 

Carbach,  Peter,*  Paxtang,  wounded;  after  his  return,  enlisted  in 
Capt.  J.  P.  Schott's  company. 

Carbach,  Samuel.* 

Cavenaugh,  Edward,*  resided,  in  Cumberland  county,  1S35,  aged  81. 

Chancellor,  Robert,  left  sick  at  Cambridge. 

Conner,  Timothy,*  Bethel. 

Grain,  Daniel.* 

Dixon,  John. 

Dixon,  Richard,  of  Dixon 's  Ford. 

Dougherty,  James,*  Londonderry,  subsequently  enlisted  in  Twelfth 

Elliott,  Alexander,  killed  at  Quebec. 

Feely,  Timothy,  Dixon 's  Ford. 

Fitzpatrick,  Michael.* 

Fraley,  Francis,  left  sick  at  Cambridge. 

Griffith,  John,  Harris'  Ferry,  left  sick  at  Cambridge. 

Gunn,  Thomas.* 

Harris,  John,  son  of  John,  Founder  of  Harrisburg,  killed  at  Quebec. 

Henry,  John  Joseph,*  volunteer,  Lancaster ;  appointed  Decem- 
ber 16,  1793,  president  judge,  Second  judicial  district  of  Penu'a  ; 
died  April  22,  1811,  and  buried  in  the  Moravian  grave-yard  at 
Lancaster  city.  "Mr.  Henry,  jr.,  has  followed  the  troops  to 
Canada,  nothing  but  a  perfect  loose  to  his  feelings,  will  tame 
his  rambling  desire." — Hand's  letter,  October  3.  1775. 

Hiygins,  Joseph.* 

Hoffman,  Daniel,  left  sick  at  Cambridge. 

Kennedy.  John,  Hanover. 


Lebant,  Anthony.* 

~M.cAnna.lii,  Henry,*  Londonderry. 

McCarter,  [McArthur,]  Alexander.  * 

McGinnis,  Owen. 

McGranagan,  Charles,  Londonderry. 

McKonkey,  John,  Hanover. 

McMullan,  Daniel,  left  sick  at  Cambridge. 

Marshall,  Lawrence,  Hanover. 

Meyers,  Conrad.* 

Mellen,  Atchison,  Paxtang.    See  First  PemTa. 

Miller,  Henry,  killed  at  Quebec. 

Miller,  John,*  wounded  at  Quebec. 

Moore,  Robert,  left  sick  in  Canada;  returned  in  June,  1776. 

Mort  worth,  Ingrahart,  killed  at  Quebec. 

Nelson,  Alexander,  Perry,  killed  January  1, 1776. 

Newhard,  Philip.* 

Nogel,  Nicholas.* 

Old,  James,  Deny. 

Pugh,  Thomas* 

Purree,  John,  left  sick  at  Cambridge. 

Randolph,  William.* 

Eeynolds,  William,  October  24,  sent  back  from  Wilderness  sick. 

Richmond,  Robert.* 

Rowland,  Thomas. 

Ryan,  John,  Derry. 

Sheaf,  Michael.* 

Silbourne,  Thomas,*  wounded  at  Quebec. 

Simpson,  William,  Paxtang,  wounded  August  27, 1775,  in  front  of 
Boston,  and  died  a  few  days  after.  He  was  a  brother  of  Lieu- 
tenant afterwards  General  Michael  Simpson,  and  of  John  Simp- 
son, many  years  recorder  of  Northumberland  county. 

Smith,  Samuel,  died  in  Dauphin  county,  1785. 

Sparrow,  William,  Derry. 

Stewart,  James,  reenlisted  and  discharged  at  Trenton,  1781. 

Taylor,  John  M.,  living  in  1809. — Henry,  page  67 

Taylor,  Henry,*  returned  November  10,  1776. 

Teeder,  Michael,  Hanover.    See  Fifth  Penn'a. 

Todd,  John,  Hanover. 

Thompson,  Robert,  subsequently  in  quarter-master's  department, 
and  taken  prisoner  in  the  naval  service ;  died  in  Dauphin  county 
in  1823. 

Walker,  Thomas.* 

Wann,  Michael,  reenlisted  First  Penn'a,  February,  1777. 

Warner,  James,  died  in  the  Wilderness,  near  Chaudiere. 

Weirick,  Valentine,*  resided  in  Dauphin  county,  1813. 

Wheeler, . 


Wilson,  James,  resided  in  Lancaster  county  in  1812. 
Young,  John  Henry,  enlisted  in  Hazen's  regiment;  resided    in 
Dauphin  county,  1813. 


Russell, William,  afterwards  ensign  Third  Penn'a. 
Clabbaugh,  Walter,  Cresap's  company;  resided    in  Huntingdon 
county  in  1818,  aged  sixty-eight. 



OCTOBER  27,  1775— NOVEMBER  13,  1776. 



|HIS  BATTALION  was  raised  in  pursuance  of  a  resolu- 
tion of  Congress,  of  the  12th  day  of  October,  1775,  re- 
commending the  Assembly  or  Committee  of  Safety  of 
Pennsylvania  to  raise  one  battalion,  on  the  same  terms 
as  those  ordered  to  be  raised  in  New  Jersey,  and  to  be 
officered  in  like  manner. 

Each  battalion  was  to  consist  of  eight  companies — 
each  company  of  sixty-eight  privates,  officered  with  one  captain, 
one  lieutenant,  one  ensign,  four  sergeants,  and  four  corporals. 
Privates  to  be  enlisted  for  one  year,  at  five  dollars  per  month,  liable 
to  be  discharged  at  any  time,  on  allowing  them  one  month's  pay. 
Each  private  to  be  allowed,  instead  of  bounty,  one  felt  hat,  a  pair 
of  yarn  stockings,  and  a  pair  of  shoes ;  the  men  to  find  their  own 
arms.  Pay  of  the  officers  to  be  the  same  as  that  of  the  officers  of 
the  Continental  army.  The  men  enlisted  to  be  furnished  with  a 
hunting  shirt,  not  exceeding  in  value  one  and  one  third  of  a  dollar, 
and  a  blanket,  provided,  these  can  be  procured,  but  not  to  be  made 
part  of  the  terms  of  enlistment. — Journals  of  Congress,  vol.  i,  pages 
200  and  203. 

The  captains  were  recommended  by  the  Pennsylvania  Assembly, 
on  the  25th  of  October,  and  commissioned  by  Congress  on  the  27th. 
The  field  officers  were  elected  by  Congress  on  the  25th  of  November. 
Col.  John  Bull  resigned  on  the  20th  of  January,  1776, 
1776.      in  a  communication  to  Congress,  setting  forth  that  he 
was  ill-treated  by  many  of  the  officers  in  his  corps,  and 
that  near  one  half  of  them  threatened  to  resign  their  commis- 
sions if  he  continued  in  command,  which  at  a  time  when  they  were 
under  marching  orders  might  be  productive  of  bad  consequences  to 
the  service.    He  stated,  also,  that  the  circumstances  would  not 
alter  his  conduct  or  abate  his  zeal,  and  whenever  called  upon  again 
to  serve  his  country,  he  would,  with  the  greatest  pleasure,  obey  the 

*  For  a  biographical  notice  of  Col.  Bull,  see  vol.  i,  Second  Series  Penn- 
sylvania Archives, page  1%.  Col.  Bull  died  at  Northumberland,  Penn'a, 
August  9,  1824,  aged  ninety-four  years. 


*  PHILADELPHIA,  November  26, 1775. 
Parole,  Concord: 

The  honorable  the  Continental  Congress  having  been  pleased  to 
appoint  Col.  John  Bull,  Esquire,  to  be  colonel  of  the  Pennsylvania 
battalion  in  the  army  of  the  United  Colonies,  he  this  day,  in  con- 
sequence thereof,  assumes  the  command  of  said  battalion,  and  flat- 
ters himself  that  the  alacrity  shown  by  the  officers  and  men  in  en- 
tering into  the  service  is  a  proof  that  they  are  animated  with  a 
genuine  love  of  liberty,  and  determined  at  every  hazard  to  preserve 
their  rights  and  privileges,  which  the  foes  of  this  distressed  country 
are  striving  to  wrest  from  them. 

From  men  actuated  by  such  motives,  Col.  Bull  has  the  greatest 
reason  to  expect  a  ready  and  cheerful  obedience  to  orders,  and  that 
the  whole  of  their  behavior,  during  the  present  unhappy  contest, 
will  be  such  as  fully  to  answer  the  purposes  for  which  they  are 

But  should  any  disgrace  themselves,  and  the  cause  in  which  they 
are  engaged,  by  drunkenness,  rioting,  and  other  disorderly  be- 
havior, and  instead  of  supporting  the  laws  of  their  country  should 
disturb  the  peace  thereof,  by  insulting  the  inhabitants  or  abusing 
the  peace  officers,  they  may  depend  on  being  punished  with  severity. 

Colonel  Bull,  however,  conceives  better  from  the  men  now  under 
his  command,  and  shall  always  take  a  greater  pleasure  in  applaud- 
ing them  for  their  good  conduct  than  punishing  them  for  their  bad. 

James  Irvine  is  appointed  lieutenant  colonel  and  Anthony  James 
Morris,  major  of  the  battalion,  and  are  to  be  obeyed  accordingly. 

The  several  captains  to  make  out  exact  returns  of  their  respective 
companies,  mentioning  the  men's  names  and  where  now  resident, 
the  number  of  guns,  (and  whether  proved  or  not,)  bayonets,  &c., 
and  deliver  them  to  Major  Morris,  on  Tuesday  next,  at  ten  o'clock 
in  the  morning. 

Also  what  state  the  barracks  are  in  and  how  the  men  are  pro- 
vided with  blanketing  and  other  necessities. 

To  continue  training  the  men  and  mounting  guard  as  usual,  until 
further  orders. 

By  order  of  the  Colonel, 
(Signed,)  ANTHONY  JAMES  MORRIS,  Major. 

PHILADELPHIA,  November  27,  1775. 

Parole,  Vigilance. 

Constant  attendance  to  be  given  by  an  officer  out  of  each  com- 
pany at  the  barracks,  unless  at  such  times  as  they  are  on  the  field. 

*From  Capt.  Josiah  Harmar's  orderl}'  book,  Harmar  Manuscripts, 
furnished  by  C.  Henry  Jones,  Esq.,  f*f  Philadelphia. 


As  the  commissary  begins  delivering  out  provisions  to-morrow, 
also  an  exact  return  of  the  men  now  resident  at  the  barracks  to  be 
rendered  to  Major  Morris  this  afternoon  at  three  o'clock,  and  par- 
ticular care  to  be  taken  there  is  no  more  rations  drawn  for  them 
than  there  are  men  to  receive  them.  The  returns  to  be  signed  by 
an  officer  of  each  company. 

That  each  captain  provide  himself  with  an  orderly  book,  ser- 
geants provide  themselves  with  pen,  ink,  and  paper. 

The  officers  who  are  orderly  to  be  careful  in  reading  such  orders 
to  the  men  as  particularly  relate  to  them. 

PHILADELPHIA,  November  28, 1775. 
Parole,  Conduct: 
Continue  training  the  men  and  mounting  guard  as  usual. 

PHILADELPHIA,  November  29, 1775. 
Parole,  Prudence: 

Guard  for  the  future  to  be  relieved  at  nine  o'clock  in  the  morn- 
ing, to  consist  of  one  subaltern,  one  sergeant,  one  corporal,  and 
eighteen  privates,  to  be  under  the  care  of  the  captain  of  the  day. 
Captain  of  the  day  for  to-morrow,  Capt.  Allen;  for  guard,  Lieut. 

The  captain  of  the  day  will  go  the  grand  rounds  and  fix  the  line 
for  visiting  rounds.  Reports  of  all  occurrences  to  be  made  to  him, 
and  by  him  to  the  commanding  officer. 

The  companies  to  be  punctual  in  attending  the  parade,  and  in 
paying  proper  regard  to  the  attitude  of  the  men,  that  they  stand 
erect,  and  in  every  respect  perform  in  a  soldier-like  manner. 

PHILADELPHIA,  November  SO,  1775. 

The  officers,  without  exception,  to  attend  at  Capt.  Dorsey's  room 
at  twelve  o'clock  this  morning. 

PHILADELPHIA,  November  SO,  1775. 
Parole,  Congress: 

The  guards  to  be  continued  and  relieved  as  usual,  the  roll  of  each 
company  to  be  called  every  morning  at  nine  o'clock. 

The  troops  to  be  trained  from  nine  to  twelve  in  the  forenoon,  and 
from  three  to  five  in  the  afternoon. 

Two  companies  to  be  exercised  together,  in  order  to  form  sub 
and  grand  divisions ;  that  they  be  only  instructed  in  their  facings, 
to  march  in  propriety,  and  to  wheel  in  sub  and  grand  divisions, 
until  further  orders. 


The  captain  of  the  day  for  to-inorrow,  Capt.  Jones;  for  guard 
Lieut.  Davis.  The  captains  to  take  rank  in  the  following  order: 
Allen,  Jones,  Williams,  Harmar,  Dorsey,  Jenkins,  Willet,  Lamar, 
unless  regulated  by  order  of  Congress,  or  any  other  body  having 
authority  so  to  do. 

The  commissary  gives  out  four  days'  provision  to-morrow,  the 
return  to  be  delivered  this  afternoon  at  five  o'clock  to  Major  Mor- 
ris, signed  by  the  captain  or  commanding  officer  of  each  company. 

PHILADELPHIA,  December  5,  .7775. 
Parole,  Lexington : 

Captain  of  the  day  for  to-morrow,  Capt.  "Williams ;  for  guard, 
Lieut.  Blankenberg. 

The  officers  to  provide  themselves  necessaries,  in  order  to  move 
into  the  barracks  as  soon  as  possible. 

Major  Morris  will  procure  a  form  of  a  muster  roll  from  the  D.  M. 
M.  G.,  a  copy  of  which  will  be  delivered  to  eacli  captain. 

All  returns  demanded  in  public  orders  must  be  punctually  de- 
livered in  at  the  times  required. 

The  commissioned  officers  of  the  battalion  immediately  to  furnish 
themselves  with  rules  and  articles  for  the  better  government  of  the 
troops  raised,  and  to  be  raised  for  the  United  Colonies,  published 
by  order  of  Congress. 

The  captains  of  each  company  to  call  upon  Col.  Bull  this  even- 
ing, at  six  o'clock,  at  his  lodgings. 

PHILADELPHIA,  December  2, 
Parole,  New  York: 

Captain  of  the  day  for  to-morrow,  Capt.  Harmar;  for  guard,  Lieut. 

Court-martial  to  be  held  this  day  at  two  o'clock,  (Capt.  Allen, 
president,)  two  lieutenants,  and  two  ensigns,  members.  Lieut.  Wat- 
son, and  Lieut.  Davis,  Ensign  Jenkins,  and  Ensign  Ziegler,  mem- 
bers of  the  court.  This  court  will  try  Timothy  Broderick,  soldier 
in  Capt.  Dorsey's  company,  confined  on  suspicion  of  embezzling  the 
company's  goods.  The  prisoner  to  be  acquainted  and  prepared  for 
trial.  Evidence  ordered  to  attend.  All  other  prisoners  confined  be- 
fore the  1st  of  this  month,  to  be  discharged  on  promise  of  good  be- 
havior for  the  future. 

The  captain  or  officers  commanding  companies  will  see  that  the 
articles  published  by  order  of  Congress,  for  the  better  regulation  of 
the  army  of  the  United  Colonies,  are  distinctly  read  to  their  respect- 
ive companies  to-morrow  morning  at  roll  call. 


After  Orders, 

To  furnish  an  addition  of  guard,  consisting  of  one  sergeant,  one 
corporal,  and  eight  privates,  to  take  charge  of  the  vessels  and  stores 
in  the  continental  service  at  the  wharves  and  in  the  stores  of  Messrs. 
"Willing,  Morris,  and  Cuthbert.  The  guard  to  be  immediately  fixed, 
and  relieved  to-morrow  morning  at  the  usual  time. 

The  captain  of  the  day  to  go  with  the  guard,  and,  if  he  find  a 
greater  number  necessary,  immediately  to  fix  them. 

PHILADELPHIA,  December  3, 1775. 
Parole,  Bristol: 

The  captain  of  the  day  for  to-morrow,  Capt.  Jenkins ;  officer  for 
guard,  Lieut.  Hughes. 

The  barrack  guard  to  consist  of  one  sergeant,  one  corporal,  and 
eighteen  privates.  Guard  at  the  wharves  of  Messieurs  Willing, 
Morris,  and  Cuthbert,  to  consist  of  one  sergeant,  one  corporal,  and 
nine  privates.  Captain  of  the  day  by  no  means  to  leave  the  bar- 
racks, unless  by  order  of  the  commanding  officer.  The  court-mar- 
tial, of  which  Capt.  Allen  was  president,  is  dissolved. 

Timothy  Broderick,  tried  by  the  court,  is  acquitted  of  the  crime 
laid  to  his  charge,  and  is  hereby  ordered  to  be  released  from  his 

PHILADELPHIA,  December  4, 1775. 
Parole,  Darby : 

The  captain  of  the  day  for  to-morrow,  Capt.  Willet ;  officer  of 
the  guard,  Lieut.  Hubley.  A  provision  return  to  be  delivered  in  this 
afternoon,  at  four  o'clock. 

PHILADELPHIA,  December  5, 1775. 
Parole,  Chester: 

The  captain  of  the  day  for  to-morrow,  Capt.  Allen ;  officer  of  the 
guard,  Ensign  Bankson. 

Ensign  Jenkins  excused  from  duty,  as  he  attends  the  sick. 

Guard  for  the  future  to  be  composed  of  men  from  the  several 
companies,  the  men  to  be  warned  the  evening  before,  that  they  may 
hold  themselves  in  readiness. 

PHILADELPHIA,  December  6, 1775. 
Parole,  Washington : 

The  several  captains  or  officers  commanding  companies,  to  mark 
out  proper  and  exact  returns  of  their  respective  companies  and  de- 
4— VOL.  X. 


liver  them  to  Major  Morris,  at  ten  o'clock  to-morow  morning,  and 
the  said  captains  do  immediately  collect  all  their  men  in  order  to 
pass  muster  at  an  hour's  warning. 

A  court-martial  to  sit  immediately  for  the  trial  of  all  prisoners ; 
Capt.  Jones,  president ;  members,  Lieut.  Watson,  Lieut.  Blanken- 
berg,  Lieut.  Ilubley,  and  Ensign  Bankson. 

The  prisoners  to  be  made  acquainted  with  and  prepare  themselves 
for  trial. 

On  the  22d  of  February,  John  Philip  de  Haas,  of  Lebanon, 
Penn'a,  was  elected  colonel  by  Congress.  Col.  de  Haas  had  been  a 
major  of  the  First  battalion,  Col.  Turbutt  Francis,  of  the  Penn- 
sylvania regiment  of  Provincial  forces,  commanded  by  Col.  Bou- 
quet, in  1764.  He  was  an  officer  of  considerable  experience,  and 
was,  at  the  time  of  his  election,  a  justice  of  the  peace  of  Lancas- 
ter county,  of  which  Lebanon  then  formed  a  part. 

On  the  19th  of  January,  Congress  resolved  that  two  companies 
of  each  battalion  should  be  dispatched  to  Canada  as  soon  as  ready. 
This  battalion  was  put  under  marching  orders  on  the  19th.  Capt. 

Thomas  Dorsey's  company  was  among 
the  first  that  started  on  the  22d  of 
January,  and  had  already  passed  Al- 
bany, N.  Y.,  on  the  loth  of  Febru- 
ary. Two  of  his  company  deserted  be- 
fore he  reached  Albany,  fourteen  were 
left  in  hospital  there,  and  seven  more  left  him  on  the  first  day's 
march  therefrom.  By  the  14th,  five  companies  of  Col.  de  Haasr 
regiment  had  passed  Albany.  Gen.  Schuyler  says  they  were  much 
thinned  by  sickness  and  desertion,  and  came  very  ill  provided; 
the  better  half  of  their  arms  required  repairs,  and  the  whole  were 
to  be  furnished  with  shoes,  socks,  mittens,  &c. 

These  companies  marched  to  New  York,  where  they  embarked 
in  sloops,  which  carried  them  up  to  Albany.  From  Albany  they 
passed  on  up  the  Hudson  to  Fort  Edwards,  which  was  situated  on 
the  west  bank  of  that  river,  foi'ty-eight  miles  north  of  Albany ; 
thence  to  Fort  William  Henry,  afterwards  called  Fort  George,  at 
the  south  end  of  Lake  St.  George ;  thence  in  batteaux  to  the  foot 
of  that  lake ;  thence  they  marched  across  the  portage  two  and  one 
half  miles,  to  Fort  Ticonderoga,  which  was  on  the  western  shore 
of  Lake  Champlain,  near  the  outlet  of  Lake  George,  and  about 
ninety-seven  miles  north  by  east  from  Albany ;  thence  they  sailed 
to  Crown  Point,  five  miles  further,  on  the  same  side  of  the  lake. 

Lake  Champlain  stretches  one  hundred  and  twenty  miles  to  the 
north,  and  pours  its  waters  through  the  Sorel  into  the  St.  Law- 
rence at  Sorel,  which  is  forty-five  miles  from  Montreal  and  one 


hundred  and  thirty-five  miles  from  Quebec.  This  lake  was  com- 
manded by  the  fortresses  of  Ticonderoga  and  Crown  Point. 
Passing  down  Lake  Champlain  in  sailing  vessels,  in  those  days, 
ordinarily  St.  Johns  was  reached  in  two  or  three  days,  passing  Isle 
Aux  Noix  on  the  way,  which  was  twelve  miles  south  of  St.  John's. 

St.  John's  is  situated  on  the  west  shore  of  the  River  Sorel,  or 
Eichelieu,  at  the  head  of  Chambly  canal,  and  at  the  foot  of  the 
navigable  waters  of  Lake  Champlain,  distant  from  Montreal 
twenty-seven  miles  and  Chambly  twelve.  From  Chambly,  Mon- 
treal lies  a  little  north  of  west,  eighteen  miles,  a  line  drawn  be- 
tween the  two  places  forming  the  base  of  a  triangle  formed  by  the 
rivers  St.  Lawrence  and  Sorel,  the  apex  of  which  is  at  Sorel,  forty- 
five  miles,  or  thereabouts,  from  either  point.  La  Chine  was  up  the 
St.  Lawrence,  in  a  south-east  direction,  nine  miles,  on  Montreal 
Island,  on  the  north  side  of  the  river,  and  directly  across  the  river 
from  La  Chine,  on  the  south  side,  was  the  Indian  village  of  Caugh- 
nawaga.  The  Cedars  was  up  the  same  river,  near  the  rapids  of  the 
same  name,  and  twenty-nine  miles  from  Montreal,  on  the  North 
side  of  the  river. 

From  Sorel,  at  the  confluence  of  the  St.  Lawrence  and  Richelieu, 
to  Trois  Rivieres,  or  Three  Rivers,  the  distance  is  forty-five  miles 
down  the  St.  Lawrence.  Three  Rivers  is  situate  at  the  mouth  of 
the  St.  Maurice  river,  west  side,  and  north  side  of  St.  Lawrence, 
equi-distant  ninety  miles  from  Montreal  and  Quebec.  To  De- 
schambault,  which  is  also  on  the  north  side  of  the  St.  Lawrence, 
it  is  forty-two  miles  from  Three  Rivers,  and  from  Deschambault 
to  Quebec,  forty-eight. 

Lieut.  Talbot,  with  the  First  Penn'a  battalion  company  passed 
Three  Rivers  on  the  1st  of  March,  with  sixty  men ;  Lieut.  Hughes, 
on  the  10th,  with  sixty;  Capt.  Jenkins  on  the  12th  with  eight  men, 
his  company  having  chiefly  passed  on  before ;  Lieut.  Stayner,  on  the 
22d,  with  eighty-one  men ;  Lieut.  Col.  Irvine  and  Major  Morris.  On 
the  30th  of  March  the  return  of  troops  under  Arnold  before  Que- 
bec makes  Col.  de  Haas'  battalion  two  hundred  and  twenty- five 
strong,  being  four  companies. 

On  the  12th  of  April  there  were  still  two  companies  back  with 
Gen.  Thomas,  at  Fort  George,  and  two  companies  with  Col.  de 
Haas,  and  the  rest  of  the  staff,  still  on  their  way  from  New  York. 
Gen.  "Wooster  arrived  at  Quebec  on  the  1st  of  April,  and  took  com- 
mand, Gen.  Arnold  going  to  Montreal.  Gen.  Thomas  arrived  in 
front  of  Quebec  on  the  1st  of  May.  On  the  6th  the  army  was  com- 
pelled to  retreat,  which  was  continued  to  Deschambault;  thence  to 
Three  Rivers,  which  was  readied  on  the  15th ;  thence  to  Sorel.  Capt. 
Jones'  company,  Jenkins',  &c.,  took  part  in  the  engagement  near 
Three  Rivers,  on  the  9th  of  June,  where  quite  a  number  of  the  men 
were  captured,  together  with  the  Rev.  Daniel  McCalla,  the  chaplain. 


On  the  14th  of  June,  Gen.  Sullivan  retreated  from  Sorel,  and 
reached  St.  John's  on  the  16th,  Isle  Aux  Noix  on  the  18th.  From 
this  date  the  military  service  of  this  battalion  is  blended  with  that 
of  the  battalions  of  St.  Clair,  Wayne,  and  Irvine,  posted. 

On  the  24th  of  May,  the  British  commander,  Foster,  with  a  part 
of  the  garrison  at  Detroit,  and  in  conjunction  with  Indians  and 
Canadians,  numbering  one  thousand  men,  who  had  captured  Col. 
Bedell's  regiment,  which  was  stationed  at  the  Cedars,  and  de- 
feated Major  Sherburne,  who  was  sent  to  release  him,  seriously 
threatened  the  capture  of  Arnold  and  his  forces  at  La  Chine.  On 
the  2oth,  about  eight  o'clock,  A.  M.,  Col.  de  Haas,  who  had  been 
detached  from  the  Sorel,  with  Capts.  Harmar,  "William  Butler,  La- 
mar,  and  Capt.  Nelson's  company,  one  hundred  and  ten  riflemen, , 
and  three  hundred  musketeers,  came  up  and  relieved  Arnold,  caus- 
ing Foster  to  retreat,  following  him  to  Fort  Ann,  at  the  head  of 
Montreal  Island.  On  the  30th,  Arnold  issued  a  peremptory  order 
to  de  Haas  to  cross  the  Grand  river,  at  the  head  of  Montreal  Island, 
and  destroy  the  Indian  village  of  Canasadago,  but  de  Haas  called 
a  council  of  war,  that  disapproved  of  the  enterprise  to  the  chagrin 
of  most  of  his  officers,  and  fell  back  to  La  Chine,  and  from  thence 
to  Montreal. 

On  the  loth  June,  late  in  the  evening,  Gen.  Arnold  was  advised 
by  Capt.  Wilkinson,  whom  he  had  sent  to  Sorel,  that  he  had  met 
Carleton's  forces  at  Yarenne,  on  the  south  bank  of  the  St.  Law- 
rence, fourteen  miles  below  Montreal.  Arnold  hastily  crossed  the 
river,  the  same  night,  with  his  troops,  including  de  Hass'  detach- 
ment, to  Longueuil,  and  made  a  march  of  twenty-six  miles  in  one 
day, by  La  Praine,  to  St.  John's,  which  he  reached  on  the  16th.  Here, 
for  the  first  time,  all  the  companies  of  the  Penn'a  battalion  were 
united  as  a  battalion,  for,  as  Gen.  Sullivan  writes  on  the  8th  of  June, 
from  Sorel,  "  Gen.  Arnold  has  kept  de  Haas'  detachment  dancing 
between  this  place  and  Montreal  ever  since  my  arrival."  Col.  de 
Haas'  detachment,  with  the  colonel,  were  the  last  that  came  up  the 
Hudson,  and  never  reached  Thomas  at  Quebec,  where  the  rest  of 
the  battalion,  with  Lieut.  Col.  Irvine  and  Major  Morris,  had  been. 

Its  history,  after  this  date,  is  the  same  as  that  of  the  Second  bat- 
talion, posted,  until  it  was  relieved  from  duty. 

A  return,  dated  at  Ticonderoga,  October  20, 1776,  shows  the  field 
officers  and  all  the  staff,  except  the  chaplain,  who  had  been  cap- 
tured, present;  all  the  captains,  except  William  Jenkins,  who  was 
absent  with  leave  of  Gen.  Gates,  from  August  5 ;  all  the  lieuten- 
ants present ;  all  the  ensigns,  except  Ensign  J.  P.  de  Haas,  absent 
with  leave  from  August  5  ;  twenty-three  sergeants  present,  seven 
sick  absent,  and  three  on  command  ;  seven  drums  and  fifes ;  of  the 
officers,  Major  Anthony  J.  Morris,  Lieutenants  George  Jenkins  and 
Jacob  Ashmead  were  present,  sick.  Total  rank  and  file,  fourhun- 


dred  and  sixty-nine ;  wanting  to  complete  of  ditto,  two  hundred 
and  forty-five.  Total  strength  of  the  regiment,  five  hundred  and 

"  The  arms  are  in  tolerable  order,  but  of  different  caliber.  The 
accoutrements  bad,  many  bayonets  wanting.  The  men  almost 
naked,  and  have  been  so  two  thirds  of  the  campaign.  Their  cloth- 
ing, when  they  marched  from  Philadelphia,  being  very  scanty,  and 
not  a  second  shirt  to  their  backs.  The  pitiful  supplies  of  sundry 
articles  which  they  received  since,  were  bad  of  the  kind,  and  at 
most  exhorbitant  prices.  On  our  arrival  at  the  Isle  Aux  Noix, 
after  the  retreat  from  Quebec,  the  regiment  mustered  upwards  of 
five  hundred  rank  and  file  fit  for  duty.  By  comparing  the  above 
return  with  the  then  state  of  the  regiment,  it  will  appear  that  they 
have  suffered  from  the  excessive  fatigue  they  have  gone  through  ; 
the  want  of  proper  clothing  to  cover,  and  the  want  of  blankets  and 
tents  to  shelter  them  from  the  weather.  To  this  day,  we  have  not 
tents  sufficient  for  two  thirds  of  the  men,  and  those  we  have  were 
old  when  we  received  them.  A  regimental  commissary  and  pay- 
master is  unknown  to  us.  (The  latter  I  have  been  myself.)  The 
quarter-master  lias  never  been  enabled  by  the  public  to  supply  the 
regiment  in  a  proper  manner.  After  the  hardships  of  a  winter 
campaign  in  Canada,  with  those  they  have  since  experienced,  there 
is  not  the  least  reason  to  think  that  any  of  the  men  will  reenlist 
at  this  place.  The  merit  of  those  officers  who  can  afford  and 
choose  to  continue  in  the  service  on  the  present  inadequate  terms, 
will  be  best  determined  after  the  expected  attack. 

J.  P.  DE  HAAS,  Colonel. 

"N.  B.  Captain  Nelson's  company  of  riflemen  is  willing  to  con- 
tinue in  the  service  in  the  First  Pennsylvania  regiment." 

On  the  13th  of  November,  this  battalion  was  taken  off  duty  at 
Ticonderoga,  and  ordered  to  embark  the  next  morning  for  Fort 
George.  It  was  raised,  as  appears  by  a  note  to  the  foregoing  re- 
turn, "  to  the  27th  of  October,"  but  remained  three  weeks  longer, 
at  Gen.  Gates'  request,  for  the  defense  and  security  of  Ticonderoga, 
for  which  the  General  thanked  them  in  general  orders  of  the  14th. 
It  was  then  evident  that  the  British  had  gone  into  winter  quar- 
ters, and  would  make  no  further  attempts  that  fall  to  come  south- 

Gen.  St.  Clair  came  along  down  with  this  battalion  to  join  Gen. 
Washington,  and  when,  on  the  8th  of  December,  it  reached  New 
Germantown,  in  New  Jersey,  the  field  officers  and  staff  were  still 
with  the  battalion,  together  with  Captains  Harmar,  Dorsey,  and 
Davis,  but  the  rank  and  file  were  reduced  to  sixty-nine  men,  the 
rest  having  scattered  off  to  their  homes. 


"  PHILADELPHIA,  zoth  December,  1776. 

"  Ordered,  That  Col.  de  Haas,  and  all  the  officers  of  his  battalion 
who  are  in  this  city  that  intend  to  continue  in  the  service  of  the 
State,  do  apply  to  this  Council  for  recruiting  orders,  by  Monday, 
23d  inst.,  and  that  Col.  de  Haas  make  return  to  this  Council  of  all 
the  officers  of  his  battalion  who  intend  to  continue  in  the  service 
on  the  new  establishment,  on  Monday  next,  at  ten,  A.  M." 

On  a  return  dated  January  10,  1777,  at  Philadelphia,  of  his  offi- 
cers, with  the  dates  of  their  commissions,  embracing  the  names  of 
the  eight  captains,  sixteen  first  and  second  lieutenants,  eight  en- 
signs, the  adjutant,  quarter-master,  surgeon  and  mate,  Col.  de  Haas 
endorses :  "  This  is  to  certify,  that  during  the  time  I  had  the  honor 
to  command  the  above  gentlemen,  they  behaved  themselves  like 
gentlemen,  and  as  became  good  soldiers." 

This  battalion  became  the  nucleus  for  the  formation  of  the  Sec- 
ond Pennsylvania  regiment,  of  the  Continental  Line,  October  25, 


Bull,  John,  commissioned  November  25,  1775  ;  resigned  January 

20,  1776. 
De  Haas,  John  Philip,  commissioned  January  22,  1776. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Irvine,  James,  commissioned  November  25,  1775 ;  promoted  lieu- 
tenant colonel  Ninth  Penn'a,  October  25,  1776. 


Morris,  Anthony  James,  commissioned  November  25,  1775 ;  pro- 
moted lieutenant  colonel  Second  Penn'a,  October  25,  1776. 


Allen,  William,  Jr.,  commissioned  October  27,  1775;  promoted 
lieutenant  colonel  Second  battalion,  January  4,  1776. 

Jones,  Jonathan,  Caernarvon  township,  Berks  county,  commis- 
sioned October  27, 1775 ;  promoted  major  Second  Penn'a,  Oc- 
tober 25,  1776. 

Williams,  William,  commissioned  October  27,  1775;  promoted 
major  Second  Penn'a,  March  12,  1777. 


Harmar,  Josiah,  commissioned  October  27,  1775 ;  promoted  major 
Third  Penn'a,  October  1,  1776. 

Dorsey,  Thomas,  commissioned  October  27, 1775  ;  resigned  January 
1,  1777. 

Jenkins,  William,  commissioned  October  27,  1775;  resigned  Sep- 
tember 6,  1776. 

Willet,  Augustin,  commissioned  October  27,  1775 ;  resigned  Jan- 
uary 1,  1777. 

Lamar,  Marien,  commissioned  October  27,  1775;  promoted  major 
Fourth  Penn'a,  to  date  from  September  30, 1776. 

Davis,  Benjamin,  from  first  lieutenant,  Januarys,  1776;  resigned 
January  1, 1777. 

Ashmead,  Jacob,  from  first  lieutenant,  to  rank  from  September  6, 

First  Lieutenants. 

Watson,  Samuel,  October  27, 1775;  promoted  captain  Second  bat- 
talion January  5, 1776. 

Ashmead,  Jacob,  October  27, 1775 ;  promoted  captain. 

Hughes,  Peter,  commissioned  October  27,  1775 ;  resigned  January 
1, 1777. 

Hubley,  Adam,  commissioned  October  27,  1775;  promoted  major 
of  one  of  the  additional  regiments  in  1776 ;  subsequently  lieu- 
tenant colonel  Tenth  Penn'a. 

Rees,  John,  commissioned  October  27,  1775. 

JJlankenberg,  Frederick,  commissioned  October  27, 1775. 

Stanly,  Richard,  commissioned  October  27, 1775. 

Morgan,  John,  commissioned  October  27, 1775. 

Bankson,  John,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  cap- 
tain Second  Penn'a,  September  25,  1776. 

Stayner,  Roger,  junior,  from  second  lieutenant,  January  19,1776, 
promoted  captain  Second  Penn'a. 

Jenkins,  George,  from  second  lieutenant,  January  19,  1776;  pro- 
moted captain  Second  Penn'a. 

Staddel,  Christian,  from  second  lieutenant,  May  4, 1776 ;  promoted 
captain  Second  Penn'a. 

Wilkinson,  Amos,  from  second  lieutenant,  May  4, 1776;  promoted 
captain  in  Procter's  artillery  regiment,  May  14,  1777. 

Ellis,  John,  from  second  lieutenant,  September  5, 1776,  vice  Hubley, 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Stayner,  Roger,  junior,  commissioned  October  27, 1775;  promoted 

first  lieutenant. 
Jenkins,  George,  commissioned  October  27,  1775;   promoted  first 



Staddel,  Christian,  commissioned  October  27,  177-5  ;  promoted  first 

"Wilkinson,  Amos,  commissioned  October  27,  177.5;  promoted  first 

Ellis,  John,  commissioned  October  27,  1775;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant; appointed  first  lieutenant  by  Gen.  Gates,  June  30, 
1776  ;  commissioned  September  15,  1776. 

Tolbert,  Samuel,  commissioned  January  15,  1776;  promoted  cap- 
tain Second  Penn'a,  October  2, 1776. 

Gossner,  Peter,  commissioned  January  15,  1776 ;  promoted  first 
lieutenant  Second  Penn'a. 

Cobea,  John,  commissioned  January  15,  1776;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant Second  Penn'a. 

Clumberg,  Philip,  Jr.,  from  ensign  January  15,  1776;  promoted 
first  lieutenant  Second  Penn'a. 

Ziegler,  Jacob,  from  ensign  January  15, 1776  ;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant Second  Penn'a. 

Moore,  William,  f rom  ensign  May  4, 1776 ;  promoted  first  lieutenant 
Second  Penn'a. 

Allison,  Robert,  May  4,  1776,  vice  Staddel,  promoted ;  resigned 
January  1,1777;  afterwards  in  the  quarter-master's  depart- 
ment at  Fort  Pitt  for  four  years. 

Patterson,  John,  appointed  by  Gen.  Gates,  July  1, 1776;  commis- 
sioned September  5,  1776. 

Rice,  Benjamin,  from  ensign  August  6,  1776. 


Bankson,  John,  commissioned  October  27, 1775 ;  promoted  lieu- 

Clumberg,  Philip,  Jr.,  appointed  October  27, 1775 ;  promoted  second 

Ziegler,  Jacob,  appointed  October  27, 1775;  promoted  second  lieu- 

Ryerson,  Thomas,  appointed  October  27, 1775. 

Moore,  William,  appointed  October  27,  1775;  promoted  second 

Greenway,  Joseph,  appointed  January  20, 1776;  resigned. 

Irwin,  John,  Philadelphia,  appointed  January  20,  1776. 

Brice,  John,  appointed  January  20,  1776. 

Rice,  Benjamin,  appointed  January  20, 1776 ;  promoted  second  lieu- 

Walbron,  Major,  appointed  January  20, 1776. 

Scull,  Nicholas,  appointed  January  20,  1776. 

Low,  John,  died  in  service. 

De  Haas,  John  Philip,  Jr.,  appointed  by  Gen.  Gates,  August  6, 1776, 
vice  John  Low,  deceased.  John  Philip  de  Haas,  Jr.,  was  re- 


appointed  to  the  Second  Penn'a,  but  he  never  joined  the  regi- 
ment. He  died  at  Beech  Creek  in  Clinton  county,  Penn'a,  in 
September  22, 1826. 

Shallus,  Jacob,  Jr.,  appointed  by  Gen.  Gates,  August  6,  1776,  vice 
Rice,  promoted ;  resigned  January  1, 1777. 

Morris,  James,  appointed  by  Gen.  Gates  November  3, 1776. 

McCalla,  Rev'd  Daniel.    See  Second  battalion. 

Patterson,  John,  appointed  January  1, 1776. 


Shallus,  Jacob,  commissioned  January  19,  1776;  deputy  commis- 
sary general  of  Penn'a  in  1777 ;  assistant  clerk  of  Assembly  for 
many  years ;  assistant  secretary  of  the  constitutional  conven- 
tion of  1790 ;  died  April  18, 1796,  aged  forty-six. 

Boyd,  Robert,  commissioned  April  19,  1776;  resigned  on  account 

of  ill  health,  after  the  last  of  the  battalion  left  New  York. 
Allison,  Benjamin,  commissioned  June  13, 1776 ;  resigned  January 

1, 1777. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
Scull,  Nicholas,  appointed  June  13, 1776. 


The  following  imperfect  roll 
of  Capt.  Jonathan  Jones'  corn- 
Pan7  was  found  among  his  pa- 
pers,  for  which  the  editors  are 
indebted  to  his  great-grand- 
son, Charles  Henry  Jones,  of 


Jones,  Jonathan. 


Bean, . 

Kelly, ,  (murdered  at  Point  aux  Trembles,  Hay  7, 1776,  by 

Brice  Dunlap.) 
Candy,  Jacob. 
Clark,  Matthew. 



Alexander,  George. 

Brown,  John. 

Clark,  Matthew,  promoted  corporal. 

Dagley,  James. 

Dunlap,  Brice,  (in  custody  at  Pittsford,  July  13, 1776,  for  the  mur- 
der of  Corporal  Kelly.) 

Fullerton,  Joseph. 

Gougher,  Robert. 

Leary,  Daniel. 

McCorley,  James. 

McGregor,  John. 

McKillup,  Robert. 

McMullen,  Joseph. 

McLaughlin,  Patrick,  taken  at  Three  Rivers,  June  9, 1776. 

Merls,  Clement. 

Miller,  Philip  O. 

Murdock ,  Robert,  resided  in  Findley  township,  Washington  county, 
in  1820,  aged  sixty-six. 

Murphy,  James. 

Pearson,  Albert. 

Shea,  Ezra. 

Skelton,  Joseph. 

Tennent,  William 

Walker,  William. 

Walters,  Thomas. 


Harmar,  Josiah. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Blankenberg  Frederick. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Cobea,  John. 

Moore,  William. 


Stein,  Leonard,  enlisted  November  1, 1775. 
Scott,  John,  enlisted  November  1,  1775;  discharged. 


McCartney,  John. 

Sharp,  John,  November  2, 1775. 

Christian,  John,  November  2, 1775. 


Miles  Ambrose,  enlisted  November  1, 1775. 
Stackhouse,  Benjamin. 
Harris,  Robert,  November  2, 1775. 
Ridley,  Samuel,  November  21,  1775. 
Ennis  Richard,  November  2, 1775 ;  discharged. 


Lewis,  Benjamin,  November  13, 1775 ;  discharged. 
Parker,  William,  deserted. 
McTier,  William. 

Stuart,  Robert ;  discharged. 


Acheson,  Thomas,  November  8,  1775. 
Aiken, John. 

Ashton,  James,  November  13, 1775. 
Barry,  Edmund,  October  28,  1775. 
Barry,  Richard,  November  17,  1775. 
Bauer,  Joseph. 

Bender,  Lewis,  November  9,  1775 ;  discharged. 
Blaney,  John,  October  28,  1775. 
Bomer,  John,  November  8, 1775. 
Callender,  Robert. 
Cile,  William. 
Charles,  George  Christian. 
Clamans,  William,  November  2, 1775. 
Coleman,  David,  November  8, 1775. 
Cooke,  Peter. 

Cushen,  David,  November  25, 1775. 
Davies,  George,  November  18, 1775. 
Dealy,  Daniel. 

Dodkins,  Edward,  November  4, 1775. 
Dougherty,  James,  November  18, 1775 ;  discharged. 
Dundy,  Samuel,  November  2, 1775. 
Ellison,  Robert. 

Fielding,  William,  November  7, 1775;  in  goal. 
Ford,  Thomas,  November  1, 1775. 
Fow,  Matthew. 
Gardiner,  Joseph. 
Gavin,  James,  November  1, 1775. 


Gibb,  James. 

Gibb,  John. 

Gichu,  John,  November  4, 1775. 

Glover,  James. 

Grannon,  Thomas,  November  1, 177">. 

Hall,  Thomas. 

Haly,  Michael,  November  8, 177o. 

Hammer.  Moses,  November  15,  1775. 

Harg,  William,  November  15,  1775. 

Hamaright,  Abraham,  November  24, 1775. 

Heger,  James,  November  11, 1775. 

Johnston,  Thomas,  November  S,  1775. 

Jones,  William,  November  7,  177-5. 

Katon,  Redmon,  November  22,  177"). 

Kearl,  Hugli,  November  4, 1775 ;  run  off. 

Kilpatrick,  John. 

Kyle,  William,  November  24, 1775. 

Lauermau,  Peter. 

Laugherly,  James,  November  13, 1775  ;  discharged. 

Linn,  Robert. 

Linney,  Adam. 

Lower,  Michael,  December  2, 1775. 

McCan,  Matthew,  November  15,  177o. 

McCartney,  John,  November  1, 1775. 

McCausland,  Mark,  November  18, 1775. 

McGinnis,  Arthur. 

Mclntire,  Michael. 

McKean,  Barney,  November  7, 1775. 

McKean,  George,  November  9,  1775. 

McKourt,  John,  November  13, 1775. 

Mackey,  Hugh,  November  22,  1775. 

Mason,  Francis,  November  12, 1775. 

Martin,  James,  November  1, 177.1. 

Mellen,  Charles,  November  4, 1775. 

Moody,  Robert,  senior,  November  15, 1775. 

Moody,  Robert,  junior. 

Mooney,  Patrick,  November  22, 177"). 

Moore,  James,  November  8, 1775 ;  run  off. 

Moore,  John,  November  2, 1775 ;  discharged. 

Mulon,  John,  November  IS,  1775 ;  discharged. 

Nelson,  Andrew. 

Nelson,  Thomas. 

Naylor,  Anthony,  November  5,  1775;  run  off. 

Ohiron,  Lawrence,  November  18,  1775 ;  run  off. 

Parker,  William,  November  13,  1775. 

Plant,  James,  November  15, 1775;  discharged. 


Pollard,  William,  November  15,  1775 ;  run  off. 
Price,  Thomas,  November  18, 1775 ;  discharged. 
Purdy,  John. 

Kandils,  James,  November  24.  1775. 
Reed,  William. 

Reny,  Alexander,  November  16,  1775. 
Robinson,  James,  November  28,  1775. 
Rollinson,  James,  November  13, 1775. 
Sees,  George. 

Shannon,  Samuel,  November  21,  1775. 
Sharp,  Samuel,  November  1, 1775. 
Sheridan,  Dennis,  November  11, 1775. 
Shields,  Andrew,  November  6, 1775. 
Shields,  John,  November  6, 1775. 
Shrayder,  Frederick,  November  2, 1775. 
Simpson,  Benjamin,  November  4,  1775. 
.Smith,  Frederick,  November  9,  1775. 
Smith,  Edward,  November  2, 1775. 
Snyder,  George,  November  1, 1775. 
Steel,  William,  November  22,  .1775  ;  discharged. 
Stackhouse,  Benjamin,  November  4, 1775;  promoted  corporal. 
Steinmetz,  Philip. 

Stevenson,  Adam,  November  15, 1775. 
Stevenson,  Thomas,  November  28, 1775. 
Stuart,  Alexander. 
Sturgis,  John. 

Swinney,  James,  November  8, 1775. 
Wagoner,  Henry,  November  3, 1775. 
Wilde,  James,  November  9, 1775. 

No  other  rolls  of  this  battalion  have  been  found. 

The  following  names  are  gathered  from  pension  records : 

Connell,  Terence. 

Copelin,  John,  Lamar's  company,  resided  in  Chester  county  in 

Hodgkinson,  Samuel,  of  Burlington,  N.  J.,  sergeant  in  Capt.  Jen- 
kins'  company. 

Keays,  John,  sergeant,  Willet's  company;  promoted  ensign  Second 

Kiram,  Edward. 

McDonald,  James,  corporal,  Williams'  company;  on  return  from 
Fort  George  fell  sick;  enlisted  in  Fourth  Pennsylvania,  Capt. 
Moore,  in  order  to  obtain  subsistence  for  himself  and  wife. 


Pimple,  Paul,  injured  in  service;  pensioned  at  Philadelphia, 

Rue,  Benjamin,  sergeant,  Capt.  Willet's  company. 

Ryan,  James,  Lamar's  company ;  enlisted  at  Seven  Stars,  Ply- 
mouth township,  Montgomery  county,  reenlisted  in  Second 

Soult,  David,  of  Northampton  county,  Lamars  company;  reen- 
listed Second  Pennsylvania. 


A  resolution  of  Congress,  dated  January  30, 1776,  directs  that 
Capt.  Nelson's  company  of  riflemen,  now  raised,  consisting  of  one 
captain,  three  lieutenants,  four  sergeants,  four  corporals,  and 
seventy  privates,  be  enlisted  for  the  service  in  Canada,  on  the  same 
terms  as  the  other  troops  ordered  for  that  service.  It  was  ordered 
to  New  York  March  13, 1776.  It  was,  by  Gen.  Arnold's  orders,  at- 
tached to  Col.  de  Haas'  battalion  in  Canada,  and  after  de  Haas 
battalion  left  Ticonderoga,  November  17, 1776,  it  was  attached  to 
the  Fourth  battalion,  Col.  Wayne's,  and  on  the  24th  of  March, 
1777,  was  attached  to  Col.  Francis  Johnston's  Fifth  Pennsylvania. 

Names,  rank,  &c.,  from  January  30  to  November  30, 1776. 


Nelson,  John,  of  "Westmoreland  county,  commissioned  January  30, 

First  Lieutenant 
Oldham,  "William,  commissioned  January  30, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Ott,  Adam,  commissioned  January  30, 1776. 
"third  Lieutenants. 
McCollorn,  Robert,  commissioned  January  30, 1776;  resigned  July 

12,  1776. 

Archer,  Joseph,  [or  Joshua,]  commissioned  July  12,  1776,  vice  R. 
McCollom,  resigned. 


Price,  Richard,  appointed  February  15, 1776 ;  died  at  Fort  George, 
October  30, 1776. 


Hartley,  Thomas,  appointed  February  7, 1776. 
Smith,  Andrew,  appointed  February  6, 1776. 
McCown,  Robert,  appointed  February  7, 1776. 
Carr,  John,  appointed  October  31,  1776. 

Preston,  Edward,  appointed  February  15, 1776 ;  died  September  20, 


Bonner,  Joseph,  appointed  February  22, 1776. 
Brown,  Jesse,  appointed  February  21, 1776. 
Fugate,  John,  appointed  February  13, 1776. 
Carr,  John,  appointed  September  21,  1776;  promoted  October  31, 

Nelson,  Thomas,  Sen.,  appointed  October  31,  1776. 


Bird,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  28, 1776 ;  deserted  May  2, 1776. 

Bower,  Francis,  enlisted  February  19,  1776. 

Brooks,  Robert,  enlisted  February  7, 1776 ;  deserted  May  2, 1776. 

Bradley,  Edward,  enlisted  March  1, 1776 ;  sick  in  hospital. 

Campbell,  Barnet,  enlisted  February  10, 1776 ;  sick  in  hospital. 

Caldwell,  James,  enlisted  February,  18,  1776. 

Cunningham,  John,  February  17, 1776;  furloughed  by  Gen.  Gates. 

Carr,  John,  enlisted  February  14,  1776;  promoted  corporal  Sep- 
tember 21. 

Collins,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  15,  1776;  deserted  March  15, 

Coffrnan,  Isaac,  enlisted  February  9,  1776;  deserted  April  1, 1776. 

Cox,  John,  enlisted  February  20, 1776. 

Clipper,  Valentine,  enlisted  February  21,  1776;  deserted  May  2, 

Corbett,  John,  enlisted  February  28,  1776;  furloughed  by  Gen. 

Campbell,  William,  March  5, 1776. 

Carmichael, ,  March  8, 1776. 

Davis,  Morgan,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 

Deal,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 

Ditch,  Philip,  enlisted  March  12, 1776. 

Downey,  John,  enlisted  March  14, 1776. 

Downey,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  10, 1776. 

Eakle,  Henry,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 

Easter,  Nicholas,  enlisted  March  8, 1776 ;  deserted  March  18, 1776. 

Eastley,  Charles,  enlisted  February  7, 1776;  deserted  April  14, 1776. 

Edminston,  Robert,  enlisted  February  19,  1776. 

Ebersole,  Christian,  enlisted  February  8, 1776. 

Fisher,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  10, 1776 ;  deserted  March  27, 1776. 


Fitch,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 

Flack,  George,  enlisted  February  19, 1770. 

Forsyth,  Abraham,  enlisted  March  11, 1776. 

Fuller,  Christian,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. 

Gridley,  Jasper  M.,  February  15,  1776;  joined  Donnell's  artillery 

company  November  21, 1776. 

Gown,  John,  enlisted  February  13, 1776;  deserted  May  2, 1776. 
Gutting,  Andrew,  enlisted  March  13,  1776. 
Hand,  William,  enlisted  February  23, 1776. 
Harrigan,  Michael,  enlisted  February  10, 1776. 
Harris,  George,  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 
Holland,  Henry,  enlisted  February  11,  1776. 
Holt,  William,  enlisted  March  17, 1776. 
House,  Michael,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 
Jameson,  Samuel,  enlisted  March  22, 1776. 
Johnston,  James,  enlisted  February  10, 1776. 
Kelly,  James,  enlisted  February  9,  1777. 
Kirkpatrick,  William,  enlisted  February  17,  1776;  furloughed  to 


Lemon,  Isaac,  enlisted  February  19, 1776;  deserted  May  8, 1776. 
Love,  William,  enlisted  February  23, 1776 ;  deserted  March  12, 1776. 
McCullock,  David,  enlisted  February  9, 1776;  killed  at  Fort  Ann, 

May  29, 1776. 

McGuire,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  19, 1776. 
McGuire,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 
McManus,  William,  enlisted  February  19, 1776. 
Mitchell,  John,  enlisted  February  14, 1776 ;  deserted  April  14, 1776. 
Morgan,  Evan,  enlisted  March  1, 1776. 

Mullady,  Robert,  enlisted  February  7,  1776 ;  deserted  April  2, 1776. 
Murphy,  Arthur,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 
Nelson,  Andrew,  enlisted  October  25, 1776. 
Nelson,  Thomas,  Jr.,  enlisted  October  25,  1776. 
Nelson,  Thomas,  Sen.,  enlisted  February  10,  1776;  promoted  to 

corporal  October  31,  1776. 
Nixdorff,  Samuel,  enlisted  March  7, 1776. 

O'Brian,  John,  enlisted  February  19, 1776;  deserted  May  2, 1776. 
Onsell,  Abraham,  enlisted  February  10, 1776. 
Phyfer,  Emanuel,  enlisted  February  16, 1776. 
Pooder,  Tobias,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 
Ralston,  James,  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 
Reed,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  20,  1776. 

Rerick,  George,  enlisted  February  14, 177(3 ;  deserted  March  14, 1776. 
Roach,  Morris,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 

Slucer,  John,  enlisted  March  6,  1776 ;  furloughed  by  Gen.  Gates. 
Smith,  John,  enlisted  February  10,  1776 ;  deserted  May  2,  1776. 
Smith,  William,  enlisted  February  24, 1776. 


Stonemyer,  John,  enlisted  February  2,  1776. 

Stuckey,  Michael,  enlisted  February  19, 1776 ;  deserted  May  -2, 1776. 

Teel,  William,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 

Tingle,  George,  enlisted  March  9,  1776 ;  deserted  April  22, 1776. 

Trepner,  George,  enlisted  February  21, 1776. 

Wallace,  James,  enlisted  February  12, 1776 ;  acting  as  butcher  at 

Mt.  Independence. 

Wells,  Eichard,  enlisted  February  26, 1776. 
Williams,  John,  enlisted  March  14, 1776. 
Wolf,  John,  enlisted  February  13, 1776. 

6— Vol..  X. 



JANUARY,  1776— JAjSTTJAKY,  1777. 



flllS  BATTALION  was  raised  upon  the  authority  of  a 
resolution  of  Congress,  dated  the  9th  of  December, 
1775,  which  was  in  words  following : 

"Resolved,  That  an  order  issue  for  raising  four  bat- 
talions more  in  the  colony  of  Pennsylvania,  on  the 
same  terms  as  the  one  already  raised." 

On  the  15th,  it  further  resolved,  "  that  the  Committee 
of  Safety  for  the  colony  of  Pennsylvania  be  requested  to  recom- 
mend proper  persons  for  field  officers,  and  appoint  proper  persons 
for  officers  in  the  said  battalions,  under  the  rank  of  major." 

As  it  was  associated  with  the  Fourth  battalion,  Col.  Wayne,  and 
the  Sixth,  Col.  William  Irvine,  while  in  active  service,  its  history 
mingles  with  that  of  theirs,  which  will  be  included  in  this  notice. 

On  the  2d  of  January,  the  Council  of  Safety  recom- 
1776.       mended  Colonels  Wayne  and  St.  Clair,  and  they  were 
elected  and  commissioned  by  Congress  on  the  3d.    The 
lieutenant  colonels  and  majors  were  chosen  on  the  4th,  and  a  resolu- 
tion passed,  that  one  company  of  each  battalion  consist  of  expert 

On  the  16th  of  February,  the  secret  committee  of  Congress  was 
directed  to  furnish  Col.  St.  Glair's  battalion  with  arms,  and  to  write 
to  him  to  use  the  utmost  diligence  in  getting  his  battalion  ready, 
and  to  march  the  companies  as  fast  as  they  were  ready,  one  at  a 
time,  to  Canada.  On  the  20th,  Col.  Wayne  was  directed  to  inarch 
his  battalion  to  New  York,  and  put  himself  under  the  command  of 
Gen.  Lee. 

On  the  13th  of  March,  Lieut.  Col.  Allen  had  arrived  in  New 
York,  and  embarked  some  of  the  companies  for  Albany,  and  re- 
ceived an  order  from  Gen.  Stirling  to  direct  the  rest  of  the  com- 
panies to  proceed  to  New  York,  where  quarters  would  be  found  for 

On  the  14th  of  March,  Col.  Irvine  was  ordered  to  march  his  bat- 
talion to  New  York,  and  put  himself  under  the  orders  of  the  com- 
manding officer  of  the  continental  troops  there.  On  the  20th,  he 
reports,  from  Carlisle,  his  regiment  seven  hundred  and  ten  strong, 
and  that  he  would  comply  with  orders  with  all  possible  expedition. 


On  the  12th  of  April,  five  companies  of  the  Second  were  at  Fort 
Edwards,  waiting  for  the  lake  to  open,. they  remained  until  the  19th, 
when  they  were  ordered  up  to  Fort  George,  fourteen  miles  beyond. 

On  the  24th  of  April,  three  companies  of  Wayne's  battalion  and 
Irvine's  battalion  were  at  New  York,  in  the  Fourth  brigade,  under 
thu  command  of  Gen.  Greene,  when  some  of  Irvine's  soldiers  were 
court-martialed  for  disobedience  of  orders.  Corporals  Milliken 
and  John  McBride,  found  not  guilty.  Corporal  Shickelhenny  re- 
duced to  the  ranks.  John  McGee  and  George  Conner  sentenced 
to  a  few  days'  imprisonment.  On  the  26th,  Wayne  and  Irvine's 
battalions  were  ordered  by  Gen.  Washington  to  embark  for  Canada. 
On  the  28th,  it  appears  by  a  general  return  of  the  regiments  going 
to  Canada,  made  at  New  York,  that  Col.  Irvine's  battalion,  includ- 
ing officers,  was  seven  hundred  and  seventy  strong,  and  Col.  Wayne's 
seven  hundred  and  twenty-eight. 

On  the  10th  of  May,  Col.  Irvine's  whole  battalion  was  at  Albany, 
with  two  companies  of  Col.  Wayne's.  Irvine's  started  for  Lake 
Champlain  on  the  13th. 

On  the  6th  of  May,  Lieut.  Col.  Allen,  with  the  Second  battalion, 
had  passed  Deschambault,  and  was  within  three  miles  of  Quebec, 
where  he  met  Gen.  Thomas  with  the  army  retreating  from  Quebec. 

On  the  7th,  at  a  council  of  war,  at  which  lie  was  present,  it  was 
determined  that  the  army  should  continue  the  retreat  as  far  as 
the  Sorel.  Thomas,  with  the  army,  left  Deschambault  on  the  13th 
and  was  at  Three  Rivers  on  the  loth,  with  about  eight  hundred 

On  the  20th,  Gen.  Thomas  was  at  Sorel,  and  the  same  day  issued 
an  order  to  Col.  Maxwell,  to  abandon  Three  Rivers,  which  he  did, 
and  with  the  rear  of  the  army  reached  Sorel  on  the  24tli. 

Gen.  Thompson  and  Col.  St.  Clair  crossed  over  from  Chambly  to 
Montreal,  and  left  the  latter  place  for  the  mouth  of  the  Sorel  on 
the  loth,  and  arrived  at  Sorel  on  the  16th,  and  on  the  24th,  Gen. 
Thompson  was  in  command  there. 

Wayne's  detachment  and  Irvine's  battalion  passed  Lake  George 
on  the  24th,  with  Gen.  Sullivan,  (the  distance  from  Fort  Edwards, 
on  the  Hudson,  is  fifteen  miles ;  the  length  of  that  lake,  thirty-six 
miles ;  from  the  north  end  of  Lake  George  to  Lake  Champlain,  one 
and  one  half  miles ;  from  there  to  fort  Ticonderoga,  one  and  one  half 
miles  ;  from  thence  to  St.  John's,  about  one  hundred  and  twenty 
miles.)  and  embarked  at  Ticonderoga,  arriving  at  St.  Johns's  on 
the  27th. 

On  the  2d  of  June  Gen.  Thompson  sent  Col.  St.  Clair  from  Sorel 
with  over  six  hundred  men  to  attack  the  camp  of  Col.  McLean, 
who  had  advanced  as  far  as  Three  Rivers,  with  eight  hundred  Brit- 
ish regulars  and  Canadians.  Gen.  Sullivan  was  at  Chambly  on  the 


3d,  and  reached  Sorel  on  the  4th,  and  assumed  command.  (Gen. 
Thomas  having  died  on  the  2d.) 

On  the  6th  Gen.  Sullivan  ordered  Gen.  William  Thompson  to 
march,  with  Col.  Irvine's  and  "Wayne's  battalions,  with  the  compa- 
nies of  Col.  St.  Clair  then  remaining  at  Sorel,  to  join  Col.  St.  Clair  at 
^ucolette,  where  he  was  to  take  command  of  the  whole  party,  and, 
unless  he  found  the  number  of  the  enemy  at  Three  Rivers  to  be  such 
as  would  render  an  attack  upon  them  hazardous,  he  should  cross 
the  river  at  the  most  convenient  place  he  could  find,  and  attack 
them.  He  advised  him  not  to  attack,  if  the  prospect  of  success  was 
not  much  in  his  favor,  as  a  defeat  of  his  party  at  the  time  might 
prove  the  total  loss  of  that  country. 

The  following  letter  from  Lieut.  Col.  Thomas  Hartley  to  Jasper 
Yeates,  Esquire,  gives  a  full  detail  of  the  subsequent  occurrences : 

"CAMP  AT  SOREL,  June  the  I2ih,  1776. 

"  Before  the  arrival  of  Col.  Wayne's  and  Irvine's  regiments,  under 
the  command  of  Gen.  Sullivan,  Col.  St.  Clair,  with  a  detachment  of 
seven  hundred  men,  was  sent  down  the  river  St.  Lawrence,  about 
nine  leagues,  to  watch  the  motions  of  the  enemy,  and  act  occasion- 
ally. Gen.  Sullivan's  arrival  here  was  at  a  critical  time.  Canada 
was  lost,  unless  some  notable  exertion;  the  credit  of  our  arms  gone, 
and  no  number  of  American  troops  to  sustain  our  posts.  It  was 
said  that  the  taking  of  Three  Rivers,  with  such  troops  as  were  on 
it,  would  be  of  service.  A  detachment  under  Gen.  Thompson  was 
sent  down  the  river.  The  corps  under  Col.  St.  Clair  was  to  join 
it,  and  if  the  General  thought  it  expedient,  he  was  ordered  by  Gen. 
Sullivan  to  attack  the  enemy  at  Three  Rivers. 

"  We  left  this  on  the  evening  of  the  5th  instant,  in  several  bat- 
teaux,  and  joined  Col.  St.  Clair  about  twelve  o'clock  at  night.  It 
being  too  late  to  proceed  on  to  the  Three  Rivers,  the  enterprise  was 
postponed  until  the  next  night. 

"  In  the  dusk  of  the  evening  of  the  7th,  we  set  off  from  the  Xico- 
lette,  with  about  fifteen  hundred  rank  and  file,  besides  officers.  It 
was  intended  to  attack  Three  Rivers  about  day  break  in  four 
places.  Thompson  landed  his  forces  about  nine  miles  above  the 
town,  on  the  north  side  of  the  St.  Lawrence,  and  divided  his  army- 
into  five  divisions,  Maxwell,  St.  Clair,  Wayne,  and  Irvine,  each 
commanding  a  division,  and  I  had  the  honor  of  commanding  the 
reserve.  Leaving  two  hundred  and  fifty  men  to  guard  the  batteaux, 
the  army  proceed  swiftly  towards  the  town.  I  was  to  be  ready  to 
sustain  the  party  which  might  need  assistance. 

"  The  guides  proved  faithless,  and  the  General  was  misinformed 
as  to  the  number  of  the  enemy  as  well  as  to  the  situation  of  the 
town.  Our  men  had  lost  their  sleep  for  two  nights,  yet  were  in. 
pretty  good  spirits.  Daylight  appeared,  and  showed  us  to  the  enemy 


Our  guides  (perhaps  traitors)  had  led  us  through  several  windings, 
and  were  rather  carrying  us  off  from  the  post.  The  General  was 
enraged  at  their  conduct. 

"  There  were  mutual  firings.  Our  people  killed  some  in  a  barge. 
Our  scheme  was  no  longer  an  enterprise,  it  might  have  been,  per- 
haps, prudent  to  have  retreated,  but  no  one  would  propose  it.  We 
endeavored  to  penetrate  through  a  swamp  to  the  town,  and  avoid 
the  shipping.  We  had  no  idea  of  the  difficulties  we  were  to  sur- 
mount in  the  mire,  otherwise  the  way  by  the  shipping  would  have 
been  preferred. 

"We  waded  three  hours  through  the  mud,  about  mid-deep  in 
general,  the  men  fasting.  We  every  moment  expected  to  get  through 
and  find  some  good  ground  to  form  on,  but  were  deceived.  The 
second  division,  under  Col.  Wayne,  saw  a  part  of  the  enemy  and 
attacked  them.  Capt.  Hay,  of  our  regiment,  (Sixth  battalion,)  with 
his  company  of  riflemen,  assisted  and  behaved  nobly.  Col.  Wayne 
advanced,  the  enemy's  light  infantry  were  driven  from  their  ground, 
and  the  Indians  on  their  flanks  were  silenced. 

"  The  great  body  of  the  enemy,  which  we  knew  nothing  of,  con- 
sisting of  two  or  three  thousand  men,  covered  with  intrench- 
ments,  and  assisted  with  the  cannon  of  the  shipping  and  several 
field  pieces,  began  a  furious  fire,  and  continued  it  upon  our  troops 
in  the  front.  It  was  so  heavy  that  the  division  gave  Avay,  and  from 
the  badness  of  the  ground  could  not  form  suddenly  again.  Col.  St. 
Clair's  division  advanced,  but  the  fire  was  too  heavy.  Part  of  Col. 
Irvine's  division,  especially  the  riflemen,  went  up  towards  the  en- 
emy. I  understood  the  army  was  in  confusion.  I  consulted  some 
friends,  and  led  up  the  reserve  within  a  short  distance  of  the  enemy. 
Capt.  McClean's  and  Grier's  company  advanced  with  spirit;  Mc- 
Clean's  men  took  the  best  situation,  and  within  eighty  yards  of  the 
enemy,  exposed  to  the  fire  of  the  shipping,  as  hot  as  hell.  I  experi- 
enced some  of  it. 

"Not  a  man  of  McClean's  company  behaved  ill;  Grier's  com- 
pany behaved  well.  Several  of  the  enemy  were  killed  in  the  attack 
of  the  reserve.  Under  the  disadvantages,  our  men  would  fight ; 
but  we  had  no  covering,  no  artillery,  and  no  prospect  of  succeed- 
ing, as  the  number  of  the  enemy  was  so  much  superior  to  ours. 
Colonels  Wayne  and  Allen  rallied  part  of  our  men,  and  kept  up  a 
fire  against  the  English  from  the  swamp.  The  enemy,  in  the 
meantime,  dispatched  a  strong  body  to  cut  off  our  retreat  to  the 
boats,  when  it  was  thought  expedient  to  retreat.  Our  General  and 
Col.  Irvine  were  not  to  be  found ;  they  had  both  gone  up  (to  the 
front)  in  a  very  hot  fire.  This  gave  us  great  uneasiness,  but  a  re- 
treat was  necessary.  This  could  not  be  done  regularly,  as  we  could 
not  regain  the  road,  on  account  of  the  enemy's  shipping  and  artil- 
lery, and  we  went  off  in  small  parties  through  the  swamp.  Colonels 


Wayne  and  Allen  gathered  some  hundreds  together,  and  I  got  as 
many  in  my  division  as  I  could,  with  several  others,  amounting  to 
upwards  of  two  hundred. 

"Col.  Wayne,  with  his  party,  and  I,  with  mine,  tried  several 
ways  to  get  to  our  batteaux.  Col.  Wayne  was  obliged,  not  far  from 
the  river,  to  march  by  seven  hundred  of  the  enemy.  He  intended 
to  attack  them  regularly,  but  his  people  were  so  much  fatigued 
that  it  was  deemed  unsafe.  The  enemy  fired  their  small  arms  and 
artillery  on  our  men  as  loud  as  thunder.  They  returned  a  retreat- 
ing fire.  Several  of  the  enemy  were  killed  and  wounded.  We 
came  within  a  mile  of  where  our  boats  were,  but  our  guard*  had 
carried  them  off.  The  English  had  possession  of  the  ground  where 
we  landed.  Their  shipping  proceeded  up  the  river,  covering  par- 
ties sent  to  take  possession  of  the  ferries  we  were  to  pass. 

"  Col.  Wayne,  with  his  party,  lay  near  the  enemy.  I  passed 
through  a  prodigious  swamp,  and  at  night  took  possession  of  a  hill 
near  the  enemy.  We  were  without  food,  and  the  water  very  bad. 
I  mounted  a  small  quarter  guard,  fixed  my  alarm  post,  and  made 
every  man  lay  down  on  the  ground,  on  which  he  was  to  rise  for 
action  in  case  of  an  attack.  I  slept  a  little  by  resting  my  head  on 
a  cold  bough  of  spruce. 

"  Morning  dawned,  (Sunday,  9th  June,)  and  I  consulted  our 
officers  and  men.  They  said  they  were  refreshed  with  sleep.  It 
was  agreed  to  stand  together,  that  they  would  support  me,  and 
effect  a  passage  through  the  enemy,  or  die  in  the  attempt.  A  little 
spring  water  refreshed  us  more.  The  necessary  dispositions  were 
made,  but  we  had  no  guides.  We  heard  the  enemy  within  a  half 
mile  of  us,  but  no  one  seemed  alarmed,  so  we  proceeded,  and,  luckily, 
fell  In  with  Col.  Wayne's  track.  We  pursued  it,  and  overtook  him 
near  the  river  Du  Lac.  This  made  us  upwards  of  seven  hundred 
strong,  and  we  agreed  to  attack  the  enemy  if  they  fell  in  our  way 
to  Bokie,  (Berthier,)  opposite  Sorel.  We  were  sure  they  would  at- 
tempt the  fort  at  Sorel  before  we  could  arrive ;  but  as  we  came  up, 
the  English  left  the  ferries,  and  drew  all  their  forces  back  to  Three 
Rivers.  By  forced  marches,  and  surmounting  every  difficulty,  we 
got  up,  crossed  the  river,  and  arrived  at  Sorel  Monday  afternoon, 
(10th  June.)  We  brought  near  twelve  hundred  men  back  with  our 
party.  Many  are  yet  missing — one  hundred  and  fifty  or  two  hun- 
dred. Some  scattered  ones  are  continually  coming  in,  so  that  our 
loss  will  not  be  so  great  as  was  first  imagined. 

"  Col.  Wayne  behaved  exceedingly  well,  and  showed  himself  the 
man  of  courage  and  the  soldier.  Col.  Allen  exerted  himself,  and 
is  a  fine  fellow.  Col.  Maxwell  was  often  in  the  midst  of  danger. 

*  Major  Joseph  Wood,  who  commanded  this  guard,  saved  all  the 
boats,  except  two. 


His  own  division  was  not  present  to  support  him.  He  was  also 
very  useful  in  the  retreat,  after  lie  joined  Col.  Wayne.  Lieut. 
Edie,  of  the  York  troops,  I  fear  is  killed.  He  was  a  fine  young 
fellow,  and  behaved  bravely.  He  approached  the  enemy's  works 
without  dismay  several  times,  and  remained  in  the  swamp  to  the 
last.  He  was  in  the  second  engagement,  where,  it  is  supposed,  he 
was  killed.  Ensign  Hopes,  of  the  same  company,  was  wounded 
near  the  breast-work,  wrhen  I  led  up  the  reserve.  I  cannot  give  too 
much  commendation  of  him.  He  showed  the  greatest  courage 
after  he  had  received  several  wounds  in  the  arm.  He  stood  his 
ground  and  animated  his  men.  He  nobly  made  good  his  retreat 
with  me,  through  a  swamp  of  near  eighteen  miles  long.  The  ball 
has  hurt  the  bone.  Several  of  our  men  were  killed — I  apprehend 
between  thirty  and  fifty.  The  rest  missing,  have  been  taken,  quite 
worn  out  with  fatigue  and  hunger. 

"  P.  S.  June  13.  Last  night,  a  sort  of  flag  of  truce  came  from  the 
enemy.  Gen.  Thompson,  Col.  Irvine,  (William,)  Dr.  McKenzie, 
Lieutenants  Edie.  Currie,  and  Parson  McCalla,  (of  the  First,)  are 
prisoners.  They  were  taken  up  by  some  of  the  rascally  Canadians, 
in  the  most  treacherous  manner."* 

On  the  14th,  Burgoyne  reached  the  Sorel  with  a  column  of  British 
troops,  the  rear  of  Gen.  Sullivan's  army  having  only  left  a  few 
hours  before.  Gen.  Philips,  with  the  right  column  of  the  British, 
consisting  of  his  division  and  the  Brunswick  troops,  under  Gen. 
Riedesel,  passed  on  up  the  river  St.  Lawrence  to  Longueuil,  twelve 
miles  from  Chambly,  where  they  landed  on  the  16th,  and  pushed  to 
La  Prairie,  to  cut  off  Arnold,  who  was  retreating  from  Montreal. 
It  was  at  Varenne,  on  the  south  bank  of  the  St.  Lawrence,  four- 
teen miles  from  Montreal,  that  Wilkinson  met  this  force,  detained 
at  that  point  by  a  failure  of  the  wind,  at  two  o'clock,  p.  M.,  and 
hastened  back  with  the  intelligence  to  Arnold,  without  which  he 
had  been  cut  off,  as  he  did  not  intend  leaving  Montreal  until  the 
morning  of  the  16th. 

Arnold  immediately  ordered  Wilkinson  to  re-cross  the  river,  and 
traverse  the  country  by  the  direct  route  to  Chambly,  twelve  miles, 

*This  letter  is  published  in  Force's  Archives,  fourth  series,  vol.  vi, 
826,  with  no  indication  of  the  writer.  In  a  casual  examination  of  the 
Yeates  papers,  in  the  possession  of  Yeates  Cunningham,  of  Lancaster, 
Pa.,  the  editors  discovered  the  originals  of  this  and  other  letters  from 
the  army  in  Canada,  published  by  Force,  in  the  hand  writing  of  Lieut. 
Col.  Thomas  Hartlej',  and  addressed  to  Jasper  Yeates,  Esq.,  afterwards 
justice  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  Pennsylvania.  Our  history  is  therefore 
indebted  to  the  pen  of  Hartley,  subsequently  one  of  the  foremost  law- 
yers and  ablest  statesmen  of  Pennsylvania,  for  nearly  all  that  is  known 
of  the  campaign  of  the  Pennsylvania  battalions  in  Canada. 


and  report  the  situation  in  which  he  had  discovered  the  enemy  to 
Gen.  Sullivan,  and  request  a  detachment  to  cover  Gen.  Arnold's 
retreat  by  La  Prairie. 

"  1  did  not,"  says  Wilkinson,  "  make  the  opposite  shore  and  Lon- 
gueuil  until  it  was  dark.  I  found  a  public  horse  at  the  parish 
priest's,  mounted  him,  and  arrived  at  Chambly  about  nine  o'clock 
at  night,  (loth.)  Here  the  scene  presented  me  can  never  be  effaced. 
The  front  of  our  retreating  army,  overwhelmed  with  fatigue,  lay 
scattered  in  disorder  over  the  plain,  and  buried  in  sleep,  without  a 
single  sentinel  to  watch  for  its  safety.  I  rode  through  the  encamp- 
ment, entered  the  fort  by  the  drawbridge,  dismounted,  and  pre- 
sented myself  to  Gen.  Sullivan,  without  being  halted  or  even  hailed. 
The  general  and  his  companions,  Colonels  St.  Clair,  Maxwell,  and 
Hazen,  all  appeared  astonished  at  my  information  of  the  near  ap- 
proach of  the  enemy  to  Montreal.  Maxwell,  in  Scottish  dialect, 
exclaimed,  'Be  the  Lard,  it  cannot  be  possible! 'to  which  I  em- 
phatically retorted,  '  Be  the  Lard,  sir,  you  know  not  what  you  say !' 
Sullivan  and  St.  Clair,  who  were  both  acquainted  with  me,  inter- 
posed, and  corrected  Maxwell's  indecorum. 

"  It  was  acknowledged  on  all  hands,  that  a  detachment  was  ne- 
cessary to  cooperate  with  Arnold ;  but  how  to  effect  it,  under  the 
actual  circumstances  of  the  moment,  was  a  matter  of  much  diffi- 
culty. The  night  was  profoundly  dark  ;  the  rain  poured  down  in 
torrents;  the  troops  at  hand  were  fatigued,  and  in  great  disorder ; 
and  there  was  no  officer  to  receive  and  execute  orders.  After  some 
deliberation  it  was  determined  that  I  should  proceed  down  the  Sor- 
rel with  instructions  to  Brig.  Gen.,  the  Baron  de  Woedtke,  who 
commanded  the  rear,  to  make  a  detachment  of  five  hundred  men, 
to  cover  Gen.  Arnold's  retreat.  I  was  directed  to  keep  the  main 
road  on  the  bank  of  the  Sorel,  which  Col.  Hazen  informed  me  was 
quite  plain  and  unobstructed ;  but  he  deceived  me,  and,  owing  to 
the  darkness  of  the  night,!  presently  missed  my  way,  and  narrowly 
escaped  plunging  into  Little  River,  where  it  was  twenty  feet  deep. 
After  my  escape,  I  dismounted,  and,  securing  my  horse,  groped  my 
way  in  the  dark,  until  I  discovered  a  bridge  of  batteaux  formed  for 
the  passage  of  the  infantry,  on  which  1  crossed. 

"  I  found  every  house  and  hut  on  my  route  crowded  with  strag- 
glers, men  without  officers,  and  officers  without  men.  Wet  to  the 
skin,  covered  with  mud,  exhausted  by  hunger  and  fatigue,  I  threw 
myself  down  on  the  floor  of  a  filthy  cabin  and  slept  until  dawn ; 
when  I  arose  and  prosecuted  my  search  in  quest  of  the  Prussian 
baron.  The  first  officer  of  my  acquaintance  whom  I  met,  was  Lieut 
Col.  William  Allen,  of  the  Second  Pemra,  who,  to  my  inquiry  for 
De  Woedtke,  replied  that  'he  had  no  doubt  the  beast  was  drunk, 
and  in  front  of  the  army.'  I  then  informed  him  of  my  orders  for 
a  detachment.  He  replied  '  this  army,  Wilkinson,  is  conquered  by 


its  fears,  and  I  doubt  whether  you  can  draw  any  assistance  from  it ; 
but  Col.  Wayne  is  in  the  rear,  and  if  any  one  can  do  it,  he  is  the 
man.'  On  which  I  quickened  my  pace,  and  half  an  hour  after  met 
that  gallant  soldier,  as  much  at  his  ease  as  if  he  was  marching  to 
a  parade  of  exercise.  He  confirmed  Allen's  report  respecting  De 
Woedtke,  and,  without  hesitation,  determined  to  carry  the  order 
into  execution,  if  possible.  He  halted  at  the  bridge,  and  posted  a 
guard,  with  orders  to  stop  every  man  without  regard  to  corps,  who 
appeared  to  be  active,  alert,  and  equipped.  In  a  short  time,  a  de- 
tachment was  completely  formed,  and  in  motion  for  Longueuil. 
The  very  men  who  only  the  day  before  were  retreating  in  confusion, 
before  a  division  of  the  enemy,  now  marched  with  alacrity  against 
his  main  body. 

u  We  had  gone  two  miles  when  we  met  an  express  from  Arnold, 
with  verbal  information  of  his  escape  from  Montreal,  and  that  he 
would  be  able  to  make  good  his  retreat  by  La  Prairie.  This  infor- 
mation brought.  Col.  Wayne  to  the  right  about.  We  crossed  Little 
River  at  a  ford,  and  found  the  rear  of  the  army  not  yet  up  to  Cham- 
bly.  Our  detachment  was  discovered  advancing  on  the  bank  of 
the  Sorel,  two  miles  below  the  fort ;  we  were  taken  for  the  enemy, 
and  great  alarm  and  confusion  ensued,  the  drums  beat  to  arms,  and 
Gen.  Sullivan  and  his  officers  were  observed  making  great  exertions 
to  prepare  for  battle.  Gen.  Wayne  halted  his  column,  pulled  out  his 
glass,  and  seemed  to  enjoy  the  panic  his  appearance  produced.  I 
suggested  that  he  would  interrupt  the  labors  of  the  troops  on  the 
portage  of  Chambly,  and  delay  the  movement  of  the  army;  on 
which  he  ordered  me  forward  to  correct  the  delusion. 

"  I  reported  to  Gen.  Sullivan,  who  gave  orders  for  Wayne  to  march 
by  his  right,  and  cooperate  with  Gen.  Arnold,  if  necessary,  but  we 
soon  discovered  Arnold  had  passed,  and  the  bridge  of  Little  River 
on  fire;  we,  therefore,  turned  to  the  left,  and  followed  him  to  St. 
John's,  where  we  arrived  in  the  evening,  (16th,)  and  found  Gen.  Sul- 
livan with  the  front  of  the  army." — Wilkinson's  Memoirs,  vol.  i, 
page  51,  ct  sequitur. 

The  rear  of  the  army,  with  baggage  stores,  reached  St.  John's  on 
the  18th,  were  embarked  and  moved  up  the  Sorel  the  same  after- 
noon. After  the  last  boat  but  Arnold's  had  put  off,  at  Arnold's 
suggestion,  he  and  Wilkinson  went  down  the  direct  road  to  Cham- 
bly for  two  miles,  where  they  met  the  advance  of  the  British  division  r 
under  Lieut.  Gen.  Burgoyne.  They  reconnoitered  it  a  few  minutesr 
then  galloped  back  to  St.  John's,  and  stripping  their  horses,  shot 
them.  Gen.  Arnold  then  ordered  all  on  board,  pushed  off  the  boat 
with  his  own  hands,  and  thus  indulged  the  vanity  of  being  the 
last  man  who  embarked  from  the  shores  of  the  enemy.  They  fol- 
lowed the  army  twelve  miles,  to  the  Isle  Aux  Noix,  where  they 
arrived  after  dark. — Ibid.,  page  55. 


The  head  of  Burgoyne's  column  entered  St.  John's  on  the  evening 
of  the  18th,  and  Philips'  advance  guard  on  the  morning  of  the  19th. 
On  the  19th,  general  orders  at  Isle  Aux  Noix  directed  the  com- 
mands of  de  Haas,  Wayne,  St.  Clair,  and  Irvine  to  encamp  on  the 
east  side  of  the  island. 

On  the  21st,  Col.  Irvine's  battalion  met  with  another  heavy  loss, 
as  is  detailed  by  a  letter  from  one  of  the  regiment : 

"  Capts.  McClean,  Adams,  and  Rippey,  Lieuts.  McFerran,  Mc- 
Alister,  and  Hoge,  and  Ensigns  Lusk  and  Culbertson,  with  four 
privates,  went  over  from  the  Isle  aux  Noix  to  the  western  shore  of 
the  lake,  about  a  mile  from  camp,  but  within  sight,  to  fish  and  di- 
vert themselves.  Capt.  McClean  prudently  proposed  to  take  arms 
with  them,  but  was  over-ruled.  Some  Indians  observed  their  mo- 
tions, and  while  they  were  at  a  house  drinking  some  spruce  beer, 
the  savages  surrounded  them,  killed  Capt.  Adams,  Ensign  Culbert- 
son, and  two  privates,  whom  they  scalped  in  a  most  inhuman  and 
barbarous  manner;  and  carried  off  prisoners,  Capt.  McClean, 
Lieuts.  Ferran,  McAlister,  and  Hoge,  and  the  two  other  privates. 
But  a  party  coming  to  their  relief  from  camp,  Capt.  Rippey  and 
Ensign  Lusk  made  their  escape."  The  bodies  of  those  killed  were 
brought  to  the  Isle  Aux  Noix  and  decently  buried  by  Col.  Wayne, 
who,  with  a  party,  followed  the  Indians  and  recovered  the  batteaux 
with  the  bodies. 

Isle  Aux  Noix  proved  very  unhealthy ;  Col.  Wayne  had  sixty  men 
out  of  one  hundred  and  thirty-eight  taken  down  with  sickness,  after 
their  arrival  there ;  and  on  the  24th  of  June,  Col.  de  Haas  and  all 
his  field  officers,  with  a  number  of  his  men,  were  sick.*  On  the 
25th,  Gen.  Sullivan  commenced  moving  the  army  to  Isle  la  Motte. 
Lieut.  Col.  Hartley,  with  two  hundred  and  fifty  men  of  Irvine's 
battalion,  went  by  land,  scouring  the  country,  traversing  disagree- 
able swamps,  destroying  on  the  way  the  house,  mills,  &c.,  of  the 
traitor  McDonald. 

On  June  27th,  at  Isle  la  Motte  all  the  army  took  vessels  and  came 
to  Crown  Point,  which  they  reached  on  the  1st  of  July.  Gen.  Gates 
arrived  there  on  the  evening  of  the  5th,  superseding  Gen.  Sullivan, 
and  on  the  7th,  at  a  council  of  war,  it  was  determined  to  remove 
the  army  to  Ticonderoga.  The  battalions  of  Cols,  de  Haas,  St. 
Clair,  and  Wayne  arrived  there  on  the  10th,  the  Sixth,  under  Lieut. 
Col.  Hartley,  remaining  posted  at  Crown  Point,  where  it  remained 
the  balance  of  the  summer  and  fall,  the  sentinel  regiment  of  Gen. 

*  "  TICONDEROGA,  June  IS. — One  woman  from  each  company  of  each 
of  the  Pennsylvania  battalions,  now  at  this  post,  to  be  drafted  as  soon 
as  possible  and  sent  to  the  general  hospital  at  Fort  George,  to  nurse  the 
sick.  They  will  have  the  customary  allowance  of  provisions  from  Dr. 
Stringer,  director  of  the  hospital  there." 


Gates'  army. — See  Force's  Archives,  fifth  series,  vol.  i  and  ii,  for 
journal  and  correspondence  of  Lieut.  Col.  Hartley. 

On  the  20th,  Gen.  Gates  brigaded  his  army,  and  the  four  Penn- 
sylvania battalions  were  constituted  the  Fourth  brigade,  Col.  Ar- 
thur St.  Clair  commanding  ;  Edward  Scull  brigade  major  for  the 
Third  and  Fourth  battalions. 

August  14,  Lieut.  Col.  Hartley's  scouts  found  the  British  still  at 
St.  John's. 

Aug.  24,  deHaas'  battalion  numbered  rank  and  file  four  hundred 
and  fifty-live  men,  (one  hundred  and  fifty-seven  of  whom  were 
sick,)  twenty-six  sergeants ;  staff,  four ;  commissioned  officers, 
thirty-one;  five  drums  and  fifes;  five  hundred  and  twenty-cue 
in  toto.  St.  Clair's,  four  hundred  and  twenty-nine  rank  and  file, 
one  hundred  and  sixty-one  sick  ;  total  officers  and  men,  four  hun- 
dred and  eighty-five.  Wayne's,  five  hundred  and  twenty-two  rank 
and  file,  one  hundred  and  fifty-five  of  whom  were  sick ;  total  officers 
and  men,  five  hundred  and  seventy-three. 

On  the  6th  of  September,  Lieut.  Col.  Hartley,  desired  Gen.  Gates 
to  send  to  Crown  Point,  either  Gen.  Wayne's  battalion  or  the 
Second,  and  he  would  defend  it  with  them.  Gen.  Gates  gave  him 
positive  orders  to  retreat  if  the  British  reached  that  point.  The 
British  did  not  come,  however,  and  on  the  22d  Irvine's  regiment 
was  still  at  Crown  Point.  One  lieutenant  colonel,  one  major,  four 
captains,  five  first  lieutenants,  three  second  lieutenants,  five  ensigns, 
four  staff,  seventeen  sergeants,  fifteen  drums,  and  four  hundred 
and  eighty-six  rank  and  file. 

On  the  llth  of  October,  Hartley  still  maintained  his  post ;  hav- 
ing found  in  the  woods  some  cannon  lost  in  the  French  war,  with 
great  labor,  he  had  roads  cut,  and  transported  them  to  Crown 
Point,  and  had  a  battery  of  six  guns  ready  for  visitors,  not  any  too 
soon,  for  on  the  same  day  the  British  attacked  Arnold's  fleet  on 
Lake  Champlain,  compelling  him  to  retire  towards  Crown  Point 
to  refit,  the  next  day,  almost  totally  destroying  it  before  it  got  there. 
On  the  14th,  Col.  Hartley  set  fire  to  all  the  houses  at  and  near  Crown 
Point,  and  retired  to  Ticonderoga. 

The  season  was  too  far  advanced  for  the  British  to  make  any 
further  progress  ;  after  threatening  Ticonderoga,  they  retired  into 
winter  quarters. 

On  the  18th  of  November,  Gen.  Gates  putting  Col.  Wayne  in 
command  of  Ticonderoga,  proceeded  to 
J°m  Gen.  Washington,  with  the  larger 
part  of  his  annyi  the  three  Pennsylvania 
battalions,  whose  time  would  expire  on  the  5th  of  January,  agree- 
ing to  remain  until  they  were  relieved  by  other  troops.  On  the 
29th  of  November,  the  Second,  commanded  by  Col.  Wood,  num- 


bered  four  hundred  and  twenty-six  officers  and  men ;  Wayne's,  five 
hundred  and  sixty-five ;  Irvine's,  five  hundred  and  three. 

On  the  4th  of  December,  Col.  Wayne  writes  to  the  Committee  of 
Safety : 

"  The  wretched  condition  the  battalions  are  now  in  for  want  of 
almost  every  necessary,  except  flour  and  bad  beef,  is  shocking  to 
humanity,  and  beggars  all  description.  We  have  neither  beds  nor 
bedding  for  our  sick  to  lay  on  or  under,  other  than  their  own  cloth- 
ing ;  no  medicine  or  regimen  suitable  for  them  ;  the  dead  and  dying 
lying  mingled  together  in  our  hospital,  or  rather  house  of  carnage, 
is  no  uncommon  sight.  They  are  objects  truly  worthy  of  your 
notice,  as  well  as  of  your  most  obedient,  humble  servant, 


On  the  24th  of  January,  1777,  the  Second  battalion  left 
1777.      Ticonderoga,  with  Gen.  Wayne,  for  their  homes. 

Muhlenberg's  Journal,  under  date  of  February  15, 1777, 
has  the  following : 

"  In  the  evening,  many  American  soldiers  from  Ticonderoga 
arrived  here  in  Providence,  (Montgomery  county.)  The  time  of  ser- 
vice of  these  people  has  expired." 

Many  of  the  privates  of  the  Second  reenlisted  in  the  Third  Penn'a 

"  To  the  Honourable  the  Council  of  Safety,  held  in  and  for  the  City  of 

Philadelphia,  &c. : 

"  The  Humble  Petition  of  the  non-commissioned  officers  and  Sol- 
diers of  the  2'1  Battalion  of  Pennsylvania,  Commanded  by  Colonel 
Joseph  Wood : 

"As  Humbly  Sheweth :  the  Indigent  and  Misserable  condition  of 
your  Honours  petitioners  who  has  spent  one  year  in  the  service  of 
the  Country  Either  in  a  Country  where  this  currancy  would  not 
pass,  or  in  Deserts  where  few  of  the  Necessarys  of  Life  were  to  be 
got,  and  if  any  at  an  Extraordinary  price;  and  Endured  much 
fatigue  and  hardships  in  Marching  and  hard  Labour  Building 
Breast  Works,  &°  and  Lost  many  of  our  Dear  friends  an  Acquaint- 
ances, nor  Could  our  Rations  be  got  as  Alowed  by  the  Honourable 
the  Congress,  as  we  Seldom  got  any  but  Bread  or  Flower,  &  Salt 
Pork  or  Beef,  and  all  we  Reca  in  Restitution  for  the  Remainder  was 
some  three  Dollars  and  some  two  and  some  none.  All  this  we  En- 
dured with  Cheearfullness,  Resting  on  premisses  of  being  Righted 
(when  we  Came  to  this  City)  in  all  things.  But  now  when  we  have 
been  here  three  Weeks,  we  Cannot  get  our  Wages  or  Settled  with 
on  any  terms  untill  part  is  gon  to  Camp  an  part  gon  to  See  their 
friends,  without  money  to  Defray  their  Expences,  in  a  Raged  Dirty 
Condition,  Enough  to  affright  an  Indian  from  Inlisting,  many  of 
whom  Left  home  in  Creadit  and  part  in  Town  Living  on  the  Pub- 


lick  Expence  ;  And  if  we  were  paid,  an  after  seeing  our  Friends, 
Avoulcl  freely  Joyu  Instantly  in  Defence  of  the  Country  again. 

"  So  we  are  sorry  to  be  under  the  Dissagreeable  Necessity  of  troub- 
ling your  Honourable  Council  for  Redress ;  Beggs  therefore  in  the 
Ilumbilest  Manner  for  Justice,  only  hoping  your  Honours  to  Con- 
sider our  unpolished  but  true  Petition,  And  After  Begging  pardon 
for  our  presumption,  we  Begg  Leave  to  Rest  your  Honours  Loyal 
and  Humble  Servants  and  Petitioners  as  Ever  bound  to  pray. 

"PHILADELPHIA,  March  ye  3d  1777. 

"  N.  B.  As  this  is  the  Cause  of  the  "Whole  Battn  it  would  take  up 
too  much  Room  to  Incert  all  our  Names." 



St.  Clair,  Arthur,  commissioned  January  3, 1776 ;  promoted  brig- 
adier general  August  9, 1776. 

Wood,  Joseph,  commissioned  September  7, 1776 ;  see  Third  Penn'a ; 
wounded,  in  action  on  Lake  Champlain,  in  left  leg  and  arm. 

Lieutenant  Colonels. 
Allen,  William,  from  captain  of  First  battalion ;  commissioned 

January  4, 1776 ;  resigned  July  24,  1776. 

Wood,  Joseph,  from  captain,  July  29, 1776 ;  promoted  colonel. 
Craig,    Thomas,  from  captain,    September   7,  1776;    see   Third 



Wood,  Joseph,  commissioned  January  18,  1776;  promoted  lieu- 
tenant colonel. 

Butler,  William,  from  captain,  September  7, 1776;  promoted  lieu- 
tenant colonel  Fourth  Penn'a. 


McCalla,  Rev'd  Daniel,  of  Warwick,  Bucks  county ;  appointed  Jan- 
uary 16,  1776;  captured  at  Three  Rivers,  June  8;  died  in 
Charleston,  S.  C.,  May,  1809. — Sprague's  Annals,  vol.  i,  page 


Ross,  George,  appointed  January  11, 1776. 
Hanson,  Thomas,  appointed  February  8, 1776. 


Armstrong,  James,  appointed  February  29,  1776,  vice  Hanson,  de- 


McKinzie,  Samuel,  appointed  March  30, 1776  ;  captured  at  Three 

Pishbourne  Benjamin,  appointed  October  2, 1776. 

Drum  Major. 
Hall,  John,  of  Brisban's  company. 

from  January  5  to  November  25,  1776. 

[Enlisted  principally  in  Northampton  county."] 

Craig,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  5,1776 ;  promoted  lieutenant 

colonel  September  7, 1776. 
Bunner,  Rudolph ;  see  Third  Penn'a. 

First  Lieutenants. 
Kachlein,  Andrew,  commissioned  January  5,  1776 ;    discharged 

June  21,  1776. 
Dunn,  Isaac  Budd,  commissioned  July  4, 1776;  see  Third  Penn'a 

Second  Lieutenants. 
Craig,  John,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  November 

11.  1776 ;   subsequently  captain  in  Light  Dragoons,  Fourth 

Armstrong,  James,  commissioned  November  11, 1776. 

Park,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  discharged  June  20, 

Dull,  Abraham,  commissioned  October  25, 1776. 

Marshall,  Robert,  appointed  January  7, 1776;  discharged  July  13, 

Smith,  Peter,  appointed  January  15, 1776 ;  promoted  November  11, 


Horn,  Abraham,  appointed  January  5,  1776. 
6— YOL.  X. 


Dull,  Abraham,  appointed  January  19, 1776 ;  promoted  October  25, 

Shouse,  Christian,  appointed  July  13,  1776. 

Carey,  John,  appointed  October  25, 1776  ;  discharged  November  21, 

McMichael,  John,  appointed  November  21, 1776. 

Minor,  John,  appointed  January  13,  1776,  drummer. 

Gangwer,  George,  appointed  January  13,  1776,  fifer ;  reduced  Octo- 
ber 11, 1776. 

Fuller,  Stephen,  appointed  October  11, 1776,  fifer. 


Shouse,  Christian,  appointed  January  15, 1776;  promoted  July  13, 

Carey,  John,  appointed  January  5,  1776 ;   promoted  October  25, 

Byel,  Peter,  appointed  January  17, 1776;  deserted  April  8, 1776. 

Powelson,  Henry,  appointed  February  11,  1776;  deserted  April  12, 

McMichael,  John,  appointed  April  8,  1776 ;  promoted  June  21, 1776. 

Shearer,  Robert,  appointed  April  12, 1776. 

Sweeney,  James,  appointed  November  21, 1776. 

Mon,  Samuel,  appointed  July  12, 1776. 


Ackert,  John,  enlisted  January,  29, 1776. 
Assur,  Anthony,  enlisted  January  14,  1776. 
Byel,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Bowerman,  Peter,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 
Boyer,  John,  enlisted  September  1, 1776. 
Branthuwer,  Adam,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 
Crane,  Josiah,  enlisted  January  12, 1776. 
Crist,  Butler,  enlisted  January  8,  1776. 
Cunningham,  Alexander,  enlisted  January  15, 1776. 
Daily,  Peter,  enlisted  January  10, 1776;  deserted  March  12,  1776. 
Darling,  John,  enlisted  February  3, 1776;  deserted  March  12, 1776. 
Darling,  David,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 
Davenport,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 
Davis,  Evan,  Cookstown,  Tyrone  county,  Ireland,  enlisted  January 

7, 1776;  missing  since  battle  at  Three  Rivers,  June  8;  paroled 

August  9, 1776. 
Davis,  John,  enlisted  February  3,  1776;  missing  since  battle  at 

Three  Rivers,  June  8. 
Dieli,  Daniel,  enlisted  January  22,  1776;  see  Third  Pennsylvania 


Dobbs,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  12, 1776 ;  deserted  April  12, 1776. 
Docker,  John,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 


Evans,  Evan,  enlisted  January  10,  1776. 

Fleek,  Peter,  enlisted  January  8, 1776 ;  wounded ;  resided  in  Hunt- 
ingdon county  in  May,  1818,  aged  sixty-five. 

Foulk,  Daniel,  enlisted  January  17,  1776. 

Freedley,  Henry,  enlisted  January  8,  1776. 

Gangwer,  George,  enlisted  October  4,  1776. 

Grimes,  Samuel,  enlisted  March  13, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle 
of  Three  Rivers,  June  8,  1776. 

Groob,  Philip,  enlisted  January  24,  1776. 

Hans,  Leonard,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 

Hindman,  John,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 

Hirkie,  William,  enlisted  February  28,  1776. 

Hoof  man,  Ludwig,  enlisted  February  21,  1776. 

Horn,  Frederick,  enlisted  January  8, 1776. 

Hubler,  John,  enlisted  January  17.  1776. 

Huntsman,  George,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 

Jost,  Martin,  enlisted  January  8, 1776. 

Kautsman,  Nicholas,  enlisted  February  10, 1776. 

King,  Charles,  enlisted  January  17,  1776  ;  deserted  March  12,  1776. 

Kuns,  George,  enlisted  January  13,  1776  ;  died  August  6. 1776. 

Kuns,  Michael,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 

Labar,  Leonard,  enlisted  March  12, 1776. 

Labar,  Melchior,  enlisted  March  12,  1776. 

Man,  John,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 

Man,  Lawrence,  enlisted  January  13,  1776. 

McMichael,  John,  enlisted  January  27,  1776;  promoted  April  8, 

Miller,  Christian,  enlisted  January  8, 1776. 

Miller,  Matthias,  enlisted  March  22,  1776. 

Mengas,  Conrad,  enlisted  January  10, 1776. 

Minon,  David,  enlisted  January  8, 1776. 

Mock,  John,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 

Morey,  Robert,  enlisted  January  19, 1776. 

Mon,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  8, 1776 ;  promoted  July  13, 1776. 

Nagle,  Leonard,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 

Ney,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 

Phass,  George,  enlisted  February  10, 1776. 

Powels,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 

Prang,  Stophel,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 

Ramsey,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  27, 1776. 

Rusarch,  Conrad,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 

Reyley,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  18, 1776. 

Richards,  Jonathan,  enlisted  February  2, 1776 ;  deserted  February 
25,  1776. 

Rinker,  Abraham,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 

Rogers,  Timothy,  enlisted  January  11, 1776. 


Shaffer  Thomas,  enlisted  January  28, 1776. 

Shannon,  John,  enlisted  January  28,  1776. 

Shearer,  Henry,  enlisted  January  24,  1776. 

Shearer,  Robert,  enlisted  January  31,1776;   promoted  April  12, 


Smith,  Peter,  enlisted  January,  10, 1776. 
Smith,  Philip,  enlisted  March  5, 1776. 
Standly,  Peter,  enlisted  January  15, 1776. 
Stinson,  David,  enlisted  January  15,  1776. 
Sterner,  George,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 
Sweeney,  James,  enlisted  February  8,  1776 ;  promoted  November 


Thompson,  James,  enlisted  January  15,  1776. 
Wilson,  Robert,  enlisted  February  26, 1776. 
Wise,  Jacob,  enlisted  January  13, 1776. 
Yiesly,  Felty,  enlisted  January  14, 1776. 

From  January  5  to  November  S5,  1776,  as  they  stood  at  Ticonderoga. 

[Enlisted  in  the  vicinity  of  Greensburg,  Westmoreland  county.    Many 
of  the  company  reenlisted  in  Third  Penn'a,  Capt.  Jas.  Chrystie.J 

Butler,  William,  commissioned  January  5,  1776 ;  promoted  major 

October  7, 1776. 
Chrystie,  James,  commissioned  November  11, 1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Butler.  Thomas  commissioned  January  5, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Seitz,  Charles,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  dropped  September 
20, 1776. 


McCully,  George,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  second 
lieutenant  September  20, 1776,  vice  Lieut.  Chambers,  discharged . 
McMullan,  Nathan,  September  20, 1776,  vice  Parke,  discharged. 

McCully,  Robert. 
Jack,  Thomas. 
McClanen.  Hugh. 
Carrell,  Thomas. 



McKee,  George. 
Bennett,  Abraham. 
Kelso,  John. 
Webb,  William. 

Branch,  Elijah. 
Brown,  John. 
Calagan,  James. 

Carothers,  John,  enlisted  at  Carlisle;  wounded  in  the  left  hand  at 
Three  Rivers ;  reenlisted  under  Richard  Butler,  and  served 
three  years;  resided  in  Butler  county,  Penn'a,  in  1817. 

Coil,  Charles. 

Conner,  John. 

Cowley,  William. 

Craig,  James. 

Davis,  Amos. 

Davis,  Robert. 

Dixon,  Robert. 

Doyle,  Bryan. 

Ewin,  William. 

Fleming,  George. 

Fleming,  Henry. 

Forbes,  James. 

Futhey,  Robert. 

Gordon,  Andrew,  in  1820  resided  in  West  Nantmeal  township, 
Chester  county. 

Hanna,  David. 

Hamilton,  James. 

Henry,  John. 

Heron,  Patrick.  » 

Jones,  Hugh. 

Jordon,  Garret. 

Kennedy,  James. 

Kinsey,  James. 

Kyle,  William. 

Laferty,  Patrick. 

Leas,  Edward. 

Lindsey,  John. 

Lucas,  William. 

Martin,  William,  Jr.,  enlisted  at  Carlisle;  reenlisted  in  Third 

Martin,  William,  Sen. 

Matthews,  William. 

McCarrel,  Dennis. 


McConnel,  James. 

McCord,  Matthew. 

McFadden,  Thomas. 

McGill,  James. 

McKenzie,  John. 

McMillan,  John,  enlisted  at  Greensburg,  March  1, 1776;  reen listed 

Third  Penn'a. 
Meyer,  Dennis. 
Navel,  Edward. 
Patterson,  William. 
Roberts,  Jonathan. 
Roddy,  Isaac. 
Rucraft,  George. 
Stover,  John. 
Smith,  John. 
Stimble,  Isaac. 
Sutherland,  John. 
Sweeny,  James. 
Yarner,  Robert. 
Wilson,  Samuel. 


January  5  to  November  25,  1776. 


Brisban,  John,  commissioned  January  5, 1776;  furloughed  by  Gen. 
Gates  from  November  25,  1776;  captain  in  Third  Penn'a; 
died  March  13, 1822.  aged  ninety-one ;  buried  in  Paxtang  grave- 
yard, near  Harrisburg,  Penn'a. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Gross,  John,  commissioned  January  5,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Chambers,  William,  commissioned  January  5, 1776;  resigned  July 
5. 1776. 


Evans,  John,  commissioned  January  5, 1776;  died  June  20,  1776. 
Ross,  George,  commissioned  Jan.  5,  1776 ;  promoted  lieutenant  of 




Gowmie,  Joseph. 

Hagan,  James. 

Bloom,  Daniel;  subsequent!}'  lieutenant  in  Capt.  Bloom's  com- 
pany, at  Bed  Bank,  in  1777,  &c. ;  died  May  29, 1819,  in  Bedford 

Biggs,  Joseph. 

Bartholomew,  Benjamin. 

Bradley,  "William,  from  Dauphin  county  ;  died  at  Ticonderoga,  on 

the  march  to  Canada. 
Carman,  William. 
Evans,  Evan< 
Peacock,  William. 
Whitman,  Ulrich. 

Hall,  Joseph. 
Haney,  Charles. 

Adams,  Joseph. 
Allen,  Thomas. 
Armor,  James. 
Baird,  Edward. 
Bayard,  Jacob. 
Bayley,  Robert. 
Blair,  Samuel. 
J3oyd,  John. 
Bradford,  William. 
Byers,  Jacob. 
Campbell,  George. 
Corein,  Benjamin. 
Cormen,  Samuel. 
Craiger,  John. 
Crawford,  John. 
Cummings,  Edward. 
Curry,  Morris. 
Deamer,  Frederick. 
Douty,  James. 
Ebrem,  James. 
Edene,  Moses. 
Farlow,  Isaac. 
Ferguson,  Charles. 



Freet,  Adam. 

Fritz,  Peter. 

Graham,  John. 

Gwinn,  [Quinn,]  James 

Green,  John. 

Hamble,  Thomas. 

Hamilton,  Charles. 

Hand,  Dominick. 

Haney,  Charles. 

Hammond,  Christopher. 

Henry,  Abraham. 

Hogan,  John. 

Holmes,  John. 

Hughes,  Richard. 

Hulet,  "William  ;  lost  an  eye  in  action. 

Jones,  Thomas. 

McEnally,  Patrick. 

McCormick,  James. 

McDowell,  Michael. 

McGill,  John. 

McGugan,  Alexander, 

McGraw, . 

McKenzie,  Neal. 
McLaughlin,  Henry. 
McMahan,  Barnabas. 
McMahan,  Constans. 
McXabb,  William. 
McPick,  James. 
Merede,  James. 
Miller,  Conrad. 
Montgomery.  James. 
Moore,  Adam. 
Odier,  Dennis. 
Ogan, John. 
O'Neill,  Henry. 
Overholtzer,  Samuel. 
Oxford,  John. 
Pemperton,  Christian. 
Eeed,  Hugh. 
Roadmaker,  Michael. 
Rodgers,  Patrick. 
Ross,  James. 
Shannon,  Hugh. 
Shortley,  Ludwig. 
Short,  Richard. 
Sloan,  John. 


Sloan,  Lawrence. 
Stewart,  James. 
Steward,  Robert. 
Sutton,  Hugh. 
Thomas,  Nicholas. 
Weaver,  Anthony. 
Wier,  Daniel. 
Wilhelm,  Adam. 

From  January  25,  1776,  to  November  25,  1776. 

Bunner,  Rudolph,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  to  Capt. 

Craig's  company. 
Moore,  Samuel,  commissioned  November  11, 1776. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Moore,  Thomas  L.,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  May 

21,  1776. 
Montgomery,  James,  commissioned  May  21, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Marshall,  John,  commissioned  November  11, 1776. 
Bartleson,  Ezra,  commissioned  January  5, 1776;  discharged  June 
19, 1776. 


Ross,  George,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  resigned  July  1, 1776, 
and  appointed  lieutenant  of  marines. 

Armstrong,  James,  commissioned  May  21, 1776 ;  promoted  Novem- 
ber 11, 1776. 

Dunn,  Abner  M.,  commissioned  November  11,  1776;   see  First 


Pope,  Jacob,  appointed  February  11,  1776;  died  June  13, 1776. 

Randecker,  Samuel,  appointed  January  20, 1776;  missing  at  Three 
Rivers,  June  8, 1776. 

Knight,  Henry,  appointed  January  18, 1776;  deserted  April  17, 1776. 

Wallace,  William,  appointed  January  20,  1776;  quarter-master  ser- 


Ellis,  Kichard,  appointed  June  13, 1776. 

Grant,  Lewis,  appointed  March  1, 1776;  discharged  October  1, 1776. 

Patterson,  Christy,  appointed  June  8, 1776 ;  discharged  November 

23,  1776. 
Holmes,  Thomas,  appointed  April  17, 1776. 


Ellis,  Richard,  appointed  January  24, 1776 ;  promoted  June  13, 1776. 
Grant,  Lewis,  appointed  February  26,  1776;  promoted  March  4, 

Cline,  Matthias,  appointed  February  11,  1776;  reduced  July  1. 

Patterson,  Christopher,  appointed  February  11,  1776;  promoted 

June  8,  1776. 

Kerr,  John,  appointed  March  7, 1776. 
Williams,  John,  appointed  October  2, 1776. 
Thomas,  Jacob,  appointed  June  13, 1776. 
Clatter,  Jacob,  appointed  July  1, 1776. 
Fox,  Patrick,  appointed  Mach  3, 1776 ;  drummer. 


Banks,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  28, 1776. 
Barber,  James,  enlisted  May  30, 1776. 
Bender,  Martin,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 
Claney,  Owen,  enlisted  March  1, 1776. 

Clatter,  Jacob,  enlisted  March  1, 1776;  promoted  July  1, 1776. 
Cline,  Matthias,  enlisted  July  1 , 1776. 

Clouts,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  14, 1776 ;  deserted  April  8, 1776. 
Cole,  John,  enlisted  February  23,  1776 ;  missing  June  8,  1776,  at 

Three  Eivers. 

Collins,  David,  enlisted  January  26, 1776. 
Colstin,  William,  enlisted  March  1, 1776. 
Connelly,  Israel,  enlisted  February  15, 1776. 

Coons,  Phineas,  enlisted  March  1, 1776 ;  re-enlisted  in  Third  Penn'a. 
Crafts,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  15,  1776;  died  July  8,  1776. 
Curran,  James,  enlisted  March  9, 1776 ;  missing  June  8,  at  Three 


Curran,  John  enlisted  March  9,  1776. 
Curran,  Thomas,  Granard,  Leinster  Province,  enlisted  March  1, 

1776 ;  missing  June  8,  at  Three  Rivers ;  paroled  August  9, 1776. 
Dixon,  William,  enlisted  February  26,  1776. 
Ellison,  James,  enlisted  February  16, 1776. 
Foster,  Andrew,  enlisted  February  20,  1776:  deserted  March  11, 

Gorman,  David,  enlisted  February  12,  1776;  deserted  March  8, 



Gorman,  James,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 

Green,  David,  enlisted  February  12,  1776 ;  died  June  22, 1776. 

Griffy,  Lawrence,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. 

Grouse,  Michael,  enlisted  February  3,  1776;  discharged  October 

11,  1776. 
Hall,  Josiah,  enlisted  January  20, 1776 ;  discharged  September  28, 


Hall,  Samuel,  enlisted  March  8, 1776. 
Hansel,  George,  enlisted  March  1,  1776;  discharged  October  16, 

1776.    Crushed  between  batteaux  at  Chambly,  on  the  retreat ; 

lived  after  the  war  at  New  Windsor,  Ulster  county,  N.  Y. 
Hannah,  Daniel,  enlisted  March  5,  1776;  died  June  7, 1776. 
Harris,  William,  enlisted  February  24, 1776. 

Henderson,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  24, 1776;  missing  June  8, 1776. 
Holmes,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  9,1776;  promoted  April  17, 


Hoofnagle,  William,  enlisted  February  5, 1776  ;  died  July  1, 1776. 
Hunter,  Jacob,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 
Ireton,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 
Isburter,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  23,  1776;  missing  June  8,  at 

Three  Rivers. 

Keve,  John,  enlisted  March  7,  1776;  promoted  March  7, 1776. 
Xives,  John,  enlisted  January  23,  1776. 
Kooger,  Daniel,  enlisted  March  7,  1776. 
McCully,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 
Mellon,  Samuel,  enlisted  March  23, 1776. 
Miller,  Peter,  enlisted  March  6, 1776. 
Morgan,  Thomas,  enlisted  March  8, 1776. 
Monin,  Joshua,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 
Morris,  John,  enlisted  March  1, 1776;  missing  June  8,  at  Three 


Moyer,  Abraham,  enlisted  February  24, 1776. 
Nixon,  Richard,  enlisted  February  15,  1776. 
Norman,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  15, 1776. 
Owen,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  25, 1776 ;  discharged  September 

30, 1776. 

Polar,  Peter,  enlisted  February  15, 1776 ;  deserted  April  17,  1776. 
Price,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  18, 1776 ;  deserted  April  18, 1776. 
•Quin,  Francis,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Richards,  Nathaniel,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 
Roberts,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  16,  1776;  died  July  23,  1776. 
Shuttle  Daniel,  enlisted  February  7,  1776. 
Smallwood,  Aaron,  enlisted  March  12,  1776. 
Schmell,  Nicholas,  enlisted  January  25,  1776 ;  in  1820,  he  resided 

in  Potter  township,  Centre  county,  a  carpenter  by  occupation. 
Smyth,  George,  enlisted  January  17, 1776  ;  discharged  October  16, 



Stump,  John,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Thomas,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  7, 1776 ;  promoted  June  13, 1776. 

Walter,  Elijah,  enlisted  March  9, 1776. 

White,  John,  enlisted  January  24, 1776;  died  July  15, 1776. 

Wiley,  Reuben,  enlisted  March  1, 1776;  died  September  21, 1776. 

Williams,  John,  enlisted  February  2,1776;  promoted  October  2, 

Williams,  Michael,  Scutzenburg,  Germany,  enlisted  February  9, 

1776;  missing  June  8, 1776,  at  Three  Rivers;  paroled  August 

9,  1776. 

Willis,  Richard,  enlisted  March  1, 1776;  missing  as  above. 
Wright,  Jonathan,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Wright,  Obediah,  enlisted  February  14, 1776 ;  died  July  31, 1776. 
Young,  John,  enlisted  January  23, 1776. 

January  5,  1776,  to  November  25,  1776. 

Bayard,  Stephen,  commissioned  January  5, 1776. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Chrystie,  James,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  afterward  captain 
Third  Pennsylvania;  afterward  promoted,  November  11, 1776. 
Craig,  John  commissioned  November  11, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 
Dunn,  Isaac  Budd,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  July 

4,  1776. 
Black,  James,  promoted  July  4, 1776. 


Black,  James,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  July  4, 1776. 
Marshall,  John,  promoted  November  11,  1776. 
Oates,  James,  promoted  November  11, 1776. 


Shepherd,  John,  October  1, 1776. 
Philips,  Barney,  October  1,  1776. 
Cosgrove,  Andrew,  October  1,  1776. 
Points,  Joseph,  died  July  19, 1776. 





Boyd,  Thomas,  from  corporal  November  1,  1776. 

Jones,  Thomas,  reenlisted  April  8,  1777,  in  Capt.  Coren's  company 

of  artillery  ;  transferred  to  artillery  artificers,  Capt.  N.  Irish's 

company,  where  he  served  three  years. 

Maxwell,  John. 

Dougherty,  George. 

Wood,  Thomas. 
Barret,  James. 
Brown,  Patrick. 

Allen  Patrick. 
Baggs,  John. 
Black,  Benjamin. 
Burris,  James. 
Campbell,  Alexander. 
Cox,  William. 
Coyle,  Robert. 
Donohoe ,  Patrick. 
Dougherty,  William. 
Duffield,  John. 
English,  Joseph. 
Greer,  George. 
Harkins,  Thomas. 
Holliday,  John. 
Hollis,  John. 
Johnson,  Patrick. 
Leech,  William. 
Lackey,  Patrick. 
Martin,  William. 
McCord,  William. 

McClennon,  Robert,  discharged  November  19, 1776. 
McConnell,  Andrew,  discharged  July,  1776. 
McCracken,  William,  died  in  the  general  hospital. 
McEvoy,  Daniel. 
McFadden,  Connel. 
McKinley.  Charles. 
Moor,  William,  died  March  13, 1776. 
Murphy,  Thomas. 
Quigg,  John. 
Euttledge,  James. 


Thompson,  James. 
Weary,  John. 
Wiley,  Robert. 
Work,  Aaron. 
Edward,  Meloy. 

January  5,  1776,  to  November  25,  1776. 

Huling,  John,  commissioned  January  5,  1776;  furloughed  from 
October,  1776,  by  Gen.  Gates. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Burd,  William,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  captured  at  Three 
Rivers,  June  8, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 
Currie,  Ross,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  November 

11,  1776,  to  Reese's  company. 
Craig,  William,  from  ensign,  November  11, 1776. 

Craig,  William,  commissioned  January  5,  1776 ;  promoted  second 

lieutenant  November,  11, 1776. 
Hoffner,  George,  commissioned  July  4, 1776 ;  promoted  November 

11, 1776. 


Young,  John. 
Funk,  Frederick. 
Lower,  James. 
Ferree,  Barney. 

Riddle,  Joseph. 
Nixon,  Allen. 
Gordon,  John. 
Anderson,  Neal. 

Mitchell,  James. 

Albright,  Philip. 
Almond,  Frederick. 
Baldwin,  Moses,  discharged  April  12, 1777. 


Bennett,  Kobert. 

Black,  William. 

Cooper,  Abraham. 

Crookshank,  James. 

Dair,  Matthias. 

Daniel,  Peter. 

Dickey,  Nathaniel. 

Evans,  John. 

Fagan,  Michael. 

Fair,  John. 

Gobee,  Joseph. 

Goodman,  John. 

Gorley,  John. 

Hide,  John. 

Kusick ,  John,  wounded  at  Three  Rivers ,  pensioned  at  Philadelphia, 


Kail,  Michael. 
Koch,  Jacob. 
Larkin,  Paul. 
McCardel,  Hugh. 
McKee,  Edward. 
Randall,  John. 
Reed,  Michael. 
Reese,  Peter. 
Rork,  Henry. 
Servey,  Peter. 
Shoup,  Henry. 
Steele,  John. 
Stone,  Peter. 
Stoutsman,  Christopher. 
Sundock,  Herman. 
Walborn,  Peter. 

January  5,  1776,  to  November  25,  1776. 


Reese,  John,  commissioned  January  5,  1776 ;  recruiting  from  No- 
vember 5,  1776. 

.    First  Lieutenants. 

Moore,  Samuel,  commissioned  Januarys,  1776:  promoted  captain 
November  11, 1776. 


Currie,  Ross,  from  Huling's  company ;  captured  June  8,  1776,  at 
Three  Rivers. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Hoffner,  George,  from  ensign,  November  11, 1776. 

St.  Clair,  Daniel,  commissioned  September  20,  1776;  lieutenant 

Third  Penn'a. 
Eppley, Henry,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  lieutenant 

Capt.  Watson's  company,  November  11, 1776. 
Hoffner,  George,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  second 

lieutenant  November  11, 1776. 
Davis,  Mordecai,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  died  August  12, 


Coulter,  Samuel. 
Filson,  David. 
Davis,  Mathusala. 
Hamilton,  Adam. 

W.aite,  Michael. 
Meredith,  Thomas. 
Moore,  Andrew. 
McMillan,  Michael. 

Alexander,  James. 
Baggs,  James. 
Buckle,  Christopher. 
Couloron,  Abraham. 
Devinney,  Hugh. 
Drumheller,  Jacob. 
Edwards,  Edward. 
Edwards,  Hugh. 
Faulkner,  John. 
Forquer,  George. 
Gallagher,  Daniel. 
Gallagher,  "William. 
Gardner,  George. 
Gilmore,  Benjamin. 
Graham,  Enos. 
Hand  Patrick. 
Hull,  John. 
Mordecai,  James. 
Johnston,  James. 





Johnston,  John. 
Jordan,  John. 
Man,  William. 
McCloskey,  Thomas. 
McManus,  John. 
Nunn,  Abraham. 
Otty,  William, 
Pearsol,  Isaac. 
Ramage,  William. 
Ramsay,  William. 
Reese,  John. 
Robinson,  James. 
Saxton,  George. 
Scott,  George. 
Scott,  Jonathan. 
Sheer,  Philip. 
Williams,  Thomas. 

From  January  5,  1776,  to  November  25,  1776. 


Watson,  Samuel,  from  first  lieutenant,  First  battalion,  January 

5,  1776  ;  died  May  21,  1776,  at  Three  Rivers. 

Moore,  Thomas  L.,  commissioned  May  21,  1776,  vicf.  Watson,  de- 

First  Lieutenants. 

Chilton,  John,  commissioned  January  5, 1776;  resigned  November 

11,  1776. 
Eppley,  Henry,  commissioned  November  11,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Montgomery,  James,  January  5, 1776 ;  promoted  to  first  lieuten- 
ant, May  21,  1776. 
Miller,  Benjamin,  commissioned  May  21,  1776. 


Miller,  Benjamin,  commissioned  January  5,  1776 ;   promoted  to 
second  lieutenant,  May  21,  1776. 

Eugles,  James,  commissioned  September  20, 1776,  vice  Evans,  de- 
7-VOL.  X. 



McMahon,  Morris,  appointed  January  26, 1776 ;  deserted  April  10, 

Anderson,  James,  appointed  January  30, 1776. 

Gibson,  Robert,  appointed  January  30,  1776. 

Watson,  John,  appointed  February  3, 1776 ;  discharged  October  27, 

Dorsey,  Bates,  appointed  June  12,  1776. 

Kelly,  Thomas,  appointed  October  28,  1776. 


Toy,  John,  appointed  January  23, 1776. 

Dorsey,  Bates,  appointed  February  1, 1776 ;  promoted  June  12, 1776. 

Smith,  William,  appointed  February  5,  1776;  reenlisted  in  the 
Fourth  Pennsylvania. 

Steel,  John,  appointed  February  3, 1776. 

Kelly,  Thomas,  appointed  June  12, 1776 ;  promoted  October  28, 1776. 

Atchison,  William,  appointed  September  12, 1776. 


Grenades,  Francis,  March  1, 1776. 


Adair,  Benjamin,  enlisted  February  8,  1776. 

Adams,  John,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 

Adams,  Parmer,  enlisted  January  24, 1776. 

Adams,  William,  enlisted  February  8,  1776.  . 

Applegate,  James,  enlisted  February  6,  1776 ;  deserted  April  10. 

Armour,  John,  enlisted  January  24, 1776 ;  missing  June  8,  1776. 

Arthur,  James,  enlisted  February  2,  1776. 

Atchison,  William,  enlisted  February  8,  1776 ;  promoted  Septem- 
ber 10, 1776. 

Battersby,  John,  enlisted  February  13,  1776. 

Beatty,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  25, 177<>. 

Book,  John,  enlisted  February  11, 1776 ;  deserted  April  7,  1776. 

Brown,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  6,  1776;  deserted  April  8,  1776. 

Buck,  John,  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 

Cannon,  William,  enlisted  January  28,  1776 ;  died  July  11, 1776. 

Carmichael,  John,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 

Carr,  John,  enlisted  February  5,  1776 ;  died  October  10, 1776. 

Casady,  Allen,  enlisted  January  28, 1776. 

Chast,  James,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 

Claig,  John,  enlisted  February  9,  1776. 

Clemens,  John,  enlisted  February  5, 1776 ;  deserted  March  29, 1776. 

Clendennin,  John,  enlisted  February  11, 1776. 

Cooler,  John,  enlisted  February  1,  1776 ;  deserted  April  8,  1776. 

Dinger,  Michael,  enlisted  January  31,  1776. 


Fallen,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  8, 1776. 
Fiiniey,  John,  enlisted  February  26,  1776. 
Flanagan,  William,  enlisted  January  28,  1776;  deserted  April  8, 


Fleming,  John,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 
Ford,  Griffith,  enlisted  February  15,  1776. 
Ford,  John,  enlisted  February  8, 1776. 
Forgey,  John,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 
Garner,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  6,  1776. 

George,  Archibald,  enlisted  February  4, 1776 ;  deserted  April  6, 1776. 
Gorman,  Michael,  enlisted  March  3,  1776. 

Graham,  John,  enlisted  January  20, 1776;  deserted  April  6,  1776. 
Haggerty  James,  enlisted  February  19,  1776. 

llariey,  William,  enlisted  February  4,  1776 ;  deserted  April  8,  1776. 
Hurley,  Isaac,  enlisted  February  23,  1776  ;  deserted  March  10, 1776. 
Hurley,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  6,  1776;  died  October  23,  1776. 
Harper,  Richard,  enlisted  February  11,1776;  deserted  March  14, 


Hunter,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  7. 1776. 
Hutchinson,  John,  enlisted  February  8,  1776. 
Imlay,  William,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 
Jennings,  Edward,  enlisted  February  2,  1776. 
Kegem,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 

Kelly,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  4, 1776 ;  promoted  June  12, 1776. 
Kelly,  Timothy,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 
Lovett,  Richard,  enlisted  February  5,  1776 ;  died  July  9, 1776. 
Lunny,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  28, 1776. 
Ma.dole,  John,  enlisted  January  28, 1776. 
Marrow,  William,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 
Martin,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 
Mathews,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  29,  1776 ;  deserted  March  2, 


McCune,  John,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 

McDonald,  Robert,  enlisted  January  21, 1776 ;  discharged  Septem- 
ber 25,  1776. 

Mcllvaine,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 
McKean,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  9,  1776;  resided  in  Buffalo 

township,  Washington  county,  1820,  aged  sixty-six. 
McLaughlin,  James,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 
Miller,  William,  enlisted  February  8, 1776. 
Montgomery,  John,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 
Mustard,  Henry,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 

O'Brien,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  2, 1776;  deserted  April  21, 1776. 
Parker,  James,  enlisted  January  25,  1776 ;  discharged  October  7, 

Pembertou,  Henry,  enlisted  January  22, 1776 ;  died  October  2, 1776. 


Porter,  George,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 

Price,  Edward,  enlisted  January  22,  1776;  deserted  April  14,  1776. 

Quin,  John,  enlisted  February  10,  1776  ;  missing  June  8,  1776. 

Rankin,  John,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 

Reed,  James,  enlisted  January  28,  1776 ;  resided  in  Straban  town. 

ship,  Washington  county,  1821,  aged  seventy. 
Reed  John,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 
Robinson,  James,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 
Shehan,  William,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 
Smith,  Christian,  enlisted  February  6,  1776. 
Smith,  John,  enlisted  February  8,  1776. 

Thomson,  Benjamin,  enlisted  January  3, 1776;  died  October  1, 1776. 
Thomson,  Matthew,  enlisted  February  19, 1776. 
Ward,  Jesse,  enlisted  January  22,  1776. 
Watkins,  John,  enlisted  February  3, 1776;  discharged  September 

25,  1776. 

Webb,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  23,  1776 ;  deserted  April  8,  1776. 
Williamson,*  William,  enlisted  February  16,  1776,  with  Doctor 

Stephen  McCrae. 
Winslow,  John,  enlisted  February  9,  1776;  deserted  March  15, 


Workman,  James,  enlisted  February  8, 1776 ;  deserted  April  8, 1776. 
Worrell,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  25, 1776 ;  deserted  April  26, 1776. 
Yeomans,  Joshua,  enlisted  January  22,  1776,  at  Crown  Point. 

*  William  Williamson's  widow  resided  in  Buffalo,  New  York,  in  Octo- 
ber, 1848,  then  aged  ninety-one  years.  She  was  then  a  lady  of  remarkable 
intelligence  on  all  subjects,  religions,  political,  and  historical;  having 
a  very  wonderful  knowledge  of  the  history  of  our  country,  from  the 
commencement  of  the  Revolution,  the  causes  that  produced  it,  the 
changes  of  parties,  their  leading  principles,  &c. — Letter  of  Samuel  Lake, 
Esq.,  October  30, 



JANUARY  5, 1776— JANUARY  3,  1777. 


known  as  "  Shee's,"  was  enlisted  tinder  authority  of 
the  resolution  of  Congress,  dated  December  9, 1775,  be- 
fore referred  to.  The  ofticers  were  principally  Philadel- 
phians,  but  the  companies  were  mainly  filled  up  by  de- 

1775.  taching  recruiting  parties   to   different  parts  of   this 
State,  New  Jersey,  Delaware,  and  Maryland. 

On  the  11  th  of  June,  Congress  ordered  this  battalion,  with  the 
Fifth,  Col.  Magaw,  to  New  York.    On  the  loth  they 

1776.  marched,  reaching  New  York  from  the  20th  to  the  25th, 
and,  on  the  29th,  they  were  put  under  the  command  of 

Brig.  Gen.  Mifflin ;  Shee's  battalion,  on  the  28th,  having  three  field 
officers,  eight  captains,  seven  first  lieu- 
tenants, seven  second  lieutenants,  eight 
ensigns,  adjutant,  quartermaster,  and  sur- 
geon, thirty-two  sergeants,  twelve  drums 

and  fifes,  and  five  hundred  and  seventeen  rank  and  file;  total 
numerical  force,  five  hundred  and  ninety-seven  men. 

Both  battalions  were  marched  towards  Kingsbridge,  encamped 
upon  the  ground  on  which  Fort  Washington  was  erected,  and  im- 
mediately employed  in  the  construction  of  that  fortress,  under  the 
direction  of  Col.  Rufus  Putnam.  They  remained  here  all  sum- 
mer, sickness  prevailing  towards  fall  to  so  great  an  extent  that  lit- 
tle more  than  half  of  the  men  were  fit  for  duty.  They  remained 
undisturbed  until  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  on  the  27th  of 
August,  when  they  were  marched  down  to  New  York,  reaching 
the  city  in  the  afternoon,  after  the  battle  was  over.  On  the  28th, 
early,  they  were  transported  to  Long  Island,  marched  down  to  the 
entrenchments  at  Brooklyn,  and  posted  on  the  left,  extending  to 
the  "Wallabout.  Here,  annoyed  by  continual  rain,  without  tents, 
they  lay  upon  their  arms,  keeping  up  incessant  skirmishing  with 
the  British. 

On  the  morning  of  the  29th,  Col.  Shee,  who  was  in  command, 
then,  of  the  battalion,  sent  Capt.  Graydon  to  hunt  up  Adj.  Gen. 
Reed,  and  to  request  him  to  ride  down  to  the  lines,  that  he  (Shee) 
might  urge  him  to  propose  a  retreat  without  loss  of  time.  Reed 
came,  and  the  conference  was  held,  but  the  day  passed  off  in  uu- 


abating  skirmishing  and  rain.  After  dark,  orders  were  received  to 
hold  the  battalions  in  readiness  for  an  attack  upon  the  enemy,  but 
this  was  only  an  artifice,  these  battalions,  with  the  Maryland  bat- 
talion, being  detached  to  cover  the  retreat  of  the  main  army  from 
the  Island. 

Near  day-break  of  the  30th,  they  received  orders  to  retire,  and 
had  marched  nearly  half  way  to  the  river,  when  they  were  informed 
that  they  had  come  off  too  soon,  and  ordered  to  return  to  their 
post.  This  order  was  strictly  complied  with,  and  they  remained 
more  than  an  hour  longer  in  the  lines  before  the  second  order  to 
abandon  them  came.  They  retired  under  cover  of  a  thick  fog,  and 
between  six  and  seven,  A.  M.,  perhaps  a  little  later,  landed  at  New 
York.  In  less  than  an  hour  afterwards,  the  fog  having  dispersed, 
the  enemy  could  be  seen  on  the  shore  they  had  left. — Graydon's 
Memoirs,  (Littell  Ed.,)  page  16S. 

On  the  31st  of  August,  they  marched  beyond  Kingsbridge, 
towards  the  Sound,  and,  crossing  the  Bronx,  encamped  about 
eighteen  or  twenty  miles  from  the  city.  After  this  post  was  suf- 
ficiently strengthened,  the  two  battalions  re-occupied  their  old 
ground  at  Fort  Washington. 

A  return,  dated  October  7, 1779,  shows  the  battalion  to  be  then 
commanded  by  Lieut.  Col.  Cadwalader.  Col.  Shee  absent;  all  the 
captains  and  first  lieutenants  present,  except  one  of  each  ;  all  the 
second  lieutenants  present,  seven  ensigns,  adjutant,  quarter-master, 
surgeon  and  mate,  nineteen  sergeants,  nine  drums  and  fifes,  rank 
and  file,  two  hundred  and  seventy-six  fit  for  duty,  eighty-four  sick 
present,  one  hundred  and  seven  sick  absent,  six  iu  command,  one 
on  furlough,  twelve  sergeants  sick,  fife  major  and  drummer  sick, 
one  sergeant  discharged;  total  strength  of  battalion,  five  hundred 
and  fifty-one. 

The  main  army  remained  on  the  heights  of  Harlem  a  period  of 
five  weeks,  Shee's  and  Magaw's  battalions  constituting  a  part  of  it, 
and  did  duty  accordingly.  The  march  of  the  main  army  towards 
White  Plains,  commenced  on  the  20th  of  October.  Before  this 
march,  Col.  Shee  obtained  leave  of  absence  to  visit  his  family,  and 
converted  that  leave  into  an  entire  abdication  of  his  command, 
(Graydon,  page  181,)  and  the  battalion  was  now  commanded  by 

Lieut.  Col.  Lam- 
bert Cadwalader. 
'  Col.  Shee's  resigna- 
tion, however,  is 
dated  on  the  25th  of  September,  and  accepted  on  the '27th,  his 
reasons  are  the  solicitations  of  his  family,  concluding  his  letter; 
"  Let  me  request  you  will  put  the  most  favorable  construction  on 
this  conduct,  think  me  as  my  uniform  conduct  has  shown,  one  of 
the  warmest  friends  of  my  country,  nor  blame  too  rigidly  that 

COL.  JOHN  SHEE.  105 

want  of  fortitude,  which  the  fondest  attachment  to  my  family  has 
obliged  me,  ou  this  occasion,  to  discover."* 

On  the  16th  of  November,  the  fort  was  invested  by  Gen.  Howe's 
army,  and  captured.  On  that  day  Magaw's  and  Cadwalader's  bat- 
talions, with  some  broken  companies  of  Atlee's  and  other  bat- 
talions, principally  from  Pennsylvania,  were  posted  in  the  lower 
lines  of  Harlem  Heights,  the  right  of  American  forces  two  and  a 
half  miles  south  of  the  fort,  or  towards  the  city  ;  Col.  Baxter  hav- 
ing the  front  at  Harlem  River,  and  Rawlings  the  left  or  north  of  the 
fort.  The  superiority  of  force  of  the  British,  drove  them  all  finally 
into  the  fort,  which  was  surrendered  on  the  same  day,  and  the  Third 
and  Fifth  battalions  became  prisoners,  almost  in  toto.  There  were 
only  two  or  three  officers  wounded,  Capt.  Miller,  of  the  Fifth,  who 
died ;  Capt.  Lennox,  of  the  Third,  very  slightly ;  and  Ensign  Mc- 
Intire,  badly. 

The  men  were  retained  prisoners  until  in  January,  1777,  their 
time  having  then  expired.  Most  of  the  officers  did  not  secure  their 
release  for  years  afterwards.  See  Gray don'' 's  Memoirs  for  an  ac- 
count of  the  captivity  of  the  officers,  230  and  posted ;  Lieut.  For- 
rest's escape,  316,  &c.  Also,  Historical  Magazine,  New  York,  1857, 
page  75,  Marriner's  letter.  The  remains  of  the  battalion  was  the 
nucleus  upon  which  the  Fourth  regiment  of  the  Pennsylvania  Con- 
tinental line  was  formed. 

*Col.  Shee  was  a  noted  merchant  of  Philadelphia,  after  the  war. 
Treasurer  of  the  city,  1790-1802.  Brigadier  General,  commanding  the 
Republican  Legion.  Flour  inspector,  1802-1805.  Collector  of  the  port 
of  Philadelphia  in  1807,  in  which  year,  I  presume,  he  died  at  Philadel- 
phia. He  was  succeeded  as  collector  by  Gen.  John  Steel. — Wescott. 




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COL.  JOHN  SILEE.  107 



Shee,  John,  commissioned  January  3, 1776 ;  resigned  September  25, 

Cadwalader,  Lambert,  from  lieutenant  colonel,  October  25,  1776  ; 
captured  November  16,  1776,  and  released  on  parole  at  the  in- 
tercession of  Gen.  Prescott,  of  the  British  army,  who  had  re- 
ceived attentions  from  his  father,  Doctor  Cadwalader,  while 
a  prisoner  in  Philadelphia. 

Lieutenant  Colonels. 

Cadwalader,  Lambert,  commissioned  January  4,  1776;  promoted 

colonel  October  25, 1776. 
Brodhead,  Daniel,  commissioned  October  25, 1776. 


Bicker,  Henry,  commissioned  January  4, 1776  ;  transferred  to  Tenth 
Pennsylvania,  October  25,  1776. 

West,  William,  commissioned  October  25,  1776 ;  captured  Novem- 
ber 16,  1776. 

Bicker,  Lieut.  Walter,  appointed  January  11, 1776. 

Quarter -master. 
Stediford,  Garret,  appointed  February  9,  1776. 


Hodge,  Hugh,  appointed  February  7, 1776;  captured  November  16, 

Surgeon' 's  Mate. 

Yarnall,  Peter,  (afterwards  a  minister  of  Friends'  Society;)  trans- 
ferred to  privateer  Delaware;  died  in  1798,  aged  forty-five. 


West,  William,  commissioned  January  5,  1776;  promoted  major 
October  25,  1776. 

Graydon,  Alexander,  commissionedrJanuary  5, 1776 ;  taken  prisoner 
November  16,  1776;  paroled  July  7,  1777;  exchanged  April, 
1778;  first  prothonotary  of  Dauphin  county,  1785;  author  of 
"  Graydon's  Memoirs  ;"  died  at  Philadelphia,  May  2, 1818,  aged 


Lennox,  David,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  captured  Novem- 
ber 16,  1776 ;  a  prisoner  eighteen  months ;  resigned  after  the 
campaign  of  1778,  on  account  of  not  being  awarded  his  rank. 

Byles,  Thomas  Langhorne,  commissioned  January  5,  1776;  cap- 
tured November  16, 1776 ;  exchanged  March  1, 1778 ;  promoted 
major  Third  Pennsylvania,  from  June  8,  1777. 

Hubley,  Joseph,  commissioned  January  5,  1776. 

Stewart,  Walter,  commissioned  January  6, 1776;  appointed  aid  to 
Gen.  Gates  May  26, 1776;  see  Thirteenth  Pennsylvania. 

Scull,  Peter,  commissioned  January  5,  1776;  appointed  brigade 
major  March  23, 1776. 

Allice,  Henry,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  resigned  February 
27, 1776. 

Melchior,  Isaac,  appointed  February  27, 1776 ;  declined  to  serve. 

Davenport,  Joseph,  from  first  lieutenant,  March  23, 1776  ;  after  the 
retreat  from  Long  Island  he  remained  in  New  York,  a  volun- 
tary oaptive. 

Edwards,  Evan,  from  first  lieutenant,  March  23,  1776;  promoted 
major  new  Eleventh  Pennsylvania,  December  16, 1778. 

Tudor,  George,  from  first  lieutenant,  June  13, 1776;  captured  No- 
vember 16, 1776 ;  exchanged  May  10, 1778;  promoted  major  Fifth 

Knox,  Matthew,  from  first  lieutenant  October  11,1776;  captured 
November  16, 1776  5  exchanged  October  28, 1778,  at  Elizabeth- 
town,  N.  J.,  when  he  returned  to  Philadelphia,  and  did  not 
enter  service  again ;  resided  in  "Whitpain  township,  Mont- 
gomery county,  in  1807. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Edwards,  Evan,  commissioned  January  6, 1776;  promoted  captain 
March  23, 1776,  rice  Allice,  resigned ;  served  as  aid  to  Gen. 
Charles  Lee. 

Davenport,  Joseph,  January  6, 1776;  promoted  captain  March  23, 
1776,  vice  Peter  Scull,  promoted. 

Tudor,  George,  commissioned  January  6,  1776 ;  promoted  captain 
June  13, 1776,  rice  Walter  Stewart,  promoted. 

Bettin,  Adam,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  captured  November 
16, 1776 ;  promoted  captain  Fourth  Penn'a. 

Davidson,  William,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  captured  No- 
vember 16, 1776;  exchanged  August  26, 1778. 

Brodhead,  Daniel,  Jr.,  (son  of  Col.  Daniel,)  commissioned  January 
6,  1776 ;  captured  November  16,  1776 ;  exchanged  August  26, 
1778;  died  shortly  after. 

Knox,  Matthew,  commissioned  January  6,  1776 ;  promoted  captain 
October  11,  1776,  vice  West,  promoted. 

COL.  JOHN  SHEE.  109 

"Woelpper,  John  David,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  a  German 
by  birth,  who  had  served  in  the  Virginia  service  under  Wash- 
ington, and  recommended  by  him  for  a  company  in  the  German 
regiment,  July  8, 1776. 

Duguid,  John,  from  second  lieutenant  June  13,  1776 ;  captured 
August  16,  1776;  exchanged  October  25,  17SO. 

Tilton,  William,  from  second  lieutenant  March  23, 1776 ;  captured 
November  16, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenants, 

Armitage,  Benjamin,  commissioned  January  8,  1776;  captured 
November  16,  1776. 

Forrest,  Dr.  Andrew,  commissioned  January  8,  1776 ;  captured 
November  16,  1776,  exchanged  October  25,  1780.  He  retired 
from  service,  not  being  able  to  get  his  rank.  Col.  Cadwalader 
certifies  that  he  was  entitled  to  captaincy  from  April  10, 1778. 
He  resided  at  Harrisburg  many  years  after  the  war,  removed 
to  Milton,  where  he  was  practicing  medicine  in  1814;  died  at 
Danville,  Penn'a,  shortly  after. 

Duguid,  John,  commissioned  January  8, 1776;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant June  13, 1776,  vice  Davenport,  promoted. 

Tilton,  William,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  promoted  March 
23,  1776,  first  lieutenant,  vice  Edwards,  promoted. 

Woodside,  John,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  captured  Novem- 
ber 16, 1776 ;  exchanged  May  8,  1778. 

Bicker,  Walter,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  appointed  adjutant 
January  11;  captured  November  16,  1776 ;  residing  in  New 
York  city  in  1815. 

Bicker,  Henry,  Jr.,  commissioned  January  8,  1776;  captured  No- 
vember 16, 1776  ;  promoted  in  Fourth  Penn'a. 

Connelly,  Robert,  commissioned  January  8, 1776,  for  Capt.  Scull's 
company;  promoted  in  Fourth  Penn'a. 

Bird,  William,  March  1,  1776. 

Hunter,  James,  April  12, 1776. 

Mclntire,  Thomas,  from  ensisjn  March  8, 1776 ;  severely  wounded 
and  captured  November  16, 1776  ;  exchanged  August  17,  1777  ; 
subsequently  captain  of  an  independent  company  in  Wyoming 

Westcoat,  Joel,  from  ensign  April  12, 1776;  captured  November  16, 

Stout,  Herman,  from  ensign  June  13,  1776;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant Tenth  Penn'a,  December  4,  1776. 


Westcoat,  Joel,  commissioned  January  8,  1776;  promoted  second 
lieutenant  April  12,  1776. 


Mclntire,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  8,  1776 ;  promoted  lieu- 
tenant, to  rank  from  March  8,  1776. 
Chickley,  Samuel,  commissioned  April  8, 177(5,  taken  November  16, 

1776 ;  exchanged  April  20,  1778. 
Dover,  John,  commissioned  January  8, 1776. 
Hunter,  James,  commissioned  January  8,1776;  promoted  second 

lieutenant  April  1:2,  1770. 
Stediford,  Garret,  (quarter-master,)  commissioned  March  23,  1776; 

captured  November  16, 1776;  see  Fourth  Penn'a. 
Old,  William,  commissioned  January  8,  1776;  captured  November 

16,  1776. 
Stout,  Herman,  commissioned  January  8,  1776 ;  promoted  second 

lieutenant  June  13,  1776. 

Weaver,  Jacob,  April  22,  1776 ;  captured  November  16,  1776. 
Graydon,  Andrew,  commissioned  June  13, 177*;. 
Shriver,  Samuel,  commissioned  January  8,  1776;  reported  October 

4, 1776,  not  fit  for  duty,  absent  at  Philadelphia. 


Stewart,  Walter,  commissioned  January  6, 1776;  appointed  aid  to 

Gen.  Gates. 
Tudor,  George,  from  first  lieutenant,  June  13,  1776. 

First  Lieutenants. 
Tudor,  George,  commissioned  January  6,  1776,  promoted  captain 

June  13,  1776. 
Duguid,  John,  from  second  lieutenant  June  13,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Duguid,  John,  commissioned  January  6,  1776;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant June  !,">.  1776. 
Stout,  Herman,  from  ensign  June  13, 1776. 


Stout,  Herman,  commissioned  January  8,  1776;  promoted  second 

lieutenant  June  13, 177t>. 
Graydon,  Andrew,  commissioned  June  13,  1776. 


The  following  names  are  all  that  we  have  been  able  to  obtain  of 
this  company.    It   is  endorsed    "List  of  men  belonging  to  late 
Capt.  Walter  Stewart's  company,  commanded  by  Capt.  George 
Tudor,  captured  November  10, 1776." 
Adams,  Daniel. 
Beason,  Charles. 
Bridel,  Adam. 
Burns,  James. 
Carbury,  William. 
Concklin,  Joseph. 
Daubert,  Peter. 
Dennis,  Adam. 
Fleming,  Charles. 
Geiger,  Jacob. 
Huber,  Leonard. 
Kearney,  James. 
Kepler,  Henry. 
Kettle,  Jacob. 
Leinhart,  Jacob. 
May,  John. 
McCarroll,  John. 
McCormick,  George 
McDowell,  John. 
McKague,  William. 
McKinney,  James. 
McKnight,  Daniel. 
Miller,  Jacob. 
Mull,  Christian. 
Murphy,  Luke. 
Xeason,  George. 
Ogden,  Edward. 
Parker,  Henry. 
Rosenkrantz,  James. 
Schoonover,  William. 
Stille,  Ebenezer. 
Suter,  David. 
Van  Gorden,  Abraham. 

Warner,  Philip,  Avounded  at  Fort  Washington ;  transferred  to  the 
Invalid  Corps ;  discharged  therefrom  April  15, 1779;  Pennsyl- 
vania pensioner,  1786. 
Weigh,  Baltus, 
Westbrooke,  Cornelius. 
Wright,  John. 


No  rolls  of  this  battalion  have  been  recovered.    The  following 

names,  have  been  culled  from  pension  records,  &c. 

Beaver,  John,  taken  November  16,  1776;  escaped  November  22, 

Byers,  John,  sergeant,  Hubley's  company. 

Cook,  James,  sergeant. 

Crasson,  John,  corporal,  West's  company,  resided  in  Bedford 
county  in  1815. 

Davis,  John,  recommended  for  ensign,  July  26,  1776. 

Dewees,  Samuel,  recommended  for  ensign,  July  26,  1776. 

Downing,  William,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  escaped  November 
22,  1776. 

Dugan,  John. 

Field,  John,  Scull's  company,  taken  November  16,1776;  resided 
in  Botetourt  county,  Va.,  in  1792. 

Fisher,  John,  West's  company,  died  in  Penn  township,  now  Sny- 
der  county,  in  1792. 

Gregg,  John,  sergeant,  Graydon's  company,  disabled  in  1776;  re- 
sided in  Bucks  county  in  1786. 

Green,  Stephen,  resided  in  Philadelphia  in  1826. 

Heinier,  John,  enlisted  April  7,1776;  wounded  by  a  musket  ball  in 
the  leg,  and  taken  November  16,  1776;  reenlisted  in  the  Ger- 
man regiment ;  discharged  at  Trenton  in  1781 ;  living  in  Phila- 
delphia in  1826. 

Kuntz,  Francis,  wounded  and  leg  amputated;  resided  in  Lancaster 
county  in  1786. 

Marsh,  Daniel,  Allice's  company,  weaver,  residing  in  Lycoming 
county  in  1822. 

Murphy,  Daniel,  Edwards'  company. 

Richardson,  William,  captured  November  16,  1776 ;  imprisoned  in 
New  York  jail;  resided  in  Chester  county,  1823. 

Scott,  William,  drummer,  shot  through  both  shoulders  November 
16,  1776. 

Still  waggon,  Jacob,  enlisted  at  Lancaster ;  captured  at  Fort  Wash- 
ington ;  exchanged  in  1777  ;  resided  in  Chester  county  in  1824. 

Strickler,  John. 

Thompson,  John,  wounded  and  taken  November  16,  1776  •  trans- 
ferred to  the  Invalid  Corps. 

Wertz,  John,  Tudor's  company. 

Williams,  John,  of  Capt.  West's  company ;  taken  at  Fort  Washing- 
ton ;  returned  home  sick,  and  died,  ant",  6th  February,  1777. 

Wright,  sergeant,  wounded  November  8, 1776. 


JANUARY  3, 1776— JANUARY  24, 1777. 

8— VOL.  X. 


OR  the  active  service  of  this  regiment,  or  rather  three 
companies  of  it — Robinson's,  Lacey's,  and  Church's — 
see  preface  to  the  Roster  of  the  Second  battalion.  It 
was  recruited  under  the  authority  of  a  resolution  of 
Congress  of  December  9,  1775,  before  referred  to,  for 
the  term  of  one  year,  principally  in  Chester  county,  and  rendez- 
voused at  Chester  on  the  9th  of  February. 

On  the  17th,  Col.  Wayne  enclosed  a  return  "amounting  in  the 
whole  to  five  hundred  and  sixty,  officers  included,  ten  commissioned 
officers  are  absent  with  their  recruits,  what  number  I  cannot  de- 
termine, but  apprehend  that  the  battalion  must  be  complete.  Capt. 
Taylor  lias  not  yet  arrived  with  his  company,  but  included  in  above. 
I  have  only  twelve  rifles  and  twenty  muskets,  and  am  in  want  of 
every  other  article." 

On  the  22d,  Congress  ordered  him  to  march  each  company,  as 
soon  as  equipped,  to  New  York.  For  want  of  arms,  only  three 
companies — Robinson's,  Church 's,andLacey's — could  be  for  warded. 
These  arrived  in  New  York,  under  command  of  Major  Haussegger, 
on  the  2Sth  of  March.  This  "  detachment  of  the  Fourth  Penn'a  bat- 
talion," as  it  was  called,  was,  on  the  7th  of  April,  placed  in  Lord 
Stirling's  brigade,  and  stationed  on  the  shore  at  Caldwell's,  on  Long 
Island.  On  the  24th,  it  was  assigned  to  the  Fourth  brigade,  Gen. 

On  the  26th,  Col.  Wayne  arrived  at  New  York,  and  taking  com- 
mand, immediately  dispatched  Major  Haussegger  to  Philadelphia, 
to  bring  on  the  other  five  companies.* 

On  the  27th,  Wayne  received  orders  to  prepare  his  detachment 
for  embarking  for  Albany.  Two  companies  left  New  York  on  the 

*  April  27th. — On  this  day  Col.  Wayne  arrived  at  head-quarters,  and 
ordered  Capt.  Lacejr  back  to  Darby,  in  Pennsylvania,  to  settle  for  his 
men's  board,  after  lie  (Wayne)  had  engaged  to  do  it  himself.  Capt. 
Lacey  returned  to  Long  Island  on  the  llth  of  May,  but  his  company 
had  marched,  and  although  he  overtook  it  on  the  30th  of  May,  he  did 
not  get  his  command  until  July  13. —  William  Darlington,  manuscript 
notes  to  Lacey  manuscript  orderly  book.  See,  also,  Penn'a  Archives, 
O.  £•!.,  vol.  v.,  page  154- 


2d  of  May,  and  were  in  Albany  with  the  colonel  on  the  10th.  On 
the  12th,  Sergeants  Hood  and  Randall,  of  Capt.  Lacey's  company, 
were  tried  by  general  court-martial,  and  found  guilty  of  encourag- 
ing sedition,  were  adjudged  to  be  reduced  to  the  ranks.* 

On  the  16th  of  May,  the  other  company  had  arrived,  as  appears 
by  the  following  regimental  order  of  that  date : 

"  It  is  Col.  Wayne's  orders,  the  three  companies  belonging  to  his 
battalion,  now  here,  do  appear  clean  and  shaved,  to-morrow  morn- 
ing precisely  at  ten  o'clock,  without  their  arms,  from  thence  to 
proceed  to  the  place  of  worship,  with  drums  and  fifes,  it  being  the 
day  which  the  honorable  Congress  has  ordered  to  be  observed  and 
kept  in  fasting  and  prayer." 

"ALBANY,  May  IS,  1776. — The  general  is  to  beat  at  Capt.  Robin- 
son's quarters,  to-morrow  morning  at  half  past  four,  upon  which  all 
the  tents  are  to  be  struck,  made  up,  and  heavy  baggage  taken  to  the 
wharf,  for  conveyance  to  the  Half  Moon;  and  at  six,  assembly  to  be 
beat,  upon  which  all  the  men  of  the  Fourth  Penn'a  battalion ;  to 
parade  under  arms,  with  their  arms  slung,  and  to  make  immediately 
to  the  place  where  the  colonel  expects  that  every  officer,  without 
distinction  or  exception,  will  exert  himself  in  getting  the  men,  &c., 
in  proper  order.7' 

The  next  entry  in  the  orderly  book  is  made  three  days  after  the 
battle  of  Three  Rivers,  and  is  very  characteristic  of  Col.  Wayne. 

"  CAMP  AT  SOREL,  June  11,  1776. 

"  It  is  Col.  Wayne's  orders  that  all  cartridges  be  examined,  and 
all  such  as  are  damaged  or  expended  to  be  supplied  with  new  ones, 
taking  particular  care  to  dry  the  baked  powder  in  those  that  are 
damaged,  which  will  render  it  again  fit  for  use,  etc.  etc.  .  .  .  The 
men  to  be  under  armsat  nine  o'clock,  with  their  cartouch  boxes,  pow- 
der horns,  &c.,  in  order  to  be  inspected.  Every  non-commissioned 
officer  or  soldier  who  shall  come  to  the  parade  dirty,  with  a  long 
beard,  or  his  breeches  knees  open,  shall  be  mulcted  of  a  day's  allow- 
ance of  provision,  and  do  a  double  tour  of  duty.  For  the  colonel 
lays  it  down  as  a  position,  that  every  soldier  who  neglects  to  appear 
as  decent  as  the  nature  of  his  situation  will  admit,  is  unfit  for 
gentlemen's  company,  and  is  a  coward.  Soldiers  are  ever  held  in 
the  light  of  gentlemen,  and  if  it  is  the  power  of  the  colonel  his 
people  shall  support  that  character. 

"  Their  spirited  conduct  in  bravely  attacking  and  sustaining  the 
fire  from  both  great  and  small  arms  of  an  enemy  more  than  ten 

*  These  poor  fellows  were,  no  doubt,  goaded  to  "sedition"  by  the 
arbitrary  conduct  of  Col.  Wayne,  in  giving  the  command  of  the  com- 
pany to  his  "pet,"  Capt.  Moore,  and  outraging  the  feelings  of  Capt. 
Lacey's  men  in  his  absence,  a  number  of  them  deserted  on  that  ac- 
count.— Darlington,  Ibid. 


times  their  number,  merits  his  highest  approbation.  He  takes  this 
opportunity  of  returning  thanks  to  the  Captains  Robinson,  Church, 
and  Moore,  Lieutenants  Smith,  Christie,  and  Ryan,  Ensigns  Vernon, 
and  Barckley,  for  the  part  they  acted  that  day,  being  that  of  gentle- 
men and  soldiers."* 


"  CROWN  POINT,  July  7,  j.776. 

"A  barber  for  each  company  is  also  to  be  nominated,  for  the  pur- 
pose of  shaving  the  soldiers  and  dressing  their  hair,  who  shall  be 
allowed  four  pence  per  man  per  week,  out  of  his  wages.  The  col- 
onel is  determined  to  punish  every  man  who  comes  on  parade  with 
a  long  beard,  slovenly  dressed,  or  dirty,  in  the  severest  manner,  es- 
pecially for  neglect  of  his  arms.  They,  at  all  events,  must,  at  all 
times,  be  clean  and  fit  for  service,  etc." 

"  On  the  17th  of  July,  Lieut.  Col.  Johnston,  with  the  staff  and  the 
five  other  companies,  arrived  at  head-quarters  at  Ticonderoga.  He 
brought  with  him  the  Declaration  of  Congress  on  the  4th  of  July, 
of  the  Independence  of  America.  It  made  a  little  buzz,  but  soon 
subsided,  and  was  forgotten.  A  few  officers  left  the  army  in  con- 
sequence of  it,  among  whom  was  Lieut.  Col.  Allen." — Lacey's  me- 


"TICONDEROGA,  July  is,  1776. 

"  Col.  Wayne  finds  himself  under  the  disagreeable  necessity  of  re- 
peating orders  with  respect  to  keeping  the  men  clean.  He  hopes  in 
future  the  officers  will  think  it  their  duty  to  see  that  the  men  be- 
longing to  their  respective  companies  always  appear  washed,  shaved, 
their  hair  plaited  and  powdered,  and  with  their  arms  in  good  order, 
when  they  come  on  parade  for  guard,  as  well  as  on  all  other  occa- 
sions. A  barber  for  each  company  that  lately  arrived,  to  be  imme- 
diately appointed,  to  be  allowed  the  same  pay,  &c. 

"July  29. — The  three  companies  which  went  to  Canada,  being  sent 
off  without  receiving  shirts  or  stockings,  and  now  destitute  of  these 
articles,  Col.  Wayne  is  under  the  necessity  of  calling  on  the  com- 
manders of  the  five  companies  lately  arrived,  to  supply  Captains 

*On  the  2d  of  June,  at  St.  John's,  Col.  Wayne  ordered  Capt.  Moore 
to  continue  in  command  of  Capt.  Lacey's  company  until  Capt.  Moore's 
company  arrived,  and  requested  Capt.  Lacey  to  act  as  a  volunteer,  con- 
tinuing his  rank  until  its  arrival. — Editors.  Capt.  Lacey  was  not  at  Three 
Rivers.  He  was  gone  at  the  time  on  an  errand  for  Gen.  Sullivan  to 
Montreal.  After  the  engagement,  it  appeared  that  seventeen  of  Capt. 
Lacey's  company  were  missing ;  but  Lieut.  Smith  alleged  they  must  all 
be  prisoners,  inasmuch  as  the  company  never  came  within  reach  of  the 
enemies'  muskets. — Darlington,  Ibid. 


Robinson,  Lacey,  and  Church,  with  all  the  shirts,  stockings,  and 
breeches  they  have  in  possession,  which  they  drew  for  the  use  of  the 
army,  for  which  they  shall  receive  a  receipt  from  the  quarter-mas- 
ter. The  miserable  situation  of  the  three  companies  must  be  too 
obvious  to  need  any  apology  for  this  order. 

"August  12. — Each  company  must  erect  camp-kitchens,  and  the 
weekly  officer  to  examine  them  every  day  at  eleven  o'clock,  and  see 
that  all  messes  are  cooking  at  the  same  time,  in  order  that  all  sol- 
diers may  get  their  dinners  at  twelve  o'clock ;  and  be  particularly 
careful  that  the  cooks  make  soup  for  the  respective  messes  every 
day,  that  the  health  of  the  soldiers  may  be  better  preserved.  Col. 
Wayne  has  often  mentioned  to  the  officer  of  the  guard,  to  inform 
the  gentleman  who  relieves  him,  that  they  are  to  dine  with  the  Col- 
onel the  day  they  are  on  duty.  In  future  he  hopes  that  every  officer 
will,  without  any  further  ceremony,  attend  at  one  o'clock. 

"August  21. — Adjutant  Ryan  was  found  guilty  of  assaulting  and 
abusing  Major  Haussegger,*  and  sentenced  to  be  reprimanded  by 
Col.  St.  Clair,  at  the  head  of  the  Fourth  brigade. 

"August  25. — The  Fourth  battalion  is  to  be  under  arms  at  three 
o'clock,  p.  M.,  well  powdered,  fresh  shaved,  and  clean  linen ;  all 
must  turn  out. 

•'  October  1. — The  officers  will  cause  the  men  to  save  fat  or  grease 
for  their  hair,  and  the  barbers  must,  at  all  times,  have  powder  and 
shaving  necessaries  ready,  and  tie  or  plait  the  hair  of  the  men. 
When  neglected,  the  sergeants  will  report  the  barbers.  The  Colonel 
orders  this  to  be  read  on  the  parade  to  the  regiment  this  evening/' 

A  return,  dated  at  Ticonderoga,  October  19,  shows  present  all 
the  field  officers;  all  the  captains,  except  Robinson,  absent  from 
September  21 ;  Capt.  Moore  sick,  and  absent  from  October  14;  all  the 
first  lieutenants,  except  one  of  Moore's  company;  all  the  second 
lieutenants,  except  Lieut.  Barckley  ;  all  the  ensigns ;  all  the  staff, 
thirty-two  sergeants,  thirteen  drums  and  fifes,  three  hundred  rank 
and  file  fit  for  duty,  one  hundred  and  thirty-eight  sick  present, 
twenty-three  sick  absent,  twenty-eight  on  command;  total,  five 
hundred  and  sixty-three.  Of  officers  present,  Capt.  North,  Lieuts. 
McClintock,  Kimmell,  and  Seely,  were  sick. 

The  term  of  enlistment  of  this  battalion  expired  on 

1777.       the  5th  of  January,  1777,  but  it  remained  over  its  time 
until  the  24th  of  January,  1777,  to  allow  troops  to  come 
in  and  take  its  place. 

An  inquisition,  dated  February  17,  1777,  now  on  file  in  the  office 
of  the  Secretary  of  the  Commonwealth,  addressed  to  the  Council  of 
Safety,  sets  forth  "  that  an  unhappy  accident  happened  on  the  16th 

*See,  postea,  German  regiment,  for  further  notice  of  Haussegger. 


instant,  at  a  certain  Alexander  McCalla's,  in  Charlestown  township, 
Chester  county,  to  wit:  the  accidental  death  of  Charles  Clinton 
Beatty,*  second  lieutenant  to  Capt.  Thomas  Church's  company,  of 
the  Fourth  battalion,  commanded  by  Col.  Anthony  Wayne  ;  and  as 
there  is  no  legal  way  of  proceeding  in  cases  of  accidental  death, 
thought  it  expedient  to  call  upon  the  chairman  of  committee  to 
qualify  evidence,  and  call  and  empannel  a  jury.  We,  therefore,  of 
the  jury  find  that  his  death  was  accidental  by  a  shot  from  Capt. 
Caleb  North's  fusee,  not  apprehending  it  to  be  charged."  Signed 
by  Capt.  Thomas  Church  and  eleven  others. 

A  large  proportion  of  the  privates  reenlisted  for  three  years,  or 
during  the  war,  under  Col.  Francis  Johnston,  in  the  Fifth  Penn'a, 
where  their  names  may  be  found.  Those  who  did  not  reenlist  were 
marched  to  Chester,  and  discharged  on  the  25th  of  February,  1777. 



Wayne,  Anthony,  commissioned  January  3,  1776.  November  23, 
assigned  by  Gen.  Schuyler  to  the  command  of  the  fortress  of 
Ticonderoga  and  garrison  composed  of  Wood's,  Dayton's, 
Irvine's,  Bunell's,  Whitcomb's,  and  his  own  battalion ;  pro- 
moted brigadier  general  February  21, 1777.  In  May,  at  his  own 
earnest  solicitation,  called  to  the  main  army,  where  he  arrived 
on  the  15th  of  May,  and  was  placed  in  command  of  a  brigade. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Johnston,  Francis,  commissioned  January  4, 1776;  promoted  colonel 
Fifth  Penn'a,  September  27,  1776. 


Haussegger,  Nicholas,  commissioned  January  4,  1776;  promoted 
colonel  of  the  German  battalion  July  17,  1776;  ordered  to 
Philadelphia,  September  18,  1776. 

Frazer,  Persifor,  from  captain,  October  3,  1776;  promoted  lieu- 
tenant colonel  Fifth  Penn'a,  March  12,  1777. 

*  Lieut.  Beatty  was  a  son  of  Rev.  Charles  Beattj',  (chaplain  of  Col. 
Clapluun's  regiment,  1756;)  born  10th  February,  1756;  graduate  of  Prince- 
ton, 1775.  He  was  interred  in  the  burying  ground  at  old  Chester.  He 
was  a  brother  of  Major  John  Beatty,  Dr.  Reading  Beatty,  and  Lieut. 
Erkuries  Beatty,  all  of  the  Pennsylvania  Line. 



Jones,  Rev'd  David,  appointed  April  27, 1776,  for  this  and  SheeTs 


Holland,  Thomas,  appointed  January  11, 1776  ;  resigned  March  15. 

Ryan,  Michael, "acting  from  February  17,1776;  appointed  March. 

15, 1776 ;  promoted  brigade  major  November  18, 1777. 

Hunter,  James. 

Quarter-  Master. 
Harper,  John,  appointed  February  9, 1776. 


Kennedy,  Dr.  Samuel,  appointed  February  24,  1776 ;  commissioned 
senior  surgeon  military  hospital  May  1, 1777,  and  senior  surgeon 
general  hospital  of  middle  department  November  1, 1777  ;  died 
in  service  June  17, 1778 ;  buried  in  Charlestown  grave-yard,  near 
Phoenixville,  Penn'a. 

The  following  officers  belonged  to  North's,  Yernon's,  and  Moore's- 
companies ;  the  records  remaining  do  not  designate  to  which : 

first  Lieutenants. 
Potts,  Joseph,  commissioned  January  6,  1776;  promoted  captain 

October  12,  1776. 
Williamson,  John,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  appointed  bat- 

teaux  master  by  Gen.  Gates,  July  14,  1776. 
Johnston,  Alexander,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  acting  captain,. 

vice  Lacey  resigned. 

Second  Lieutenants. 
McClintock,  Alexander,  commissioned  January  8, 1776  ;  promoted 

first  lieutenant,  vice  Potts,  October  12,  1776. 

Gregg,  Robert,  commissioned  Jamiary  8,  1775;  see  Fiftli  Penn'a. 
McHenry,  Charles,  commissioned  January  8, 1776. 
Holland,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  8, 1776;  resigned  March 

15. 1776. 


Funk,  Jacob,  commissioned  January  8,  1776. 
Wallace,  John,  commissioned  January  8,  1776 ;  resigned  January 

28. 1777. 

Standley,  Joseph,  commissioned  January  8,  1776. 


From  January  5,  1776,  to  November  26,  1776. 


Frazer,  Persifor,  commissioned  January  o,  1776 ;  promoted  major 

September  24, 1776. 
Potts,  Joseph,  appointed  October  12, 1776,  by  Gen.  Gates. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Bartholomew,  Benjamin,  commissioned  January  6, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Seely,  Isaac,  commissioned  January  8, 1776. 

Griffith,  Levi,  commissioned  January  8, 1776. 


Buckley,  Edward,  appointed  January  10, 1776. 
Harris,  Daniel,  appointed  January  22, 1776. 
Magee,  William,  appointed  January  30, 1776;  promoted  ensign  Fifth 

Verner,  Edward,  appointed  February  2, 1776. 

Davis,  Joshua,  appointed  January  19,  1776;  drowned  August  1, 


Evan,  James,  appointed  February  7,  1776. 
Long,  James,  appointed  February  2,  1776. 
Taylor,  John,  appointed  January  19,  1776. 
Wood,  Abraham,  appointed  August  1,  1776. 

Butler,  Abraham,  appointed  January  21,  1776;  discharged  April 

19, 1776. 
McCarter,  John,  appointed  April  19,  1776 ;  returned  to  the  ranks 

July  1,  1776. 

Mclntire,  Robert,  appointed  July  1, 1776  ;  died  November  1, 1776. 
Muskall, ,  appointed  November  1, 1776. 


Kline,  William,   appointed  January  22,  1776;    resided  in  York 
county  in  1818,  aged  sixty-three. 



Adams,  James,  enlisted  February  5,  1776 ;  deserted  July  10, 1776. 
Atkinson,  George,  enlisted  January  17, 1776. 
Bartholomew,  John,  enlisted  February  19,  1776 ;  deserted  July  10, 


Becket,  Joseph,  enlisted  April  8, 1776. 
Berry,  James,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 
Blackwood.  John,  enlisted  March  21,  1776. 
Boggs,  Alexander,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 
Boston,  Philip,  enlisted  April  6,  1776. 
Bostol,  Philip,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 
Boyles,  John,  enlisted  February  28, 1776. 
Burns,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 

Calhoun,  Charles,  enlisted  April  29, 1776 ;  died  November  20, 1776. 
Cane,  William,  enlisted  February  10, 1776. 
Carroll,  Patrick,  enlisted  January  15, 1776. 
Cligner,  John,  enlisted  March  17,  1776;  deserted  May  1,  1776. 
Cloward,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  14,  1776 ;  died  February  15, 


Conner,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. 
Connolly,  Lawrence,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 
Corry  John,  enlisted  February  20,  1776. 
Cruddicks,  William,  enlisted  February  7, 1776 ;  deserted  March  12, 


Daily,  James,  enlisted  February  27,  1776. 
Dobbins,  John,  enlisted  April  3,  1776 ;  deserted  May  1,  1776. 
Ellis,  Paul,  enlisted  January  23,  1776. 
Guin,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  4,  1776. 
Harrington,  John,  enlisted  January  16,  1776. 

Harris,  David,  enlisted  January  22, 1776  ;  discharged  April  19, 1776 
Harvey,  John,  enlisted  February  15, 1776. 
Herbster,  George,  enlisted  May  9, 1776;  deserted  July  10,  1776. 
Ingram,  John,  enlisted  February  1,  1776;  discharged  May  1,  1776. 
Innis,  James,  enlisted  February  7,  1776. 

Jones,  Francis,  enlisted  January  21 , 1 776 ;  discharged  April  26, 1776. 
Joyce,  Patrick,  enlisted  March  21, 1776. 
Junkin,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  22,  1776;  discharged  April  19, 


Kelly,  Christopher,  enlisted  January  21, 1776. 
Kelly,  Timothy,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Kennedy,  Caleb,  enlisted  January  10,  1776;  died  January  18,  1776. 
King,  Peter,  enlisted  January  16,  1776. 
Kerregan,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  1,  177(5;  discharged  April  1, 


Lynn,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  24,  1776. 
Lyons,  William,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 


Martin,  Patrick,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Martin,  Joshua,  enlisted  January  23, 1770 ;  discharged  May  1,  1776. 

McCarty,  John,  enlisted  Februarys,  1776;  promoted  to  drummer 

April  19,  1776. 

McCormick,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  27, 1776. 
McCullough,  John,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 
McCully,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  8, 1776. 
McDonald,  James,  enlisted  January  16,  1776. 
McDonald,  Peter,  enlisted  February  8, 1776. 
McGowan,  Samuel,  enlisted  April  29, 1776. 
McGarrel,  Charles,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 
McGuire,  "William,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 
Mclntire,  Kobert,  enlisted  July  1, 1776. 
McLaughlin,  Hugh,  enlisted  February  3,  1776 
McLaughlin,  John,  enlisted  March  22,  1776. 
Mercer,  Robert,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 
Miller,  John,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 
Morland,  Zebulon,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 
Murtland,  John,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 
Nelson,  William,  enlisted  January  31,  1776. 
Norman,  Joseph,  enlisted  March  21, 1776. 
Nuby,  John,  enlisted  February  15,  1776. 
O'Brien,  Peter,  enlisted  May  9,  1776;  deserted  July  10,  1776. 
O'Neal,  William,  enlisted  January  16,  1776;  discharged  April  19, 


Owen,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  31,  1776. 
Parker,  John,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 

Pedrick,  Samuel,  enlisted  April  6, 1776;  deserted  May  1, 1776. 
Powell,  David,  enlisted  January  26,  1776. 
Ragg,  Hezekiah,  enlisted  January  16, 1776. 
Ramsay,  John,  enlisted  March  25, 1776. 
Rowls,  William,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 
Shields,  Tobias,  enlisted  January  21. 1776. 

Smiley,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  19, 1776 ;  reenlisted  Fifth  Penn'a. 
Smith,  Michael,  enlisted  January  18,  1776. 
Steward,  John,  enlisted  March  19,  1776. 

Swiney,  Daniel,  enlisted  April  1,  1776;  deserted  October  10,  1776. 
Tanner,  John,  enlisted  January  19,  1776. 
Thomas,  David,  enlisted  April  17, 1776. 

Toland,  William,  enlisted  February  2, 1776 ;  died  September  26, 1776. 
Trego,  William,  enlisted  January  £9, 1776 ;  confined  and  left  with 

Gen.  Washington's  army. 
Walker,  John,  enlisted  July  1,  1776. 
Watson,  John,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 

Wilson,  John,  enlisted  February  1, 1776;  reenlisted  in  Fifth  Penn'a. 
Wolf,  John,  enlisted  January  26, 1776. 


Wood,  Abraham,  enlisted  April  6, 1776 ;  promoted  August  1,  1776. 
Wright,  Alexander,  enlisted   January  16,  1776;  deserted  July  1, 


Young,  James,  enlisted  April  13,  1776  ;  deserted  July  11,  1776. 
Young,  John,  enlisted  April  22,  1776 ;  deserted  May  1, 1776. 

As  it  £tood  at  Ticonderoga,  November  26,  1776. 

Robinson,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  5, 1776  ;  sick  in  Penn'a. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Christie,  John,  commissioned  January  5,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenants.  ~ 

Moulder,  William,  commissioned  March  15, 1776 ;  resigned  October 

1,  1776. 
Vernon,  Job,  commissioned  October  1, 1776. 

Wallace,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  resigned  October 

1, 1776. 
North,  George,  commissioned  October  12, 1776. 


Merchant,  Thomas. 
Grubb,  James. 
Valleau,  David,  New  York  ;  missing  at  Three  Rivers  June  8,1776  ; 

paroled  August  9,  1776. 
Gray,  Joseph. 
Matthias,  Amos. 

Matthews,  Richard. 
Anderson,  Robert. 
Miller,  Samuel. 
Murdock,  John. 

Drum  and  Fife. 
Moll,  George. 
Stone,  William. 

Bowen,  George. 
Bench,  Christopher. 


Bullock,  George. 

Bryant,  Joseph. 

Burns,  Daniel. 

Carndin,  Richard. 

Casky,  Samuel. 

Crane,  William. 

Dawson,  Isaac. 

Dawson,  Jeremiah. 

Deveny,  James. 

Deveny,  John. 

Driver,  Casper;  wounded  at  Three  Rivers,  ball  through  the  arm; 
reenlisted  in  Eleventh,  Col.  Humpton ;  discharged  at  the  end  of 
the  war  ;  resided  in  Allegheny  county  in  1807. 

Dickson,  Samuel. 

Dill,  Jacob. 

Dunn,  John.  * 

David,  William. 

Eaton,  George. 

Edrnundson,  Humphrey. 

Finley,  Alexander. 

Green,  Patrick. 

Glenn,  Thomas. 

Gobbins,  Edward. 

Hill,  John. 

Homer,  Nathan. 

James.  Thomas. 

Kerley,  Timothy. 

Lord,  James. 

Longfellow,  Amos. 

Lynch,  William. 

Lamney,  William. 

Loughrey,  John. 

Motts,  Nathan. 

Moder,  John. 

Moore,  John. 

McCafferty,  Morgan. 

McMurray,  Benjamin. 

Mathers,  John. 

McBride,  Joseph. 

Nox,  George. 

Owens,  Robert. 

Phips,  Jonathan. 

Russell,  Thomas. 

Reilly,  Thomas. 

Senear,  Peter. 

Tan  yard,  John. 


Talbott,  John. 
Statton,  Richard. 
Smith,  Benjamin. 
Taggert,  John. 
Wilson,  John. 
Webb,  Robert. 
Webb,  Benjamin. 
Williams,  James. 


Lacey,  John,  commissioned  January  5,  1776;  commissioned  brig- 
adier general  January  9, 1778. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Smith,  Samuel,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  promoted  captain 
Fifth  Penn'a. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Ryan,  Michael,  commissioned  January  8,  1776. 
Barckley,  John,  from  ensign,  October  1,  1776. 

Barckley,  John,  commissioned  January  8, 1776;  promoted  second 

lieutenant  October  1,  1776. 
Forbes,  James,  October  1, 1776. 


Hood,  [Wood,]  William. 
Oliphant,  Andrew. 
Randall,  William. 
Elliot,  Samuel. 
Sawyers, ,  August  12,  1776. 

Graham,  Stafford. 
Peter,  John. 
Bailey,  John 
Morris,  Samuel. 


Anderson,  Jacob. 
Anderson,  James.     "  One  and  a  half  miles  from  Col.  Bull's." 


Agnew,  James. 

Agnew,  Robert. 

Atkson,  [Atkinson,]  Moses. 

Baylis,  John. 

Bodenham,  John. 

Burns,  John. 

Camagy,  William. 

Clotter,  Henry. 

Corbett,  Thomas. 

Cummings,  James. 

Davis,  Abednego. 

Dickinson,  Thomas. 

Dougherty,  William. 

Fegan,  Samuel. 

Flack,  Benjamin. 

Gibson,  John. 

Gordon,  Thomas. 

Hare,  Samuel. 

Jones,  Peter,  wounded  on  Long  Island. 

Kelly,  Francis. 

Lawrence,  Robert. 

Leason,  Robert. 

Lascom,  John. 

Lockard,  Aaron. 

May,  John. 

May,  Jacob. 

McCrea,  Arthur. 

McClellan,  Anthony. 

McManes,  Terrence. 

McGaudy,  Robert. 

Maloy,  Thomas. 

Miller,  John. 

Millhuff,  Daniel. 

Meason,  Isaac. 

Moore,  Richard. 

Morris,  Samuel. 

Neif ,  Samuel. 

Nelson,  James. 

Nelson,  David. 

Noble,  John. 

O'Neill,  James,  "  near  Winey  furnace." 

Palmer,  David. 

Porter,  John. 

Quill,  Robert. 

Randle,  John. 

Randle,  William. 


Redin,  [Reading,]  Nicholas. 

Redman,  [Rodman,]  Robert. 

Rogers,  William,  "  West  Nantmeal." 

Sawyers,  George. 

Saville,  George. 

Service,  Thomas. 

Sidders,  John. 

Stagg,  Benjamin. 

Smith,  John. 

Smith,  Zacheus,  [Zachariah.] 

Steel,  William,  "  at  Jones'  mine  hole." 

Sullivan,  Jeremiah. 

Thompson,  Thomas. 

Thomas,  James. 

Weady,  James. 

Welch,  William. 

Williams,  Philip. 

Wesner,  David. 

Wallington,  Charles. 

Whaleu,  Moses. 


[This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 


North,  Caleb,  commissioned  January  5,  1776;  promoted  major 
Tenth  Penn'a. 

North,  George,  promoted  ensign  of  Robinson's  company  October 

12,  1776. 
Hayes,  Arthur. 
Guest,  James. 
Longwell,  Matthew. 

Corpora  Is. 
Banks,  George. 
Smith,  Valentine. 
Beggs,  Arthur. 
Davis,  Thomas. 

Burns,  John. 



Berkheimer,  Bashan. 
Bolebaugh,  Matthew. 
Boyer,  Jacob. 
Connor,  Matthew, 
Curtin,  John. 
Deeder,  John. 
Deel,  Peter. 
Dentlinger,  Martin. 
Dathrow,  Jacob. 
Edleman,  William. 
Gold,  George. 
Grimes,  Joshua. 
Heffner,  John. 
Himmelwright,  John. 
Hollam,  Samuel, 
llonstein,  Frederick. 
Horton,  Ephraim. 
Ho  wen,  Jeremiah. 
Kine,  John. 
Kobble,  John. 
Leeson,  Robert. 
Leonard,  Richard. 
Lercy,  John. 
Logan,  Andrew. 
McCown,  John. 
McFange,  Hugh. 
McSwine,  Dennis. 
Mote,  Jacob. 
Neill,  Samuel. 
Quinn,  Patrick. 
Roads,  John. 
Saylor,  John. 
Shull,  Baltzer. 
Simmons,  John. 
Speelman,  Conrad. 
Tolan,  Cornelius. 

9— VOL.  X. 



Church,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  5, 1776. 

first  Lieutenant. 

Reid,  James  R.,  commissioned  January  6,  1776  ;  promoted  captain 
November  3,1776 ;  major  of  Hazen's  regiment  September  1, 1777. 
Second  Lieutenant. 

Beatty,  Charles  C.,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  killed  accident- 
ally February  16,  1777. 


Vernon,  Job,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  promoted  lieutenant, 
Capt.  Robinson's  company,  October  1,  1776. 

Martin,  Alexander,  promoted  ensign  October  1, 1776. 

Bigham,  William. 

Low,  Robert. 

"VVidner,  Samuel. 

McMahon,  Jonathan. 


McMahon,  Jonathan,  promoted  sergeant  October  1, 1773. 

Fennakel,  Peter. 

Wilkinson,  James. 

Fashion,  Abraham. 

Moyer,  Jacob. 

Bigham,  Thomas.* 

Everhart,  Fenian. 

Drum  and  Fife. 

Kibler,  Adam. 
Leonard,  Charles. 


Bitting,  Peter. 
Brindle,  Jacob. 
Boger,  Laban. 

*  October  28,1791. — Thomas  Bigham  applied  to  Gov.  Mifflin  for  pay  for 
his  services'  as  scout,  alleging  that  he  was  taken  sick  on  the  day  ap- 
pointed for  the  reward,  and  his  two  comrades  were  rewarded,  and  he 
was  not. 


Barnhart,  Henry. 

Burford,  Jarvis. 

Bruffy,  John. 

Beaver,  George. 

Bigham,  John. 

Craig,  Henry. 

Crips,  Henry. 

Consil,  Jacob. 

Conner,  Patrick. 

Coplin,  Christian. 

Craig,  John,  enlisted  February  5, 1776:  wounded  at  Three  Kivers; 

reenlisted  in  Fifth  Penn'a. 
Delany,  William. 
Derr,  Jacob. 
Dieter,  John. 
Forrest,  Malcolm. 
Gibson,  John. 
Gilliland,  John. 
Hagan,  Edward. 
Hefferman,  Thomas,  a  school-master  at  Abbotstown,  (now  Adams 

county;)  at  Three  Kivers;  sergeant  in  Fifth  Penn'a. 
Hoffman,  Gotleib. 
Kelly,  Kichavd. 
Kennedy,  Connel. 
Kerr,  William. 
Lancaster,  John. 
Little,  John. 
Martin,  Robert. 
McCarthy,  Michael. 
McCreary,  John. 
McDonald,  Robert. 
McFarran,  [McPheran ,]  Andrew. 
McGahan,  Charles. 
McGahey,  William. 
McGee,  Michael. 
McGinnis,  James. 
Mclntiney,  Thomas,, 
Mclntire,  Robert. 
McKinley,  James. 
McKinley,  John. 
McElroy,  Daniel. 
McXeil,  Archibald. 
Michael,  Benjamin. 
Morrow,  William. 
Xeal,  Joseph. 
Xeal,  Robert. 


Nickle,  John. 
Nowland,  Timothy. 
Pack,  Benjamin. 

Pensinger,  Henry;  wounded  at  Three  Rivers,  and  lost  his  leg ;  re- 
sided in  Franklin  county,  1812. 
Ray,  William. 

Reed,  James;  wounded  at  Three  Rivers. 
Reyney,  John. 
Seeds,  George. 
Semple,  Charles. 
Shurlock,  Henry. 
Sharp,  Thomas. 
Shepard,  Robert. 
Smith,  James. 
Smith,  John. 
Whitman,  Samuel. 
Williamson,  John. 

Wrood,  Robert.  • 

Woods,  James. 
Woolever,  John. 
Wright,  Robert. 

[TAta  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

Vernon,  Frederick,  commissioned  January  5, 1776. 

Pugh,  Nathaniel. 
Elliot,  James. 
Kilpatrick,  John. 
Simpson,  Jeremiah. 

Linn,  Robert,  leg  broken  on  Lake  Champlain ;  enlisted  in  invalid 
regiment ;  resided  in  Chester  county,  1796. 


McAlister,  William. 
McDonnell,  Alexander. 
Ryan,  Richard. 
White,  William. 

Livingston,  William. 


[This  Roll  is  incomplete.} 

Moore,  James,  commissioned  January  5, 1776. 


Packingham,  Robert. 
McKelvy,  John. 
Carson,  William. 
Johnston,  Hugh. 

Irvine,  Jonathan. 
Nelson,  James. 

Glen,  John. 

Neill,  James,  reenlisted  in  Fifth  Penn'a. 

Eosebrough,  Isaac,  a  blacksmith,  resided  in  Huntingdon  county 
in  1823,  aged  sixty-eight. 



Taylor,  James,  of  Lancaster  county,  commissioned  Januarys,  1776  ; 
December  26,  1776,  appointed  judge  advocate  of  the  Northern 

First  Lieutenant. 
Kimmell,  Michael,  commissioned  January  6,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Boude,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  8,  1776. 

Letts,  Ezekiel,  commissioned  January  8,  1776  ;  resigned  October  11, 

Harper,  John,  commissioned  October  12,  1776. 



Ruth,  Francis,  appointed  January  20,  1776. 

McCulloh,  James,  appointed  January  27,  1776. 

Anderson,  Robert,  appointed  January  27, 1776. 

Lindsey,  John,  appointed  January  27,  1776;  deserted  July  1, 1776. 

Simeral,  Joseph,  appointed  July  2, 1776. 

Corpora  Is. 

McHatton,  Alexander,  appointed  January,  27, 1776. 
McGill,  Nathaniel,  appointed  January  26,1776. 
Ross,  Robert,  appointed  March  1, 1776. 
Giffen,  Samuel,  appointed  February  10, 1776. 


Peters,  Elias,  January  30, 1776  ;  reduced  to  the  ranks  June  25, 1776. 
Connolly,  John,  June  25,  1776. 
Graham,  James,  January  29, 1776  ;  died  at  general  hospital. 


Anderson,  James,  enlisted  February  11, 1776. 

AndreAvs  Humphrey,  enlisted  January  26,  1776 ;  discharged  Feb- 
ruary 25, 1777  ;  resided  in  York  county  in  1818,  aged  63. 

Armstrong,  David,  enlisted  February  10,  1776 ;  deserted  July  1, 

Arthur,  Michael,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 

Baxter,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Benderman,  Thomas,  enlisted  in  January  29, 1776. 

Bowman,  John,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 

Boyce,  Zacharias,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 

Britain,  James,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

Brown,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 

Carson,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Hofleld,  James,  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 

Conner,  James,  enlisted  February  8, 1776 ;  died  October  24, 1776. 

Connolly,  John,  enlisted  March  12, 1776 ;  promoted  drummer. 

Copland,  Kerry,  enlisted  March  1, 1776. 

Cornelius,  James,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 

Cornelius,  John,  enlisted  January  12,  1776. 

Dailey,  John,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Dale,  James,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 

Davidson,  William,  enlisted  March  23,  1776. 

Denzel,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 

Devinney,  Cornelius,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 

Dew,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 

Dieffenderfer,  John,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 

Dobbins,  John,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 

Dobbins,  Robert,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 


Dougherty,  Dennis,  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 

Dunn,  John,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

Dysart,  James,  enlisted  January  27,  1776. 

Evans,  Evan,  enlisted  February  7,1776;  deserted  February  19, 

Fisler,  John,  enlisted  January  31, 1776  ,  deserted  February  19, 1776. 

Fitzgerald,  John,  enlisted  February  5, 1776;  deserted  July  5,  1776. 

Fleming,  William,  enlisted  January  31,1776. 

Gilbert,  Ryner,  enlisted  January  12, 1776. 

Gibson,  William,  enlisted  January  27,  1776. 

Gilbreath,  John,  enlisted  January  29, 1776 ;  deserted  June  29, 1776. 

Gilmore,  Paul,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 

Gould,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  27, 1776. 

Griffith,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  6,  1776. 

Grim,  Christian,  enlisted  February  6,  1776. 

Hague  Christian,  enlisted  February  10, 1776 ;  deserted  February  19, 

Hanagan,  Charles,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 

Hayes,  David,  enlisted  February  10,  1776;  died  November  20,1776. 

Hughes,  Samuel,  enlisted  March  26, 1776. 

Jones,  John,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 

Kealy,  David,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 

Kelly,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 

Leadly,  William,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 

Letts,  James,  enlisted  January  12, 1776. 

Logan,  John,  enlisted  January  29, 1776 ;  deserted  February  18, 1776. 

Mashman,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 

Mayer.  Jacob,  enlisted  in  York  county,  February  5, 1776 ;  resided 
in  1828  in  York  county,  aged  sixty-seven. 

McAy,  William,  enlisted  January  25, 1776.  , 

McCallian,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

McCann,  John,  enlisted  January  20, 1776. 

McClelland,  John,  enlisted  January  28, 1776. 

McClusky,  William,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 

McConnell,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

McConnell,  William,  enlisted  September  14,1776;  October,  1776, 
taken  sick  at  Ticonderoga,  and  in  December  1776,  enlisted  in 
the  New  York  troop,  Col.  Van  Schaick;  wounded  in  right 
foot  at  Monmouth ;  resided  in  Armstrong  county  in  1820. 

McCord,  George,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

McCowan,  John,  enlisted  January  24, 1776. 

McDonald,  Malcolm,  enlisted  February  11, 1776. 

McDonald,  William,  enlisted  January  23, 1776. 

McKinney,  John,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 

McMurray,  Samuel,  enlisted  March  13.  1776. 

McNeal,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 


McPike,  Robert,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 

Miller,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 

Miller,  Michael,  enlisted  February  6,  1776. 

Morgan,  William,  enlisted  April  10, 1776. 

Morris,  Richard,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Nelson,  Alexander,  enlisted  .January  24, 1776. 

O'Neal,  Felix,  enlisted  January  4, 1776. 

Patterson,  Arthur,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Peters,  Elias,  from  drummer  June  25, 1776. 

Phink,  [Fink]  Michael,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 

Porter,  Francis,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 

Richardson,  James,  enlisted  January  24, 1776. 

Ridings,  James,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 

Riley,  Patrick,  enlisted  January  31,  1776 ;    discharged  at  Fort 


Rogan,  William,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 
Ross,  John,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Ross,  Robert. 

Rudial,  John,  enlisted  February  10, 1776 ;  deserted  June  9, 1776. 
Scott,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  28, 1776 ;  deserted  February  20, 


Shanks,  Archibald,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 
Sharp,  John,  enlisted  July  25, 1776. 
Simeral,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  25, 1776 ;  promoted  sergeant  July 

2, 1776. 
Simpson,  Matthew,  enlisted  February  10, 1776 ;  deserted  February 

20, 1776. 

Sinnet,  Andrew,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 
Sipe,  Christopher,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 
Spear,  John,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 
St.  John,  Walter,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 
Stone,  Leonard,  enlisted  January  30, 1776 ;  deserted  February  20. 


Taylor,  Francis,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 
Yogan,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 
Watson,  John,  enlisted  March  20, 1776. 

Welt,  John,  enlisted  February  10, 1776 ;  deserted  February  19, 1776. 
Weir,  Michael,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 



JANUARY  3,  1776— JANUARY  3,  1777. 


S  this  battalion  was  associated  in  service  and  misfor- 
tune with  the  Third  battalion,  its  general  history  is  em- 
|j  braced  in  what  is  said  of  the  Third.  It  will  only  be 
'  necessary  to  add  that  Sir  William  Howe's  success  in 
the  capture  of  Fort  Washington  hinged  largely  on  the  treason  of 
William  Dement  or  Demont,  Col.  Magaw's  adjutant.  Graydon, 
in  his  Memoirs,  says  "Howe  must  have  had  a  perfect  knowledge  of 

the  ground  we  occupied. 
Tllis  ne  might  have  ac- 
quired  from  hundreds  in 
New  York,  but  he  might 
have  been  more  thor- 
oughly informed  of  every- 
thing desirable  to  be 
known  from  an  officer  of  Magaw'a  battalion,  who  was  intelligent 
in  points  of  duty,  and  deserted  to  the  enemy  about  a  week  before 
the  assault."  Graydon's  suspicion  has  been  confirmed,  after  the 
lapse  of  a  century,  by  the  publication  of  Dement  or  Demont 's  letter 
to  Rev.  Dr. Peters,  in  an  exhaustive  article  ou  "  Mount  Washington 
and  its  capture,  "  by  E.  F.  De  Lancey,  in  the  Magazine  o/  American 
History  for  February,  1877.  It  is  as  follows  : 

"  REV.  SIR  :  Permit  me  to  Trouble  you  with  a  Short  recital  of  my 
Services  in  America  which  I  Presume  may  be  deem'd  among  the 
most  Singular  of  any  that  will  go  to  Upper  Canada.  On  the  2*1  of 
Novr,  1776, 1  Sacrificed  all  I  was  Worth  in  the  World,  to  the  Ser- 
vice of  my  King  &  Country,  and  joined  the  then  Lord  Percy, 
brought  in  with  me  the  Plans  of  Fort  Washington,  by  which  Plans 
that  Fortress  was  taken  by  his  Majesty's  Troops  the  16th  instant, 
Together  with  2700  Prisoners  and  Stores  &  Ammunition  to  the 
amount  of  1800  Pound.  At  the  same  time,  I  may  with  Justice  af- 
affirm,  from  my  Knowledge  of  the  Works,  I  saved  the  Lives  of  many 
of  His  Majesty's  Subjects, — these  Sir  are  facts  well-known  to  every 
General  Officer  which  was  there — and  I  may  with  Truth  Declare 
from  that  time  I  Studied  the  Interests  of  my  Country  and  neglected 
my  own — or  in  the  Language  of  Cardinal  Woolsey,  'had  I  have 


Served  my  God  as  I  have  done  my  King 'he  would  not  thus  have 
Forsaken  me.' 

"  The  following  is  a  Just  Account  due  me  from  the  Government, 
which  I  have  never  been  able  to  bring  forward  for  want  of  Sir 
William  Erskine  who  once  when  in  Town  assured  me  he'd  Look 
into  it  but  have  never  done  it  otherways  I  should  not  have  been  in 

"  This  Sir  though  it  may  not  be  in  your  Power  to  Get  me  may 
Justify  my  being  so  much  in  Debt,  &  in  Expectation  of  this  Acc't 
being  Paid,  together  with  another  Dividend,  from  the  Express 
words  of  the  Act  where  it  says  all  under  Ten  Thousand  pound 
should  be  Paid  without  Deduction,  I  having  received  only  £464 
which  I  Justified  before  the  Commissioners : 

"Due  for  Baw,  Batt.  and  Forrage £110    70 

"  For  Engaging  Guides  Getting  Intelligence  &c 45    9  7 

"  For  doing  duty  as  commissary  of  Prisoners  at  Philadel- 
phia Paying  clerk,  stationery  &c 16  13  8 

£182  10  3 

"  The  last  Two  Articles  was  Cash  Paid  out  of  my  Pocket  which 
was  Promised  to  be  llefunded  by  Sirs  Wm.  Howe  and  Erskine. 

' '  I  most  Humbly  Beg  Pardon  for  the  Length  of  this  Letter  &  Shall 
Conclude  without  making  Some  Masonac  liemarks,  as  at  first  In- 
tended, and  remain, 

"  Your  most  obedient  and  Most  Hum'l  Serv't, 
"Rev'd  Sir  with  Dutiful  Respect 


"  LONDON,  Jan'y  16, 1792. 

"  P.  S.  the  Inclosed  is  a  true  account  of  my  Debts  taken  from 
the  Different  Bills  received." 

Mr.  De  Lancey  adds  ''  nothing  has  been  learned  of  him,  nor  has 
it  been  possible  as  yet  to  trace  him  after  the  date  of  this  letter.  " 

With  the  single  exception  of  the  return  signed  William  Dement, 
and  made  out  in  style  and  handwriting  indicating  clerkly  ability, 
there  are  only  two  or  three  unimportant  papers  relating  to  this  bat- 
talion preserved  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  the  Common- 
wealth. The  following  roster  and  rolls  were  taken  from  Col.  Ma- 
gaw's  papers,  in  the  possession  of  Rev'd.  J.  A.  Murray,  D.  D.,  of 

A  return  dated  May  28, 1776,  signed  by  Enoch  Wright,  sergeant 
major,  shows  the  strength  of  the  battalion  then  was  seven  field 
and  staff  and  five  hundred  and  ninety  one  company  officers  and  pri- 
vates. A  return  dated  October  7,  1776,  signed  "  William  Dement, 
adjutant,"  gives  the  total  strength  of  Beatty's  company,  officers 
and  men,  fifty-eight,  of  whom  fifteen  were  sick  absent ;  Miller's, 



sixty-four,  of  whom  eight  were  sick  absent ;  Benezet's,  sixty-three, 
of  whom  twenty  were  sick  absent;  Stuart's,  sixty-seven,  of  whom 
twelve  were  sick  absent;  Spohn's, seventy,  of  whom  fifteen  were 
sick  absent ;  Vansandt's,  sixty-five,  of  whom  twenty-eight  were 
sick  absent ;  Decker's,  seventy-four,  of  whom  nine  were  sick  ab- 
sent ;  Richardson's,  fifty-three,  of  whom  thirteen  were  sick  absent. 
Officers  sick  present,  Capt.  Vansandt,  Lieut.  William  Crawford, 
Ensign  John  Gansel.  Officers  sick  absent,  Capt.  Samuel  Benezet, 
Lieut.  Richard  Seward, Ensign  James  Gibbons ;  officers  on  furlough, 
Lieut.  Col.  Joseph  Penrose,  Rev.  Mr.  Linn  ;  sergeants  sick  absent, 
seven ;  ditto,  sick  present,  five. 

A  weekly  return,  found  since  the  foregoing  was  written  among 
the  papers  of  the  Pennsylvania  Historical  Society,  dated  the  day  be- 
fore the  surrender,  gives  the  exact  state  of  Magaw's  battalion.  It  is 
headed  weekly  return  of  the  Fifth  Pennsylvania  battalion  in  the 
service  the  United  States,  commanded  by  Major  John  Beatty,  No- 
vember 15, 1776,  and  signed  by  John  Beatty,  major,  and  is  as  follows : 











First  lieu- 

Second  lieu- 


Qr.  Master. 



Drums  and 

Present  fit 
for  duty. 





























Vanzandt's,     .       .   . 




Richardson's,      .   .    . 


•   • 










Officers  sick  present,  Lieut.  Priestly;  officers  sick  absent,  Capt. 
Benezet  and  Lieut.  Seward ;  absent  without  leave,  Capt.  John  Spohn, 
Ensign  James  Mulloy,  Adj.  Dement ;  absent  with  leave,  John  Gan- 
sel. Below  is  a  calculation,  not,  however,  in  Beatty 's  handwriting. 

Rank  and  file  fit  for  duty,  sick  and  present, 280 

Ditto,  taken  prisoners, 237 

Killed  and  escaped, , . 43 




Magaw,  Robert,  Esq.,  of  Carlisle,  commissioned  January. 3,  1776  , 
taken  November  16, 1776 ;  exchanged  October  25, 1780 ;  died  Jan- 
uary 7, 1790,  at  Carlisle :  buried  in  Meeting-House  Spring  grave- 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Penrose,  Joseph,  commissioned  January  3, 1776  ;  promoted  colonel 
Tenth  Penn'a. 


Kagel,  George,  commissioned  January  5, 1776  ;  promoted  lieuten- 
ant colonel  Ninth  Penn'a. 

Beatty,  John,  from  captain  October  12,  1776 ;  taken  November 
16, 1776 ;  exchanged  May,  1778  ;  appointed  commissary  general 
of  purchases,  with  rank  of  colonel,  May  28,  1778;  resigned 
March  31,  1781;  died  in  Trenton  N.  J.  May  30,  1826,  aged 
seventy-eight ;  buried  in  the  First  Presbyterian  church-yard  iu 
that  city. 


Linn,  Rev.  "William,  of  Cumberland  county,  appointed  February  15, 
1776 ;  died  in  Albany,  N.  Y.,  January,  1808. 


Dement,  William,  appointed  February  29, 1776;  deserted  Novem- 
ber 2, 1776. 


Mifflin,  John,  brother  of  Gen.  Mifflin,  appointed  September  3, 

(Quarter -master. 
Collier,  Richard,  lieutenant,  appointed  February  9,1776. 


McHenry,  James,  appointed  August  10, 1776 ;  exchanged  March  5, 
1778  ;  appointed  secretary  to  the  commander-in-chief  May  15, 
1778;  transferred  to  Gen.  Lafayette's  staff  August,  1780  ;  ap- 
pointed Secretary  of  War  January  1, 1796;  died  at  Baltimore 
May  16, 1816 ;  born  in  county  Antrim,  Ireland,  November  16, 

•  Surgeon's  Mate. 

Hole,  Dr. 


Sergeant  Major. 
"Wright,  Enoch,  of  New  England,  appointed  November  16, 1776. 


Beatty,  John,  "Warminster,  Bucks  county,  commissioned  January 

5,  1776 ;  promoted  major  October  12, 1776. 

Priestly,  John,  from  first  lieutenant  February  1,1777;  exchanged 
August  26,  1778. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Priestly,  John,  Bristol,  Bucks  county,  commissioned  January  6, 
1776 ;  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  promoted  captain. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Crawford,  "William,  "Warrington,  Bucks  county,  commissioned  Jan- 
uary 8, 1776  ;  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  exchanged  October  25, 
1780;  entitled  to  captain's  commission  from  January  1, 1778. 


Van  Home,  Isaac,  Salsbury,  commissioned  January  8,1776;  taken 
November  16, 1776. 


McMicken,  James,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 

Murray,  John,  Bristol,  Bucks  county,  paroled  December  26,  1776. 
"Wallace,  John,  Warrington,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Yerkes,  Edward,  escaped,  sick  or  absent. 


Eorsythe,  Eobert,  "Warrington,  promoted  December  26, 1776. 
Hartshorne,  James,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Newman,  John,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Newman,  Peter,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 


Aiken,  Eobert,  "Warminster,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Banks,  John,  New  Britain,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Bennett,  John,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Bell,  Thomas,  Bristol,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Boone,  Ealph,  Bristol,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Boone,  Solomon,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Breeton,  Joseph,  Bristol,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Brotherton,  James,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 


Burn,  Brian,  enlisted  May  10 ;  deserted  May  29, 1776. 

Carrigan,  Joshua,  Bristol,  died  a  prisoner  in  New  York,  December 

15, 1776. 

Conrad,  John,  escaped,  or  sick  absent.  . 
Cole,  John,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Craft,  Jacob,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Douglass,  William,  discharged  October  15, 1776. 
Dixon,  John,  Philadelphia,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Farrell,  Edward,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Fitzcraft,  Samuel,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Finley,  Thomas,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Floyd,  Frederick,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Fox,  Christian,  died  October  29, 1776. 
Frame,  Eobert,  Bristol,  died  a  prisoner  in  New  York,  December  6, 


Gnllian,  Daniel,  Warwick,  killed  in  action,  November  16, 1776. 
Hay,  Richard,  New  Britain,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Hartshorne,  Henry,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Hartshorne,  James,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Holcomb,  Elijah,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Houston,  Henry,  discharged  October  31, 1776. 
Houston,  James,  discharged  October  31,  1776. 
Houston,  William,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Jenkins,  William,  Warwick,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Johnstone,  Jacob,  escaped,  or  absent,  sick. 
Kirk,  James,  escaped  or  sick  absent. 
Knight,  Richard,  drummer,  sick  absent. 
Knowles,  Timothy,  Northampton,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Martin,  James,  enlisted  May  1, 1776. 

Matthews,  James,  enlisted  May  3, 1776;  deserted  August  11,  1776. 
Merriman,  Peter,  enlisted  May  10,  1776 ;  deserted  May  29,  1776. 
Morgan,  Charles,  enlisted  April  3, 1776 ;  discharged  October  15, 1776. 
Morris,  Abraham,  died  October  26, 1776. 
Morrow,  Andrew,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
McKinney,  John,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
McLennan,  David,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
McWiggan,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Parker,  Alexander,  discharged  November  1, 1776. 
Richardson,  John,  Moreland,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Reily,  Joseph,  Philadelphia,  paroled  December  26,  1776. 
Robinson,  John,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Shannon,  Arthur,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Smith,  John,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Stevens,  John,  Bristol,  paroled  December  26,  1776. 
Thomas,  Timothy,  escaped  or  sick  absent. 
Tole,  Barney,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 


Tompkins,  Jacob,  discharged  November  11, 177G. 
Woolery,  Thomas,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 
Wright,  Charles,  escaped,  or  sick  absent. 

I  do  certify  that  the  above  is  a  true  state  of  my  company  in  the 
Fifth  Penn'a  battalion,  commanded  by  Col.  Magaw,  from  the  1st 
day  of  September,  1776,  ( to  which  time  they  received  pay,)  to  the 
reduction  of  Fort  Washington,  on  the  15th  day  of  November  fol- 
lowing. JOHN  BE  ATT  Y, 
Late  Major  of  the  Fifth  Perm 'a  Battalion. 

June  12  >  1786. 

[This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 


Miller,  John,  Germantown,  commissioned  January  5,  1776 ;  mor- 
tally wounded  November  16, 1776 ;  left  a  widow  and  six  small 

Morgan,  John,  from  first  lieutenant  Capt.  Spohn's  company. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Seward,  Richard,  commissioned  February  1,1776;  resigned  Feb- 
ruary 20,  1777. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Dover,  Andrew,  Germantown,  commissioned  January  8, 1776;  ta- 
ken November  16, 1776 ;  promoted  first  lieutenant  March  4, 1776 ; 
captain  June  1,1778;  exchanged  October  25,  1780;  residing 
in  Philadelphia  in  June,  1817. 

Dement,  "William,  January  1, 1776 ;  appointed  adjutant. 


Coughran,  David,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Correan,  James,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Moyers,  Henry, Philadelphia,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Pedley,  Jeremiah,  of  Sunbury,  Penn'a,  taken  November  16,  1776. 


Grenadier,  Abraham,  Philadelphia,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Sivel,  Samuel,  New  Jersey,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Swaine,  Edward,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,1776;  ree'n- 
listed  in  Sixth  Penn'a. 
10— VOL.  X. 


Casliady,  William,  taken  November  16, 1776. 


Hudson,  Joseph,  paroled  December  26,  1776. 


Beck,  Thomas,  New  Jersey,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Chatten,  John,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Clymer,  Henry,  Philadelphia,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 

Cooley,  James,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Craig,  Hugh,  Germantown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Desment,  John,  Sunbury,  Penn'a,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Forbes,  Hugh,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Jones,  Thomas,  New  Jersey,  died  of  wounds. 

Jones,  James,  New  Jersey,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Kear,  Matthew,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Kelly,  Daniel,  New  Jersey,  paroled  December  26. 1776. 

Ivemmerer,  Frederick,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 26,  1776;  resided  in  South  Whitehall  township,  Lehigh 
county,  in  1817. 

Mansfield,  James,  Germantown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Milson,  Mark,  New  Jersey,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

McCowen,  Frederick,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Mclntire,  James,  Philadelphia,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 

Newman,  William,  New  Jersey,  died  a  prisoner  in  New  York. 

Quigg,  John,  New  Jersey,  paroled  December  26,  1776. 

Robinson,  James,  Sunbury,  taken  November,  16, 1776. 

Sager,  George,  Germantown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Scudder,  Aaron,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Shefer,  George,  Germantown,  taken  November,  16, 1776. 

Smith  Patrick,  New  Jersey,  paroled  December  26, 1776. 

Stanton,  James,  New  Jersey,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Tennent,  Allen,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Tobine,  Michael,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Williams,  Thomas,  New  Jersey,  paroled  December  26,  1776. 

Williams,  Peter,  Germantown,  died  a  prisoner  in  New  York. 


[ This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 


Benezet,  Samuel,  commissioned  January  1, 1776;  promoted  major 
Sixth  Penn'a,  February  14, 1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Lawrence,  John,  Philadelphia,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  pro- 
moted captain  October  12, 1776 ;  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  ex- 
changed August  26, 1778 ;  became  supernumerary  June  1, 1778. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Young,  Edward,  commissioned  January  8,  1776;  promoted  first 
lieutenant  Sixth  Penn'a,  February  15, 1777. 

Savidge,  John,  commissioned  January  8, 1776. 


McNeil,  James,  Bensalem,  Bucks'county,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Evans,  John,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Kennedy,  Daniel,  Bristol,  taken  November  16, 1776. 


Dawson,  William,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16,  1776;  paroled 
December  26, 1776. 


Anderson,  Isaac,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  in 

Bell,  John,  Bensalem,  taken  November,  16, 1776. 

Cad  well,  Samuel,  Christiana,  Del.,  taken  November  16,  1776;  pa- 
roled December  26, 1776. 

Davies,  William,  Newberry,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Dearmet,  Michael,  Sunbury,  Northumberland  county,  taken  No- 
vember 16,  1776. 

Despert,  Henry,  Kent  county,  Md.,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Dooly,  David,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  of  wounds. 

Fletcher,  Enoch,  New  England,  taken  N  ovember  16, 1776 ;  died  in 

Freeman,  Thomas,  Egg  Harbor,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776; 
paroled  December  26, 1776. 

Foster,  Cornelius,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Fulton,  John,  Wilmington,  Del.,  taken  November  16,  1776. 


Hymer,  Daniel,  taken  November  16,  1776;  paroled  December  26, 

Kent,  William,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Kells,  John,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 27, 1776. 

Knox,  Andrew,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Lynch,  John. 

McGilton,  John,  Chester,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Milligan,  William,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  paroled 
December  26, 1776. 

Murphy,  Edward,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16,  1776;  paroled 
December  26,  1776. 

Mulford,  Charles,  drummer,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16,177-5. 

Nixon,  Robert,  Egg  Harbor,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  pa- 
roled December  26, 1776. 

Pearson,  Abel,  Warwick,  Kent  county,  Md.,  taken  November  16, 

Pimple,  Thomas,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776.  "  E." 

Platt,  Ralph,  Christiana,  Del.,  taken  November  16,  1776;  paroled 
December  26,  1776. 

Poole,  William,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  died  of  wounds. 

Richmond,  Jacob,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  died  in  prison. 

Rogers,  Samuel,  Georgetown,  Md.,  taken  November  16,  1776;  pa- 
roled December  26,  1776. 

Snowden,  Thomas,  reenlisted  in  Capt.  T.  B.  Bowen's  company, 
Ninth  Penn'a. 

Sprigg,  Samuel,  Egg  Harbor,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Todd,  William,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  paroled  December  26, 

Woodford,  Henry,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16,  1776. 


[  Thin  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

From  a  pay  roll,  June  1  to  July  1, 1776,  in  possession  of  Penn- 
sylvania Historical  Society,  the  strength  of  Capt.  Stuart's  company 
was  one  captain,  two  lieutenants,  an  ensign,  four  sergeants,  four 
corporals,  drummer,  and  fifer,  and  sixty-six  privates. 



Stuart,  Christopher,  Warrington,  Philadelphia  county,  commis- 
sioned January  5,  1776  ;  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  promoted 
major  September  20, 1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Wilkins  Robert,  Jr.,  West  Nottingham,  Chester  county,  commis- 
sioned January  6, 1776 ;  promoted  captain,  vice  Spohn,  November 
4, 1776 ;  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Finley,  John,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant November  1, 1776;  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  exchanged 
October  25, 1780.* 


Gibbon,  James,  Philadelphia,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  taken 
November  16, 1776 ;  promoted  first  lieutenant  in  Sixth  Penn'a. 

Frew,  Andrew,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,1776;  paroled 

December  26, 1776. 
Wilson,  William,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  paroled 

December  26, 1776. 
Anderson,  William,  Norrington,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  paroled 

December  26, 1 776. 


Ewing,  James,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Fairservice,  John,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  in 


Airley,  Patrick,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Bainbridge,  John,  Paxtang,  now  Dauphin,  taken  November  16 

1776 ;  paroled  December  26,  1776. 
Batchlor,  William,  New  London,  Chester  county,  taken  November 


Campbell,  Samuel,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Craig,  Samuel,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Clyne,  Peter,  Norrington,  enlisted  May  25, 1776;  taken  November  16, 


Connor,  Thomas,  Norrington,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Douglass,  Halbert,  Warrington,  Bucks  county,  taken  November 

16, 1776 ;  paroled  December  26,  1776. 

*  "  He  is  a  son  of  late  President  Finley,  of  New  Jersey ;  was  exchanged 
about  two  months  since,  having  neither  friends,  clothing,  or  cash.  He 
is  now  in  a  piteous  condition." — MS8.  Letter,  Col.  Atlee  to  President 
Heed,  February  12,  1781. 


Dougherty,  Andrew,  Norrington,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  pa- 
roled December  26, 1776. 

Doyle,  Peter,  Lancaster,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Frew,  David,  Norrington,  November  16, 1776 ;  paroled  December  26, 

Graham,  William,  Norrington,  wounded  and  taken  November  16, 
1776 ;  paroled  December  26, 1776. 

Griffith,  David,  enlisted  May  23,  1776. 

Glass,  Robert,  East  Cain,  enlisted  May  23,1776;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 26, 1776;  enlisted  in  March,  1777,  in  Col.  Stewart's  Thir- 
teenth Penn'a,  and  served  three  years;  resided  in  Chester  coun- 
ty, 1830. 

Holden,  James,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Lalley,  John,  Solebury,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Mean,  John,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Martin,  James,  New  Jersey,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  paroled 
December  26,  1776. 

Magee,  Charles,  East  Cain,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

McCarty,  John,  Norrington,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

McCasline,  Patrick,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

McCune,  William,  deserted  June  10, 1776. 

McFall,  Thomas,  Norrington,  taken  November  16,1776;  paroled 
December  26,  1776 ;  resided  in  Philadelphia  in  1813. 

McFall,  Robert,  enlisted  April  3, 1776. 

McLean,  Daniel,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

McCleary,  Archibald,  Norrington,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Morrey,  Luke,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Pollock,  George,  deserted  June  12,  1776. 

Purtle,  John,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Prim,  John,  enlisted  May  15,  1776. 

Roberts,  Patrick,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,1776;  paroled 
December  26, 1776. 

Smyth  Joseph,  deserted  May  14, 1776. 

Thomas,  AVilliam,  deserted  May  14, 1776 ;  paroled  December  26, 

Thompson,  William,  Lancaster,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Walker,  David,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  paroled 
December  26,  1776. 

AValker,  Joseph,  East  Cain,  taken  November  16, 1776;  paroled  De- 
cember 26, 1776. 

Walter,  Anthony,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 



[TAi«  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

Enlisted  at  Reading  Penn'a.    On  the  28th  of  May,  1776,  his  com- 
pany officers  and  men  numbered  seventy-eight. 

Spohn,  John,  Reading,  commissioned  January  5,  1776;   resigned 

November  4, 1776. 
"Wilkins Robert,  jr.,  from  first  lieutenant  Capt.  Steuart's,  company, 

November  4,  1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Morgan,  John,  Philadelphia,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  taken 
August,  16, 1776 ;  same  day  promoted  captain,  vice  Miller,  killed ; 
June  1, 1778,  became  supernumerary ;  exchanged  August  26, 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Standley,  William,  commissioned  January  8,  1776 ;  taken  August 
16,  1776 ;  same  day  promoted  first  lieutenant ;  exchanged  Au- 
gust 25,  1780. 

Gansel,  John,  commissioned  January  8, 1776. 


Vanderslice,  Jacob,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Ruth,  Adam. 

Vanderslice,  Henry,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776;  resided 

at  Sunbury,  1792. 

Goodheart,  Henry,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Campbell,  James,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Privates.  t 

Albert,  Jacob,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Allison,  John,  subsequently  sergeant  major  of  Fourth  Penn'a. 

Barnhest,  John,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  paroled  December  26, 

Barington,  Richard,  Cecil  county,  Md.,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Bishop,  Anthony,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  paroled  De- 
cember 26,  1776. 


Cole,  George,  Beading,  taken  November  10, 1776  ;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 26,  1776  ;  resided  in  Berks  county,  1811. 

Collins,  William,  taken  November,  16,  1776. 

Carney,  Timothy,  Cecil  county,  Md.,  taken  November  16,  1776  ; 
paroled  December  26,  1776. 

Calaghan,  Dennis,  enlisted  June  1,  1776. 

Dengler,  Valentine,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776 

Duck,  Peter,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Fletcher,  William,  Cecil  county,  Md.,  taken  November  16,  1776; 
paroled  December  26, 1776. 

Goodhart,  Henry,  resided  at  Sunbury,  1791. 

Havener,  Chris.,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Heilman,  George,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776;  paroled  De- 
cember 26,  1776. 

Holick,  Christian,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Hausknecht,  Jacob,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Hoffner,  George,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  paroled  De- 
cember 26,  1776. 

Link,  Martin,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Mann,  Nicholas,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776;  paroled  De- 
cember 26,  1776. 

Marshal,  George,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Miller,  Jacob,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776;  reenlisted  in 
Col.  Hartley's  regiment ;  discharged  1781 ;  died  in  Walker  town- 
ship, Centre  county,  in  1822,  aged  sixty-seven. 

Miller,  Peter,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 26,  1776. 

Nair,  John,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Rangier,  John,  Reading,  taken  November  16,1776. 

Raume,  Michael,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Rheam,  John,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Selser,  Michael,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Sheldon,  John,  Cecil  county,  Md.,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Whitmire,  Michael,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  resided  in  Cumber- 
land county,  1809. 

Whitmire,  George,  Reading,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  in  New 
York,  two  days  before  exchange. 

Ziegler,  Benjamin,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Zurn,  Michael,  Reading,  taken  November  16,  1776. 


[This  Roll  is  incomplete."] 

On  May  28, 1776,  the  officers  and  privates  numbered  eighty-seven. 

Vansandt,  Nathaniel,  Bensalem,  commissioned  January  5,  1776 ; 
taken  November  16, 1776 ;  exchanged  November  20, 1778. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Helm,  John,  Philadelphia,  commissioned  January  6, 1776;  taken 
November  16,  1776;  became  supernumerary  June  1, 1778^;  ex- 
changed August  26,  1778. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Jenney,  Thomas,  Trenton,  N.  J.,  commissioned  January  8, 1776; 
promoted  first  lieutenant  October  12, 1776 ;  captured  November 
16, 1776 ;  exchanged  October  25, 1780. 


Hovenden,  Edward,  Newtown,  Bucks  county,  commissioned  Jan- 
uary 8, 1776;  taken  November  16, 1776. 


Coxe,  Joseph,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Stevenson,  Thomas,  Newtown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Guy,  Jonathan,  arm  disabled  by  musket  ball;  reenlisted  in  Col. 
"Walter  Stewart's  regiment,  Second  Penn'a. 


Manchester,  John,  Byberry,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Sproul,  John,  Newtown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Eastwick,  John,  Newtown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 


Aiken,  Henry.  Wrightstown,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 

Arkle,  Richard,  Wrightstown,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 


Clark,  George,  fifer,  Biles'  Island,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Darland,  Lambert, Moreland,  Philadelphia  county,  taken  November 

16, 1776. 

Doughty,  Jacob,  Byberry,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Doughty,  Thomas,  Byberry,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Dunn,  John,  Falls,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 1776. 


Evans,  Hugh,  Southampton,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 

1776;  died  in  prison. 

Ford,  Dennis,  Middleton,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Freett,  Henry,  Abington,  Philadelphia  county,  taken  November  16, 

Haybey,  William,  Simbury,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;    died   of 

Hand,  John,  Burlington,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  in 

Jones,  Thomas,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  paroled 

December  26,  1776. 

Iverl.  Thomas,  Falls,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Ketcham,  John,  Bensalem,  taken  November  16, 1776;  escaped;  re- 
enlisted  in  the  Sixth  Penn'a. 
Ivillen,  Edward,  Byberry,  taken  November  16, 1776;  wounded  in 

the  thigh  and  right  foot ;  resided  at  Philadelphia,  1786. 
Lott,  Richard,  Plumstead,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 

Mclntire,  William,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;    paroled 

December  26, 1776. 

Mackey,  Daniel,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Martin,  Hamilton,  Trenton  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Merriot,  James,  Bordentown,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Miller,  John,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Monday,  Thomas,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Murphy,  John,  Falls,  Bucks  county,  taken  November   16,  1776; 

wounded  in  the  leg,  and  taken  at  Fort  Washington ;   resided 

in  Bucks  county  in  1815. 
Richmond,  Robert,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16,1776;    died  of 

Royall,  William,  Abington,  taken  November  16,  1776;    died  in 

Rodgers,  Alexander,  Sunbury,  taken  November  17, 1776  ;   paroled 

December  26,  1776. 

/Ryan,  Timothy,  Trenton,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  paroled 
/       December  26, 1776. 

\l  St.  Clair,  James,  Sunbury,  taken  November  16, 1776.  "  E." 
Taylor,  John,  New  Jersey,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Yarden,  Thomas,  Glass-works,  Bucks  county,  taken  November  16, 

Hannah,  George,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776;  died  in 


Hildebrand,  Christopher,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Hoffman,  Nicholas,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Huldry,  John,  Cocalico,  taken  November  16,  1776. 
Klockman,  Peter,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  in  prison. 


Kritzer,  Godfrey,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Kritzer,  John,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Ludwick,  Philip,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  paroled  De- 
cember 16,  1776. 

Luft,  John,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Lutz,  Ilerom,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1766. 

Miar,  Nicholas,  Cocalico,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Miar,  Peter,  Cocalico,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Ogelby,  John,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  died  in 

Pendergast,  Thomas,  Darby,  taken  November  16,  1776;  died  in 

Porter,  John,  Darby,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Price,  George,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 26, 1776. 

Pugh,  Jonathan,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Reem,  David,  Cocalico,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Reem,  John,  Cocalico,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  died  in  prison. 

Reed,  John,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Reed,  Peter,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Reiley,  Thomas,  Burlington,  N.  J.,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Ritchman,  George,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Robinson,  John,  Darby,  taken  November  16, 1776;  died  in  prison. 

Seever,  Peter,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  died  in  prison. 

Sheffer,  Michael,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Shaft'et,  Francis,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776 ;  died  in  prison. 

Shreck,  Martin,  Cocalico,  taken  November  16, 1776, 

[  This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

On  May  26, 1776,  mustered  officers  and  privates  numbered  eighty- 


Decker,  Peter,  Reading,  commissioned  January  5, 1776 ;  taken  No- 
vember 16, 1776;  broke  his  parole  ;  resigned  February  1, 1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Phile,  Charles,  Philadelphia,  commissioned  January  6, 1776 ;  taken 
November  16,1776;  promoted  captain  February  1,  1777;  ex- 
changed August  26  1778 ;  became  supernumerary. 


Second  Lieutenant. 

Rudolph,  John,  Darby,  Chester  county,  commissioned  January  8, 
1776 ;  tuken  November  16, 1777  ;  promoted  first  lieutenant,  Feb- 
ruary 1, 1777  ;  exchanged  October  25,  1780. 

Mulloy,  James,  commissioned  January  8, 1776 ;  deserted. 


Forsythe,  James,  Cumru,  Berks  county,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Gabby,  Michael,  New  London,  Chester  county,  taken  November 

16, 1776 ;  paroled  December  26, 1776. 
Weiser,  Christopher,  resided  in  Buffalo  township,  Union  county. 



Duck,  Philip,  Cocalico,  Lancaster  county,  taken  November  16, 
1776 ;  paroled  December  26, 1776. 


Brosius,  Abraham,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Burkhart,  Michael,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776;  died  in 

Cherchner,  Jacob,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  in  prison. 

Cook,  Andrew,  Darby,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Dell,  Leonard,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776;  died  in  Penn 
township,  Snyder  county,  ante  1792. 

Finerty,  James,  Mildrick,  Del.,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Fry,  Robert,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Huber,  George,  taken  November  16,  1776;  resided  in  Dauphin 
county,  1806. 

Lehman,  Anthony,  resided  in  York  county,  died  in  1818,  aged  sixty- 

Moyer,  Peter,  taken  November  16,  1776;  exchanged  1778;  ree'n- 
listed  in  Capt.  Bankson's  company. 

Spang,  Matthias,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,1776;  paroled  De- 
cember 26, 1776. 

Strow,  Leonard,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Welsh,  Edward,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

iroung,  Jacob,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776;  paroled  December 
26,  1776. 

Zeller,  Michael,  Cumru,  taken  November  16,  1776;  resided  in 
Dauphin  county  in  l.°07. 

Zuier,  John,  Cumru,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  died  in  prison. 


L  This  Holl  is  incomplete. ] 

On  May  28, 1776,  the  mustered  officers  and  men  numbered  eighty- 


Duncan,  Matthew,*  commissioned  January  5, 1776. 

Richardson,  John. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Richardson,  John,  Chester,  commissioned  January  6,  1776 ;  pro- 
moted captain  vice  Duncan,  absent;  taken  November  16,  1776; 
exchanged  August  26,  1778. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Collier,  Richard,  Philadelphia,  commissioned  January  8,  1776 ; 
taken  November  16,  1776  ;  exchanged  August  26,  1778. 


Cloyd,  James,  commissioned  January  8, 1776. 

Beatty,  Reading,  Warminster, taken  November  16, 1776;  exchanged 
May  8, 1778 ;  see  New  Eleventh  Penn'a. 


Wilson,  James,  Chester,  taken  November  16,1776;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 26,  1776. 

Shaw,  Samuel,  Chester,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Fields,  Thomas,  Darby,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Rowe,  Francis,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

"VVilkt,  Frederick,  Philadelphia. 

Murphy,  John,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776.  "  E." 


Allen,  Richard,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Aplin,  George,  Germantown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Caldwell,  James,  Frankford,  taken  November  16, 1776. 
Correy,  John,  Pikeland,  Chester  county,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

*  Matthew  Duncan  was  a  gentleman  volunteer  in  the  campaign 
through  the  wilderness,  in  1775,  and  was  captured  at  the  storming  of 
Quebec,  December  31,  1775.  He  is  marked  in  a  return  dated  February 
13,  1777,  of  Sixth  Penn'a,  as  present  on  parole. 


Cunningham,  Eichard,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Deranda,  Francis,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16,1776;  paroled 
December  26,  1776. 

Dixon,  John,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Earle,  Jonathan,  Darby. 

Kelly,  Dennis,  Darby,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  paroled  December 
26, 1776. 

Logan,  Michael,  Darby,  taken  November  16, 1776 ;  paroled  Decem- 
ber 26,  1776. 

McCord,  Patrick,  Abington,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

Moor,  John,  Darfey,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Moriety,  Timothy,  Chester,  taken  November  16,  1776. 

Murphy,  Patrick,  Philadelphia,  taken  November  16, 1776  ;  paroled 
December  26, 1776. 

Stoughton,  Henry,  Germantown,  taken  November  16, 1776. 

General  List. 

Bast,  Jacob. 

Bradley  William,  sergeant,  resided  in  Middleton  township,  Cum- 
berland county,  in  1790. 

Conner,  Peter,  taken  at  Fort  Washington  ;  resided  in  Philadelphia 
in  1814. 

Fetter,  William,  discharged  June  12, 1776,  to  be  employed  as  gun- 

Fox,  John. 

Garret,  Nicholas,  second  lieutenant. 

Grace,  George,  wounded  at  Fort  Washington. 

Greentree,  Alexander,  discharged  June  12, 1776,  to  be  employed  as 

Polydore,  a  negro  drummer. 

Whitmoyer,  George,  taken  at  Fort  Washington. 

Young,  Christian,  discharged  at  Fort  Washington ;  died  in  Union 
county,  June  10, 1820. 



JANUARY  9,  1776— MARCH  20,  1777. 


| HIS  battalion  was  raised   under  authority  of  a  reso- 
lution of  Congress,  dated  January  4, 1776 :    "  That  an 
additional  battalion  be  raised  in  the  county  of  Cum- 
berland, in  the  Colony  of  Pennsylvania,  to  consist  of 
the  same  number  of  men  and  officers,  and  to  have  the 
1776.      same  pay  and  allowance,  as  the  others  raised  in  the 
said  Colony."     On  the  8th,  field  officers  were  recom- 
mended, and  line  officers  chosen  by  the  Council  of  Safety,  and  on 
the  10th,  the  field  officers  were  elected  by  Congress.    The  commis- 
sions of  the  company  officers,  with  few  exceptions,  are  dated  on 
the  9th,  with  rank  in  the  order  of  their  names.    Six  companies 
were  to  be  raised  in  Cumberland,  and  two  in  York  county,  accord- 
ing to  a  subsequent  arrangement. 

On  the  22d  of  March  Col.  Irvine  writes  from  Carlisle,  to  John 
Hancock,  President  of  Congress: 

"Siu :  I  am  honored  with  your  orders  to  march  my  battalion  to 
'New  York,  which  shall  be  complied  with  all  possible  expedition. 
'*  *  *  Many  of  the  arms  are  old,  and  want  bayonets  and 
other  repairs.  However,  I  shall  not  wait  for  bayonets,  as  I  hope  to 
be  supplied  at  Philadelphia  or  jS"ew  York.  I  have  been  obliged  to 
purchase  many  rifles,  but  they,  I  presume,  may  be  changed  for  mus- 
kets, should  the  service  require  it ;  knapsacks,  haversacks,  canteens, 
and  many  other  necessaries  the  commissioners  promised  to  forward 
for  my  battalion,  are  not  yet  come  to  hand.  Though  I  do  not  mean 
to  wait  for  them,  yet  I  think  it  proper  to  acquaint  you,  as  perhaps 
your  further  orders  may  be  necessary." 

He  states  the  total  of  his  non-commissioned  officers,  and  privates 
to  be  seven  hundred  and  ten,  aggregate  of  the  battalion,  seven 
hundred  and  forty-one. 

On  the  llth  of  May  it  was  at  Albany,  under  the  command  of 
Gen.  Sullivan,  numbering  in  the  aggregate  seven  hundred  and 
thirty-five.  The  details  of  the  services  of  the  Sixth  battalion  being 
necessarily  embraced  to  a  large  extent  in  the  historical  note  to  the 
Second  battalion,  it  is  only  necessary  to  make  reference  thereto, 
-and  to  supplement  them  by  the  following  journal  of  Col.  William 
Irvine  of  the  Sixth  : 
11  VOL.  X. 


"  June  7th,  1776. — Col.  Irvine's  regiment,  and  three  companies  of 
Col.  Wayne's  embarked  in  batteaus  at  Sorrell,  under  the  command 
of  Gen.  Thompson,  and  proceeded  to  Nicollet,  where  we  found, 
and  were  joined  by  Col.  St.  Clair,  who  had  almost  seven  hundred 
men  under  his  command. 

"  June  8th. — Crossed  the  river  to  Point  de  Lac  ;  the  pilot  deceived 
us,  for  his  orders  were  to  steer  to  within  four  miles  of  Trois  Riviere. 
Point  de  Lac  is  nine  miles.  Notwithstanding  this  disappointment 
we  marched  with  all  possible  expedition  for  Trois  Riviere;  but 
here  our  misfortune  began.  Our  guide  led  us  quite  out  of  the  way 
into  a  swamp,  which  was  sufficient  to  engulf  a  thousand  men.  Be- 
fore we  got  disentangled  from  this  dreadful  place  daylight  appeared, 
so  that  instead  of  attacking  the  town  of  Trois  Riviere  before  day 
( as  was  designed )  we  found  ourselves  three  or  four  miles  from  it. 
Here  we  were  at  a  loss  what  to  do ;  had  no  intelligence  of  the 
strength  of  the  garrison  ;  to  attack  was  hazardous,  and  to  retreat 
without  knowing  the  enemy's  strength,  we  could  not  think  of, 
therefore  marched  on. 

"  The  river  now  on  our  right  about  fifty  yards,  we  were  soon  dis- 
covered, and  were  saluted  by  the  men-of-war.  They  fired  inces- 
santly while  we  marched  about  three  quarters  of  a  mile ;  here  we  in- 
clined to  a  wood  on  our  left,  in  order  to  avoid  the  fire  from  the 
shipping,  but  avoiding  one  evil  we  fell  into  a  greater  ;  for  we  now 
entered  into  a  swamp,  which  I  suppose  to  be  four  miles  over.  Na- 
ture, perhaps,  never  formed  a  place  better  calculated  for  the  destruc- 
tion of  an  army.  It  was  impossible  to  preserve  any  order  of  march, 
nay,  it  became  at  last  so  difficult,  and  the  men  so  fatigued,  that 
their  only  aim  was  how  to  get  extricated ;  many  of  the  men  had 
lost  their  shoes,  and  some  their  boots. 

"At  length,  about  seven  o'clock,  some  officers  reached  one  ex- 
treme of  the  swamp,  a  few  went  forward  to  reconnoiter,  brought 
account  back  that  they  saw  clear  ground  and  horses  at  a  little 
more  than  a  quarter  of  a  mile.  Then  Col.  St.  Clair,  Lieut.  Col. 
Allen  and  myself,  with  a  few  other  officers,  strove  to  draw  the  men 
up  in  some  order,  which  we  found  impracticable.  The  General  then 
got  up  with  us,  and  ordered  as  many  as  could  be  collected,  to  move 
forward  to  the  cleared  ground,  there  to  form,  which  was  accord- 
ingly done  with  as  much  expedition  as  could  be  expected  from  men 
worn  down  with  fatigue,  and  who  were  exquisitely  thirsty  and 
faint.  A  few  moments  after  we  were  formed,  the  General  ordered 
the  whole  body  to  move  on,  in  order  to  join  Col.  Maxwell's  division, 
of  whom  we  had  no  account  of  from  our  first  entry  into  the  swamp, 
but  from  a  soldier,  who  said  he  saw  some  men  about  a  half  mile  in 


"  A  brisk  firing  then  began,  which  we  took  to  be  Maxwell's  party. 
Gen.  Thompson  then  ran  towards  the  front,  the  firing  increased, 


and  seemed  very  hot.  The  General  sent  word  to  me  to  send  for- 
ward the  riflemen  of  my  regiment,  but  they  being  chiefly  in  the 
rear  could  not  get  up  as  soon  as  he  or  I  wished.  Those  of  them 
belonging  to  the  companies  then  in  front,  I  ordered  to  turn  out 
and  march  in  Indian  file,  passing  the  word  for  the  rear  to  follow 
in  the  same  order.  I  then  advanced  in  front  and  joined  the  Gen- 
eral, but  by  this  time  Maxwell's  division  was  entirely  broken  and 
retreating  in  such  disorder,  that  there  was  no  possibility  of  rally- 
ing them. 

"•  Gen.  Thompson  then  ordered  us  to  retreat  fifty  paces  into  the 
woods,  where  he  and  I  used  every  argument  we  were  masters  of  to 
collect  and  engage  the  men  to  make  a  stand,  but  our  utmost  efforts 
were  in  vain ;  not  more  than  about  forty  men  could  be  got  together, 
and  before  this  was  done  a  minute,  the  communication  between  us 
and  our  main  body  was  entirely  cut  off.  The  General,  Lieut.  Bird, 
and  myself  were  the  only  officers  now  together. 

"  When  we  were  consulting  what  was  best  to  be  done  with  our 
small  party,  we  were  fired  on  from  all  quarters  by  the  Canadians, 
who  were  in  ambush  and  skulking  in  the  bushes.  We  then  re- 
treated, in  hopes  to  fall  in  with  some  of  our  people ;  but  the  further 
we  marched,  instead  of  our  numbers  increasing,  they  decreased, 
for  in  less  than  ten  minutes  we  mustered  but  seven  in  all.  The 
whole  day  we  marched  through  swamps  and  thickets  alternately, 
without  any  kind  of  refreshments,  except  stagnant  water,  of  which 
we  drank  freely. 

"  We  heard  a  great  deal  of  firing  all  day,  both  great  guns  and 
small  arms ;  the  latter  was  sometimes  very  near  us.  In  the  evening 
we  hoped  we  were  nearly  opposite  where  we  expected  our  boats  to  be. 
We  halted,  to  rest  and  consult  what  was  best  to  be  done,  when  we 
suddenly  were  alarmed  by  a  brisk  firing  where  we  expected  our 
boats  to  be,  and  by  which  we  hoped  to  escape.  The  firing  we  sup- 
posed to  be  on  the  party  with  the  boats.  This  nearly  destroyed 
every  hope  of  getting  off ;  we  then  concluded  to  lie  by  till  after 
dark  and  push  a  few  miles  up  a  river,  where  there  appeared  a  pos- 
sibility of  finding  a  canoe,  in  which  we  might  cross. 

"  About  eleven  p.  M.  we  marched  again  four  miles,  when  we 
discovered  a  sentry.  Knowing  then  that  there  must  be  a  party 
of  soldiers  near,  we  took  a  road  to  our  left,  in  hopes  to  get  past ;  but 
now  we  got  into  another  swamp,  which  caused  our  entire  over- 
throw. In  short,  we  waded  and  wandered  here  until  near  daylight ; 
our  strength  and  spirits  being  now  nearly  exhausted,  we  made  a  fire, 
lay  down  and  slept  about  an  hour.  In  the  meantime  a  soldier 
of  our  party  was  dispatched  to  endeavor  to  discover  the  strength 
and  situation  of  the  enemy.  At  daylight  he  returned  with  the  dis- 
agreeable intelligence  that  we  were  quite  surrounded,  and  no  way 
left  to  get  out ;  to  confirm  what  he  stated,  we  soon  saw  small 


parties  of  soldiers  and  Canadians  dispatched  on  all  sides,  who  be- 
gan to  fire  on  stragglers. 

"  Gen.  Thompson,  Bird  and  I  then  concluded  it  would  be  better 
to  deliver  ourselves  up  to  British  officers,  than  to  run  the  risk 
of  being  murdered  in  the  woods  by  Canadians.  Indeed  we  were 
so  exhausted  as  to  be  unable  to  march  further ;  accordingly  we 
went  up  to  a  house  where  we  saw  a  guard,  and  surrendered  our- 
selves '  prisoners  at  discretion.' 

"  Col.  Nesbit  commanded  here,  by  whom  we  were  cruelly  treated. 
His  party  marched  hence  for  Trois  Riviere ;  a  strong  guard  marched 
with  the  whole  of  the  prisoners.  Gen.  Thompson  and  I  had 
the  honor  of  being  marched  for  six  miles  in  the  common  crowd, 
without  further  distinction  than  being  placed  near  the  front.  The 
commanding  officers  would  neither  allow  us  horses  or  a  carriage, 
though  we  requested  it,  and  represented  to  him  our  miserable  con- 
dition. Notwithstanding,  we  were  hurried  off  in  a  few  minutes, 
and  pushed  exceedingly  fast  for  six  miles,  when  we  arrived  at 

"  Generals  Carleton  and  Burgoyne  were  both  here,  who  treated 
us  very  politely.  They  ordered  us  refreshments  immediately;  in- 
deed Gen.  Burgoyne  served  us  himself.  We  were  then  ordered  in 
a  boat,  and  put  under  the  conduct  of  one  officer  only,  Lieut.  Wilk- 
inson of  the  Sixty-second,  an  exceedingly  genteel  young  man, 
whom  we  wish  to  be  able  to  serve.  Kow  went  on  board  a  transport 
ship  in  the  river. 

"  10th.— Ileshipped  in  another. 

"  12th. — Lieut.  Wilkinson  relieved  by  an  officer  of  marines  and 

"  13th. — Gen.  Thompson  and  Mr.  Bird  ordered  on  board  Blonde 

"  14th. — I  was  taken  on  board  the  Triton,  likewise  a  king's  ship- 

"  25th. — Ordered  to  Quebec.  Gen.  T.,  Lieut.  Bird  and  I  w<:iv 
then  transferred  to  the  Union  transport." 

A  return  dated  Ticonderoga,  October  20, 1776,  has  officers  present, 
one  lieutenant  colonel,  two  majors,  adjutant,  quarter-master,  sur- 
geon, and  mate.  In  Capt.  Smith's  company,  all  officers  present : 
four  sergeants,  two  drums  and  fife,  thirty  privates  fit  for  duty, 
nineteen  sick  present,  six  sick  absent,  and  three  in  command. 
Capt.  Hay's  company:  one  captain, one  ensign,  two  sergeants,  two 
drums  and  fifes,  twenty-seven  privates  fit  for  duty,  twenty-six  sick 
present,  two  sick  absent,  three  on  command.  Capt.  Talbot's  com- 
pany :  one  captain,  one  second  lieutenant,  one  ensign,  one  sergeant, 
one  drum,  thirty  privates  fit  for  duty,  twenty-six  sick  present, 
three  sick  absent, two  in  command.  Capt.  Rippey's  company:  cap- 
tain, first  lieutenant,  and  ensign,  two  sergeants,  two  drum  and  fife. 


twenty-nine  privates  fit  for  duty,  twenty-two  sick  present,  eight 
sick  absent,  one  in  command,  five  artificers.  Of  McClean's  com- 
pany :  two  sergeants,  two  drum  and  fife,  thirty-five  privates  fit  for 
duty,  fifteen  sick  present,  six  sick  absent,  five  in  command.  Capt. 
Wilson's  company:  onesecond  lieutenant, oneensign, four  sergeants, 
two  drum  and  fife,  thirty -nine  privates  fit  for  duty,  ten  sick  pres- 
ent, two  sick  absent,  and  two  in  command.  Capt.  Alexander's 
company :  captain  and  ensign,  one  sergeant,  one  drum  and  fife, 
twenty-two  privates  fit  for  duty,  twenty-five  sick  present,  seven  sick 
absent,  four  artificers.  Capt.  Bush's  company:  captain,  first  lieu- 
tenant, and  ensign,  three  sergeants,  one  drum  and  fife,  thirty-four 
privates  fit  for  duty,  eighteen  sick  present,  three  sick  absent,  four 
in  command.  Wanting  to  complete:  two  sergeants,  one  drum,  one 
hundred  and  sixty-two  privates ;  dead,  one  in  Capt.  Alexander's 
company,  one  discharged  from  Capt.  Wilson's.  Prisoners  with  the 
enemy,  Col.  William  Irvine,  First  Lieutenant  John  Edie,  captured 
June  8,  at  Three  Rivers.  Capt.  Moses  McClean,  Second  Lieut. 
Abdiel  McAlister,  Second  Lieutenant  John  Hoge,  First  Lieut. 
Samuel  McFerran,  captured  at  Isle  Aux  Noix,  June  21.  Capt. 
James  A.  Wilson,  First  Lieut.  John  Grier,  captured  at  Grand  Isle, 
J  uly  24.  Five  officers  sick  present,  eleven  sergeants  sick,  one  drum- 
mer in  command. 

N.  B.  Seventy-eight  of  the  men  in  column  wanting  to  complete, 
were  killed  or  taken  prisoners  at  the  Three  Rivers.  Two  sergeants 
and  sixteen  privates  were  taken  at  Grand  Isle,  24th  July.  One  cor. 
poral  missing  since  13th  of  October.  Ensign  Thomas  McCoy,  who 
was  thought  to  be  killed,  and  in  whose  place  Mr.  King  was  appointed, 
is  yet  alive,  and  at  St.  John's. 

This  battalion  reached  Carlisle  on  its  return,  March  15, 1777,  and 
was  reenlisted  for  three  years,  or  the  war,  as  the  Seventh  Pennsyl- 
vania of  the  Continental  Line. 




Irvine  William,  commissioned  January  9,  1776;  captured  at  Three 
Rivers,  June  8,  1776. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Hartley,  Thomas,  commissioned  January  10,  1776  ;  promoted  colo- 
nel of  one  of  the  sixteen  additional  regiments. 


Dunlop,  James,  commissioned  January  10, 1776 ;  promoted  lieuten- 
ant colonel  Tenth  Penn'a,  October  25,  1776. 

Grier,  David,  of  York,  from  captain  ;  promoted  lieutenant  colonel 
of  Seventh  Penn'a. 


Linn,  Rev.  William,  appointed  February  15,  1776,  for  Fifth  and 
Sixth  battalions. 


Brooks,  John,  appointed  January  9, 1776. 

Calderwood,  James,  appointed  January  9, 1776 ;  promoted  to  lieu- 
tenant on  board  of  the  fleet  August  1,  1776.    He  subsequently 
raised  an  independent  company  (which  was  attached  to  the 
Eleventh  Virginia  Col.  C.  Febiger)  and  was  mortally  wounded 
and  died  upon  the  field  of  Brandy  wine,  September  11, 1777 ;  his 
widow  married  David  Watson  of  Cumberland  county. 
Nichols,  William,  August  1, 1776;  resigned  November  17,  1776. 
Hopes,  Robert,  appointed  by  Gen.  Gates,  November  17, 1776  ;  pro- 
moted captain  in  Hartley's  additional  regiment. 


Johnston,  Robert,  appointed  January  16, 1776 ;  continued  in  ser- 
vice until  1781,  when 
he  was  ordered  by  Gen. 
Greene,  to  leave  the 
regimental  service  and 
assist  the  wounded 
officers  and  soldiers  of 
the  American  army,  prisoners  in  the  British  hospital  in  Charles- 
ton, S.  C.  Dr.  Johnston  died  November  25, 1808,  aged  fifty-eight 
years,  near  Waynesboro',  Franklin  county,  Pa.  He  was  major  gen- 
eral of  Seventh  Division  of  Penn'a  militia,  appointed  July  24, 1807. 


Surgeon's-  Mate. 
McDowell,  John,  appointed  January  9, 1776. 


[Raised  in  York  county,  in  January  and  February,  1776.] 
March  20,  1776,  officers  commissioned,  four  ;  non-commissioned 
officers  and  privates,  eighty-eight ;  total  strength,  ninety-two. 


Grier,  David,  commissioned  January  9, 1776;  promoted  major  Oc- 
tober 25,  1776. 

Alexander,  William,  from  first  lieutenant  Capt.  Rippey's  com- 

First  Lieutenant. 
McDowell,  John,  January  9, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

McAlister,  Abdiel,  captured  opposite  Isle  Aux  Noix,  June  21, 1776; 
exchanged  May  8,  1778. 


Nichols,  William,  commissioned  January  9, 1776 ;  promoted  to  cap- 
tain, Bush's  company,  June  21,  1776. 
Hughes,  John,  commissioned  June  21, 1776. 

Walker,  Andrew,  Yorktown,  age  twenty-one;  enlisted  January 

30, 1776. 
Ivnox,  John,  York  county,  age  twenty-three;  enlisted  February 

20,  1776. 

Jeffries,  Robert,  age  twenty-one ;  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Hay  man,  John,  enlisted  February  21, 1776. 


Lawson,  James,  Berwick,  York  county,  age  twenty-three ;  enlisted 
January  20,  1776. 

Mcllhenny,  Felix,  born  in  Fermanagh,  county  Derry,  Ireland;  en- 
listed from  Hopewell,  January  20,  1776;  age  twenty;  taken 
June  8,  1776;  paroled  August  9, 1776. 

Letliew,  David,  Hopewell,  age  thirty-two;  enlisted  February  24, 


Tomson,  Ezra,  York  county,  cutler ;  age  twenty-five  ;  enlisted  Jan- 
uary 20 1776 ;  taken  June  8,  1776. 

Drum  and  Fife. 
Hamilton,  James. 
Wright,  Mathias,  taken  prisoner  June  8, 1776. 


Anguis,  William,  age  twenty-two ;  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 
Barnes,  Patrick,  Cumberland  county,  age  thirty  ;  enlisted  January 

19, 1776. 

Baker,  George,  age  twenty-one ;  enlisted  January  19, 1776. 
Bacheldor,  Ebenezer,  age  twenty-eight ;  enlisted  January  25, 1776.. 
Barry,  James,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 
Beard,  Robert,  age  eighteen;  Fawn  township;  enlisted  February  7,. 


Brian,  John. 
Campbell,  Archibald,  Berwick;  age  twenty-four ;  enlisted  February 

14,  1776. 
Clemmonds,  John,  Yorktowri,  cooper;   age  twenty-one;  enlisted. 

January  19, 1776. 

Conn,  Adam,  York  county;  age  twenty;  enlisted  February  8, 1776^ 
Conner,  George,  Reading  township;  age  twenty-three,  wagon-maker; 

enlisted  March  9, 1776 ;  taken  June  14, 1776. 
Con  way,  Charles,  Reading  township;  age  twenty-four;  enlisted 

January  23, 1776. 
Cooper,  George,  Chanceford,  York  county;  age  eighteen  ;  enlisted 

February  2, 1776. 

Corrigan,  Cornelius,  age  twenty-two  ;  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Davis,  David,  age  nineteen  ;  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Dulany,  Thomas,  Donegal,  Lancaster  county ;  enlisted  January  24r 

1776 ;  taken  June  8,  1776. 

Dorce,  John,  or  Deis,  resided  in  York  county  in  1818,  aged  sixty- 

Dougherty,  Charles,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 
Dougherty,  John,  Yorktown  ;  age  twenty-two;  enlisted  February 

2, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 
Esson,  Alexander,  Hopewell ;  age  twenty ;  enlisted  February  20r 


Falkner,  John,  age  twenty-five  ;  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 
Frick,  John,  Yorktown;  age  twenty-eight;  enlisted  January  16. 1776. 
Forsyth,  Robert,  Yorktown  ;  age  thirty-five  ;  enlisted  January  21, 

Geddes,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  20, 1776;  resided  in  Huntingdon 

county,  May,  1818,  weaver,  aged  seventy-five  years. 
Grant,  Peter,  age  twenty-seven;  enlisted  January  25,  1776;  taken 

June  8,  1776. 


Guscager,  Charles,  Paradise  township ;  stone  cutter ;  February  14, 

Gyfinger,  Charles,  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Harkins,  James,  age  twenty-six  ;  enlisted  January  23,  1776. 

Hickenbottom,  Edward,  enlisted  from  Cumberland  township,  Jan- 
uary 23, 1776;  age  twenty-five  ;  taken  June  8,  1776. 

Hodge,  Isaac,  Baltimore ;  age  twenty-four ;  enlisted  February  20, 

Hoy,  Thomas,  Hagerstown,  York  county;  age  twenty-five ;  enlisted 
February  16,  1776. 

Jackson,  Archibald,  age  nineteen  ;  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 

Johnston,  Robert,  Hopewell ;  age  twenty;  enlisted  February  24, 

Johnston,  William,  Reading  township,  York  county,  age  eighteen ; 
enlisted  February  16,  1776. 

Kelly,  George,  Yorktown  ;  shoemaker ;  age  twenty  ;  enlisted  Jan- 
uary 16,  1776. 

Kelly,  Thomas,  Baltimore  ;  age  twenty-three ;  enlisted  March  30, 
1776;  taken  June  8,  1776. 

Leeson,  James,  enlisted  February  12, 1776;  taken  June  &,  1776. 

Mason,  William,  Barrens,  York  county,  age  forty;  enlisted  Feb- 
ruary 12,  1776  ;  taken  June  8,  1776 ;  paroled  August  9,  1776. 

Mathews,  Jacob. 

McCall,  John,  age  twenty-five ;  enlisted  January  26, 1776. 

McCoy,  William,  age  eighteen  ;  enlisted  February  16, 1776. 

McDaniel,  John,  York  county,  age  twenty-three;  enlisted  Feb- 
ruary 5,  1776. 

McGowan,  Samuel,  Hopewell;  age  twenty-three;  enlisted  Feb- 
ruary 24,  1776. 

McKissack,  Henry,  Hopewell ;  age  twenty-two ;  enlisted  Feb- 
ruary 24,  1776. 

McMeehan,  Michael,  age  twenty-six;  enlisted  January  23, 1776. 

McMullan,  James,  York  county;  age  twenty-one;  enlisted  Jan- 
uary 27,  1776. 

Mealy,  Lawrence,  Rapho,  county  Donegal,  Ireland;  enlisted  from 
Hopewell,  February  21, 1776  ;  age  twenty  ;  taken  June  8, 1776; 
paroled  August  9,  1776. 

Murphey,  Michael,  Gunpowder  Falls ;  age  twenty-nine ;  March  30, 

Murphy,  Dennis,  Yorktown,  shoemaker;  age  twenty-five;  enlisted 
January  18 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

O'Loan,  Patrick,  Yorktown,  weaver;  age  twenty,  enlisted  Jan- 
uary 22,  1776. 

O'Keil,  Peter,  Cumberland  township ;  age  twenty-one :  enlisted  Feb- 
ruary 1,  1776. 

Pearcy,  John,  age  twenty  ;  enlisted  January  19,  1776. 


Price,  James,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 

Quigley,  William, Chanceford ;  age  twenty-three;  enlisted  January 
29,  1776. 

Redmond,  Murtough,  age  twenty-six;  enlisted  January  23;  taken 
June  8,  1776. 

Robinson,  James,  age  twenty-five;  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 

Roney,  Patrick,  Hopewell ;  age  twenty-one^  enlisted  January  29, 

Bussell,  Joseph,  York  county,  age  nineteen  ;  enlisted  February  23, 

Scullion,  Patrick,  age  twenty-four ;  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 

Schregh,  Peter,  age  twenty-one ;  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 

Shaw,  Archibald,  York  county,  enlisted  February  15, 1776. 

Shaw,  James,  age  eighteen  ;  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 

Standley,  Francis,  Hopewell,  March  5, 1776. 

Shive,  Philip,  Yorktown ;  age  twenty-two ;  enlisted  January  16, 

Schultz,  Michael,  age  eighteen,  enlisted  February  5, 1776 ;  resided 
in  York  county,  1818,  aged  sixty-one. 

Seidle,  Peter,  age  seventeen;  enlisted  February  7,  1776. 

Schneider,  John,  Yorktown,  age  twenty-one ;  enlisted  January  17, 
1776  ;  reenlisted  in  Capt.  Turner's  company,  Hazen  regiment ; 
resided  in  York  county,  1818. 

Spencer,  Edward,  Codorus ;  forgeman,  age  eighteen ;  enlisted  Janu- 
ary 20,  1776. 

Stevenson,  James,  enlisted  February  7, 1776. 

Swank,  Baltzer,  Yorktown ;  sadler ;  age  eighteen ;  January  30, 

Swartz,  George,  Yorktown  ;  clock-maker ;  age  twenty-two ;  en- 
listed January  16,  1776. 

Swartz,  Peter,  Rapho  township,  Lancaster  county,  mason ;  age 
twenty-two  ;  enlisted  March  28,  1776. 

Taylor,  John,  age  twenty-one;  enlisted  January  31,1776;  taken 
June  8,  1776. 

Trees,  Jacob,  York,  enlisted  January  22,  1776. 

Wade,  Joseph,  age  twenty-six ;  enlisted  January  23,  1776. 

Weaverling,  Adam,  Yorktown  ;  age  twenty  ;  enlisted  January  31, 

Welch,  Edward,  age  twenty-four ;  enlisted  January  19, 1776. 

White,  Isaac,  Yorktown,  age  twenty;  enlisted  January  20, 1776. 

Wilkinson,  William,  York  county,  age  twenty-one ;  enlisted  Jan- 
uary 25,  1776. 

Wilson,  Joseph,  York  county,  age  nineteen;  enlisted  January  27, 

Worley,  George,  Windsor  township,  age  twenty-three ;  enlisted  Feb- 
ruary 9, 1776 


Wright,  Matthias,  York  county,  enlisted  February  7, 1776;  taken 
June  8,  1776. 


[Raised  in  Cumberland  county.] 

March  20, 1776.    Commissioned  officers  four  ;  non-commissioned 
and  privates,  eighty-six ;  total  ninety. 

Smith,  Abraham,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 

First  Lieutenants. 
White,  Robert,  commissioned  January  9, 1776 ;  resigned  February 

9,  1776. 
Alexander,  John,  March  23,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 
Alexander,  John,  commissioned  January  9,  1776;  promoted  March 

23,  1776,  first  lieutenant,  vice  White. 
Irvine,  Andrew,  March  23, 1776,  vice  Alexander,  promoted. 

Montgomery,  Samuel,  commissioned  January  9,  1776;  promoted 

second  lieutenant,  in  Capt.  Hay's  company. 
Kennedy,  Samuel,  appointed  June  1, 1776. 

Beatty,  John,  appointed  January  27, 1776 ;  discharged  in  February, 

1777  ;  in  1818,  resided  in.  York  county,  Penn'a. 
Hamilton,  Samuel,  appointed  January  30,  1776;  died  July  11,  1776. 
Foster,  Hugh,  appointed  February  2,  1776. 
Scott,  William,  appointed  February  11, 1776. 
Burke,  William,  from  corporal,  July  11, 1776. 

Burke,  William,  appointed  January  29,  1776;  promoted  July  11, 


Standley,  George-  appointed  March  2, 1776 ;  died  October,  1776. 
Moore,  John,  appointed  February  12,  1776;  died  September,  1776. 
Campbell,  William,  appointed  February  3, 1776. 
Ritchie,  Seth,  appointed  July  11, 1776. 
McCormlck,  William,  appointed  September  25, 1776. 
Drennon,  William,  appointed  October  25,  1776. 


Fannon,  John,  appointed.  February  4,  1776. 

Cochran,  William,  appointed  August  1, 1776. 


Armor,  David,  enlisted  February  9,  1776. 

Barnett,  John,  enlisted  February  2, 177G. 

Blakely,  John,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 

Boyle,  Philip,  enlisted  March  9, 1776. 

Brannon,  John,    Stradbally,  county    Queens,    Ireland;    enlisted 

March  9, 1776 ;  captured  July  24, 1776 ;  paroled  August  9. 1776. 
Brown,  John,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 
Brown,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  4,  1776. 
Caslet,  James,  enlisted  March  9, 1776. 
Cochran,  Josiah,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 

Cochran,  William,  enlisted  March  2, 1776;  promoted  August  1, 1776. 
Craighead,  Kobert,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 
Creevy,  Anthony,  enlisted  February  19, 1776. 
Cunningham,  John,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Dwinney,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  20, 1776;  taken  October  12, 1776. 
Donaldson,  James,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 
Downey,  William,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 
Drennon,  Hugh,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 
Drennon,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 
Dunlap,  James,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 
Flemming,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 
Gordon,  Alexander,  enlisted  January  27, 1776. 
^Gregg,  Robert,  enlisted  February  22,  1776. 
Hendricks,  John,  enlisted  April  8,  1776. 

Higgins,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  1, 1776;  taken  October  12, 1776. 
Holliday,  James,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 
Holmes,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 
Ishmail,  Benjamin,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 
Jarret,  Robert,  enlisted  February  2,  1776. 
Johnson,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 
Leman,  Isaac,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 
Little,  Nicholas,  enlisted  February  14, 1776 ;  taken  at  Three  Rivers, 

June  8,  1776. 

Love,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 
Lowry,  James,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 
Lucas,  George,  enlisted  February  10,  1776. 
McCrea,  Adam,  enlisted  February  4,  1776. 

McCrea,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  12,  1776  ;  died  August  10, 1776. 
McCollam,  John,  enlisted  January  29  1776. 



McCormick,  William,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

McDowell,  John,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 

McFatridge,  John,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 

McGarra,  Michael,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Mcllno,  Robert,  enlisted  February  25, 1776. 

McKenny,  Alexander,  enlisted  March  4, 1776. 

McKingham,  John,  enlisted  February  16,  1776;  taken  at  Three 

Rivers,  June  8,  1776. 

McKissock,  Daniel,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 
McKissock,  James,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 
McLauchlin,  Bryan,  enlisted  Februay  2, 1776. 
McMullan,  Michael,  enlisted  February  3,  1776;  reenlisted,  and 

wounded  at  Monmouth  ;  served  until  1783. 
Miller,  Robert,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 
Milligan,  Hugh,  enlisted  February  7,  1776. 
Montgomery,  John,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 
Moore,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 
Moore,  Fergus,  enlisted  February  26,1776. 
Newell,  Robert,  enlisted  February  4,  1776. 
Points,  Nathaniel,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Powell,  Moses,  enlisted  February  19, 1776. 
Quin,  [Guin]  William,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 
Rannell,  John,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Rannell,  John  Jr.,  enlisted  February  5,  1776. 
Reid,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  26, 1776. 
Reid,  Alexander,  2d,  enlisted  March  3, 1776;  taken  at  Three  Rivers, 

June  8, 1776. 

Ritchie,  Seth,  enlisted  February  4,  1776;  promoted  July  11, 1776. 
Rogers,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 
Roharty  Barthol,  enlisted  March  9, 1776. 
Runey,  Peter,  enlisted  February  9, 1776. 
Scott,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  7,  1776. 
Sheaver,  Adam,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. 
Sheran,  Peter,  enlisted  March  5, 1776. 
Shiver,  Adam,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. 
Shiver,  Peter,  enlisted  March  8, 1776. 
Silvers,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 
Simpson,  George,  enlisted  February  13, 1776. 
Smith,  John,  enlisted  January  27,  1776. 
Smith,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 
Stitt,  William,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. , 
Stoopes,  John,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. 
Stoopes,  Robert,  enlisted  March  8, 1776. 
Swime,  Robert,  enlisted  February  20,  1776. 
Sweney,  John,  enlisted  February  16,  1776. 
Tipper,  Charles,  enlisted  January  27, 1776. 


Todd,  John,  enlisted  January  29, 177*5. 

White,  James,  enlisted  February  16,  1776. 

White, Michael,  enlisted  February  12, 1776 ;  taken  at  Three  Rivers, 

June  8, 1776. 

Wilson,  John,  enlisted  February  16, 1776. 
Young,  John,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 
Young,  Gotleib,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 


Total  strength  of  company,  officers  and  privates,  ninety-one. 


Hay,  Samuel,  commissioned  January  9,  1776 ;  promoted  major 
Seventh  Penn'a,  1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Grier,  John,  commissioned  January  9, 1776 ;  taken  July  29, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 
Parker,  Alexander,  commissioned  January  9, 1776;  promoted  first 

lieutenant,  Capt.  Rippey's  company. 
Montgomery,  Samuel,  commissioned  June  1, 1776. 

Miller,  William,  commissioned  January  9,  1776. 


Hughes,  John,  appointed  January  29, 1776 ;  promoted  ensign  June 
24, 1776. 

Faucet,  John,  born  in  Enniskillen,  Fermanagh,  Ireland;  ap- 
pointed January  17, 1776  ;  taken  at  Three  Rivers,  June  8, 1776  ; 
paroled  August  9,  1776. 

Foster,  John,  born  in  Ballimenagh,  county  Antrim,  Ireland  ;  ap- 
pointed February  1,  1776  ;  taken  at  Three  Rivers,  June  8, 1776; 
paroled  August  9,  1776. 

Parker,  John,  appointed  January  23,  1776. 

Boyd,  William,  born  in  Ballimenagh,  county  Antrim,  Ireland; 
appointed  June  24, 1776 ;  taken  prisoner  July  24, 1776 ;  paroled 
August  9,  1776. 


Hanna,  John,  appointed  January  25,  1776. 

Sample,  Ezekiel,  appointed  January  25, 1776. 


Eowdin,  Francis,  appointed  January  2-5, 1776 ;   reduced  July  24, 

Boyd,  William,  appointed  January  25,  1776;  promoted  June  24, 

Bramer,  William,  appointed  January  25, 1776. 


Drummond,  John,  appointed  January  20, 1776. 
Henry,  John,  appointed  January  15, 1776. 

Mewnham,  Elias,  appointed  February  20,1776. 


Bramer,  William,  enlisted  January  25,  1776;  promoted  July  24, 

Bannon,  Darby,  enlisted  February  15, 1776. 

Barclay,  Samuel,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 

Batson,  William,  enlisted  January  5, 1776. 

Blair,  William,  born  in  Moneymore,  county  Derry,  Ireland ;  en- 
listed February  28,  1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776  ;  paroled  August 
9,  1776. 

Bolden,  Patrick,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Boyd,  Abram,  born  in  Glenaron,  county  Antrim,  Ireland;  en- 
listed February  2,  1776  ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Boyle,  John,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

Brlmigin,  William,  enlisted  February  5,  1776. 

Brown,  Robert,  enlisted  February  21, 1776. 

Butcher,  John,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Butler,  George,  enlisted  February  20, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Byers,  Andrew,*  born  in  Nottingham,  Chester  county ;  enlisted 
January  31,  1776 ;  taken  June  8,  1776. 

Carlton,  Charles,  enlisted  March  1,  1776. 

Cochran,  James,  enlisted  March  8,  1776 ;  killed  at  Three  Rivers 
June  8,  1776. 

Cochran,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  12, 1776 ;  promoted  sergeant 
June  9,  1776. 

Cuningham,  Robert,  enlisted  January  23, 1776. 

Davison,  Edward,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 

Dempsey,  Patrick,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Dunwoody,  John,  enlisted  January  27,  1776;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Dyas,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  26,  1776. 

Flaherty,  John,  enlisted  January  28,  1776. 

Forsyth,  Abel,  enlisted  January  31,  1776. 

Forsyth,  Robert,  enlisted  January  26, 1776 ;  discharged  May  1, 1776 

Freet,  Henry,  enlisted  February  1,  1776  ;  wounded. 

French  Arthur,  enlisted  January  30,  1776, 


Graham,  James,  1st,  enlisted  Jannary  26, 1776. 

Graham,  James,  2d,  enlisted  January  27, 1776. 

Hamilton,  llobert,  enlisted  February  23,  1776. 

Haron,  Thomas,  born  in  Copoquin,  Waterford,  Ireland;  enlisted 
January  28, 1776  ;  taken  June  8, 1776 ;  paroled  August  9, 1776. 

Harly,  Timothy,  enlisted  January  31,  1776  ;  taken  June  8,  1776. 

Hastings,  John,  enlisted  January  31*  1776. 

Holliday,  William,  born  in  McKaskie,  county  Derry,  Ireland  ;  en- 
listed January  29, 1776 ;  taken  July  24,  1776 ;  paroled  August  9, 

Hughes,  llobert,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 

Jamison,  John,  enlisted  February  10,  1776;  deserted  April  3,  1776. 

Kearns,  James,  enlisted  January  31,  1776. 

Kennedy,  Archibald,  enlisted  January  28,  1776;  sergeant  since 
August  1, 1776. 

Kerr,  Michael,  enlisted  January  27, 1776  ;  deserted  February  28, 

Leech,  William,  enlisted  January  25, 1776  ;  died  November  24, 1776. 

Lowrey,  Samuel,  enlisted  February  18,  1776. 

Mairs,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Martin,  Adam,  born  in  Lushen  county  Derry,  Ireland;  enlisted 
February  12,  1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776 ;  paroled  August  9, 1776. 

McClaine,  James,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

McConnell,  Charles,  enlisted  January  26, 1776. 

McCormick,  James,  enlisted  February  5,  1776  ;  deserted  Novem- 
ber 15,  1776. 

McCormick,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  20, 1776. 

McCoy,  Ruday,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 

McCoy,  "William,  enlisted  January  26. 1776. 

McDonald,  William,  enlisted  February  20, 1776 ;  killed  at  Three 
Rivers,  June  8, 1776. 

McGalls,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  20, 1776 ;  died  at  Carlisle,  April 
1,  1776. 

McGlaughlin,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Mclntyre,  William,  enlisted  February  6,  1776. 

McKee,  William,  enlisted  February  27, 1776. 

McKinley,  William,  enlisted  February  20, 1776. 

McMichael,  John,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 

McMillan,  Hugh,  enlisted  February  21,  1776. 

McMullan,  Edward,  enlisted  February  15, 1776. 

McQuown,  William,  enlisted  January  17,  1776;  sergeant  June  10, 
1776 ;  taken  July  24, 1776. 

Means,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Mitchell,  James,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 

Mulloy,  James,  enlisted  February  10,  1776. 

Murphy  Edward,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 


Neal,  Robert,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 

Nelson,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  23, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Pendergrass,  Robert,  enlisted  March  14,  1776 ;  reenlisted  in  the 
Eleventh  Penn'a. 

Reah,  Robert,  enlisted  February  12, 1776  ;  discharged  November 
26,  1776. 

Riley,  Charles,  enlisted  January  5,  1776. 

Roach,  David,  enlisted  January  25, 1776;  died  October  12, 1776. 

Ross,  John,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 

Rowain,  Francis,  enlisted  July  24, 1776. 

Thomas,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  26, 1776. 

Thompson,  John,  enlisted  January  25, 1776  ;  discharged  March  27, 

Thompson,  Joseph,  enlisted  February  2, 1776;  wounded,  and  cap- 
tured July  24, 1776. 

Trance,  Michael,  enlisted  January  26, 1776. 

Tricket  Henry. 

Wagoner,  Garret,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 

WTilkins,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

Wilson,  Andrew,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

White,  John,  enlisted  January  25,  1776  ;  died  July  2, 1776. 

Wright,  Charles,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 

Talbot,  Jeremiah,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 
McDowell,  John,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Brown,  Alexander,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 

Graham,  William,  commissioned  January  9,  1776. 

McCallen,  John. 
Wilson,  John. 
Cuppels,  James. 
Mitchell,  Samuel. 
12— VOL.  X. 


Campbell,  William. 
Hunter,  Robert. 
Chain,  John. 
Bennison,  John;  see  Seventh  Penn'a. 

Drum  and  Fife. 
Melton,  John. 
Killin,  John. 


Asten,  Robert. 

Black,  William,  wounded  on  board  a  gun-boat  on  Lake  Champlain, 

in  left  hand ;  in  hospital  at  Fort  George ;  ree'nlisted  in  Col. 

Hazen's  regiment ;  resided  in  Franklin  county  in  1815. 
Bradley,  John. 
Campbell,  John. 
Carnahan,  Robert. 
Chambers,  Joseph. 
Church,  John. 
Clark,  Francis,  enlisted  February  8, 1777 ;  discharged  March  17, 

1777  ;  resided  in  Lycoming  county  in  1828. 
Coghren,  George. 
Connor,  Charles. 
Dinning,  John. 
Evans,  William. 
Fairess,  Hugh. 
Faulkner,  John. 
Gardner,  James. 
Gibson,  David. 
Handlon,  Duke, 
Heaslet,  William. 
Heatherington,  John. 
Higgins,  John. 
Kelly,  Kern. 
Lewis,  Jacob. 
Lilly,  Hugh. 
Lyon,  Stephen. 
Marten,  John. 
McConnell,  Matthew. 
McCreary,  Lawrence. 
McCreary,  Thomas. 
McDonald,  Archibald. 
McFarlan,  James. 
McKown,  Charles. 
McMullen,  Charles. 
Mellon,  Robert. 


Millegan,  William,  August  1, 1776,  to  March  20, 1777. 

Mitchell,  Thomas. 

Morgan,  Abel. 

Morrison,  Benjamin. 

Murray,  Charles. 

Murray,  Patrick. 

Nickel,  Archibald. 

Pinkerton,  Andrew. 

Pollock,  John. 

Power,  Samuel. 

Quarre,  James. 

RennisonJohn,  enlisted  February  5, 1776;  promoted  sergeant. 

Sesalo,  Mike. 

Shaw,  William. 

Shoemaker,  John. 

Sloan,  James. 

Thompson,  Hugh. 

Thompson,  John. 

Totten,  John. 

Watson,  Robert. 

Welch,  John. 

White,  John. 

White  William. 

Wiley,  Isaac. 

McDonnel,  James,  wagoner. 


March  20,  1776,  total  strength  ninety-three. 


Rippey  William,  commissioned  January  9,  1776;  died  in  Shippens- 
burg,  September  22,  1819,  aged  seventy-eight  years. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Alexander,  William,  commissioned  January  9, 1776 ;  promoted  cap- 
tain October  25, 1776. 
Parker,  Alexander,  promoted  October  25,  1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Brooks,  John,  commissioned  January  9,  1776. 

Lusk,  William,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 



Hughes,  John,  appointed  January  IS,  1776, 
Watt,  Eobert,  appointed  January  18,  1776. 
McClelland,  John,  appointed  January  18, 1776. 
Anderson,  William,  appointed  January  18, 1776. 

Gibb,  William,  appointed  January  19, 1776;   promoted  in  August 

to  Capt.  Wilson's  company. 
McKibben,  Jeremiah,  appointed  January  26, 1776. 
McCullough,  James,  appointed  January  26, 1776. 
Gordon,  George,  appointed  January  26,  1776. 
Stevenson,  Nathaniel  appointed  January  27, 1776. 

Peterson,  Daniel,  appointed  March  26, 1776. 

Kichards,  William,  appointed  January  18, 1776. 


Anderson,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  12,  1776. 
Barclay,  Robert,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 
Burns,  Bernard,  enlisted  February  2, 1776  ;  drummed  out  May  10, 


Caist weight,  Henry,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Caskey,  Robert,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 
Christyardenger,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 
Cochran,  Benjamin,  enlisted  January  18,  1776;    taken  at  Three 

Rivers,  June  8, 1776. 

Collins,  John,  enlisted  February  2, 1776 ;  died  November  22,  1776. 
Cortney,  Robert,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Cull,  Hugh,  enlisted  January  24, 1776. 
Davison,  John,  enlisted  January  28,  1776. 
Dawson,  Antony,  enlisted  January  27,  1776 ;  accidently  wounded 

June  7, 1776. 

Divin,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  18,1776. 
Doucherty,  William,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Dycke,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  26, 1776, 
Falls,  Terrance,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 
Ferguson,  Hugh,  enlisted  January  18,  1776. 
Finerty,  James,  enlisted  February  12, 1776. 
Forsyth,  Hugh,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 
George,  William,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 
Gill,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  18,  1776. 
Girven  Henry,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 
Glouse,  Jacob,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 


Hamilton,  Cumberland,  enlisted  January  23, 1776. 

Hardon,  Neal,  enlisted  January  25,  1776;  taken  June  8,  1776:  pa- 
roled August  9,  1776. 

Haslet,  Robert,  Clady,  county  Derry,  Ireland;  enlisted  February 
29,  1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Hemphill,  Nathan,  enlisted  January  22, 1776. 

Henderson,  William,  enlisted  January  18, 1776;  discharged  April 
18, 1776. 

Hendry,  John,  enlisted  February  5,  1776. 

Hervey,  James,  enlisted  January  18, 1776;  died  August  10, 1776. 

Hewett,  George,  enlisted  February  5,  1776. 

Irvine,  Robert,  enlisted  February  29, 1776. 

Johnston,  John,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

Justice,  Jacob,  entisted  January  20, 1776. 

Kain,  Francis,  enlisted  January  31,  1776;  died  October  24, 1776. 

Keechler,  Christopher,  enlisted  January  29,  1776. 

Kelly,  John,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 

Lavery,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  19, 1776. 

Linsey,  David,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 

Lowry,  William,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Lynch,  James,  enlisted  January  26, 1776. 

Madden,  John,  enlisted  January  20, 1776. 

McCall,  Josiah,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 

McCall,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  29, 1776. 

McClain,  Daniel,  enlisted  January  26,  1776. 

McClain,  David,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 

McComb,  James,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

McCon,  James,  enlisted  February  20,  1776. 

McCoy,  James,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

McDonal,  John,  enlisted  January  20, 1776. 

McFerson,  George,  enlisted  January  19, 1776. 

McGaw,  John,  enlisted  February  8, 1776  ;  of  East  Nottingham  town- 
ship, Chester  county,  Pa. 

Mclntire,  William,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 

McMichael,  John,  enlisted  March  5, 1776. 

McNichols,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  8, 1776. 

Melone,  Charles,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 

Melon,  Philip,  enlisted  March  1,  1776;  taken  July  24, 1776. 

Moore,  John,  enlisted  February  1,  1776. 

Mullen,  James,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 

Nicholson,  William,  enlisted  February  1,1776. 

O'Neal,  John,  enlisted  January  19, 1776. 

Ortman,  John,  enlisted  March  6,  1776. 

Parsons,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Patterson,  Aaron,  enlisted  March  6, 1776. 

Pratt,  Thomas,  enlisted. January  18,  1776;  taken  June  8, 1776;  pa- 
roled August  9, 1776. 


Reed,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 

Regan,  Basil,  enlisted  January  18,  1776;  killed  June  21, 1776. 

Robeson,  Robert,  enlisted  January  27,  1776;  taken  June  8,  1776. 

Rodgers,  Jabez,  Morristown,  N.  J.,  enlisted  February  1, 1776 ;  taken 
July  24,  1776  ;  paroled  August  9,  1776. 

Rosbrough,  Charles,  enlisted  January  22,  1776. 

Rosbrough,  John,  enlisted  January  22,  1776. 

Scott,  Henry,  of  Bellemena,  county  Antrim,  Ireland,  enlisted  Jan- 
uary 31, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776 ;  paroled  August  9, 1776. 

Smiley,  James,  enlisted  February  5,  1776. 

Stephenson,  Alexander,  enlisted  February  12, 1776;  taken  June  8, 
1776,  remained  a  prisoner  during  the  war  at  Quebec;  resided 
in  Allegheny  county  in  1810. 

Stephenson,  Nathaniel,  enlisted  January  27,  1776;  promoted  No- 
vember 10, 1776 ;  discharged  April  20, 1777 ;  resided  in  Butler 
county,  1828. 

Storm,  John,  enlisted  January  22,  1776. 

Thompson,  William,  enlisted  January  19, 1776. 

Trash,  Jacob,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 

Tribel,  John,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 

Yan  Kirk,  John,  enlisted  January  18, 1776. 

Winn,  John,  enlisted  February  3,  1776;  reenlisted  in  Seventh 

Wright,  John,  enlisted  January  31, 1776. 

Young,  Peter,  enlisted  February  2, 1776 ;  deserted  April  7, 1776. 



McClean,  Moses,  commissioned  January  9,  1776;  taken  June  21, 
1776 ;  exchanged  March  27,  1777 ;  died  at  Chillicothe,  Ohio, 
August  25, 1810,  aged  seventy-three. 

First  Lieutenants. 
Eichelberger,  Barnet,  York  county;  commissioned  January  9, 1776 ; 

resigned  February  5, 1776. 
Edie,  John,  commissioned  February  5,  1776;  taken  June  8,  1776; 

exchanged  Api'il  10, 1778  ;  afterwards  Gen.  John  Edie ;  resided 

in  Adams  county  in  1814. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Hoge,  John,  March,  1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776 ;  exchanged  April  20, 


Hopes  Robert,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 

Ralston,  Robert. 
Smith,  John. 
Milligan,  James. 

King,  John,  promoted  October  17,  1776. 
Allison,  Robert,  appointed  October  17,  1776. 

Drum  and  Fife. 
Conner,  Patrick. 
Stack,  Richard. 

Adair,  John. 

Alison,  Robert,  promoted  October  17, 1776. 
Atcheson,  Edward. 
Barclay,  Joseph, 
Blain,  John,  see  Fourth  Penn'a. 
Blakely,  George,  enlisted  22d  January,  1776;  taken  at  Three  Rivers, 

reenlisted  Capt.  Hopes'  company,  Col.  Hartley's  regiment. 
Brown,  John. 
Campbell,  William. 
Chesney,  Thomas. 
Cochran,  William. 
Conn,  James. 
Commoly,  John. 
Crawford,  Robert. 
Cunningham,  David. 
Cunningham,  Patrick. 
Dill,  Thomas. 
Dingley,  William. 
Duffleld,  Felix. 
Dunlap,  John. 
Eavan,  William. 
Entrican,  William. 
Faith,  Alexander. 
Gerard,  Matthias. 
Gibbons,  Henry. 
Gray  nor,  Thomas. 
Griffith,  David. 
Hall,  John. 
Hargie,  John. 
Heinerman,  Michael. 
Hughes,  William. 
Jayne,  Aaron. 
Johnston,  George. 


Johnston,  James. 

Kelly,  Edward. 

Kennedy,  Samuel. 

King,  Patrick. 

King,  William,  artificer. 

Kinkaid,  Samuel. 

Limerick,  Patrick. 

Long,  Joseph. 

Lynch,  Patrick. 

Mahon,  Charles. 

Madden,  Timothy. 

Maxwell,  James. 

Meloy,  Bartholomew,  enlisted  January,  1776 ;  wounded  at  Three 
Rivers  ;  resided,  in  1828,  in  Fayette  county. 

McBride,  John. 

McDaniel,  James. 

McDonald,  William. 

McDowell,  John,  captured  June  21, 1776;  reenlisted  in  Col.  Hart- 
ley's regiment. 

McFarland,  Jacob. 

McGee,  John,  promoted  October  18, 1776. 

McGonagal,  Neal. 

McGuan,  Patrick. 

McKeeder,  Owen. 

McManery,  James. 

Me Wi Hams,  John. 

Morgan,  Christian. 

Mullen,  Daniel. 

Murphy,  Dennis. 

Murray,  Eneas. 

Needham,  Robert. 

Nelson,  Thomas. 

Nolan,  Luke. 

O'Hara,  Dennis. 

Patten,  John. 

Patterson,  John. 

Robinson,  John. 

Sample,  William. 

Shugart,  Eli. 

Simonton,  John. 

Sloane,  David,  promoted  October  18, 1776. 

Smith,  Patrick. 

Sullivan,  Peter. 

Tibbens,  Henry,  enlisted  by  Lieut.  Edie ;  resided  in  Buffalo  Val- 
ley, Union  county,  in  1814.  It  appears  by  a  certificate  of  Capt. 
Timothy  Green,  that  Tibbins  served  in  his  company  in  the  year 
1764,  Col.  Asher  Clayton's  regiment,  Col.  Bouquet's  campaign. 



«  Captain. 

Wilson,  James  A.,  commissioned  January  9, 1776;  taken  July  24, 

First  Lieutenants. 
Bush,  Lewis,  commissioned  January  9,1776;  promoted  to  Capt. 

Adams'  company. 
McFerren,  Samuel,  appointed  June  24, 1776;   from  Capt.  Adam's 


Second  Lieutenants. 
McClelland,  William,  commissioned  January  9,  1776;    resigned 

March  23,  1776. 
Wilson,  Robert,  on  recruiting  service  ;  promoted  March  23, 1776, 

vice  McClelland  resigned. 

Culbertson,  Joseph,  commissioned  January  9, 1776;  killed  June  21, 

Bush,  John,  appointed  June  24, 1776.  , 


Phillips,  Robert;  sick  in  hospital. 
Morton,  Robert. 
Morrison,  John. 
Gibb,  William ;  sick  in  camp. 


Alexander,  Francis. 
Stirling,  Jonathan. 
Hughes,  Dennis,  sick  in  camp. 
Cavan,  Thomas. 

Neilson,  Thomas. 


Mcllroy,  John. 

Andrews,  John. 
Alexander,  Thomas. 
Alexander,  William. 
Barry,  John. 
Brown,  John  C. 
Campbell,  Francis. 


Chambers,  James. 

Chisar,  Christopher. 

Cochran,  Anthony. 

Conner,  Patrick. 

Cook,  Alexander. 

Dailey,  Dennis. 

Donnely,  Ephram. 

Douglass,  James. 

Ferris,  John. 

Fletcher,  William. 

Flynn,  Simon. 

Galbreath,  Josiah. 

Goff ,  Roger. 

Graham,  Alexander. 

Graham,  John. 

Gwinn,  Patrick. 

Hanna,  William. 

Haslet,  Samuel. 

Harris,  Kobert. 

Holdtree,  Joseph. 

Harrison,  Arthur. 

Huff,  Patrick. 

Kaveny,  James. 

Kelly,  Charles. 

Kirkpatrick,  James. 

Kerney,  Hugh. 

Keiser,  Christopher. 

Linton,  Joseph. 

Long,  Joseph. 

Mann,  John. 

McCastney,  Hugh. 

McChain,  Henry. 

McCormack,  Robert. 

McCoy,  David. 

McCullough,  Samuel. 

McDonald,  Patrick. 

McElroy,  John. 

McFauls,  John. 

McGuire,  James. 

McKain,  James. 

McKey,  Samuel,  sick  in  camp. 

McKinley,  James,  sick  in  hospital. 

McKnight,  Charles. 

McNaughton,  Charles. 

McLeod,  Norman. 

McLaughlin,  John. 


Miller,  David. 

Miller,  George. 

Miller,  John,  sick  in  camp. 

Mock,  George. 

Monroe,  Alexander. 

Moore,  Joseph,  sick  in  camp. 

Murry,  Daniel,  sick  in  camp. 

Murry,  Robert. 

Neilson,  Thomas. 

O'Neill,  John. 

Fanily,  Ruloph. 

Parker,  John. 

Patrick,  George. 

Pinckerton,  Joseph. 

Kosenstell,  Martin. 

Ryan,  Andrew. 

Smith,  John. 

Sommerville,  John. 

Spence,  Henry. 

Stockney,  Patrick. 

Story,  Robert. 

Storm,  John. 

Strong,  Charles. 

Sweeney,  Hugh. 

Tiaff ,  Patrick. 

Thompson,  John. 

Todd,  Robert. 

Treacy,  John. 

Walker,  William. 

Warm,  John. 

Weaver,  Henry. 

Welch,  John. 

Welch,  Thomas. 

Whelin,  Michael. 

White,  Christopher. 

White,  Hector. 

Wickard,  Michael. 

Wiggans,  William,  sick  in  camp. 

Wills,  William. 

Wren,  Joseph,  resided  in  York  county,  in  1818,  aged  eighty;  see 

Carter's  York  County,  page  86. 

The  above  is  taken  from  a  muster  roll,  dated  in  camp  at  Mt.  In- 
dependence, November  20, 1776 ;  muster  of  officers  from  9th  of 
January,  1776 ;  of  men  and  non-commissioned  officers  from  October 
1,  1776,  &c. 




March  20, 1776,  total  strength  of  the  company,  ninety-one. 

Adams,  Robert,  commissioned  January  9, 1776 ;    killed  June  21, 

Bush,  Lewis,  appointed  June  24, 1776,  from  Capt.  Wilson's  company. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Bratton,  William,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

McFerren,  Samuel,  commissioned  January  9, 1776;  promoted  first 

lieutenant  of  Capt.  Wilson's  company;  taken  June  21, 1776. 
Nichols,  William,  appointed  June  24, 1776. 


Murray,  John,  commissioned  January  9, 1776. 

Neeper,  William,  appointed  March  23, 1776,  vice  John  Murray  ;  re- 

Calderwood,  James,  appointed  May  1,  1776;  August  1,  1776,  pro- 
moted on  board  the  fleet. 

McCoy,  Thomas,  appointed  August  1, 1776 ;  taken  October  1, 1776  ; 
exchanged  August  10, 1777. 

King,  John,  appointed  October  1, 1776,  rice  McCoy. 


Ewing,  James,  appointed  January  25, 1776. 

Woods,  Samuel,  appointed  January  25,  1776 ;  reduced  June  2, 1776. 
McLinn,  John,  appointed  January  25,  1776. 

Smith,  John,  appointed  January  25,  1776;  reduced  May  15, 1776. 
Kyle,  William,  appointed  May,  15, 1776. 
Orbison,  John,  appointed  June  2, 1776. 


Byers,  Joseph,  appointed  January  25, 1776. 

Lawson,  Thomas,  appointed  January  25, 1776 ;  reduced  May  1, 1776. 

Carnaghan,  Alexander,  appointed  January  25,  1776. 

Renick,  William,  appointed  January  25, 1776. 

Wilson,  Josiah,  appointed  June  15, 1776. 

O'Neal,  Timothy,  appointed  September  25, 1776. 

Haslet,  John,  appointed  January  30, 1776. 


Wann,  John,  appointed  January  25, 1776. 


Baskins,  Williams,  enlisted  February  14, 1776 
Beatty,  Walker,  enlisted  February  3,  1776. 

Blue,  Daniel,  enlisted  February  3, 1776  ;  waiting  on  Gen.  Schuyler. 
Brannon,  Richard,  Killan,  county  Mead,  Ireland ;  enlisted  January 

25, 1776 ;  taken  June  8,  1776;  paroled  August  9,  1776. 
Bryan,  William,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Bucket,  John,  enlisted  March  1, 1776;  deserted  May  1, 1776. 
Bullain,  James,  enlisted  February  3, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 
Burns,  Andrew,  enlisted  February  14, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 
Burns,  John,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 
Burns,  Roger,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Cachy,  John,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 
Campbell,  Alexander,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 
Chapman,  Amos,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 
Conner,  John,  enlisted  February  1, 1776. 
Cummins,  Robert,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 
Davis,  John,  enlisted  January  25,  1776;  taken  June  8,  1776. 
Denny,  Edward,  enlisted  January  30,  1776 ;  killed  June  8, 1776. 
Dougherty,  John,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 
Douglas,  James,  enlisted  March  1,  1776;  taken  October  1,  1776, 

and  paroled. 

Drannon,  William,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 
Drue,  George,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 
Duffy,  James,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 
Dugan,  Charles,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Dyer,  William,  enlisted  March  1, 1776. 
Edgarton,  Edward,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 
Elliott,  James,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 
Ewing,  John,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 
Gallaher,  Edward,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 
Gillis,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  17, 1776. 
Greer,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 
Hall,  David,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 
Hamilton,  James,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 
Hamilton,  John,  enlisted  January  21, 1776. 
Hamilton,  William,  enlisted  January  25, 1776 ;   died  September  1, 


Handbury,  Hugh,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 
Higgins,  James,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 
Isaac,  Solomon,  enlisted  February  6, 1776;  taken  June  8, 1776. 
Joyce,  Richard,  enlisted  January  30,  1776;  taken  June  8,  1776. 
Kennedy,  James,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 
Killwell,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  21,  1776. 


Kyle,  William,  enlisted  January  30,  1777 ;  promoted  sergeant  May 
15,  1776. 

Lawson,  Thomas,  from  corporal,  May  1, 1776;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Maxwell,  James,  enlisted  February  14, 1776. 

May,  William,  enlisted  February  22, 1776. 

McCartney,  John,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 

McConnell,  Michael,  enlisted  January  30, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776; 
paroled  August  9, 1776. 

McCoy,  Gilbert,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 

McCoy,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  14,  1776  ;  promoted  ensign  Au- 
gust 1,  1776. 

Magee,  Andrew,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 

Magee,  John,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 

Magee,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  14,  1776. 

McGilligan,  Barnabas,  enlisted  February  5, 1776. 

McGowan,  William,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 

Mclutire,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  21,  1776. 

McLane,  Hugh,  enlisted  January  25,  1776. 

McNeal,  Paul,  enlisted  February  30,  1776;  taken  June  8, 1776  ;  pa- 
roled August  9,  1776.  See  Seventh  Penn'a. 

Mooney,  William,  enlisted  March  1,  1776. 

Morrow,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  25, 1776. 

Murkhey,  James,  enlisted  February  6, 1776  ;  deserted  May  27,1776. 

Obison,  John,  enlisted  January  30, 1776. 

Olford,  John,  enlisted  February  4, 1776. 

O'Neal,  Timothy,  enlisted  February  3,  1776:  promoted  corporal 
September  21, 1776.  See  Seventh  Penn'a. 

Pitzer,  Jacob,  enlisted  January  30,  1776. 

Polch,  William,  enlisted  January  30, 1776  ;  died  September  22, 1776. 

Quigley,  James,  enlisted  January  21,  1776. 

Redstone,  William,  enlisted  January  21, 1776. 

Shockney,  Patrick,  enlisted  February  6, 1776. 

Smith,  Joshua,  enlisted  February  1, 1776 ;  taken  June  8, 1776. 

Standup,  William,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 

Stenson,  James,  enlisted  May  1, 1776. 

Swany,  John,  enlisted  January  25, 1776;  deserted  April  10, 1776. 

Thompson,  James,  enlisted  January  21, 1776. 

Tomlinson,  Evan,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 

Ward,  John,  enlisted  February  2, 1776. 

Waugh,  William,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 

White,  John,  enlisted  February  3, 1776. 

Wilson,  Josiah,  enlisted  January  30,1776  ;  promoted  corporal  June 
15,  1776. 

Wiseman,  George,  enlisted  January  21,1776;  resided  in  Cumber- 
land county  in  1819. 

Wood,  Samuel,  of  Brandy  wine  Hundreds,  enlisted  January  25, 
1776 ;  taken  June  8,  1776 :  paroled  August  9,  1776. 



MAECH  6, 1776. 




the  Pennsylvania  Battalion  of  Musketry  were  em- 
bodied strictly  for  the  defense  of  the  Province  of  Penn- 
sylvania, by  the  prudent  foresight  of  its  'House  of  Rep- 
resentatives, at  the  suggestion  of  the  Committee  of 

Among  the  minutes  of  the  latter  of  the  20th  of  Feb- 
ruary, 1776,  appears,  inter  alia — 

"  The  committee  taking  into  consideration  what  further  measures 
are  necessary  for  the  defence  of  this  Province,  came  to  the  follow- 
ing resolution 

"That  application  be  made  to  the  Honorable,  the  House  of  Rep- 
resentatives, praying  that  they  will  take  order  for  the  raising  of 

two  thousand  men  to 
act  in  the  defense  of 
rovince,  and  this 
Board  will  represent  it 
as  their  opinion,  that 
it  will  be  most  for  the 
public  service,  that  one 
battalion  of  regular 
troops  be  formed  out  of  that  number,  and  the  remainder  be  a  body 
of  riflemen." 

The  House  acted  promptly  in  considering  the  matter,  and  on  the 
4th  of  March  appointed  a  committee  to  prepare  an  estimate  of  the 
expense  of  levying  a  body  of  fifteen  hundred  men,  victualing  and 
paying  them  for  one  year. 

On  the  5th  of  March,  the  committee,  Col.  Miles  being  one,  re- 
ported a  carefully  detailed  estimate,  which  amounted  to  $172,772, 
£64,789  10s  Penn'a  currency. 

On  the  same  day,  the  House  resolved  to  levy  and  to  take  into  pay 
fifteen  hundred  men,  officers  included ;  and  that  the  men  be  en- 
listed to  serve  until  the  1st  day  of  January,  1778,  subject  to  be  dis- 
charged at  any  time,  upon  the  advance  of  a  month's  pay  to  each  man. 
On  the  6th,  they  determined  that  one  thousand  of  the  levies 
should  be  riflemen,  divided  in  two  battalions  of  five  hundred  men 
13— VOL.  X. 


each,  the  ^remaining  to  be  a  battalion  of  musketmen.  The  two 
rifle  battalions  to  have  one  colonel ;  each  battalion  to  consist  of  six 
companies,  to  be  officered  with  one  lieutenant  colonel,  one  major, 
six  captains,  eighteen  lieutenants,  and  to  have  twenty-four  ser- 
geants, six  fifes,  six  drums,  one  adjutant,  two  surgeons,  one  quarter 
master,  each  company  to  number  seventy-two  rank  and  file.  The 
battalion  of  musketmen  to  consist  of  eight  companies,  officered  by 
a  colonel,  lieutenant  colonel,  major,  eight  captains,  eight  lieuten- 
ants, eight  ensigns,  and  to  have  sixteen  sergeants,  sixteen  corporals, 
eight  fifes,  eight  drums,,  one  adjutant,  two  surgeons,  and  one  quar- 
ter-master, each  company  to  have  fifty-two  privates. 

Capt.  John  Murray,  of  Paxtang  township,  Lancaster  county  (now 
Dauphin)  was  the  first  captain  appointed  on  the  7th  of  March,  fol- 
lowed by  John  Marshall,  of  the  same  county,  on  the  same  day. 
The  other  captains  were  appointed  on  the  9th,  and  the  field  officers 
on  the  14th.  Col.  John  Cadwalader  was  appointed  colonel  of  the 
battalion  of  musketmen ;  but  as  under  the  arrangement  of  the 
House,  he  would  be  second  colonel,  he  declined,  and  on  the  21st 
Samuel  Atlee  Esq.,  of  Lancaster  county  was  appointed.  A  com- 
mittee of  the  House  reported  the  respective  ranks  of  the  line  offi- 
cers on  the  28th  of  March.  On  the  5th  of  April,  rules  and  regula- 
tions for  the  better  government  of  the  military  associations  in 
Pennsylvania  were  adopted,  and  the  Speaker  directed  to  sign  the 
commissions,  which  were  all  dated  on  the  6th  of  April.  Nearly 
the  whole  of  the  rifle  regiment,  according  to  Col.  Miles'  statement, 
was  raised  in  about  six  weeks,  and  rendezvoused  at  Marcus  Hook. 

On  the  2d  of  July  the  regiment  was  ordered  up  to  Philadelphia, 
and  on  the  4th,  one  battalion,  under  Lieut.  Col.  Brodhead  ordered 
to  Bordentown,  N.  J.,  and  on  the  5th,  the  whole  regiment  marched 
for  Trenton,  whence  it  marched  to  Amboy,  under  orders  to  join 

General  Mercer, 
which  it  accom- 
plished on  the 
16th.  Col.  Atlee 's 
battalion  arrived  on  the  beach  at  Amboy  on  the  21st. 

On  the  24th,  according  to  a  general  return,  there  were  eight  hun- 
dred and  sixty  seven  officers  and  men  of  the  rifle  regiment  present; 
of  the  battalion  of  musketry,  four  hundred  and  six  officers  and 
men.  Col.  Miles  was  ordered  over  to  New  York  on  the  10th  of 
August,  and  Col.  Atlee  on  the  llth  ;  on  the  12th  they  were  brigaded 
with  Glover's  and  Smallwood's  regiments,  under  the  command  of 
Brigadier  Lord  Sterling. 

For  the  part  taken  by  the  three  battalions  reference  is  made  to 
Cols.  Miles  and  Atlee's  journals  Pennsylvania  Archives,  vol.  i. 
2nd  series,  512  et  sequitur;  Col.  Brodhead 's  letter,  vol.  v,  1st  series, 
page  21. 

A.  The  Hill  on  which  Lord  Sterling  commanded  the  Brigade 
field-pieces  and  small  arms.  , 

JB.  Large  bodies  of  the  Enemy  marching  round  our  People. 

C,  C,  C.   Our  Camps  with  Forts  Gt  G,  G  in  front  of  them. 

D,  D.   The  road  to  the  Red  Lion,  where  the  Enemy  marched 

E.  The  Flat-bush  road. 

F.  Where  a  considerable  number  of  our  People  were  station 
felled  across  the  Road,  to  defend  themselves  -when  attacked. 

H.  Fort  Putnam,  where  part  of  CoL  Hand^s  men  commandt 
the  Fort. 

/.  A  small  upper  Fort  where  I  was  with  the  Col.  the  day  of 
after  standing  their  ground  at  the  Hill,  at  last  descended,  and  the 
longer,  with  little  or  no  intermission  till  our  -men  retreated  by  the 
which  preiiented  the  enemy  at  B,  B  and  K,  from  seeing  them  retre 
were  drowned  in  the  creek  P,  in  endeavoring  to  get  over.  We  exp 
they  were  not  above  400  or  450  yards  from  Fort  I,  to  those  at  JC,  h 

R,  R.   The  Enemy's  Camp  the  day  after  the  battle. 

PART       OY       ISILATSTD 

*  2lbf"      *™  Col'JlanHs  Regiment  ntut  TftirvfA  at  10  o  clock 
"    fhe.  same,  morning  of  (ht.  enyagemtnJt/. 

Sonvetrhetv,  Tvere,  Ifeyor  BureL  wo*  takeri-Prison-tr. 



.The  enemy  Ta.n3mg  -Uyopii.  7-  •— 

— _      ~~~  'Oif  Engagement; "    _  ~~ 





l\\\\i  \  V  \  \  \  \    \   \    \    \     \ 


ich  stood  a  considerable  time  exposed  to  the  enemies  fire  from  their 

Flat-bush,  along  the  river  and  got  between  our  People  and  the 

yn  a  hill,  with  several  field-pi«ces,  and  breast-works  made  of  trees 
>y  Lieut.  Col.  Chambers  where  detached  from  the  Regiment  to  man 

engagement  where  we  saw  the  whole  action  at  A,  A,  A.  Our  people 
t<as  an  incessant  fire  of  small  arms  for  t'te  best  part  of  an  hour  or 
II  L,  and  their  retreat  O,  0  set  fire  to  the  House  M,  the  smoke  of 
^nd  then  they  came  over  the  marsh  Q,  where  sever*;!  brave  fellows 
d  every  minute  the  Enemy  would  storm  the  Forts  and  lines  /,  H,  as 
t  our  cannon  from  Fort  Putnam,  obliged  to  lie  close. 


The  following  characteristic  letter  of  Capt.  Casper  Weitzel  to  his 
brother  John,  recently  forwarded  the  editors  from  Virginia,  fur- 
nishes some  interesting  points  concerning  this  engagement : 


NEW  YORK,  September  6, 1776. 

"  DEAR  BROTHER  :  I  would  have  written  to  you  long  before  this 
time  had  anything  worth  communicating  happened  me  or  other- 
wise since  my  going  into  the  army.  Even  now  I  scarcely  know  what 
to  say  to  you,  unless  it  would  be  to  give  you  an  account  of  the 
manner  of  living  in  the  American  Army ;  but  that  too  seems  so 
familiar  to  me  now,  that  I  think  myself  to  have  lived  in  the  same 
way  all  my  life,  and  imagine  it  repetition  to  relate  anything  con- 
cerning it.  Amidst  the  marches  and  movements  of  the  Army,  and 
the  attention  I  am  obliged  to  pay  to  my  company,  I  almost  forget 
relatives,  friends,  former  business;  yet  while  I  am  writing  I  find 
myself  a  little  uneasy  when  I  think  myself  so  far  removed  from 
home;  the  Lord  only  knows  for  what  time.  New  York  is  like  a 
wire  mouse  trap,  easy  to  get  in,  but  hard  to  get  out.  You  no  doubt 
before  now  have  heard  of  the  drubbing  we  Pennsylvanians,  with 
the  Delaware  and  Maryland  Battalions,  got  on  Long  Island,  on  the 
27th  of  August  last ;  we  were  prettily  taken  in.  The  General  Sulli- 
van who  commanded  on  Long  Island,  is  much  blamed.  I  saw  nothing 
of  him  in  the  engagement  or  some  days  before.  The  little  army 
we  had  on  the  Island,  of  about  five  thousand  men,  was  surrounded 
by  fifteen  or  .twenty  thousand  of  the  English  and  Hessians,  when 
the  engagement  began ;  they  gave  us  a  good  deal  of  trouble  but 
we  fought  our  way  bravely  through  them.  The  number  of  English 
and  Hessians  killed  is  surprising  great,  and  of  ours  very  trifling  ; 
but  they  have  taken  about  seven  hundred  of  our  people  prisoners, 
and  amongst  them  more  officers  than  perhaps  ever  was  known  in  the 
like  number  of  men.  My  Lieut.  Gray,  Sergeant  Gordon,  Sergeant 
Price  and  sixteen  privates  are  missing.  I  know  of  only  one  killed  in 
my  company.  The  poor  fellow  was  wounded  in  the  thigh, and  unable 
to  walk ;  his  name  is  Speiss ;  the  d d  savage  Hessians  and  Eng- 
lish Light  Infantry,  run  their  bayonets  thro' him,  and  two  of  Cap- 
tain Albright's  men,  who  were  also  badly  wounded,  and  murdered 
by  them.  I  have  this  from  one  of  my  men  who  was  a  prisoner  and 
escaped  to  me,  and  imagine  the  rest  are  prisoners.  James  Watt  is 
among  them.  I  came  off  with  whole  bones,  contrary  to  my  expec- 
tations ;  I  was  in  so  much  danger  that  by  escaping  that,  I  think  it 
was  impossible  for  them  to  kill  me.  Many  a  brush  we  shall  have 
yet  before  the  campaign  is  over;  we  expect  every  day  to  have 
another  clip.  I  wish  you  would  endeavor  to  send  such  of  my  clothes 
as  are  worth  wearing,  my  blanket  and  pillow,  in  my  trunk  to  Lan- 
caster, and  let  me  know  of  it  when  you  have  sent  it,  that  I  may 


endeavor  to  have  it  brought  from  there  to  where  I  may  be  stationed. 
There  are  no  clothes  to  be  got  here  of  any  kind.  I  have  lost  all  my 
shirts  and  stockings,  except  two  shirts,  and  two  pair  of  old  stockings, 
what  I  shall  do  for  more  God  knows.  I  have  no  hopes  to  get  back 
to  Pennsylvania  until  some  time  in  January  or  February,  unless 
hard  weather  and  bad  quarters  kill  me  before  that  time.  I  ought 
to  have  written  to  Mr.  Chambers  particularly,  but  have  not  had 
time.  As  he  has  my  papers,  I  hope  he  will  do  every  thing  he  can 
towards  having  my  business  settled.  I  hear  you  are  one  of  the 
great  men  of  the  State  of  Pennsylvania.  Can't  you  give  me  a  little 
lift  some  how  or  other  if  there  is  anything  going.  I  need  not  give 
you  an  account  of  the  officers  missing  in  our  regiment ;  no  doubt 
you  know  of  it  before  this  time.  I  will  mention  some,  Col.  Miles, 
Col.  Piper  two  captains  and  fourteen  Lieutenants,  three  of  them 


Your  faithful  and  affectionate 

Brother,  and  humble  servant, 


In  the  action  of  the  27th  of  August,  the  rifle  regiment  and  mus- 
ketry battalion  were  so  broken  up  that  Gen.  Washington  ordered 
the  three  battalions  to  be  considered  as  a  regiment,  under  the  com- 
mand of  Lieut.  Col.  Brodhead,  until  further  orders. 

On  Thursday,  September  19,  "  the  three  battalions  mutinied,  and 
appeared  on  the  parade  under  arms.  After  this  they  deserted  in 
parties  with  their  arms,  about  two  hundred  men  in  the  whole, 
fifty  of  whom  are  here  now.  The  rest  have  taken  other  roads.  Their 
complaints  are  want  of  pay,  want  of  clothes,  the  want  of  blankets, 
the  not  receiving  the  particular  species  of  rations.  As  to  their 
pay,  they  had  the  whole  to  the  1st  of  August,  and  some  have  de- 
serted immediately  after  having  their  full  pay  to  the  1st  of  Septem- 
ber. A  very  great  cause  of  desertion  is  owing  to  the  loss  of  their 
field  officers.  A  party  attempted  to  desert  ( about  thirty  )  but  were 
prevented  by  force.  A  corporal  at  their  head,  thrust  with  his  bay- 
onet at  Lieut.  Lang,  which  he  parried,  the  corporal  is  in  custody  ; 
the  same  corporal  cocked  his  piece  at  Ensign  Davis,  and  attempted 
to  fire.  One  Kelly,  of  Capt.  Brown's  company,  and  Sergeant  Sca- 
mell,  of  Howell's  company,  are  principal  ringleaders."  (Informa- 
tion received  from  Capt.  Farmer,  Capt.  Erwin,  Lieut.  Lang,  Lieut. 

The  following  petition  "of  privates  in  Col.  Miles' and  Atlee's 
battalion  returned  from  camp  without  leave,  "without  date,  is  prob- 
ably referable  to  this  period : 

"  To  the  Honourable  the  Committee  of  Safety  of  the  Province  of  Penn- 


"  We  your  Petitioners,  Soldiers  enlisted  for  the  Province  of  Penn- 
sylvania, now  returned  from  Xew  York  Government,  being  Will- 


ing  &  Desirous  of  Letting  your  Honours  know  the  reason  of  our  re- 
turning. Our  Commanders  told  us,  the  Subscribers,  that  if  we 
went  out  of  the  Province  that  we  should  be  used  well,  and  return 
in  six  weeks  from  the  time  we  left  the  Province.  We  were  out  of 
the  Province  upwards  of  Two  Months  and  not  used  according  to 
promise.  We  never  had  half  of  our  Provisions  Given  us  that  was 
allowed  to  us  by  the  Honourable  the  Assembly  of  the  Province  of 
Pennsylvania,  nor  never  received  any  pay  for  the  time  we  were  out 
of  the  Province.  We  lost  our  Chief  Commanders  on  Long  Island, 
and  not  knowing  who  to  apply  to  for  Redress  when  out  of  the  Prov- 
ince we  returned  to  seek  Redress,  and  hope  your  Honours  will  take 
it  into  your  Consideration.  Your  Petitioners  did  not  leave  New 
York  for  Cowardice  but  for  bad  usage,  and  we  are  willing  to  fight 
to  Defend  the  Province  where  we  were  Inlisted. 

"  Your  Petitioners  Humbly  beg  that  you  would  take  it  into  your 

"And  your  petitioners  will  ever  pray. 


























By  a  return,  dated  September  27,1776,  signed  byEnnion  Williams, 
major,  the  First  battalion  had,  including  field,  nineteen  officers,  six- 
teen sergeants,  three  drummers,  and  one  hundred  and  eighty-two 
rank  and  file ;  the  Second  battalion  had  eighteen  officers,  thirteen 
sergeants,  two  drummers,  two  hundred  and  sixty-one  rank  and 
file  ;  the  musketry  had  eleven  officers,  seven  sergeants,  four  drum- 
mers, and  one  hundred  and  forty-one  rank  and  file.  The  three  bat- 
talions were  then  in  Gen.  Minim's  brigade,  and  stationed  at  Mount 

On  the  5th  of  October,  (see  Col.  Rec.,  vol.  x  page  748,)  the  Coun- 
cil of  Safety  determined  that  the  three  battalions  should  be  arranged 
as  follows :  two  were  to  be  on  the  Continental  establishment,  and  to 
serve  during  the  war,  the  other  to  be  retained  in  the  service  of  the 
State  until  the  1st  of  January,  1778,  unless  sooner  discharged,  and 
to  consist  of  ten  companies  of  one  hundred  men  each,  officers  in- 
cluded. This  they  intended  ordering  home  as  soon  as  the  condition 
of  the  Contenental  army  would  admit  of  it,  as  they  were  by  arrange- 
ment to  keep  twelve  complete  battalions  in  the  Continental  service. 
This  regiment  was  thereafter  known  as  "  The  Pennsylvania  State 
Regiment  of  Foot."  For  the  arrangement  of  captains  and  subalt- 
tern  officers  for  the  battalion  to  be  kept  in  pay  of  the  State,  see 
Col.  Bee.,  vol.  x,page  765. 

On  the  25th  of  October,  they  ordered  the  men  in  Capts.  Farmer's, 
John  Murray's,  Anderson's,  Marshall's,  Albright's,  Dehuff's  and 
Christ's  companies  to  continue  under  the  same  captains;  Spade's 
company  to  be  commanded  by  Capt.  John  McGowan,  Francis 
Murray's  by  Capt.  Morton  Garret,  Richard  Brown's  by  Capt. 
James  F.  Moore,  &c.,  (see  Col.  J?ec.,  vol.  x,  page  766,)  and  consoli- 
dated the  companies  of  Long,  Peebles,  Weitzel,  Erwin,  Grubb, 
Lloyd,  Herbert,  Nice,  Howell  and  McClellan  with  the  former. 

The  remains  of  these  battalions  thus  consolidated  followed  the 
fortunes  of  the  Continental  army.  On  the  16th  of  November  part 
of  the  musketry  battalion  was  in  Fort  Washington,  and  was  cap- 
tured, with  the  following  officers,  Capt.  Dehuff,  Lieuts.  Caldwell, 
Ward,  and  Weidman,  and  Ensign  Whitehead.  On  the  22d  it  was 
in  Hand's  brigade  at  head-quarters  now  New  Brunswick.  It  was 
engaged  in  the  capture  of  the  Hessians  at  Trenton,  26th  December, 
1776 ;  in  the  battle  of  Princeton  January  3,  1777  ;  lay  part  of  the 
winter  at  Philadelphia,  and  moved  down  to  Billingsport  in  March, 




Miles,  Samuel,*  appointed  March  13,  1776;  taken  August  27, 1776  ; 
exchanged  April  20,  1778. 

Lieutenant  Colonels — First  Battalion. 

Piper,  James,  of  Bedford,  appointed  March  13,  1776;  captured 
August  27,  1776  ;  died  in  captivity,  leaving  a  widow,  Lucinda, 
who  resided  in  Cumberland  county  in  1791. 

Second  Battalion. 

Brodhead,  Daniel,  of  Berks  county,  appointed  March  13,  1776; 
October  26, 1776,  transferred  to  the  Fourth  Penn'a. 

Majors — First  Battalion. 

Williams,  Ennion,  appointed  March  13,  1776;  resigned  February 
4, 1777,  on  account  of  promotion  over  him. 

Second  Battalion. 

Patton,  John, appointed  March  13, 1776 ;  January  11 , 1777,  promoted 
colonel  of  one  of  the  sixteen  additional  regiments  by  Gen. 


Rogers,  Rev.  William,t  appointed  April  6, 1776 ;  in  June,  1778,  the 
brigade  chaplain ;  retired  the  service  in  June,  1781. 

*December  28,  1776,  the  Council  appointed  Colonel  Miles  brigadier 
general  of  .the  State  forces,  After  his  exchange,  not  being  able  to  obtain 
his  rank,  he  retired  from  active  service,  and  was  appointed  auditor  for 
settling  public  accounts,  and  Deputy  Quarter-Master  General  for  Penn'a. 
which  latter  office  he  held  until  1782.  In  1783  he  was  appointed  one  of 
the  judges  of  the  High  Court  of  Errors  and  Appeals.  In  1790  he  was 
elected  mayor  of  Philadelphia.  In  October,  1805,  was  elected  member 
of  Assembly ;  took  sick  at  Lancaster,  and  died  at  his  place,  Cheltenham, 
Montgomery  county,  December  29,  1805,  aged  sixty-six. 

f  Dr.  Rogers,  who  was  a  Bap- 
tist  clergyman>  was  elected  pro- 
fessor  of  EnSlish  oratory  in  the 
University  of  Penn'a,  which 
'  position  he  resigned  in  1812  ;  in 
1816-1817  he  was  a  member  of 
the  Assembly  from  Philadel- 
phia. He  died  m  Philadelphia 
April  7, 1824,  aged  seventy-three. 



Bowen,  Thomas  Bartholomew. 

McGowan,  John. 

Wallace,  Thomas,  of  Philadelphia,  appointed  October  24,  1776. 

Q  uarter-Masters . 

Power,  Alexander,  appointed  April  6, 1776. 
Laverswyler,  Jacob,  appointed  October  24, 1776. 
Pa  y-M asters. 

Cox,  Isaac,  appointed  September  18, 1776  ;  resigned  October  16, 1776. 
Redman,  John,  appointed  October  1776. 


Davis,  John,  of  Chester  county,  appointed  March  22,  1776  ;  taken 
prisoner  August  27,  1776  ;  March  1,  1777,  he  was  appointed  sur- 
geon of  Col.  Patton's  regiment,  with  which  he  served  until 
April,  1779.  Surgeon  Davis  died  February  13, 1806,  aged  seventy- 
seven  and  is  buried  in  the  Baptist  Valley  church,  Tredyffrin, 
Chester  county. 

Riegor,  Jacob,  of  Lancaster  county,  appointed  March  22, 1776. 
Surgeon'1  s  Mates. 

Davis,  Joseph,  captured  August  27,  1776;  exchanged  December  8r 

1776,  for  Dr.  Beaumont. 
Buck,  Henry,  of  Capt.  Marshall's  company. 
Buck,  James,  appointed  October  25,  1776. 

Sergeant  Major — First  Battalion. 
Hoffner,  George,  afterwards  adjutant  Procter's  artillery. 



Farmer,  Lewis,  of  Philadelphia,  commissioned  April  6,  1776; 
wounded  on  Long  Island  August  27,  1776;  promoted  major 
March  14,  1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Davis,  John,  April  6,  1776 ;  taken  August  27,  1776 ;  promoted  cap- 
tain in  Ninth  Penn'a. 


Second   Lieutenants. 
Wirt,  George,  promoted  first  lieutenant  in  C apt.  Shade's  company, 

May  28,  1776. 

Jacquet,  Joseph,  from  third  lieutenant ;  killed  in  battle  August  27, 
1776 ;  left  a  widow  residing  in  Philadelphia  in  1791. 

Third  Lieutenants. 

commissioned  April  6,  1776;  promoted  second 
lieutenant  May  28,  1776. 
Brodhead,  Luke,  appointed  May  28, 1776 ;  taken  prisoner  August 
27,  1776;  exchanged  December  8, 1776,  for  Lieut.  Wellington, 
of  the  twenty-sixth  British  ;  appointed  second  lieutenant  from 
October  24,  1776. 


Swartz,  Christian  Gotfried,  first  sergeant,  April  12, 1776. 
Hoffner,  George,  second  sergeant,  (sergeant  major,)  May  8, 1776. 
Sheffler,  Valentine,  third  sergeant,  April  16, 1776. 
Gorman,  Joseph,  fourth  sergeant,  March  29, 1776 ;  in  1777,  promoted 

ensign  of  Thirteenth  Penn'a. 
Murphy,  John,  from  private,  July  17, 1776. 
Drum  and  Fife. 

Garrett,  Eobert,  March  19,  1776;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Wolff,  Frederick,  March  14, 1776  ;  discharged  May  29, 1776. 


Adam,  Christian,  May  11,  1776. 
Adams,  Christopher. 
Adams,  William,  April  21, 1776. 
Alspaugh,  David,  March  23, 1776. 
Alspaugh,  John,  March  23,  1776. 
Alstot,  John,  April  20, 1776. 

Anderson,  Alexander,  April  12, 1776 ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Anderson,  John,  April  25,  1776. 
Barry,  John,  April  4,  1776. 

Bathorn,  Hugh,  March  22, 1776;  discharged  June  12.  1776. 
Bidy,  John,  May  6,  1776. 
Bikle,  Jacob. 

Brenner,  John,  April  10,  1776. 
Broxen,  Benjamin,  April  29,  1776. 
Bryan,  George,  May  5, 1776. 
Buam,  Bardie,  May  11, 1776. 

Burger,  John,  April  20,  1776  ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Butterwork,  Isaac,  April  17, 1776;  discharged  June  28, 1776. 
Cordier,  Henry,  May  11, 1776 ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Carlick,  George,  April  10, 1776. 
Coone,  Mathias,  April  29,  1776. 


Craige,  David,  April  18,  1776. 

Creewas,  [Gray was,]  Bastian,  April  9,  1776;  missing  since  August 
27,  1776. 

Daniel,  Cornelius,  April  19, 1776;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Dehart,  Samuel,  April  12,  1776. 

Dilrnau,  Andrew,  April  11,  1776. 

Dilmau,  George,  April  9,  1776. 

Dunkelberger,  John,  March  23, 1776. 

Durland,  Jacob,  April  12,  1776. 

Edwards,  John.  May  8,  1776 ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Emrish,  John,  April  4,  1776, 

Englehard,  Jacob,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Feeser,  John,  May  8, 1776. 

Flanigan,  Timothy,  May  8, 1776. 

Foey,  Christian,  May  2, 1776 ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Frederick,  Abraham,  May  10, 1776. 

Freese,  Philip,  April  1,  1776 ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Garling,  George,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Gigher  [  Gyeger,]  John,  May  2,  1776. 

Haas,  John,  May  6, 1776. 

Hackett,  Benjamin,  April  29,  1776;  missing  since  August  27,1776. 

Hagar,  Jonathan,  April  4, 1776 ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Hamans,  Lawrence,  April  5,  1776;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Harris,  Francis,  April  27, 1776  ;  discharged  June  22, 1776. 

Hass,  Peter,  April  10, 1776. 

Hause,  Nicholas,  April  13, 1776 ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Haynes,  John,  April  30,  1776. 

Haynes,  Martin,  April  30, 1776 ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Hettrick  George,  April  1,  1776. 

Hettrick,  Adam,  April  12,  1776. 

Heartman,  Henry,  April  19,  1776. 

Hager,  Jonathan,  April  4, 1776;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Hering,  Christopher,  April  10,  1776. 

Hill,  Frederick,  May  1, 1776. 

Hingle,  Leonard.  March  23,  1776. 

Holder,  Jacob,  April  7, 1776. 

Houser,  Ludwig,  April  12, 1776;  resided  near  Strasburg,  Franklin 
county,  1818. 

Inglehert,  Jacob,  April  28, 1776. 

Isenhauer,    Philip,  April  4, 1776 ;  resided  in  Mercer  county  in  1826. 

Jones,  Race,  [Rease,],  April  4, 1776. 

Keasper,  Samuel,  May  11, 1776. 

Keating,  John,  April  13,  1776;  transferred  to  Capt.  Peebles'  com- 
pany July  3,  1776. 

Kecht,  Jacob,  April  4, 1776. 

Keither,  [Kydle]  Adam,  April  19,1776;  missing  since  August  27, 


Kirkpatrick,  George,  May  2, 1776 ;  died  July  8, 1776. 

Knode,  Henry,  May  2,  1776. 

Koppenhever,  Jacob,  May  8,  1776  ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Latcha,  John,  April  5,  1776. 

Lederman,  Michael,  May  2, 1776. 

Lehman,  Henry,  April  20, 1776 ;  reenlisted  in  Capt.  John  Cobea's 

company,  Second  Penn'a. 
Leidy,  Valentine,  May  3,  1776. 
Loch,  George,  April  24,  1776. 
Lonsiscus,  [Lanciskis]  Jacob,  April  1,  1776. 
Mace,  Paul,  April  10, 1776. 
Mahoney,  Thomas,  May  2,  1776, 
McCalpene,  Thomas,  May  21,  1776. 
Mecum,  Frederick,  April  18, 1776. 

Meserly,  Conrad,  May  11, 1776  ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Miller,  Frederick,  Jr.,  April  1,  1776. 
Miller,  Frederick,  Sr.,  July  5,  1776. 

Miller,  George,  Jr.,  May  2,  1776  ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Miller,  George,  Sr.,  July  5, 1776. 
Moore,  William,  April  18,  1776. 

Murphy,  John,  May  8,  1776 ;  promoted  sergeant  July  17, 1776. 
Mease,  Balser,  April  14,  1776 ;  see  Second  Penn'a. 
Onglebeck,  Matthias,  April  20,  1776. 
Pelser,  Anthony,  May  9, 1776. 
Piggle,  Jacob,  April  9,  1776. 
Resler,  George  Hendrick,  May  1, 1776. 
Rouse,  Jacob,  April  10,  1776. 
Salada  Melchior,  (armorer,)  May  2,  1776 ;  discharged  by  order  of 

Congress  in  December,  1776,  to  enter  the  service  of  D.  &  S. 

Hughes,  in  making  cannon. 

Swager,  Adam,  April  9, 1776 ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Segler,  Peter,  April  29, 1776. 
Seiginger,  Nicholas,  May  1, 1776. 
Shifle,  Jacob,  April  4, 1776  ;  wounded  August  27,  1776  ;  reenlisted 

for  three  years ;  resided  in  Montgomery  county  in  1813. 
Sheetz,  Francis,  April  29,  1776 ,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Shutt,  Jacob,  April  1, 1776  ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Simon,  Samuel,  April  1,  1776. 

Slotterer,  Jacob,  April  6,  1776 ;  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Smith,  John,  May  9,  1776. 
Snatterly,  Henry,  April  5, 1776. 
Stargar,  Justis,  [Youst,]  March  14,  1776;  transferred  to  Capt. 

Long's  company. 
Straupe,  Adam,  April  10, 1776. 
Stump,  Christopher,  April  5,  1776. 
Stump,  George,  March  26,  1776. 


Unklebach,  Matthias. 

Vanemogher,  Philip,  April  20, 1776. 

Voolever,  Godlip,  April  8,  1776 ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Ward,  William,  April  29, 1776. 

Wert,  Chistian,  March  23,  1776. 

Wetsteine,  [Wetstone,]  Balser,  April  30,  1776. 

Wise,  Henry,  April  30,  1776 ;  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Young,  John,  May  4,  1776;  missing  since  August  27,  1766. 

Zeister,  Daniel,  May  2, 1776. 


Brown,  Richard,  appointed  from  Bedford  county,  March  19,  1776; 

taken  prisoner  August  27,  1776. 
Moore,  James  Francis,  from  first  lieutenant,  October  25,  1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Moore,  James  F.,  appointed  from  Bedford  county,  March  19,  1776; 
joined  the  company  August  9, 1776 ;  promoted  captain  October 
25,  1776. , 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Barnet,  James,  resigned  July  23,  1776. 

Boyd,  Thomas,  from  third  lieutenant  of  Capt.  Shade's  company, 
August  9, 1776;  taken  at  Fort  Washington;  resided  in  In- 
diana county  in  1817. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Holmes,  James,  commissioned  April  15,  1776 ;  resigned  December 
31 , 1776. 


Steits,  Henry. 

Anderson,  James,  missing  since  August  27,  1776;  paroled  Decem 

ber,  1776  ;  resided  in  Bedford  county  in  1813. 
Fitzgerald,  Patrick. 
Evans,  Samuel. 
Johnston,  Thomas. 
Hirsh,  Jacob. 


Lever,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 


Ludwick,  Conrad. 

Allen,  Ephraim. 
Allen,  Richard. 
Armstrong,  Henry. 

Barkley,  Hugh,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Biddle,  Hezekiah,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Biddleson,  George. 
Bradley,  Thomas. 

Bradley,  William,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Brown,  Solomon. 

Carmichael,  Peter,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Clark,  James. 
Clements,  George. 
Conrey,  John. 
Cowin,  Michael. 

Crossan,  Samuel,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Dailey,  James. 
Dawson,  Jeremiah. 

Develin,  Peter,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Dougherty,  John. 

Dreiskel,  Timothy,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Duke,  Alexander. 
Evans,  James. 

Evans,  Samuel,  promoted  sergeant. 
Fitzgerald,  William,  discharged  October  18,  1776. 
Growss,  Adam,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Haggerty,  John. 
Harris,  John. 

Hirsh,  Jacob,  promoted  sergeant. 
Henderson,  Alexander. 
Henry,  Hugh. 

Holmes,  Alexander,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Huston,  Robert,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Johnston,  Thomas,  promoted  sergeant. 
Jones,  Joshua. 
Kelly,  James. 

Lever,  James,  killed  at  Staten  Island,  July  26,  1776. 
Ludwick,  Conrad. 
Maguire,  Daniel. 

Mallon,  John,  wounded  by  accident,  August  12, 1776 
Marshall  Solomon. 
Mclntire,  Daniel. 
McGregor,  John,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 


McKittrick,  Michael. 

McMichael,  Christy,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Mior,  John,  August  4,  1776. 

Moore,  William,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Morris,  George. 

Nesbit,  Jonathan,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Penrod,  Tobias. 

Riley,  Job. 

Roberts,  Richard,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Rush,  Jacob. 

Ryan ,  Miles. 

Scott,  Nathaniel,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Skinner,  Samuel. 

Shaver,  Philip. 

Smith,  John,  Jr.,  discharged  September  1,  1776. 

Smith,  John.  Sr. 

Sparks,  Degory,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Sparsell,  Isaac. 

Stan  ton,  Thomas. 

Steed,  James,  discharged  July  11, 1776  ;  returned  August  23,  177H  ; 

reenlisted  at  Hancock,  Md.,  in  the  Thirteenth  Penn'a. 
Stockton,  Thomas. 

Stokes,  Robert,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 
Tull,  Richard. 
Vanasdale,  Isaac. 
Yorris,  Albert. 
Welsh,  Mark. 



Long,  Andrew,  of  Bucks  county,  commissioned  April  6,  1776  ;  re- 
signed on  account  of  ill  health,  October  14,  1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Spear,  John,  captured  August  27,  1776;  exchanged  and  promoted 
captain,  State  regiment. 

Second  Lieutenants' 

Finley,  Joseph  L.,  promoted  captain  of  Third  Penn'a. 
Dungan,  John, 


Third  Lieutenants. 

Hargis,  Benjamin, 

Hargis,  Abraham,  commissioned  September  . ,  1776. 

Hagus,  James. 


Yanpelt,  John. 

Nelson,  James. 

Higginbottom,  Thomas,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Murphey,  Archibald. 

Gordon,  George. 

Drum  and  Fife. 

Donely,  Henry,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Nelson,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 


Allen  Enoch,  April  1,  1776. 

Barkley,  John,  April  22, 1776. 

Barnet,  James,  April  13,  1776. 

Beatty,  John,  March  25,  1776  ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 

Burket,  John,  April  17, 1776. 

Christopher,  Thomas,  April  20, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  Aug- 
ust 27,  1776. 

Cunningham,  John,  April  23, 1776. 

Dean,  Rex,  April  3,  1776. 

Dougherty,  Hugh. 

Duffield,  James,  May  3,  1776. 

Dunlap,  Abraham,  April  1,  1776  ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 
27, 1776. 

Elliott,  John,  Jr.,  March  21, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 
27,  1776. 

Elliott,  John,  Sr.,  April  18, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 
27, 1776. 

Fiock,  Jacob,  April  10,  1776. 

Fitner,  Henry,  April  10,  1776. 

Fitzgerald,  John,  April  22,  1776. 

Fotterel,  Patrick,  April  23, 1776. 

Fullum,  Thomas,  April  23,  1776. 

Griffith,  Howell,  April  15,  1776. 

Griffith,  Joseph,  April  23,  1776. 

Griffith,  Owen,  March  27,  1776. 

Haggerty,  Hugh,  April  18, 1776. 

Harverd,  Benjamin,  April  1,1776;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 
27,  1776. 


Higginbottom,  Thomas,  April  12, 1776;  promoted  sergeant. 

Hurley,  John,  April  9,  1776. 

Kelly,  Patrick,  April  23, 1776  ;  missing  sin-:3  the  battle,  August  27, 


Kelly,  Thomas,  April  23, 1776. 
Kepler,  Matthias,  April  8,  1776. 
Lawson,  John,  March  18,  1776. 
Leviston,  David,  March  21,  1776. 
Lynch,  Andrew,  April  18,  1776. 
McDowell,  James,  discharged. 
McDowell,  Robert,  March  21,  1776. 
McGargy,  James,  "  not  joined  yet,  June  1, 1776." 
McGlachlin,  Patrick,  April  24,  1776. 
Mclntire  William,  April  5,  1776. 
McKinney,  John,  April  10,  1776. 
McLean.  Daniel,  April  18.  1776  ;    missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776. 

McLean,  Jacob. 
Morland,  John,  April  29,  1776. 
Mulhalon,  Hugh,  March,  1776 ;   wounded  August  27, 1776.     See 

Second  Penn'a. 

Murry,  Thomas,  April  22,  1776. 
Murphy,  Arch'd,  April  3,  1776  ;  promoted  sergeant. 
Myler,  William,  April  10, 1776. 
Perry,  William,  April  15,  1776. 
Petiliet,  John  Emanuel,  April  23,  1776. 
Powers,  William,  March  28, 1776. 
Rich  William,  April  3, 1776. 
Ried,  Patrick. 

Roddy,  John,  April  17, 1776;  discharged  July  17,  1776. 
Ruffcorn,  Simon,  April  1,  1776. 
Shelton,  John,  April  16,  1776. 
Smalley,  Samuel,  April  4, 1776. 
Smith,  Samuel,  April  3, 1776. 
Stope,  John,  April  25,  1776. 
Stretch,  Jacob,  April  12,  1776. 
Stretton,  Abraham,  April  10,  1776. 
Taylor,  William. 
Teat,  Adam,  May  4, 1776. 
Tempels,  George,  April  22,  1776. 
Williams,  John,  April  16,  1776;   missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776. 



(In  camp  near  King's  Bridge,  September  1,  1776.) 


Albright,  Philip,  appointed  from  York  county,  March  19, 1776;  re- 
signed January  23,  1777. 

First  Lieutenants. 
Thomson,  John,  appointed  March  15, 1776  ;  promoted,  and  left  the 

regiment  December  21,  1776. 
Sheriff,  Cornelius. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

McPherson,  Willliam,  captured  August  27, 1776;  exchanged  April 
20, 1778 ;  died  at  Gettysburg,  August  2, 1832 ;  buried  in  Ever- 
green cemetery,  Gettysburg,  Pa. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Stake,  Jacob,  subsequently  promoted  captain  Tenth  Penn'a. 


Wilson,  Thomas,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Tate,  Robert,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Willey,  James. 
Geddes,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Quarter-Master  Sergeant. 

Lytle,  Andrew,  April  1,  1776;  promoted  Ensign  Fifth  Penn'a, 
October  24, 1776. 

Harden,  John. 

Awl,  John. 
Barron,  Eobert. 
Beltzhover,  Ludwick. 

Boned,  Andrew,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Boyd,  Alexander,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Branon,  William. 
Brown,  John. 
Burk,  Michael, 
Busham,  Jacob,  (armourer.) 
14— VOL.  X. 


Carlton,  Edward,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776 ;  ex- 
changed, and  placed  in  Capt.  Marshall's  company,  Thirteenth 

Conrad,  George, 

Croan,  Henry, 

Crookham,  John. 

Cuxel  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Duffleld,  Rachford,  died  at  Philadelphia  March  1, 1777,  of  wounds 
received  at  Long  Island. 

Ferril,  Hugh. 

Fink,  Michael. 

Foster,  Thomas,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Glen,  Patrick, 

Gobin,  Hugh,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1779. 

Gorden,  James. 

Grearley,  John. 

Gregg,  John. 

Gregg,  Robert. 

Helm,  George. 

Helsley,  Jacob,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Hendry,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Hollan,  William. 

Hudson,  John. 

Hutchison,  James. 

Jacobs,  Jonathan. 

James,  William. 

Kennedy,  Philip,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776 ;  resided 
in  Lycoming  county  in  1819. 

Killean,  Michael. 

Kilpatrick,  Robert,  died  August  16, 1775,  at  Amboy. 

Kilpatrick,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Knee,  [  Karee,]  Thomas,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Lead,  Conrad,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  17J6. 

Leavingston,  Jacob,  sick  in  New  York,  September  1,  1776. 

Lutes,  John. 

Malseed,  Samuel. 

McBroom,  Henry,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

McCay,  James. 

McClughan,  Hugh,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

McCown,  Daniel. 

McCown,  Patrick. 

McElnay,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776 ;  lost  his 
health  in  captivity,  see  act  14th  March,  1805. 

McFarlane,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

McGinish,  Patt. 

McGuire,  Bartholmew,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 


McNeal,  Daniel. 

Morrison,  James,  enlisted  June,  1776 ;  reenlisted  in  Ninth  Penn'a. 

Morrison,  Joseph. 

Myer,  Joseph. 

Newman,  Jacob,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Reed,  Hugh. 

Rinehart,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Rubart,  Adam. 

Ryan,  Christian. 

Ryan,  Michael. 

Shadow,  Henry,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Smith,  John. 

Spangler,  Charles,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Stockdel,  Terrence. 

Stuart,  David. 

Stump,  Charles,  wounded  August  27, 1776,  lost  one  finger ;  missing 

since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776 ;  resided  in  York  county  in 


Sturgeon,  Robert. 

Bwartz,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 
Trine,  George. 

Wampler,  George,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Wells,  Edward,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 
Welshance,  William. 

Williams,  Thomas,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Woods,  Samuel. 



Shade,  Henry,  appointed  from  Northampton  county,  March  9, 1776  ; 

promoted  captain  in  Tenth  Penn'a. 
McGowan,  John,  appointed  October  25, 1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 

West,  George,  taken  August  27,  1776;  died  in  captivity,  leaving  a 
widow,  Mary. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Driesbach,  Yost,  appointed  March  10,  1776;  captured  August  27, 


Tliird  Lieutenants. 

Boyd,  Thomas,  appointed  March  19,  1776  ;  promoted  second  lieu- 

tenant  in  Capt.  Brown's  company,  August  9, 1776. 
McGowan,  John,  commissioned  August  9, 1776. 


Weaver, Casper, first ;  March  26, 1776 ;  killed  in  skirmish  in  March, 


"Wolb,  Jacob,  second ;  April  13, 1776. 
Miller,  Isaac,  third  ;  March  20,  1776. 
Gruber,  Isaac,  fourth  ;  April  29,  1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle, 

August  27,  1776. 
Tennis,  William. 

Drum  and  Fife. 

Webster,  Hugh,  April  11, 1776. 
Ammore,  Gottlieb,  April  11, 1776. 


Alshouse,  David,  April  11, 1776. 

Beaver,  Christopher,  April  5, 1776. 

Bebehouse,  [Bevehouse,]  John,  May  19, 1776. 

Baker,  Henry,  March  17, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 


Bernhard,  [Barnhart,]  Peter,  March  21, 1776. 
Black,  Daniel,  June  3,  1776. 
Blyley,  John,  April  6,  1776. 
Bollabaker,  Henry,  May  16, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776. 
Bower,  John,  March  25,  1776  ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 


Boyd  Andrew,  "voluntier." 
Brown,  Benjamin,  June  5, 1776. 
Burd,  Thomas,  May  12, 1776. 
Deal,  George,  April  3, 1776. 
Denius,  [Tenins,]  Jacob,  May  22, 1776. 
Dull,  Henry,  April  1,  1776;  resided  in  York  connty,  in  1818,  aged 


Dull,  Martin,  April  17,  1776. 
Dunn,  Peter. 

Edinger,  Jacob,  March  26, 177,6. 
Erb,  Jacob,  April  3,  1776. 
Faussel,  John  Christopher,  April  29, 1776. 
Tennis,  William,  April  12,  1776;  promoted  sergeant. 
Frederick,  Jacob,  May  15,  1776. 
Fry,  John,  March  21, 1776. 


Pry,  Philip,  May  19, 1776. 

Godshalk,  Henry,  May  20,  1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776. 

Greemier,  Casimer,  March  15, 1776. 
Greenawalt,  Nicholas,  May  29,  1776:  transferred  to  Capt.  Moore's 

company  ;  reinlisted   in  Col.  Stewart's  regiment ;  resided  in 

Franklin  county  in  1819. 
Hainey,  Philip,  April  12,  1776. 
Heaslet,  Andrew,  April  2,  1776. 
Hicker,  Adam,  March  20,  1776. 
Hine,  Conrad,  June  3,  1776. 
Hughs,  Cornelius,  March  15, 1776. 
Hutmacher,  Jacob,  May  19, 1776. 
Iseuhart,  Jacob,  April  17, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776. 
James,  Elias. 

Kahm,  Michael,  May  8,  1776. 
Kave,  Thomas,  discharged  August  16,  1776. 
Rear,  Martin. 
Keibler,  George,  April  9, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27. 

1776;  carried  to  Halifax;  released  in  1778;  resided  in  North- 
ampton county,  1822. 
Kelchner,  Michael,  April  28, 1776. 
Kensel,  John,  April  9, 1776. 
Kerchner,  Adam,  June  3,  1776. 
Koock,  [Kock,]  Christian,  April  18,  1776. 
Kuntz,  John,  March  29,  1776. 

Lee,  John,  May  14, 1776  ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Litchard[t,]  Joseph,  April  14,  1776. 
McAry,  John,  April  23, 1776;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 


McBride,  John, 
McRight,  John,  May  22,  1776. 
Miller,  Henry,  May  8,  1776. 
Miller,  Isaac. 
Miller,  Lorentz,  April  3, 1776 :  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 


Mill[s,]  Andrew. 
Moody,  Adam,  April  18, 1776. 
Mosteller,  Michael,  April  25,  1776. 
Mosteller,  Nicholas,  March  27,  1776. 
Myer,  Conrad,  April  18, 1776. 
Neff,  Thomas. 
Neighhard,  Christopher,  April  14,  1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle, 

August  27,  1776. 
Picket,  John,  May  29, 1776. 


Plyley,  John. 

Potts,  Jonathan. 

Roahr,  Martin,  May  20, 1776. 

Roahr,  Nicholas,  May  20, 1776. 

Robison,  John,  June  5, 1776. 

Simmons,  John,  April  26,  1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27,  1776. 

Schwab,  George,  April  29, 1776. 
Schwartz,  Elias,  May  26,  1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776. 

Schlough,  Barnett,  April  19, 1776. 
Sebold,  Leonard,  May  8, 1776. 
Sloan,  James,  April  1, 1776. 
Swark,  [Swink,]  Frederick,  April  24, 1776. 
Swartz,  Andrew,  April  3, 1776. 
Telb,  [Delb,]  Jacob,  April  6, 1776. 
Tennis,  William. 
Tickard,  Frederick,  April  1, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776.    ' 

Travers,  Joseph,  April  4, 1776. 
Treasy,  John. 
Treese,  John,  April  20,  1776;  resided  in  Huntingdon  county,  in 

May,  1818. 

Warner,  Henry,  May  6, 1776. 
Weaver,  Henry,  April  6, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 


Weaver,  John,  May  24, 1776. 
Weeble,  George,  April  18, 1776. 
Weis,  Henry,  May  19, 1776. 
Wright,  William,  April  19, 1776. 



Weitzel,  Casper,  of  Sunbury,  appointed  March  9, 1776. 
First  Lieutenant. 

Gray,  William,  appointed  March  15,  1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle, 
August  27, 1776 ;  exchanged  December  8, 1776,  for  Lieutenant 
Thompson,  of  the  Twenty-sixth  British ;  died  at  Sunbury,  July 
18,  1804,  aged  fifty-four. 


Second  Lieutenant. 

Robb,  John,  appointed  March  17,  1776;  promoted  captain  in  the 
Thirteenth  Penn'a,  April  18,  1777. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Grant,  George,  appointed  March  19, 1776 ;  promoted  captain  in  the 
Ninth  Penn'a,  May  3, 1777. 

Sergeant- Major. 
Gordon,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Snider,  Jacob. 
Price,  Thomas,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776;  resided 

at  Selin's  Grove  in  1792  ;  subsequently  colonel  of  militia. 
Orr,  William. 
Shanks,  Thomas. 

Everard,  John,  left  sick  at  New  York,  September  1, 1776. 

Privates , 

Allison,  "William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Arthur,  John. 
Aumiller,  John. 
Barr,  William. 

Brady,  Peter,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Brinson,  Stout. 

Burke,  John,  left  sick  at  Philadelphia. 
Carson,  Samuel. 
Carson,  William,  Jr. 
Carson,  William,  Sr. 
Carter,  Andrew,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 

27, 1776. 
Carter  Charles. 
Caruthers,  Eobert,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August- 

27, 1776. 

Chisnell,  James. 
Clark,  William. 
Clayton,  James. 
Conn  el,  Jeffry. 
Cribs,  John. 
Curry,  David. 

Davis,  Peter,  lying  wounded  in  New  York  September  1,  1776. 
Doran,  Edward. 
Durell,  David. 
Durell,  Stephen. 
Elder,  James. 


Ewig,  Christian. 

Gass,  Henry,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August  27, 


Gerhart,  Henry. 
Glover,  James. 
Hardy,  John,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August  27  r 


Harper,  William. 
Hissom,  Thomas. 
Huggins,  Dennis,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 

27,  1776. 
Hunt,  Elijah. 
Irvine,  James. 
Kerstetter,  Martin,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 

27,  1776. 
Little,  Thomas. 
Madden,  Joseph,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island.  August 

27, 1776. 

McCleane,  Charles. 

McCormick,  William,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  Aug- 
ust 27,  1776. 
McDonald,  John. 
Mclnnis,  Patrick. 
McManus,  Patrick. 
McMath,  William. 
McVey,  Patrick,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 

27, 1776.  L 

Miller,  Henry. 
Morehead,  Robert,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 

27, 1776. 

Newman,  Richard. 

Noland,  Michael,  served  subsequently  in  Capt.  John  Robb's  com- 
pany, Col.  Stewart's  regiment ;  resided  in  Northumberland 

county  in  1810. 
Ralston,  Andrew,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 

27, 1776. 

Randolph,  James. 
Rice,  John,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August  27T 


Sands,  John. 
Shafer,  John  Adam,  died  in  Northumberland  county,  January  14r 

1840,  aged  eighty-seven. 
Spiess,  Jacob,  missing  after  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August  27, 


Staples,  Samuel,  left  sick  at  Marcus  Hook. 
Turner,  David. 


Watt,  James,  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August  27, 


Wilson,  Robert. 
Winters,  Christian. 
Wolcot,  Silas. 

A  return  of  the  Officers  of  First  Battalion  of  the  Pennsylvania  Rifle 

Regiment,  October  4, 1776. 

Chaplain. — Eogers. 

Adjutant. — McGowan. 

Quarter-  .Master.— Laverswyler. 

FARMER'S  COMPANY.— Present,  four  sergeants,  twelve  privates ; 
sick  absent,  eight ;  absent  without  leave,  twenty-one. 

BROWN'S  COMPANY. — One  sergeant,  one  drum,  twenty-three  pri- 
vates ;  sick  absent,  four  ;  absent  without  leave,  nine. 

ALBRIGHT'S  COMPANY. — Three  sergeants,  one  drum,  forty-six 

SHADE'S  COMPANY. — Three  sergeants,  two  drums,  thirty-two  pri- 
vates ;  sick  absent,  twelve  ;  absent  without  leave,  four. 

WEITZEL'S  COMPANY. — Three  sergeants,  seventeen   privates ; 

sick  absent,  one  drum,  seventeen  privates ;  absent  without  leave, 


Lieutenant  G'oZoneZ.— Brodhead. 

Captains. — Albright,  Shade,  and  Weitzel. 

Second  Lieutenants. — Robb,  Finley,  and  Boyd. 

Third  Lieutenants. — Stake,Grant,  Holmes,  Hargis,  and  McGowan. 

Captain. — Farmer. 

Captain. — Long. 

First  Lieutenants. — Moore  and  Thompson. 

Total  present  fit  for  duty,  three  captains,  seven  lieutenants, 
seventeen  sergeants,  four  drums,  one  hundred  and  fifty-eight  rank 
and  file. 

A  return  made  by  Major  Ennion  Williams,  November  22,  1776, 
exhibits  the  strength  of  this  battalion  to  be  five  captains,  six 
lieutenants,  nineteen  sergeants,  three  musicians,  and  two  hundred 
and  nine  rank  and  file. 





Murray,  John,  from  Paxtang  township,  now  Dauphin  county ;  com- 
missioned March  7,  1776 ;  promoted  major  of  Penn'a  State 
regiment,  March  18,  1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Stoner,  John,  commissioned  March  15,  1776 ;  promoted  captain 
Tenth  Penn'a. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Hamilton,  James,  commissioned  March  16,  1776. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Taylor, Charles,  commissioned  March  19, 1776 ;  killed  at  Longlsland 
August  27,  1776. 

Sergeant  Major. 
Washington,  William. 


Kennedy,  James,  died  September  29, 1776. 

Lusk,  Patrick,  wounded  in  right  wrist  at  Princeton,  January  3, 1777 . 
Parks  John. 
McComb,  Thomas. 

Maclin,  John. 

McKillip,  Archibald. 


Anderson,  Thomas. 
Barnet,  Richard. 
Baily,  Thomas. 
Baker,  John. 
Beggs,  James. 
Boal,  Henry. 
Boyd,  John. 


Brown,  Samuel. 

Cannon,  James. 

Carney,  James. 

Chambers,  David. 

Clindining,  James. 

Coleman,  William,  lost  his  eyesight  by  reason  of  hardships  at  the 

battle  of  Long  Island. 
Coslit,  James. 
Crookshanks,  William, 
Donnely,  Hugh. 

Dudgeon,  Thomas,missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 
Earls,  William. 
Eldridge  Thomas. 
Finley,  James. 
Fulton,  Samuel. 

Gallaway  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Gibbons,  Patrick, 
Gilmore,  John, 
Graham,  Daniel. 
Graham,  George. 
Johnston,  William. 
Jury,  Abraham. 
Kennedy,  William. 
Laferty,  Daniel. 
Lindsay,  Mungo,  promoted  corporal  in  Capt.  Moore's  company, 

Penn'a  State  regiment. 
Lister,  Robert. 
McCann,  James. 

McCay,  Daniel,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
McCracken,  Arthur. 
McGraw,  John. 
Mcllroy,  James. 
McLain,  John. 
McLister,  James, 
McMullin,  Michael. 
Menis,  John, 
Merifield,  Hiram. 
Messer,  John. 
Milicher,  Michael. 

Minsker,  Ludwick,  died  November  24,  1776. 
Montgomery,  John. 
Moore,  John. 
O'Neill,  Charles. 
Overhalser,  Christian. 
Peal,  Henry. 
Plunkit,  Thomas,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 


Porter,  George. 
Pursel,  John. 
Quigle,  Philip. 

Reist,  Frederick,  enlisted  April,  1776;  resided  in  Halifax  in  1814. 
Rice,  Peter. 
Richards,  Patrick. 

Richey,  Robert,  enlisted  in  April,  1776  ;  resided  in  Buffalo  town- 
ship, Cumberland  county,  in  1814. 
Ridle,  William. 
Robinson,  John. 
Scouten,  Theodorus. 
Shanks,  William. 
Smith,  John. 
Smith,  Matthias. 

Smith,  Thomas,  "  has  cannon  fever." 
Solter,  John. 
Spangle,  Zachariah. 
Steaver,  Daniel. 
Thompson,  John. 
Tonner,  William. 
Trith,  James. 
Vartz,  John. 
Veasey,  John. 
Walker,  John. 
Welch,  John. 
Weidel,  George. 
Weir,  John. 
Wiggins,  John. 
Wiseman,  Adam. 



Peebles,  William,  appointed  from  Cumberland  county,  March  9T 
1776  ;  captured  August  27,  1776  ;  died  in  1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Scott,  Matthew,  appointed  March  15, 1776 ;  captured  August  27T 
1776  ;  exchanged  December  8, 1776,  for  Lieut.  Cleveland  of  the 
Seventh  British ;  promoted  captain,  April  18,  1777.  (His 
widow  Peggy  Lamb  Scott,  resided  in  Mechanicsburg,  Cumber- 
land county,  in  December,  1845.) 


Second  Lieutenant. 

Burns,  Robert,  appointed  March  16,  1776 ;  promoted  captain  in 
Hazen's  regiment,  December  21,  1776. 

Third  Lieutenant. 

Campbell,  Eobert,  appointed  March  19,  1776 ;  promoted  captain  in 
Hazen's  regiment,  December  21, 1776. 

Kenny,  Samuel. 
McCrackin,  William. 

Heylands,  Patrick,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Collier,  Joseph.  i 

Carson,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Lee,  Edward,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 


Adams,  William. 

Archer,  Zachariah. 

Armstrong  William. 

Atcheson,  James ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Beatty,  Thomas. 

Bourke,  Henry. 

Boyd,  William. 

Boyle,  Daniel,  discharged  at  Valley  Forge,  January  1,  1778;  re- 
sided in  Armstrong  county,  in  1824. 

Brattin,  James. 

Brown,  John. 

Brown,  William,  "voluntier ;"  captured  at  Fort  Washington ;  ree'n- 
listed  in  Thirteenth  Penn'a. 

Campble,  Robert. 

Carrigan,  John. 

Carson,  William. 

Cavan,  William. 

Dibbins,  Henry. 

Dixon,  Patrick. 

Dixon,  Samuel,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Dougherty,  Barnabas. 

Dowds,  James. 

Elliott,  John. 

Farquer,  Charles. 

Finley,  Daniel. 

Flynn,  Patrick. 

Galbreath,  James. 


Gilmore,  Thomas. 

Hawn,  Daywell,  [David.] 

Hodge,  John. 

Holder,  Charles. 

Hove,  Jacob. 

Jacobs,  John, 

Justice,  John,  "draughted"  September  4,  1776. 

Keating,  John. 
<Lane,  John. 
-#Lane,  Peter. 

Logan,  Samuel. 

McClintock,  Kobert. 

McCurdy,  Alexander. 

McKegney,  Hugh. 

McKensey,  Andrew. 

McKowen,  Charles. 

McMullon,  Neil. 

Mitchell,  Alexander. 

Mitchell,  John,  was  a  justice  of  the  peace  in  Cumberland  county, 
in  1821. 

Mogan,  Lawrence. 

Montgomery,  Samuel,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Montgomery,  William. 

Moore.  David,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Moore,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Moore,  John. 

Murdaugh,  Patrick. 

Mortimore,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Mullady,  Robert. 

Neil,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Nickleson,  James. 

Nugent,  Robert,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Orput,  Richard. 

Paxton,  John. 

Pealing,  Robert. 

Pollock,  James. 

Potts,  Hans. 

Quigley,  Patrick,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Quin,  John. 

Ralston,  Andrew,  reenlisted  in  Second  Penn'a. 

Reily,  James. 

Rogers,  Thomas,  died  at  New  York,  in  captivity ;  left  a  widow, 
Elizabeth  Rogers,  residing  in  Chester  county. 

Scrogs,  James. 

Sharp,  Andrew. 

Shurer,  Thomas. 


Shields,  John, 

Skuse,  John. 

Townsend,  Thomas. 

Vine)',  Patten. 

Walker,  John. 

Wallace,  John. 

Wallace,  Thomas. 

Weatherspoon,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Weaver,  Peter. 

Wilson,  Robert, 

Woods,  Hugh. 

[Raised  in  Hanover  township,  Lancaster  county,  now  Dauphin.] 


Marshall,  John,  appointed  March  7,1776;  resided  in  Washington 
county,  Penn'a,  in  January,  1814. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Clark,  John,  appointed  March  15,  1776 ;  promoted  captain  Feb- 
ruary 20,  1777. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Gourley,  Thomas,  appointed  March  16,  1776;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant in  Ninth  Penn'a,  December  6,  1776. 

Ihird  Lieutenant. 

Hannah,  Stephen,  appointed  March  19, 1776;  promoted  second  lieu- 
tenant, but  declined  service. 

McMichael,  James,  April  22, 1776;  promoted  lieutenant  in  Penn'a 

State  regiment. 

Douglas,  Timothy,  March  17,  1776. 
Speer,  Edward,  March  19,  1776. 
Herron,  John,  April  8, 1776. 
Criswell,  James. 

Drum  and  Fife. 

Campbell,  John,  April  18,  1776. 
Hammon,  Abraham,  April  7, 177C. 
Price,  William. 



Andrews,  Robert,  March  18, 1776  ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 
27, 1776. 

Beam,  Tobias,  March  18, 1776. 

Beaver,  John,  April  24,  1776. 

Bell,  James,  May  26, 1776. 

Briukley,  John. 

Buck,  Henry,  surgeon's  mate. 

Burk,  James,  April  12, 1776. 

Campbell,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Carlton,  Edward,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Carson,  James,  March  19,  1776. 

Chambers,  John,  March  18, 1776. 

Cotter,  George,  March  25, 1776. 

Crain,  Ambrose,  March  25,  1776;  promoted  quarter-master  ser- 
geant, July  15, 1776. 

Criswell,  James,  March,  18, 1776  ;  promoted  sergeant. 

Crowley,  David. 

Delaney,  John,  April  18,  1776. 

Donnelly,  Peter,  April  11,  1776. 

Dougherty,  Barnet,  May  8,  1776. 

Douglas,  Thomas,  March  18, 1776. 

Douglas,  Timothy,  appointed  sergeant. 

Drew,  Michael,  April  7,  1776. 

Duffey,  James,  April  3,  1776. 

Duncan,  Robert,  March  25, 1776. 

Gallagher,  Hugh,  March  18, 1776. 

Guize,  Philip,  April  7,  1776. 

Halfpenny,  Patrick,  April  11,  1776. 

Hammon,  [Harmon,]  Abraham. 

Haney,  Samuel,  March  18, 1776. 

Harrison,  Thomas,  April  9, 1776. 

Humphrey,  Robert,  March  20, 1776. 

Jeffries  William,  April  26,  1776. 

Kelly,  Mathew,  April  22, 1776. 

Kyle,  James,  March  21, 1776. 

Lackey,  Thomas,  April  29, 1776. 

Lewis,  Joseph,  Jr.,  March  23, 1776. 

Lewis,  Joseph,  Sr.,  April  8,  1776. 

Lindsay,  Archibald,  March  25,  1776. 

Linn,  John,  April  11,  1776. 

Lyon  William. 

Martin,  Nathaniel,  April  23  1776. 

McCay,  [McKay,]  John. 

McCloughan,  [McClughan,]  James,  April  9,  1776. 


McClure,  Samuel,  April  2,  1776. 

McClellan,  Kerry,  April  18,  177G. 

McCobb,  John,  March  20,  1776. 

McCollister,  Charles,  April  9,  1776. 

McCollum,  John. 

McCormick,  James,  May  16,  1776. 

McCollough,  Joseph,  Marcli  18, 1776. 

McEwen,  John,  April  15,  1776. 

McFadden,  Robert,  April  1, 1776. 

MoGee,  Patrick. 

McGonagle,  James,  April  3, 1776. 

McGouch,  Hugh,  April  15,  1776. 

McKinney,  John,  March  25,1776. 

McNeal,  William,  April  9,  1776. 

Miller,  Moses,  April  7,  1776. 

Moony,  Patrick,  April  28, 1776. 

Moarns,  William,  May  1,  1776. 

Neal,  James,  March  24,  1776. 

Neely,  Joseph,  April  19, 1776. 

Nelson,  John,  March  22,  1776. 

Night,  [Naight,]  Thomas,  April  16,  1776. 

Parks,  Isaac. 

Eitchey,  David,  April  18. 1776. 

Ritchey,  James,  April  1, 1776. 

Sleman,  Robert,  March  19,  1776;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27, 1776. 
Smith,  Hugh. 

Starret,  Jonathan,  April  8,  1776. 
Steel,  James,  April  9,  1776. 
Steen,  James,  April  28, 1776. 
Taylor,  John,  March  24,  1776. 
Walden,  Patrick. 
Wasson,  James,  April  5,  1776. 
Whitmore,  John,  April  1,  1776. 
Whitteker,  Daniel,  April  3,  1776. 
Whitteker,  Thomas,  April  6,  1776. 
Wilson,  John,  March  23,  1776. 
Wilson,  Thomas,  April  10, 1776 

15— VOL.  X. 



This  company  was  raised  in  Westmoreland  county,  joined  the 
regiment  at  Marcus  Hook,  subsequently  included  in  the  Thirteenth 
Penn'a  regiment,  then  in  the  Second,  and  finally  discharged  at 
Valley  Forge,  January  1, 1778,  by  reason  of  expiration  of  term  of 
enlistment.  Engagements  were  Long  Island,  White  Plains,  Tren- 
ton, Princeton,  Quibbletown,  Brandywine,  and  Germantown. 


Erwin,  Joseph,  Westmoreland  county,  appointed  March  9,1776^ 
commission  dated  April  6,  1776;  promoted  captain  in  Ninth 

First  Lieutenant. 

Carnaghan,  James,  from  second  lieutenant ;  missing  since  the  bat- 
tle, August  27, 1776 ;  after  release  he  repaired  to  head -quarters 
in  December,  1776,  and  served  as  a  volunteer  at  Trenton,  and 
Princeton ;  promoted  first  lieutenant  in  Eighth  Penn'a,  on  Jan- 
uary 15, 1777. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

Carnaghan,  James,  appointed  March  16,1776;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant, October  24,  1776. 

Sloan,  David,  from  third  lieutenant  August  9, 1776 ;  killed  in  bat- 
tle, August  27,  1776;  left  a  widow  Mary,  and  daughter  Ann, 
age  eleven,  in  1789  residing  in  Westmoreland  county. 

Tfiird  Lieutenants. 

Sloan,  David,  appointed  March  19, 1776  ;  promoted  second  lieuten- 
ant, to  date  from  August  9,  1776. 

Brownlee,  Joseph,  commission  dated  April  15,  1776;  promoted 
second  lieutenant  October  24,  1776;  missing  since  the  battle. 
August  27,  1776. 


Lindsay,  William. 
Roddy,  Samuel. 
Dugan,  James. 
Justice,  John. 

Drum  and  Fife. 

Howard,  George. 
Gunnon,  John 

COL.  SAMUEL  MILE.?.  227 

Geyer,  John,  drummer  boy,  (eleven  years  of  age,)  son  of  Peter 
Geyer,  below;  wounded  in  the  heel  at  Germantown ;  discharged 
January  1,  1778,  at  Valley  Forge ;  was  a  stone  mason,  residing 
in  Metal  township,  Franklin  county,  in  1821. 


Anderson,  Martin. 

Bentley,  James. 

Brown,  Andrew. 

Brownfleld,  Daniel,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Brownlee,  John,  April  1, 1776  ;  discharged  January  1, 1778  ;  resided 
in  Donegal  township,  Washington  county,  in  1814. 

Bryson,  Andrew,  April  1,  1776;  drafted  into  the  artillery  at 
Brandy  wine ;  discharged  January  1, 1778 ;  resided  in  Bedmins- 
ter  township,  Bucks  county,  in  1816. 

Uarnahan,  Joseph. 

Dunnough,  William. 

Doyle,  Sylvester. 

Fitzgerald  Henry. 

Forsyth,  James, 

Gunnon,  Jeremiah,  missing  since  the  battle  August  27, 1776. 

Guthry,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Guthry,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Geyer,  Peter,  enlisted  at  Hannastown  ;  discharged  at  Valley  Forge 
January  1, 1778 ;  wounded  by  a  bayonet  in  the  groin,  and  by  a 
ball  in  the  leg  at  Germantown.  His  wife,  Mary,  went  with  his 
company  as  washerwoman,  with  her  son  John,  above  mentioned, 
and  accompanied  the  regiment  in  all  its  marches;  she  was 
eigh  ty-six  years  of  age  in  1821 ,  then  residing  in  Cumberland  coun- 
ty; she  had  three  other  children,  Jacob,  Mary,  and  Catharine. 

Henderson,  Edward. 

Hennan,  David. 

Hennan,  John. 

Henry,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Heslet,  Robert. 

Holiday,  William. 

Johnston,  Robert. 

Kelly,  Philip,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Leech,  Archibald,  discharged  January  1,  1778,  resided  in  Arm- 
strong county  in  1811. 

Leech,  James. 

Leonard,  James,  discharged  January  1,  1778;  resided  in  Warren 
county,  Ohio,  in  1831,  aged  eighty-seven. 

McClelland,  David. 

McCollister,  James. 

McCord,  William. 


McKenzie,  Andy,  "  a  volunteer,"  missing  since  the  battle,  August 
27,  1776. 

Miller,  Peter,  resided  in  Bedford  county  in  1819. 

Moor,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Mull,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Nail,  James. 

Nelson,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Nelson,  William,  wounded  in  the  left  knee;  missing  since  the  bat- 
tle, August  27, 1776;  resided  in  Westmoreland  county  in  1789. 

Orr,  David. 

Riddle,  John. 

Riddle,  Robert. 

Roddy,  Patrick. 

Sims,  John. 

Singlewood,  Stephen,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Stamper,  Charles,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 

Stone,  Allen. 

Stoops,  John,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Twifold,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 

Waddle,  William,  April,  1776  ;  discharged  January  1, 1778 ;  resided 
in  Westmoreland  county  in  1819. 

Watterson,  John. 

Wead,  Maurice. 

Wilkinson,  Angus,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 
Three  sergeants  were  also  captured,  but  the  roll  does  not  indicate 



Grubb,  Peter,  Jr.,  Lancaster  county,  March  12,  1776. 

First  Lieutenants. 
Bowen,  Thomas  Barth.,  (adjutant )  April 6, 1776 ;  promoted  captain 

Ninth  Penn'a,  November  28,  1776. 
Carpenter,  John,  from  second  lieutenant.  August  9, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Carpenter,  John,  promoted  first  lieutenant,  August  9, 1776. 
Third  Lieutenants. 

Smith,  Abraham,  resigned  January  6,  1776. 

Moore,  William,  from  sergeant;  promoted  first  lieutenant  Penn'a 
State  Reciment. 


Sergeant  Major. 

Frith,  John. 


Ashton,  John,  March  21, 1776;  promoted  ensign  of  Ninth  Penn'a. 

Bower,  Jacob,  March  30,  1776 ;  promoted  July  15,  1776. 

Moore,  William,  March  26,  1776;  promoted  third  lieutenant. 

Boyle,  Peter,  from  private  July  16, 1776. 

Crawford,  Benjamin,  from  private  July  24,  1776. 

Everett,  Thomas,  March  22, 1776;  discharged  July  23, 1776. 

Young,  William. 

Grandison,  George. 


Keinald,  Christopher,  April  20,  1776. 


Miller,  Michael,  March  18, 1776. 


Alcorn,  James,  March  24, 1776. 

Ansht,  [Uncts,]  Nicholas,  April  25, 1776. 

Baker,  Francis,  May  13,  1776. 

Bowman,  Abraham,  April  1, 1776. 

Boyle,  Peter,  promoted  sergeant  July  16, 1776. 

Bradshaw,  George,  March  22,  1776. 

Brown,  George,  March  25, 1776  ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27,  1776. 

Butt,  Henry,  July  7,  1776. 
Campbell,  John,  April  2, 1776. 
Chambers,  John,  April  6,  1776. 

Chapman,  George,  March  26,  1776 ;  transferred  to  second  Penn'a. 
Chapman,  James,  April  30,  1776. 
Crawford,  Benjamin,  March  25, 1776;  promoted  sergeant  July  24, 


Cromer,  Martin,  May  10, 1776. 
Dale,  Richard,  March  28, 1776. 
Daniel,  Jacob,  April  28,  1776. 
Eichelberger,  Jacob,  April  6,  1776. 
Eichelberger,  John. 
Eisehaver,  Fred,  April  15, 1776. 
Elliot,  William,  April  14,  1776. 
Gohean,  Edward,  April  1, 1776. 
Grace,  Andrew,  April  13,  1776. 
Greaves,  [Graves,]  Jacob,  March  23, 1776. 
Grove,  John,  March  19,  1776. 


Grove,  Samuel,  April  8,  1776. 

Hall,  Robert,  May  8, 1776. 

Hall,  William,  May  12,  1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 

Helm,  John,  April  22, 1776. 

Helm,  Fred.,  April  20,  1776. 

Henderson,  Robert,  July  5,1776;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 
27,  1776. 

Henry,  James. 

Henry,  Joseph,  July  28,  1776. 

Henry,  William. 

Hill,  John,  May  21, 1776, 

Johnston,  James,  April  30  1776. 

Kennedy,  John,  March  27,  1776. 

King,  Peter,  March  27,  1776. 

Kline,  Conrad,  April  9, 1776. 

Kline,  John,  April  8, 1776. 

Kremar,  John  Adam,  April  28, 1776. 

Leab,  Michael,  March  19, 1776. 

Logan,  William,  March  23, 1776. 

Long,  Benjamin,  enlisted  at  Lebanon,  April  9,  1776 ;  discharged 
January  1,  1778  ;  resided  in  Franklin  county,  in  1827. 

Lowden,  Stephen,  April  26, 1776. 

Lutz,  Henry,  March  31, 1776. 

Mansfield,  James,  April  30, 1776. 

McAfee,  Neal,  April  15, 1776. 

McConnomy,  William,  July,  12,  1776. 

McCormack,  Charles,  March  24,  1776. 

McDonald,  James,  July,  12, 1776. 

McFarland,  Joseph,  April  13, 1776;  missing  since  the  battle,  Au- 
gust 27,  1776. 

McNeal,  Laughlin,  March  22,  1776. 

McQuaide,  John,  April  8, 1776. 

Messersmith,  Andrew,  April  11, 1776. 

Miller,  Jeremiah,  March  30,  1776;  his  wife  Betty  accompanied  him, 
and  November  27, 1776,  escaped  from  the  enemy  at  Brunswick. 

Miller,  Michael. 

Miller,  Peter,  April  1, 1776. 

Newin,  Patrick,  March  25,  1776. 

Newman,  Walter,  March  29, 1776. 

Pontius,  John,  April  28, 1776. 

Powell,  Fred.,  March  31,  1776. 

Robinson,  William,  May  9, 1776. 

Ross,  John,  March  26,  1776. 

Schreiber,  Sebastian,  March  21,  1776. 

Scott,  James,  March  25, 1776. 


Scott,  John,  March  26,  1776. 

Sewalt,  Jacob,  March  22,  1776. 

Schott,  Ludwig,  March  25,  1776. 

Sell,  [Sull,]  John,  March  29, 1776. 

Sipples,  John,  April  20, 1776. 

Slotterbach,  George,  April  9, 1776. 

Smith,  John,  April  8, 1776. 

Smith,  Robert,  March  25,  1776. 

Snellbecker,  George,  June  27,  1776. 

Snellbecker,  John. 

Springer,  Philip,  April  5,1776. 

Stewart,  Richard,  May  4, 1776. 

Stone,  John  April  22,  1776. 

Vancourt,  Jacob,  April  9, 1776. 

Wolfe,  Daniel,  April  11, 1776.. 

Wolfe,  Matthias,  April  28, 1776. 

Walborn,  Andrew,  March,  21,  1776. 

Walborn,  Mardinous,  March  21, 1776. 

Weyland,  Michael,  May  16, 1776 ;  reenlisted  in  Thirteenth  Penn'a. 

Wickle,  John,  May  3,  1776. 

Young,  William,  July  3,  1776. 



Christ,  Henry,  Jr.,  Berks  county,  March  9, 1776;  resigned  March 
19, 1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Topham,  Daniel,  March  28,  1776;  captured  August  27,  1776;  ex- 
changed April  20,  1778. 

Second  Lieutenants. 
Maess,  Jacob,  March  16,  1776. 

Third  Lieutenants. 

Davis,  Abner,  March  28, 1776;  resigned  October  19,  1776. 
Gyger,  George,  from  sergeant,  October  24, 1776. 

Gyger,  George,  April  1, 1776;  promoted  third  lieutenant,  October 

24,  1776. 

Whitlow,  Matthew,  April  20, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  Au- 
gust, 27, 1776 


Geiss,  Jeremiah,  March  29, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August 

27,  1776. 
Christ,  Adam,  from  private ;  wounded  at  Brandywine,  ball  passing 

through  his  breast. 
Starke,  Joseph. 

Drum  and  Fife. 
Keiser,  Samuel. 
Hiukel  Nathan. 
Rehrer,  Matthias. 


Albert,  William,  March  26, 1776. 

Alter,  Henry,  April  8, 1776. 

Arnold,  Michael. 

Butler,  William,  April  12, 1776;  reenlisted  in  Second  Penn'a. 

Christ,  Adam,  March  18, 1776;  promoted  sergeant. 

Close,  Melcher. 

Bering,  Godfry,  April  11, 1776. 

English,  John,  April  22,  1776. 

Fisher,  Francis. 

Fisher,  Henry,  April  11,  1776. 

Fister,  Godfrey,  April  20, 1776. 

Frederick,  Henry,  April  17, 1776. 

Frederick,  Paul,  May  4, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 

Fuchs,  [Fox,]  Yost,  March  23, 1776 ;  missing  since  the  battle,  Au- 
gust 27, 1776. 

Geiss,  Hermon,  April  11, 1776. 

Green,  John,  April  9,  1776. 

Groff ,  Peter,  April  6, 1776. 

Groff ,  Michael. 

Gyger,  Valentine,  of  Shamokin,  April  13,  1776. 

Hambright,  John,  of  Shamokin,  April  15, 1776. 

Hamm,  Nicholas,  March  26, 1776. 

Harbert,  William,  March  24, 1776. 

Heckman,  Jacob. 

Heck,  Yost,  April  2, 1776. 

Heffner,  George. 

Hermon,  John,  April  8,  1776. 

Hienerleiter,  Michael. 

Hill,  Henry,  March  25,  1776. 

Hinkel,  Nathan,  April  12,  1776. 

Houseknecht,  Daniel,  March  22,  1776. 

Hummel,  John,  March  23,  1776. 

Jones,  George,  April  7, 1776. 

Keehl,  Francis. 


Kemmerer,  Christian,  May  3,  1776. 

Kettner,  George,  March  25,  1776. 

Kreamer,  Christian,  April  5,  1776. 

Kreisher,  Simon,  March  22,  1776. 

Lantsert,  Abraham,  March  25, 1776. 

Leffler,  Henry,  March  24,  1776. 

Lehnig,  George,  April  13, 1776. 

Linwill,  Isaac,  April  9  1776. 

Lippert,  Emanuel,  April  5, 1776. 

Long,  John. 

Lott,  Philip,  April  22,  1776. 

Lutz,  John,  April  22,  1776. 

Mack,  Godlieb. 

Maderia,  Simon,  April  9, 1776. 

Mengel  George,  April  13, 1776. 

Merts,  Henry,  April  14,  1776. 

Miller,  Philip, 

Muffly,  Joseph. 

Nitterhous,  Daniel,  April  8, 1776. 

JSfothstein,  John. 

Poust,  [Boust,]  Frederick,  March  22, 1776. 

Kehrer,  Matthias,  April  10, 1776. 

Reichard,  Charles,  April  3, 1776. 

Reiff ,  Jacob,  March  26, 1776. 

Riegle,  Jacob. 

Seebold,  David. 

Seyler,  Yost,  April  28, 1776  ;  resided  in  Centre  county  in  1830. 

Sheffer,  Adam,  April  22, 1776. 

Stark,  Joseph,  May  14, 1776. 

Streckdeflnger,  Adam. 

Struble,  Frederick,  April  26,  1776. 

Treher,  Peter,  March  25, 1776. 

Walk,  Christian,  April  6,  1776. 

Weaver,  John,  April  7, 1776  ;  discharged  January  1, 1778;  resided 

near  Germantown  in  1821. 
Weidman,  John,  April  10,  1776. 
Weiss,  Henry. 
Whitman ,  George,  March  24, 1776 ;  his  wife,  Maria,  shared  with  him 

the  fatigues  of  army  life ;  died  in  1823. 
Wissler,  Michael. 
Wolff,  Henry,  April  8,  1776. 
Zenig,  George. 
Zott,  Philip. 


Return  of  the  Officers  of  the  Second  Battalion  of   the  Pennsylvania, 
Rifle  Regiment,  October  4, 1776. 


Major. — John  Fatten. 

Captains. — John  Murray,  John  Marshall,  Peter  Grubb,and  Henry 

First  Lieutenant. — T.  B.  Bowen. 

Second  Lieutenants. — Robert  Burns  and  Jacob  Maess. 

Third  Lieutenants. — Abraham  Smith,  Abner  Davis,  and  William 

Surgeon . — Reigor. 

Quarter-Master. — Power. 

First  Lieutenants. — John  Clark  and  John  Carpenter. 

Second  Lieutenant. — James  Hamilton. 

First  Lieutenant. — John  Stoner. 

Third    Lieutenants. — Robert    Campbell,    Stephen    Hanna,  and 
William  Moore. 

Captain.— Erwin. 

Second  Lieutenant.— Thos.  Gourly. 

Surgeon's  Mate. — Buck. 

MURRAY'S  COMPANY.— Present,  three  sergeants,  two  musicians, 
forty-six  privates ;  four  sick  absent ;  fourteen  absent  without 

PEEBLES'  COMPANY.— Three  sergeants,  forty-three  privates; 
thirteen  sick  absent ;  eleven  absent  without  leave. 

MARSHALL'S  COMPANY.— Four  sergeants,  one  drum,  forty-six 
privates ;  five  sick  absent :  fifteen  absent  without  leave. 

ERWIN 's  COMPANY. — Two  sergeants,  one  drum,  twenty-five  pri- 
vates ;  two  sick  absent ;  four  absent  without  leave. 

GRUBB'S  COMPANY. — Two  sergeants,  one  drum,  thirty-six  pri- 
vates ;  nineteen  absent  without  leave. 

CHRIST'S  COMPANY. — Four  sergeants,  one  drum,  forty-one  pri- 
vates ;  eleven  absent  without  leave. 

Total  present  fit  for  duty,  four  captains,  nine  lieutenants,  eigh- 
teen sergeants  and  corporals,  six  drums,  two  hundred  and  thirty- 
seven  rank  and  file. 



MARCH  6,  1776. 


OE  the  history  of  this  battalion  reference  is  made  to 
the  preparatory  note  to  Col.  Miles'  regiment,  having 
been  connected  in  service,  and  subsequently  consoli- 
dated with  the  battalions  of  that  regiment  in  the 
"  Penn'a  State  regiment  of  Foot." 


S    */-* 


Atlee,  Samuel  J.,*  appointed  from 
Lancaster  county,  March  21,1776; 
captured  August  27,  1776;  ex- 
changed August  6,  1778. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Parry,  Caleb,  appointed  March  3, 1776 ;  killed  in  the  battle  of  Long 

Island,  August  27,  1776;  he 
left  a  widow,  Elizabeth 
Parry,  sister  of  John  Jacobs 
Esq.,  Speaker  of  the  Penn'a 
Assembly,  and  of  Mrs.  David 

*COL.  ATLEE  when  only  seventeen  years  of  age,  was  commissioned 
lieutenant  in  the  Augusta  regiment,  Col.  Clapham,  April  23, 1756.  Served 
in  the  Forbes  campaign,  1758.  Commissioned  captain  on  the  15th  of 
April,  1760.  He  was  elected  to  Congress  in  1778,  could  not  serve,  how- 
ever, until  his  release.  He  continued  in  Congress  until  October  28,  1782. 
In  1783  he  was  elected  councillor  for  Lancaster  county.  In  the  Assem- 
bly in  1782,  1785,  1786.  While  in  attendance  at  Philadelphia,  in  Novem- 
ber 1786,  was  seized  with  a  paroxysm  of  laughing,  ruptured  a  blood  ves- 
sel, and  expired  soon  afterwards.  He  is  buried  in  Christ  Church,  Phil- 
adelphia, near  the  door. 


Potts,  James,  commissioned  April  6, 1776;   resigned  July  11,  1776. 


Mentges,  Francis,  appointed  March  22, 1776  ;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant August  9, 1776  ;  subsequently  promoted  lieutenant  col- 
onel, Fifth  Penn'a. 

Quarter -master. 

Gray,  Robert,  promoted  captain  Penn'a  State  regiment. 
Eicholtz,  Jacob,  from  sergeant  in  Dehuff 's  company. 


Currie,  William,*  commissioned  April  6,  1776 ;  resigned  on  account 
of  ill  health,  September  27, 1776. 

Surgeon^s  Mate. 

Standley,  Valentine,  from  surgeon  of  ship  Montgomery,  July  31, 
1776 ;  for  Surgeon  Stanley's  subsequent  life,  see  Biddle's  Auto- 
biography, page  153. 


Anderson,  Patrick,!  appointed  from  Chester  county,  March  15, 1776. 

*DR.  CURRIE  removed  from  Chester  to  Philadelphia  in  1792.  Was  a 
classical  scholar,  an  erudite  and  experienced  physician,  and  an  extensive 
and  successful  practitioner.  He  published  quite  a  number  of  medical 
works,  "Historical  Account  of  the  Climate  and  Diseases  of  the  United 
States,  1792,"  etc.  He  died  in  Philadelphia,  in  1829.  See  Hazard's  Regi- 
ister,  vol.  vi,  204- 

{PATRICK  ANDERSON,  son  of  James  Anderson,  a  Scotchman,  and 
Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Thomas  Jermaii,  a  noted  Quaker  preacher  in  the 
Chester  Valley,  was  born  July  24,  1719,  in  Chester  county,  Penn'a.  He 

was  educated  at  Philadelphia,  and 
*°r  sometime  taught  school,  but  sub- 
sequent!  y  located  011  his  father's  farm, 
about  two  miles  from  Valley  Forge. 
He  was  in  service  during  the  French  and  Indian  war  ;  and  at  the  com- 
mencement of  the  Revolution  was  a  member  of  the  Chester  county 
committee.  In  March,  1776,  he  was  commissioned  captain  in  the  mus- 
ketry battalion,  and  his  services  in  the  war,  were  those  connected 
therewith.  He  served  as  a  member  of  the  Assembly  from  1778  to  1780. 

COL.  8AMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  239 

Davis,  John,  appointed  March  19, 1776. 


Kirk,  John,  appointed  March  20,  1776. 

Davis,  Septimus,  August  9, 1776  ;  captured  August  27,  1776 ;  ex- 
changed December  9,  1776,  for  ensign  McLeod;  removed  to 
Kentucky  after  the  war. 


Beaton,  Philip,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Miller,  Jacob. 
Beaton,  Daniel,  died  October  3, 1776. 

Gratsinger,  John. 
McCord,  Alexander. 

Drum  and  Fife. 

Bink,  Kobert. 


Brown,  William,  enlisted  at  New  London  X  Roads ;  resided  in  Ches- 
ter county,  1815. 

Cain,  Patrick. 

Cook,  Thomas. 

Davis,  Alexander. 

Derling,  William. 

Devlin,  Robert. 

Dowlar,  George. 

Edgar,  James. 

Ferguson,  Francis,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Gibson,  John. 

Goodwin,  Lawrence. 

Grace,  George. 

Graham,  Thomas. 

Griffith,  John,  served  one  year  and  nine  months ;  in  1778,  reenlisted 
in  Fifth  Penn'a,  Capt.  Ziegler's  company. 

Harper,  James. 

Harper,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Healy,  Martin. 

Howell,  James. 

In  1781,  he  was  appointed  one  of  the  board  of  commissioners  in  charge 
of  the  navigation  of  the  Schuylkill.  He  was  thrice  married,  and  left  a 
large  family.  He  died  in  March,  1793.  His  son  Isaac,  who  was  an  offi- 
cer of  the  militia  in  the  Revolution,  was  a  presidental  elector  in  the 
Monroe  campaign,  and  a  member  of  Congress  from  1803  to  1807. 


Humes,  William. 

James,  Owen. 

John,  Philip. 

Jones,  William. 

Madden,  John,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

McCormick,  Henry. 

McCormick,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

McCoy,  James. 

McDonald,  John. 

McGowan,  Hector,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

McKee,  William,  enlisted  at  New  London  X  Roads. 

Miller,  Matthew. 

Moffit,  William. 

Moore,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Nain,  Benjamin,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Nicholson,  Andrew. 

Noblet,  Samuel. 

Rigg,  Eleazer. 

Rigg,  Hosea,  missing  since  the  battle  at  Long  Island,  August  27, 


Shields,  John. 

Stewart,  William,  enlisted  at  New  London  X  Roads. 
Whealen,  John. 
Wood,  Edward;  missing  since  the  battle  of  Long  Island,  August 

27, 1776. 



Lloyd,  Peter  Z.,  appointed   March  15,  1776;    promoted  brigade 
major  to  Gen.  Ewing's,  August  11, 1776. 

Lang,  James,  from  ensign,  July  15, 1776. 

Lang,  James,  appointed  March  19, 1776 ;  promoted  lieutenant. 

Crofts,  Benjamin,  discharged  for  deafness,  August  19, 1776. 

COL.  SAMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  241 

Nemrick,  William,  wounded,  and  in  hospital  September  4, 1776. 
Mooney,  Patrick,  from  corporal,  August  20, 1776. 


Mooney,  Patrick,  promoted  August  20, 1776. 

Moore,  Henry. 

McCalla,  Andrew,  appointed  August  20,  1776. 

Drum  Major. 
Holloway,  Isaac. 

Graff,  John. 

Moore,  Jesse,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Bell,  John. 
Blackford,  John. 

Bradley,  Michael,  died  October  1,  1776. 
Carryl,  Thomas. 

Cleary,  Michael,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Deny,  Michael,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Evans,  David. 

Ffolk,  Matthias,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Gore,  Robert. 

Graham,  Archibald,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Harvey,  Samuel. 

Hendry,  John,  died  August  31,  1776. 
Hidden,  James,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Kinen,  Robert,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Ivingfield,  Adam,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 
Lisener,  William. 

McCalla,  Andrew,  promoted  corporal  August  20, 1776. 
McClean,  Hugh. 

McCullough,  Patrick,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Moore,  James,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Murphy.  Edward,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Powell,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Riddle,  John. 
Sharpless,  James. 

Tyrer,  James,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27, 1776. 
Vernon,  Robert. 

Wallace,  Richard,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 
Watson,  William,  missing  since  the  battle,  August  27,  1776. 
Williams,  Robert. 
16— VOL.  X. 




Murray,  Francis,  appointed  March  15, 1776,  from  Bucks  county  • 
captured  August  27,  1776;  exchanged  December  9, 1776,  for 
Capt.  Anstruther ;  promoted  major. 

Garret,  Morton,  from  first  lieutenant  of  Capt.  Nice's  company  Oc- 
tober 25,  1776  ;  resigned  February  12, 1777. 

Finney,  Walter,  appointed  March  20,1776;  captured  August  27, 
1776 ;  promoted  captain  Sixth  Penn'a,to  rank  from  August  10, 


Henderson,  William,  appointed  March  20, 1776;  captured  August 
27, 1776. 

Cruly,  John. 
Dick,  Thomas. 


Lowry,  Thomas. 
Lucas,  Samuel. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 
Christie,  Alexander. 
Mitchel,  William. 


Atkinson,  Joseph,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Brogan,  Michael. 

Come,  James. 

Cowan,  James. 

Davis,  James,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Dilyel,  William. 

Dwyer,  James. 

Fenton,  John,  discharged  October  4, 1776. 

Fluke,  John. 

Fullerton,  Thomas,  discharged,  and  reenlisted  in  Capt.  Walter 

Finney's  company,  Sixth  Penn'a. 
Gillaspy,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Guthrie,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

COL.  SAMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  243 

Haines,  John. 

Harper,  Samuel. 

Johnson,  David. 

Johnson,  George. 

Kainpton,  William. 

Knowles,  Charles. 

Logan,  Thomas,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Malseed,  James. 

McClanagan,  Hugh. 

McConnel,  Thomas,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

McEnrue,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

McEnulty,  Neal. 

McGinnes  Robert. 

McGloglan,  Charles. 

McGuire,  Patrick. 

McMeans,  Anthony. 

Moody,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Mullan,  Patrick,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Murfits,  John. 

Murfits,  William. 

Murray,  Daniel. 

O'Neal,  Kichard. 

Owens,  Simon. 

Robinson,  David,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Short,  William. 

South,  John,  died  October  1, 1776. 

Todd,  John. 

5Toung  George. 



Marshall,  Abraham,  appointed  March  15, 1776,  commission  dated 
April  6,  1776;  resigned  July  12,  1776. 

McClellan,  Joseph,  appointed  July  15, 1776 ;  promoted  captain  in  the 
Ninth  Penn'a. 


McClellan,  Joseph,  appointed  March  20,  1776;  promoted  July  15, 

Ward,  Bernard,  appointed  March  20, 1776 ;  captured  at  Fort  Wash- 
ington, November  16, 1776 ;  exchanged  January  20, 1779 ;  super- 
numerary 1779. 



Davis,  Joseph,  appointed  March  27, 1776.    See  Ninth  Penn'a. 


Mitchell,  James,  wounded  August  27, 1776. 
Fullerton,  Patrick. 

Begg,  Thomas. 
Moor,  Joseph,  killed  August  27, 1776. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 
Cooper,  Hans. 
Boose,  Jacob. 


Beard  James. 

Bleakley,  John. 

Burnell,  John. 

Carson,  John. 

Colhoon,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Colter,  James. 

Cross,  Patrick. 

Davis,  William. 

Divit,  James. 

Dixon,  Richard. 

Dunlap,  Robert. 

Elder,  James,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Fling,  Isaac. 

Pullerton,  Nathaniel. 

Gordon,  John. 

Hanover,  Joseph. 

Heavron,  Hugh. 

Jack,  Andrew,  of  Sadsbury,  Chester  county,  enlisted  from  Capt. 
Wallis'  company  of  militia  at  Fort  Lee,  in  1776 ;  in  the  battles 
of  Trenton  and  Princeton ;  discharged  at  Valley  Forge  ;  resided 
in  Half  Moon  township,  Centre  county,  in  1832. 

Kenady,  Michael,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Laughlin,  Waitman. 

Lewis,  Jehu. 

Lewis,  Thomas. 

Lovegrove,  William. 

Love,  Robert,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

McCarty,  Justin,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

McCarty,  Timothy. 

McCay,  DanieJ. 

McClure,  James,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

COL.  SAMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  245 

McCord,  Robert,  died  August  20,  1776. 

McCormick,  James. 

McElroy,  Adam. 

McElroy,  Daniel,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

McElvey,  James,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Mcllvain,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Miller,  John. 

Mitchel,  Thomas,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Moore,  Thomas,  wounded  August  27,  1776. 

Murray,  William,  wounded  in  the  arm  August  27,1776;   servant 

to  Joel  Bailey,  West  Bradford,  Chester  county. 
Noll,  John. 

O'Trail,  Morris,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Truste,  George. 
Waddle,  George. 
Ward,  John. 

[Raised  in  Leacock,  and  Salisbury  townships,  Lancaster  county.] 


Herbert,  Thomas,  appointed  March  15, 1776  ;  captured  August  27, 


Caldwell,  Eobert,  captured  at  Fort  Washington  ;  exchanged  Jan- 
uary 20, 1779 ;  appointed  March,  1779,  captain  of  the  marines, 
on  board  of  ship  General  Greene. 


Sutter,  James,  appointed  March  28, 1776  ;  promoted  lieutenant  in 
command  at  Penn'a  Salt  Works,  August  25, 1777. 

Evans,  William. 
Cain,  Hugh. 

Colter,  William. 
Forbes,  James. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 
Thompson,  John. 
Royal,  David. 



Bacon,  William. 

Barry,  Bartholomew. 

Bennet,  Isaac. 

Blair,  Samuel. 

Bowen,  Noah. 

Carver,  George. 

Cook,  John. 

Crain,  Eleazer,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Dickson,  William. 

Dougherty,  Anthony. 

Eston,  James. 

Everhart,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Gallagher,  Patrick. 

Gaughby,  James,  reenlisted  in  Thirteenth  Penn'a. 

Gerhart,  Adam. 

Gerhart,  George. 

Ingram,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Kelly,  Barney. 

Ketz,  Valentine. 

Kryder,  David. 

Lyon,  Robert. 

Martin,  Samuel. 

McGahegan,  Philip. 

McLaughlin,  Patrick. 

Miller,  Henry. 

Moore,  Hampton. 

Nagle,  Philip,  enlisted  in  Philadelphia ;  reenlisted  in  Capt.  Gray's 
company ;  discharged  at  Annapolis ;  resided  in  Guilford  town- 
ship. Franklin  county,  in  1819,  aged  six-seven. 

O 'Bryan,  Sylvester. 

Peelin,  Joshua. 

Peelin,  Kershaw. 

Quindlen,  John. 

Eidge,  George,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Eyan,  Andrew, 

Sheets,  Henry. 

Terry,  Daniel. 

Wagoner,  Bostian,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Wagoner,  Daniel. 

Walker,  Patrick. 

Weaver,  Michael,  missing  since  the  battle  at  Long  Island,  August 
27, 1776. 

Wilson,  Benjamin. 

Yeagler,  Henry. 

COL.  SAMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  247 

[Raised  in  Lancaster  county.] 


Dehuff,  Abraham,  appointed  March  15, 1776 ;  taken  prisoner  at 
Fort  Washington,  November  16,  1776 ;  exchanged  April  20, 



Schaffner,  Peter,  appointed  March  20, 1776. 
Mentges,  Francis,  (supernumerary.) 


App,  Michael,  appointed  March  20, 1776 ;  taken  prisoner  August 
27,  1776 ;  exchanged  December  9, 1776,  for  Ensign  Thomas. 


Eicholtz,  Jacob,  of  Lancaster,  Penn'a,  sergeant  and  quarter-master, 
wounded  in  the  groin  with  a  musket  ball ;  pensioned  March  5, 

Druchenbrod,  Andrew. 

Schaffner,  George,  promoted  ensign  August  29, 1776. 


Kuntz,  Christian. 
Forey,  Martin. 
Becker,  Philip. 
Remly,  John. 

Wial,  Daniel. 

Melenor,  Frederick 

Appley,  John. 
Arter,  Peter. 
Ass,  David. 
Baylor,  John. 
Becker,  Philip. 
Balsback,  Andrew. 
Brand,  Daniel. 
Brumguard,  Peter. 
Canger,  Daniel. 


Decker,  Jeremiah,  discharged  August,  1776. 

Drimlee,  John,  (or  Remley.) 

Eicholtz,  George. 

Eringer,  Daniel. 

Eirich,  Andrew. 

Epplie,  John. 

Fox,  Adam. 

Franciscus,  Jacob. 

Frey,  Martin. 

Fultz,  George. 

Gighmiller,  Frederick. 

Harmonlee,  Henry. 

Herman  tie,  Henry. 

Hartafliell,  Frederick. 

Hock,  Henry. 

Hollenbach,  Melchior. 

Keller,  Frederick. 

Kelly,  Timothy. 

Koch,  Ludwick. 

Kuntz,  Christian,  promoted  corporal. 

Layman,  Andrew. 

Layman,  Henry. 

Lindensmith  Jacob. 

Loy,  Michael,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Marks,  Jacob,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Mentzer,  Christian,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Messersmith,  Peter. 

Minaugh  Philip. 

Mulvaney,  Patrick,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Musketmuze,  John. 

Musketmuze,  Adam. 

Kogel,  Joseph. 

Oswald,  John. 

Powel,  Adam. 

Quast,  John. 

Quirk,  Gilbert. 

Raimly,  John,  promoted  corporal. 

Row,  Adam,  deserted  August,  1776. 

Sekmiller,  Frederick. 

Siemor,  Joseph. 

Shaffer,  George. 

Sheafer,  Michael. 

Shrot,  Samuel. 

Stevenson,  Joseph. 

Stineheuser,  Christopher. 

COL.  SAMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  249 

Sullivan,  Thomas,  enlisted  one  year  and  nine  months ;  wounded  in 
the  left  leg  at  Fort  Washington  ;  reenlisted  at  Mud  Island,  un- 
der Capt.  Clark;  resided  near  Shippensburg,  Penn'a,  in  1821. 

Unrough,  George. 

Wentzel,  John. 

Wile,  Peter,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Wilie,  Frederick. 

Wilson,  John. 

Wiseman,  Godlip,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 



Nice,  John,  appointed  March  15, 1776;  captured  August  27, 1776; 
exchanged  December  9, 1776,  for  Capt.  Gordon. 


Garret,  Morton,  apointed  March  20,  1776;  promoted  captain  of 
Francis  Murray's  company. 


Valentine,  Henry,  appointed  March  20, 1776  ;  resigned  October  10, 


Whitehead,  James,  promoted  ensign  August  29, 1776. 
Roberts,  Richard. 

Williams,  William. 
Felty,  Ernest. 

Hall,  Joseph. 

Marks,  John. 


Adams,  Matthias. 
Ballmor,  Jacob. 

Barnhouse,  Edward,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Baxter,  Edward,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 


Cain,  Michael. 

Cowen,  Charles. 

Davis,  David. 

Denormandie,  Andrew. 

Domilleiv  Michael,  missing  since  August  27,  1776. 

Fensoy,  Michael. 

Fisher,  George. 

Fisher,  Richard. 

Flint,  William. 

Gee,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Grover,  Henry. 

Harrol<i,  James. 

Harrington,  Thomas. 

Harvey,  David. 

Hill,  Alexander. 

Huston,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Jardin,  Thomas. 

Jones,  Robert,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Justice,  Edward,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Krible,  Christopher. 

Lauganbah,  Yost. 

Lloyd,  John. 

Mecarty,  William. 

Motzell,  John. 

Myers,  Jacob,  reenlisted  in  Second  Penn'a. 

Pugh,  John. 

Robeson,  Richard,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Sidney,  Ezekiel. 

Smith,  William,  discharged  September  22, 1776. 

Snoble,  John. 

Spelesey,  Michael. 

Steward,  Alexander. 

Stucke,  Michael,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Watts,  Daniel. 

Wood,  John. 

Yarnall,  Joshua. 

COL.  SAMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  251 



Howell,  Joseph,  Jr.,  appointed  March  15,  1776;  captured  August 
27,  1776 ;  exchanged  December  9,  1776,  for  Capt.  Livingston. 
Capt.  Howell  was  subsequently  paymaster  general  U.  S.  Army. 


Weidman,  Matthias,  appointed  March  20,  1776  ;  captured  Novem- 
ber 16, 1776 ;  exchanged  August  26, 1778. 


Huston,  Alexander,  Jr.,  appointed  March  20,  1776 ;  captured 
August  27,  1776;  exchanged  December  9,  1776,  for  Ensign 
Saunders  of  the  Twenty -nin th ;  promoted  Lieut;  killed  at 
Brandywine,  September  11,  1777. 

Warner,  William. 
Seamell,  John. 

Reese,  Daniel. 
Cooper,  Roger. 

Grose,  Conrad. 

Hart,  George. 

Baker,  William. 
Bennet,  Zebedee. 
Bradley,  John. 
Brown,  John. 

Carmodey,  Michael,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Creely,  Daniel. 
Dimer,  Casper. 
Elton,  Peter. 

Ervine,  John,  lost  in  battle. 
Gallager,  James,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Gilkey,  John,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 
Groves,  William. 


Hearn,  John. 

Holm,  Jacob. 

Houson,  John. 

Jones,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Johnston,  William. 

Junkins,  Joseph. 

Kelly,  James. 

Knowland,  Miles. 

Low,  Thomas. 

McCoy,  Michael. 

McGee,  Thomas. 

McGrogan,  William. 

McMonnagel,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Xagington,  Robert. 

Olleman,  Frederick. 

Paulfrier,  George. 

Pool,  John. 

Price,  John. 

Quin,  Edward. 

Sanderson,  Edward. 

Sheh en,  Patrick. 

Smith,  Joseph. 

Sorg,  Michael. 

Tweedey,  William,  missing  since  August  27, 1776. 

Wilks,  Timothy. 

Wise,  Edward. 

Worms,  Peter. 

List  of  Privates  of  Col.  Miles'  and  Artec's  Battalion,  exchanged 
December  9,  1776. 

Barclay,  Hugh. 
Brooks,  Cornelius. 
Car  others,  Robert. 
Clurey,  Michael. 
Coleman,  William. 
Derry,  Michael. 
Dixson,  Samuel. 
Dugan,  James. 
Elliot,  John. 

COL.  SAMUEL  J.  ATLEE.  -253 

Erb,  Lawrence. 
Gallagher,  James. 
Gordon,  John. 
Hodge,  John. 
McCurdy,  William. 
McCoy,  Daniel. 
McElney,  John. 
McElvain,  William. 
McMichael,  Christopher. 
McVay,  Patrick. 
Moody,  John. 
Mulvany,  Patrick. 
Xoland,  Miles. 
Ocker,  Caleb. 
Pettigrew,  James. 
Pettigrew,  William. 
Toomy,  John. 
Wallace,  Richard. 


MARCH  1,  1777,— NOVEMBER  12,  1777. 


LIST  of  the  captains  and  subalterns  of  the  Pennsyl- 
vania State  Regiment,  February  13,  1777  : 

Captains. — John  Murray,  recruiting;  Patrick  Ander- 
son, John  Marshall  at  camp;  Abraham  Dehuff,  prisoner; 
Henry  Christ,  sick  at  home  ;  John  McGowan,  recruit- 
1777.    ing;  James  Francis  Moore,  recruiting  ;  eight,  nine,  and 

ten  wanting. 

First  Lieutenants. — Bernard  Ward,  prisoner ;  Peter  Shaffner,  in 
command  at  Lancaster ;  John  Clark,  recruiting ;  Robb,  at  camp ; 
Carnahan,  recruiting ;  Joseph  Lewis  Finley,  recruiting ;  Thomas 
Johnston,  recruiting;  nine  and-  ten  wanting. 

Second  Lieutenants— Jacob  Maess,  recruiting;  Thomas  Boyd, 
sutler,  sick  in  the  city ;  Brownlee,  recruiting ;  Luke  Brodhead, 
at  home;  James  Whitehead,  prisoner;  seven,  eight,  nine,  and  ten 

Third  Lieutenants  and  Ensigns. — William  Moore,  recruiting; 
George  Hoffner,  at  camp  ;  Andrew  Lytle,  Jacob  Snider,  in  camp ; 
Casper  Weaver,  in  command ;  Thomas  McComb,  sick ;  George 
Guyger,  recruiting ;  James  Wiley,  in  command ;  nine  and  ten  want- 
ing. Mr.  Spear  has  applied  for  a  company  in  the  regiment,  being 
the  eldest  first  Lieutenant.  Mr.  Wert  applies  for  his  place  in  the 
regiment.  Mr.  Triesbach  applies  for  a  company  of  riflemen.  Mr. 
App  for  his  rank  in  the  regiment.  Doctor  Davis  for  the  surgeon's 
place.  Doctor  Buck  is  in  Philadelphia.  An  adjutant  and  paymas- 
ter are  wanting. 

(Signed)  JOHN  McGOWAN, 


In  April,  1777,  the  Pennsylvania  State  regiment  of  foot,  formed 
upon  the  remains  of  Miles'  and  Atlee's  battalions  as  a  nucleus, 
was  supplied  with  field  and  staff  officers. 


PHILADELPHIA,  April  24, 1777. 

These  are  to  certifiy,  that  the  Rev.  Mr.  Henry  Miller,  is  appointed 
chaplain  to  the  Pennsylvania  State  Regiment  of  Foot. 

JACOB   S.  HOWELL,  Secretary. 
17— YOL.  X. 


PENNSYLVANIA  WAR  OFFICE,  April  ?s,  1777. 
Please  to  fill  commissions  for  Lewis  Farmer,  Esq.,  first  major, 
and  Francis  Murray,  Esq.,  second  major  of  the  Pennsylvania  State 
regiment  of  foot,  and  date  them  the  loth  of  March,  1777. 

JACOB  S.  HOWELL,  Secretary. 

To  Timothy  Matlack,  Esq., 


PHILADELPHIA, May  2, 1777. 

John  Bull,  Esq.,  was  this  day  appointed  colonel,  Lewis  Farmer, 

Esq.,  lieutenant  colonel, 
and  John  Murray,  first 
major,  of  the  Pennsyl- 
vania State  regiment  of 
foot ;  please  to  grant 
them  commissions, 
agreeable  to  the  appointment. 

JACOB  S.  HOWELL,  Secretary. 

To  Timothy  Matlack. 

Issued  accordingly,  May  8,  1777.    (T.  M.) 

On  the  2d  of  June,  1777,  the  regiment  was  stationed  at  Fort 
Mercer,  under  the  command  of  Col.  Bull,  and  its  strength  was  as 
follows.  Field  and  staff ,  forty-four ;  sergeants,  thirty-nine;  drums 
and  fifes,  twenty-two;  total  rank  and  file,  four  hundred  and  sixty- 
three.  On  the  3d  of  June  the  field,  staff,  and  company  officers, 
(see  Pa.  Arck.,  N.  <S.,  vol.  i,  page  7^5,)  remonstrated  against  the  ap- 
pointment of  Col.  Bull,  and  threatened  to  quit  the  regiment :  as 
Col.  Bull  was  not  an  officer  in  either  of  the  battalions,  they  claimed 
his  appointment  ruined  their  rank.  e 

On  the  6th,  the  Supreme  Executive  Council  presented  a  memorial 
to  the  Assembly  stating,  that  "  as  Congress  has  allotted  twelve  regi- 
ments to  be  raised  in  Pennsylvania,  and  has  called  for  a  return  of 
the  regiments,  it  was  their  opinion  that  it  would  be  prudent  to 
put  into  the  Continental  service  and  pay  the  battalion  now  called 
the  State  battalion,  which  has  been  raised  chiefly  out  of  the  re- 
mains of  the  battalion,  lately  under  the  command  of  Col.  Miles,  and 
Col.  Atlee,  also,  the  regiment  of  artillery  under  the  command  of 
Col.  Procter,  and  a  company  under  the  command  of  Captain  Pugh, 
raised  for  guarding  the  powder-mill."  In  compliance  with  this 
memorial,  the  Assembly,  on  the  10th  of  June,  1777,  transferred  this 

regiment,  with  artillery  regiment 
and  company  mentioned,  to  the 

^  /  Continental  Congress. 

On  the  17th  the  Council  ap- 
pointed Col.  Bull,  adjutant  gen- 
eral of  militia  of  the  State,  and  ap- 


pointed  Col.  Walter  Stewart  colonel,  in  the  room  of  Col.  Bull,  pro- 
moted. Capt.  Pugh's  company  enlisted  for  the  war,  was  added  to 
the  regiment,  and  on  the  19th  tho  state  of  the  regiment  was: 
number  of  men  enlisted  for  the  war  185,  number  of  men  enlisted 
to  the  1st  of  January,  1778,  354;  sergeants  enlisted  for  the  war,  9  ; 
sergeants  to  the  1st  of  January,  1778,  31 ;  3  drummers  for  the  war, 
8  as  above,  2  fifers  for  the  war,  as  above.  On  the  20th  of  June, 
1777,  Ludwick  Sprogell,  Com.  Gen.  of  Musters,  made  a  return  of 
5ho  Penn'a  State  regiment,  commanded  by  Walter  Stewart,  Esq., 
colonel,  as  consisting  of  eleven  companies :  No.  1,  Capt.  Patrick 
Anderson;  No.  2,  John  Marshall;  3,  John  Nice;  4,  Matthew  Scott ; 
5,  James  F.  Moore ;  6,  John  Spear ;  7,  John  Clark ;  8,  Robert  Gray ;  9, 
John  Robb  ;  10  James  Carnahan  ;  11,  John  Pugh.  Field  and  staff, 
52;  non-commissioned  officers,  etc.,  79;  privates  present  fit  for 
duty,  477.  He  adds  "  there  is  a  number  of  men  still  out,  not  in- 
cluded in  this  return,  nor  any  account  kept  of  them  by  the  officers, 
some  of  which  are  wagoners  in  Continental  service  since  July  last. 
The  wagoners  that  return  to  join  their  regiment  cavil  about  their 
regimental  pay,  not  withstanding  they  have  received  £6  per  month 
of  the  Continent." 

Col.  Walter  Stewart  took  command  of  the  regiment  July  6, 1777, 
and  commanded  it  at  Brandy  wine  and  Gerrnantown,  where  its 
losses  were  sixteen  killed  and  missing,  and  twenty-two  wounded. 
See  his  letter,  Penn'a  Archives,  O.  $.,  vol.  v,  page  713.  "  By  resolu- 
tion of  Congress,"  November  12,  1777,  "Col.  Stewart's  regiment 
was  to  be  annexed  to  the  Penn'a  line,  and  form  the  Thirteenth 



Bull,  John,  appointed  May  2,  1777  ;  promoted  adjutant  general 
June  17, 1777  ;  died  at  Northumberland  Penn'a  August  9, 1824, 
age  ninety-four.  See  notice  of  him  in  vol.  i,  2d  series,  page.12 

Stewart,  Walter,  appointed  June  17,  1777,  vice  Col.  Bull  promoted. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Farmer,  Lewis,  appointed  May  2,  1777. 
First  Major. 

Farmer,  Lewis,  commission  dated  March  14,  1777  ;  promoted  lieu- 
tenant colonel,  May  2, 1777. 

Murray  John,  appointed  May  2,  1777  ;  promoted  lieutenant  colonel 
Second  Penn'a,  December  10, 1778. 


Second  Major. 

Murray,  Francis,  commission  dated  March  14,  1777.  Major  Mur- 
ray, while  on  a  visit  to  his  family  at  Newtown,  in  February, 
1778,  was  captured  by  the  Tories,  carried  to  the  enemy,  and  was 

still  a  prisoner 
April  18,  1780; 
when  his  wife, 
Martha,  who  to 
support  herself  and  six  small  children,  kept  a  retail  shop  at 
Newtown,  Bucks  county,  applied  to  the  Council  to  be  relieved 
of  some  excise  difficulty.  He  was  exchanged  October  25, 1780; 
afterwards,  1783,  lieutenant  of  the  county,  and  general  of  the 
militia.  He  died  at  Newtown,  November  30, 1816,  aged  eighty- 
four  years,  and  is  buried  in  the  Presbyterian  grave-yard  at  that 
place.  His  wife  died  February  22, 1794,  aged  forty-seven. 

Miller,  Rev.  Henry,  appointed  April  24,  1777. 


Ruth,  Francis,  appointed  April  28, 1777,  commission  to  date  from 
April  18, 1777  ;  transferred  to  Fifth  Penn'a,  October  28, 1778. 

Quarter  Master. 

Lytle,  Andrew,  appointed  April  28,  1777,  commission  to  date  from 
April  18,  1777. 

Lisener   William. 

Laverswyler,Capt.  Jacob,  appointed  February  13, 1777. 

Sergeant  Major. 
Miller,  Jacob. 

Drum  Major. 
Holloway,  Isaac. 

Fife  Major. 
Boss,  Jacob. 



( March  1, 1777,  to  May  1,  1777. ) 

Anderson,  Patrick.    See  Atlee's  Battalion. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Maess,  Jacob. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Grain,  Ambrose,  of  Lancaster,  now  Dauphin  county;  appointed 
April,  1777. 

Fullerton,  Patrick. 


Miller,  Jacob,  promoted  sergeant  major. 
Moody,  John. 
Baggs,  Thomas. 
McDonnell,  William. 
McCalley,  Andrew. 

Cooper,  John, 
Holloway,  Isaac,  Jr. 
McNeil,  Daniel. 

Adam,  Stophel. 
Arnold,  Michael. 
Butler,  William. 
Cameron,  Christian. 
Close,  Michael. 
Cotter,  George. 
Crist,  Adam. 
Crister,  Simon. 
Deary,  Godfrey. 
Devillin,  Robert. 
Durlin,  John. 
Fisher,  Francis. 
Fisher,  Godfrey. 
Frederick,  Henry. 
Fuzer,  Henry. 
Fuzer,  John. 

Drum  and  Fife. 



Grove,  Michael. 
Halinor,  George. 
Harper,  James. 
Heck,  Yobst. 
Hinelider,  Michael. 
Isenhour,  Philip. 
John,  Philip. 
Keel,  Francis. 
Lanser,  George. 
Leany,  George. 
Lidey,  Voluntine. 
Long,  John. 
Lott,  Philip. 
Mease,  Balser. 
Medary,  Simon. 
Miller,  Frederick. 
Miller,  James. 
Miller,  John. 
Mingle,  George. 
Moffet,  William. 
Monornocker,  Philip. 
Nitterhouse,  Daniel. 
Noblit,  Samuel. 
Notstan,  John. 
Older,  Henry. 
Rife,  Jacob* 
Riggle,  Jacob. 
Seepolt,  David. 
Spangle  Charles. 
Spoust,  Frederick. 
Trayer,  Peter. 
Wason,  James. 
Weaver,  John. 


(March  1, 1777,  to  May  1, 1777.) 

Marshall,  John. 
Pinley,  Joseph  L. 
Harris,  William. 

Yan  Winkle,  John. 

Pelan,  Robert. 
Johnston,  William. 
Linn,  Robert. 
Sturgeon,  Robert. 

Groce,  Conrod. 
Moore,  Jesse. 
Lever,  William. 
Ludwic,  Conrod. 


First  Lieutenant. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Third  Lieutenant. 


Drum  and  Fife. 


Awl,  John. 

Baily,  Thomas. 

Bellshoover,  Ludwick. 

Carlton,  Edward. 

Chambers,  David. 

Chambers,  John. 

Chambers,  John,2d. 

Coleman,  Nicholas. 

Colter,  George. 

Crowly,  David. 

Delany,  John. 

Donnely,  Peter. 

Duffee,  James. 

Duncan,  Robert. 

Fottrell,  Patrick,  armorer  at  the  factory. 

Gallaher,  Hugh. 

Hall,  William. 


Henney,  Samuel. 
Humphries,  Robert. 
Jones,  Joshua. 
Kelley,  James. 
Lackey,  Thomas. 
Lewis,  Joseph. 
McCay,  John. 
McClellan,  Henry. 
McClure,  Samuel. 
McCord,  William. 
McCormic,  Charles. 
McGinnes,  Patrick. 
McMichael  Christopher. 
Morans,  William. 
Myers,  Joseph. 
Neeley,  Joseph. 
Nylson ,  Jno. 
Peelan,  Joshua. 
Patitiate,  John. 
Price,  William. 
Slemons,  Robert. 
Steen,  James. 
Stever,  Daniel. 
Stocdale,  Terence. 
Veesey,  John. 
Waterson,  John. 
Welshance,  William. 
Whitmore,  John. 
Wilson,  John. 
Wood,  Samuel. 
Wright,  Jonathan. 

( March  1, 1777,  to  May  1, 1777. ) 

Nice,  John. 

First  Lieutenants. 
Boyd,  Thomas,  resigned  June  22,  1777,  on  account  of  promotion  of 

Thomas  Johnston. 
Kennedy,  Samuel,  June  22,  1777,  promoted  captain  of   Seventh 



Second  Lieutenant. 
Kennedy,  Samuel,  promoted  first  lieutenant  June  22, 1777. 

Boyle,  Peter,  February  20,  1777. 

Evans,  William. 
Cain,  Charles. 
Quin,  John. 
Thompson,  John. 

Felty,  Hans. 
Moyers,  Jacob. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 

Hall,  Joseph. 
McKan,  James. 


Beevey,  Edward. 
Boom,  Bartholomew. 
Burger,  John. 
Campbell,  John. 
Coulter,  James. 
Cowan,  Charles. ' 
Curtain,  John. 
Groves,  William. 
Height,  Jacob. 
Hervey,  David. 
Hiderick,  Adam. 
Hill,  Alexander. 
Hill,  Frederick. 
Johnston,  William. 
Leatherman,  Michael. 
Leman,  Henry. 
Loch,  George. 
Long,  Philip. 
Lovegrove,  William. 
Maconnomy  ,  William. 
Maxfield,  John,  (baker.) 
McCarty,  William. 
McDonnal,  James. 
Miller,  Frederick. 
Miller,  George. 
Murray,  William. 
Peelin,  Kershua. 


Pelser,  Anthony. 
Pickle,  Jacob. 
Ristler,  George. 
Roberts,  Richard. 
Slingback,  Yost. 
Slow,  Barnet. 
Snavel,  John. 
Swarcks,  Frederick. 
Tennis,  William. 
Vert,  Christian. 
Whetstone,  Balser. 

(March  1,  1777,  to  May  1, 1777.) 

Scott,  Matthew,  April  18, 1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Brownlee,  Joseph,  resigned  June  22, 1777,  on  account  of  promotion 
of  Thomas  Johnston. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
McCracken,  William, 

Gregg,  Robert,  February,  1777,  from  sergeant. 

Wallace,  Thomas. 
Viney,  Pattan. 
Boyd,  William. 
McKinsey,  Andrew. 
Boyl,  Daniel. 

Drum  and  Fife. 
Howard,  George. 
Hann,  David. 

Adams,  William, 
Archer,  Zach. 
Cavan,  William. 
Coffee,  James. 
Dennis,  James. 


Dixon  Patrick. 

Dixon,  Samuel. 

Doherty,  Barnabas. 

Dowds,  James. 

Dunfey,  Michael,  enlisted  February  28, 1777. 

Elliot,  John. 

Fargher,  Charles. 

Flinn,  Patrick. 

Gagebay,  James. 

Galbraith,  James. 

Gilmore,  Thomas. 

Harper,  Samuel. 

Hodge,  John. 

Hoof,  Jacob. 

Jacob,  John. 

Keaton,  John. 

Kelly,  Mathew,  enlisted  February  23, 1777. 

Kenedy,  Thomas,  enlisted  February  16, 1777. 

Kerrigan,  John. 

Lean,  John. 

Lewis,  David,  enlisted  February  24, 1777. 


McCrank,  Edward. 

McCurdy,  Alexander. 

McMullin,  Neal. 

Mitchell,  Alexander. 

Mitchell,  John. 

Moor,  Hampton. 

Murdagh,  Patrick. 

Nickelso,  James. 

Orpet,  Richard. 

Pots,  Hance. 

Quindlin,  John. 

Kiley,  James. 

Salter,  John. 

Sharp,  Andrew. 

Shearer,  Thomas. 

Woods,  Hugh. 

Wright,  Aaron,  enlisted  February  24, 1777. 


(March  1,  1777,  to  May  1,  1777.    Mustered  at  Red  Bank  May  9,  1777.) 

Moore,  James  Francis. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Wiley,  James. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Gregg,  John,  (ensign  January  6, 1777.) 


Park,  John. 


Stuart,  David. 

Barron,  Robert. 

Harsh,  Jacob. 

Armstrong,  Henry. 


Lindsay,  Mungo,  promoted  sergeant;  discharged  January  1,1778, 
at  Valley  Forge.  He  was  a  weaver,  resided  in  Bald  Eagle 
township,  Centre  county,  in  1826,  aged  near  sixty-eight. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 
Spence,  "William. 
Rea,  John. 

Allen,  Richard. 
Anderson,  James. 
Babout,  John. 
Balmon,  John. 
Baronheart,  Peter. 
Beever,  Christopher. 
Bidleson,  George. 
Black,  Daniel. 
Branan,  William. 
Carmickle,  Peter. 
Christy,  John. 
Coughdan,  John. 
Crisswell,  Andrew. 
Davis,  Daniel. 
Dawson,  Jeremiah. 
Dines,  Jacob. 


Eago,  James. 
Eavins,  James. 
Eavins,  Samuel. 
Ediner,  Jacob. 
Edington,  John. 
Polks,  Michael. 
Fossel,  Christopher. 
Freaser,  Ezekiel. 
Frederick,  Abraham. 
Frye,  Philip. 
Goslen,  Mordecai. 
Harris,  John. 
Harrison,  John. 
Heagerty,  John. 
Hine,  Conrade. 
Hootmaker,  Jacob. 
Hudson,  William. 
Hues,  Cornelius. 
Huston,  Robert. 
Jones,  William. 
Marshall,  Solomon. 
McGuire,  John. 
Mclntyre,  Daniel. 
McLean,  Hugh. 
McMagany,  Bryan. 
Mellan,  John. 
Miller,  Joseph. 
Morrison,  James. 
Murphy,  John. 
Myer,  Casper. 
Myer,  Lenard. 
Nealer,  Joseph. 
Organ,  Matthew. 
Pierpoint,  Elias. 
Peevihous,  John. 
Prigmore,  Codoris. 
Prigmore,  Jonathan. 
Rubert,  Adam. 
Seebrooks,  Nathaniel. 
Simmens,  James. 
Skinner,  Samuel. 
Smith,  James. 
Steed,  James. 
Travas,  Joseph. 
Tull,  Richard. 
Wilson,  James. 


(March  1,  1777,  to  May  1,  1777.    Mustered  at  Red  Bank,  May  9,  1777.) 

Spear,  John,  from  first  lieutenant  Miles'  battalion. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Gyger,  George. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Yanpelt,  John,  promoted  for  bravery  at  Long  Island  and  White 
Plains,  in  1776. 

Bickham,  James. 


Murphy,  Archibald. 
Dellerland,  William. 
Winning,  James. 
Moore,  James. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 

Thompson,  John. 
Ingle,  John. 

Bard,  John. 
Beatty,  John. 
Brooks,  Thomas. 
Brown,  Peter. 
Burk,  James. 
Cleany,  Michael. 
Derry,  Michael. 
Divett,  James. 
Doglass,  Halbert. 
Donely,  Henry. 
Dougherty,  Archibald. 
Ellison,  James. 
Ellott,  John. 
Erwine,  John. 
Flanigan,  Timothy. 
Fount,  John. 
Fulton,  Thomas. 
Gilfoy,  Charles. 


Glass,  Robert,  prisoner  and  carried  to  New  York  in  1780 ;  resided 

in  Chester  county  in  1813. 
Godshalk,  Daniel. 
Gollaher,  James. 
Griffith,  Howel. 
Griffith,  Joseph. 
Haggerty,  Hugh. 
Hase,  Fetter. 
Holter,  James. 
James,  William. 
Johnston,  William. 
Jones,  Rees. 
Kelly,  Pattrick. 
King,  John. 
Lasson,  John. 
Learry,  Michael. 
McKee,  Daniel. 
McKenny,  John. 
Miler,  William. 

Mulholan,  Hugh.     See  Second  Penn'a. 
Naggonton,  Robert. 
O 'Bryan,  William. 
Pembrock,  John. 
Powers,  William. 
Rea,  Joseph. 
Roughcorn,  Simon. 
Satton,  Abraham. 
Scannel,  John. 
Solavan,  Michael. 
Whalon,  William. 
Yarnet,  Joshia. 



(March  1,  1777,  to  May  1,  1777.     Mustered  at  Fort  Island,  May  8,  1777.) 

Clark,  John. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Moore,  William,  from  Miles'  battalion. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
McMichael,  James. 

Collier,  Joseph,  promoted  lieutenant  First  Penn'a. 

Speer,  Edward. 
Sloan,  James. 
Mennis,  John. 
McGough,  Hugh. 

Keynold,  Christopher. 
Miller,  Michael. 


Privates , 

Allstead,  Jno. 
Baile,  Henry. 
Berry,  John. 
Blockley,  John. 
Boal,  Henry. 
Brown,  Christopher. 
Brown,  Samuel. 
Crookham,  John. 
Dunn,  Peter. 
Eckelberger,  Jacob. 
Elliot,  William. 
Finley,  James. 
Glendinning,  James. 
Graham,  George. 
Grove,  John. 


Jefferies,  William. 

Johnston,  Richard. 

Jurey,  Abraham. 

Lister,  James  M. 

Lister,  Robert. 

London,  Stephen. 

Lntz,  Henry. 

Masteler,  Nicholas. 

McCay,  Daniel. 

McFee,  Neal. 

Mclnrue,  John. 

McLean,  John. 

McMullen,  Michael. 

Mercer,  John. 

Merrifleld,  Hiram. 

Miller,  Peter. 

Milligher,  Michael. 

Montgomery,  John. 

Moore,  John. 

Muckle,  James. 

Nevin,  Patrick. 

Punches,  John. 

Bitchey,  Kobert. 

Ryan,  Michael. 

Scott,  James. 

Slatterbeg,  George. 

Smith,  John. 

Sullivan,  Thomas,  from  Atlee's  battalion. 

'Teary,  William. 

Verts,  John. 

(March  1,  1777,  to  May  1, 1777.     Mustered  at  Red  Bank,  May  9,  1777.;? 

Gray,  Robert,  former  quarter-master  of  Col.  Atlee's  battalion. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Johnston,  Thomas,  of  Flying  Camp,  appointed  January,  21,  1777; 
afterwards    Col.   Thomas    Johnston ;    died   December,    1819, 
buried  in  the  Johnston  grave-yard,  near  Shady  Grove,  Frank- 
lin county,  Penn'a. 
18— VOL.  X. 



Gorman,  Joseph,  promoted  from  sergeant. 


Durland,  Jacob,  quarter-master  sergeant. 
Murphy,  John. 
Lowrey,  Thomas. 
Lucas,  Samuel. 
Collins,  Patrick. 

Garrett,  Robert. 
Richard,  Charles. 

Bradshaw,  Thomas. 
Brogan,  Michael. 
Burd,  Frederick. 
Burke,  Alexander. 
Co  wen,  James. 
Cristy.  Alexander. 
Cunningham,  Luke. 
Daniel,  Jacob. 
Desall,  William. 
Fritz,  John. 
James,  Owen. 
Johnston,  David. 
Kane,  Patrick. 
Keeler,  John. 
Kenedy,  John. 
Kenney,  Thomas. 
Ledyard,  Joseph. 
Leonard,  Frederick. 
Lyddy,  Matthew. 
Mallick,  William. 
McClanahan,  Hugh. 
McClintock,  Robert. 
Mcllvaine,  William. 
McKone,  John. 
McLaughlin,  Charles. 
McQuade,  John. 
Miller,  Jeremiah. 
Murray,  Daniel. 
Naugle,  Joseph. 




Neagle,  Philip,  discharged  at  Annapolis  ;  resided  in  Guilford  town- 
ship. Franklin  county,  in  1819,  aged  sixty-seven. 
O'Neale,  Richard. 
Paul,  Frederick. 
Rairdon,  Jeremiah. 
Reily,  John. 
Robinson,  William. 
Seepole,  Leonard. 
Sharpies,  James. 
Shotts,  Ludwig. 
Smyth,  Matthew. 
Smyth,  Philip. 
Smyth,  Robert. 
Spellesey,  Michael. 
Stuart,  William. 
Tyrer,  James. 
Vernon,  Robert. 
Weld  on,  Patrick. 
Winters,  Christ7. 

(March  1,  1777,  to  May  1,  1777.    Mustered  at  Red  Bank,  May  9,  1777.) 

Robb,  John,  April  18, 1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Snyder,  Jacob. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Sutter,  James,  from  Atlee's  battalion,  commission  to  date  from 
April  18, 1777. 

Boemper,  Abraham,  appointed  April  28, 1777. 

Watt,  James. 
Cain,  Hugh. 
Smyth,  John. 
Chisnal,  James. 

Stereger,  Justice. 


Brand,  George. 

Aumiller,  John. 
Brant,  Daniel. 
Burck,  Michael. 
Carson,  William. 
Carter,  Andrew. 
Carter,  Charles. 
Clarck,  William. 
Cline,  Conrad. 
Conrad,  George. 
Evick,  Christian. 
Fink,  Michael. 
Fouls.  George. 
Gerhart  Henry. 
Glenn,  Patrick. 
Gresly,  John. 
Harmandy,  Henry. 
Harper,  William. 
Hellem,  George. 
Herron,  John. 
Hook,  Henry. 
Irwin,  James. 
Killer,  Frederick. 
Killon,  Michael. 
Knee,  Thomas. 
Lafland,  Whitman. 
Leismer,  William. 
Linn,  John. 
Little,  Thomas. 
Long,  Benjamin. 
Macob,  John. 
Marrick,  Jacob. 
McLain,   Charles,  discharged  January  1,  1778,  at  Valley  Forge ; 

died  in  1823,  in  Milesburg,  Centre  county,  Penn'a, 
McManis,  Patrick, 
McVay,  Patrick. 
Mu  skein  ay,  John. 
Nowland,  Michael. 
Paul,  Adam. 
Quest,  John. 
Ralston,  Andrew. 
Rough,  Lowdwick. 
Shroat,  Samuel. 



Stump,  Charles. 
Train,  George. 
Ward,  John. 
Whilley,  Frederick. 
Wilcot,  Silvus. 


(March  1,  1777,  to  May  1,  1777.    Mustered  at  Red  Bank,  May  9,  1777.) 


Carnahan,  James,  lived  in  Washington  county,  Penn'a,  for  many 
years  after  the  war. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Hoffner,  George. 
Dugan,  James. 

Fitzgerald,  Henry. 
Waddle,  William. 
Justice,  John. 

G-uyher,  John. 
Macklen,  John. 

Brownlee,  John. 
Bryson,  Andrew. 
Carnahan,  Joseph. 
Chapman,  George. 
Colter,  William. 
Cooke,  John. 
Deen,  Rex% 
Doherty,  Andrew. 
Dolen,  Charles. 
Gagger,  John. 
Grea,  James. 
Gunnon,  Jeremiah. 





Guthry,  William. 
Guyher,  Peter. 
Hartsgrove,  Samuel. 
Heslet,  Andrew. 
Heslet,  Robert. 
Horneck,  Daniel. 
Howard,  John. 
Hunter,  James. 
Johnson,  Robert. 
Ken  nan,  Roger. 
Kenny,  Thomas. 
Leech,  Archibald. 
Leech,  James. 
McClelland,  David. 
McGaughey,  Philip. 
Miller,  Peter. 
Mills,  Andrew. 
Moore,  William. 
Mulvaney,  Patrick. 
Murphy,  Arthur. 
Riddle,  John. 
Scuse,  John. 
Sims,  John. 
Singlewood,  Stephen. 
Smith,  Thomas. 
Southerland,  William. 
Stewart,  James. 
Swerths,  Ferdinand. 
Tryne,  Peter. 
Weeble,  George. 
Wilkison,  Angus. 


[No  Rolls  to  be  found.] 


Pugh,  John,  appointed  May  1,  1777  ;   commission  dated  March  18, 

First  Lieutenant. 
McFall,  Patrick,  appointed,  April  8,  1777. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
"Williams,  Samuel,  commissioned  April  23, 1777. 

Evans,  Samuel,  appointed  April  8,  1777. 

Company  unknown. 

McLaughlin,  John,  served  afterwards  on  board  the  Holker,  and 
after  that  as  a  butcher  in  the  servce,  but  did  not  reenlist ;  liv- 
ing in  1794. 

Robinson,  William,  sergeant;  died  in  Bracken  county,  Kentucky, 
February  15, 1835. 



JULY   1,  1776, 

STOYEMBER  3,1783, 


any  rolls  could  be  found,  they  are  printed  in  full 
with  their  respective  regiments.  The  dates  attached 
to  the  names  in  the  general  lists  of  the  regiments  are 
derived  principally  from  the  books  of  James  Stevenson, 
Abram  du  Bois,  and  William  Goforth,  auditors,  ap- 
pointed by  the  Supreme  Executive  Council  to  settle  the  depre- 
ciation of  officers  and  privates  of  the  Pennsylvania  Line  from  Janu- 
ary 1,  1777,  to  August  1, 1780,  under  the  act  of  December  18,  1780, 
(McKean^s  Laws,  page  4*0,}  discovered  within  the  past  few  years  in 
the  Auditor  General's  office.  They  were  in  a  bundle  which  appa- 
rently had  not  been  opened  since  it  was  packed  for  removal  from 
Philadelphia  to  Lancaster,  in  1799.  Many  an  applicant  for  pension 
lost  his  claim  for  want  of  these  books,  as  is  apparent  from  the  list 
of  the  rejected  claims  published  by  the  Secretary  of  War.  The 
original  rolls  and  papers  relating  to  the  service  of  the  Pennsylvania 
Line,  as  well  as  those  of  other  States,  having  been  burned  by  the  fire 
which  consumed  the  records  of  the  war  office  in  1800,  in  a  tem- 
porary building  in  which  they  were  placed  after  their  removal  from 
Philadelphia,  necessarily  the  requirements  of  the  acts  of  March 
18, 1818,  and  June  7, 1832,  granting  pensions  were  very  stringent, 
in  order  to  prevent  fraud  upon  the  United  States,  requiring  such 
evidence  as  would  satisfy  the  Secretary  of  War  as  to  the  genuine 
character  of  the  claims.  To  do  this  at  the  latter  dates,  with  the  fail- 
ing memory  of  the  aged  applicants,  was  an  impossibility. 

The  dates  "January  1, 1777-1781,"  and  any  other  date  to  which  is 
attached  1781,  indicate  that  these  names  are  found  upon  the  books 
of  settlement  referred  to,  and  therefore  those  soldiers  were  still  in 
service  up  to  January  1, 1781,  when  the  revolt  took  place ;  though 
the  entry  runs  generally  "  paid  to  August  1, 1780."  Those  marked 
"E  "  were  found  in  a  book  marked  "  List  of  Soldiers  whose  depre- 
ciation of  pay  escheated  to  the  State." 

It  appears  by  the  minutes  of  the  Supreme  Executive  Council 
April  3, 1778,  (Col.  Records,  vol.  xi,  page  456,)  "it  was  ordered  that 
the  Thirteenth,  Twelfth,  and  Eleventh  regiments  be  joined  with 
some  other  regiments ;  that  the  Thirteenth  be  incorporated  with  the 
Second,  and  Col.  Walter  Stewart  take  the  command  in  place  of 



Col.  Bicker ;  that  the  Twelfth  be  incorperated  with  the  Third ; 
that  the  Eleventh  be  incorporated  with  the  Tenth,  being  the  next 
youngest,  and  that  Col.  Humpton  take  command  in  the  room  of 
Col.  Nagel."  This  arrangement  went  into  effect  July  1, 1778,  imme- 
diately after  the  battle  of  Monmouth.  Shortly  after  a  new  Eleventh 
was  formed,  under  Col.  Hartley,  composed  of  the  remains  of  his 
regiment,  Col.  Patton's,  and  of  independent  companies  of  the  State 
serving  in  the  Lines  of  other  States. 

Another  arrangement  followed  the  resolutions  of  Congress  of  3d 
and  21st  of  October,  1780,  reducing  the  quota  of  Pennsylvania  to 
six  regiments  of  infantry,  one  of  artillery,  one  of  cavalry,  and  one 
of  artificers ;  which  went  into  effect  January  17, 1781,  after  the  Re- 
volt of  the  Pennsylvania  Line.  This  included  the  reduction  of 
the  German  regiment. 

A  further  consolidation  went  into  effect  January  1, 1783,  reduc- 
ing the  infantry  to  three  regiments,  and  an  arrangement  of 
officers  accordingly.  Veiy  few  records  remain  of  these  organiza- 
tions, none  to  show  who  reenlisted  generally.  This  will  account  for 
the  names  of  many  soldiers  being  repeated  in  the  different  regiments. 
To  avoid  complication  and  error  as  far  as  possible,  the  roster  of 
officers  are  only  carried  in  full  from  January  1,  1777,  to  January, 
1781,  and  after  that  the  respective  arrangements  are  inserted. 

The  remarks  attached  are  derived  from  pension  applications 
found  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  the  Commonwealth,  and  in 
the  prothonotary's  office  of  some  counties,  and  the  records  of  the 
Pension  Office  and  War  Department  at  Washington. 

It  is  also  to  be  noted  that  subsequent  arrangements  vary  dates 
and  orders  of  promotion  recommended  by  commanding  officers 
and  by  the  Supreme  Executive  Council,  (e.  g.  some  of  those  found 
on  pages  356  and  357,  vol.  xii,  Colonial  Records. )  This  probably  arose 
from  the  fact  that  the  promotions  were  made  in  the  whole  Line  by 
seniority,  which  was  not  taken  in  account  when  promotions  were 
made,  or  recommended  by  commanding  officers,  &c.,  but  discovered 
upon  the  different  meetings  of  officers  of  the  whole  Line  to  arrange. 
Accordingly  the  duplicate  dates  are  given  as  indicated  by  the  official 
papers  copied.  The  dates  of  officers'  commissions  some  times  differ 
from  the  times  they  were  assigned  to  regiments,  the  latter  in  some 
instances  can  not  be  indicated. 

For  further  explanation,  reference  is  made  to  several  "establish- 
ments" made  by  Congress,  to  be  found  in  its  journals.  That  of 
September  16,  1776,  assigned  twelve  regiments  as  the  quota  of 
Pennsylvania.  Thompson's  Rifle  Battalion,  then  Hand's,  was 
claimed  by  the  State,  and  counted  as  the  First  of  the  Line.  De 
Haas'  First  battalion  as  the  Second,  St.  Clair's  Second  battalion  as 
the  Third  regiment,  «fcc.  Eight  companies  composed  a  regiment, 
each  company  to  have  one  captain,  first  and  second  lieutenants, 


and  ensign,  four  sergeants,  four  corporals,  one  drummer,  one  flfer, 
and  seventy-six  privates.  Pennsylvania  took  early  measures  to 
reenlist  her  officers  and  men  under  this  establishment.  (See  the 
committee's  letter,  dated  October  9, 1776,  Penn'a  Arch.,  second  se- 
ries, vol.  i.  page  630.) 

A  second  establishment  was  made  by  Congress,  May  27, 1778,  by 
which  the  regiments  were  required  to  consist  of  nine  companies, 
one  of  which  was  to  be  light  infantry ;  each  of  the  field  officers 
to  command  a  company ;  the  lieutenant  of  the  colonel's  company 
to  have  the  rank  of  Captain  Lieutenant ;  one  surgeon  and  one  sur- 
geon's-mate  were  added  to  the  field  and  staff  ;  one  sergeant  major, 
one  quarter-master  sergeant,  one  drum  major,  and  one  fife  major 
made  the  non-commissioned  staff;  and  six  captains,  one  captain 
lieutenant,  eight  lieutenants,  nine  ensigns,  twenty-seven  sergeants, 
twenty-seven  corporals,  eighteen  drummers  and  fifers,  and  four 
hundred  and  seventeen  privates  formed  the  balance  of  the  regi- 

This  roll  of  the  Pennsylvania  Line  of  course  falls  far  short  of 
doing  justice  to  the  patriotism  of  Pennsylvania.  It  is  in  fact  a 
mere  roll  of  the  Line  as  discharged  in  January,  1781.  The  hundreds 
who  fell  in  all  the  battles  of  the  Ee volution,  from  Quebec  to  Charles- 
ton are  not  here ; — the  wounded,  who  dragged  their  torn  limbs  home 
to  die  in  their  native  valleys,  are  not  here.  The  heaths  of  New 
Jersey,  from  Paramus  to  Freehold,  by  a  line  encircling  Morristown 
and  Bound  Brook,were,in  the  summerof  1777,  dotted  with  the  graves 
of  the  Eighth  and  Twelfth  Pennsylvania.  These  regiments,  from 
the  frontier  counties  of  the  State,  Westmoreland  and  Northum- 
berland, were  the  first  of  the  Line  in  the  field,  though  they  had  to 
come  from  the  banks  of  the  Monongahela  and  the  head-waters  of  the 
Susquehanna.  At  Brandywine  the  Pennsylvania  troops  lost  heav- 
ily, the  Eighth  and  Twelfth, and  Col.  Hartley's  additional  regiment, 
in  particular,  in  officers  and  men ;  and  Col.  Patton's  additional  reg- 
iment, after  the  battle  of  Germantown,  could  not  maintain  its  regi- 
mental organization. 

Again,  we  have  no  regimental  returns  of  the  regiments  after 
they  were  reduced  to  six,  January  1,  1781,  and  reenlisted.  These, 
with  the  rest  of  the  records  of  the  Pennsylvania  Line,  were  placed 
beyond  the  reach  of  historical  research  by  the  fire  before  alluded  to, 
and  the  torch  of  the  British  in  1814. 

On  the  5th  of  April,  1781,  orders  were  issued  for  a  detachment 
of  the  six  regiments  to  hold  themselves  in  readiness  to  march  to 
York,  Penn'a,  immediately.  The  proportions  of  officers  and  men 
each  regiment  was  to  furnish,  will  be  found  in  Gen.  St.  Clair's  order. 
('Penn'a  Archives,  O.  S.,vol.  ix,  page  60.)  It  was  to  amount  to  nine 
hundred  and  sixty  men,  besides  officers.  Lieut.  Col.  Eobinson,  of 
the  First,  Col.  Walter  Stewart  of  the  Second,  Lieut.  Col.  Harmar  of 


the  Third,  Col.  Kichard  Butler  of  the  Fifth,  and  Col.  Humpton  of 
the  Sixth,  and  other  officers  whose  names  may  be  gathered  from 
Felt  man's  journal,  printed  postea,  were  of  Wayne's  subordinates  in 
the  southern  campaign.  Sixty  dragoons,  under  Major  Fauntleroy 
Moore,  accompanied  Col.  Moylan,  following  July  10.  The  detach- 
ment of  artillery  had  one  major,  three  captains,  three  captain  lieu- 
tenants, and  three  lieutenants  with  it.  Col.  Thomas  Craig  followed, 
with  a  detachment  composed  mostly  of  eighteen  months  men.* 

When  Wayne  was  about  leaving  York  May  26,  1781,  there  was 
some  insubordination,  which  he  promptly  quelled  by  shooting  down 
the  offenders,  as  alluded  to  in  his  letter  to  Prest.  Reed,  (Pennja  Ar- 
chives, O.  S.,vol.  ix,  page  173.)  Leonard  Dubbs,  who  died  at  Harris- 
burg  in  1840,  and  had  been  a  drummer  throughout  the  war,  often 
related  that  one  Jack  Maloney,  an  Englishman,  one  of  the  ser- 
geants in  command  of  the  men  at  the  Revolt  of  the  Line,  and 
whom  he  believed  to  be  a  true  man,  as  he  had  advised  the  hang- 
ing of  the  British  spies,  started  the  difficulty,  and  called  upon  all 
true  soldiers  to  help  him,  a  man  named  Smith  and  two  other  men 
rushed  from  the  ranks.  (See  Lieut.  Deney's  account  of  the  execu- 
tion, Penned  Hist.  Soc.  Publications,  vol.  vii,  page  238.) 

Wayne's  command  joined  Lafayette  at  Raccoon  ford,  on  the  Rap- 
idan,  on  the  10th  of  June,  fought  at  Green  Springs  on  the  6th  of 
July,  opened  the  second  parallel  at  Yorktown,  October  12,  which 
Gen.  Steuben,  in  his  division  orders  of  October  21,  says  "he  con- 
siders the  most  important  part  of  the  siege,"  After  the  surrender 
of  Cornwallis,  three  regiments  and  a  detatchment  of  artillery  were 
ordered  to  the  southward,  under  Gen.  St.  Clair,  and  with  Wayne, 
closed  the  battles  of  the  Revolution  at  Sharon,  Georgia,  and  only 
when  their  services  were  no  longer  needed,  in  the  summer  of  1783, 
returned  from  James  Island,  South  Carolina,  to  Philadelphia.  Dis- 
charged 3d  September,  1783,  at  the  barracks  on  Third  street,  south 
of  Green,  known  long  after  as  the  Hall  cf  the  Commissioners  of 
the  Northern  Liberties. 

*See  Col.  Craig's  letter  Penn'a  Archives,  O.  S.,  vol.  ix,  page  503. 
This  is  probably  the  new  regiment  alluded  to  in  Denny's  Journal,  page 
249,  that  reached  Yorktowu  October  30  :  "the  officers  hastened  to  par- 
take of  the  siege,  but  were  too  late."— Ibid. 


OME  reminiscences  of  the  fidelity,  grit,  and  morale  of  the 
Pennsylvania  Line  taken  from  cotemporary  sources, 
should  perhaps  enliven  these  statistical  details.  Win- 
thop  Sargent  in  his  unique  "  life  and  career  of  Major 
John  Andre,"  relates  that  Gen.  Washington,  having 
arrived  in  camp  on  the  evening  of  28th  October,  1780,  caused  a  board 
of  every  general  officer  present  with  the  army  to  be  convened  to 
decide  Andre's  fate,  and  in  a  foot  note  inquires,  "  yet  where  were 
Wayne  and  Irvine  ?"  Dr.  W.  A.  Irvine,  of  Irvine,  Warren  county, 
Pen n 'a,  settles  that  question  very  satisfactorily  by  two  letters  taken 
from  his  grandfather  Gen.  William  Irvine's  portfolio  of  manu- 
scripts : 

General  Wayne  to  General  Washington. 

SMITH'S  WHITE  HOUSE,*  September  27, 1780. 
DEAR  SIR  :  Your  letter  of  yesterday,  from  Eobinson  House, 
came  to  hand  between  seven  and  eight  o'clock  last  evening.  As 
the  troops  were  much  fatigued  on  account  of  loss  of  sleep,  no  pros- 
pect of  any  movement  of  the  enemy  up  the  river,  and  being  in  pos- 
session of  and  commanding  the  pass  by  Storm's,  toward  West 
Point,  with  a  squad  in  our  rear  to  file  off  our  artillery  toward 
Haverstraw  forge,  under  the  mountain,  to  Suffren's,  General  Irvine 
and  myself  thought  it  best  to  remain  in  this  position  until  morn- 
ing, or  until  a  move  of  the  enemy  should  take  place ;  in  the  latter 
case  to  make  a  rapid  march  for  West  Point,  sending  our  artillery 
and  baggage  the  route  already  mentioned,  as  soon  as  the  latter 
should  arrive.  I  forgot  to  mention  to  your  Excellency  that  the 
First  and  Second  brigades  marched  at  a  moment's  warning,  leaving 
our  tents  standing,  guards  and  detachments  out,  pushed  with 
rapidity,  to  secure  this  pass,  where  it  would  be  in  our  power  to  dis- 
pute the  ground  inch  by  inch,  or  to  proceed  to  West  Point,  as  occa- 
sion might  require,  which  was  effected  in  as  little  time  as  ever  so 
long  a  march  was  performed  in." 

*  Near  Haverstraw,  on  the  west  side  of  the  Hudson  below  Stony 
Point,  where  Arnold  and  Andre  had  their  last  interview. — Lossing's 
American  Historical  Record,  vol.  i,  page  436. 



Gen  'Wayne  in  another  letter  says : 

"  The  detached  and  debilitated  state  of  the  garrison  at  "West 
Point  insured  success  to  the  assailants ;  the  enemy  were  in  perfect 
readiness  for  the  enterprise,  and  only  waited  the  return  of  Andre 
to  carry  it  into  execution.  The  26th  was  the  day  fixed  on  for  this 
exploit,  and  the  discovery  of  Arnold's  treachery  was  not  made  until 
late  on  the  25th.  At  twelve,  on  the  morning  of  the  26th,  an  express 
reached  Gen.  Greene  from  his  Excellency,  who  had  fortunately 
arrived  from  Hartford,  to  push  on  the  nearest  and  best  disciplined 
troops,  with  orders  to  gain  the  defile,  or  pass  under  the  Dunder- 
Bargh,  before  the  enemy.  The  First  Pennsylvania  brigade  moved 
immediately,  and  on  the  arrival  of  the  second  express,  I  was 
speedily  followed  by  our  gallant  friend  Gen.  Irvine,  with  the  Second 
brigade.  Our  march  of  sixteen  miles  was  performed  in  four  hours, 
during  a  dark  night,  without  a  single  halt  or  a  man  left  behind. 
When  our  approach  was  announced  to  the  General,  he  thought  it 
was  fabulous ;  but  when  assured  of  his  Tenth  Legion  being  near 
him,  he  expressed  great  satisfaction  and  pleasure." 

Accordingly,  Wayne  and  Irvine  were  holding  West  Point,  where 
hard  fighting  and  cool  sagacity  would  probably  be  required,  while 
the  court  determined  the  fate  of  Andre. 

Gen.  Henry  Lee,  afterwards  Governor  of  Virginia,  in  his  "Mem- 
oirs of  the  War  in  the  Southern  Department "  ( published  in  1808,  vol.2, 
page  #03,)  makes  the  following  reference  to  the  Pennsylvania  Line : 

"  Wayne  had  a  constitutional  attachment  to  the  decision  of  the 
sword,  and  this  cast  of  character  had  acquired  strength  from  in- 
dulgence, as  well  as  from  the  native  temper  of  the  troops  he  com- 
manded. They  were  known  by  the  designation  of  the  Line  of  Penn- 
sylvania, whereas  they  might  have  been  with  more  propriety  called 
the  Line  of  Ireland.  Bold  and  daring,  they  were  impatient  and  re- 
fractory, and  would  always  prefer  an  appeal  to  the  bayonet  to  a 
toilsome  march.  Restless,  under  the  want  of  food  and  whisky : 
adverse  to  absence  from  their  baggage,  and  attached  to  the  pleasures 
of  the  table,  Wayne  and  his  brigade  were  more  encumbered  with 
wagons,  than  any  equal  portion  of  the  army.  The  General  and 
his  soldiers  were  singularly  fitted  for  close  and  stubborn  action, 
hand  to  hand  in  the  center  of  the  army.  Cornwallis  therefore  did 
not  miscalculate  when  he  presumed  that  the  junction  of  Wayne 
would  increase  rather  than  diminish  his  chance  of  bringing  his 
antagonist,  Lafayette,  to  action,  &c." 

Matthews,  in  his  manuscript  journal,  says :  "  they  are  of  the  long- 
legged  make,  most  of  them  without  shoes  and  stockings,  and  with- 
out coats  and  sometimes  they  throw  away  their  arms  when  closely 

Of  Col.  Richard  Butler,  Lee,  in  his  "  Memoirs,"  speaks  as 
"the  renowned  second  and  rival  of  Morgan  in  the  Saratoga  en- 


counters. "  On  the  26th  of  June,  he  encountered  Simcoe,  with  a  loss 
to  the  latter  of  three  officers  and  thirty  privates  killed,  and  on  the 
6th  of  July,  the  battle  of  Green  Springs,  a  fiercely  contested  action 
was  fought ;  but  it  is  in  the  final  scenes  about  Yorktown  that  esprit 
de  corps  of  the  Pennsylvania  troops  shines  out.  Steuben  com- 
manded in  the  trenches  when  the  flag  came  out  with  proposals  of 
capitulation.  Lafayette's  tour  of  duty  arrived  while  the  negotia- 
tions went  on,  and  it  was  a  point  of  honor  who  had  the  right  to 
plant  our  flag  on  the  captured  citadel.  Lafayette  marched  with  his 
division  to  relieve  Steuben,  but  the  latter  would  not  be  relieved. 
Ensign  Ebenezer  Denny  was  detailed  to  erect  the  flag.  While  he 
was  in  the  act  of  planting  it,  Steuben  galloped  up,  took  the  flag,  and 
planted  it  himself.  Col.  Richard  Butler  resented  the  supposed 
affront  to  the  Pennsylvania  troops,  and  sent  a  challenge  to  Steuben, 
and  it  required  all  the  influence  of  Washington  on  one  side,  and 
Rochambeau  on  the  other,  to  prevent  a  duel.  (Memoirs  of  Ebenezer 
Denny,  Hist.  Soc.  Publications,  vol.  vii,  page  214.} 

We  may  add  to  these  reminiscences,  that  it  was  among  the  last 
requests  of  Baron  de  Kalb,  who  fell  at  the  battle  of  Camden,  gal- 
lantly fighting  for  the  American  cause,  that  his  sons  should  bear 
commissions  in  the  American  service,  in  the  Pennsylvania  Line. 
This  being  communicated  to  the  Supreme  Executive  Council  by 
Lieut.  Col.  Dubueson,  his  aid-de-camp,  it  passed  a  resolution  Sep- 
tember 10, 1781,  requesting  the  board  of  war  to  issue  commissions 
of  ensign  to  Pierre  Baron  de  Kalb  and  to  John  Baron  de  Kalb, 
out  of  respect  to  the  memory  of  their  father,  and  as  a  tribute  of 
esteem  to  his  family. 

The  attack  at  Block  House  Point,  July  21, 1780,  was  made  solely 
by  Pennsylvania  troops,  the  first  and  second  brigades,  under  Col. 
Humpton  and  Gen.  William  Irvine,  with  four  pieces  of  artillery, 
belonging  to  Col.  Procter's  regiment  and  Col.  Moylan's  dragoons, 
and  was  the  occasion  of  the  following  incident  related  by  Gen. 
Wayne,  showing  the  irrepressible  character  of  his  troops.  He  says, 
"We  found  that  our  artillery  had  made  but  little  impression,  al- 
though well  and  gallantly  served;  but  when  the  troops  understood 
they  were  to  be  drawn  off,  such  was  the  enthusiastic  bravery  of  all 
ranks,  of  officers  and  men,  that  the  First  regiment,  no  longer  capa- 
ble of  restraint,  rather  than  leave  a  post  in  the  rear,  rushed  with 
impetuosity  over  the  abatis  and  advanced  to  the  stockades,  from 
which  they  were  with  difficulty  withdrawn,  although  they  had  no 
means  of  forcing  an  entrance.  The  contagion  spread  to  the  Sec- 
ond ;  but  by  very  great  efforts  of  the  officers  of  both  regiments, 
they  were  at  last  restrained,  not  without  the  loss  of  some  gallant 
19— VOL.  X. 


officers  wounded  and  some  brave  men  killed.  Happy  it  was  that 
the  General  would  not  admit  of  the  further  advance  of  the  Tenth 
regiment,  and  thus  the  situation  of  Gen.  Irvine's  brigade  prevented 
them  from  experiencing  a  loss  proportioned  to  those  immediately 
engaged,  (as  the  same  gallant  spirit  pervaded  the  whole.")— Letter 
to  Gen.  Washington,  July  22, 1780. 

Return  of  the  killed  and  wounded  of  that  part  of  the  Pennsylvania 

troop  engaged  at  the  Block  House,  at  Bull's  Ferry,  on  the  21st  of 

July,  J7SO. 

Procter's  artillery — Wounded,  1  corporal,  1  Bombardier,  2  gun- 
ners, 8  Matrosses. 

Detached  party  of  the  1st  Regiment — Killed,  two  Sergeants  and 
eight  Rank  and  File;  wounded,  Lieut.  Hammond,  Lieut.  Craw- 
ford, 2  Sergeants,  and  24  Rank  and  File. 

Second  Regiment  — Killed,  1  Sergeant  and  4  Rank  and  File; 
wounded,  Lieut.  De  Hart  and  3  Rank  and  File. 

Detached  party  of  the  Tenth  Regt. — Wounded,  1  Sergeant  and 
4  Rank  and  File. 

Artillery— Total  wounded, 12 

Infantry— Total  killed, .   .   .  15 

"  Total  wounded, 37 



Lt.  CoL 


1  year  men — 1775-6. 

Thompson's  Rifle  Battalion, 839 

De  Haas', 652 

Nelson's  Co., 93 

St.  Clair's  Battalion, 652 

Shee's, 597 

Irvine's, 741 

Wayne's, 652 

Magaw's, 598 

State  Troops — 2  years  men. 

Miles'  {IBatt., 581 

I  2  Batt., 514 

Atlee's, 426 


This  number  was  exclusive  of  detachments  of  artillery  and  cav- 


Major  Generals. 

Miftiin,  Thomas,  from  brigadier,  February  19,  1777;  resigned 
November  7, 1777 ;  subsequently  President,  and  afterwards  Gov- 
ernor of  Pennsylvania;  died  at  Lancaster,  January  20,  1800, 
aged  fifty-seven  years ;  buried  in  Trinity  Lutheran  church 
yard,  Lancaster. 

St.  Clair,  Arthur,  from  brigadier,  February  19,  1777;  died  in 
Westmoreland  county,  August  31,  1818,  aged  eighty-four; 
buried  in  the  cemetery  near  Greensburg. 

Wayne,  Anthony,  from  brigadier,  September  30,  1783 ;  died  at 
Presqu'  Isle,  Lake  Erie,  December  14,  1796,  aged  fifty-one 
years,  eleven  months,  eleven  days. 

Hand,  Edward,  from  brigadier,  September  30, 1783 ;  died  near  Lan- 
caster, September  4,  1802,  aged  fifty-eight,  of  cholera  morbus, 
after  a  few  hours  illness  ;  buried  in  the  Episcopal  church-yard 
in  Lancaster  city. 

Brigadier  Generals. 

Armstrong,  John,  March  1,  1776;  resigned  April  4, 1777 ;  died  at 
Carlisle,  March  9,  1795. 

Thompson,  William,  from  colonel  First  U.  S.  Continental  Line, 
March  1,  1776;  captured  at  Three  Rivers,  Canada,  June  8, 
1776;  exchanged  October  25, 1780,  for  Major  Gen.  De  Riedesel ; 
died  at  Carlisle,  September  3, 1781,  aged  forty-five. 

Mifflin,  Thomas,  May  16, 1776  ;  promoted  major  general,  February 
19,  1777. 

St.  Clair,  Arthur,  from  colonel  of  Second  battalion,  August  19, 
1776 ;  promoted  major  general  February  19, 1777. 

Wayne,  Anthony,  from  colonel  of  Fourth  battalion,  February 
21, 1777 ;  promoted  major  general  September  30, 1783. 

De  Haas,  John  Philip,  from  colonel  of  First  battalion,  February 
21, 1777.  Gen.  De  Haas  commanded  Second  brigade,  Septem- 
ber, 1777,  but  seems  to  have  retired  shortly  after.  He  died  in 
Philadelphia,  June  3, 1786. 

Hand,  Edward,  from  colonel  of  First  Penn'a  April  1,  1777;  adju- 
tant general  of  U.  S.,  January  8, 1781 ;  promoted  major  general 
September  30, 1783. 

Irvine,  William,  from  colonel  of  the  Seventh  Penn'a,  May  12, 1779 ; 
died  in  Philadelphia,  July  29,  1804,  aged  sixty-three ;  buried  in 


the  First  Presbyterian  church-yard ;  subsequently  removed  to 
Ronaldson  burying-ground,  South  Ninth  street. 

Humpton,  Richard,  by  brevet,  1783. 

Moylan,  Stephen,  by  brevet,  September  30, 1783  ;  died  at  Philadel- 
phia, April  11, 1811,  aged  seventy-four. 

Staff  of  the  Commander-in-Chief. 

Mifflin,  Thomas,  .aid-de-camp,  June  20,  1775,  and  quarter-master 
general,  July,  1775;  promoted  brigadier  May  16,  1776. 

Eeed,  Joseph, aid-de-camp,  June  20, 1775, and  secretary,  July  4, 1775, 
to  May  16,1776 ;  commissioned  adjutant  general  of  United  States 
Army,  June  5, 1776  ;  promoted  brigadier  general  March  12, 1777  ; 
refused  to  accept ;  subsequently  President  of  the  State  of  Penn- 
sylvania; died  at  Philadelphia,  March  5, 1785,  aged  forty-four. 

Moylan,  Stephen,  quarter-master  general,  June  5, 1776  ;  promoted 
colonel  of  cavalry  January  8,  1777 ;  promoted  brigadier  gen- 
eral by  brevet  September  30,  1783. 

Tilghman,  Tench,  from  captain  in  the  flying  camp,  August  — ,  1776. 
aid-de-camp  and  secretary ;  promoted  lieutenant  colonel  April 
— ,  1777 ;  died  at  Baltimore,  April  18,  1786,  aged  forty-two. 
Deputy  Commissary  Generals. 

Taylor,  John  M.,  resided  in  Philadelphia  in  1833,  aged  eighty-two; 
aid-de-camp  to  Major  Gen.  Thomas  Mifflin. 

Keene,  Lawrence,  captain,  1777. 

Aides-de-Camp  to  Major  General  Arthur  St.  Glair. 

Keene,  Lawrence,  captain  o£  Eleventh  Penn'a,  temporary,  vice 
Giles,  captured,  August  5, 1779. 

McPherson,  William,  major,  January  31, 1780  ;  died  near  Philadel- 
phia in  1813. 

Dunn,  Isaac  Budd,  captain  Third  Penn'a,  April  25, 1781. 
Aides-de-Camp  to  General  Anthony  Wayne. 

Fishbourne,  Benjamin,  captain  of  Fourth  Penn'a. 

Lennox,  David,  major,  formerly  captain  in  Third  battalion,  May 
15,  1778-1779. 

Archer,  Henry  W.,  volunteer  aid,  1778-1779.    He  was  an  English- 
man, educated  in  a  military  school ;  arrived  in  Philadelphia, 
October  23, 1778,  and  joined  the  army  as  a  volunteer ;  October 
2, 1784,  appointed  lieutenant  of  Northampton  county. 
Aides-de-Camp  to  Major  General  Horatio  Gates  Jones. 

Stewart,  Walter,  captain  Third  Penn'a  battalion,  May  26,  1776 ; 
promoted  colonel  of  Penn'a  State  battalion  June  17, 1777.  See 
Thirteenth  regiment. 

Armstrong,  John,  junior,  afterwards  Secretary  of  the  Common- 
wealth, United  States  Minister  to  France,  &c. ;  died  April  1, 
1843,  at  Bed  Hook,  Dutchess  county,  N.  Y. 


Aid-de-Camp  to  General  Arnold. 
Frank,  David  S.,  major,  1778-1780. 


Brigade  Major. 
McCormick,  Henry,  1777. 

Assistant  Commissary  of  Issues. 
Ramsey,  Thomas. 


Jones,  Rev.  David,  from  chaplain  of  Fourth  battalion,  January  1, 
1777;  transferred  to  Third  Penn'a,  January  1, 1783;  chaplain 
for  the  Northern  army  under  Gen.  Wayne,  in  1794;  chaplain 
in  the  war  of  1812;  died  Februarys,  1820,  aged  eighty -four; 
buried  in  the  Great  Valley  church-yard,  Chester  county. 


Aid-de-Camp  to  General  Irvine. 
Gibbons,  James,  captain  of  Sixth  Penn'a. 
Brigade  Major. 
Seely,  Isaac,  captain  of  Fifth  Penn'a. 

Brigade  Inspector. 
McGowan,  John,  captain  of  the  Foiirth  Penn'a. 

.  Cliaplain. 

McMordie,  Rev.  Robert,  from  chaplain  of  Eleventh  Penn'a,  July 
— ,  1779 ;  appointed  in  the  First  Penn'a,  July  12,  1780,  to  rank 
from  May  17, 1777. 



Rogers,  Rev.  William*,  formerly  of  Miles',  December  15,  1778 ; 
ordered  to  garrison  at  Philadelphia,  June  1,1779;  left  Phila- 
delphia to  join  the  brigade  on  Sullivan's  expedition  ;  retired 
January  16,  1781 ;  died  in  Philadelphia,  April  7,  1824,  aged 

Blair,  Rev.  Samuel,  formerly  chaplain  of  First  regiment,  March  1, 
1779;  subsequently  transferred  to  the  artillery,  and  to  rank 
from  March  1,  1777. 

*Afterwards  profeasor  in  the  University  of  Penn'a.     See  his  journal 
of  Sullivan's  expedition,  Rhode  Island  Historical  Tracts,  No.  7,  1879. 



First  Brigade,  November  1, 1777. 

Present  or  Sick 
on  command.                   absent. 

1.  Chambers,  James, 359  60 

2 125  17 

7 154  65 

10.  Hubley,  Adam,  lieutenant  colonel,   .  154  44 
Second  Brigade,  November  1, 1777. 

4.  Butler,  William,  lieutenant  colonel 

commanding,       188  34 

5.  Johnston,  Francis, 258  68 

8.  Brodhead,  Daniel, 332            57*  72 

11.  Humpton,  Richard, 139  53 

*Prisoners  of  war. 


Conway's  Brigade. 

9.  Nagel,  George,  lieutenant  colonel. 
3.  Craig,  Thomas. 

6.  Bicker,  Henry,  lieutenant  colonel. 
12.  Cook,  William. 
De  Borre's  Brigade. 
German  regiment ;  Haussegger,  Nicholas. 

First  Brigade,  April  11, 1778. 

Present  or          Sick 
on  command,    absent. 

1.  Chambers, 222  31 

2.  Bicker, 134  01 

7.     .     .     , 157  24 

10.  Nagel, 182  32 

Colonel  Commanding  the  Brigade. 


Second  Brigade,  April  W,  1778. 

Present  or          Sick 
on  command,    absent. 

4.  Butler,  William,  lieutenant  colonel,     ...      150  16 

5.  Johnston, 245  46 

8.  Brodhead, 318  34 

11.  Humpton, 121  32 

Included  in  the  above,  six  sergeants  and  one  hundred  and  twelve 
rank  and  file  on  command  with  Col.  Morgan. 

Major  of  Eleventh,  commanding  the  Brigade. 

First  Brigade,  October  24, 1778. 

1.  Chambers,       312  15 

2.  Stewart,  Walter. •    .    .      451  24 

7 125  9 

10.  Humpton, 332  30 

Colonel  Commanding. 

Second  Brigade,  October  24, 1778. 

3.  Craig, 374  56 

5.  Johnston, 286  36 

6.  Harmar,  lieutenant  colonel, 256  19 

9.  Butler,  Kichard, 208  25 


Colonel  Commanding. 

Brigadier  General,  commanding  the  Penn'a  Line. 
CAMP  AT  FREDERICSBURG,  [now  Kent,  Putnam  county,  N.  Y.] 


For  full  return  see  Penn'a  Archives,  O.  S.,  vol.  mi,  page  494. 

Officers,  Non-com'dand  Rank 

field  and  staff,  drummer  and  lifer,  and  file. 

First  Penn'a  regiment,    .    .        15  30  260 

Second        "            "            .    .        16  34  411 

Third          "            "           .     .        11  35  340 

Fourth        "            "            .     .        15  38  194 

Fifth           "            "            .     .        12  26  297 

Sixth          "           "           .    .        15  31  215 


Officers.  Non-com'd  and  Rank 

field  and  staff,  drummer  and  fifer.  and  file. 

Seventh  Penn'a  regiment,     .        14  30  204 

Eighth        "                         .     .          5  22  393 

'   Ninth                                    .     .        13  28  194 

Tenth                                    .     .        16  43  301 

Eleventh    "            "            .    .        16  48  336 

148  365  3,145 


[The  Fourth  regiment  was  stationed  at  Schoharie;  the  Eighth  at 
Fort  Pitt ;  and  the  Eleventh  on  the  Susquehanna.] 


CAMP  AT  WE&T  POINT,  October  15, 1779. 
First  Brigade — Gen.  Anthony  Wayne. 

Total  officers    Enlisted 
and  men.        for  war. 

1.  Chambers, 256  232 

2.  Stewart, 452  424 

7.  Connor,  Morgan,  lieutenant  colonel,       .         247  222 

10.  Humpton, 370  343. 

Second  Brigade — Gen.  William  Irvine. 

3.  Craig, 394  370 

5.  Johnston, 342  318 

6.  Harmar, 244  215 

9.  Butler,  Richard, 255  231 

One  sergeant  of  Second,  two  captains  of  Tenth,  one  lieutenant 
of  Fifth,  colonel  and  private  of  the  Sixth,  one  captain  and  one 
lieutenant  of  Ninth,  included,  are  prisoners.  The  other  three 
regiments  are  detached,  and  returns  cannot  be  had. 

Inspector  of  Pennsylvania  Line. 



The  following  tabular  return  is  indorsed,  "received  May  13,1780," 
and  exhibits  the  strength  of  the  Line  in  April,  1780  : 

Return  of  the  non-commissioned  officers  and  privates,  of  the  regi- 
ments of  the  Line  of  the  State  of  Pennsylvania,  specifying  the  ex- 
piration of  enlistments  monthly,  from  January  last,  inclusively,  to 
the  end  of  the  year  1782,  together  with  the  number  engaged  to 
serve  during  the  war,  also  the  number  of  dead,  discharged,  &c., 
since  1st  of  January  last — the  total  effectives  of  the  State  Line, 
and  the  present  fit  for  duty  in  April  last : 

During       TV>t*i 
the  waf. 

First,  Col.  Chambers,  2  in  June,  1780, 250  252 

Second,  Col.  Stewart,  1  in  December,  1780,       ...  427  428 

Third,  Col.  Craig,  1  in  March  1780, 346  347 

Fourth,  Lieut.  Col.  Butler  commanding,  4  in  1780,  213  217 

Fifth,  Col.  Johnston,  4  in  1780, 266  270 

Sixth,  Magaw's,  5  in  1780, 1  in  1781, 212  218 

Seventh,  Lieut.  Col.  Connor  commanding,  1  in  1780, 

3  in  1781,       220  224 

Eighth,  Col.  Brodhead, 182 

Ninth,  Col.  R.  Butler,  3  in  1780, 1  in  1781,   ....  211  215 

Tenth,  Col.  Humpton,  2  in  1780,       345  347 

Eleventh,  Lieut.  Col.  Hubley  commanding,  5  in  1780,  344  349 

2,834       3,049 
Dead,  discharged,  deserted,  transferred,  &c.,  since  January 

last,       266 

Total  effective  non-com'd  officers  and  privates,  in  April,      .  2,783 

Present  fit  for  duty,  in  April  last, 2,259 

On  the  back  is  indorsed  the  following  data : 

Eleven  regiments,  504  rank  and  file  to  each, 5,544 

Twenty-seven  sergeants  to  a  regiment,       297 

Amount  of  return, 2,783 

Wanting  to  complete  an  establishment  of  504  rank  and  file,      3,OG8 
On  another  tabular  return,  which  has  the  same  figures  for  the 
Line  as  above,  except  opposite  the  Eighth,  there  is  a  blank  and  a 
note  below  "no  return  of  the  Eighth,"  are  the  following  : 


Additional  Infantry. 

During       T  t  , 
the  war.          ™' 

German  or  Weltner's  regiment, 116         116 

Spencer's, 14  14 

Hazen's,  1  expiring  in  1780, 128         129 

Webb's, 2  2 


Two  batteries,  Lamb's,  seven  in  1780, 41  48 

Four  batteries,  Procter's, 144         144 

Artificers,  one  in  1780       20  21 

Capt.  Jones',  independent  company, 12  12 

Capt.  Coren's,        "  "  63  63 


Major  Lee's  corps, 13 

Yon  Heer's, 3 

Major  Lee  returns  thirteen  men  belonging  to  the  State,  but  has  not 
ascertained  the  periods  at  which  their  enlistments  expire.    Capt. 
Yon  Heer  has  thirty  seven  men  engaged  for  three  years,  not  in- 
cluded in  this  return. 
On  this  paper  is  the  following  indorsement 

Total  return, 3,419 

Lee's  corps, 13 

Yon  Heer's, 37 

Deduct  for  those  whose  services  expire  before  the  last  of 

September, 36 

Deficiency, 1,422 

State's  quota, 4,855 

NOTE — In  the  German  regiment,  exclusive  of  the  116  men,  are  22 
whose  terms  of  enlistment  are  unknown. 


First  Brigade,  April  3  and  4, 1780. 

Total  officers    Engaged 
and  men.        for  war. 

1.  Chambers, 275  248 

7.  Connor,  lieutenant  colonel,  commanding,     .  280  216 

10.  Humpton, 350  327 

2.  Stewart,  Walter, 443  415 


Second  Brigade,  April  3  and  4, 1780. 

3.  Craig, 356  329 

6.  Harmar,  Lieutenant  Colonel, 244  209 

9.  Butler,  Richard, 222  199 

5.  Johnston, 328  304 

One  private,  of  Seventh ;  one  captain,  one  lieutenant,  one  sergeant, 
and  one  private  of  Tenth ;  eight  privates  of  Second,  one  of  Third, 
one  colonel,  one  corporal,  and  two  privates  of  Sixth;  one  captain 
and  one  lieutenant  of  Ninth;  one  lieutenant  of  Fifth,  above  in- 
cluded are  prisoners  of  war. 

JOSIAH  HARMAR,  Lieutenant  Colonel, 
Commander  Sixth  Penn'a  Regt.  and  Inspector  P.  L. 


March  25,  1780. 
4.  Butler  William,  lieutenant  colonel  commanding,  present 

for  duty, 117 

11  (new,)  Hubley,  Adam,  lieutenant  colonel,  present  for  duty,  189 

Hazen's,       256 

Livingston,  James, 70 

B.  Major  of  Virginia. 

.  By  a  return  of  Hand's  brigade,  April  29,  1780,  total  fit  for  duty, 

Return  of  Pennsylvania  Brigade  of  Foot,  commanded  by  Colonel 
.Richard  Humpton,  July  12,  1781. 

Total  officers 

and  men  Sick, 

•  present.  absent. 

Colonel  Walter  Stewart, 253  32 

Colonel  Richard  Butler, 307  36 

Colonel  Humpton, 327  18 

Present,  fit  for  action :  Three  colonels,  two  lieutenant  cojonels, 
four  majors,  fourteen  captains,  eighteen  lieutenants,  five  ensigns, 
three  adjutants,  two  paymasters,  three  quarter-masters,  and  three 
surgeons,  two  sergeant  majors,  three  quarter-master  sergeants,  two 
drum  majors,  two  fife  majors,  fifty-four  sergeants,  thirty-two  drums 
and  fifes.  Rank  and  file,  five  hundred  and  forty-two.  Seventeen 
dead  since  last  return,  and  fifteen  deserted.  Fifty-three  wounded 
at  Bird's  ordinary  and  Green  Spring's  hospitals.  Ezekiel  Downey, 
surgeon's  mate,  died  July  1,  1781.  Three  sergeants  killed.  [The 
large  amount  of  casualties  resulted  from  the  battle  at  Green  Spring, 
Virginia,  July  6,  1781.] 


Return  of  non-commissioned  officers  and  privates  of  the  State  of  Penn- 
sylvania now  actually  serving  in  the  Southern  army,  South  Caro- 
lina camp  at  Pon  Pon,  (near  Charleston.}  January  31,  1782, 
Sergeant  majors,  three ;  quarter-master  sergeants,  three ;  drum 
majors,  three ;  fife  majors,  two ;  sergeants,  seventy-eight ;  drums 
and  fifes,  forty ;  rank  and  file,  ten  hundred  and  twenty.    The  troops 
serving  in  the  First  regiment  of  cavalry,  Colonel  Moylan's  regiment, 
and  the  artillery  companies  detached  under  General  Wayne  to 
Georgia,  are  not  included. 

See  Penn'a  Archives,  O.  S.,  vol.  ix.  page  517. 

Return  of  Pennsylvania  troops  at  Fort  Pitt,  April  1, 1782. 

One  lieutenant  colonel,  two  captains,  two  lieutenants,  one  ensign , 
one  adjutant,  one  quarter-master,  one  sergeant-major,  one  quarter- 
master sergeant,  nine  sergeants,  eight  drums  and  fifes,  one  hundred 
and  four  rank  and  file — Ibidem,  page  521. 

December  30,  1782,  Lieut.  Denny  notes  in  his  journal,  "  Penn- 
sylvanians  reduced  by  death  and  desertion,  and  incorporated  into 
one  regiment  of  six  hundred  men.  Lieut.  Col.  Commandant  Josiah 
Harmar,  who  had  acted  as  adjutant  general  since  our  junction  with 
Gen.  Greene,  took  command  of  this  regiment." 

For  a  return  of  the  state  of  the  Pennsylvania  Line,  January  31, 
1783 — See  Penrfa.  Archives,  O.  S.  vol.  ix,page  747. 

Monthly  return  of  a  detachment  of  the  Pennsylvania  Line  stationed 
at  the  posts  of  Lancaster,  York,  Carlisle,  and  Beading,  then  under 
the  command  of  Col.  Richard  Butler,  for  the  month  of  January, 


and  men. 

Light  Dragoons. 

Capt.  Heard's. 28 

Capt.  Craig's, 72 


Capt.  TurnbulPs, 70 

Capt.  Walker's, 53 


Capt.  Doyle's, 102 

Capt.  John  Christie's, .      70 

Capt.  Wilson's, 88 

Capt.  Humphrey's, 79 

Capt.  Seely's, 68 

At  Reading,  Capt.  Bowen, 17 

One  colonel,  one  major,  adjutant,  three  quarter-masters,  one  pay 

master,  one  surgeon,  and  seven  surgeon's  mates. 

Lieutenant  and  Adjutant  Second  Penn^a. 


By  a  resolution  of  April  4, 1783,  Congress  suspended  all  further 
enlistments  under  resolution!  of  May  26.  Subsequently,  officers 
and  soldiers  were  furloughed  to  a  large  extent,  and  on  the  18th  of 
October,  1783,  Congress  virtually  disbanded  the  army  by  discharg- 
ing them  from  further  service. 

In  a  letter  from  Lieut.  John  Rose,  (subsequently  known  as  Baron 
de  Rosenthal,)  to  Gen.  William  Irvine,  dated  Philadelphia,  April 
2, 1784,he  states:  "  Your  forage  accounts  I  attempted  to  settle  with 
Major  Hodgson,  but  the  day  not  being  determined  by  Congress 
when  the  army  has  been  discharged,  whether  it  was  on  the  3d  or 
15th  of  November  last,  prevented  me.  Mr.  Carleton,  also,  could 
not  ascertain  the  matter." 

Return  of  the  Pennsylvania,  infantry,  commanded  l>y  Major  James 
Moore,  stationed  at  Fort  Dickinson*  November  20, 1783. 

and  men. 

Captain  James  Chrystie's  company, 50 

Captain  Philip  Shrader, 54 

Major  commanding. 

See  also  a  return  dated  December  31,  1783,  signed  by  Major 
Moore,  Perm 'a  Archives,  O.  S.,  vol.  x,  page  189. 

In  1784,  Congress  called  for  a  regiment  of  infantry  and  artillery 
for  the  protection  of  the  north-western  frontiers.  The  Assembly 
promptly  passed  a  law  for  that  purpose,  and  our  Council,  on  the 
13th  of  August,  arranged  the  quota  assigned  to  Pennsylvania,  two 
hundred  and  sixty  men,  in  three  companies  of  infantry  of  seventy 
men  each ;  the  remaining  fifty  to  form  part  of  an  artillery  company, 
and  appointed  the  following  officers  : 
Lieutenant  Colonel  Commandant: 

Harmar,  Josiah. 
Captains  of  Infantry : 

Finney,  Walter. 

Ziegler,  Jacob.  . 

McCurdy,  William. 
Lieutenants : 

Herbert,  Stewart. 

Beatty,  Erkuries. 

Doyle,  Thomas. 
Ensigns  : 

Armstrong,  John,  (late  captain  of  Third  by  brevet.) 

Henderson,  Andrew. 

Denny,  Ebenezer. 

*  The  post  at  Wyoming  was  so  called. 


Surgeon : 

McDowell,  John. 
Surgeon's  Mate : 

Allison,  Richard. 

The  men  were  enlisted  for  one  year ;  recruited  mainly  at  Phila- 
delphia, and  reached  Fort  Pitt,  December  5,  1784.  Before  their 
time  was  up,  Congress  provided  for  a  regiment  for  three  years'  ser- 
vice, and  assigned  Pennsylvania  the  same  quota.  According  to 
Professor  Asa  Bird  Gardner,  of  West  Point,  this  organization  re- 
mained continuous  and  was  the  nucleus  of  the  First  American  regi- 
ment, and  its  companies  were  in  service  until  1815,  as  part  of  the 
old  First  United  States  infantry.  In  that  year  this  regiment  and 
the  Fifth,  Seventeenth,  Nineteenth,  Twenty-eighth,  and  Twenty- 
ninth  infantry  regiments  were  consolidated,  and  formed  into  the 
present  Third  United  States  infantry,  and  Pennsylvania  has  the  un- 
doubted credit  of  giving  the  earliest  infantry  to  our  present  army. 
Letter  to  the  Editors,  dated  at  "  West  Point,  April  8, 1875." 



JULY  1, 1776— TOYEMBEK  3,  1783. 



THE  1st  of  July,  1776,  the  First  Pennsylvania  regi- 
ment began  its  new  term  of  service  in  camp  on  Long 
Island.    The  enlistment  was  for  two  years,  but  in  Oc- 
tober a  committee  of  the  Assembly  succeeded  in  chang- 
ing the  term  to  enlistment  during  the  war. — ( See  Penned 
Archives,  2d  series,  vol.  i,page  630.)    It  remained  picket- 
ing the  shores  of  Long  Island  until  sometime  in  August, 
when  it  was  moved  to  Delancey's  Mills,  from  whence  Colonel  Hand 
addressed  the  following  letter  to  General  Washington : 

"  SIR  :  I  take  the  liberty  to  request,  that  when  you  next  write  to 
Congress,  you  may  be  pleased  to  recommend  the  appointment  of  a 
major  to  rny  regiment.  As  I  learn  that  Congress  have  an  objection 
to  the  advancement  of  my  oldest  captain,  I  can't  think  myself  at 
liberty  to  recommend  any.  The  annexed  gives  your  excellency  the 
names  and  ranks  of  the  captains ;  one  of  them  I  hope  will  be  pro- 
moted :  Robert  Cluggage,  Mathew  Smith,  James  Eoss,  Henry  Mil- 
ler, Charles  Craig,  James  Grier,  David  Harris,  James  Barr,  James 
Hamilton.  I  beg  your  Excellency  may  please  to  appoint  Third 
Lieutenant  John  Dick  to  be  second  lieutenant,  vice  Jacob  Zanck,  re- 
signed since  the  last  promotion,  and  Robert  Cunningham  to  be 
third  lieutenant,  vice  John  Dick.  If  the  major  be  appointed  from 
my  captains,  I  beg  leave  to  recommend  the  following  promotions 
in  consequence :  First  Lieutenant  John  Holliday  to  be  captain, 
Second  Lieutenant  "William  Wilson  to  be  first  lieutenant,  Third 
Lieutenant  John  Dougherty  to  be  second  lieutenant,  and  Benjamin 
Lyon  to  be  third  lieutenant.  I  wish  to  remind  your  Excellency 
that  Lieut.  Francis,  of  my  regiment,  is  still  in  arrest  for  associat- 
ing and  drinking  to  excess  with  the  soldiers  of  the  regiment." 

On  the  25th  of  September,  Congress  thought  proper  to  appoint 
James  Ross  major.  This  induced  the  resignation  of  Capts.  Clug- 
gage and  Smith,  October  6, 1776.  Capt.  Cluggage's  dignified  resig- 
nation, which  is  accompanied  with  hearty  wishes  for  the  success 
of  the  cause,  will  be  found  in  Force's  Archives,  5th  ser.,  vol.  ii,  page 

The  battle  of  Long  Island  took  place  on  the  27th  of  August,  for 
an  account  of  which,  and  the  retreat  from  the  Island,  the  following 
letters  are  introduced : 

20  VOL.  X.  (305) 


"  Loxo  ISLAND,  27th  August,  7,  p.  M. 

*  *  *  *  "  Part  of  the  enemy  landed  on  this  island  on 
the  22d.  They  did  not  advance  further  than  Flatbush  until  last 
night.  I  have  had  a  fatiguing  time  of  it  ever  since.  A  number  of 
our  troops  have  been  hemmed  in,  but  behaved  well.  Many  have 
got  clear  and  many  are  yet  missing.  Our  Pennsylvanians  were 
chiefly  of  the  party.  1  escaped  my  part  only  by  being  relieved  at 
two  o'clock  this  morning.  Major  Burd  and  Col.  Atlee  were  out, 
and  are  yet  missing." — Gen.  Hand's  letter  to  his  wife. 

Lt.  Col.  James  Chambers  writes  to  his  wife  from  "  camp  at  De- 
lancey's  Mills,  three  miles  above  King's  Bridge,  on  September  3, 

"  I  should  have  written  to  you  sooner,  but  the  hurry  and  con- 
fusion we  have  been  in  for  some  time  past,  has  hindered  me.  I  will 
now  give  you  a  short  account  of  transactions  in  this  quarter. 

"  On  the  morning  of  the  22d  August,  there  were  nine  thousand 
British  troops  on  New  Utrecht  plains.  The  guard  alarmed  our 
small  camp,  and  we  assembled  at  the  flagstaff.  We  marched  our 
forces,  about  two  hundred  in  number,  to  New  Utrecht,  to  watch 
the  movements  of  the  enemy.  When  we  came  on  the  hill,  we  dis- 
covered a  party  of  them  advancing  towards  us.  We  prepared  to 
give  them  a  warm  reception,  when  an  imprudent  fellow  fired,  and 
they  immediately  halted  and  turned  toward  Flatbush.  The  main 
body  also  moved  along  the  great  road  toward  the  same  place.  We 
proceeded  along  side  of  them  in  the  edge  of  the  woods  as  far  as  the 
turn  of  the  lane,  where  the  cherry  trees  were,  if  you  remember. 
We  then  found  it  impracticable  for  so  small  a  force  to  attack  them 
on  the  plain,  and  sent  Captain  Hamilton,  with  twenty  men,  before 
them,  to  burn  all  the  grain,  which  he  did  very  cleverly,  and  killed 
a  great  many  cattle.  It  was  then  thought  most  proper  to  return  to 
camp  and  secure  our  baggage,  which  we  did,  and  left  it  in  Fort 
Brown.  Near  twelve  o'clock,  the  same  day,  we  returned  down  the 
great  road  to  Flatbush,  with  only  our  small  regiment  and  one  New 
England  regiment  sent  to  support  us,  though  a.t  a  mile's  distance. 

"  When  in  sight  of  Flatbush,  we  discovered  the  enemy,  but  not 
the  main  body.  On  perceiving  us,  they  retreated  down  the  road,  per- 
haps a  mile.  A  party  of  our  people,  commanded  by  Captain  Miller, 
followed  them  close  with  a  design  to  decoy  a  portion  of  them  to  fol- 
low him,  whilst  the  rest  kept  in  the  edge  of  the  woods  alongside  of 
Captain  M.  But  they  thought  better  of  the  matter,  and  would 
not  come  after  him,  though  he  went  within  two  hundred  yards. 
There  they  stood  for  a  long  time,  and  then  Captain  Miller  turned 
off  to  us,  and  we  proceeded  along  their  flank.  Some  of  our  men  fired 
upon  and  killed  several  Hessians,  as  we  ascertained  two  days  after- 
wards. Strong  guards  were  maintained  all  day  on  the  flanks  of  the 


enemy,  and  our  regiment  and  the  Hessian  yagers  kept  up  a  severe 
firing,  with  a  loss  of  but  two  wounded  on  our  side.  We  laid  a  few 
Hessians  low,  and  made  them  retreat  out  of  Flatbush.  Our  people 
went  into  the  town,  and  brought  the  goods  out  of  the  burning 

"The  enemy  liked  to  have  lost  their  field-pieces.  Captain  Steel, 
of  your  vicinity,  acted  bravely.  We  would  certainly  have  had  the 
cannon  had  it  not  been  for  some  foolish  person  calling  retreat.  The 
main  body  of  the  foe  returned  to  the  town,  and,  when  our  lads 
came  back,  they  told  of  their  exploits.  This  was  doubted  by  some, 
which  enraged  our  men  so  much  that  a  few  of  them  ran  and  brought 
away  several  Hessians  on  their  backs.  This  kind  of  firing  by  our 
riflemen  and  theirs  continued  until  two  o'clock  in  the  morning  of 
the  26th,  when  our  regiment  was  relieved  by  a  portion  of  the  flying 
camp,  and  we  started  for  Fort  Greene  to  get  refreshment,  not  hav- 
ing lain  down  the  whole  of  this  time,  and  almost  dead  with  fatigue. 
We  had  just  got  to  the  fort,  and  I  had  only  laid  down,  when  the 
alarm  guns  were  fired.  We  were  compelled  to  turn  out  to  the  lines, 
and, 'as  soon  as  it  was  light,  saw  our  men  and  theirs  engaged  with 

"At  last,  the  enemy  found  means  to  surround  our  men  there  upon 
guard,  and  then  a  heavy  firing  continued  for  several  hours.  The 
main  body  that  surrounded  our  men  marched  up  within  thirty 
yards  of  Forts  Brown  and  Greene;  but,  when  we  fired,  they  re- 
treated, with  loss.  From  all  I  can  learn,  we  numbered  about 
twenty-five  hundred,  and  the  attacking  party  not  less  than  twenty- 
five  thousand,  as  they  had  been  landing  for  days  before.  Our  men 
behaved  as  bravely  as  ever  men  did,  but  it  is  surprising  that,  with 
the  superiority  of  numbers,  they  were  not  cut  to  pieces.  They  be- 
haved gallantly,  and  there  are  but  five  or  six  hundred  missing. 

"  General  Lord  Stirling  fought  like  a  wolf,  and  is  taken  prisoner. 
Colonels  Miles  and  Atlee,  Major  Burd,  Captain  Peebles,  Lieutenant 
Watt,  and  a  great  number  of  other  officers,  also  prisoners.  Colonel 
Piper  missing.  From  deserters,  we  learn  that  the  enemy  lost  Major 
General  Grant  and  two  brigadiers  and  many  others,  and  five  hun- 
dred killed.  Our  loss  is  chiefly  in  prisoners. 

"  It  was  thought  advisable  to  retreat  off  Long  Island,  and,  on 
the  night  of  the  30th,  it  was  done,  with  great  secrecy.  Very  few 
of  the  officers  knew  it  until  they  were  on  the  boats,  supposing  that 
an  attack  was  intended.  A  discovery  of  our  intention  to  the  enemy 
would  have  been  fatal  to  us.  The  Pennsylvania  troops  were  done 
great  honor  by  being  chosen  the  corps  de  reserve  to  cover  the  retreat. 
The  regiments  of  Colonels  Hand,  Magaw,  Shee,  and  Hazlett  were 
detailed  for  that  purpose.  We  kept  up  fires  with  outposts  stationed 
until  all  the  rest  were  over.  We  left  the  lines  after  it  was  fair  day, 
and  then  came  off. 


"  Never  was  a  greater  feat  of  generalship  shown  than  in  this  re- 
treat—to bring  off  an  army  of  twelve  thousand  men,  within 
sight  of  a  strong  enemj7,  possessed  of  as  strong  a  fleet  as  ever 
floated  on  our  seas,  without  any  loss,  and  saving  all  the  baggage. 
General  Washington  saw  the  last  over  himself." 

The  following  account  of  the  retreat  appears  among  the  papers 
of  General  Hand: 

"  In  the  evening  of  the  29th  of  August,  1776,  with  several  other 
commanding  officers  of  corps,  I  received  orders  to  attend  Major- 
General  Mifflin.  When  assembled,  General  Mifflin  informed  us  that 
in  consequence  of  the  determination  of  a  board  of  general  officers, 
the  evacuation  of  Long  Island,  where  we  then  were,  was  to  be  at- 
tempted that  night;  that  the  commander-in-chief  had  honored  him 
with  the  command  of  the  covering  party,  and  that  our  corps  were 
to  be  employed  in  that  service.  He  then  assigned  us  our  several 
stations,  which  we  were  to  occupy  as  soon  as  it  was  dark,  and 
pointed  out  Brooklyn  Church  as  an  alarm-post  to  which  the  whole 
were  to  repair,  and  unitedly  oppose  the  enemy  incase  they  discovered 
our  movements,  and  made  an  attack  in  consequence.  My  regiment 
was  posted  in  a  redoubt  on  the  left,  and  in  the  lines  on  the  right  of 
the  great  road  below  Brooklyn  Church.  Captain  Henry  Miller  com. 
manded  in  the  redoubt.  Part  of  a  regiment  of  the  flying  camp  of 
the  State  of  New  York  were,  in  the  beginning  of  the  night,  posted 
near  me;  they  showed  so  much  uneasiness  at  their  situation,  that 
I  petitioned  General  Mifflin  to  suffer  them  to  march  off,  lest  they 
might  communicate  the  panic  with  which  they  were  seized,  to  my 
people.  The  General  granted  my  request,  and  they  marched  off  ac_ 

"  After  that,  nothing  remarkable  happened  at  my  post  till  about 
two  o'clock  in  the  morning,  when  Alexander  Scammell,  since  ad- 
jutant general,  who  that  day  acted  as  aid-de-camp  to  the  com- 
mander-in-chief, came  from  the  left,  inquiring  for  General  Mifflin, 
who  happened  to  be  with  me  at  the  time.  Scammell  told  him  that 
the  boats  were  waiting,  and  the  commander-in-chief  anxious  for 
the  arrival  of  the  troops  at  the  ferry.  General  Mifflin  said  he 
thought  he  must  be  mistaken,  that  he  did  not  imagine  the  General 
could  mean  the  troops  he  immediately  commanded.  Scammell  re- 
plied he  was  not  mistaken,  adding  that  lie  came  from  the  extreme 
left,  had  ordered  all  the  troops  he  had  met  to  march ;  that  in  conse- 
quence they  were  then  in  motion,  and  that  he  would  go  on  and  give 
the  same  orders.  General  Mifflin  then  ordered  me  to  call  my  ad- 
vance picquets  and  sentinels,  to  collect  and  form  my  regiment,  and 
to  march  as  soon  as  possible,  and  quitted  me. 

"Having  marched  into  the  great  road  leading  to  the  church,  I 
fell  in  with  the  troops  returning  from  the  left  of  the  lines.  Having 
arrived  at  the  church,  I  halted  to  take  up  my  camp  equipage,  which, 


in  the  course  of  the  night,  I  had  carried  there  by  a  small  party. 
General  Mifflin  came  up  at  the  instant,  and  asked  the  reason  of  the 
halt.  I  told  him,  and  he  seemed  very  much  displeased,  and  ex- 
claimed :  '  D n  your  pots  and  kettles !  I  wish  the  devil  had  them ! 

March  on.'  I  obeyed,  but  had  not  gone  far  before  I  perceived  the 
front  had  halted,  and,  hastening  to  inquire  the  cause,  I  met  the 
commander-in-chief,  who  perceived  me,  and  said:  'Is  not  that 
Colonel  Hand?'  I  answered  in  the  affirmative.  His  Excellency 
said  he  was  surprised  at  me  in  particular ;  that  he  did  not  expect  I 
would  have  abandoned  my  post.  I  answered  that  I  had  not  aban- 
doned it ;  that  I  had  marched  by  order  of  my  immediate  command- 
ing officer.  He  said  it  was  impossible.  I  told  him  I  hoped,  if  I 
could  satisfy  him  I  had  the  orders  of  General  Mifflin,  he  would  not 
think  me  particularly  to  blame.  He  said  he  undoubtedly  would 
not.  General  Mifflin  just  then  coming  up,  and  asking  what  the 
matter  was,  His  Excellency  said :  '  Good  God !  General  Mifflin,  I 
am  afraid  you  have  ruined  us  by  so  unseasonably  withdrawing  the 
troops  from  the  lines.'  General  Mifflin  replied,  with  some  warmth : 
'  I  did  it  by  your  order.'  His  Excellency  declared  it  could  not  be. 
General  Mifflin  swore:  'By  God,  I  did,'  and  asked:  'Did  Scam- 
mell  act  as  an  aid-de-camp  for  the  day,  or  did  he  not  ?'  His  Excel- 
lency acknowledged  he  did.  'Then,'  said  Miffliu,  'I  had  orders 
through  him.'  The  General  replied  it  was  a  dreadful  mistake,  and 
informed  him  that  matters  were  in  much  confusion  at  the  ferry, 
and,  unless  we  could  resume  our  posts  before  the  enemy  discovered 
we  had  left  them,  in  all  probability  the  most  disagreeable  conse- 
quences would  follow.  We  immediately  returned,  and  had  the 
good  fortune  to  recover  our  former  stations,  and  keep  them  for 
some  hours  longer,  without  the  enemy  perceiving  what  was  going 

Major  Jasper  Ewing,  aid  to  General  Hand,  writes  from  New 
York,  under  date  of  August  30,  1776,  to  his  uncle,  Jasper  Yeates, 
at  Lancaster,  as  follows : 

"After  a  very  fatiguing  march,  we  are  all  safely  arrived.  The 
Gen'l  yesterday  gave  orders  for  all  the  Reg'ts  on  Long  Island  to  hold 
themselves  in  readiness  to  march  at  the  shortest  notice  and  Evacu- 
ate our  Lines,  for  the  enemy  already  had  extended  their  advanced 
posts  accross  the  Island,  &  we  were  entirely  surrounded,  so  that  the 
only  refuge  he  had  left  was  New  York.  This  morn'g  a  party  of 
fifty  men  went  a  Maurading,  and  were  surprised  by  the  Enemy, 
who,  after  firing  whole  vollies,  (secured?)  one  of  the  Boats;  & 
then  the  Hessian  Riflemen  began  to  play  upon  them,  so  that  our  loss, 
including  that  of  the  first  engagement,  amounts  to  500  men  and  up- 

"  Lord  Sterling  and  Gen'l  Sullivan  are  Prisoners;  several  officers 
are  still  missing,  amongst  whom  are  Col's.  Miles  and  Atlee.  The 


Militia  from  Berks  County  are  almost  cut  off.  The  inhuman 
wretches  thrust  their  bayonets  through  our  wounded  men,  and  re- 
fused that  Mercy  to  us  which  we  granted  to  them.  The  situation 
of  New  York  is  very  critical,  the  enemy  being  in  possession  of 
Long  Island,  may  reduce  it  to  a  Heap  of  ashes  in  a  day's  time. 

"  The  Loss  of  the  Enemy  amounts  to  1500  men,  amongst  whom 
are  a  Brigadier  Gen'l  and  several  Field  officers. 

"The  idea  which  we  at  first  conceived  of  the  Hessian  Riflemen 
was  truly  ridiculous;  but  sad  experience  convinces  our  people  that 
they  are  an  enemy  not  to  be  despised.  Several  Companies  of  their 
Light  Infantry  are  cloathed  exactly  as  we  are,  in  hunting  shirts  and 
Trowsers.  Mr.  Burd,  who  commanded  a  detachment  of  200  men, 
is  not  yet  returned,  and  sorry  am  I  to  say  it,  he  is  a  Prisoner 
amongst  them.  As  this  news  must  certainly  afflict  Aunt  and  the 
whole  family,  I  have  forewarned  my  Brother  from  making  any  men- 
tion of  it." 

Major  Edward  Burd  writes  to  Jasper  Yeates,  dated  "  Long  Island? 
3d  September,  1776:" 

"  I  was  taken  prisoner  at  an  advanced  post,  on  the  morning  of  ye 
27th  ult.°,  after  a  skirmish.  On  the  same  day,  Capt'3  Herbert  and 
Hiester  were  both  made  prisoners.  I  was  used  with  great  Civility 
by  General  Grant,  &  admitted  to  my  Parole.  Brigadier  General  Ag- 
new  and  Major  Leslie  and  Major  Batt  also  treated  me  with  great 

"  You  must  be  sensible  that  hard  money  can  only  be  of  service  in 
my  present  situation.  The  Politeness  of  several  Gentlemen  would 
have  very  fully  supplied  me  with  it,  but  I  have  only  taken  what 
will  be  immediately  necessary  for  me.  I  should  be  much  obliged  to 
you  if  you  could  procure  me  a  small  Bill  of  Exchange,  in  which, 
perhaps,  Mr.  Dundas  of  Beading  could  assist  you,  or  Gold  to  the 
amount  of  about  £20. 

"  I  can  not  learn  the  fate  of  poor  Col.  Hand  or  Jesse  Ewing,  but 
believe  they  are  not  prisoners.  Col.  Reed,  the  Adjutant  Gen'l,  will 
be  the  only  person  who  can  convey  any  Thing  to  me.  My  Letter 
must  be  short." 

From  Lancaster,  on  the  10th  of  September,  1776,  Major  Ewing 
writes  Jasper  Yeates,  then  at  Fort  Pitt : 

"As  it  has  pleased  Divine  providence  to  spare  my  life,  I  think  it 
my  duty  to  send  you  as  good  an  Ac't  of  the  engagement,  together 
with  the  enclosed  Draught,  as  lays  in  my  power.  As  I  had  gone 
from  Elizabeth  point,  New  Jersey,  to  Long  Island  to  see  my  brothers, 
I  had  an  opportunity  of  seeing  every  thing  that  occured  from  the 
time  the  ememy  landed  on  the  Island,  until  a  day  or  two  before  we 
retreated  from  thence.  Col.  Hand's  Reg'1"  had  been  on  duty  2 
days,  &  the  second  night  were  relieved  between  12  and  1  o'clock 


in  the  morning,  and  about  Two,  it  is  thought,  the  enemy  began 
their  movements  from  Flat  Bush  to  the  Right  and  Left,  and  at 
between  7  &  8  o'clock  in  the  morning,  we  had  the  mortification 
from  our  Lines,  to  see  our  men,  commanded  by  Lord  Sterling, 
almost  surrounded  by  the  Regulars,  as  they  kept  their  stand  on  a 
Hill  without  flinching  an  Inch.  The  Regulars  were  firing  at  them 
like  Fury ;  they  at  last  descended ;  then  there  was  a  continued 
peal  of  small  arms  for  an  Hour  or  better.  Our  men  at  last  partly 
got  off  by  the  mai'sh,  as  in  the  Draught  inclosed.  I  have  been  very 
111  of  a  Fever  which  I  got  by  being  clothed  too  thin,  and  lay  at  York 
about  2  Days  before  our  people  had  made  that  Grand  Retreat  from 
the  Island,  which  will  ever  reflect  honour  to  our  Generals ;  from 
York  I  was  removed  to  King's  Bridge,  twelve  or  fifteen  miles 
from  thence,  after  I  had  recovered ;  my  Health  suffered  from 
Traveling ;  the  Col.  was  good  enough  to  send  me  Home  in  a  car- 
riage, where,  thank  God  I  happily  am,  and  don't  doubt  of  recover- 
ing Health  Shortly. 

"  P.  S. — I  shall  refer  you  to  the  papers  for  our  Loss  in  the  Battle, 
though  it  is  with  infinite  regret,  I  must  inform  you  of  Major  Burd's 
being  among  the  prisoners,  tho'  Lord  Howe  treats  them  with  great 
politeness.  Time  will  not  permit  my  saying  so  much  as  I  would 
wish.  I  left  the  Col.  &  all  friends  very  well  at  King's  Bridge* 
•where  the  Reg'  is  stationed,  as  I  only  left  them  this  day  week." 

Before  submitting  the  balance  of  the  correspondence  as  a  part  of 
the  history  of  the  regiment,  it  is  altogether  proper  for  the  credit 
of  the  State  of  Pennsylvania  that  the  allusions  to  "  Morgan's  Parti- 
zan  Corps  "  should  be  enlarged  upon,  as  very  able  historians  and 
orators  have  given  the  State  of  Virginia  entire  credit  for  this  or- 
ganization. It  was  a  rifle  corps  organized  by  General  Washington 
himself,  of  which  Colonel  Daniel  Morgan,  of  Virginia,  was  made 
colonel;  Colonel  Richard  Butler,  of  the  Ninth  Pennsylvania,  lieu- 
tenant colonel ;  and  Captain  Joseph  Morris,  of  New  Jersey,  major. 
It  appears  from  a  correspondence  in  one  of  the  Philadelphia  papers 
of  the  day,  describing  a  performance  gotten  up  at  Valley  Forge  by 
Van  Swearingen  and  Hardin,  in  which  their  dead  compeers  of 
Stillwater  were  made  actors,  that  Major  Morris  was  killed  in  some 
engagement  in  the  winter  of  1777.  At  all  events,  he  could  not  have 
been  wounded  severely  at  the  battle  of  Germantown  on  the  4th  of 
October,  as  stated  in  New  Jersey  history,  as  he  was  in  the  actions 
at  Freeman's  farm  on  the  19th  of  September,  and  at  Stillwater  or 
Saratoga  on  the  7th  of  October. 

In  Appendix  "C,"  volume  l,of  his  memoirs,  General  Wilkinson, 
prints  a  return  of  Morgan's  corps.  According  to  this  return,  the 
first  company  was  commanded  by  Captain  Cabell,  (afterwards  Lieu- 
tenant Colonel  Samuel  J.  Cabell;)  second  company  by  Captain 
Posey,  (afterwards  Major  Posey,  who  distinguished  himself  in  the 


attack  on  Stony  Point ;  brigadier  general  in  1793 ;  and  afterwards 
Governor  of  Indiana  Territory ;)  third,  Captain  Knox;  fourth,  Can- 
tain  Gabriel  Long,  of  Maryland  ;  fifth,  Captain  Van  Swearingen,  of 
the  Eighth  Pennsylvania ;  sixth,  Captain  James  Barr,  of  the  First 
Pennsylvania;  seventh,  Captain  Hawkins  Boone,  of  the  Twelfth 
Pennsylvania  ;  eighth,  Captain  Matthew  Henderson,  of  the  Ninth 
Pennsylvania.  Total  officers  and  men  from  Virginia,  one  hundred 
and  sixty-three ;  from  Maryland,  sixty-five ;  Pennsylvania,  one 
hundred  and  ninety-three.  The  sum  total  of  the  command,  in- 
cluding sick  absentees,  five  hundred  and  eight,  agreeing  nearly  ex- 
actly with  General  Washington's  estimate  in  his  letter  to  General 
Gates,  dated  August  16,  1777,  at  X  Roads,  (twenty  miles  from 
Philadelphia,)  in  which  he  says :  "I  am  forwarding  as  fast  as  pos- 
sible to  join  the  Northern  Army  Colonel  Morgan's  riflemen, 
amounting  to  five  hundred  men." 

Wilkinson's  Memoirs  are  exceedingly  interesting  and  valuable 
for  their  personal  incidents.  He  had  served  with  Thompson's  bat- 
talion in  front  of  Boston  Was  lieutenant  colonel  of  Hartley's 
additional  regiment,  and  well  acquainted  with  the  Pennsylvania 
officers.  Lieutenant  Colonel  Butler  was  at  Arnold's  side  when  he 
was  wounded  in  the  terrific  assault  upon  the  camp  of  the  Bruns- 
wickers.  Lieutenant  John  Hardin,  of  the  Eighth  Pennsylvania, 
(afterwards  General  Hardin,  of  Kentucky,  who  was  treacherously 
murdered  by  a  party  of  Indians,  near  Sandusky,  in  1791,)  shot  the 
Indian  courier  who  had  letters  from  General  Burgoyne  to  General 
Powell,  commanding  at  Ticonderoga.  Van  Swearingen, Lieutenant 
Martin,  and  twenty  privates  of  his  company,  were  taken  on  the 
7th,  and  Swearingen  taken  before  General  Fraser,  who  threatened 
to  hang  him,  if  he  would  not  disclose  the  position  of  the  Americans. 
Swearingen  replied: '"  You  may,  if  you  please,"  when  Fraser  rode 
on,  and  was  soon  after  shot  by  Timothy  Murphy,  a  Pennsylvania!! 
from  Northumberland  county,  of  Barr's  company,  by  Colonel  Mor- 
gan's express  direction. 

Shortly  after  the  battle  of  Monmouth,  a  detachment  from  Mor- 
gan's rifles,  commanded  by  Major  James  Barr,  late  captain  of  the 
First  Pennsylvania,  with  Captain  Gabriel  Long  of  Maryland,  Cap- 
tain Michael  Simpson,  and  Lieutenant  Thomas  Boyd,  of  First  Penn- 
sylvania, &c.,  was  ordered  with  the  Fourth  Pennsylvania  to  Scho- 
harie,  to  defend  the  borders  of  New  York  from  the  Six  Nations, 
where,  after  making  connection  with  General  Clinton,  they  moved  to 
Tioga,  and  took  part  in  Sullivan's  campaign,  in  which  Boyd  was 

Colonel  James  Chambers  writes  to  General  Hand,  from  "  Mount 
Prospect  camp,  18th  June,  1777:" 

"  I  am  very  sorry  it  was  not  in  my  power  to  have  spent  some  time 
with  you  in  Cumberland.  However,  you  know  the  Reason,  and  I 


need  make  no  further  Apology.  We  are  now  Encamped  on  the 
Mountain,  on  the  back  of  Bound  Brook,  and  have  before  us  a  very  fine 
prospect  of  Brunswick,  and  aft  the  Low  Country.  On  the  night 
of  the  14th,  the  Enemy  Moved  a  Detachment  of  their  army  to  Som- 
merset  Courthous.  In  the  Morning  our  Partizans  and  them  had  a 
Skirmish ;  killed  Severals — forced  one  of  their  Piquet  Guards,  and 
took  a  hessian  officer  prisoner.  The  morning  following,  a  party  from 
General  Sullivan's  army,  waylaid  a  party  of  Light  horse,  killed  a 
Com1  and  2  or  3  privates,  and  took  2  Sergeants  with  their  horses  and 
accoutrements.  When  the  Enemy  first  advanced,  General  Sullivan 
Retreated  over  Delaware,  in  order  to  Draw  the  Enemy  on  towards 
Princetown,  and  then  we  would  have  fallen  in  their  Rear ;  but  they 
thought  it  not  Safe  to  Leave  so  formidable  an  Enemy  in  their  Rear, 
Least  they  should  find  Difficulty  in  case  of  a  Retreat.  They  have 
pitched  their  Main  Camp  at  Middle  Brook,  about  half  way  between 
Summerset  and  Brunswick.  General  Washington  long  undisturbed 
and  has  left  the  way  Clear  for  Men  to  advance  to  Trenton  if  they 
Chuse;  but  it  seems  to  me  they  see  his  Scheme,  and  Will  not  Go 
that  Way,  for  if  they  do  their  Ruin,  to  all  appearances,  is  inevitable. 
We  have  always  three  days'  Provisions  Ready  Cooked,  and  keep  in 
Readiness  to  March  at  a  Minute's  warning.  We  have  a  partizan 
Reg1 — Col.  Morgan  Commands — Chosen  Marksmen  from  theWhole 
Army  Composes  it.  Capt.  Barr,  Lt.  Lyon  and  Brady,  &  fifty  men 
from  my  Reg'  are  amongst  the  number.  I  have  sent  Frederick, 
agreeable  to  your  Request.  Pleas  to  Let  me  hear  from  you  when 
opportunity  offers. 

"  N.  B.  My  best  Compliments  to  Major  Ewing.  Look  out  for 
Good  Mill  Seats,  and  Remember  old  friends." 

"  This  day  week  we  drove  the  enemy  from  Brunswick,  and  I  was 
one  of  the  first  officers  that  entered  the  town.  The  advanced  party 
took  two  prisoners,  one  a  Hessian  officer.  We  cannonaded  them 
smartly;  and  they  ran,  and  left  the  works  as  we  approached  with- 
out firing  a  gun,  though  we  were  within  shot  of  small  arms." — Col. 
Chambers  to  Gen.  Hand,  '•'•Mount  Prospect  Camp,  June,  1777." 

On  the  llth  of  August,  from  "camp  at  Cross  Roads,"  Col.  Cham- 
bers again  writes  Gen.  Hand : 

"  Two  days  ago  I  reca  your  letter  by  Mr.  Melligan.  At  the  time 
you  wrote  it,  Frederick  had  not  been  with  you.  but  I  assure  you 
I  sent  him  as  soon  as  possible  after  I  returned  to  camp.  You  say  you 
heard  we  Lost  a  Capt.  at  Piscattaway,  but  I  have  the  pleasure  to 
inform  you  the  Report  is  false.  We  are  all" well  and  in  high  spirits, 
though  much  fatigued  with  constant  and  Long  Martches.  A  few 
days  after  my  Last  Letter  to  you  by  Frederick,  we  Martched  from 
Mount  Prospect  to  Morristown,  where  we  halted  a  few  days.  It  was 
Reported  the  enemy  was  determinded  to  move  up  the  North  River. 
We  was  then  ordered  to  martch  to  Pompton.  Here  we  halted  one 


day,  occasioned  by  wet  weather.  At  this  place  I  had  the  Honour 
to  see  Mr.  Blair  for  the  first  time  since  we  Left  Delancey's  Mills ; 
but  he  being  rautch  Indisposed  Eesigned,  and  we  must  now  trust 
to  the  Prayers  of  the  faithfull,  for  we  have  no  Chaplain. 

"  Next  day,  13th  July,  we  was  ordered  to  move  to  a  place  called 
Sufference  at  the  mouth  of  the  Clove  ;  here  we  halted  to  the  19th, 
when  we  proceeded  through  the  Clove  towards  New  Winsor.  We 
moved  upwards  of  twenty  miles  this  day;  here  we  halted  till  the 
22d,  then  martched  across  the  Eidge  to  a  place  called  Chester,  on 
the  Road  Leading  from  Sussex  Court  house  to  the  North  River. 
26th  we  moved  towards  Howel's  Ferry  on  Delaware ;  we  came 
near  Sussex  Court  house,  and  through  Hackett's  &  Pitts. 

"  I  was  Like  to  forget  to  observe  to  you  that  only  General  Lincoln 
and  Gen1  Stephens'  Divisions  Crossed  the  Ridge,  and  martched  to 
Chester ;  the  Rest  of  the  Army  Returned  with  his  excellency  to 
Morristown  the  Road  they  came,  and  so  proceeded  to  Carrell's 
ferry,  and  we  arrived  the  29th  at  Howel's  ferry.  Here  we  halted 
till  the  1st  of  Aug1,  then  Crossed  the  River,  and  continued  our 
martch  through  Germantown  to  Skulkill  falls,  where  we  halted  to 
the  9th,  then  martched  back  to  this  place  on  our  way  to  Correll's ; 
our  martching  orders  were  countermanded  at  ten  Last  knight. 
This  morning  I  had  sum  busness  that  caused  me  to  go  to  head  Quar- 
ters :  here  I  seen  four  Germans  that  Deserted  from  Burgoyne.  They 
say  they  are  very  bad  of  for  provisions,  and  sickly,  and  has  no  pay. 
They  left  him  at  Skeensburough,  and  says  that  a  Great  many  will 
follow  their  example. 

t;  I  am  quite  well,  and  fleshy  as  ever  you  seen  me.  It  would  give 
me  great  pleasure  to  hear  from,  you  by  every  oportunity.  I  have 
given  you  a  small  history  of  our  manuvers,  though  a  very  irregular 

"  I  understan  the  caus  for  countermanding  the  orders  of  march 
is  that  part  of  the  fleet  was  seen  south -of  Delaware,  standing  for 
Chesepeek  Bay." 

Captain  David  Harris,  from  "  Cross  Roads,  (ab*  20  miles  from 
Phila'da,)  13th  August,  1777,"  writes  General  Hand  : 

"  Dr  GENERAL  :  Contrary  to  my  expectations,  (when  I  had  the 
pleasure  of  seeing  you  last,)  I  am  still  in  the  service.  I  sent  up 
my  Resignation  to  his  Excellency,  who  treated  me  extremely  polite 
upon  the  occasion,  by  expressing  his  desire  for  my  continuing  in 
the  service,  which  I  shall  untill  we  go  in  Winter  Quarters,  at  which 
time  I  shall  certainly  quit  it,  as  I  find  there  is  no  such  thing  as 
justice  done  any  person  who  continues  in  actual  service.  To  give 
you  a  Detail  of  our  Marching  and  counter  Marching  in  course  of 
this  Summer  would  be  too  tedious,  but  certain  it  is  that  we  have 
traversed  almost  all  the  Jerseys,  and  a  part  of  Pennsylvania. 

"  This  manceuver  of  the  enemies  occasions  many  different  opin- 


ions.  Some  think  they  intend  visiting  the  City,  others  think  not. 
I  am  inclined  to  believe  in  the  latter,  or  why  would  they  keep 
about  our  Cape  this  two  weeks,  knowing  that  every  day  they  keep 
off  is  of  the  greatest  consequence  to  us,  as  our  Regulars  are  already 
perfectly  recovered  from  a  long  and  tiresome  march,  and  allowing 
time  for  the  Militia  to  collect.  These  circumstances  convinces  me 
that  Gen1  Howe  intends  forming  a  junction  with  their  Northern 
Army,  but  am  satisfied  his  designs  will  be  frustrated,  as  the  North- 
ern States  have  a  great  deal  of  three  months  virtue,  but  very  little 
for  During  the  Warr,  and,  as  the  Retreat  from  Ticonderoga  will 
more  immediately  affect  them  than  any  other  of  the  States,  think 
the  Militia  will  appear  on  the  field  to  a  man,  which  certainly  will 
put  a  stop  to  Burgoyne's  amazing  progress. 

"  General  St.  Clair's  character  has  been  very  ruffly  handled  by 
the  deluded  Mobb,  in  consequence  of  a  villainous  publication,  which 
condemns  him  unheard.  The  Author  unknown,  and  is  like  to  re- 
main so. 

"  Now,  for  a  little  Regimental  News.  In  the  first  place,  we  have 
often  wished  to  be  under  your  command,  had  it  not  interfered  with 
your  interest.  Coll.  Butler,  Captain  Barr,  with  two  subalterns,  and 
abl  50  privates,  are  detached  in  Morgan's  Partizan  Corps.  Captain 
Barr  has  killed  three  or  four  men  himself  this  Summer.  His  ex. 
pressions  at  the  Death  of  one  I  shall  ever  Remember.  Major  Miller 
had  the  Command  of  a  Detachment,  and  had  a  skirmish  at  very 
close  shot  with  a  party  of  Highlanders.  One  of  them  being  quite 
open,  he  motioned  to  Capt.  Barr  to  kill  him,  which  he  did  in  a 
trice,  and,  as  he  was  falling,  Barr  said :  "  I  say,  by  God,  Sawny,  I 
am  in  you."  I  assure  you  Barr 's  .bravery  on  every  occasion  does 
him  great  Honour. 

"Dr  General,  you  must  be  convinced  from  some  little  matters 
when  we  had  the  Pleasure  of  being  commanded  by  you  that  the 
Regiment  is  not  very  Happy  in  their  present  Commander;  but, 
greatly  to  the  credit  of  the  officers,  they  have  done  their  duty  in 
every  respect  to  the  satisfaction  of  everybody. 

"  I  must  beg  a  line  from  you  informing  the  news  of  the  Western 
Department,  as  we  have  had  so  many  different  acc'ts  from  that 
Quarter  that  we  can't  place  any  confidence  in  them,  they  are  so 
very  contradictory.  Want  of  conveyance  is  my  whole  Reason  for 
not  writing.  You  may  rely  on  it  you  shall  hear  from  me  every 
opportunity.  My  kind  Compts  to  major  Ewing." 

In  a  letter  dated  April,  1778, among  the  Hand  papers,  Capt.  Harris 
says  he  entered  the  service  in  June,  1775.  "  In  1777, 1  was  senior 
captain  in  Penn'a  Line.  Owing  to  the  major  promotion,  not  by 
reccommendation  of  Gen.  Washington,  nor  to  my  predjudice  alone, 
but  of  that  of  twenty  or  thirty  deserving  officers,  I  was  com- 
pelled most  reluctantly  to  resign.  I  had  sent  in  my  resignation 


through  my  friend  Col.  Conner,  then  acting  as  adjutant  general  of 
the  army.  He  sent  it  to  Gen.  Washington,  who  desired  Col.  Con 
ner  to  return  it  to  me.  I  was  in  twenty-six  engagements  or  skir- 

"On  the  morning  of  the  llth  September,  1777,  we  were  apprised 
that  the  enemy  was  advancing;  and  soon  after  heard  the  engage- 
ment between  our  light  troops  and  their  advance  parties.  Whilst 
their  main  design  was  in  front,  to  our  right,  the  cannon  ceased 
firing,  except  now  and  then,  and  small  detachments  of  our  troops 
were  constantly  skirmishing  with  them ;  but  in  a  short  while  we 
found  that  they  had  crossed  the  Brandywine,  near  the  forks,  and 
were  coming  in  flank  on  our  right  wing.  The  cannonade  com- 
menced about  three  o'clock,  but  soon  gave  way  to  small  arms,  which 
continued  like  an  incessant  clap  of  thunder,  till  within  an  hour  of 
sunset,  when  our  people  filed  off.  Then  the  attack  began  with  us 
on  the  left. 

"But  I  must  observe  to  you  that  while  the  right  was  engaged, 
the  troops  that  were  on  the  right  of  our  brigade,  on  the  hill,  were 
drawn  off  *  *  '  and  left  our  right  flank  quite  uncovered. 

The  enemy  kept  an  unremitted  fire  from  their  artillery,  (and  ours 
too  played  with  great  fury,)  until  advancing  under  the  thick  smoke 
they  took  possession  of  the  redoubt  in  front  of  our  park. 

"As  there  were  no  troops  to  cover  the  artillery  in  the  redoubt, 
the  enemy  was  within  thirty  yards  before  being  discovered ;  our 
men  were  forced  to  fly,  and  to  leave  three  pieces  behind.  Our  brig- 
ade was  drawn  into  line,  with  the  park  of  artillery  two  hundred 
yards  in  the  rear  of  the  redoubt.  Our  park  was  ordered  off  then, 
and  my  right  exposed.  The  enemy  advanced  on  the  hill,  where  our 
park  was,  and  came  within  fifty  yards  of  the  hill  above  me.  I  then 
ordered  my  men  to  fire.  Two  or  three  rounds  made  the  lads  clear 
the  ground. 

"  The  General  sent  orders  for  our  artillery  to  retreat — it  was  on 
my  right — and  ordered  me  to  to  cover  it  with  part  of  my  regiment. 
It  was  done,  but  to  my  surprise  the  artillerymen  had  run  and  left 
the  howitzer  behind.  The  two  field  pieces  went  up  the  road,  pro- 
tected by  about  sixty  of  my  men,  who  had  very  warm  work,  but 
brought  them  safe.  1  then  ordered  another  party  to  fly  to  the  how- 
itzer and  bring  it  off.  Captain  Buchanan,  Lieutenant  Simpson, 
and  Lieutenant  Douglass  went  immediately  to  the  gun,  and  the 
men  followed  their  example,  and  I  covered  them  with  the  few  I  had 
remaining.  But  before  this  could  be  done,  the  main  body  of  the 
foe  carne  within  thirty  yards,  and  kept  up  the  most  terrible  fire  I 
suppose  ever  heard  in  America,  though  with  very  little  loss  on  our 
side.  I  brought  all  the  brigade  artillery  safely  off,  and  I  hope  to 
see  them  again  fired  at  the  scoundrels.  Yet  we  retreated  to  the 
next  height  in  good  order,  in  the  midst  of  a  very  heavy  fire  of  can- 

$Sif  TAMP  A 

from  die  I8W  to  f ho  2W  of  Soptoiuber  1777 
witli    tljo  ATTACK 
a^oinfit  Uio  KKBKJ  ,S  near 
on  U>P  20ft1  of  September. 

Drravn  by  an.OfKccr  on  the  Spot. 


^  -i^^/  »*-*'L-.  • 


.AAAA  Jfwrf,  of  f>J  Grpy  s  />/«/*»««rf  m  hro  f!ot<anns  tu^ittack  ai»lirbrU~&  . 
C.Li^bt  hiftmt v\ ait.drltiiig  thf,  Hpl>cl Ttri^zuio  in  Plank. 

list /nifty  »/'LijJlt{  TttftutU-y  c'w  /jurxuit  at'Ov  liritrtxTanmtsZ&YfliiAffncarriedoffmkaif 
V.  I.iglit  Infioitry  a/7er  lun-ing  rotiird  Otc  Tieiifls.  ^Atttrrm. 

ELTftf  4f*fftofaaeRA  in   Rostr-ve.  t'Mon-itig  rilliouj  TunMng  tfirir  Hanks. 
III!  r/u-Kobols  Flintf,  in  Disorder. 

»-o .'Rajiniatis utulfr  Col: 


non  and  small  arms.    Not  thirty  yards  distant,  we  formed  to  re- 
ceive them,  but  they  did  not  choose  to  follow. 

"  I  lost  Lieutenants  Holliday  and  Wise,  killed ;  Captain  Grier 
was  badly  wounded ;  Captain  Craig  and  myself  slightly  wounded. 
I  have,  I  suppose,  lost  six  or  seven  killed,  and  about  the  same 
number  wounded.  We  lost  several  fine  officers  out  of  the  brig- 
ade."— Colonel  James  Chambers  to  General  Hand. 

The  evidence  of  Captain  James  Wilson,  of  the  First  Pennsyl- 
vania regiment,  testifies : 

u  That  on  the  night  of  the  20th  Septr,  Gen'l  Wayne  Personally 
placed  me  With  the  Light  Infantry ;  his  orders  to  me  Was,  stand 
like  a  Brave  Soldier,  and  Give  them  fire.  His  Orders  I  Obeyed  as 
Long  as  Possible,  but  the  Enemy  being  too  numerous,  forsd  me  to 
Give  way  to  the  middle  Fence,  Where  I  Rallied  about  thirty  men, 
and  Gave  them  the  Last  Fire." 

A  memorandum  in  the  handwriting  of  Captain  Thomas  Buchanan, 
of  the  First  Pennsylvania  regiment,  says: 

"At  the  affair  of  Paoli,  in  the  fall  of  1777, 1  was  sent  forward  to 
Gen.  Smallwood,  that  lay  at  the  White  House,  to  get  him  to  cover 
our  retreat  and  fix  a  place  of  rendezvous,  etc.  He  sent  me  forward 
to  try  to  stop  as  many  of  his  broken  troops  that  had  taken  the  road 
to  Downingtown.  On  coming  near  to  these,  I  found  where  some 
of  his  artillery  had  thrown  a  field-piece  into  a  limekiln  and  had 
broken  the  carriage.  I  went  on  to  Downingtown,  and  fixed  a  guard 
on  the  road  to  stop  the  runaways ;  got  a  wheeler  and  blacksmith  to 
mend  the  carriage,  and  went  down  and  put  the  cannon  on  the  car- 
riage, etc." 

Under  date  "  Camp  Englishtown,  Jane  30'h,  1778, "Colonel  James 
Chambers  again  writes  General  Hand : 

"  I  have  the  pleasure  to  inform  you  that  on  the  28th  ult.,  we  gave 
the  enemy  a  fine  drubbing  at  Freehold  Church,  about  four  miles 
from  this  place.  The  attack  commenced  at  eleven  o'clock,  and  a 
most  violent  cannonade  continued  for  nearly  five  hours,  in  which 
time  both  armies  were  manoeuvring  on  the  right  and  left.  Our  Di- 
vision was  drawn  in  front  of  our  artillery,  in  a  small  hollow  ;  while 
the  enemy's  artillery  was  placed  on  an  eminence  in  front  of  our 

"  Of  course,  we  were  in  a  right  line  of  their  fire,  both  parties 
playing  their  cannon  over  our  heads,  and  yet  only  killed  two  of  our 
men,  and  wounded  four  of  my  regiment  with  splinters  of  rails. 
Our  army  out-generaled  them,  and,  at  the  same  time,  advanced 
some  artillery  across  a  swamp,  and  drove  them  before  us.  They 
fled  in  all  quarters,  and,  at  sunset,  we  had  driven  them  near  to 
Monmouth  town.  We  encamped  on  the  field  that  night.  They 
left  on  the  ground  several  officers  of  distinction,  amongst  them 


Colonel  Monckton ;  and,  yesterday,  we  buried  upwards  of  two  hun- 
dred and  fifty  of  the  bold  Britons  who  were  to  conquer  the  world ! 
"  I  rode  over  the  whole  ground,  and  saw  two  hundred  of  their 
dead.  It  is  surprising  that  we  lost  not  more  than  thirty.  How- 
ever, of  this,  I  can  assure  you  that  for  every  ten  of  them,  I  did 
not  see  one  of  ours  killed.  During  yesterday,  our  fatigue  parties 
were  collecting  the  dead  in  piles,  and  burying  them.  The  enemy 
is  flying  with  precipitation  to  the  Hook,  and  we  are  now  on  our 
march  to  Brunswick.  They  desert  very  fast,  so  watch  for  news." 


The  following  arrangement  of  regiment  to  be  immediately  ob- 
served* : 

1st,  Colonel's  company,  late  Grier's — Capt.  Buchanan,  Lieut. 

2d,  Lieutenant  colonel's  company,  late  Buchanan's — Lieut.  Dough- 
erty, Lieut.  McDowell. 

3d,  Major's  company,  late  Holliday's — Lieut.  Ziegler,  Lieut.  Craw- 

4th,  Captain  Simpson  to  command  the  detatchment  now  under 
Capt.  Parr, which  is  to  act  as  the  infantry  company — Lieut. 
Boyd,  Ensign  Collier. 

5th,  Capt.  Barr,  Lieut.  Skinner,  Lieut.  Hammond. 

6th,  Capt.  Hamilton,  Lieut.  Lyon,  Ensign  Johnston. 

7th,  Capt.  Craig,  Lieut.  Norcross,  Ensign  Chambers. 

8th,  Capt.  J.  Wilson,  Lieut.  McClelan,  and  Ensign  Beard. 

9th,  Capt.  William  Wilson,  Lieut.  Hughes. 


Infantry.         Lieut.  Cols.          Hamilton.          J.  Wilson.          Major.          W.  Wilson. 

Craig-.  Barr.          Colonel's.         Infantry. 

The  companies  are  to  take  post  agreeable  to  the  above  on  the 
parade,  till  further  orders. 

Colonel  First  Regiment. 

*This  was  according  to  the  establishment  of  the  army  by  a  resolution 
of  Congress,  of  May  27,  1778.    See  Journal  of  Congress,  vol.  iv,  page 


Col.  Chambers,  writing  to  President  Reed,  of  Pennsylvania,  from 
"camp  New  Point,  October  7, 1779,"  says: 

"  Sir:  Enclosed  I  send  your  Excellency  a  return  of  the  Captains 
and  Subalterns  in  the  1st  Penn'a  Reg',  by  which  you  will  find  the 
time  of  Captain  Buchanan3  resignation.  (See  this  return  printed 
in  Penn'a  Archives,  0.  S.  vol.  vii,  page  726.)  Your  Excellency 
will  exceedingly  oblige  me  by  granting  an  order  to  the  Board  of 
war  to  issue  a  captain's  Commission  for  Capt.  Lt.  McClellan,  and 
a  Lieutenancy  for  Ensign  Chambers,  who  follows  in  regular  suc- 
cession. I  would  beg  leave  to  recommend  the  three  gentlemen  at 
the  bottom  of  the  return  for  Ensigns  (John  Hamilton,  John  Mc- 
Murtrie,  and  John  Scott)  in  the  1st  Pa.  Reg',  and  request  your  Ex- 
cellency to  include  them  in  your  order  to  the  Board  of  war  for  that 

In  a  letter  from  Col.  Chambers  to  his  wife,  dated  "  camp  at  New 
Bridge,  Hackensack,  September  5, 1780,"  he  says : 

"  The  1st  regiment  was  ordered  to  attack  a  Block  House,  built  on 
the  bank  of  the  North  River,  on  the  point  that  runs  down  to  Ber- 
gen, Six  or  Seven  miles  from  that  town.  My  regiment  was  ordered 
to  advance  and  commence  the  attack  and  to  cover  the  Artillery, 
which  was  done  with  unparalleled  bravery.  Advancing  to  the 
abattis,  which  was  within  twenty  yards  of  the  house,  several  crept 
through  and  there  continued,  under  an  excessive  fire,  until  ordered 
away.  They  retreated  with  reluctance.  The  foe  kept  close  under 
shelter,  firing  from  loopholes.  Our  men  and  artillery  kept  up  a 
galling  fire  on  the  house,  but  at  last  were  obliged  to  fall  back,  as  our 
field  pieces  were  too  light  to  penetrate.  There  were  twelve  killed 
of  the  1st  Regiment,  and  four  of  them  in  the  abattis;  in  all,  forty 
men  were  Killed,  wounded,  and  missing, — three  of  those  in  Ben8 
platoon.  You  may  depend  your  son  is  a  good  soldier.  All  the  offi- 
cers say  he  behaved  exceedingly  well.  I  had  not  the  pleasure  of 
seeing  it,  as  I  lay  very  sick  at  the  time." 




Hand,  Edward,  commissioned  March  7, 1776 ;  promoted  brigadier 
general  April  1, 1777. 

Chambers,  James,  transferred  from  Tenth  Pennsylvania  April  12, 
1777;  retired  the  service  January  1,  1781;  at  the  battle  of 
Brandywine,  he  received  a  Hessian  bullet  in  his  side,  which 
gave  him  a  great  deal  of  trouble  in  after  years ;  died  at  Loudon 
Forge,  Franklin  county,  April  25, 1805,  aged  fifty-six. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Chambers,  James,  commissioned  March  7, 1776 ;  promoted  Colonel 
September  28, 1776 ;  and  assigned  to  Tenth  Pennsylvania  March 
7,  1777. 

Ross,*  James,  from  major,  March  12,  1777 ;  transferred  to  Eighth 

Butler,  Richard,  from  Eighth  Pennsylvania;  transferred  to  Mor- 
gan's Rifles. 

Robinson,  Thomas,  from  Fifth  Pennsylvania,  June  11, 1777. 


Ross,  James,  commissioned  September  25,  1776 ;  promoted  lieuten- 
ant colonel  March  12,  1777. 

Miller,  Henry,  March  12, 1777,  to  rank,  from  September  28,  1776 ; 
promoted  lieutenant  colonel, and  transferred  to  Second  Pennsyl- 
vania July,  1778. 

Moore,  James,  from  Fifth  Pennsylvania  September  20. 1777 ;  after 
the  war,  a  druggist  in  Philadelphia. 


Cluggage,  Robert,  resigned  October  6, 1776,  in  consequence  of  ap- 
pointment of  a  junior  captain  to  majority.  Subsequently,  a 
justice  of  the  peace  of  Shirley  township,  Huntingdon  county. 

Smith,  Matthew,  resigned  for  same  reason  as  Captain  Cluggage ;  De- 
cember 5, 1776,  promoted  major  in  Ninth  Pennsylvania,  to  rank 
from  September  27,  1776. 

*The  arrangement,  as  printed  in  the  Colonial  Records,  vol.  xi,  page 
179,  is  scratched  in  the  original,  and  Richard  Butler's  name  inserted  in 
place  of  Ross,  and  Ross'  name  inserted  in  the  Eighth  Butler  scratched, 
which  corresponds  with  the  fact  that  Ross  served  in  the  Eighth  subse- 
quently to  March,  1777.  Washington  also,  in  a  letter  to  Colonel  Hand, 
March  14,  1777,  inquires  "what  has  become  of  your  lieutenant  colonel?" 


Ross,  James,  promoted  major  September  25, 1776. 

Miller,  Henry,  promoted  major  September  28, 1776. 

Craig,  Charles,  wounded  at  Brandy  wine ;  shot  himself  in  1782. 

Grier,  James,  commissioned  March  7, 1776 ;  wounded  at  Brandy  wine 
September  11, 1777  ;  promoted  major  Tenth  Pennsylvania,  Octo- 
ber 23,  1777. 

Harris,  David,  resigned  October  20, 1777  ;  appointed  prothonotary 
of  Northumberland  county  September  11, 1777  ;  died  November 
16, 1809,  at  Baltimore. 

Barr,  James,  promoted  major  October  9,  1778,  and  assigned  to 
Seventh  Pennsylvania. 

Hamilton,  James,  commissioned  March  10, 1776;  prisoner  of  war 
November  2,  1777 ;  promoted  major  second  Pennsylvania  De- 
cember 10,  1778. 

Holliday,  John,  from  first  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776;  resigned 
after  1778;  died  in  Frankstown  township,  Huntingdon  county, 
August  19,  1823,  aged  seventy-six. 

Craig,  Samuel,  from  first  lieutenant,  October  1,  1776;  retired  from 
service  July  1,  1781. 

Matson,  James;  a  return  dated  November  2, 1777,  indicates  that 
Matson  was  a  captain  then,  but  not  present. 

Simpson,  Michael,  from  first  lieutenant,  December  1,1776;  retired  the 
service  January  1,  1781;  died  June  1,  1813,  aged  sixty-five; 
buried  in  Paxtang  church  grave-yard,  near  Harrisburg. 

Wilson,  James,  from  first  lieutenant,  January  16,  1777  ;  retired  as 
of  January  1,  1781. 

Wilson,  William,  from  first  lieutenant.  March  2, 1777;  mustered  out 
November  3,  1783 ;  died  at  Chillisquaque  Mills,  Northumber- 
land county,  in  1813 ;  buried  in  the  Presbyterian  grave-yard  at 
North  umberland . 

Buchanan,  Thomas,  October  1, 1777;  resigned  September  26,  1779; 
sheriff  of  Cumberland  county,  1789;  died  at  Newville,  October 
13,  1823,  aged  seventy-six. 

Ziegler,  David,  from  first  lieutenant,  December  8, 1778 ;  died  at  Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio,  September  24, 1811 ,  aged  sixty-three.  See  Deutsche 
Pionier,  1S69,  p  11. 

Lyon,  Benjamin,  from  lieutenant,  December  8, 1778;  resigned  May, 
1779,  on  account  of  ill  health ;  resided  in  Mifflin  county,  in 
1 835,  aged  eighty-two. 

McClelan,  John,  from  captain  lieutenant,  October  1, 1779,  vice  Cap- 
tain Buchanan;  retired  from  service  January  1, 1783;  resided 
on  Marsh  creek,  York  county,  in  1791. 

Hughes,  John,  from  lieutenant,  October  1, 1779;  retired  from  ser- 
vice January  1, 1781. 

21— VOL.  X. 


First  LieiUenants. 

Steele,  Archibald,  prisoner  of  war  December  31, 1775;  transferred 
to  commissary  department,  under  Colonel  Flowers,  April,  1777; 
subsequently  United  States  military  store-keeper  at  Philadel- 
phia; died  October  19, 1832;  fifty-seven  years  in  the  service  of 
the  United  States. 

Holliday,  John,  promoted  captain,  vice  James  Ross,  September  25, 

Craig,  Samuel,  promoted  captain,  October  1, 1776. 

Matson,  James,  prisoner  of  war,  November,  1777;  promoted  cap- 

McConnell,  Matthew,  promoted  captain;  transferred  to  Hazen's 
regiment,  November  3, 1776. 

Zanck,  Jacob,  resigned  October  1,  1776  ;  resided  in  Lancaster 
county,  1814. 

Chambers  Benjamin,  senior,  died  December  29, 1813,  at  Chambers- 
burg,  aged  fifty-eight. 

Simpson  Michael,  promoted  captain ,  December  1, 1776. 

Hubley,  Frederick,  from  second  lieutenant;  died  at  Harrisburg, 
December  23, 1822. 

"Wilson,  William,  from  second  lieutenant,  September  25,  1776  ;  pro- 
moted captain,  March  2,  1777. 

Ziegler,  David,  January  16,  1777;  promoted  captain,  December  8, 

Lyon,  Benjamin,  July  16, 1777. 

McClelan,  John,  September  11, 1777 ;  promoted  captain  lieutenant, 
December  8, 1778,  and  captain,  October  1,  1779. 

Norcross,  Aaron,  September  14,  1777;  resigned  September  26,  1779. 

Boyd,  Thomas,  January  14, 1778;  killed  September  12,  1779,  in  Sul- 
livan's campaign,  being  then  detached  with  other  riflemen  from 
the  First  to  Fourth  Pennsylvania,  under  Colonel  William  But- 

Hughes,  John,  March  20,  1778;  promoted  captain  lieutenant,  vice 
McClellan  promoted,  October  1,  1779. 

McFarlane,  James,  March  21,  1778;  mustered  out  November  3» 

McDowell,  William,  March  22, 1778 ;  mustered  out  November  3, 
1783;  died  at  St.  Thomas,  Franklin  county,  June  19,  1835,  aged 
eighty-six;  buried  in  Waddell  grave-yard,  near  Mercersburg. 

Crawford,  Edward,  March  23, 1778;  left  the  army  August  16, 1781; 
died  at  Chambersburg  March  6,  1833;  buried  in  Falling  Spring 

Hammond,  David,,  from  second  lieutenant  December  8,  1778; 
wounded  at  Block  House;  died  near  Milton,  Pennsylvania, 
April  27,  1801,  aged  fifty-two. 

Johnston,  Andrew,  from  second  lieutenant  May  12,  1779. 


Collier,  Joseph,  from  second  lieutenant  May  17, 1779,  vice  B.  Lyon, 
resigned ;  died  at  Carlisle  September  28,  1790. 

Chambers,  Benjamin,  junior,  from  ensign,  September  13, 1779. 
Second  Lieutenants. 

Nichols,  Francis,  prisoner  of  war  December  31, 1775;  released  Oc- 
tober 10, 1776;  promoted  captain  in  Ninth  Pennsylvania. 

Wilson,  William,  promoted  first  lieutenant  September  25,  1776. 

Buchanan,  Thomas,  promoted. 

Ewing,  Jasper,  promoted  brigade  major  to  General  Hand  at  Fort 
Pitt,  1777-1778  ;  prothonotary  of  Northumberland  county ;  died 
at  Sunbury  in  1800. 

Armor,  Thomas. 

Cross,  William,  promoted  and  transferred  to  Moylan's  regiment. 

Burd,  Benjamin,  promoted  first  lieutenant  Septemeer  25, 1776 ;  sub- 
sequently transferred  to  Fourth  Pennsylvania. 

Weiser,  Peter,  (son  of  Conrad  Weiser,)  wounded  and  captured  at 
Germantown  ;  a  letter  dated  November  5, 1777,  at  Philadelphia, 
says  "  Peter  Weiser  is  still  alive." — (Muhlenberg's  Journal,  vol. 
i,  Historical  Society  of  Pennsylvania'1 s  Collection,  page  129.) 

McFarlane,  James,  May  13,  1777. 

McDowell,  William,  May  13, 1777. 

Clarke,  John,  promoted  aid  to  General  Greene;  died  December  27, 
1819,  at  York,  Pennsylvania,  aged,  sixty-eight. 

Hammond,  David,  September  14,  1777 ;  promoted  first  lieutenant 
December  8, 1778. 

Johnson,  Andrew,  quartermaster  March  24,  1778;  promoted  first 
lieutenant  May  12, 1779. 

Collier,  Joseph,  from  Thirteenth  Pennsylvania,  July  1,  1778;  pro- 
moted first  lieutenant  May  17,  1779. 

Dick,  John,  from  third  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776. 

Dougherty,  John,  from  third  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776. 

Magaw,  William,  surgeon,  from  third  lieutenant,  January  16, 1777. 

Stevenson,  George,  from  third  lieutenant  May  13, 1777;  resigned  in 
1778 ;  studied  medicine,  and  reentered  the  regiment  as  surgeon's 
mate,  with  the  rank  of  ensign,  May  28,  1779. 

Hoffman,  Michael,  from  ensign,  October  1,  1779;  died  in  service 
July  18, 1780. 

Davis,  Isaac,  May  28, 1779. 

Campbell,  James,  from  ensign,  July  18, 1780. 

Third  Lieutenants. 

Dick,  John,  promoted  second  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776,  vice 

Jacob  Zanck,  resigned. 

Dougherty,  John,  promoted  second  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776. 
Magaw,  William,  also  surgeon,  August  10, 1776;  promoted  second 

lieutenant,  January  16, 1777. 


Skinner,  Abraham,  taken  at  Germantown ;  exchanged  June,  1778; 
died  at  Suffolk  county,  Virginia,  July  31 , 1826,  aged  seventy-one. 

Wilson,  Alexander. 

Smith, . 

Holliday,  James,  killed  September  11, 1777.  (See  Jones'1  Juniata  Val- 
ley, page  315,  for  a  sketch  of  him.) 

"Wise, ,  killed  September  11,  1777. 

Francis,  George,  resigned  October,  1776. 

Lyon,  Benjamin,  September  25, 1776 ;  promoted  lieutenant,  July  16, 

Cunningham,  Eobert,  appointed  September  25, 1776,  vice  Dick. 

Patten,  William,  October  10, 1776,  vice  Clark;  killed  October  4, 1777, 
at  Germantown. 

Stevenson,  George,  junior,  January  17, 1777 ;  promoted  second  lieu- 
tenant, May  13, 1777. 


Chambers,  Benjamin,  son  of  Col.  James,  commissioned  June  2, 
1778;  promoted  lieutenant  September  13,  1779,  vice  Thomas 
Boyd,  killed. 

Claypoole,  Samuel,  March  2, 1779. 

Hoffman,  Michael,  May  28, 1779 ;  promoted  lieutenant,  vice  Hughes, 
October  1, 1779. 

Stevenson,  George,  May  28, 1779. 

Campbell,  James,  May  30, 1779;  promoted  lieutenant,  July  18. 1780. 

McMurtrie,  John,  from  corporal,  October  1, 1779 ;  resigned  August 
1, 1780. 

McCormick,  Alexander,  appointed  April,  1780. 


Blair,  Kev.  Samuel,  resigned  August  11,  1777.  "He  being  much 
indisposed  resigned,  and  we  must  now  trust  to  the  prayers  of 
the  faithful  for  we  have  no  chaplain." — Col.  Chambers'  letter 
to  Gen.  Hand.  Mr  Blair  was  subsequently  chaplain  Third 
brigade,  (Hand's,)  and  then  to  the  artillery  brigade.  He  died  in 
Germantown,  Penn'a,  September  23, 1818,  aged  seventy-seven. 

McMordie,  Kev.  Kobert,  appointed  July  12, 1780;  he  was  chaplain 
to  the  Second  brigade  from  July  1,1779;  originally  from  old 


North,  George, ,  1776. 

Buchanan,  Thos.,  Capt.,  appointed  October  2,  1778,  to  rank  from 
June  2, 1778. 

Crawford,  Edward,  Lieut., 1780. 

Ziegler,  David,  wounded  August  27, 1776. 


Ewing,  Jasper,  until  April,  1777. 

McCormick,  Henry,  April,  1777  ;  promoted  brigade  major 

McFarlane,  James,  June  10, 1778. 

Norcross,  Aaron,  October  2, 1778. 

Fullerton,  Richard. 

Quarter  Masters. 

Hubley,  Frederick. 

Johnston,  Andrew,  appointed  October  2, 1778,  to  rank  from  June 
2, 1778;  wounded  in  the  left  leg  at  Paoli,  and  in  the  right  leg 
at  Monmouth ;  discharged  at  Pittsburgh,  April  1,  1783;  re- 
sided in  York  county,  in  1813. 

Assistant  Quarter  Master. 
Simpson,  Samuel,  April,  1777. 


Magaw,  William,  transferred  to  Ninth  Pennsylvania. 
Black  well,  Rev.  Robert,  chaplain  to  Second  brigade,  acting  surgeon 


Rodgers,  John  R.  B.,  appointed  October  1,  1779;  died  in  New 
York  City,  January  29,  1833. 

Surgeon'' s  Mates. 

Reinick,  Christian,  appointed  March  1,  1776;  killed  at  Paoli, 
September  21, 1777.  His  daughter  Catharine,  a  Pennsylvania 
pensioner,  resided  in  Lancaster,  1791. 

Rague,  John,  April  19, 1778. 

Stevenson,  George,  Jr.,  appointed  May  28,1779;  resigned  August 
1, 1780.  In  1798,  major  of  Tenth  United  States  regiment ;  re- 
sided in  Pittsburgh  until  1825  ;  died  in  Wilmington,  Delaware, 
in  1829. 

Hilsdorph,  John, 

Fife  Major. 
Ferguson,  William,  January  1, 1777. 

Drummers  and  Fifers. 

January  18, 1781.  Drummers  and  flfers  for  the  First  regiment, 
under  tuition  at  Laij^caster,  sent  forward  by  the  committee  of 

Lancaster,  to  New  York,  July  26,  1776:  Maloy, Wilson, 

Henry;  Ferguson,  William;  Porter,  William ;  Chalkley,  Rob- 
ert; McGachakin,  George;  Elliot,  James;  Jones,  Robert- 
Newcomer,  Christian.—  Hand  Papers. 


Officers  of  Capt.  John  Doyle's  Independent  Company.     Attached 
to  First  Pennsylvania.     Strength,  eighty  men. 

Doyle,  John,  commissioned  September  5, 1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Brady,  Samuel,  commissioned  September  5, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Me  Murray,  William,  commissioned  September  5, 1776. 

Third  Lieutenant . 
Fortney,  Henry,  commissioned  September  3, 1776. 


17,  1781. 

Brodhead,  Daniel,  from  Eighth  Pennsylvania. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Robinson,  Thomas,  transferred  to  Second  Pennsylvania  January 
1, 1783. 


Moore,  James,  transferred  to  Second  Pennsylvania  January  1, 


Davis,  John,  of  the  Ninth ;  commission  dated  November  15, 1776 ; 
retired  January  1,  1783;  in  1800,  brigadier  general;  in  1803, 
associate  judge  of  Chester;  died  July  10,  1827,  aged  seventy- 
four,  near  Paoli;  buried  in  Chester  Valley  Presbyterian  church- 

Clark,  John,  of  the  Eighth;  commission  dated  February  28, 1777; 
transferred  to  the  Third  January  1,  1783. 

Wilson,  William,  commissioned  March  2, 1777. 

Stake,  Jacob,  of  the  Tenth  ;  commission  dated  November  12, 1777; 
transferred  to  Third  Pennsylvania  January  1,  1783. 

Ziegler,  David,  retired  January  1,  1783. 

Steel,  John,  of  the  Tenth ;  commission  dated  March  23, 1779  ;  re- 
tired January  1,  1783;  afterwards  collector  of  port  of  Phila- 
delphia; died  February  27, 1827. 


Carson,  Ebenezer;  commission  dated  April  1, 1779;  resigned  May 

18, 1781. 

McClelan,  John,  retired  January  1, 1783. 
Burke,  Edward,  of  the  Eleventh;  commission  dated  October  2, 

1780;  retired  January  1,  1783. 

Feltman,  William,  of  the  Tenth;  commission  dated  November  2, 

1777  ;  resigned  in  South  Carolina. 
McFarlane,  James. 
McDowell,  William. 
Crawford,  Edward. 
Banks,  Joseph,  of  the  Tenth. 
Hammond,  David. 

Johnston,  Andrew,  retired  January  1, 1783. 
Collier,  Joseph. 
White,  Francis,  of  the  Tenth,  August  2, 1779;  retired  January  1, 


Martin,  Robert,  of  the  Tenth,  April  1, 1780 ;  retired  January  1, 1783. 
Everly,  Michael,  of  the  Tenth,  April  1,  1780;  retired  January  1, 

1783;  resided  in  Franklin  county  in  1787. 
Campbell,  James,  July  18, 1780. 


Nesbit  Robert,  of  the  Tenth,  September  15, 1780. 
Brooke,  James,  of  the  Tenth,  September  15, 1780. 

Rodgers,  John  R.  B. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
Rague,  John,  of  the  Tenth,  April  19, 1778. 


McCurdy,  William,  from  captain  lieutenant,  May  18,  1781,  vice 
Ebenezer  Carson,  resigned. 


REGIMENT,  JANUARY  i,   1783. 

t  Colonel. 

Brodhead,  Daniel,  September  29, 1776. 

Lieutenant  (Colonel. 
Harmar,  Josiah,  June  6,  1777. 

Vernon,  Frederick,  June  7,  1777 ;  died  in  1807. 


Doyle,  John,  July  16,  1776. 

Bowen,  Thomas  B.,  Sept.  2, 1776 ;  printer  in  Charleston.  S.  C.,  1804. 
Bankson,  John,  September  25, 1776. 
Fish  bourne,  Benjamin,  January  3, 1777. 
Humphrey,  Jacob,  February  15, 1777. 
Wilson,  William,  March  2,  1777. 

Irvine,  Andrew,  March  20, 1777 ;  died  at  Carlisle,  May  4,  1789. 
Seely,  Isaac,  September  20, 1777. 

Finley,  Joseph  L.,  October  20,  1777;  resided  in  Adams  county,. 
Ohio,  in  1833,  aged  seventy-three. 


Lytle,  Andrew,  January  20, 1777  ;  died  of  camp  fever  in  1784. 

Jones,  James  M.,  March  12, 1777. 

Moore,  William,  April  10,  1777;  discharged  at  Philadelphia,  No- 
vember, 1783. 

McMichael,  James,  June  20,  1777. 

Herbert,  Stewart,  January  9, 1778;  appointed  in  United  States  ser- 
vice in  1784. 

McFarlane.  James,  March  21, 1778. 

BleAver,  George,  May  16, 1778. 

Blackall,  William  Ball,  November  5, 1778. 

McPherson,  James  F.,  January  15, 1779. 

Ward,  John,  April  1, 1779. 

Milligan,  James,  April  16, 1779. 

Fullerton,  Kichard,  May  12, 1779. 

Collier,  Joseph,  May  17,  1779. 

Davis,  Llwellyn,  August  10,  1779. 

Weitzel,  Jacob,  March  11,  1780. 


Martin,  Robert,  April  1, 1780. 
Campbell,  James,  July  11, 1780. 
McKnight,  David,  July  23, 1780. 

Spear,  Edward,  January  1,  1781;  killed  at  St.  Clair's  defeat,  No- 
vember 4, 1791. 

Le  Roy,  George,  January  2, 1781. 
Irvine,  Joseph,  May  12, 1781. 

Quarter  Master . 
McFarlane,  James. 

Fullerton,  Richard. 


Magaw,  William,  resided  many  years  after  the  war  at  Mercers- 
burg,  Pennsylvania;  died  at  Meadville,  May  1,  1829,  aged 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
Wilkins,  John,  or  Rague,  John,  not  known  which  is  the  eldest. 


Brodhead,  Daniel. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 
Harmar,  Josiah.* 

Moore,  James. 


Doyle,  John. 

Finney,  Walter. 

Bowen,  Thos.  B. 

Bankson,  John,  resided  in  Baltimore,  1810. 

Humphrey,  Jacob. 

*  Lieut.  Col.  Josiah  Harmar,  commanded  the  quota  from  Pennsyl- 
vania in  service  after  the  war  in  defense  of  the  frontiers,  until  he  was 
made  general-in-chief  of  the  United  States  army,  in  1789.  He  was 
Adjutant  General  of  Pennsylvania,  1793-1799 ;  and  died  in  Philadelphia, 
August  20,  1813. 


Wilson,  William. 

Boude,  Thomas. 

Irvine,  Andrew. 

Fishbourne,  Benjamin,  resided  in  Savannah,  Georgia,  in  1789. 
(See  Benton's  Debates,  vol.  t,  page  17,  for  Gen.  Washington's 
letter  on  the  rejection  of  him  for  naval  officer.) 

Jones,  James  M. 
Moore  William. 
Butler,  Percival. 
Lodge,  Benjamin. 
Reeves,  Enos. 
McFarlane,  James. 
Hammond,  David. 
McPherson,  James  F. 
Doyle,  Thomas,  Jr.,  first  lieutenant ;  March  1, 1779,  captain  by 


Milligan,  James, 
McCallum,  John. 
Bevins,  Wilder. 
Dunn,  A.  M. 
Marckland,  John. 
White,  Francis. 
Henley,  Henry. 
Weitzel,  Jacob. 
Head,  Samuel. 
Denny,  Ebenezer. 


Fullerton,  Richard,  died  at  Philadelphia,  June  16, 1792,  aged  thirty- 


McDowell,  John,  resided  in  Greensburg,  Westmoreland  county, 
after  the  war. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
Wharry,  Robert. 




Cluggage,  Robert,  resigned  October  6, 1776. 
First  Lieutenants. 

Holliday,  John,  promoted  captain  of  Ross's  company,  September 
25,  1776. 

Burd,  Benjamin,  from  second  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776;  trans- 
ferred to  Fourth  Pennsylvania. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Burd,  Benjamin,  promoted  first  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776. 

Holliday,  James,  from  sergeant;  killed  September  11, 1777. 


Holliday,  James,  promoted  ensign,  July  27, 1776. 
Simonton,  Alexander,  discharged  1781;  wounded  in  the  battle  of 
Brandy  wine;  resided  in  Washington  county,  in  1803. 


Bainbridge,  Charles,  June  6, 1776;  discharged  July  13, 1776. 
Bone,  Joseph,  May  8, 1776;  discharged  June  24, 1776. 
Butler,  Edward,  May  18,  1776. 

Campbell,  Larison,  May  18, 1776;  discharged  July  18, 1776. 
Connor,  Philip. 

Corbitt,  Patrick,  May  8, 1776;  discharged  August  8, 1776. 
Denmark,  John,  August  1, 1776. 
Donelin,  William. 
Dougherty,  Matthias. 
Drew,  [Dreis,]  Thomas,  July  16, 1776. 
Gorman,  Samuel,  June  4, 1776. 
Hailey,  David,  July  24, 1776. 
Humphries,  David,  July  20, 1776. 
Irwin,  James,  July  16, 1776. 
Irwin,  William. 
Kent,  William, 

Kerney,  James,  May  8, 1776;  discharged  August  15, 1776. 
Kerney,  Nicholas,  May  8,  1776;  discharged  August  15, 1776. 
Kirbey,  James,  June  6, 1776;  taken  prisoner  August  28,  1776. 
Laird,  William. 
Leonard,  Patrick. 


Lewis,  Robert,  June  6, 1776;  discharged  July,  1776. 

Long,  James,  July  21, 1776. 

McCartney,  Henry,  July  12, 1776. 

McClean,  Daniel. 

McCord,  Ezra,  July  21, 1776. 

McCune,  [McEwen,]  John. 

McDonald,  David,  May  8,  1776;  discharged  July  18, 1776. 

McNinch,  John,  May  11, 1776. 

McRoberts,  David,  May  18, 1776. 

Magee,  Thomas. 

May,  William,  June  18, 1776;  discharged  August  15, 1776. 

Miller,  Michael. 

Morrison,  John,  August  1,  1776. 

Plumb,  Samuel. 

Pughe,  Thomas,  June  15, 1776. 

Reynolds,  Michael. 

Richardson,  James,  June  6, 1776;  discharged  August  28, 1776. 

Richie,  Philip. 

Richie,  Charles,  June  15, 1776 ;  discharged  July  13, 1776. 

Robinson,  Thomas,  June  6, 1776 ;  discharged  June  24, 1776. 

Ross,  Charles,  July  14,  1776. 

Rock,  Thomas,  July  14, 1776. 

Sheehan,  Thomas,  July  21, 1776. 

Sloan,  Alexander. 

Smith,  John,  July  21, 1776. 

Steel,  Francis,  May  18, 1776. 

Stevens,  John,  July  18, 1776. 

Taylor,  Hugh,  July  20, 1776. 

Vanderslice,  Daniel. 

Wallace,  Samuel. 

Ward,  Thomas. 

Warren,  Edward,  July  20, 1776. 

Whitman,  George. 


[This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 


Boss,  James,  promoted  major  September  25,  1776. 
Holliday,  John,  from  first  lieutenant  of  Cluggage's  company,  Sep- 
tember 25, 1776. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Zanck,  Jacob,  resigned  October  1, 1776. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Hubley,  Frederick,  promoted  first  lieutenant. 

Franey,  James. 
Ward,  John 


Anderson,  Adam,  May  1, 1776. 

Allison,  Thomas,  July  23, 1776. 

Allsworth,  Ludwig,  Jiily  14, 1776. 

Barnett,  Joseph,  May  1, 1776. 

Beilor,  George,  reenlisted  May  1, 1776, for  three  years;  wounded  at 
Paoli  in  the  shoulder ;  residing  at  Marietta  in  1835,  aged  eighty- 

Cameron,  Angus,  February  14, 1777. 

Carroll,  John,  March  4, 1777. 

Collins,  Robert,  May  4, 1776. 

Connelly,  John,  May  6,  1776. 

Decker,  Henry,  May  1,  1776. 

Delwich,  Casimer,  May  1, 1776. 

Dilliner,  William,  May  5, 1776. 

Dorsh,  Frederick,  July  11, 1776. 

Dugan,  Michael,  May  9, 1776. 

Foulke,  Solomon,  July  17,  1776. 

Franey,  John,  May  6, 1776. 

Galbraith,  Hugh,  February  12,  1777. 

Gamble,  Michael,  February  15, 1777. 

Gorman,  James,  March  4, 1777. 

Gribben,  James,  May  1, 1776. 

Grimes,  William,  May  6, 1776. 

Hagen,  William,  March  4, 1777. 


Hagerty,  Henry,  July  16, 1776. 
Hartnes,  James,  February  1, 1777. 
Hoover,  Albright,  May  10,  1776. 
Hoover,  Felix,  March  4,  1777. 
Keller,  Andrew,  March  4,  1777. 
Kissinger,  John,  March  4, 1777. 
Kuhus,  Daniel,  July  26, 1776. 
Lock,  Conrad,  May  6, 1776. 
Long,  Robert,  March  4,  1777. 
Lutis,  John,  May  11,  1776. 
Lutz,  John,  May  5,  1776. 
McCay,  [McCoy,]  John,  May  1, 1776. 
McGee,  Charles,  July  21,  1776. 
McHaffey,  James,  May  1, 1776. 
McLane,  James,  March  4,  1777. 
McLane,  William,  March  4, 1777. 
McWilliams,  Ephraim,  May  1, 1776. 
Matthews,  Henry,  May  4, 1776. 
Metz,  Elias,  July  19, 1776. 
Miller,  Frederick,  May  5, 1776. 
Morrison,  John,  May  8,  1776. 
Moskell,  Lawrence,  May  1, 1776. 
Naglee,  Anthony  Henry,  March  4, 1777. 
Neusorper,  Christopher,  May  4,  1776. 
Newcomer,  Christopher,  May  14, 1776. 
Newman,  John,  May  4, 1776. 
Ogelby,  Charles,  May  6, 1776. 
Porter,  William,  May  3, 1776. 
Reese,  Ambrose. 
Reese,  David,  May  1, 1776. 
Beimer,  William,  May  1,  1776. 
Scannels,  John,  February  2, 1777. 
Seamis,  Stephen,  May  4,  1776. 
Shafer,  Jacob,  May  9, 1776. 
Silvers,  Amos. 
Smith,  George,  May  12, 1776. 
Stamford,  Robert,  March  4, 1777. 
Stratton,  John,  May  1,  1776. 
Summers,  Matthias,  May  1, 1776. 
Tegan,  James,  March  4,  1777. 
Thompson,  Charles,  May  6,  1776 
Todd,  Thomas,  February  2, 1777. 
Veese,  David,  March  4,  1777. 
Ward,  John,  February  15, 1777. 
Weaver,  Albright,  May  3, 1776. 
Welsh,  Thomas,  May  1,  1776. 


Weyland,  Michael,  May  7, 1776. 
Williams,  John,  March  4, 1777. 
Winegarden,  Henry,  May  7, 1776. 

[This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 


Miller,  Henry,  promoted  major,  March  12, 1777,  to  rank  from  Sep- 
tember 28,  1776. 
Matson,  James,  from  first  lieutenant. 

first  Lieutenants. 
Matson,  James,  promoted  captain. 

Second  Lieutenant. 

Clark,  John,  promoted  aid  to  General  Greene. 


Allen,  William,  May  25, 1776. 

Armor,  Robert,  May  24, 1776. 

Armstrong,  George. 

Bell,  John,  April  28,  1776. 

Beverly,  John. 

Bittinger,  Christian,  June  15, 1776. 

Block,  Richard,  May  23, 1776. 

Brown,  George,  from  flying  camp. 

Burke,  John,  June  6, 1776. 

Campbell,  Thomas. 

Carnahan,  William,  May  23, 1776. 

Clark,  John. 

Conyers,  Robert,  June  5, 1776. 

Cooper,  William. 

Crone,  Thomas,  May  10, 1776. ! 

Dougherty,  George. 

Douther,  John. 

Evans,  Able. 

Fanning,  Thomas. 

Ferguson,  John. 

Goudy,  William,  May  16,  1776. 

Graft,  Patrick. 


Griffith,  John. 

Griffith,  Thomas,  May  18, 1776. 

Halbut,  Joseph. 

Harvey,  Robert,  from  flying  camp. 

Humphries,  John,  May  17, 1776. 

Kennedy,  Richard. 

Kennedy,  Thomas. 

Leiper,  John,  April  15, 1776. 

Lewis,  Abraham. 

Line,  John,  June  6, 1776. 

Liness,  Charles,  May  5, 1776. 

McAllister,  John. 

McCray,  John. 

McCrea,  George. 

McCurt,  John. 

McQuiston,  Joseph. 

Mill,  James. 

Minshall,  Joshua. 

Moore,  Edward. 

Morrison,  James,  April  10, 1776. 

Murphy,  Patrick,  March  13,  1776;  discharged  August  8, 1776. 

Patton,  John,  May  13, 1776. 

Preston,  Patrick,  June  2, 1776. 

Quin,  Michael,  May  29, 1776. 

Quint,  John. 

Sharp,  Andrew. 

Shaven,  John. 

Shibbey,  Joseph,  June  16, 1776. 

Shields,  Matthew. 

Smith,  James,  May  16, 1776. 

Staley,  Jacob. 

Start,  Andrew. 

Stephens,  Alexander,  flfer ;  since  taken  by  his  master. 

Stewlan,  Patrick,  May  12, 1776. 

Stoyle,  Matthew,  June  5, 1776. 

Tanner,  Tobias. 

Taylor,  John. 

Taylor,  William,  June  7, 1776. 

Torrence,  David,  July  12, 1776. 

White,  Edward. 

Winters,  Timothy,  May  15, 1776. 


Return  of  the  number  of  men  enlisted  (in   Captain  Miller's  com- 
pany, first  regiment.  Colonel  Hand}  during  the  ivar. 

Enlisted  of  my  company, 34 

Enlisted  out  of  the  flying  camp,       13 

N.  B. — Five  of  the  above  taken  November  16,  1776,  on  York 

November  £#,  1776.  HENRY  MILLER, 

Captain.  First  Regiment. 

[This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

Craig,  Charles,  wounded  at  Brandy  wine. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Craig,  Samuel,  promoted  captain  October  1, 1776. 


IN"orcross,  Aaron,  promoted  ensign. 
Anderson,  Enoch. 

James,  David. 

Adams,  Peter. 


Adams,  Samuel. 
Anderson,  James,  July  12, 1776. 
Burger,  Jost. 
Carey,  Martin. 
Clifton,  Robert. 
Coburn,  William,  July  18,  1776. 
Concklin,  Richard. 
Cooker,  Nicholas. 
Crook,  William,  July  20, 1776. 
Daley,  William. 
Dean,  Samuel. 
Decker,  Benjamin. 
Dilling,  Amos,  June  3,  1776. 
Duke,  John,  May  5,  1776. 
22— VOL.  X. 


Ferguson,  William. 

Forster,  William,  May  10, 1776. 

Frye,  Conrad,  May  17, 1776. 

Hardy,  Elijah. 

Harvey,  John. 

Hichinan,  George. 

Hichman,  John  Adam,  May  17, 1776. 

Hill,  William,  July  20, 1776. 

Horter,  Peter. 

Johnston,  Robert 

Jones,  Peregrine,  May  10, 1776. 

Kane,  Bartholomew. 

Karich,  William. 

Matthews,  Samuel,  May  8, 1776. 

Mattingly,  Alban. 

Miller,  John. 

Montgomery,  Thomas,  June  17, 1776. 

Moeser,  John. 

Nousted,  Peter. 

Pierce,  Zachariah,  April  11,  1776. 

Price,  Rees. 

Richart,  Thomas. 

Road,  Valentine,  May  16, 1776. 

Roy,  Patrick. 

Scribner,  David,  July  18,  1776. 

Smith,  Nicholas. 

Sonn,  David. 

Speering,  John,  July  12, 1776. 

Wagner,  Adam. 

NEWARK,  November  24,  1776. 

Recruits  who  have  joined, 25 

Recruits  that  have  not  joined, 12 

Lost  at  Fort  Washington, 22 



[This  roll  is  incomplete.] 


Grier,  James,  March  7, 1776 ;  promoted  major  Tenth  Pennsylvania, 
October  23,  1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 
McConnell,  Matthew. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Buchanan,  Thomas. 

Crawford,  Edward. 

-  Sergeants. 

Hay,  David. 
Andrews,  Arthur. 
Crawford,  Alexander. 


Benker,  Michael.* 

Beally,  Thomas,*  deserted  July  4, 1776. 
Beven,  John.* 
Biddle,  David.* 
Black,  James.* 
Boyd,  David.* 
Brandon,  John.* 
Brown,  Black.* 
Campbell,  William.* 
Coneway,  Patrick,  May  9, 1776. 
Davis,  Thomas,  May  13, 1776. 
Dougherty,  James.* 
Eveiiy,  John.* 
Eaton,  Joseph.* 
Finley,  William,  May  10, 1776. 
Fisher,  George.* 
George,  Evan,  May  12, 1776. 
Grady,  Thomas,  June  14, 1776. 
Guy,  Joseph,  May  7, 1776. 
Hogan,  Peter.* 
Henderson,  John. 
Hutchinson,  John.* 

*Enlisted  for  two  years  from  July  1,  1776. 


Hutchinson,  Thomas.* 

Johnston,  Andrew.* 

Justice,  George.* 

Kelley,  Michael.* 

Kettling,  Lewis. 

Kinkaid,  Alexander,  June  9,  1776. 

Kline,  Daniel,  June  6, 1776. 

Likins,  David,* 

Logue,  Patrick.* 

Lowrie,  Nicholas.* 

Lynch,  John.* 

McCosh,  John.* 

McCune,  James,  May  19, 1776. 

Me  El  wee,  James.* 

McGuire,  Redmond,  May  30, 1776. 

McHaffey,  James. 

McKinney,  Henry,  May  27,  1776. 

McMurtire,  John. 

McNally,  fMcEnnally,]  John,  May  10,  1776. 

Magaw,  Patrick.* 

Neel,  James.* 

Owen,  Michael,  May  7,  1776. 

Owens,  Richard,  May  7, 1776. 

Paine,  Robert,  June  1, 1776. 

Prig,  Thomas. 

Reynolds,  Alexander,  June  14, 1776. 

Reynolds,  William,  June  12, 1776. 

Rodgers,  Thomas.* 

Rumphey,  Richard,  July  6, 1776 ;  deserted  July  26, 1776. 

Sawyer,  Nicholas.* 

Saylor,  Michael,  June  7, 1776. 

Scott,  Joseph.* 

Shute,  Jacob.* 

Skinner,  Moses.* 

Sloan,  Allen,  June  3, 1776. 

Stewart,  John,  May  25, 1776. 

Sweeney,  John,  July  16,  1776. 

Sweeney,  James.* 

Sullivan,  Patrick.* 

Todd,  Randle,  June  3, 1776. 

Walker,  William,  May  17,  1776. 

Wallace,  William. 

Weatherby,  Matthew,  May  13, 1776. 

Wilson,  Edward,  June  11, 1776. 

*Enlisted  for  two  years  from  July  1,  1776. 



f  This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

Harris,  David. 

First  Lieutenant. 
Chambers,  Benjamin,  Siv 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Cross,  William. 

Third  Lieutenant. 
Wilson,  Alexander. 


Brannon,  Alexander. 
Gibbons,  Philip,  promoted  ensign  Sixth  Pennsylvania. 

Corpora  I. 
Senevely,  Henry. 


Awbird,  Thomas,  May  10, 1776. 
Berks,  George. 
Brown,  James. 
Coleman,  John. 
Creed,  Eobert,  May  10, 1776. 
Ebright,  Jacob. 
Elgert,  Jacob. 
Felgat,  James. 
Felix,  Michael. 
Flora,  Daniel,  May  10, 1776. 
Flora,  John,  May  12,  1776. 
Fought,  Christopher. 
Gorman,  Daniel. 
Henry,  Michael. 
Hilton,  David,  May  10, 1776. 
Klinger,  Henry,  May  19,  1776. 
Lewis,  John,  June  6, 1776. 
McCealy,  John. 
McFarland,  Samuel. 
McKeen,  Henry. 

Madeira,  Christian,  May  27,  1776. 
Martin,  Christopher,  June  15,  1776. 
Myer,  Christopher. 
Nibber,  Ernst,  June  18, 1776. 


Nipple,  Frederick,  May  20,  1776. 

Parks,  Samuel. 

Pickle,  Adam,  May  29, 1776. 

Reilly,  Thomas. 

Robinson,  James,  May  10, 1776. 

Robinson,  William,  May  20,  1777. 

Ready,  Barney. 

Shanefelt,  John,  May  27, 1776. 

Shanefelt,  Nicholas,  June  6, 1776. 

Strieker,  John. 

Wander,  Christian,  June  12, 1776. 

Willey,  Isaac. 

Windfield,  Jacob. 

Wright,  James,  May  10, 1776. 

[This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

It  appears  from  a  paper  in  the  Hand  Collection,  that  thirty-two 
of  Barr's  company  were  enlisted  out  of  the  old  battalion  for  the 
war,  and  fourteen  from  the  flying  camp.  Four  were  captured  at 
Fort  Washington,  November  16,  1776.  The  strength  of  the  com- 
pany in  August,  1776,  was  reported:  One  captain,  two  lieutenants, 
four  sergeants,  four  corporals,  one  drum  and  fife,  and  fifty-two 
privates ;  all  for  three  years,  except  where  specified  for  the  war. 

Barr,  James,  promoted  major,  August  9, 1778. 

First  Lieutenants. 
Wilson,  James,  promoted  captain,  January  6, 1777. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Wilson,  William,  promoted  first  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776. 

Dougherty,  John,  promoted  third  lieutenant,  September  25, 1776. 


Hammond,  David,  afterwards  promoted  second  lieutenant. 
McCormick,  Alexander. 
McMurray,  William. 
Dougherty  Cornelius. 


»    • 

Allen,  David,  May  26, 1776. 

Bacher,  Michael,  war. 

Bradley  John,  June  13, 1776. 

Callihan,  Daniel,  May  19,  1776. 

Campbell,  Daniel,  August  20, 1776;  war. 

Chapman,  James,  June  24, 1776 ;  deserted  August  10,  1776. 

Condon,  Peter,  war. 

Connor,  James,  August  20,  1776. 

Coons,  Mansfield,  June  18,  1776;  war. 

Currey,  James,  May  15, 1776;  war. 

Davis,  David,  war. 

Deatevoise,  [Dubois,iRichard,  August  22,  1776. 

Delling,  Cornelius,  war 

Donahue,  Patrick,  August  17, 1776;  war. 

Edwards,  William,  war. 

Griffin,  John. 

Griffin,  Patrick,  August  15,  1776. 

Hagerty,  William,  May  12, 1776. 

Hammond,  John,  May  18, 1776. 

Henry,  Philip,  June  27, 1776 ;  war. 

Hinson,  Aquila,  May  26, 1776;  war. 

Hutchinson,  John,  war;  transferred  to  General  Wayne's  command ; 
wounded  at  Long  Island  and  Paoli;  discharged  January,  1781, 
at  Trenton  ;  resided  in  Huntingdon  county,  in  April,  1818. 

Jones,  Lewis. 

Leech,  William. 

Lochry,  Michael,  May  19,  1776. 

Loughrey,  James,  August  9, 1776. 

McCleary,  James. 

McConnell,  Cornelius,  war. 

McConnigal,  Patrick. 

McCormick,  Henry,  May  12,  1776. 

McGaughey,  Hugh,  May  15, 1776. 

Malone,  John,  war;  wounded  at  Brandy  wine. 

Meloy,  Charles. 

Moore,  James,  May  15, 1776 ;  war. 

Moore,  William,  May  20, 1776. 

Morgan,  William,  August  12, 1776;  war. 

Murphy,  John,  war. 

Murray,  Patrick,  June  3, 1776  ;  war. 

Noishen,  John,  June  6,  1776. 

Norton  George,  October  15, 1776. 

Oliver,  John,  war. 

Paine,  Thomas,  July  6, 1776;  deserted  August  13, 1776. 


Peltson,  Thomas,  war;  killed  by  Joseph  Blackburn,  in  January, 
1777.  Blackburn  was  tried  by  court  martial,  and  acquitted  in. 

Peters,  Philip,  war. 

Rankin,  John,  war. 

Ray,  John,  war. 

Ryan,  William,  May  18, 1776. 

Saltman.  George. 

Scott,  Samuel,  May  18,  1776;  war. 

Scott,  William,  May  15, 1776 ;  war. 

Sprigg,  James,  May  20, 1776. 

Speedy,  James,  war. 

Stewart,  Thomas,  August  21,  1776. 

Sullivan,  Maurice. 

Thompson,  Alexander,  May  19,  1776;  war. 

Toner,  John,  June  13, 1776. 

Warren,  George,  October  4, 1776. 

Washburn,  Jonathan,  July  28, 1776. 

Wilson,  Matthew,  May  15, 1776. 

Wilson,  Samuel,  August '22, 1776. 

Wilson,  George,  wounded  January  2, 1777. 

Whiteneck,  Joseph,  war. 

Youse,  John,  war. 


"  List  of  men  that  enlisted  for  seven  months.  Those  who  have 
no  remarks  made  against  them,  I  suppose  to  have  continued  their 
time, as  they  are  chiefly  from  the  muster  of  1780."— Joseph  Howell, 
Jr.,  assistant  commissary  of  accounts  (Pay  Office,  Philadelphia,  May 
17, 1785,)  to  John  Nichelson,  Esq. 

[First  page  of  this  document  missing.] 
Capt.  Simpson's  Company,  (continued.} 
Dockins,  John,  deserted  June  8. 
Riley,  John,  deserted  August  26. 

Copt.  McClellan's  Company. 
Brooks,  Charles, 
Carmichael,  Thomas. 
Ceipher,  Christian. 
Dreimond,  Charles. 
Fink,  Adam. 
Hastings,  Alexander. 


Homer,  George,  deserted  August  1, 1776. 

Lane,  Robert,  died  June  28. 

Lonberger,  Christian. 

Morrison,  James. 

Moyer,  Daniel. 

Noel,  Jacob. 

Nowland,  Michael. 

Say  pole,  Joseph. 

Slaterbog,  John. 

Capt.  William  Wilson's  Company, 
Gallagher,  Patrick,  discharged. 
Glen,  Patrick,  discharged. 
Graham,  George,  killed  July  21, 1780. 
Grunbach,  George,  discharged. 
Kinkead,  John,  discharged. 
Kysinger,  Philip,  deserted  August  4. 
Styers,  John,  discharged. 

Capt.  Jacob  Ziegler's  Company. 
Burke,  Edward. 
Davis,  David. 
Gardner,  Joseph. 
Goodman,  Richard. 
Grove,  Samuel. 
Hickey,  William. 
McKinney,  Robert. 
Morgan ,  James. 
Morgan,  Jacob. 
Murphy,  Philip. 
Po-lk,  David. 
Keece,  David. 
Silver,  Amos. 

Major  James  Moore's  Company. 
Baker,  George. 
Cisna,  Stephen. 
Clarke,  Samuel. 
Jeffers,  John. 
Michler.  Thomas. 
Vandergriff,  Jacob. 

Lieutenant  Colonel's  Company. 
Armor,  Robert,  killed  July  21, 1780. 
Caldwell,  James. 
Graham,  John. 
McPoigle,  Dennis. 
Murray,  Francis,  killed  July  21. 
Thompson,  John,  reenlisted. 



[Those  marked  (e)  are  taken  from  a  list  in  the  Secretary's  office,  of 
soldiers  whose  depreciated  pay  escheated  to  the  State.] 

Sergeant . 
Armstrong,  John. 

Ambrose,  Patrick. 

Adams,  Peter,  Craig's  company  i  ill  in  Philadelphia,  in  December, 


Aikens,  Robert. 
Albert,  Jacob,  died  in  Washington  county,  Maryland,  May  4, 1830, 

aged  seventy-three. 
Albertson,  George. 
Albright,  John. 
Alexander,  James. 

Allen,  John,  wounded  at  Yorktown ;  discharged  January  22, 1782. 
Allen,  Samuel. 
Allison,  James. 
Allison,  John. 

Anderson,  James,  resided  in  Bedford  county,  1822. 
Andrew,  John,  resided  in  Jefferson  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged  sev- 
Arbogast,  Ludwig,  (e,)  October  13, 1776 ;  wounded  at  Block-House ; 

discharged  March  23,  1783;  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1835. 
Armor,  Robert,  killed  in  action,  July  21, 1780. 
Arnold,  John. 


Barney,  Nicholas,  January  1, 1777— January,  1781. 
Bradley,  Robert,  June  1,  1778— January,  1781. 
Burns,  William,  McClelan's  company. 

Bauer,  John. 
Bierly,  Frederick. 

Biggies,  John  Adam. 


Bryan,  Jacob,  May  1, 1777— January,  1781. 



Bailey,  George. 

Baker,  Christian. 

Barge,  Balzer. 

Baruhart,  Daniel,  (e,)  May,  1777 ;  discharged  15th  August,  1783;  re- 
sided in  Heidelberg  township,  Berks  county,  in  1813. 

Barnet,  Joseph. 

Barns,  Richard. 

Bateham,  Jacob. 

Bateraan,  Levi. 

Bates,  Charles. 

Bauer,  John  Jacob?  Captain  James  Wilson's  company ;  wounded  in 
left  hand  by  bayonet,  and  sabre  wound  in  head;  resided  in 
York  county,  1824. 

Baxter,  James,  March  4,  1778. 

Bayley,  John,  June  15,  1777 — January,  1781. 

Baylor.  George,  living  at  Marietta,  in  1837,  aged  eighty-seven. 

Beamer,  George. 

Bearsticker,  Andrew. 

Beasley,  William. 

Beatty,  John,  died  August  30,  1829,  aged  seventy-four,  in  York 

Beatty,  Thomas,  from  Thompson's  rifles,  Chambers'  company;  dis- 
charged July,  1778;  resided  in  Deny  township,  Westmoreland 
county,  1814. 

Beck  Daniel,  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1818. 

Beggs,  Thomas. 

Bellow,  John,  January  1,  1777— January,  1781;  paid  at  Carlisle, 
April,  1781 . 

Bentley,  Henry,  from  Third  and  Twelfth  regiments;  resided  in 
Chester  county  in  1813. 

Bentley,  John. 

Berger,  Yost,  from  Thompson's  rifles;  drafted  into  Morgan's  rifle 
corps;  served  at  taking  of  Btirgoyne;  discharged  January,  1781, 
at  Trenton;  resided  in  Macungie  township,  Lehigh  county? 

Berry,  Bartholomew. 

Berry,  Edward. 

Berry,  James,  resided  in  Russell  county,  Virginia,  1820. 

Bery,  Edward. 

Bignall,  Thomas. 

Beltinger,  Christian,  January  1, 1777 — January,  1781. 

Black,  James,  January  1,  1777 — January,  1781. 

Blackburn,  Samuel,  resided  in  Washington  county,  1785;  died  in 

Nicholas  county  Kentucky,  in  1834,  aged  seventy-nine. 
Blackwood,  John. 


Blake,  Edward. 

Blake,  Michael,  from  Seventh  regiment. 

Blakeney,  John. 

Blanchard,  Joseph,  September  1,  1778,  to  January,  1781;  resided 
in  Saratoga  county,  New  York,  1818,  aged  sixty-seven. 

Bleak,  Michael. 

Bloomershine,  Martin,  April  15, 1780. 

Bough,  John. 

Boughter,  Martin. 

Bower,  John,  Captain  J.  Wilson's  company,  September,  1777 — 1781. 

Bower,  William,  enlisted  at  Fishkill,  New  York ;  served  five  years; 
resided,  in  1826,  in  Washington  county,  Maryland. 

Boyd,  Abraham,  April  1,  1778— January,  1781. 

Boyd,  Thomas,  February  28, 1777— January,  1781. 

Boyd,  William. 

Boyle,  James,  died  in  Philadelphia,  June  28, 1825,  aged  seventy-one. 

Boyles,  Charles,  January  1, 1777— January,  1781. 

Bradley,  James,  resided  in  Otsego  county,  New  York,  1822,  aged 

Brady,  Michael. 

Branahan,  George. 

Brant,  Zachariah. 

Brayle,  Philip. 

Brinks,  Benjamin. 

Broadwood,  James. 

Brookhouse,  Rudolph. 

Brooks,  James. 

Brooks,  William. 

Brown,  Archibald,  January  1, 1777 — January,  1781. 

Brown,  James,  died  in  1785. 

Brown,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777 — January,  1781. 

Brown,  Samuel. 

Burd,  Andrew,  from  Eleventh  Peun'a,  1781—1783 ;  resided  in  Cum- 
berland county,  in  1835. 

Burney,  Nicholas. 

Burnett,  George. 

Burke,  Edmund. 

Burnham,  John. 

Burns,  Alexander,  August  15,1778,  to  January,  1781;  resided  in 
Washington  county,  1819. 

Burns,  John,  resided  in  Nicholas  county,  Kentucky,  1834,  aged 

Burns,  Lawrence. 

Burns,  Levi. 

Burns,  Thomas. 

Burns,  Michael. 


Barridge,  John. 
Bushwald,  Jacob. 
Butler,  Edward. 

Butler,  Patrick,  died  April  3, 1819,  in  Dauphin  county. 
Butler,  William,  resided  in  Crawford  county,  1835,  aged  ninety- 


Crawford,  Alexander,  January  1,  1777 — January,  1781. 
Carson,  Benjamin,  Captain  Ziegler's  company,  wounded  in  the 
neck  at  Piscataway,  New  Jersey,  and  at  Brandywine  in  the 
right  thigh ;  discharged  January,  1781 ;  resided  in  Clearfield 
co.unty  in  1813. 
Cline,  Peter. 


Campbell,  Joseph,  January  1, 1777— January,  1781. 
Cavanagh,  John,  wounded  in  left  shoulder  at  Brandywine ;  resided 
in  York  county  in  1835,  aged  eighty-three. 


Campbell,  Robert,  April  15,  1778 — January,  1781,  in  Captain  Wil- 
liam Wilson's  company ;  resided  in  Lycoming  county  in  1820. 

Campbell,  William. 


Cables,  Jacob. 

Caldwell,  Thomas. 

Calahan,  Daniel,  January  1, 1777 — January,  1781,  in  Captain  Wil- 
liam Wilson's  company,  resided  in  Lycoming  county,  1820, 
aged  ninety-four. 

Calahan,  John. 

Callen,  Edward. 

Campbell,  Daniel,  January  1, 1777 — January,  1781. 

Campbell,  James. 

Campbell,  Jeremiah. 

Campbell,  John  ;  resided  in  Franklin  county,  1824. 

Campbell,  Mathew,  December  15,  1778,  to  January,  1781. 

Campbell,  Eobert,  resided  in  Washington  county,  1835,  aged  ninety- 

Can,  Matthew. 

Cannon,  Sterling. 

Capps,  William. 

Carnahan,  William. 

Carney,  Barnabas. 

Carr,  John. 

Carr,  William. 


Carroll,  James,  (e,)  in  Captain  Grier's  company  before  September. 

1777  ;  in  Captain  John  Hughes'  to  1781. 
Carson,  Samuel,  resided  in  Licking  county,  Ohio,  1820. 
Cary,  Aiken. 

Casey,  Roger,  August  15, 1778,  to  January,  1781. 
Castor,  Philip,  January  1,  1777,  to  January,  1781. 
Cavenaugh,  Edward,  from  Thompson's  Rifles,  served  two  years, 

and  discharged  for  disability ;  resided  in  York  county  in  1808. 
Cavenaugh,  Patrick,  died  in  Washington  county  April  25, 1829, 

aged  eighty-three. 
Chambers,  William. 
Chrisler,  Elias. 
Clark,  John,  drafted  in  1777,  under  Captain  Parr,  into  Morgan's 

rifle  regiment ;  wounded  at  Saratoga  ;  discharged,  1783 ;  resided 

near  Martinsburg,  Pennsylvania,  1816. 
Clendenning,  Adam. 
Clifton,  Benjamin. 
Clifton,  William. 

Clinton,  Matthew.    See  Third  Peiin'a. 
Clouse,  Jacob. 
Cochran,  George. 
Cod,  Philip. 
Coffee,  John. 

Coker,  Nicholas,  killed  in  action. 
Coldwater,  Philip. 
Coleman,  John,  died  in  Fail-field  county,  Ohio,  June  13, 1829,  aged 


Colgon,  Barnabas. 
Colkendale,  George. 
Collier,  Richard. 
Collins,  John. 
Collins,  Thomas. 
Colter,  James. 
Coneway,  James. 

Condiner,  John,  January  1,  1777,  to  January,  1781. 
Condon,  Peter,  Parr's  company,  January  1,  1777,  to  January,  1781. 
Connelly,  Patrick,  resided  in  Warren  county,  Ohio,  in  1834,  aged 


Connel,  Terrence. 
Conner,  Charles. 
Conner,  John. 
Cook,  Peter. 
Cook,  Philip. 
Cooley,  James. 
Cooney,  John. 


Cooper,  Charles,  January,  1777 ;  discharged,  1783 ;  resided  in  New- 
ton township,  Delaware  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-four. 

Coyle,  Alexander,  November  5, 1778. 

Craig,  James,  resided  in  Monroe  county,  Ohio,  1833. 

Craig,  Matthias. 

Crawford,  Samuel. 

Crone,  Henry. 

Cross,  Patrick. 

Crotty,  Andrew. 

Crout,  Matthias. 

Crow,  Christian,  resided  in  Sandusky  county,  Ohio,  in  1834,  aged 

Crowley,  Lawrence,  from  Chester  county,  died  in  service  in  1779. 

Crowly,  Miles,  from  Fifth  Pennsylvania,  died  in  Chester  county, 
June  6, 1823. 

Cull,  Hugh. 

Cummings,  Edward. 

Cunningham,  David. 

Cunningham,  Matthew. 

Cupps,  Peter. 

Curley,  Barnabas. 

Curry,  James,  (e,)  enlisted  May  17, 1777  Discharged  July  12, 1780  ;  in 
Parr's  company  in  1777  ;  in  McClelan's,  1780. 

Curry,  Samuel. 

Curry,  William. 

Curtz,  Michael,  died  in  Mercer  county,  Ohio,  October  10, 1818,  aged 


Dal  ton,  George. 

Denmark,  John,  Sr.,  January  1, 1777. 

Donlin,  William,  disabled  at  Stony  Point,  July  16, 1779:  killed  by 
the  Indians,  in  1789,  leaving  a  widow  residing  in  Westmore- 
land county. 

Douglass,  William,  Sr.,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 


Dacker,  Benjamin,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 
Davison,  Eobert. 

Dicks,  George,  April  15,  1778 — January,  1781. 

Denmark,  John,  Jr.,  April  13, 1778 — January,  1781. 

Dailey,  Joseph. 


Dailey,  William,  Craig's  company,  December  16,1776:  very  ill  in 

Dal  ton,  Richard. 
Darlington,  John,  January  1,  1777 — January  18, 1781 ;  resided  in 

Chester  county,  1833,  aged  seventy-six. 
Davidson,  David. 
Davidson,  Edward. 
Davidson,  James. 

Davis,  David,  January  1, 1777— January  18, 1781. 
Davis,  Peter. 
Davis,  Thomas,  June  9, 1777 — January  18, 1781  ;  resided  in  Greene 

county,  1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 
Dawson,  William,  resided  in  Bourbon  county,  Kentucky,  in  1834, 

aged  ninety-six. 
Day,  John. 
Dean,  William. 
Decker,  Benjamin,  died  December  7, 1827,  in  Luzerne  county,  aged 

Dehart,  Abraham,  resided  in  Monroe  county,  Virginia,  in  1834, 

aged  seventy-nine. 
Delany,  Martin,  died  in  Greeubrier  county,  Virginia,  July  10, 1827, 

aged  sixty-six. 
Delany,  Murdoch. 
Delete,  Nicholas. 
Dempsey,  Charles. 
Dempsey,  Sampson,  resided  in  Botetourt  county,  Virginia,  1834, 

aged  eighty-six. 
Dempsey,  Timothy. 
Denringer,  William. 
Dersh,  Thomas,  Lancaster  county,  one  year  and  nine  months,  1775 

and  1776. 
Derumple,  Robert. 
Desprit,  Henry. 
Devinney,  John,  from  Fourth  battalion  ;  served  until  end  of  the 

war  ;  died  in  York  county  February  15,  1825,  aged  sixty-nine. 
Dewitt,  James. 
Diete,  William. 
Digby,  Simon. 
Dillman,  William. 
Dixon,  George. 
Dodson,  Thomas,  died  in  Shenandoah  county,  Virginia,  April  10, 

1825,  aged  seventy-seven. 

Dombaugh,  John,  died  January  24, 1819,  in  Columbia  county. 
Donnell,  John,  resided  in  Campbell  county,  Virginia,  1834,  aged 

Donahoo,  Timothy. 


Donovan  John,  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1835. 

Donovan,  Timothy,  January  1,  1777 — January  18, 1781. 

Doran,  James. 

Dorsey,  Matthew, 

Dothor,  John,  September  1, 1776  ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards ;  re- 
enlisted  November  28, 1781,  and  remained  in  chief's  guards. 

Dougherty,   Daniel,   resided  in    Butler  county,   1812. 

Dougherty,  James,  Sr.,  November  28, 1781 ;  in  chief 's  guards  ;  re- 

Dougherty,  James,  Jr.,  enlisted  at  Downingtown  in  1776;  lost  an 
eye  at  Brandywine;  furloughed  by  Col.  Harmar,  at  Charleston, 

.       in  1783 ;  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  in  1813. 

Dougherty,  Mat'thew,  January  1, 1777— January  18, 1781. 

Doughty,  William. 

Douse,  John, 

Downing,  Jeremiah 

Dowther,  John. 

Doyle,  John. 

Doyle,  Morris. 

Doyle,  Samuel. 

Drew,  Thomas,  Holliday's  company. 

Drummond,  Charles. 

Dubois,  John. 

Dugan,  Charles. 

Dull,  William,  enlisted  1779,  Fishbdurne's  company;  discharged 

Dunahoo,  Patrick,  Parr's  company. 

Dunn,  John, 

Dutton,  Richard. 

Dwier,  Cornelius,  discharged  at  Fish  Kill  hospital,  New  York, 
May  10, 1779. 


Ehrenfight,  Jacob,  resided  in  Warren  county,  Ohio,  in  1834,  aged 


Earle;  John,  April  21, 1777— January  18,  1781. 
Early,  Michael,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 
Eaton,  Henry. 

Eberhart,  Philip,  January  1, 1777 — November,  1783. 
Ebersole,  Peter. 
Ebriglit,  John. 

Egle,  Valentine,  died  at  Harrisburg  in  November,  1820. 
Elliot,  James,  in  Sullivan's  campaign. 
Elliot,  Robert. 

English,  James,  from  Third  Penn 'a,  discharged  August  13,1783; 
resided  in  Lycoming  county,  1835,  aged  ninety-nine. 
23— VOL.  X. 


English,  Michael. 

English,  William,  April  16, 1778— January  18, 1781. 

Ennis,  Francis. 

Enos,  Francis,  May  19, 1777— January  18, 1781. 

Evans,  James. 

Ewig,  Christian,  Captain  James  Wilson's  company;  resided  in 
Mercer  county  in  1820. 


Tannery,  Thomas,  July  1, 1777— January  18, 1781. 

Fruiney,  James. 

Ferguson,  John,  (e,)  in  Matson's  company  before  June,  1777 ;  after- 
wards in  Lieutenant  Colonel  Kobiuson's. 

Faust,  Michael,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 


Falkner,  Uriah. 

Farrall,  Patrick. 

Faw,  Matthias. 

Feagan,  James,  January  14, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 

Feagan,  William. 

Federa,  Jacob. 

Felix,  Peter,  died  September  25, 1825,  in  Berks  county,  aged  seven- 

Felty,  Henry. 

Fennell,  Patrick. 

Fenton,  John,  died  in  Hunterdon  county,  New  Jersey,  1834. 

Ferroll,  Michael. 

Filgate,  James,  January  1, 1777— January  18, 1781. 

Filsin,  George,  Captain  William  Wilson's  company  ;  shot  through 
the  left  leg  at  Trenton,  January  2,  1777;  transferred  from  gen- 
eral hospital  at  Bethlehem  to  Litiz,20th  December,  1777;  from 
Litiz  to  Yellow  Spring  hospital ;  latter  hospital  broken  up  in 
1781 ;  resided  in  Chester  county  in  1785. 

Finch,  James. 

Finch,  Joseph. 

Fink,  Adam. 

Finley,  Robert. 

Finnegan,  Christopher,  June  30, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 

Finney,  Roger. 

Fitzpatrick,  William,  February  15, 1777— January  18, 1781. 

Fleming,  Hugh. 

Fletcher,  Thomas. 

Flower,  Benjamin,  killed  in  action. 

Floyd,  Frederick. 

Formoile,  James,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 


Fortener,  Uriah. 

Fossett,  Robert. 

Foutz,  Michael. 

Fowler,  James. 

Fowler,  John. 

Fowler.  Patrick. 

Fox,  Samuel. 

Fox,  AVilliam. 

Francis,  Richard,  January  1, 1777---January,  18, 1781. 

Franklin,  Samuel. 

Frazier,  James. 

Freech,  Christian. 

Frederick,  Jacob. 

Frederick.  Michael,  (e,)  in  Ci'aig's  company  before  June,  1777;  after- 
wards in  Simpson's,  to  1781. 

Frey,  Conrad,  Capt.  S.  Craig's  company ;  discharged  at  Valley 
Forge,  June,  1778 ;  resided  in  Northampton  county  in  May, 

Griffey,  John,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 


Golver,  John,  January  1, 1777— January  18, 1781. 
Grimes,  James,  resided  in  Oakland  'county,  Michigan,  1833,  aged 


Goss,  George,  formerly  of  Second  and  Third  regiments;  resided  in 
Clearneld  county,  1835,  aged  sixty-nine. 


Gable,  Jacob. 

Gable,  Peter,  died  ante  1792. 

Gabriel,  Peter,  July  13, 1776. 

Galbraith,  Josiah. 

Gamble,  Michael,  January  1,  1777 — January  18,  1781. 

Garret,  Abraham. 

Garret,  Robert. 

Garrigues,  John,  (e)  McClelan's  company,  to  1781. 

Garvey,  John. 

Go  wen,  Henry. 

Gass,  Henry. 

Geese,  Nicholas. 

Gehan,  Peter. 

Geiger,  Nicholas. 

Gibbon,  James,  January  1, 1777 — January  18,  1781. 

Gilby,  Thomas. 


Golding,  William. 

Gordon,  William. 

Gorman,  Laurence. 

.Gorman,  John,  Captain  James  Wilson's  company,  1778. 

Gorman,  Samuel. 

Go  wen,  Francis. 

Graham,  George,  killed  July  21, 1780,  at  Block-House. 

Gray,  John. 

Gray,  William,  resided  in  Montgomery  county,  Kentucky,  1833, 
aged  seventy-nine. 

Green,  James. 

Green,  John,  sergeant  in  sappers  and  miners ;  reenlisted  December 
26, 1781. 

Greenfield,  William. 

Greer,  Hugh. 

Greer,  John. 

Gregg,  Kobert. 

Griffey,  William. 

Griffith.  Abraham,  served  seven  years. 

Griffith,  John,  died  in  Delaware  county,  August  19, 1821,  aged  sev- 

Griffith,  William,  resided  in  Bedford  county,  1833,  aged  seventy- 

Grimes,  John,  served  three  years,  four  months;  deserted  January, 
1781  ;  resided  in  Mifflin  county,  1832. 

Grund,  Nicholas. 

Guest,  Albin. 


Hambard,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777— January  18, 1781. 
Hambright,  Abraham. 

Hefferman,  Thomas,  from  Fifth  Penn'a,  discharged  in  November, 
1783 ;  he  was  a  school-master,  residing  in  Eockingham,  Virginia, 
in  1814. 
Humphrey,  Daniel,  January  1,  1777 — January  18,  1781. 


Hardy,  Elijah ,  Nichol's  company,  January  1 , 1777 — January  18, 1 781 . 
Harman,  William. 

Drummer.    . 
Henley  or  Hemley,  Samuel,  (e),  Capt.  Simpson's  to  1781. 

Holliday,  William,  May  15,  1777— January  18, 1781. 


Hagan,  Peter,  (e)  in  Capt.  Buchanan's  company  before  June,  1777, 
afterwards  Hughes ;  transferred  to  sappers  and  miners  in  1780. 
Haggerty,  Archibald,  sick  in  Philadelphia,  December,  1776. 
Hagey,  Henry. 


Haite,  Christopher. 

Haley,  Michael. 

Hamilton,  Cumberland. 

Hamilton,  Henry. 

Hamilton,  Thomas,  Sr. 

Hamilton,  Thomas,  Jr.,  resided  in  Dauphin  county,  1820,  aged  sixty- 

Hanley,  Hugh,  September  1,  1778 — January  18, 1881. 

Hanlon,  Marmaduke. 

Handy,  John,  see  History  of  Chemung  County,  New  York,  page  74. 

Hardesty,  Obediah,  died  in  Belmont  county,  Ohio,  July  29, 1830. 

Harding,  John. 

Hardy,  Abraham. 

Hardy,  Elijah,  Craig's  company. 

Harmar,  Samuel, 

Harrington ,  Jacob. 

Harris,  Robert. 

Harris,  Simpson,  of  Lancaster,  now  Dauphin,  died  at  Pennsylvania 
Hospital  near  Ashley  Hill,  South  Carolina,  November  12, 1782. 

Harper  Henry. 

Harpole,  Henry. 

Hart,  George,  died  February  28, 1833,  in  Tioga  county,  aged  seventy- 

Hart,  Martin,  died  October  7, 1825,  aged  sixty-eight,  in  Columbia 

Harvey,  George, 

Harvey,  John. 

Harvey  Thomas. 

Hazleton,  Isaac, 

Heagey,  Henry. 

Heaney,  Henry. 

Heckman,  George,  from  Thompson's  rifle  battalion  ;  enlisted  1775, 
Capt.  Charles  Craig's  company ;  discharged  in  1778,  at  Valley 
Forge ;  resided  in  Northampton  county  in  1819. 

Heflinger,  George. 

Heimer,  David. 

Henderson,  Alexander. 

Henderson,  Henry. 

Henderson,  Hugh,  March  4, 1778 — January  18, 1781. 

Henley,  Charles. 

Henley,  Henry. 

Henley,  John. 

Henry,  Hugh, 

Hening,  Patrick. 

Henry,  Philip,  wounded  in  the  thigh  in  1777,  and  transferred  to  the 
Invalid  corps. 


Kerch,  Jacob. 

Heron,  Patrick. 

Hickey,  Michael. 

Hicks,  Gershom. 

Higgins,  James. 

Hight,  Christopher,  from  Ninth  Penn'a,  1781. 

Hill,  Adam,  resided  in  Mercer  county,  1816. 

Hill,  Jacob,  February  1, 1776 ;  discharged  August  21, 1783. 

Hill,  William. 

Himmelright,  John. 

Hinman,  David,  from  Thompson's  rifles  ;  killed  in  battle. 

Hitchings,  John. 

Hoffman.  Christian,  (e,)  in  Simpson's  company  before  August,  1778, 
to  1781  ;  resided  in  Berks  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Hogan,  Sylvester,  Bowen's  company. 

Hoker,  Nicholas. 

Holt,  Evan,  resided  in  Knox  county,  Ohio,  in  1834. 

Hopkins,  John,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 

Hornick,  Abraham. 

Horner,  George,  (e,)  sergeant  in  Parr's  company,  then  private  in 
McClelan's  to  1781. 

Housman,  George. 

Howell,  Thomas, 

Huber,  Felix,  (e,)  in  Hamilton's  company  before  August,  1773, 
afterwards  in  Capt.  Samuel  Craig's  to  April  1, 1780. 

Huber  George,  resided  in  Lebanon  county,  1820,  aged  sixty-eight. 

Huff,  Benjamin,  afterwards  in  Third  New  Jersey;  died  in  War- 
ren county,  Pa.,  1828. 

Huffman,  Cornelius. 

Huffner,  Matthias. 

Hughes,  Matthew,  April  1, 1778 — January  18,  1781. 

Humphries,  Daniel. 

Humphries,  Joseph. 

Humphries,  Robert. 

Hunter,  William. 

Hutchison,  John,  wounded  in  service ;  discharged  November  3, 1783. 

Hutton,  John,  January  15,  1778:  resided  in  Cumberland  county, 


Irvine,  Charles,  January  1,  1777 — January  18, 1781. 

Irvine,  William,  (e,)  in  Major  James  Moore's  company  before  April, 


Jones,  James,  (e,)  in  Captain  Hamilton's  company  before  Decem- 
ber, 1777  ;  afterwards  in  Captain  Ziegler's  to  1781. 



Jackson,  Isaac. 

Jackson,  Joseph. 

Jamison,  Francis,  from  Thompson's  rifles  ;  discharged  in  1778;  re- 
sided in  Westmoreland  county  in  1818. 

Jamison,  Richard. 

Jeffries,  John,  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1787. 

Jeffries,  Jonathan. 

Jigney,  John. 

Johnston,  Cato. 

Johnston,  Daniel,  (e,)  in  Captain  James  Wilson's  company  before 
May  1,  1777. 

Johnston,   James,  resided  in  Frederick  county;  Virginia,   1834, 
aged  seventy-four. 

Johnston,    John,  resided   in  Westmoreland   county,  1833,   aged 

Johnston,  Joseph,  January  1,  1777 — January  18, 1781 ;  wounded  in 
the  service. 

Johnston,  William,  resided  in  Adams  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

Jones,  Hugh. 

Jones,  John. 

Jones,  Joseph. 

Jones,  Josiah. 

Jones,  Philip,  invalid  August  2,  1779. 

Jones,  Robert,  senior,  June  15, 1777 — January  18,  1781. 

Jones,  Thomas. 

Judges,  John,  killed  at  Wyoming,  in  Major  Moore's  party,  in  1783. 

Judges,  William. 

Justice,  Jacob,  resided  in  Beaver  county,  1820,  aged  seventy-one. 


Kelly,  John,  January  1,  1777 — January  18, 1781. 


Kinkaid,  Andrew,  March  15,  1778 — January  18, 1781. 


Kinkaid,  Joseph,  (e,)   in  Capt.   William   Wilson's   company  be- 
fore August,  1778;  Captain  McClelan's  afterwards. 

Kain,  John. 
Kain,  MichaeL 
Kearhart,  William. 
Kearn,  Luke,  Captain  Craig'"  company;  taken  August  27,1776; 

enlisted  with  the  British  ;  deserted  to  our  lines,  November  23, 

Keary,  Arthur. 


Keaton,  John. 

Keaton,  Thomas. 

Keeland,  John,  senior. 

Keeland,  John,  junior. 

Keeland ,  Thomas. 

Keenan,  Lawrence. 

Keenon,  John. 

Keenon,  Roger. 

Keith,  Andrew,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 178]. 

Keller,  Conrad. 

Kellons,  Edward. 

Kelly,  Alexander. 

Kelly,  Edward,  January  2, 1779 — January  18, 1781. 

Kelly,  Hugh,  Captain  James  Wilson's  company. 

Kelly,  James,  killed  in  action. 

Kelly,  John. 

Kelly,  Killian. 

Kelly,  Patrick. 

Kelly,  Thomas,  wounded  in  the  head  by  shell  August  27, 1776 ;  ree'n- 

listed  August  29,  1781 ;  resided  in  Philadelphia  in  1788. 
Kelly,  Timothy. 

Kelly,  William,  died  in  Lancaster  county  June  8, 1824,  aged  sixty- 

Kelso,  John. 
Kemplin,  William,  January  1, 1777 — January,  18, 1781 ;  resided  in 

Franklin  county,  Virginia,  in  1834,  aged  eighty-one. 
Kempsey,  Patrick. 
Kenley,  Samuel. 
Kennaghan,  Richard. 
Kennedy,  Denis. 
Kennedy,  Richard. 

Kennedy,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 
Kernichon,  William,  wounded  in  the  face;  transferred  to  chief's 

guards  ;  reenlisted  December  1, 1781 ;  resided  in  Bucks  county, 

1835,  aged  eighty-five. 
Kerr,  John,  January  12, 1777— January  18, 1781 ;  died  June  14, 1826, 

in  Allegheny  county,  aged  ninety-four. 
Kerr,  William,  May  1,  1777— January  18, 1781. 
Keys,  William. 
King,  Christian. 

King,  Francis,  died  in  Berks  county  July  3, 1825,  aged  eighty-five. 
King,  Peter,  enlisted   1777;  died  at  Quaker  Hill  hospital,  ]Sew 

Jersey,  1778. 
Kinney,  Michael. 

Kirk,  James,  resided  in  Bucks  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-one. 
Kitty,  John. 


Kline,  Samuel,  January  1, 1777— January  18, 1781 ;  resided  in  Berks 
county,  1834,  aged  seventy-four. 

Knight,  John,  invalid  August  2,  1779. 

Kurtz,  Michael. 

Kuyger,  Jacob,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 


Lamb,  James,  (e)  June  10, 1777,  Goer's  company ;  afterwards  in  Capt. 
Hughes'  company. 

Lochery,  Michael,  January  1, 1777 — August  1, 1780 ;  reenlisted  Sep- 
tember 20,  1780. 

Lyles,  Samuel. 

Lee,  Joseph,  killed  in  action. 


Leonard,  Samuel,  Capt.  Simpson's  company ;  enlisted  in  1776,  dis- 
charged 1781 ;  resided  in  Greenwood  township,  Mifflin  county, 


Letford,  Robert,  wounded  in  the  right  arm  at  Monmouth ;  dis- 
charged November  4, 1783. 


Lackey,  Philip. 

Ladley,  William. 

Lafferty,  Edward. 

Lamb,  Joseph. 

Landesmith,  George. 

Larner,  Edward. 

Lavering,  Wychael. 

Lavridge,  William. 

Law,  Albert. 

Leaman,  Michael. 

Leamy,  James,  December  8, 1778 — January  18, 1781. 

Lee,  James. 

Lagasure,  John. 

Leonard, John. 

Leonard,  Patrick,  born  in  Ireland,  1740;  came  over  with  General 
Amherst;  joined  First  rifles,  Captain  Craig's  company,  (and 
served  in  Procter's  artillery,)  at  Bunker  Hill,  Long  Island, 
White  Plains,  Trenton,  Princeton,  Branclywine,  Geruiantown, 
Stony  Point.  Served  in  Captain  Ziegler's  company,  at  Block- 
House,  where  he  carried  off  Lieut.  David  Hammond,  who  was 
badly  wounded.  Discharged  at  Pittsburgh,  1783.  Served  un- 
der Harmar,  St.  Clair,  and  Wayne,  1791-1796 ;  resided  at  Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio,  in  1817. 

Leonard,  Richard. 

Leonard,  Roger. 


Lester,  Jesse. 

Lillycrop,  John. 

Linn,  John,  killed  in  action. 

Linn,  William,  January  1, 1777— January,  1781. 

Lisk,  Peter. 

Lloyd,  Charles. 

Long,  Matthew. 

Long,  Michael. 

Loudon,  Philip. 

Lowman,  Philip. 

Lucas,  Francis. 

Lynch,  John,  January  1, 1777— January,  1781. 

Lyons,  Edward,  died  May,  1799. 

Lyons,  Moses. 

Sergean  t-Major. 
McCartney,  John,  January  1, 1777— January,  18, 1781. 


McCartney,  Henry,  September  15, 1778— January,  1781. 
McCartney,  Jaines,  (e)  in  Captain  James  Wilson's  company. 
Maloney,  John,  clerk,  January  1,  1777-1781 ;  wounded  in  the  thigh, 

at  Long  Island;  knee  dislocated  at  Brandy  wine;  resided  in 

Lancaster  county,  1808. 
McDonald  John. 
McMurray,  William,  wounded  at  Paoli ;  resided  in  Centre  county 


McKinley,  John. 
Mellen,  Atchison,  clerk  for  Capt.  Simpson's  company;  wounded 

at  Paoli,  Sand  Hill,  and  Monmouth ;  taken  in  the  privateer  Lu- 

zerne,  and  carried  to  Bermuda ;  resided  in  Lycoming  county  in 



McGuire,  Barney,  August  15, 1778 — January,  1781. 
Madden,  Edward. 
McDonald,  Alexander,  killed  at  Green  Spring,  Virginia,  July  6, 

McMurtrie,  John,  July  1, 1776;  promoted  ensign,  October  1,  1779. 


McDonald,  Archibald,  resided  in  Ohio  county,  Virginia,  in  1834. 
McGehegan,  George,  January  1, 1777 — January,  1781. 

Murphy,  William. 

McAllister,  John. 


McBride,  Peter,  resided  in  Somerset  county,  1812. 

McCann,  Daniel. 

McCarroll,  John. 

McCartney,  Felix. 

McCarter,  David,  January  1, 1777— January,  1781. 

McCarty,  John. 

McCaslin,  Patrick. 

McClane,  Archibald. 

McClane,  James,  March  15, 1777— January,  1781. 

McClane,  Thomas. 

McCleckan,  Samuel. 

McClester,  John. 

McClellan,  David,  died  in  Warren  county,  Mississippi,  March  4, 
1824,  aged  sixty-eight. 

McCloskey,  John. 

McCloskey,  Neil. 

McCloskey,  William. 

McCloud,  John. 

McClurghan,  Samuel,  Capt.  Wilson's  company ;  drafted  into  Ma- 
jor Parr's  detachment  of  riflemen ;  wounded  at  Stillwater, 
1777,  in  the  groin  ;  died  May  31, 1825,  in  Westmoreland  county. 

McConnell,  Charles,  from  Seventh  Penn'a ;  resided  in  Philadelphia, 

McConnell.  Cornelius,  Parr's  company. 

McConnell,  William,  October  18, 1778— January,  1781. 

McCord,  Isaiah,  January  1, 1777 — 1783. 

McCord,  Thomas. 

McCormick,  John. 

McCormick,  Hugh,  died  in  Scott  county,  Kentucky,  May  22, 1822. 

McCormick,  Patrick. 

McCormick,  William,  taken  at  Paoli. 

McCortley,  Michael. 

McCoy,  Michael. 

McCoy,  Kory. 

McCoy,  William. 

McCreedy,  James,  Jauuary  1, 1777 — January  18, 1781. 

McCrossan,  Patrick. 

McCullum,  John. 

McCune,  James. 

McCurdy,  James. 

McCurdy,  Robert,  died  in  Wayne  county,  Ohio,  December  12, 1824, 
aged  sixty-nine. 

McCurdy,  William. 

McCullough,  John. 

McDonald,  Francis,  from  Seventh  Penn'a. 

McDonald,  John. 


McDonald,  Malcolm. 

McDonald,  Michael. 

McDonald,  Robert,  died  in  Hunterdon  county,  New  Jersey,  June 
23, 1823,  aged  eighty. 

McDonald,  William. 

McDonnagh,  James. 

McDowell,  Andrew,  from  Thompson's  rifles  ;  marched  to  Canada, 
assisted  in  rescuing  Col.  Biddle  from  the  British  ;  reen listed 
1781 ;  discharged  at  Philadelphia,  in  November,  1783  ;  resided 
in  Greene  county,  1814. 

McElhone,  Isaac. 

McElvey,  James. 

McEnnally,  Matthew. 

McFatridge,  Daniel,  died  in  Philadelphia,  June  5, 1821,  aged  sixty- 

McGakey,  Andrew. 

McGaw.  Patrick. 

McGee,  Robert. 

McGinnis,  Daniel,  died  in  Loudoun  county,  Virginia,  January  13, 

McGinnis,  Robert. 

McGinness,  Owen,  Smith's  company. 

McGlaughlin,  Felix. 

McGlaughlin,  Samuel. 

McGowan,  John,  Capt.  J.  Hughes'  company ;  deserted  April,  1780, 

McGraw,  John. 

McGuire,  John. 

McHaffy,  James. 

McHose,  Isaac. 

Mcllvaine,  James. 

Mcllvaine,  Thomas. 

Mcllwee,  James. 

Mclntire,  John. 

McKeen,  Edward,  Harris'  company. 

McKelvey,  Thomas. 

McKenley,  Samuel. 

McKendrick,  Archibald. 

McKenzie,  James,  died  in  Newcastle  county,  Delaware,  1793. 

McKimmins,  John. 

McKinley,  Alexander. 

McKinley,  Peter. 

McKinney,  James. 

McKinney,  John,  resided  in  Hunterdon  county,  New  Jersey,  1820 
aged  seventy-three. 

McKnight,  Dennis,  Capt.  Dunn's  company ;  died  June  3, 1819,  in 
Somerset  county. 


McLean,  Jacob. 

McMahon,  John,  January  1,  1777 — January,  1781. 

McManus,  John. 

McMullan,  Daniel,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

McMullan,  Michael. 

McMullen,  John. 

McNair,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McNorton,  Michael,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

McOnally,  Michael. 

McPherson,  James  F. 

McPike,  Richard. 

McSwine,  George,  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1835,  aged  eighty. 

Mackey.  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Madden,  Michael. 

Madden,  Thomas. 

Madeira,  Christian,  died  in  Monongalia  county,  Virginia,  March 
15, 1822,  aged  sixty-five. 

Magee,  James. 

Magrath,  Thomas,  Doyle's  company. 

Mahoney,  James,  died  in  Montgomery  county,  August  14, 1823, 
aged  eighty-seven. 

Mahoney,  Arthur. 

Maloney,  William. 

Marshall,  David. 

Marshall,  John. 

Marshall,  Thomas. 

Martin,  Claudius. 

Martin,  Edward. 

Martin,  William,  died  in  Mifflin  county,  April  4, 1820,  aged  seventy. 

Matthews  James. 

Matthews,  John. 

Matthews,  Samuel,  (e,)  in  Capt.  Samuel  Craig's  company  before 
June  1,  1777. 

Mattingly,  Alban,  Craig's  company. 

Maubly,  William. 

Maud.  William. 

Maxim,  William. 

Maxwell,  Henry. 

Mayer,  Christian. 

Means,  Thomas. 

Meawls,  Thomas. 

Mellon,  John. 

Meltz,  Elias,  in  Capt.  Hamilton's  company  before  June,  1777,  after- 
wards in  Capt.  Ziegler's. 

Mentges,  Christian. 

Melvin,  James. 


Menzell,  John,  Capt.  James  Wilson's  company  ^  1778. 

Metz,  John,  died  in  Schuylkill  county,  June  14, 1821,  aged  seventy- 

Michael,  Philip. 

Miles,  Edward. 

Miller,  Conrad. 

Miller,  Henry,  resided  in  Franklin  county,  Ohio,  1833,  aged  seventy- 

Miller,  John,  resided  in  Fleming  county,  Kentucky,  1832,  aged  six- 

Miller,  William,  resided  in  Fleming  county,  Kentucky,  1832,  aged 

Millham,  Joseph. 

Milligan,  James. 

Milligan,  Hugh,  died  in  Hardy  county,  Virginia,  January  2,  1825, 
aged  ninety. 

Mitchell,  William. 

Montgomery,  James. 

Montgomery,  John,  resided  in  Franklin  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged 

Moody,  William. 

Moon,  James. 

Morney,  Henry. 

Moore,  Anthony,  Simpson's  company. 

Moore,  Edward,  January,  1777 — 1781. 

Moore,  James,  enlisted  in  1777,  Capt.  William  Wilson's  company  : 
wounded  at  Green  Spring,  Virginia:  discharged  November, 
1783;  resided  in  Washington  township,  Fayette  county,  in 
1813 ;  died  February  4, 1820. 

Moore,  Jesse. 

Moore,  John. 

Moore,  Thomas. 

Moore,  William. 

Moriarty,  Dennis,  April  9, 1778;  transferred  to  chief's  guards. 

Moreland,  Hugh. 

Moreland,  Moses. 

Morgan,  George,  resided  in  Guernsey  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged 

Morgan,  John. 

Morris,  William,  May  19, 1777 — January,  1781 ;  resided  in  Dauphin 
county  1813. 

Morrison,  James. 

Morrow,  Thomas. 

Morton,  Reuben,  1780. 

Mosier,  John,  (e,)  in  Capt.  Samuel  Craig's  company  before  June, 
1777  ;  afterwards  in  Capt.  Simpson's. 


Munday,  Thomas. 

Mulholland,  Hugh. 

Mullen,  John. 

Mullen,  Patrick. 

Mullen,  William,  resided  in  Montgomery  county,  1835,  aged  eighty- 

Mulvany,  Patrick. 

Murphy,  Archibald. 

Murphy,  Dennis. 

Murphy,  James. 

Murphy,  Peter. 

Murphy,  Philip. 

Murphy,  Timothy. 

Murray,  Daniel. 

Murray,  Francis,  Matson's  company,  1777. 

Murray,  Jeremiah. 

Murray,  John. 

Murray,  Patrick. 

Murray,  Thomas. 

Murray,  William,  wounded  on  piquet  on  Long  Island ;  wounded 
in  the  ankle  at  Green  Spring,  Virginia;  discharged  Novem- 
ber 4, 1783  ;  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1786. 

Musician,  Anthony. 

Myers,  Peter,  resided  in  Holmes  county,  Ohio,  1833,  aged  seventy- 

Nace,  George. 

Nagle,  Philip,  resided  in  Berks  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-one. 

Nail,  Nicholas,  wounded  at  Brandywine,  and  lost  his  fingers. 

Nau,  George. 

Needham,  Francis. 

Neill,  James. 

Nelson,  Edward. 

Nesbit,  Robert.  . 

Netherhouse,  Daniel. 

Newan,  Nehemiah. 

Newcomer,  Christian,  (e,)  Capt.  Hamilton's  company  before  Au- 
gust, 1777,  afterwards  in  Capt.  Ziegler's  company. 

Nicholson,  George. 

Nicholson,  William,  resided  in  St.  Francis ,  Missouri,  1833,  aged  sev- 

Nick,  Henry. 

Noe,  John,  died  in  Richmond  county,  New  York,  February  2, 1829, 
aged  seventy-five. 

Norton,  Joseph,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Norton,  Henry. 

Norton,  Patrick. 


O 'Bryan,  Daniel. 

O 'Bryan,  Dennis,  invalid  in  1777. 

O 'Bryan,  Martin. 

O 'Bryan,  William. 

Ogleby,  George. 

Okerman,  Jacob,  October  15,  1778— January,  1781. 

Oldwine,  Bernard,  died  in  Washington  county,  Maryland,  May  7, 
1823,  aged  sixty-five. 

O'Neal,  Edward,  January  1,1777;  wounded  at  Green  Spring,  Vir- 
ginia; died  March  20,  1789,  in  Cumberland  county,  Pa. 

O'Neal,  James,  January  1,  1777 — January,  1781. 

O'Neal,  John,  resided  in  Ohio  county,  Virginia,  in  1834,  aged  eighty- 

O'Neal,  Richard. 

Organ,  Matthew,  from  Ninth  Penn'a,  1781 ;  resided  in  Tuscarawas 
county,  Ohio,  in  1824. 

Preston,  Patrick,  January  1,  1777 — January,  1781. 


Pillmore,  William. 

Page,  James, 

Painton,  Aaron. 

Parker,  George. 

Parker,  John. 

Parker,  Joseph. 

Parker,  Michael,  killed  by  Indians  in  Sullivan's  expedition,  Septem- 
tember  13,  1779. 

Parker,  Thomas. 

Parsons,  John. 

Patrick,  George. 

Partridge,  John,  resided  in  Beaver  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-three. 

Patterson.  Murdock.  f 

Patten,  John,  (e,)  July  27,  1777;  wounded  at  Kingsbridge;  trans- 
ferred to  chief's  guards ;  reenlisted  November  29, 1781,  and  re- 
mained in  chief's  guards. 

Peacock,  Thomas. 

Peak,  James,  February,  1777  ;  discharged,  1783. 

Perry,  Samuel. 

Peters,  Arnold. 

Peters,  Elias. 

Peters,  Philip. 

Phelan,  Peter. 

Philgot,  James, 

Philips,  William. 

Phreamer,  William. 


Pickle,  Adam. 

Polston,  Robert. 

Porter  James,  resided  in  Smith  county,  Tennessee,  1831,  aged  eighty- 

Postle,  Henry. 

Pouge,  Andrew. 

Powell,  Thomas. 

Power,  John,  (e.) 

Powers,  Robert. 

Prawl,  David. 

Pugli,  Thomas,  (e,}  Major  James  Moore's  company. 

Quigley,  James. 

Quin,  Francis. 

Quinn,  Michael,  from  Cumberland  county,  Capt.  Henry  Miller's 
company  ;  captured  August  27, 1776 ;  enlisted  in  Col.  Roger's 
rangers ;  deserted  to  our  lines  November  23, 1776. 

Quinn,  Patrick,  January  1,  1777 — January  18, 1781. 


Reed,  James,  served  until  1780  ;  wounded  and  captured  at  Paramus, 
and  sent  to  England ;  resided  in  Lancaster  county,  1806. 

Iloark,  Andrew. 

Ross,  John,  resided  in  Morris  county,  New  Jersey,  1828. 


Ray,  John,  January  1, 1777 — January,  1781. 
Ryan,  John,  of  Philadelphia,  Capt.  Simpson's  company;  wounded 

at  Miles'  Square ;  1777-1781 ;  resided  in  Lycoming  county,  in 



Rack,  John. 

Ralston,  Andrew,  died  August  1, 1819,  in  Westmoreland  county. 

Rampson,  Philip. 

Read,  Alexander. 

Read,  Samuel. 

Reddick,  Adam. 

Redman,  Michael. 

Redman,  John. 

Reed,  William,  from  Ninth  Pennsylvania;  discharged  1783. 

Rees,  David,  (e}  drafted  into  artillery  artificers ;  in  Capt.  Hamil- 
ton's company  before  July,  1777,  afterwards  in  Captain  Zieg- 

Reeves,  Enos. 

Reigles,  William. 

Reiley,  Bernard. 
24— VOL.  X. 


Keiley,  Christopher,  died  in  Fayette  county,  Kentucky,  January 
13,  1829,  aged  seventy-four. 

Reiley,  Job. 

Reily,  John,  resided  in  Orange  county,  Indiana,  1834,  aged  seventy- 

Rey,  Adam. 

Reynolds,  John. 

Reynolds,  Martin. 

Reynolds,  Joseph. 

Richards,  William. 

Richardson,  James. 

Ricroft,  George. 

Rignall  Thomas. 

Riley,  Christian. 

Roberts,  George. 

Roberts,  Jacob. 

Roberts,  Patrick. 

Roberts,  William. 

Robinson,  Alexander. 

Robinson,  Henry. 

Robinson,  James. 

Robinson,  John,  of  Capt.  Simpson's  company,  resided  in  Mifflin 
county,  1815. 

Robinson,  William,  (e]  Harris'  company,  afterwards  in  Capt.  Wil- 
liam Wilson's  company,  1781. 

Rock,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777,  to  January,  1781. 

Rodgers,  Andrew. 

Rogers,  Alexander. 

Ross,  Jacob. 

Ross,  John,  resided  in  Clark  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged  ninety-one. 

Roswell,  Jacob. 

Rouse,  Jacob. 

Rowan,  John. 

Rowland,  James. 

Royal  Thomas. 

Rudy,  Barney,  Harris' company,  January  1,1777— January,  1781. 

Rudy,  Patrick. 

Ruggles,  William. 

Rupert,  Adam.    \ 

Rush,  James. 

Rush,  Thomas. 

Rusk,  James,  July  1, 1777— January,  1781. 

Ryland,  John. 

Ryon,  Patrick. 



Sands,  Andrew,  (e)  June  7, 1777,  Capt.  Holliday's  company;  dis- 
charged August  13, 1783  ;  engaged  in  all  the  battles  from  Bran- 
dy wine  to  Yorktown  ;  resided  in  Dublin  township,  Huntingdon 
county,  in  1818,  aged  sixty-six. 

Shover,  Jacob. 

Sweeney,  James,  January  1, 1777 — January,  1781. 

Stevens,  John,  in  Holliday's  company  before  April,  1777 ;  in  Major 
Moore's  company,  1780. 


Simonton,  Alexander,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  wounded  at  Brandy- 
wine  ;  died  in  Mercer  county,  July  3,  1821. 

Smick,  Reynold. 

Solomon,  John,  April  15, 1778-1781. 

Spade,  John. 


Sailor,  Peter. 

Sands,  Thomas, 

Savage,  Richard. 

Schlaugh,  Benjamin,  wounded  and  lost  a  leg  at  Princeton  ;  resided 
in  Northampton  county,  1788. 

Scotland,  Thomas. 

Scott,  William,  died  in  Venango  county,  July  19, 1824,  aged  seventy- 

Scribner,  David,  (e,)  in  Capt.  Samuel  Craig's  company  before  June, 
1777  ;  deserted  April,  1780,  from  Capt.  Simpson's  company. 

Sedgwick,  Joshua. 

Sexton,  Michael,  Matson's  company,  1777. 

Shanefelt,  Nicholas,  (e,)  1776,  Capt.  D.  Harris's  company  before 
May  1, 1777;  wounded  afterwards  in  Capt.  "William  Wilson's 
company,  and  captured  in  attack  on  Block-House,  July  20, 
1780 ;  died  in  Haines  township,  Centre  county,  August  30, 
1825,  aged  sixty-six. 

Shaak,  Thomas. 

Shaw,  John. 

Shaw,  Michael. 

Sheaffer,  Andrew. 

Shear,  George. 

Shehan,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Shehan,  Daniel. 

Shelcut,  Ephriam,  died  in  Allegheny  county,  in  1817. 

Sheltcothe,  Jackson. 

Sherridan,  Henry. 


Shilcut,  Ezekiel. 

Shockey,  Christian,  died  April  18,  1829,  in  Somerset  county. 

Shott,  Richard,  resided  in  Augusta  county,  Virginia,  in  1820. 

Short,  Richard. 

Short,  William. 

Siggerson,  James. 

Silas,  Samuel. 

Silver,  Amos. 

Simmons,  John. 

Simmons,  James,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Simms,  Stephen. 

Simpson,  —  — ,  (e,)  1776;  discharged  1783. 

Sing,  Abraham. 

Sinn,  George, 

Skelton,  John, 

Skelton,  Jonathan. 

Sloane,  Lawrence. 

Smeltzer  John. 

Smith,  Charles,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Smith,  Conrad,  died  in  Franklin  county,  1833,  aged  eighty-one. 

Smith,  Francis. 

Smith,  Jacob. 

Smith,  James,  shot  through  the  head  at  Germantown,  and  wounded 

in  the  knee  with  a  bayonet ;  living  in  Philadelphia  in  1788,  a 

Pennsylvania  pensioner. 
Smith,  John,  resided  in  Woodford  county,  Kentucky,  1833,  aged 

Smith,  Leonard. 
Smith,  Nicholas,  Craig's  company,  sick  at  Philadelphia  December, 


Smith,  Thomas,  died  March  5, 1826,  in  Mercer  county. 
Smith,  William,  died  in  York  county,  July  4, 1821,  aged  seventy- 

Sneevly,  Henry,  Harris'  company. 
Snyder,  Frederick. 
Sohn,  David,  Miller's  company,  Thompson's  rifles,  1775;  served 

three  years,  nine  months ;  died,  at  White  Hall,  Lehigh  county, 

October  5, 1826,  aged  seventy-two. 
Sommerville,  John,  died  in  Garrard  county,  Kentucky,  May  4, 

1831,  aged  seventy-seven. 
Spalding,  John. 
Sparrow,  John,  in  Capt.  Buchanan's  company  before  April,  1777, 

afterwards  in  Lieut.  Col.  Robinson's. 
Sparrow,  William,  (e,)  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  in  Moore's  company, 

October,  1778. 
Spavior,  John,  (e) 


Spence,  David. 

Squires,  Robert,  October  15,  1778—1781. 

Stanford,  Robert,  February  15,  1777—1781. 

Steel,  Francis,  (e,)  in  Holliday's  company  before  June,  1777,  after- 
wards in  Major  James  Moore's. 

Stein,  Edward,  resided  in  Montgomery  county,  Kentucky,  1834, 
aged  sixty-eight. 

Steward,  Hugh,  from  Ninth  Penn'a;  January,  1781 — 1783. 

Stevens,  John,  (e,)  promoted  sergeant. 

Steward,  John. 

Stewart,  Philip  W. 

Stewart,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Stigifuse,  John. 

Stone,  John,  resided  in  Northampton  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

Stonykin,  Jacob. 

Stover,  Nicholas. 

Stowers,  John. 

Strieker,  John,  in  Capt.  William  Wilson's  company  before  May  1, 
1777,  and  to  1781. 

Strieker,  Jacob. 

Strole,  Jacob. 

Strunk,  John,  resided  in  Pike  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-three. 

Stubbs,  Robert. 

Sullivan,  Murty. 

Sullivan,  Patrick,  rifle  regiment,  1776,  for  two  years ;  wounded  in  leg 
at  Germantown ;  discharged,  1778 ;  reenlisted  in  Second  Penn'a ; 
resided  in  Millstone,  New  Jersey. 

Summers,  Matthew. 

Sunckel,  Jacob,  six  years  six  months ;  discharged,  1783. 

Sutherland,  John. 

Swartzwood,  Moses,  resided  in  Northampton  county,  1835,  aged 

Sweeney,  Hugh,  died  in  Cumberland  county,  December  13,  1823. 
aged  eighty-six. 

Syles,  Samuel. 


Tanner,  Jacob. 


Taggert,  Dennis. 

Teal,  Jeremiah. 

Teal,  Leonard. 

Ternay,  Matthew,  May  1, 1778-1781 ;  died  in  Steuben  county,  New 

York,  August  30, 1829,  aged  seventy-nine. 
Thomas,  William. 


Thomas,  Peter. 

Thompson,  Alexander,  January  1.  1777 — 1781. 

Thompson,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 17*1. 

Thompson,  Hugh. 

Thomson,  John. 

Todd,  John. 

Toops,  Leonard,  resided  in  Huntingdon  county,  1833. 

Tom,  John. 

Traverse,  Andrew. 

Treebell,  John. 

Tripner,  George. 

Trueby,  Adam. 

Upton,  Michael. 


Unkey,  John. 

Ultz,  George. 

Vandercrimel,  John. 

Vankirk,  John. 

Varden,  Thomas. 

Vaughan,  Thomas,  Capt.  Hughes'  company;  resided,  in  1818,  in  Al- 
legheny county. 

Vernon,  John. 

Vernor,  John,  enlisted,  1777,  Capt.  Doyle's  company  ;  discharged, 
1783;  resided  in  Luzerne  county,  1821,  aged  sixty-four. 

Vernor,  Philip,  resided  in  Fayette  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-one. 

Victorious,  Frederick,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 


Ward,  John,  Sr.,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Welsh,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Whitlow,  Benjamin. 

Fife  Major. 
Williams,  John. 

Ward,  George,  (e,)  of  Capt.  James  Wilson's  company,  to  1781. 

Wagoner,  Garet. 
Walcot,  Samuel. 

Walker,  William,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Walker,  Samuel. 
Wallace,  Ralph,  killed  in  action. 

Waltz,  Michael,  resided  in  Dauphin  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-one. 
Wann,  Michael. 
Ward,  John,  junior,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 


Ward,  Thomas,  killed  in  action. 

Warner,  Ludwick. 

Warner,  Michael,  resided  in  York  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-five. 

Warner,  Martin. 

Warner,  William. 

Warren,  Edward,  wounded  in  the  hand  at  White  Plains,  New 
York  ;  resided  in  Bedford  county,  1787. 

Washburn,  Jonathan. 

Watson,  John,  wounded  in  the  service ;  resided  in  Chester  county, 

Watts,  Michael. 

Weaver,  Albright  H.,  January  1,1777 — 1781 ;  wounded  at  Brunswick 
in  right  hand  ;  Pennsylvania  pensioner,  in  Philadelphia,  1808. 

Weaver,  John  D. 

Webb,  William. 

Weirick,  Valentine,  Capt.  Simpson's  company. 

Welsh,  James. 

Welsh,  John. 

Welsh,  Michael. 

Whitecreek,  Joseph. 

Whiteman,  Wollery,  enlisted  in  1776;  served  to  nearly  the  end  of 
the  war,  when  he  took  sick,  and  was  furloughed ;  resided  in 
Germantown,  1819,  aged  ninety ;  lived  in  Philadelphia  in  1835, 
aged  one  hundred  and  five  ;  he  had  served  in  Braddock's  cam- 
paign. 1755. 

Whitman,  George,  from  rifle  regiment ;  reenlisted,  1776 ;  discharged  ' 
July,  1781 ;  resided  in  Berks  county  in  1813. 

Whitman,  John. 

Widdows,  Abraham. 

Wilcocks,  Peter. 

Wilcort,  John,  (e,)  Capt.  McClelan's  company,  to  1781. 

Wildrick,  Peter. 

Wilhelm,  Balzer,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Wiley,  Edward. 

Willett,  Francis. 

Willett,  Thomas. 

Williams,  Arthur. 

Williams,  Enoch. 

Williams,  Isaac.  Jr. 

Williams,  James,  died  in  Coshocton  county,  Ohio,  November  9, 
1824,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Williams,  Hichard. 

Williams,  Thomas,  died  in  Berks  county,  1792. 

Williams,  William. 

Williamson,  John. 

Willis,  Isaac,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 


Willis,  Samuel. 

Wilrick,  Jacob. 

Wilselman,  George,  Capt.  James  Wilson's  company. 

Wilshans,  William. 

Wilson,  James,  wounded  in  service  ;  resided  in  Lancaster  county, 

Wilson,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Winfield,  Jacob,  Harris'  company. 

Winghard,  Adam. 

Winn,  John. 

Winstaff,  Matthew. 

Winters,  Timothy,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Wolcernance,  George. 

Woods,  John,  died  September  2, 1819,  in  Allegheny  county. 

Woods,  Samuel,  resided  in  Bath  county,  Virginia,  1834,  aged  sixty- 

Worley,  George. 

Worlin,  John. 

Wosselman,  George,  January  1,  1777-1781. 

Wright,  George,  in  Capt.  Patterson's  company  before  May,  1777; 
Captain  McClellan's  company,  1781. 

Yengst,  Peter,  resided  in  Armstrong  county  after  the  war. 

Yostc  John. 

Yost,  Martin. 

Young,  Christian,  widow  Mary,  pensioner  in  Lebanon  county,  1823. 

Young,  George,  died  in  Rockbridge  county,  Virginia,  December  1, 
1829,  aged  seventy-five. 

Youse,  Michael,  from  Lowdon's  company, Thompson's  rifles;  1776 — 
1783  ;  resided  in  Maxatawny  township,  Berks  county,  1817. 

[For  the  following  rolls  of  Capt.  Andrew  Irvine's  company,  the  edi- 
tors are  indebted  to  Dr.  W.  A.  Irvine,  of  Irvine,  Warren  county,  Penn- 

BATTALION,  April,  May,  and  June,   1782. 

Irvine,  Andrew,  on  command. 

Milligan,  James. 

Denny,  Ebenezer,  sick  present. 



Nicholson,  John,  war  ;  on  command. 
Winn,  John,  war. 
Roberts,  Will"1,  war. 
Cochran,  George,  war. 
McClane  James,  war. 

Patrick,  George,  war. 

Wann,  John,  war. 

Walker,  Samuel,  war. 


Allen,  John,  war;  three  months  since  last  mustered,  Frankford  to 

Baseter,  James,  war ;  sick. 
Berry,  James,  war;  deserted  June  11,  1782. 
Bhonolias,  Tho%  war;  on  command. 
Blake,  Michael,  war. 
Brown  Cornelius,  eighteen  months. 
Burk,  Francis,  war. 
Barrage,  John,  war. 
Caldwell,  Tho%  war ;  sick  present. 
Cain,  Thomas,  war. 
Camp,  Gasper,  eighteen  months. 
Carty,  Francis,  war  ;  Frankford  to  Pennsylvania. 
Cockinoal,  George,  war; 
Coy,  Will"'  N.,  war. 
Cram,  John,  war. 
Cunningham,  Mathw,  war. 
Davidson,  James,  war. 
Dinnison,  Tho5,  war ;  deserted  June  11, 1782. 
Donnald,  Martin,  war;  deserted  June  6, 1782. 
Eliot,  Rob1,  war. 
Finley,  John,  war. 
Gregg,  Rob1,  war. 

Hazlehurst,  John,  eighteen  months. 
Hederick,  Jacob,  eighteen  months. 
Higorins,  James,  war 
Himley,  Henry,  eighteen  months. 
Jones,  Isaiah,  eighteen  months. 
Jones,  Willm,  eighteen  months. 
Justice,  Jacob,  war. 


Kelly,  Will"1,  war. 

Kinley,  Peter,  war. 

Kinley,  Sam1  M.,  war. 

Lee,  James,  war. 

Loyd,  Peter,  war. 

Mackey,  John,  eighteen  months. 

Matthews,  John,  war. 

McClain,  Jacob,  eighteen  months. 

McDonald,  Patk,  war. 

Moore,  Tho%  war. 

Moorland,  Hugh,  war. 

Murry,  Patk,  war. 

Nicholson,  Will"1,  war;  wagoner. 

Parry,  Sam1,  war ;  three  months  since  last  mustered ;  Frankford  to 


Pinkerton,  Andrew,  war ;  wagoner. 
Rayner,  Philip,  eighteen  months. 
Eeed,  Albert,  war. 
Ryan,  James,  eighteen  months. 
Ryan,  Patk,  war  ;  on  command. 
Sheriff,  Conard,  eighteen  months. 
Smith,  Christian,  eighteen  months. 
Smith,  Jacob,  war. 
Smith,  Matth",  war. 
Todd,  John,  war;  G.  Hospital. 
Trible,  John,  war ;  sick,  present. 
Waggoner,  Garet,  war.    * 

Walker,  James,  eighteen  months ;  Frankford  to  Pennsylvania. 
Wann,  Michael,  war. 
Ward,  John,  war. 
Wills,  Edward,  war. 
Woods,  Sam1,  war. 
Wright,  John,  war. 

Inspector  of  the  Southern  Army. 
12th  day  of  July,  1782, 


PENNSYLVANIA  REGIMENT,  from  January,  to  the  isf 
March,  1783. 

Irvine,  Andw. 


Reeves,  Enos. 

Milligan,  James,  transferred  to  Capt.  Fishbourne's  company. 


Bignell,  Tho%  war. 

Blake,  Edward,  war. 

Clark,  John,  war. 

Dal  ton,  George,  war ;  safe  guard,  Mrs.  Fuller's. 

Neill,  James,  war. 

Cochran,  George,  war. 

Upton,  Michael,  war. 


Cavanaugh,  John,  war. 
Butler,  Patt,  war. 

Gilbreath,  Josiah,  war;  sick,  present. 
McUay,  Roorey,  war. 
Patrick,  George,  war. 
Reed,  Will111,  war. 
Summerwell,  John,  war;  sick,  present. 

Jeffreys,  John,  war. 

Heany,  Henry,  war. 


Allen,  John,  war. 
Baxter,  John,  war;  sick,  present. 
Beatty,  John,  war. 
Benson,  John,  war. 
Bird,  Andw,  war. 
Blake,  Mich1,  war, 

Branagan,  George,  war;  ash  fever,  in  camp. 
Burns,  Alex.,  war, 
Bushwald.  Jacob,  war. 


Cad  well,  Thos,  war ;  sick,  present. 

Callachan,  Daniel,  war. 

Cookendale,  George,  war  ;  died  17th  January,  1783. 

Cuningham,  Math"",  war. 

Elliot,  Robert,  war;  died  2oth  January,  1783. 

Fox,  Will"1,  war  ;  sick,  present. 

Gregg,  Robert,  war. 

Higgins,  James,  war. 

Hopkins,  John,  war ;  waiter  with  inspector. 

Jones,  Robert,  war. 

Justice,  Jacob,  war. 

Kelley,  Will™,  war. 

Keton,  Tho%  war. 

Lee,  James,  war. 

Lowman,  Philip,  war. 

Loyd,  Peter,  war. 

Lyons,  Moses,  war. 

Mathews,  John,  war. 

McBride,  Peter,  war. 

McCay,  Willm,  war. 

McCuen,  James,  war. 

McDonald,  Mich1,  war. 

McIIose,  Isaac,  war. 

McKinley,  John,  war. 

McKinley,  Peter,  war. 

McKinley,  Sam1,  war. 

Morland,  Hugh,  war ;  sick,  gen1  hospital. 

Moore,  Thos.,  war. 

Murry,  John,  war. 

Murry  Patt,  war. 

Nicholson,  Will1",  war  ;  waggoner,  gen1  hospital. 

O'Brian;  Daniel,  war. 

Perry,  Samuel,  war. 

Quire,  John,  war. 

Reed,  Alex.,  war ;  sick,  present. 

Reynolds,  Martin,  war  ;  ash  fever,  camp. 

Riley,  Christ,  war. 

Ryan,  Patt,  war. 

Smith,  Jacob,  ash  fever,  camp. 

Smith,  Mathew,  war. 

Steigifuse,  John,  war. 

Thompson,  John,  war  ;  sick,  present. 

Todd,  John,  war  ;  died,  14th  January,  1783. 

Trible,  John,  war. 

Varden,  Tho%  war;  safe  guard,  Mrs.  Reeves. 

Waggoner,  Garret,  war;  on  guard  Chs  Town. 


Walcot,  Clement,  war. 
Wills,  Conrod,  war. 
Wills,  Edward,  war. 
Winghart,  Adam,  war. 
Woods,  Sam1,  war. 
Inspection,  12th  day  of  March,  1783. 

Colonel,  Inspector  of  the  Southern  Army. 
This  12th  day  of  March,  1783. 

ANDREW  IRVINE,  Captain. 

List  of  Eighteen  Months'  men  settled  with  as  per  John  Nicholson's 

Ample,  John,  artillery. 
Byles,  Casper. 
Bombeck,  John  Henry. 
Bryan,  William. 
Clarke,  Samuel. 
Cowick,  Daniel. 
Earlbough,  John. 
Gordon,  Peter. 
Gay,  Thomas. 
Graham,  Patrick. 
Greggory,  William. 
Kemler,  William. 
McGinnis,  John. 
Pelerey,  Anthony. 
Reeger,  Jacob. 
Thompson,  George. 
Trapewell,  William. 
Whey,  Samuel. 



Return  of  men  enlisted  for  eighteen  months  in  the  Pennsylvania 
line,  who  marched  in  Col.  Craig 's  detachment. 

[See  Col.  Craig's  letter,  Pennsylvania  Archives,  O.S.,  vol.  IX,  page  SOS, 
for  an  account  of  their  march  to  Charleston,  South  Carolina.] 

Those  marked  (*),  indicate  such  as-have  been  settled  with,  as  per  Mr 
Nicholson's  remarks  on  the  original. 

Company  entered,  Transferred  to. 

in  1/81.  In  1782. 

Adair,  William,*    ....  Claypoole, 2.  Patterson. 

Anderson,  John,*  ....  Stotesbury, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Anderson,  James,*    .   .   .  Patterson, 1.  Smith. 

Ashton,  James,*     ....  Patterson, 2.  Bicker. 

August,  Archibald,  .    .    .  Lusk, 2.  Finney. 

August,  John, Lusk, 

deserted  December  31, 1781. 
August,  Nicholas,  .       .   .  Lusk, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 
Bader,  Henry, Bowers, 

deserted  December  11, 1781. 

Baker,  William,*    .    .   .      Patterson, 2.  Bicker. 

Barber,  John, Patterson, 2, 

deserted  April  4, 1782. 

Barker,  William,*  ....  Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Bartle,  George,*     ....  Campbell, 1.  Campbell. 

Bartle,  Matthias,    ....  Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Baughan,  Peter,     ....  Patterson, 2.  Patterson. 

Beaver,  Benjamin,*  .   .   .  Jackson, 1.  Steele. 

Bell,  Andrew,* Campbell, 1, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Bettinger, Christian,*   .   .  Marshall 1-  Marshall. 

Biggs,  Eichard,*     .   .   .   .Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Billman,  Dewalt,*      .   .   .  Lusk, 2.  Bowers. 

Blainhart,  John,     ....  Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Blythe,  Jacob,  corporal,  .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Bonjay,  B.  Amore,     .   .   .  Lusk, 2.  Henderson. 

Bourke,  John, Stotesbury, 1.  Ziegler, 

deserted  November  12, 1781. 
Boyer,  Peter,*     Lusk, 2.  Henderson. 


Company  entered,  Transferred  to, 

in  1781.  In  178'J. 

Brown,  Cornelius,  ....  Patterson, 2.  Irvine. 

Buckheart,  Philip,     .   .   .  Bowers, 2, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Bucklizer,  Philip,*     .   .   .  Bowers,     2.  Henderson. 

Burke,  Edward,  ....     Lusk, 2.  Bowers 

deserted  October  8, 1781. 

Burns,  James,*  corporal,   Jackson, 2.  Ziegler. 

Bush,  John,*  corporal,     .  Lusk, 2. 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Camp,  Casper,* Bowers, 2.  Irvine. 

Campbell,  Adam,*     .   .    .  Lusk, 2.  Bowers. 

Campbell,  John,*    .   .   .    .  Stotesbury, 1.  McCully. 

Carney,  Dennis, Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Castle,  Andrew,*    ....  Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Castleton,  John,  .....  Stotesbury, 

deserted  October  4, 1781. 
Chambers,  John,*  .   .   .    .  Claypoole,  .   .   .   .   .   .2. 

Christ,  Balzer, Patterson, 2. 

December  5, 1781. 
Christ,  Cornelius,  ....  Marshall, 1.  McCully, 

deserted  in  1782. 

Clark,  George,*  corporal,  Claypoole,. 2.  Stotesbury. 

Clark,  Kobert,* Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

Chattam,  AVilliam,*  .   .   .  Campbell, 1.  Steele. 

Collins,  John, Marshall, 

deserted  December  1, 1781. 

Collins,  Joseph, Patterson, 1.  McCully. 

Connor,  John,* Patterson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Connor,  John, Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

Connelly,  George,  ....  Stotesbury, 

deserted  October  12, 1781. 
Cook,  John, Claypoole, 

deserted  December  3,  1781. 
Cow,  Paul, Jackson, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Cragin,  Robert, Campbell, 1.  Davis. 

Croner,  John,* Patterson, 2.  Henderson. 

Croner,  Henry, Bowers, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Crotty,  Thomas,*      .   .   .  Campbell, 2.  Henderson. 

Curry,  Alexander,  ....  Jackson, 1.  Steele, 

deserted  May  3, 1702. 

Davidson,  Alexander,  .   .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Davidson,  Thomas,    .   .   .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 


Company  entered,  Transferred  to, 

In  1781.  in  17s2. 

Peering,  Andrew,* 2.  Bowers, 

Dernpsey,  John, Stotesbury, 

deserted  October  3,  1781. 

Dobson,  Thomas,*      .   .   .  Bowers, 2.  Finney. 

Drunnan,  Arthur,*    .   .   .  Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Drumheller,  Jacob,    .   .    .  Bowers, ±  Finney. 

Duncan,  William,*    .   .   .  Bowers, 2.  Bowers. 

Egan,  Edward,  drummer,  Patterson, 1.  Davis, 

deserted  in  1783. 

Eighorn,  Philip,*   ....  Bowers, 2.  Lusk. 

Ellenger,  Stephen,      .    .    .  Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

Emich,  Henry,*      ....  Bowers, 2.  Patterson. 

English,  B., Stotesbury, 

deserted  December  3, 1781. 
Enoch,  Abraham,  .    .   .   .  Claypoole,     .   ...   .   .2, 

died  November  20, 1781. 
Evans,  Nathan,  ...       .  Jackson, Ziegler, 

deserted  May  17, 1782. 
Fagan,  Michael, Lusk, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Fagar,  John, 1.  Davis. 

Federa,  Frederick,     .   .   .  Bowers, 2.  Finney. 

Feeley,  Thomas,*   ....  Marshall, 1.  McCully. 

Fisher,  George, Campbell, 1.  Davis. 

Fister,  Nicholas,    ....  Jackson,      , 

deserted  October  7. 1781. 

Flora,  David, Patterson, 2.  Bicker. 

Forsythe,  Abel,   ....     Campbell, 

deserted  October  8, 1781. 

Foulk,  George,* Bowers 2.  Finney. 

Frank,  Henry, Claypoole, 

deserted  October  3,  1781. 
Frederick,  Abraham,    .   .  Stotesbury. 

Frederick,  Michael,*     .   .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Frazier,  John, Jackson. 

Gambog,  William,  ....  Lusk, 2.  Lusk. 

Garner,  William,    ....  Bowers,     1.  Marshall. 

Gardner,  Henry,     ....  Marshall, 2.  Bicker. 

Garrety,  John,     Patterson, 2.  Bicker. 

Gathaway,  James,*       .   .  Stotesbury, 1.  McCully. 

Galbreath,  John,*  .    .   .   .Marshall, 1.  McCully. 

Glaskin,  Patrjck,*  ....  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Glennan,  Charles,*     .   .    .  Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Godsgrace,  Daniel,*   .   .   .  Patterson, 2.  Bicker. 


Company  entered,  Transferred  to, 

In  1781.  In  1782. 

Goff,  Archibald,*    ....  Patterson, 2.  Finney. 

Golden,  James, Stotesbury, 

deserted  November  12,  1781. 
Goodman,  John, Lusk, 2.  Lusk, 

deserted  November  17,  1781. 

Gorden,  David,*  .   .   .         Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Gorrall,  Robert,*    ....  Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Gosnell,  George,  sergeant,  Patterson, I.Davis. 

Graham,  Amos,*     ....  Campbell,     1.  Davis. 

Grimson,  Samuel,  ....  Stotesbury, 

deserted  October  9, 1781. 
Grosse,  Alexander,     .   .   .  Bowers, 1.  Davis, 

deserted  December  15, 1781. 

Guiting,  William,*     .   .    .  Lusk, 2.  Lusk. 

Guyer,  Cornelius,    ....  Lusk, 2.  Lusk. 

Hackett,  Nicholas,*     .   .  Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Ilackett,  Richard,*  .   .   .Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Hagerty,  Dennis,*     .   .    .  Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Hagerty,  John,    .   .       .    .  Claypoole, 2. 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 
Hagle,  Philip, Lusk, 

deserted  November  27.  1781. 
Hamilton,  John,     ....  Lusk, 

deserted  November  1, 1781. 
Hanna,  Robert, Stptesbury, 

discharged  October  4,  1781. 

Harragan,  John,*  ....  Jackson, 2.  Finney. 

Hartney,  Patrick,  ....  Jackson, 1.  Steel. 

Hart,  Nicholas,*    ....  Jackson, 1.  Steel. 

Harvey,  Josiah,*    ....  Bowers, 2.  Bicker. 

Hazelhurst,  John,  ....  Patterson,     2.  Irvine. 

Hedrick,  Jacob,*    ....  Bowers, 2.  Irvine. 

Hill,  William,* Bowers, 2.  Finney. 

Hoppel,  John,* Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Homer,  John,*   .   .   .   .   »  Bowers,     2.  Finney. 

Hughes,  William,*    .   .   .  Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Humble,  Frederick,  .   .    .  Bowers, 2.  Bowers. 

Hydler,  Martin,*    ....  Patterson, 2.  Irvine. 

Idle,  Conrad,*     Jackson, 2.  Finney. 

Jahom,  Philip, Patterson, 2.  Henderson. 

Jameson,  David,     ....  Claypoole,  ......  2.  Stotesbury. 

Jenkins,  Williams,    .   .   .  Campbell,      1.  Smith. 

Johnson,  John,*  (1,)  .   .    .  Marshall, 1.  McCully. 

Johnston,  John,  (2,)  .   .   .Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Jones,  Isaiah,* Lusk, 2.  Irvine. 

25— VOL.  X. 


Company  entered.  Transferred  tot 

in  1781.  in  iTvj. 

Jones,  William,*  (1,)    .   .  Lusk,      2.  Irvine. 

Jones,  William,  (2,)  .   .   .  Patterson, 2.  Henderson. 

Jordan,  Peter,* Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Justice,  Benjamin,*  .   .   .  Campbell,      1.  Davis. 

Justice,  Robert,*    ....  Campbell,      1.  Steele. 

Karners,  John, Campbell,      1.  Steele. 

Karnes,  John,* Jackson, Ziegler. 

deserted  October  15, 1781. 

Kein,  John, Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Kelly,  John,* Campbell,      1.  Steele. 

Kelp,  John,* Jackson, 1.  Steele. 

Kenon,  John,  corporal,    .  Lusk, 2.  Bowers. 

Keymore,  Nicholas,*    .   .  Bowers, 2.  Henderson. 

Killpatrick,  William,*  .    .Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Kinley,  Henry,* Lusk, 2.  Irvine. 

Kinkaid,  John,*     .   .       .  Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Kough,  Adam,* Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbnry. 

Laflerty,  Patrick,*    .   .   .  Claypoole,      2.  Stotesbury. 

Langley, Marshall, 1.  Steele. 

Lasher,  Peter,     Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Leach,  James,* Marshall,   ......  1.  Marshall. 

Legonier,  John,  ...       .  Stotesbury. 

deserted  November  23, 1781. 

Lennox,  Michael,*    .   .   .  Lusk, 2.  Lusk. 

Leo,  William,* Bowers,  .   »  .   .   .       .1.  Marshall. 

Leonard,  Philip,*   ....  Bowers, 2.  Bowers. 

Levi,  Abraham, Patterson, 2.  Bowers. 

Lewis,  James,*       ....  Jackson, 1.  Steele. 

Lipner,  Jacob,* Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Lobb,  Matthias,*    ....  Lusk,      2.  Henderson. 

Lockey,  Thomas,*     .   .   .  Marshall, 1.  McCully. 

Lyons,  Joseph,* Jackson, 1.  Steele. 

McBride,  Peter, Marshall, 2.  Henderson. 

McClane,  James,* 2.  Irvine. 

McClure,  Samuel,  ....  Campbell, 

died  October  11, 1781. 

McDonald,  George,    .   .   .  Lusk,      2.  Lusk. 

McDonald,  William,*   .   .  Marshall, 1.  McCully. 

McDonald,  Andrew,*  .    .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

McGill,  John, Patterson, 2.  Henderson, 

deserted  October  15,  1782. 

McKay,  John,* Lusk, 2.  Irvine. 

McKay,  Daniel, Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

McKee,  Andrew,    .    .       .  Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

McKinney,  llobert,*  .   .    .  Marshall. 


Company  entered,  Transferred, 

In  1781.  to  In  1782. 

McKinney,  John,    ....  Stotesbury, 

deserted  November  15,  1781. 

McLaughlin,  John,    .   .   .  Bowers, 2.  Bowers. 

McLane,  William,         .   .  Lusk, 

deserted  December  8, 1781. 

McMullen,  William,*    .   .Jackson, 1.  Steele. 

McMurdie,  John,    .   .   .   .Patterson, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

McNamara,  Timothy,*    .  Patterson, 2.  Patterson. 

McPherson,  Robert,*    .   .  Patterson, 2.  Bicker. 

McRoberts,  David,*  .   .   .  Jackson,    ......  1.  Steele. 

McVay,  Joseph, Stotesbury, 

deserted  November  12, 1781. 

Mahon,  Edward,*  .    .   .   .Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Martin,  Abraham,     .   .   .  Stotesbury, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 
Martin,  John, Campbell, 1.  Ziegler, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Martin,  Robert,*     .   .   .    .Patterson, 2.  Finney. 

Maxwell,  James,     ....  Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

Means,  John,* Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

Mercy,  George, Marshall, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 
Messersmith,  Valentine,  .  Lusk, 

died  October  10, 1781 . 

Miller,  David,*    ....      Stotesbury, 1.  Davis. 

Miller,  Peter,    ...          .  Lusk, 

deserted  December  3, 1781. 

Mills,  James,* 1.  Seely. 

Mills,  John, Stotesbury, 

not  mustered  after  1781. 

Millerock,  George,*    .   .   .  Stotesbury, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Moore,  George, Jackson, 

deserted  October  2,  1781. 

Moore,  James,* Stotesbury, 1.  Steele. 

Moore,  Michael, Patterson, 

deserted  September  19, 1781. 
Morgan,  John,     .    .       .   .  Stotesbury, 

deserted  December  3, 1781. 

Morrison,  Thomas,     .   .   .  Patterson, 2.  Henderson. 

Mosser,  George,*    ....  Bowers,      1.  Steele. 

Mundis,  Casper, Patterson, 2.  Patterson. 

Murray,  George,     1.  McCully. 

Murray,  William,  fifer,    .  Patterson. 


Company  entered,  Transferred  to, 

in  17S1.  In  1782. 

Nevel,  Frederick,  ....  Lusk, 

deserted  November  17,  1781. 

Nevel,  John,* Lusk, 2.  Bicker. 

Newcomb,  John,    ....  Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Nogle,  George,* Stotesbury, 1.  McCully. 

Noland,  Joseph,*    :   .   .   .  Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Nostraman  Jacob,*    .   .   .  Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

O'Brian,  Martin,    '.   .   .   .  Jackson, 2.  Finney. 

Ox,  Christian, Lusk, 2.  Finney. 

Pliley,  Casper,* Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Ployorer,  Adam,     ....  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury, 

deserted  December  3,  1781. 
Plummerfeldt,  John,    .    .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury, 

deserted  October  14, 1781. 

Revally,  James, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Reweley,  Nicholas,    .   .   .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Reynold,  William,  ....  Marshall, 1.  Marshall, 

deserted  April  18, 1782. 

Ribaldt,  Frederich,    .   .   .  Lusk, 2.  Patterson. 

Rhodes,  Jacob,* Marshall, 1.  Marshall. 

Rice,  David,* Patterson, 2. 

Rice,  Michael,* Lusk, 2.  Henderson. 

Ridenbaugh,  Peter,*     .   .  Lusk, 2.  Henderson. 

Riffets,  George, 1.  McCully. 

Riffets,  Nathan, Stotesbury, 1.  McCully. 

Ripley,  Elijah,* Patterson, 2.  Patterson. 

Rinodecker,  Samuel,*  .   .  Patterson,    .   .       .   .  2. 

Robinson,  Henry,   ....  Jackson, 2.  Bicker. 

Rourk,  Christopher,  .   .   .  Jackson, 1.  Davis. 

Ryner,  Philip,* Lusk,     2.  Irvine. 

Ryan,  James,* Patterson, 2.  Irvine. 

Sandayland,  John,  ....  Lusk, Bicker. 

Sappington,  Thomas,    .    .  Lusk, 

deserted  December  21, 1781. 

Scott,  James,* Patterson, 2.  Lusk. 

Sebolt,  David,* Lusk, 2.  Henderson. 

Sebum,  John,* Campbell, 1.  Steele. 

Settleinire,  Godfrey,  .   .   .  Lusk, Bicker, 

deserted  October  25, 1781. 

Sharp,  John,* Bowers, 2.  Bowers. 

Shaw,  John, Marshall, 

deserted  October  3, 1781. 

Sheckler,  David  Frederick,* 2.  Stotesbury. 

Shenio,  Peter, Patterson, 2.  Henderson. 

Sherriff,  Conrad,     ....  Lusk, 2.  Irvine. 


Company  entered,  Transferred  to 

in  1781.  in  1782. 

Simmons,  or  Simpson,  Na- 
thaniel,*      Lusk, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Simson,  Matthew, 2.  Finney. 

Slaughter,  Henry,*    .   .   .  Patterson, 2.  Finney. 

Sliner,  Henry, Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

Smith,  Christian,*  .   .   .   .Bowers, 2.  Irvine. 

Smith,  Henry, Bowers, 2.  Bowers. 

Sneering,  George,  ....  Bowers, 2.  Patterson. 

Solomon,  Henry,*  ....  Patterson, 2. 

Stickle,  Valentine,*  .   .   .  Marshall, 1.  McCully. 

Stump,  Frederick,  ....  Bowers, 2.  Patterson, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Sufferance,  David,*  .   .   .  Stotesbury, 1.  Bowers. 

Sullivan,  Timothy,*  corp.,  Marshall, 1.  Steele. 

Sunday,  Adam,* Bowers,        2.  Bowers. 

Swartzwood,  Moses,*    .   .  Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Sweety,  Henry,* Stotesbury, 1.  Smith. 

Switzer,  Jacob, Bowers,         2.  Bowers. 

Taylor,  Samuel, Bowers, 2.  Bowers. 

Thomas,  James,*    ....  Jackson, 1.  Ziegler. 

Thompson,  James,*  corp.,  Jackson, 1.  Steele. 

Thompson,  John,*  ....  Patterson, 2.  Bicker. 

Thompson,  Reece,*    .   .   .  Stotesbury, 1.  Seely. 

Tilley,  James,* Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Wall,  George, Bowers, 1. 

Walker,  James,*     ....  Patterson, 2.  Irvine. 

Warner,  Jacob,* Campbell, .1. 

Warner,  Michael,*     .   .     Lusk,  ..'•....  2.  Bower. 

Watson,  Benjamin,*  .   .   .  Campbell, 1.  Ziegler. 

Weaver,  John  D.,  ....  Claypoole, 1.  Ziegler. 

Weeble,  George, Claypoole, 2.  Stotesbury. 

Welch,  William,*  ....  Stotesbury, 1. 

Weltman,  Frederick,*  .   .  Jackson, 2.  Bowers, 

not  mustered  after  December,  1781. 

Wibley,  Frederick,*  .   .   .  Stotesbury, 1.  Stotesbury. 

Williams,  John,*  flfer,  .   .  Stotesbury, 1. 

Wilson,  William,    ....  Stotesbury. 

Woolsey,  Isaac,*     ....  Bowers, 2. 

Worthington,  Edward,*  .  Campbell, 1. 

Wright,  Charles,*  ....  Marshall, 1.  McCully. 

Young,  John,* Patterson, 2.  Patterson. 

The  foregoing  named  men  marched  under  the  command  of  Col. 
Craig,  and  enlisted  for  eighteen  months.    I  have  taken  them  from 


the  musters  of  1781  and  part  of  1782,  of  the  First  and  Second  regi- 
ments. These  regiments  were  incorporated  some  time  in  1782.* 
The  musters  of  the  First  regiment  are  silent  in  respect  to  the  time 
the  men  were  discharged.  I  have  carefully  examined  the  return, 
with  the  accounts,  and  believe  that  there  are  few,  if  any,  that  have 
been  paid  for  their  services  excepting  those  marked. 



Assistant  Commissary. 
PAY  OFFICE,  14th  May,  1785. 

The  following  is  an  additional  list  of  eighteen  months'  men,  set- 
tled with  by  Mr.  Nicholson : 
Ample,  John,  of  artillery. 
Biles,  Casper. 
Bombeck,  John  Henry. 
Bryan,  William. 
Clarke,  Samuel. 
Cowick,  Daniel. 
Earlborough  John,  of  artillery. 
Gordon,  Peter. 
Gravan,  Patrick. 
Greggory,  William. 
Kemler,  William. 
McGinnis,  John. 
Peterey,  Anthony. 
Keeger,  Jacob. 
Thomson,  George. 
Trapwell,  William. 
Whey,  Joseph. 

*A  possible  explanation  of  this  remark  may  be  found  in  Gen.  Wayne's 
letter,  (Penn'a  Arch.,  O.  S.,  vol.  ix,  page  283,)  "the  smallne?s  of  our 
numbers  has  also  induced  us  to  throw  the  Pennsylvanians  into  two  bat- 
talions." It  was  only  a  temporary  arrangement,  until  the  regiments 
should  be  reinforced.  Lieutenant  Denny,  in  his  journal,  (page  249.) 
under  date  of  November  1,  1781,  saj'S :  "  three  regiments  of  Pennsyl- 
vania and  a  detachment  of  artillery  commenced  their  march  for  South 
Carolina;"  and  under  date  of  January  4,  1782,  says  :  "they  joined  the 
troops  under  Gen.  Greene,  at  Round  O,  South  Carolina,  then  moved  to 
Pond-Pond,  [called  'Ponpon,'  in  Col.  Craig's  letter,]  on  the  banks  of 
Ashley  river,  eighteen  or  twenty  miles  above  Charleston."  Here,  ac- 
cording to  Lieutenant  Denny,  the  sicknoss  and  mortality  was  very  great, 
which  accounts  for  the  large  number  "  not  settled  with  "  on  Mr.  Nich- 
olson's list,  from  which  the  preceding  is  copied.  Under  date  of  Septem- 
ber, Lieutenant  Denny  says:  "hospital  crowded  ;  a  great  many  sick  in 
camp  ;  deaths  so  frequent,  the  funeral  ceremony  dispensed  with." 



OCTOBER,  1776— NOVEMBER  3,  1783. 


ROM  the  First  Battalion,  under  Colonel  de  Haas,  who 
remained  in  command  until  his  promotion  to  brigadier 
general,  the  Second  Pennsylvania  was  organized.  A  re- 
turn, signed  by  William  Williams,  major,  of  the  num- 

ber of  men  enlisted,  passed  muster,  and  brought  into  the  field,  from 

December  24,  1776,  to  June  30,  1777,  is  as  follows: 

Capt.  Joseph  Howell, 
Capt.  John  Patterson, 
Capt.  Jacob  Ashmead, 
Capt.  John  Bankson, 
Capt.  George  Jenkins, 
Capt.  Roger  Stayner, 
Capt.  Christian  Staddel, 
Capt.  Samuel  Tolbert, 

Passed      Brought 
muster_    to  field. 







The  embarrassments  resulting  from  change  and  resignation  of 
field  officers  acted  unfavorably  upon  the  efficiency  of  the  regiment 
in  organization,  and  with  the  fusion  of  the  Thirteenth  Pennsylva- 
nia with  it  on  the  1st  of  July,  1778,  and  change  of  commanders 
complicates  and  confuses  what  few  records  the  ravages  of  fire  have 
left  of  it.  Only  two  general  returns  can  be  found,  the  one  men- 
tioned in  the  subsequent  letter  of  Major  Williams,  and  one  signed 
by  Benjamin  Boyer,  adjutant,  which  seems  to  have  been  made  im- 
mediately after  the  battle  of  Germantown,  October  4, 1777.  By  the 
first  mentioned  return  of  August,  1777,  there  were  present  one  ma- 
jor, five  captains,  two  first  lieutenants,  four  second  lieutenants,  four 
ensigns,  adjutant,  quarter-master,  paymaster,  and  surgeon,  thirteen 
sergeants,  nine  drums  and  fifes,  one  hundred  and  six  rank  and  file, 
fit  for  duty,  four  sick  present,  nineteen  sick  absent,  nineteen  on 
command;  total,  one  hundred  and  forty-eight.  Absent  by  leave, 
Ensign  de  Haas,  since  November  3,  1776,  Capt.  Stayner,  August 
9,  1777,  Capt.  Jenkins,  August  10,  1777.  Absent  and  wounded, 
Capt.  Ashmead,  Lieuts.  Cobea,  Chunberg,  Gosner,  Canon,  Boyer ^ 



Ensign  Purcell;  the  six  last  named  at  Philadelphia;  Ensign  Strieker, 
at  Germautown;  on  command,  Ensign  Burton.  Vacant  commis- 
sions, Col.  Irvine, resigned  ;  Lieut. Col.  Jones,  resigned ;  First  Lieut. 
John  Ellis,  cashiered ;  First  Lieut.  William  Moore,  resigned  ;  First 
Lieut.  Ziegler,  resigned ;  Second  Lieut.  Stoy,  promoted ;  Ensign 
Abel  Morris,  promoted;  two  sergeants  and  fourteen  men  on  com- 
mand with  the  artillery.  The  fife  major  confined  for  reenlisting. 
Major  William  Williams,  from  ''camp  at  Cross  Roads,  August 
11,  1777,"  writes  to  the  Supreme  Executive  Council,  as  follows  : 

li  GENTLEMEN  :  I  enclose  you  a  weekly  return  of  the  Second  Penn- 
sylvania. You  will  find  there  are  three  first  lieutenants,  two  sec- 
ond lieutenants,  and  one  ensign  wanting  to  complete  the  subalterns. 
In  a  letter  to  the  Hon.  Board  of  War,  I  gave  my  reasons  for  not 
promoting  the  second  lieutenants  and  ensigns  in  rotation.  I  should 
be  glad  if  you  would  appoint  gentlemen  that  would  be  fit  to  fill  the 
place  of  first  lieutenants,  as  those  that  come  in  rotation  are  too 
young.  I  think  Gen'l  de  Haas'  son  should  be  left  out,  as  I  know  no 
reason  why  he  should  receive  pay,  when  he  is  not  fit  to  take  from 
school ;  he  has  been  near  a  year  appointed,  and  has  never  seen  the 
regiment.  I  should  be  exceeding  glad  if  a  colonel  could  be  ap- 
pointed soon,  as  the  regiment  has  suffered  much  by  the  different 
changes  and  intervals  of  commanding  officers." 

The  regiment  no  doubt  suffered  heavily  at  Brandywine  and  Ger- 
mantown, as  the  October  return  says  the  regiment  commanded  by 
Capt.  Joseph  Howell  and  only  one  other  captain,  Staddel,  present ; 
one  first  lieutenant,  three  second  lieutenants,  five  ensigns,  pay- 
master, quarter-master,  surgeon,  eight  sergeants,  ten  drums  and 
fifes.  Rank  and  file,  fifty-six  present,  fit  for  duty;  thirteen  sick 
present ;  seventeen  sick  absent ;  twenty-four  on  command ;  total 
rank  and  file,  one  hundred  and  ten.  Major  Williams  taken  at  Ger- 
mantown, one  captain  in  arrest,  one  prisoner  in  Philadelphia,  one 
sick  at  Burlington,  four  subalterns  sick  absent,  and  one  sick 

Maj.  Williams  subsequently  escaped,  and  from  the  following 

letter  to  Presi- 
dent Wharton, 
of     Pennsylva- 
dated    at 

May  2,  1778,"  some  idea  may  be  had  of  the  trials  and  vexations 
of  an  officer  of  the  Revolution,  by  the  numerous  re-arangements 
of  the  Pennsylvania  line : 

"  SIR  :  During  my  confinement  as  a  prisoner  of  war,  several  pro- 
motions took  place,  among  which  number  I  expected  to  have  been 


"  Since  my  escape,  I  found  I  was  neglected ;  I  mentioned  it  to 
his  Excellency  General  Washington,  who  told  me  it  should  be  rec- 
tified, and  that  it  was  General  Wayne  who  gave  in  the  report  of  the 
officers  for  promotion. 

"  I  sometime  after  called  on  General  Wayne  for  the  reasons;  he 
told  me  he  knew  of  no  other,  that  it  was  not  customary  to  promote 
those  who  were  prisoners.  Sometime  since  I  waited  on  his  Excel- 
lency General  Washington,  to  know  if  there  was  any  likelihood  of 
my  being  restored  to  my  rank,  he  again  informed  me  that  it  was 
thro'  General  Wayne  I  was  left  out,  and  desired  me  to  inform  Gen- 
eral Wayne  to  let  him  know  the  reasons  why  there  was  not  a  vacancy 
left  in  the  promotions  for  me.  (I  have  since  wrote  to  General  Wayne 
to  that  purpose;)  his  Excellency,  at  the  same  time,  in  for  tried  me 
that  the  State  had  taken  upon  to  settle  the  rank  of  the  army ;  upon 
this  information,  I  trouble  your  Excellency  with  my  situation,  that 
I  cannot  serve  in  my  present  commission  on  account  of  a  number  of 
junior  officers,  who  would  command  me.  I  have  the  satisfaction  to 
inform  your  Excellency ,  that  I  have  not  been  charged,  since  I  have 
been  in  the  service,  with  the  least  neglect  of  duty  or  disobedience 
of  orders,  and  I  am  conscious  I  never  turned  my  back  on  the  enemy 
without  orders,  nor  never  feared  to  face  them  when  I  had  orders. 
I  was  the  second  captain  in  the  First  Pennsylvania  battalion,  and 
by  different  rules  for  promotion,  numbers  of  junior  officers  now 
command  me.  I  shall  be  happy  when  my  country  has  no  further 
occasion  of  my  services,  yet  am  willing  to  serve,  but  would  not 
chuse  to  hold  a  commission  at  the  will  of  an  individual." 

By  the  arrangement  which  took  place  July  1, 1778,  the  Thirteenth 
Pennsylvania  was  incorporated  with  the  Second  Penn'a,  and  Col. 
Walter  Stewart  became  colonel  of  the  Second. 

Route  of  Second  Penn'a,  November  25,  1778: 

Doct.  Hambleton, 15 

Peekskill, 15 

King's  Ferry, 4 

Rohargate, 10 

Paramus, 12 

Aquaknock  B, 14 

Newark, 9 

Springfield, 9 

Middlebrooke, 19 


From  the  journal  of  Capt.  Joseph  McClellan,  of  the  Second 
Penn'a,  we  have  the  following  information  relative  to  the  regi- 
ment under  the  new  arrangement,  January  1, 1781 : 


"  Feb.  11,  [1781.]  Orders  by  Col.  Stewart  for  Capt.  Jos.  McClellan 
to  March  on  Tuesday  next,  with  the  first  part  of  the  2nd  Regiment, 
to  the  Yellow  Springs.  [On  Pickering  creek,  in  West  Pikeland 
township,  Chester  county,  now  known  as  Chester  Springs.] 

"  Feb.  13.  Marched  from  Philadelphia  at  1,  p.  M.,  with  Capt. 
Walker,  Lieut.  Pierce,  Lieut.  Moore,  and  Dr.  Harris,  and  37  non- 
commissioned officers  and  privates.  Halted  at  the  Black  Horse. 

"  Feb.  14.  Breakfasted  at  the  Sorrel  Horse,  and  marched  from 
thence  to  the  White  Horse. 

"Feb.  15.  Marched  from  the  White  Horse  at  8  o'clock,  A.  M., 
and  arrived  at  the  Yellow  Springs  at  11.  Found  good  quarters  for 
the  men,  and  everything  agreeable. 

"  Feb.  21.  Col.  Stewart  and  Major  Hamilton  arrived  at  the  Yel- 
low Springs. 

"  Feb.  24.  Took  up  a  deserter,  John  Haslan,  and  delivered  him 
to  Lieut.  Andrew  Willson,  who  carried  him  to  the  Yellow  Springs. 

"March  3.  Came  to  Yellow  Springs,  and  brought  Robert  Han- 
nah, a  soldier  for  my  father's  class. 

"March  5.  Went  to  Squire  Moore's  with  Robert  Hannah.  Got 
him  enlisted  for  James  McClellan's  class  in  Chester  county. 

"  March  6.  Wrote  Colonel  North  the  state  of  the  regiment  and 
the  men's  enlistments. 

"March  8.  5th  and  9th  Penn'a  to  attend  at  Reading  from  23 
March  to  27,  to  settle  their  depreciation  with  the  Auditors. 

"  March  10.  Esq.  Moore  came  to  Yellow  Springs,  and  paid  the 
men  their  second  Bounty. 

"March  13.  Mr.  Nicholson,  Esq.  Hannah  ,and  Major  Benton, 
auditors  for  settling  the  accounts  of  the  Penn'a  Line,  came  to  this 
place,  and  began  the  settlement  of  the  2nd  Regt.  James  Moore, 
Esq.,  attending  in  order  to  enlist  the  men. 

"  March  14.  Continue  enlisting  men  fast. 

"  March  £0.  Marched  from  Yellow  Springs,  with  a  detachment 
of  30  men,  to  Downingtown.  Cleaned  out  the  Quarters,  and  began 
to  put  up  bunks.  Took  up  my  quarters  at  Richard  Downing,  Jr. 

"March  21.  The  remainder  of  the  2nd  Regiment  marched  into 

"April  11.  Went  to  Philadelphia,  with  Doctor  Perry  and  Lieut. 
Strieker,  to  procure  summer  clothing.  Col.  Stewart  was  married 
to  Miss  McClanachan  this  day. 

"April  29.  The  Auditors  began  to  pay  the  Penn'a  Line  one  third 
of  depreciation. 

"April  30.  Auditors  left  Downington  for  Lancaster. 

"  May  1.  Esq.  Moore  came,  and  paid  off  the  men  of  the  2nd  Reg- 
iment the  remainder  of  their  Bounty.  Lieut.  Piercy  marched, 
with  a  detachment  of  30  men,  for  Newport. 


"  May  5.  A  detachment  of  3  companies  of  the  2nd  Regiment 
marched  from  Downington  for  York. 

"May  11.  Set  out  from  Lancaster,  with  Captain  Stake,  and  got 
to  York  at  5,  p.  M." 



De  Haas,  John  Philip,  from  First  battalion ;  promoted  brigadier 
general  February  21,  1777. 

Irvine,  James,  from  Ninth  Penn'a,  March  12,  1777  ;.  resigned  June 
1,  1777  ;  died  in  Philadelphia,  April  28,  1819,  aged  eighty-four 
years  ;  buried  in  Christ  church-yard. 

Bicker,  Henry,  from  lieutenant  colonel  of  Sixth  Penn'a,  June  6,1777, 
became  supernumerary,  July  1, 1778. 

Stewart,  Walter,  from  Thirteenth  Penn'a,  July  1,  1778;  retired 
January  1,  1783 ;  died  at  Philadelphia,  June  14, 1796. 
Lieutenant  Colonels. 

Morris,  Anthony  James,  from  major  of  First  battalion,  October 
25, 1776;  promoted  colonel  Ninth  Penn'a,  March  12, 1777. 

Jones,  Jonathan,  from  major,  March  12,  1777.  He  was  in  com- 
mand of  the  regiment  for  a  short  time  alter  Col.  Irvine's  resig- 
nation, but  his  health  had  been  shattered  in  the  Canada  cam- 
paign, and  his  ill-health  increasing,  compelled  him  to  resign 
sometime  in  latter  part  of  July,  1777.  He  was  a  member  of 
the  Assembly  from  Berks  county,  in  1778-1779,  but  was  soon 
after  stricken  with  paralysis,  and  died  September  26, 1782,  aged 
forty-four  years  ;  buried  at  Churchtown,  Lancaster  county. 

Miller,  Henry,  from  major,  First  Penn'a,  July  1 , 1778,  ranking  from 
March  1, 1777  ;  resigned  December,  1778 ;  died  at  Carlisle  April 
5, 1824,  aged  seventy-three.  He  had  two  horses  killed  under 
him  at  Monmouth  ;  lie  was  afterwards  quarter-master  general  of 
western  expedition,  and  commanded  a  brigade  of  militia  in  the 
defense  of  Baltimore  in  1814. — See  Dr.  Eyl^s  Notes  and  Queries. 

Murray,  John,  from  major,  December  10, 1778;  retired  January  1, 
1781 ;  died  February  3,  1798,  aged  sixty-eight ;  buried  in  the 
cemetery  at  Dauphin,  Pennsylvania. 

Jones,  Jonathan,  from  captain,  First  battalion,  October  25,  1776; 
promoted  lieutenant  colonel,  March  12,  1777. 


Williams,  William,  from  captain,  Second  battalion,  March  12, 1777, 
ranked  from  September  29,  1776;  in  command  of  the  regiment 
from  June  1,  1777,  until  his  capture  at  Germantown,  October 
4, 1777  ;  exchanged  April  20, 1778  ;  promoted  lieutenant  colonel, 
and  transferred  to  Third  Penn'a. 

Murray,  John,  from  Thirteenth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778. 

Hamilton,  James,  from  captain,  First  Penn'a,  December  10,  1778  ; 
retired  the  service  January  1, 1783 ;  resided  in  Charleston,  South 
Carolina,  in  1834. 


Ho  well,  Joseph,  from  Alice's ;  appointed  paymaster  August  27, 1778. 

Patterson,  John,  from  first  lieutenant,  First  battalion.  January  1, 
1777 ;  retired  the  service  January  1, 1783 ;  died  in  1790. 

Ashmead,  Jacob,  September  6,  1776;  he  is  carried  on  several  rolls, 
postea,  as  commissioned  January  1, 1777,  which  arose  from  Col. 
De  Haas  reporting  Capt.  William  Jenkins'  (of  old  First  battal- 
ion,) resignation  as  of  January  1,  1777;  Capt.  Ashmead  re- 
signed May  16,  1780. 

Bankson,  John,  from  First  battalion,  commissioned  September  25, 
1776;  appointed  paymaster  October  14,  1778;  transferred  to 
First  Penn'a ;  mustered  out  November  3, 1783. 

Stayner,  Roger,  from  lieutenant,  First  battalion ;  taken  prisoner 
in  Philadelphia  in  September,  1777 ;  exchanged  October  25, 
1780;  died  near  Academia,  Juniata  county,  in  1839,  aged  eighty- 
eight  ;  buried  at  Academia. 

Jenkins,  George,  from  first  lieutenant,  First  battalion. 

Staddel,  Christian,  from  first  lieutenant,  First  battalion. 

Tolbert  Samuel,  from  first  lieutenant,  First  battalion,  commis- 
sioned October  2,  1776,  succeeding  Capt.  John  Robb,  on  ree'n- 
listment  of  company  in  Second  Penn'a. 

Gosner,  Peter,  from  first  lieutenant,  January  1,  1778;  retired  the 
service,  January  1,  1781. 

Cobea,  John,  from  first  lieutenant,  March  11, 1779  ;  retired  the  ser- 
vice, January  1,  1781. 

Irwin,  John,  com  missioned  May  16, 1780,  rice  Capt.  Jacob  Ashmead, 
resigned;  commissary  of  commanding  general  and  staff,  at 
New  Windsor,  New  York,  in  March,  1781 ;  retired  the  service, 
January  1, 1781 ;  died  at  Pittsburgh,  May  11 , 1808,  and  is  buried 
in  the  First  Presbyterian  church-yard. 


Irwin,  John,  from  first  lieutenant,  January  1,  1779  ;  promoted  cap- 
tain May  16,  1780. 

Stoy,  John,  from  first  lieutenant,  May  16,  1780  ;  retired  the  service, 
January  1,  1781. 


First  Lieutenants. 

Ellis,  John,  cashiered,  August,  1777. 
Gosner,  Peter,  promoted  captain,  January  1, 1778. 
Cobea,  John,  promoted  captain,  March  11,  1779. 
Clumberg,  Philip,  Jr.,  resigned  January  1,  1777. 

*  Ziegler,  Jacob,  resigned. 

*  Moore,  William,  (1st,)  of  De  Haas'  First  battalion,  resigned. 
Irwin,  John,  badly  wounded  at  Paoli ;  promoted  captain-lieutenant  •> 

January  1, 1779. 

Walbron,  Major,  from  ensign  of  De  Haas',  killed  at  Paoli,  Septem- 
ber 20,  1777. 

Stoy,  John,  promoted  captain-lieutenant,  May  16,  1780. 

Piercy,  Henry,  from  second  lieutenant,  March  12, 1777  ;  transferred 
to  Third  Penn'a,  January  1,  1783. 

Whitehead,  James,  March  12,  1777. — See  Biddle^s  Autobiog.,  p.  172. 

Jones,  James  Morris,  ranking  from  March  12, 1777,  though  carried 
on  subsequent  roll  as  second  lieutenant ;  transferred  to  First 
Penn'a,  January  1,  1783. 

Moore,  William,  (2d,)  from  Thirteenth,  July  1,  1778;  transferred 
to  First,  January  1,  1783, 

Waggoner,  Henry,  from  second  lieutenant,  March  11, 1779  ;  resigned 
May  3,  1779. 

Gregg,  John,  from  second  lieutenant,  March  12, 1779 ;  resigned;  re- 
sided in  Greene  county,  Ohio,  1834. 

Norton,  Thomas,  from  second  lieutenant,  March  13, 1779 ;  resigned 
September  3,  1779. 

Park,  John,  from  second  lieutenant,  April  15,  1779 ;  died  July  23, 
1780,  of  wounds  received  at  Block  House. 

Strieker,  John,  from  second  lieutenant,  May  1, 1779. 

De  Purcell,  Henry,  from  second  lieutenant,  September  3, 1779. 

De  Hart,  Jacob  M.,from  ensign,  May  16, 1780,  wee  Stoy,  promoted  ; 
died  of  his  wounds  July  25,  1780. 

Second  Lieutenants. 

De  Haas,  John  Philip,  Jr.,  from  first  battalion;  absent  from 
November  3, 1776 ;  died  at  Beech  Creek,  Clinton  county,  Au- 
gust, 1826;  buried  in  Hays'  grave-yard. 

Boyer,  Benjamin. 
'  Canon,  John. 

Honeyman,  William,  February  5,  1777;  wounded  in  the  chin  and 
right  shoulder  at  Iron  Hill,  and  transferred  to  Invalid  regi- 
ment July  1,  1777. 

Piercy,  Henry,  of  Philadelphia,  appointed  from  flying  camp,  Feb- 
ruary 5,  1777  ;  promoted  first  lieutenant  March  12,  1777. 

Waggoner,  Henry,  promoted  first  lieutenant  March  11,  1779. 

*  In  August  return,  1777,  marked  resigned  ;  no  dates  given. 


Gregg,  John,  from  Thirteenth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778 ;  promoted  first 
lieutenant  March  12,  1779. 

Norton,  Thomas,  of  Philadelphia,  April  24,  1777 ;  promoted  first 
lieutenant  March  13,  1779. 

Park,  John,  from  Thirteenth  Penn'a,  July  1,  1778;  promoted  first 
lieutenant  April  15,  1779. 

Strieker,  John,  from  ensign,  October  1, 1777;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant May  1,  1779. 

De  Purcell,  Henry,  from  ensign,  October  4, 1777 :  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant September  3,  1779. 

Murran,  William,  from  ensign,  vice  Park,  July  23, 1780. 

Morris,  Abel,  of  Berks  county,  from  lieutenant  of  flying  camp, 
1777 ;  became  supernumerary. 

Tilden,  John  B.,  from  ensign  ;  rank  from  July  25, 1780,  to  February 
19,  1781;  resided  in  Frederick  county,  Virginia,  1820. 

Darraugh,  Charles,  became  supernumerary,  1778. 

Harper,  John,  lieutenant  and  brigade  major;  returned  from  cap- 
tivity November,  1780. 


Whitehead,  James,  January  21,  177-. 

Morris,  Abel,  promoted  lieutenant,  1777. 

De  Purcell,  Henry,  promoted  second  lieutenant  October  4, 1777. 

Keays,  John,  from  sergeant,  First  battalion,  February  5, 1777. 

Dietrick,  Peter,  February  5, 1777 ;  killed  in  action  May  18, 1780,  at 

Burton,  John,  February  12,  1777. 

Condy,  Jacob,  from  corporal,  February,  1777. 

Darraugh,  Charles,  February,  1777  ;  former  clerk  to  Com.  Seymour; 
promoted  lieutenant. 

Norton,  Thomas,  from  sergeant,  March  12,  1777;  promoted  second 
lieutenant  April  24,  1777. 

De  Hart,  Jacob  Morris,  June  2,  1778;   promoted  first  lieutenant 
May  16,  1780. 

Strieker,  John,  promoted  second  lieutenant  October  1,  1777. 

Murran,  William,  May  19,1779;  promoted  lieutenant  July  23, 1780. 

Stewart,  Walter,  Jr.,  May  27,  1779;  retired  January  1, 17S3. 

Tilden,  John  Bell,  May  28,  1779;   promoted  lieutenant  July  25, 

De  Marcellin,  Antoine  Claude,  July  28,  1779  ;  promoted  lieutenant 
January  1,  1781  ;  afterwards  in  Third  Penn'a. 

Leroy,  Nicholas  George,  July  28,  1779 ;  promoted  lieutenant  Janu- 
ary 2, 1781. 


Johnston,  James,  January,  1777 — August,  1778. 

Howell,  Capt.  Joseph,  August  27,  1778;  resigned  October,  1778. 

Bankson,  John,  October  14,  1778-1781. 



Quartermaster  and  Inspector. 

Norton,  Thomas,  lieutenant,  5th  September,  1778— August  8, 1779. 
Murran,  William,  ensign,  appointed  August  8, 1779,  vice  Norton, 

Boyer,  Benjamin,  lieutenant,  April  10,  1779;  applied  for  captaincy 

in  marines. 
Whitehead,  Jacob,  lieutenant. 

Perry,  Benjamin,  July  10, 1777. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 

Harris,  Eobert,  of  now  Dauphin  county,  November  1, 1777;  died 
at  John  Phillips,  Blue  Ball  tavern,  Tredyfferin  township, 
Chester  county,  March  4, 1785,  from  quinsy,  while  on  his  way 
home  from  Philadelphia. 

WITH  THE  NAMES  AND  RANK,  MARCH  25,  1780. 

Stewart,  Walter. 
Murray,  John. 
Hamilton ,  James. 

Bankson,  John. 
Tolbert,  Samuel. 
Patterson,  John. 
Gosner,  Peter. 
Cobea,  John. 

Irwin,  John. 

Stoy,  John. 
Piercy,  Henry. 

26— VOL.  X. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 


Captain  Lieutenant. 


Whitehead,  James. 
Jones,  James  M. 
Moore,  William. 
Park,  John. 
Strieker,  John. 
De  Purcell,  Henry. 

De  Hart,  Jacob  M. 
Murran,  William. 
Tilden,  John  B. 
De  Marcellin,  Antoine. 
Leroy,  George. 

Perry,  Benjamin. 

Harris,  Robert. 



Surgeon's  Mate. 

Lieutenant  Colonel.  Second  Penri'a. 


17,  1781. 

Stewart  Walter,  commission  dated  June  17, 1777. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

North,  Caleb,*  of  the  Ninth,  October  13, 1777;  retired  January  1, 

*  LT.  COL.  CALEB  NORTH,  was  born  in  Chester  county,  July  15,  1753, 
and  commenced  business  as  a  merchant,  in  the  town  of  Coventry.  When 
the  war  broke  out  he  hired  a  British  deserter  to  teach  him  the  manual, 

and  was  chosen   cap- 
/  XX  tain  in  the  Fourth  Bat- 

talion,   Col.     Wayne. 
^*""  After  the  term  of  ser- 

vice expired,  and  the  battalion  returned  from  Ticonderoga,  he  was  pro- 
moted major  of  the  Tenth  regiment,  and  as  such  rendered  important 
services.  At  Brandywine,  he  was  alongside  of  Maj.  Lewis  Bush,  of 
Hartley's  regiment,  when  the  latter  was  mortally  wounded.  He  had 
been  re-mounted,  and  when  he  fell  off  dead,  had  his  body  carried  along 
in  the  retreat.  At  Paoli,  it  was  by  the  particular  exertions  of  Gen. 


Hamilton,  Jaines,  retired  the  service,  January  1, 1783. 

McClellan,  Joseph,  of  the  Ninth,  July  15, 1776;  resigned  June  10, 

1781;  died  October  24,  1834,  buried  in  Octoraro  church-yard, 

Chester  county. 
Bankson,  John. 
Tolbert,  Samuel. 

Patterson,  John,  retired  the  service,  January  1, 1783. 
Pearson,  John,  of  the  Ninth,  September  7, 1777. 
Finley,  Joseph  L.,  of  the  Eighth,  October  20, 1777  ;  transferred  to 

First  Penn'a,  January  1, 1783. 

Walker,  Andrew,  of  the  Eleventh,  January  23, 1778. 
Lusk,  William,  of  the  Seventh,  May  12,  1779 ;  retired  January  1, 

1783;  died  August  25, 1799,  at  Newville,  Cumberland  county. 
Kennedy,  Samuel,  of  the  Seventh,  April  17,  1780,  retired  January 

1, 1783. 


Piercy,  Henry. 
Whitehead,  James. 
Jones,  James  Morris. 

Wayne,  Maj.  North,  and  Oapt.  Herman  Stout,  of  the  Tenth,  that  a  rear 
guard  was  formed  by  which  two  pieces  of  cannon  and  the  remains  of  the 
brigade  were  saved.  He  was  detached  the  same  night  to  direct  the  re- 
treat of  Gen.  Smallwood,  and  had  a  vidette  killed  by  his  side.  After 
taking  a  prominent  part  at  Germantown,  he  was  promoted  lieutenant 
colonel  of  the  Eleventh.  At  the  battle  of  Monmouth,  as  he  was  ascend- 
ing a  hill  from  which  the  British  were  driven,  with  Lt.  Col.  Henry  Mil- 
ler, then  of  Second  Penn'a  on  one  side  of  him,  and  Lt.  Col.  Rudolph 
Bunner,  of  the  Third,  on  the  other,  Col.  Miller  had  two  horses  shot 
under  him,  and  Lt.  Col.  Bunner  was  killed.  On  the  1st  of  July,  1778^ 
he  was  transferred  to  the  Ninth  Penn'a,  and  on  the  17th  of  January, 
1781,  arranged  in  the  Second,  and  took  part  in  the  southern  campaign. 
After  the  surrender  of  Cornwallis,  he  had  charge  of  the  British  pris- 
oners, on  their  march  from  Virginia  to  York  and  Lancaster,  conducting 
Tarleton's  celebrated  legion  to  Philadelphia.  He  retired  from  the  army 
July  1,  1783,  resumed  business  at  Coventry,  and  connected  himself 
with  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  of  which  he  was  a  very  prominent 
and  consistent  member  during  life.  After  residing  at  Coventry  some 
years  he  removed  to  Philadelphia,  and  was  elected  high  sheriff  by  a 
large  majority,  on  the  12th  of  October,  1819.  From  1828  until  his  death, 
he  was  President  of  the  State  Society  of  the  Cincinnati.  He  died  No- 
vember 7,  1840,  the  last  field  officer  of  the  Pennsylvania  line,  and  is 
buried  in  a  private  burying-ground,  adjoining  Coventryville,  in  Chester 


Moore,  William,  April  10,  1777. 

Reeves,  Enoch,  [or  Enos,]  of  the  Tenth,  March  1, 1778. 

Ward,  John,  of  the  Eighth,  April  2, 1779. 

Strieker,  John. 

De  Purcell,  Henry. 


Murran,  William,  May  19, 1779. 
Tilden,  John  B.,  May  28,  1779. 
De  Marcellin,  Antoine,  September  21,  1779. 
Leroy,  George,  September  21,  1779. 

Stotesbury,  John,  from  old  Eleventh ;  promoted  captain  in  the  Sixth 
in  1781. 

Perry,  Benjamin. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 

Harris,  Robert,  August  1,  1777;  retired  January  1,  1783. 

Van  Home  Isaac,  from  captain-lieutenant,  vice  Capt.  Joseph  Mc- 

Clellan  resigned,  June  10,  1781. 

Crawford,  John,  late  of  Eighth,  to  receive  his  commission  in  the 
Second  as  of  April  18, 1777. 


Humpton,  Richard,  October  1,  1776. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 
Robinson,  Thomas,  June  7, 1777. 

Moore,  James,  September  20, 1777. 


Chrystie,  James,  August  9,  1776. 
Tolbert,  Samuel,  October  2,  1776. 
Wilkins  Robert,  October  10, 1776. 
Keene,  Lawrence,  January  13,  1777. 
Bower,  Jacob,  February  15, 1777  ;  died  in  Berks  county,  1822 ;  left 

widow  Rebecca. 

Parker,  Alexander,  March  20, 1777  ;  moved  to  the  mouth  of  Little 
Kanahwa,  and  founded  the  town  of  Parkersburg,  now  in  West 
Virginia.*  ' 

*See  Memoirs  of  Hist.  Soc.,  Pa.,  vol.  vii,  page  208. 


Carnahan,  James,  April  18, 1777;  drowned  in  the  Allegheny  river 
1786-7  ;  father  of  the  late  Dr.  Carnahan,  President  of  Prince- 
ton College. 

Boude,  Thomas,  September  23, 1777  ;  died  at  Columbia,  1819. 

Finley,  John,  October  22,  1777;  resided  in  Fleming  county,  Ken- 
tucky, in  1834,  aged  eighty. 


Glen t worth,  James,  February  11, 1777;  resided  in  Philadelphia  in 
1835  ;  after  the  war  was  surveyor  of  the  port  of  Philadelphia. 

Bryson,  Samuel,  March  20,  1777;  afterwards  associate  judge  of 
Miffliu  county  ;  died  December  19, 1799  ;  buried  at  Mifflintown. 

Peterson,  Gabriel,  April  10,  1777. 

Butler,  Percival,  September  1,  1777. 

Reeves,  Enos,  March  1,  1778. 

McDowell,  William,  March  22, 1778. 

Mahon,  John,  June  1,  1778. 

Marshall,  David,  November  5, 1778. 

Butler,  Edward,  January  28, 1779;  was  a  captain  at  St.  Clair's  de- 
feat in  1791. 

Pettigrew,  James,  April  13, 1779. 

McCullom,  John,  Apiil  16, 1779;  died  in  Hunterdon  county,  New 
Jersey,  1834. 

Bevins,  Wilder,  May  11, 1779 ;  died  August  3, 1809. 

Dunn,  Abner,  May  31,  1779. 

De  Purcell,  Henry,  September  3, 1779. 

Huston,  William,  February  24, 1780. 

Henley,  Henry,  April  17,  1780. 

Murran,  William,  July  23,  1780. 

Tiklen,  J.  B.,  July  25, 1780. 

Dungan,  Thomas,  January  1, 1781. 

Henderson,  Andrew,  of  Fourth  Penn'a,  January  29, 1781 ;  brother 
of  Capt.  William  Henderson  ;  resided  in  Huntingdon  county, 
and  prothonotary  of  the  county  in  1799. 

Dixon,  Sankey,  May  12, 1781 ;  died  in  Nashville,  Tennessee,  in  1814- 

Quarter  Master . 
De  Purcell,  Henry. 

Huston,  William. 

McDowell,  John. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
[Either  John  Hague  or  John  Wilkin,  not  known  which  is  the  eldest.] 



Muster  roll  of  Capt.  Jacob  Ashmead's  company,  in  the  Second  Penn- 
sylvania regiment,  in  the  service  of  the  United  States  of  America, 
commanded  by  Col.  James  Irvine,  Philadelphia,  May  3, 1777. 

Ashmead,  Jacob,  commissioned  January  1, 1777. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Jones,  James  Morris,  commissioned  January  1, 1777. 


Dietrick,  Peter,  commissioned  February  5, 1777 ;  prisoner. 
Strieker,  John,  commissioned  April  17, 1777,  (muster  roll  June  1, 


Parker,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  1, 1777 ;  promoted  sergeant-major, 

May  1, 1777. 

McElroy,  John,  enlisted  for  the  war. 
Kean,  Richard,  enlisted  December  12,  1776;  died  January  19.  1777. 

Dunlap,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  8, 1777,  during  the  war. 


Marks,  John,  (muster  roll  of  June  1,  1777,)  enlisted  for  the  war. 


Bomer,  John,  enlisted  December  24, 1776;  deserted. 

Bridaman,  Oliver,  (or  Bridgman,)  prisoner  with  the  enemy. 

Brown,  Thomas,  enlisted  January  3,  1777  ;  deserted. 

Capel,  William,  enlisted  December  28, 1776 ;  deserted. 

Christie,  John,  enlisted  February  10,  1777 ;  deserted  in  May. 

Conkey,  John,  enlisted  December  26,  1776;  deserted. 

Delany,  Jphn,  enlisted  December  16,  1776 ;  deserted. 

Eyers,  Nathaniel,  prisoner  with  the  enemy. 

Gray,  George,  enlisted  January  1, 1777  ;  deserted. 

Hall,  George,  enlisted  April  20, 1777. 

Higgins,  Barney,  enlisted  December  16, 1776;  deserted. 

Jones,  Joseph,  enlisted  January  1,  1777  ;  during  the  war. 

Johnson,  Titus,  enlisted  December  29,  1776;  dead. 

Knight,  John,  enlisted  December  30, 1776;  deserted  May  25,  1777. 

Lester,  Thomas,  (muster  roll  June  1, 1777,)  during  war. 


McClan,  Daniel,  enlisted  December  24,  1776 ;  deserted. 
McGill,  James,  enlisted  December  29,  1776;  dead. 
McMahon,  Richard,  enlisted  December  25, 1776 ;  for  during  the  war. 
Martin,  James,  enlisted  December  24,  1776  ;  during  the  war. 
Merlin,  Edward,  enlisted  December  14, 1776;  deserted. 
Nelson,  William,  enlisted  November  20,  1776. 
O'Foy,  Philip,  enlisted  during  the  war. 
O'Neal,  James,  enlisted  November  10, 1776;  during  the  war. 
Eegley,  John,  enlisted  May  3,  1777. 
Rock,  Henry,  enlisted  December  18, 1776. 
Robinson,  Matthew,  deserted. 

Ryan,  James,  Sr.,  enlisted  December  26, 1776;  during  the  war. 
Sellers,  William,  enlisted  January  21,  1777  ;  deserted. 
Mustered  May  6,  1777. 

D.  M.  M.  Q. 

Muster  roll  of  Capt.  Jacob  Ashmead's  company,  in  the  Second  Penn- 
sylvania regiment,  in  the  service  of  the  United  States  of  America, 
commanded  by  Col.  Henry  Bicker,  for  the  month  of  April,  1778. 

Ash  mead,  Jacob. 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Jones,  James  Morris,  on  command  at  Radnor. 

McElroy,  John. 

Dunlap,  Joseph. 

Marks,  John. 


McMahon,  Richard. 
Ryan,  James,  Sen. 
Jones,  Joseph. 
O'Foy,  Philip. 
Liester,  Thomas. 
O'Neal,  James. 
Martin,  James. 

May  2, 1778,  mustered  then  Capt.  Jacob  Ashmead's  company,  as 
specified  in  the  above  roll. 


D.  C.  M. 
N.  B. — The  whole  enlisted  during  the  war. 


Muster  Eollof  Capt.  Jacob  Ashmead's  Company,  in  the  Second  Penn'a 
Regiment,  commanded  by  Col.  Walter  Stewart,  in  the  service  of 
the  United  States  for  the  month  of  July,  1778. 

Ashmead,  Jacob,  commissioned  January  1, 1777. 

First  Lieutenant. 

Moore,  William,  commissioned  April  18, 1777;  (on  command  in  in- 
fantry, August  roll.) 

Second  Lieutenant. 
Strieker,  John,  commissioned  October  1, 1777. 

Quarter  Master  Sergeant. 
Wallace,  Thomas. 

Pealing,  Kobert. 
Berry,  Michael. 
Jacobs,  John. 

Justice,  Robert. 
Mayers,  Jacob. 

Drummers  and  Fifer. 

Marks,  John,  (deserted  August  24, 1778,  August  roll.) 
Johnson,  William,  unfit  for  service. 
Beltzer,  Anthony. 
Mitchel,  William,  (December  roll,  1778.) 


Albertson,  George. 
Aull,  John. 

Beeby,  or  Beevey,  Edward. 
Brandon,  James. 
Brodsticke,  William. 
Burger,  John. 

Cashada,  Patrick,  (December  roll,  1778.) 
Coulter,  James. 
Cowen,  Charles. 

Curl,  Alexander,  sick  at  Valley  Forge. 
Duffy,  James. 
Dugan,  Patrick. 
Franks,  Conrad. 
Glenn,  James,  sick  at  Valley  Forge. 


Hill,  Alexander. 
Holder,  Charles,  (waggoner.) 

Holt,  Evan,  enlisted  by  Ensign  Collier,  and  unfit  for  service. 
Hope,  Philip,  sick  at  Valley  Forge. 
Hymes,  Matthias. 
Kayton,  John. 
Kelly,  James. 
Kelly,  Matthew. 
/Kershberger,  Andrew. 
*  Lane,  John. 
Lehman,  Henry. 
Lewis,  Joseph. 

McElhatton,  Peter,  sick  at  Valley  Forge. 
McConomy,  William. 
McCormick,  James,  deserted. 
McGough,  Martin. 
McLane,  Archibald. 
McVea,  Daniel. 
Marshall,  George. 
Miller,  Henry. 
Morrison,  James. 
Newcomb,  John. 
O 'Bryan,  Sylvester. 
Orchard,  Thomas. 
Ryffe,  Jacob. 

Salter,  John,  sick  at  Valley  Forge. 
Shire,  Clement. 
Smith,  John. 
Trevis,  Andrew. 

Weaver,  Michael,  sick  at  Valley  Forge. 
Wharton,  Samuel. 
Witherspoon,  William. 
Woods,  Samuel. 
Worsham,  Joshua. 

Mustered  at  White  Plains,  1st  August,  also  at  White  Plains,  2d 

I).  M.  M.  G. 


Muster  -Roll  of  Captain  Jacob  Ashmead's  Light  Infantry  in  the 
Second  Regiment  of  Perm'a,  commanded  by  Col.  Walter  Stewart, 
in  the  service  of  the  United  States  of  America,  'for  the  month  of 
April,  1779. 

Ashmead,  Jacob,  commission  dated  September  6, 1776. 


Park,  John,  commissioned  August  1, 1777. 


De  Hart,  Jacob  M.,  commissioned  June  2,1778. 


McDonald,  William. 
Hurley,  John. 
Squib,  John,  (prisoner  of  war  August  6, 1778.) 

Davis,  Levi. 
Long,  Frederick. 
Hannah,  William. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 
Herang,  William. 
Murray,  William. 
Reynhold,  Christian,  (July  roll.) 


Armstrong,  Thomas. 
Brogan,  Michael. 
Brown,  Christian. 
Coleman,  Nicholas. 
Coon,  Jacob. 
Crowley,  David. 
Curtis,  Henry. 
Davis,  Daniel. 
Douglass,  Halbert. 
Edgar,  James. 
Everhart,  John. 
Fielding,  Elij,  (July  roll.) 
Fitzgerrald,  William,  deserted  July  6, 1779. 
Fritz,  Joseph,  (Fitch,  on  July  roll.) 
Fullerton,  John. 
Garrett,  Robert. 


Hamilton,  Henry. 

Harding,  Richard. 

Harvey,  Samuel. 

Havelots,  Charles. 

Kinsell,  Frederick. 

Laird,  John. 

Larkins,  David. 

Leonard,  Frederick. 

Lewis,  Joseph. 

McUormick,  John. 

McCormick,  William. 

McCowen,  William. 

McEntire,  Daniel. 

McGachen,  Michael. 

McGinness,  Roger. 

McKinney,  John. 

McQuilling,  Robert. 

McWade,  John. 

Malloch,  William. 

Miller,  Conrad. 

Morne,  William. 

Neatherhouse,  Daniel. 

Organ,  John. 

Raredon,  Jeremiah. 

Ring,  David,  (July  roll.) 

Ryan,  Miles,  deserted  July  16, 1779. 

Scion,  John. 

Shields,  William. 

Slyder,  Jacob. 

Smith,  James. 

Smith,  William. 

Stambaugh,  Jacob. 

Tague,  Patrick. 

Thompson,  James. 

Thompson,  John. 

Wall,  George. 

Watson,  James,  (deserted  July  3,  in  July  roll.) 

Williamson,  Daniel. 

Wisse,  Henry. 

Mustered  May  5, 1779. 

N.  WADE,  D.  C.  M., 

Mustered  at  West  Point,  August  6,  1779. 


Commissary  of  Musters. 

Mustered  at  West  Point,  August  31. 

ABM.  THOMAS,  D.  M.  C.  M.  M. 
Commissary  of  Musters. 



[To  the  month  of  May,  1780.] 

Piercy,  Henry,  March  12, 1777. 

Murran,  William,  May  19, 1779. 


Murphy,  Archibald. 
Justice,  John. 
Singlewood,  Stephen. 


Jones,  Philip. 
Johnston,  William. 

Drummer  and  Fifer. 

Moore,  John. 
Coas,  George. 


Allison,  James. 

Baker,  Jacob. 

Broyle,  Philip. 

Callagan,  John. 

De  Vitt,  James. 

Derry,  Michael. 

English,  John. 

Engle,  John. 

Flanagan,  Timothy. 

Frances,  John. 

Gass,  Henry. 

Glass,  Robert,  killed  at  Paramus,  May  19, 1780. 

Halter,  Jacob. 

Hannah,  David. 

Hise,  John. 

Houser,  Ludwick. 

James,  William. 

Kelley,  Patrick. 


Kennon,  Koger. 
Kinsey,  Patrick. 
King,  John. 
Le  Count,  Samuel. 
Leech,  James. 
Lewis,  Stephen. 
Maxwell,  Robert. 
Moore,  James. 
Mulvaney,  Patrick. 
Nagginton,  Robert. 
Powers,  William. 
Reamey,  Conrad. 
Rice,  Peter. 
Ross,  John. 
Seehan,  John. 
Scannall,  John. 
Scuse,  John. 
Snyder,  George. 
Stull,  Frederick. 
Sullivan,  Michael. 
Swartz,  Ferdinand. 
Wibble,  George. 
"Whealon,  William. 
Winning,  James. 


Names  taken  from  his  journal,  of  his  company  in  Second  Penn'o 
which  left  York,  Pennsylvania,  under  Gen.  Wayne,  May  26,  1781, 
for  the  Southern  campaign. 

Allison,  James. 
Briulls,  Philip. 
Davis,  John. 
Farmer,  John. 
Howe,  Nicholas. 
Lacount,  Samuel. 
Miller,  Valentine. 
Netherhouse,  Daniel. 
Sedwick,  James. 
Turney,  Matthew. 





[Those  marked  (e)  are  taken  from  a  list  in  the  Secretary's  office,  of 
soldiers  whose  depreciated  pay  escheated  to  the  State.] 

Adams,  John. 

Albertson,  George. 

Fife  Major. 
Alexander,  Joseph. 


Abbott,  John. 

Ahauger, ,  died  of  wounds. 

All,  John. 

Allison,  James. 

Allison,  llichard. 

Alsbaugh,  David. 

Alshouse,  David. 

Alter,  Jacob. 

Anderson,  John,  resided  in  5Tork  county,  1787. 

Anderson,  George,  served  nine  months  in  rangers;  under  Capt. 
Thomas  Campbell,  three  years,  nine  and  a  half  months ;  dis- 
charged at  Fort  Pitt,  September  30, 1783 ;  resided  in  Westmore- 
land county, 1813. 

Anquelin,  John,  February  6, 1778—1781. 

Armstrong,  Thomas,  February  8, 1778—1781. 

Appleby,  Thomas. 

Ashton,  Benjamin. 

August,  John,  (e,)  March  30, 1777,  in  Stayner's ;  afterwards  in  Capt. 
John  Patterson's. 

Aurand,  Dietrick,  from  Weitzel's  company,  State  regiment;  in 
Bankson's  grenadiers ;  joined  at  Valley  Forge :  discharged  Jan- 
uary, 1781 ;  afterwards  minister  in  German  Reformed  Church  ; 
died  at  Water  Street,  Huntingdon  county,  in  1818,  aged  sixty. 

Awkard,  Thomas,  in  Ashmead's  until  August,  1778;  afterwards 


Baker,  Jacob,  in  Murray's  to  1778  ;  afterwards  in  Major  Hamilton's 


Butler,  William,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Burns,  Samuel,  enlisted  in  1777,  in  Capt.  Payne's  company;  dis- 
charged April  23,  1781,  at  Downingtown,  on  Gen.  St.  Clair's 
order,  after  furnishing  a  substitute;  resided  in  Montgomery 
county  in  1814. 
Burme,  John,  April  19,  1778—1781. 


Broadley,  William,  January  1,  1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Georgia  in 


Baiseley,  William. 

Baker,  Christian,  January  1, 1777 — 1781.  \ 

Baker,  John,  (e.} 

Baker,  William. 

Bayley,  Edward. 

Ballard,  David,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Baltis,  Manasseh. 

Baltzoher,  Ignatius. 

Bammes,  Lambert. 

Bannon,  Jeremiah,  discharged  April  1, 1783. 

Barber,  William. 

Barge,  Balzer. 

Barrison,  Peter. 

Bates,  George. 

Batley,  Thomas. 

Battersby,  John. 

Battomar,  John. 

Bayne,  David,  May  10,  1777—1781. 

Baxter,  Alexander. 

Beaufort,  Casper. 

Beeby,  Edward,  January -1, 1777—1781. 

Beggs,  Moore. 

Bell,  John,  resided  in  Clearfield  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-two. 

Bell,  William,  discharged  at  Fishkill  hospital,  May  7,  1779. 

Bellow,  John,  October  11,  1778;  transferred  to  chief's  guards. 

Benner,  Henry,  May  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Berry,  Michael,  wounded  and  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  April  2, 

1779 ;  discharged  10th  April,  1783. 
Bettimeo,  Francis. 
Bevy,  Edward. 
Biddleson,  George. 
Blakely,  John. 


Blakeney,  John,  August  2, 1777 ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps. 

Blundon, John  P. 

Bole,  Henry,  December  21, 1777. 

Boon,  Samuel. 

Bonser,  Detner,  (Betmire,)  from  German  regiment ;  discharged 
January  14, 1781 ;  died  in  Brecknock  township,  Berks  county, 

Borgar,  John. 

Bottimore,  Jacob,  wounded  Januury  4, 1777,  two  ribs  broken  by 
musket  ball ;  served  four  years  eight  months ;  died  in  West- 
moreland county  in  1820. 

Bower,  Jacob,  discharged  in  1780 ;  resided  in  Bedford  county,  1810. 

Bowden,  James. 

Bowman,  William. 

Boyce,  Joseph. 

Boyd,  Abraham. 

Boyle,  Philip. 

Braddock,  William. 

Bradley,  Hugh. 

Bradley,  Robert. 

Brady,  Michael,  May  1, 1777—1781. 

Brandon,  Nathaniel,  March  28, 1777 — 1781. 

Brannon,  James,  (e,)  wounded  in  the  groin  at  the  Block  House; 
paid  from  August  27,  1777 ;  in  Ashmead's  company  to  July, 
1778;  afterwards  in  Cobea's. 

Brannon,  John,  resided  in  Harrison  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged  eighty- 

Brizonquille,  John. 

Brodstock,  William. 

Brogan,  Michael,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Brookhouse,  Rudolph,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Brooks,  William. 

Brown,  Christian. 

Brown,  Cornelius. 

Brown,  Frederick,  Howell's  company  to' July,  1778,  afterwards  in 
Gosner's  ;  quit  the  service  April,  1780. 

Brown,  John,  resided  in  York  county,  1834,  aged  eighty-four. 

Brown,  Sylvanus. 

Brownson,  Steel. 

Broyle,  Philip,  August  6,1778 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Queenscounty,New 
York,  1828,  aged  sixty-four. 

Bryan,  William,  (e,)  in  Tolbert's  company  to  July,  1778;  afterwards 
in  Ashmead's ;  left  the  service  March  28,  1780. 

Bryson,  Samuel. 

Bumbaugh,  John  Henry. 

Burke,  Alexander. 


Burney,  Nicholas. 

Burns,  Carberry. 

Butler,  Edward,  (e,)  of  Howell's  company  to  July,  1778 ;  after- 
wards  in  Gosner's. 

Butler,  John,  died  in  Williams  county,  Ohio,  November  12,  1830. 

Butler.  William,  served  four  years,  and  reenlisted  in  artillery  ;  re- 
sided in  Crawford  county  in  1813. 

Byer,  Charles. 

Byrg,  John. 


Coggswell, . 

Caldwell,  William. 

Cline,  Peter,  August  19,  1778—1781. 

Close,  John,  February  1, 1777  ;  reenlisted  in  1781. 

Chrisler,  Elias. 


Cunningham,  Darby. 


Coss,  George. 


Calalan,  Patrick. 

Callagan,  John,  (e,)  Murray's  company  to  July,  1778;  afterwards 
in  Major  Hamilton's. 

Campbell,  George. 

Campbell,  John,  September  15,  1778—1781 ;  died  May  23,  1822,  in 
Northumberland  county,  aged  sixty-nine. 

Carbough,  David. 

Carleton.  John. 

Carney,  Barney. 

Carr,  John. 

Carr,  William,  in  Tolbert's  until  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Ash- 

Carson,  Thomas. 

Carter,  Andrew,  (e,)  Bankson's  company  from  1778. 

Carter,  Charles,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Carter,  Philip. 

Casey,  Richard. 

Cashon,  Abraham. 

Casper,  Andrew. 

Cassaday,  Patrick,  (e,)  Ashmead's  company  to  1778;  afterwards  in 

Caul,  Alexander,  resided  in  Washington  county  in  1788. 

Ceorls,  Frederick. 

Charles,  James. 

Charleton,  Charles. 

Cherry,  Henry. 

27— VOL.  X. 


Chesney,  Thomas. 

Christie,  John. 

Clack,  John,  September  2, 1778—1781. 

Clendenning,  Adam. 

Clifton,  Benjamin.  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Cline,  Conrad,  resided  in  Pickaway  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged  seven- 

Cline,  Philip. 

Clyde,  Philip. 

Cochran,  John. 

Coleman,  Nicholas,  (e,)  in  Marshall's  to  August,  1778  ;  afterwards  in 

Collins,  John. 

Collins,  Joseph,  died  in  Salem  county,  New  Jersey,  October  28, 
1825,  aged  sixty. 

Collins,  Thomas. 

Collins,  Patrick,  in  Colonel  Stewart's  to  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Bank- 

Compton,  William,  (e,)  in  Bankson's  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Connely,  James. 

Connor,  Matthew. 

Conrad,  George,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  paidat  Carlisle  in  April, 1781. 

Cook,  Edward. 

Cook,  Henry,  resided  in  Lebanon  county,  1835,  aged  eighty. 

Cooley,  John,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Coon,  Jacob,  March  21,  1777—1781. 

Coon,  John. 

Cooney,  James,  died  May  25, 1818,  in  Cumberland  county. 

Copea,  Peter. 

Copier,  Barnabas. 

Cosgrove,  Henry. 

Cotter,  James. 

Coulter,  James,  March  13, 1777 — 1781. 

Coulter,  John,  died  in  Adams  county,  Michigan,  March  16,  1831. 
aged  ninety. 

Coulter,  William,  (e.) 

Cowan,  Charles. 

Cowhick,  James. 

Crane,  John. 

Crawford,  John. 

Creamer,  George. 

Cresswell,  Andrew. 

Crone,  Noble,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Crosby,  James. 

Cross,  Patrick,  January  1, 1777—1781. 


Crossan,  John,  died  March  4, 1830,  in  Bedford  county,  aged  seventy, 

Grotty,  Thomas. 

Crow,  Thomas,  (e,)  Howell's  company  to  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in 

Crowley,  David,  January  1, 1777  ;  wounded  in  the  wrist,  and  trans- 
ferred to  Invalid  corps ;  discharged  November  1 , 1783. 

Cull,  Hugh. 

Cullen,  Thomas. 
'  Gumming:;,  James,  killed  in  attack  at  Block-House. 

Cune,  William,  (e.)  • 

Cunias,  John,  discharged  November  1, 1778 -,  resided  in  Montgom- 
ery county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged,  sixty-nine. 

Cunnias,  John,  from  Hartley's  regiment;  a  tailor;  resided  in  Ly- 
coming  county,  1823. 

Curtin,  John,  January  7, 1777 ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  June, 


Dailey,  Joseph,  March  2, 1777 — 1781. 

Dallas,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Devine,  James,  (e,)  Capt.  Ashmead's  company. 

Duggan,  Patrick,  discharged  January,  1781. 

Dunlap,  Joseph,  January  8,  1777 — 1781. 

Davis,  Levi,  enlisted,  1776,  in  Captain  Pugh's,  afterwards,  Robb's 
company ;  discharged  January,  1781 ;  resided  at  Danville,  Penn- 
sylvania, 1816. 


Danier,  Godlip. 

Darby,  John. 

Dato,  Francis. 

Davidson,  Alexander,  resided  in  Northampton  county,  1818. 

Davidson,  James. 

Davis,  Daniel. 

Davis,  John,  wounded  in  left  leg  at  Brandywine;  captured,  and 
exchanged;  wounded  again  at  Monmouth ;  discharged  January 
22, 1780,  unfit  for  duty. 

Day,  Andrew. 

Deady,  Patrick. 

Deering,  Godfrey. 

Delenors,  Frederick. 

Denver,  Casper. 

Derry,  Michael. 

Dewitt,  James.  January  1, 1777. 

Dexter,  Robert. 

Dicks,  George. 


Dillman,  Andrew,  resided  in  Bracken  county,  Kentucky,  1820,  aged 

Dobson,  Thomas,  resided  in  Northumberland  county,  1824. 

Dodkins,  Edward,  killed  in  action. 

Dominick,  Henry,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Donahoo,  John. 

Donahoo,  Patrick. 

Donovan,  James. 

Dougherty,  John,  resided  in  Barnwell  district,  South  Carolina^ 
1834,  aged  ninety-one. 

Dougherty,  James,  resided  ki  Somerset  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

Douglass,  Halbert. 

Driver,  Hopkins. 

Drushabud,  Andrew. 

Duhammill,  John  B. 

Duhl,  Martin,  resided  in  York  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Dundy,  Samuel. 

Dungan,  Thomas. 

Dunmore,  Paul,  May  1, 1779. 

Duncombe,  Samuel. 

Dwire,  Cornelius. 

Eagan,  John. 

Ebberman,  Christopher. 

Ebling,  John. 

Echinger,  Daniel,  (e,)  in  Bankson's  to  August,  1778 ;  afterwards  in 

Edgar,  David,  died  January  15, 1822,  in  Berks  county,  aged  seventy- 

Edgar,  James,  resided  in  Cecil  county,  Maryland,  1834,  aged  eighty- 

Engle,  John,  September  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Engleds,  Thomas. 

English,  John,  Capt.  Piercy's  company ;  resided  in  Lycorning 
county,  1835,  aged  seventy-one. 

Enos,  Francis. 

Etter,  Daniel. 

Ettinger,  William. 

Evans,  Absalom,  April  15,  1777—1781. 

Everhart,  John,  June  8,  1777 ;  died  in  Philadelphia,  October  30, 
1820,  aged  seventy. 


Fossett,  Robert,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Francis,  George,  died  in  Butler  county,  Ohio,  February  3,  1820, 
aged  seventy-rive. 



Faulkner,  Peter. 
Fry,  Laurence. 


Fackary, . 

Fagan,  Garrett,  January  1, 1777  ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  Jan- 
uary 12,  1778  ;  pensioner  in  1789. 
Fagge,  Patrick. 
Fagony,  James. 
Farewell,  James.  June  2, 1777 — 1781  ;  died  in  Lincoln  county,  North 

Carolina,  September  3, 1825,  aged  seventy-nine. 
Farmer,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Fasener,  John. 
Faugh,  Michael. 
Fell,  William  Ferguson. 
Fielding,  Eli,  April  12, 1779—1781. 
Fink,  David. 
Fink,  Michael,  served  three  years,  Bankson's  company ;  discharged 

January,  1781 ;  blacksmith ;  resided  in  Huntingdon  county  in 

1835,  aged  seventy-six. 
Finley,  John. 
Finley,  Joseph. 
Finley,  Eobert,  December  28,  1776;  transferred  to  chief's  guards; 

reenlisted  November  30, 1781,  and  remained  in  guards. 
Finley,  Peter. 
Fisher,  John  A. 
Fitch,  Joseph,  (e,)  January  1,1777 — 1781;  Marshall's  company  to 

July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Tolbert's. 
Fites,  John. 
Fitzgerald,  Edward. 
Fitzgerald,  John. 
Flanagan,  Timothy. 
Flock,  Matthew. 
Flushe,  Christian. 
Foltner,  Peter. 

Ford,  Thomas,  May  1,  1777—1781. 

Foutz,  Adam,  December  1,  1777  ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards. 
Francis.  John. 

Francis,  Simon.  Jenkin's  company. 
Frayner,  Simon. 
Frazer,  John,  (e,)  December  22, 1777 — 1781 ;  Miller's  company  July, 

1778 ;  afterwards  in  Lt.  Col.  Murray's. 
Freaner,  William. 
Fredericks,  Jacob. 
Fritz,  John,  May  4,  1777—1781. 


Fritz,  Peter,  resided  in  Berks  county,  1833,  aged  seventy-seven. 

Frusler,  Frederick. 

Fry,  Michael. 

Fullerton,  John. 

Funk,  George,  resided  in  Lancaster  county,  1802. 


Gabriel,  Peter,  January  1,  ] 777— 1781. 

Garvin,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Goznall,  George,  September  1,  1778-1781. 

Guy,  Jonathan,  reenlisted  April  29,  1778;  discharged  January  16, 
1781 ;  died  in  Montgomery  county,  October  1, 1823,  aged  eighty- 

Corpora  Is. 

Gannon,  Lawrence,  April  30, 1777. 
Glover,  James,  January  1,  1777;  wounded  in  the  side  ;  discharged 

January  1, 1781. 
Griffey,  David. 
Guess,  Henry,  January  1,  1777—1781. 


Garrett,  Robert,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Goss,  Abraham,  (e,)  in  Cobea's  company. 


Gabel.  Peter,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Gable,  Henry. 

Galbraith,  James,  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1785. 
Galley,  Peter. 
Galligher,  Francis. 
Garrison,  Isaac,  Jr.,  (e,)  July  1,  1777—1781 ;  HowelPs  company, 

August,  1778 ;  Gosner's  company  afterwards. 
Gates,  Adam. 
Gelty,  Thomas. 
Gearhart,  Conrad. 
Genita,  Lewis. 
Gest,  Henry. 
Gettrich,  George. 
Gibbons,  James. 

Gilbert,  John,  resided  in  Westmoreland  county,  1814. 
Gilby,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
Gillespie,  George. 
Glass,  Robert,  (e,)  Murray's  company  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Major  Hamilton's. 

Glassmire,  Jacob,  resided  in  Berks  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-one. 
Glencer,  John. 
Glenn,  James. 


Godsgrace,  Daniel,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Godshalk,  Daniel. 

Golding,  William. 

Gorasley,  John,  Miller's  company  to  1778 ;  afterwards  Col.  John 

Gordon,  Daniel. 

Gordon,  John,  died  in  Cumberland  county,  December  18, 1819,  aged 

Gorrell,  John. 

Gossner,  George. 

Graham,  John,  resided  in  Mifflin  county.  1833,  aged  eighty-six. 

Gray,  Alexander,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1835,  aged  eighty- 

Greenawalt,  Nicholas,  (e,)  Bankson's  company,  July,  1778 ;  after- 
wards Col.  Murray's ;  resided  in  Franklin  county,  1835,  aged 

Griffin,  David. 

Griffith,  John. 

Gristock,  William. 

Grossly,  John,  (e.) 

Grosvenor,  Richard. 

Guibel,  Peter. 

Guina,  Andrew. 

Guyer,  Cornelius. 


Harris,  Joseph,  enlisted  March  23,  1777;  discharged  January  ]4, 
1781 ;  resided  in  Sunbury  in  1813. 

Hurley,  John. 


Herring,  William,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Holt,  Evan,  June  24, 1778—1781. 

Hagan,  Peter. 
Hagerthy,  Dennis. 
Hagginson,  Robert. 

Hague,  Christian,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Hale,  John. 
Haley,  Morris. 
Hall,  George. 
Halter,  Jacob. 
Hamer,  Moses. 

Hamilton,  Henry,  April  25, 1777—1781. 
Hamilton,  Isaac. 


Hamilton,  John,  in  Tolbert's  company,  1778;  afterwards  in  Ash- 

Hanna,  Kobert,  April  10, 1777—1781. 

Hannah,  William,  reenlisted  in  United  States  army;  died  in  ser- 
vice in  1805. 

Hannah,  David,  May,  1778 ;  at  the  siege  of  Yorktown. 

Hanney,  Thomas,  in  Patterson's  to  September,  1778 ;  afterwards 
in  same. 

Harding,  John. 

Harlan,  John. 

Harrnar,  John. 

Harper,  Jacob. 

Harpole,  Henry,  March  15, 1777—1781. 

Harrell,  Thomas. 

Harrington,  John. 

Harrington,  Thomas. 

Harris,  John,  died  August  3, 1826,  in  Chester  county,  aged  seventy- 

Harrison,  George. 

Hart,  John. 

Hartman,  Peter,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Hartzog,  Valentine. 

Harvey,  John. 

Harvey,  Thomas. 

Harvey,  Samuel,  (e,)  in  Marshall's  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Haskins,  John,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1818. 

Havclots,  Charles. 

Havenny,  Hugh. 

Hawkins,  Edward. 

Heid,  James. 

Helm,  George. 

Helmer,  William. 

Henderson,  Andrew. 

Horbst,  George. 

Herring,  Eobert. 

Hetton,  Joseph,  November  16, 1776 ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards. 

Hicks,  Gershom. 

Hilcherick,  Philip. 

Hill,  Alexander,  September  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Hillman,  William. 

Hilton,  Joseph. 

Hink,  John. 

Hise,  John,  (e,)  Major  Hamilton's  company. 

Hitchings,  John,  May  7,  1779—1781. 

Hoffman,  Henry. 


Holder,  Charles. 

Holder,  Jacob,  wounded  at  Brandywine ;  resided  in  Berks  county, 

1820,  aged  seventy-five. 
Holmes,  John. 

Home,  Nicholas,  January  28, 1777 — 1781. 
Hood,  Jacob.  . 

Hoover,  John. 

Hope,  Philip,  March  23,  1777—1781. 

Hopkins,  Jeremiah,  joined  Procter's  artillery  March,  1780. 
Horner,  John. 
Horner,  Matthew. 
Householder,  Jacob. 
Houseman,  Matthew. 
Houser,  Ludwig. 

Howard,  George,  (e,)  in  Bankson's;  left  the  service  April  22,  1780. 
Hunt,  William. 
Hurst,  Frederick. 
Huston,  William,  resided  in  Columbiana  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged 


Hutchinson,  John,  wounded  in  the  leg  at  Green  Spring. 
Hutchinson,  Richard. 
Hutton,  James. 
Hutton,   John,  wounded  at  Bound  Brook;   resided  in  Juniata 

township,  Cumberland  county,  in  1809. 


Ingledo,  Thomas. 
Irvvin,  Jared. 


Jacobs,  John,  (e,)  in  Ashmead's  to  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Cobea's. 

Johnston,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Justice,  John,  May  1,  1777  ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards. 


Johnston,  William,  Jr.,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Jones,  Philip,  from  Atlee's ;  discharged  1781. 

Johnston,  William,  Sr. 


Jackson,  James. 

Jacobs,  David,  resided  in  Tyler  county,  Virginia,  1834,  aged  seven- 

Jacobs,  Peter,  servant  of  John  Lobach,  of  Chester  county,  enlisted 
in  Capt.  Tolbert's  company  in  March,  1777  ;  served  until  the 
end  of  the  war ;  wounded  in  the  side  at  Paoli ;  resided  in  Slier- 


man's  Valley,  1818. 
James,  William,  (e,)  in  Murray's  to  August,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Major  James  Hamilton's  company. 
Jeffries,  William. 

Jennings,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777—1781 ;  died  March  14,  1790. 
Johnston,  Cato.  t 
Johnston,  Daniel,    January  1,    1777 — 1781 ;    died    in    Hunterdon 

county,  New  Jersey,  August  25,  1 822,  aged  seventy-four. 
Johnston,  Nicholas. 

Johnston,  Richard,  February  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Jones,  Edward,  (e,)  in  Howell's  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in  Gos- 


Jones,  Joseph,  in  Howell's  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in  Gosner's. 
Jones,  Eobert,  resided  in  Mercer  county,  Kentucky,  1834,  aged 

Jones,  William. 

Kerney,  Barnet. 

Kennedy,  Thomas,  March  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Kennedy,  Robert. 
Kerbaugh,  David,  April  1,  1777. 

Kallahan,  John. 

Keaton,  John,  April  9, 1777 — 1781. 

Keating,  Ignatius,  resided  in  Northumberland  county,  1788. 
Keating,  John. 

Kease,  Philip,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
Keele,  Francis,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Keene,  Francis. 

Keenan,  Roger,  January  7,  1777 — 1781. 
Keisler.  Frederick,  April  17,  1777 — 1781. 
Kelly,  James,  died  in  Westmoreland  county,  April  21, 1820,  aged 


Kelly,  John,  January  1,  1777—1781 
Kelly,  Matthew,  (e,)  in  Ashmead's  to  July,  1778,  afterwards  in  Co- 

bea's;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  December,  1780. 
Kelly,  Patrick. 
Kelly,  Thomas,  died  in  Bourbon  county,  Kentucky,  December  30, 

1822,  aged  eighty-four. 
Keller,  Francis. 
Kelp,  Andrew. 


Kempsey,  Patrick,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Kennard,  Joseph. 

Kennedy,  Andrew. 

Kennedy,  Samuel. 

Kenny,  Neal. 

Kentzell,  Frederick,  February  14, 1778—1781. 

Keppard,  John. 

Kepps,  Philip,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Kershaw,  Abraham. 

Kepler,  Henry. 

Kettle,  George,  enlisted  August  17,  1778 ;  disabled  at  West  Point 

1779,  by  stone  rolling  upon  him  ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps, 

October,  1780. 
Keys,  Daniel. 
Keys,  Philip. 
Kelbey,  David. 

King,  David,  in  Tolbert's  company. 

King,  John,  resided  in  Bracken  county,  Kentucky,  1833,  aged  sev- 
Klein,  Thomas. 
Knee,  Thomas,  in  Miller's  company,  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Lt. 

Col.  Murray's  ;  left  service  April  26, 1780. 
Knepping,  Frederick. 
Knight,  Michael. 
Knotstine,  John. 
Koons,  Daniel,  enlisted  1777,  Capt.  Hamilton's  company;  served 

until  1782 ;  resided  in  Lycoming  county  in  1825,  aged  seventy. 
Kough,  Ludwig. 
Kughn,  Jacob,  Ashmead's  company ;  discharged  1781 ;  resided  in 

Philadelphia,  1810. 
Kurtz,  Michael,  March  24, 1778 — 1781 ;  died  in  Mercer  county,  Ohio, 

October  10,  1818,  aged  sixty-six. 
Kusick,  John. 
Kyser,  John. 

Long,  Frederick,  February  22, 1778—1781. 

Loudon,  Stephen,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Lackey,  Robert. 

Lacoon,  John,  discharged  April  1, 1783. 
Lares,  Henry. 

Lafferty,  Daniel.  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Laidley,  William,  January  1, 1777—1781. 


Laird,  John,  died  in  Sussex  county,  Xew  Jersey,  April  12,  1827, 

aged  ninety-seven. 
Lamden,  William. 
Lamoine,  Elim. 

iamoine,  Etione. 
Lane,  John,  ruptured  at  Fort  Patterson ;  discharged  January  12, 


Larkins,  David,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Lary,  Daniel. 
Lasley,  John. 
Law,  Ezekiel. 
Lawrence,  John. 
Layman,  William. 

Leaman,  Michael,  June  6,  1778 — 1781. 
Leary,  Daniel,  (e,)  Howell's  company  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Lecount,  Samuel. 
Leech,  James. 
Leech,  John. 
Legar,  Peter. 
Lehman,  Henry. 
Leaster,  Thomas. 
Lemoine,  Anthony. 

Lennox,  George,  resided  in  Union  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-seven. 
Leonard,  Adam. 
Leonard,  Frederick. 
Leonard,  John. 
Lestis,  Philip. 
Leuse,  John,  (e.) 
Lewis,  Abraham. 
Lewis,  James. 
Lewis,  Joseph,  (e,)  Marshall's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  afterwards 

in  Tolbert's;  died  in  Franklin  county,  Ohio,  August  10,  1820, 

aged  seventy-seven. 

Lewis,  Samuel,  resided  in  Huntingdon  county,  1835,  aged  ninety- 
Lewis,  Stephen,  January  1, 1777,  transferred  to  sappers  and  miners ; 

reenlisted  December  3, 1781 
Lick,  Harmon. 
Linderman,  Frederick. 
Linn,  George,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Loardan,  George. 
Lough,  George. 
Ludwick,  Nichols. 
Luft,  George. 
Lusk,  William. 


Lydy,  Valentine,  in  Col.  Stewart's,  July,  1778,  afterwards  in  Bank- 


Mitchell,  James,  had  been  wounded  at  Long  Island,  under  Col. 
Richard  Butler ;  discharged  at  Yorktown,  October,  1781  ;  re- 
sided in  Washington  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-two. 


McCullam,  John. 

McDonald,  William,  March  1,  1777. 

McKilloh,  Robert,  January  1,  1777,  killed  at  the  storming  of  the 
Block-House,  July  21, 1780 ;  his  widow,  Mrs.  Agnes  Hurst,  re- 
sided in  Allegheny  county,  in  1816. 

McMurdy,  John.  Capt.  Patterson's  company,  from  Thompson's. 

McPike,  James. 

Moore,  Roger. 

Mulhalon,  Hugh,  January  1,  1777,  from  Long's  company,  Miles' 
regiment ;  in  Bankson's  company,  served  to  the  end  of  the  war, 
receiving  four  wounds,  one  through  the  knee ;  a  printer,  re- 
sided in  Belief onte,  in  1813. 

Murphy,  Archibald,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Myers,  Jacob,  January  1, 1777,  discharged  May  17, 1781,  at  Yellow 
Springs,  on  account  of  ill  health ;  resided  in  Lancaster  in  1819. 

Miller,  Joseph,  in  Bankson's  company  to  July,  1778;  in  Colonel's 
company  afterwards. 


McClure,  James. 

McLaughlin,  Robert. 

Fife  Major. 

McCarty,  Daniel,  (e)  August  1, 1778—1781. 


Moore,  Jesse,  January  1,  1771 — 1781. 

Murray,  William,  September  1, 1778 — 1781. 


Mitchell,  William,  July  1, 1777. 

Moore,  John,  June  28,  1777. 


McAfee,  Neil. 
McAllister,  James. 

McAllister,  John,  resided  in  Montgomery  county,  1827. 
McCahan,  Richard,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

McCalla,  Daniel,  (e,)  in  Tolbert's  before  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 
Ashmead's  company. 


McCarty,  Richard. 

McCasleton,  Samuel. 

McCay,  Daniel,  wounded  in  the  head  at  Germantown,  and  dis- 
charged at  Valley  Forge,  1778;  died  in  Indiana  county,  June 
30, 1821,  aged  sixty-eight. 

McChord,  Isaiah,  died  February  8, 1791. 

McClane,  Alexander,  died  in  Westmoreland  county,  February  26, 
1826,  aged  ninety-two. 

McClane,  Jacob. 

McClean,  Archibald,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

McCloskey,  John. 

McCollum,  John. 

McConnell,  William,  resided  in  Armstrong  county,  1818. 

McCormick,  John,  (e,)  in  Marshall's  before  July,  1778;  afterwards 
in  Capt.  Tolbert's. 

McCormick,  William. 

McCourt,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McCowen,  John,  enlisted  1776 ;  served  four  years  ten  months. 

McCue,  Arthur.. 

McDowell,  William. 

McElroy,  John. 

McElvaine,  John. 

McElvany,  Patrick. 

McFatridge,  Daniel. 

McGahan,  John. 

McGahy,  Andrew. 

McGaughin,  Michael. 

McGeary,  Neal. 

McGilton,  William. 

McGinnis,  Roger,  (e,)  enlisted  25th  September,  1778, from  Marshall's, 
in  Capt.  Tolbert's. 

McGrath,  William,  (e,)  Bankson's  to  August,  1778;  afterwards  in 
the  Colonel's  company. 

McGraw,  John,  sutler  in  1778. 

McGraw,  William,  July  1, 1778. 

Mclntire,  Daniel. 

Mclntire,  William. 

McKee,  Andrew,  resided  in  Armstrong  county,  1835,  aged  eighty- 

McKever,  Angus. 

McKillin,  Edward. 

McKinney,  John,  (e,)  from  Marshall's,  August,  1778,  to  Tolbert's  to 

McKinsey,  James. 

McLeod,  John,  April  1, 1777—1781 ;  resided  in  Butler  county,  1835, 
aged  seventy-six. 


McMahon,  Eichard,  (e,;  in  Howell's  company  to  July,  1778;  after- 
wards in  Gosner's. 
McManus,  Hugh. 
McQuead,  John. 
McQuillin,  James. 
McQuillion,  Kobert,  (e,)  from  Marshall's  in  July,  1778,  into  Tol- 

bert's  to  1781. 

McVeagh,  Patrick,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
McVey,  Daniel. 
Mackey,  Daniel. 
Madden,  Joseph,  Bankson's  company  ;  discharged  at  Trenton,  1781 : 

resided  in  Chillisquaque  township,  Northumberland  county, 


Madden,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Magee,  Thomas. 
Mahon,  John. 

Malony,  John,  (e,)  Ashmead's  company. 
Malo'y,  James. 

Malson,  Thomas,  May  23, 1778—1781. 
Malger,  Thomas. 
Mames,  William. 
Manning,  Christopher. 
Manson,  John;  widow,  Elizabeth,  resided  in  Washington  county 

in  1823. 

Marlow,  Christian. 
Marshall,  George,  (e,)  in  Ashmead's  to  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in 

Martin,  Christian. 
Martin,  James,  Sr. 
Martin,  Michael,  (e,)  Capt.  John  Patterson's  company,  July,  1778— 


Martin,  Robert. 
Mason,  Francis. 
Maxim,  William. 
Mease,  Balzer,  enlisted  1776 ;  discharged,  1781 ;  resided  in  Somers'  t 

county,  1835,  aged  seventy-four. 
Mellen,  John. 
Melville,  James. 
Messersmith,  Peter. 
Miller,  Charles. 
Miller,  Christian,  died  in  Luzerne  county,  April  21,  1821,  aged 

Miller,  Conrad,  May  5, 1778—1781 ;  resided  in  Beaver  county,  1835, 

aged  eighty-two. 

Miller,  George,  died  in  Franklin  county,  Missouri,  June  15, 1834. 
Miller,  Henry,  resided  in  Franklin  county,  1823. 


Miller,  Jacob,  died  March  4, 1824,  in  Northumberland  county,  aged 


Miller,  Miller,  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1821. 
Miller,  Valentine,  June  5, 1778 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Bradford  county s 

1835,  aged  eighty. 
Mills,  Andrew. 

Minger,  Christian. 

Mitchell,  Kobert. 

Mitchell,  John,  justice  of  the  peace  in  Cumberland  county,  1820. 

Moast,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Moast,  Joseph,  January  1.  1777 — 1781. 

Montgomery,  John. 

Moore,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Eutherford  county, 
Tennessee,  1833,  aged  eighty-three. 

Moreland,  Moses,  May  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Greene  county  in 
1833,  aged  seventy-five. 

Mornes,  William. 

Morris,  David. 

Morrison,  James,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Morrison,  Michael. 

Moser,  Henry. 

Moyer,  John. 

Moyer,  Peter,  May  20, 1777—1781. 

Moyer,  Peter,  (2d,)  Capt.  Bankson's  company;  enlisted  1778;  dis- 
charged after  Cornwallis's  surrender ;  resided  in  Lebanon 
county,  1818. 

Moyne,  John. 

Mullen,  John,  February  27, 1777—1781. 

Mulloney,  John. 

Mulvany,  Patrick,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Murdock,  liobert,  from  De  Haas's  ;  served  three  years ;  resided  in 
Finley  township,  Washington  county,  1820,  aged  sixty-six. 

Murphy,  Andrew. 

Murphy,  Christian. 

Murphy,  John,  died  December  19, 1830,  in  Bucks  county,  aged  sev- 

Murphy,  Philip. 

Murray,  Jeremiah,  May  10, 1779. 

Murray,  Thomas,  resided  in  Floyd  county,  Kentucky,  1834,  aged 

Murray,  William,  Jr. 

Musketmuss,  Adam. 

Musketnough,  Henry,  (e,)  Miller's  company,  August,  1778;  after- 
wards in  Lieutenant  Colonel's. 

Myers,  Leonard,  May  9,  1777 — 1781. 



Norton,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777  ;  promoted  ensign  March  12, 1777. 
Neill,  James,  January  1,  1777—1781. 


Naggington,  Robert,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Neible,  Adam. 

Neill,  John,  Col.  Stewart's  company,  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Netherhouse,  Daniel,  March  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Nevil,  John. 

New,  Christopher,  April  1, 1777,  to  January,  1781 ;  in  Capt.  Patter- 
son's company ;  resided  in  York  county,  1818,  aged  sixty-five. 

Newcomb,  John,  (e,)  in  Ashmead's  company,  July,  1778;  after- 
wards in  Cobea's;  transferred  to  Invalids,  June,  1781. 

Newell,  John,  resided  in  Trumbull  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged  seventy- 

Nice,  Christopher. 

Nicholson,  John. 

Nolstein,  John. 

Norton,  John,  March  25, 1777—1781 ;  died  in  Sussex  county,  New 
Jersey,  January  15,  1822,  aged  sixty-seven. 

Norton,  Henry. 

Null,  John,  (e.) 

Nusser,  Jacob,  March  16, 1777—1781. 


O'Brien,  Daniel,  May  18,  1780. 
O 'Bryan,  Martin. 
O'Bryan,  Sylvester,   (e,)   Ashmead's,  July,  1778;   afterwards  in 


O'Bryan,  William. 
O'Foy,  Patrick,  March  1,  1777—1781. 
O'Neal,  Christopher,  August  13, 1778—1781. 
O'Neal,  Edward. 
O'Neal,  James. 
Olenberger,  George. 
Oliver,  Richard. 
Orand,  Patrick. 

Orchard,  John,  March  26,  1777—1781. 
Organ,  John. 
Orr,  John. 


Parks,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
Phraner,  William,  January  25,  1777—1781. 
Porter,  James,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
28— VOL.  X. 


Piercy,  Jacob,  January  1, 1777—1781. 


Parker,  Alexander. 
Parks,  John,  wounded  in  right  arm,  and  transferred  to  Invalid 


Parsons,  John. 

Patterson,  James,  January  1,  1777  to  May  24, 1780,  when  he  died. 
Patterson,  Murdock,  resided  in  Beaver  township,  Northumberland 

county,  in  1793. 
Peeling,  Kershaw,  (e.) 
Pegnon,  William. 
Pennington,  Bartholomew. 
Pensler,  John. 

Perry,  William,  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  March,  1780. 
Peterson,  William,  March  4, 1777 — 1781. 
Pettigrew,  James. 
Phillips,  William. 
Pimple,  Paul. 

Powers,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Price,  Abraham,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Quick,  John. 

Quigley,  Edward,  died  in  Centre  county,  April  13, 1819,  aged  eighty- 
Quimby,  Zachariah. 


Roberts,  George,  (e,}  Miller's  company  to  July,  1778  •  afterwards  in 
Lieutenant  Colonel's. 

Reinhold,  Christopher. 


Radabaugh,  Peter. 

Rainey,  George,  (e,)  Bankson's  to  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Col.  Stewart's. 
Rambo,  John  Henry,  resided  in  Luzerne  county,  1792. 
Ramsay,  Robert. 

Rarick,  Godfrey,  April  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Ratcliff,  James,  died  in  Baltimore  county,  Maryland,  aged  sixty- 

Reagan,  James,  killed  in  action. 
Reagan,  Michael. 

Reany,  Conrad,  May  25, 1777—1781. 
Reardon,  Jeremiah. 
Record,  Patrick. 


Redheffer,  Jacob,  April  28,  1777—1781. 
Redman,  John,  died  November  1,  1790. 
Redman,  Michael,  (e,)  Miller's  company;  transferred  to  Invalid 

corps  May  4,  1778. 
Reebok! ,  Frederick. 
Reed,  Joseph,  died  in  Harrison  county,  Indiana,  August  28,  1826, 

aged  sixty-six. 

Reily,  Job,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
Remair.  Philip. 
Reynall,  Christopher. 
Rhode,  John. 
Rice,  James. 
Rice,  Peter. 

Richey,  David,  resided  in  Washington  county,  1835. 
Rickard,  Patrick. 

Richcreek,  Philip,  April  1,  1781,  Capt.  Pearson's  company;  dis- 
charged June  28,  1783 ;  resided  in  Muskingum  county,  Ohio, 

Riddle,  Gerard,  (e,)  Miller's  company  to  July,  1778  ;  afterwards  in 

Lieutenant  Colonel's. 
Riffe,  Jacob. 
Rifford,  Christopher. 
Rigby,  James. 
Rigley,  James. 
Rinehart ,  George,  from  Thompson 's ;  resided  in  Cumberland  county , 


Rinehart,  Matthias,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Rishley,  Lewis. 
Rively,  Frederick. 
Roarman,  David. 
Roberts,  Joseph,  died  in  Montgomery  county,  February  5,  1831, 

aged  eighty-six. 
Robinson,  James,  resided  in  Blount  county,  Tennessee,  1834,  aged 

Robinson,  Matthew. 
Robinson  .Thomas. 
Robinson,  William,  (e,)  Tolbert's  company,  July;  1778;  afterwards 

Ash  mead's. 
Rook,  Ternan. 
Roop,  Nicholas. 

Ross,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Ross,  Oliver. 
Rough,  Ludwig. 
Rowling,  George. 
Rule,  William. 
Ramble,  Philip. 


Russell,  John. 

Ryan,  James,  January  1, 1777;  discharged  January,  1781;  resided 
in  Montgomery  county. 


Singlewood,  Stephen,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 


Smith,  James. 

Sloan,  John,  wounded  at  Green  Spring  in  left  thigh,  and  trans- 
ferred to  Invalid  corps ;  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1789. 

Fife  Major. 
Spencer,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Drum  Major. 
St.  John,  John,  January  1,  1777  ;  discharged  November  4,  1783. 

Steen,  Edward,  May  6, 1777—1781 . 

Springer,  Philip,  May  1,  1778—1781. 


Sadler,  Benjamin,  Invalid  corps,  October,  1777. 
Sally,  John. 

Salter,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Sample,  William,  killed  in  action. 
Sampson,  Aaron,  resided  in  Dauphin  county,  1794. 
Scammell,  John,  December    16,  1777 — June    6,  1780;    certificate 

issued  to  his  wife  and  children,  March  17, 1781. 
Scarlet,  William. 
Scott,  James. 

Scott,  Thomas,  resided  in  Middleton,  Bucks  county,  1789. 
Schrawder,  Philip,  served  three  years;    discharged  at  Trenton, 

January  18, 1781. 
Schroter,  Israel. 
Schnyder,  George. 
Scosse,  John,  (e,)  in  Murray's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  afterwards 

in  Major's. 
Seahon,  John,  (e,)  [Seehann,]  in  Marshall's  company  until  August. 

1778;  afterwards  in  Major  Hamilton's. 
Sedgwick,  Joshua. 
Seely,  Isaac. 
Settlemire,  Godfrey. 
Shafer,  Philip. 
Shaw,  Michael. 
Shaw,  Patrick,  December  4, 1776—1781. 


Shea,  Daniel,  February  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Shearer,  Philip,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Sherrick,  Isaac. 

Shields,  John,  (e.) 

Shields.  William. 

Shire,  Clement. 

Shively,  Jacob,  from  Farmer's  company,  Miles'  regiment ;  served 
three  years ;  died  in  Montgomery  county,  October  20, 1824,  aged 

Shoap,  Louis,  resided  in  Northampton  county,  1835,  aged  seventy. 

Shuler,  Henry., 

Shuttle,  David,  1776—1780;  resided,  Philadelphia,  1829. 

Shultz,  John,  Captain  Patterson's  company  to  1781. 

Shynder,  Andrew. 

Siggerson,  James. 

Slight,  Richard,  Ashmead's  company. 

Sloker,  Christian. 

Slyder,  Jacob. 

Smith,  George. 

Smith,  John,  served  seven  years  and  one  month;  discharged  at 
Fort  Pitt,  October  30, 1783  ;  promoted  to  wearing  the  honorary 
badge  of  distinction,  agreeable  to  Gen.  Washington's  order  of 
August  7,  1782 ;  resided  in  Washington  county,  1786. 

Smith,  Philip,  August  5,  1777—1781. 

Smith,  Thomas,  February  14, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Mifflin  county, 

Snyder,  Andrew. 

Snyder,  George,  Murray's  company  to  July,  1778,  afterwards  in  Ma- 

Snyder,  Henry,  resided  in  York  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-eight- 

Solomon,  Henry. 

Solomon,  Michael. 

Spearing,  John. 

Speer,  Edward. 

Squib,  John. 

Staght,  Richard. 

Stambaugh,  Jacob. 

Stanley,  Peter. 

St.  Court,  Samuel. 

Steed,  James,  from  Thirteenth  Penn'a ;  discharged  November,  1781 ; 
resided  in  Huntingdon  county,  1820,  aged  eighty ;  chairmaker. 

Steel,  Andrew. 

Steel,  James,  Col.  Stewart's  to  July  1778,  afterwards  in  Lt.  Col. 

Steel,  John  P. 


Steddelman,  John,  died  October  9, 1826,  at  Germantown,  aged  sev- 

Steinbach,  Jacob. 

Steinheiser,  Christian,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Lancaster 
county,  1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Stephens,  Alexander. 

Steltiuger,  John,  resided  in  Washington  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

Stevenson,  Daniel. 

Stevenson,  Stephen. 

Stewart,  Arthur,  (e.)  January  1, 1777—1781 ;  HowelPs  company  to 
July,  1778,  afterwards  in  Gosner's. 

Stewart,  William,  died  in  Washington  county,  Maryland,  March 
4,  1831,  aged  seventy-five. . 

Stone,  Conrad. 

Stolle,  Frederick,  1776,  Capt.  Pugh's;  discharged  at  Trenton,  Jan- 
uary 17,  1781 ;  resided  in  Northampton  county,  1818. 

Storne,  John,  (e,)  Col.  Stewart's  company. 

Stout,  John. 

Stover,  Nicholas,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Stoy,  Challes. 

Stowers,  John. 

Strobach,  John. 

Stroup,  Adam. 

Stubart,  William  (e)  in  Captain  Bankson's  company,  1778,  after- 
wards in  Ashmead's. 

Stud,  James,  (e.) 

Stull,  Andrew. 

Sullivan,  James. 

Sullivan,  John,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Sullivan,  Michael,  in  Murray's  company  to  July,  1778,  afterwards 
in  Major's. 

Sullivan,  Patrick,  from  First  Penn'a;  enlisted  January  1,  1777,  in 
Bankson's  grenadiers,  at  Reading;  wounded  in  the  groin,  at 
Yorktown  ;  discharged,  1783 :  resided  at  Cincinnati,  Ohio,  1818. 

Sullivan,  Thomas,  (e)  July,  1778,  Bankson's  company. 

Sullivan,  William. 

Swartz,  Frederick. 

Sergeant- Major. 

Thompson,  John,  disabled  by  cold  weather,  1777 ;  1778,  transferred 
to  Invalid  corps;  in  the  hospital,  at  West  Point,  1785. 

Tagg,  Benjamin,  April  24, 1778—1781. 

Tague,  Patrick,  (e}  September  25, 1778,  in  Marshall's,  afterwards  in 


Taylor,  George,  died  in  Schuyler  county,  Illinois,  February  10, 
1833,  aged  seventy-two. 

Taylor,  Samuel. 

Tamar,  Henry,  Finley's  company;  discharged  April  1, 1783. 

Tamor,  Thomas. 

Terney,  Matthew. 

Thompson,  George. 

Thompson,  James,  died  in  Scioto  county,  Ohio,  August  9, 1825,  aged 

Thompson,  John,  resided  in  Crawford  county,  1835,  aged  eighty- 

Thomas,  Evan. 

Thornton,  James. 

Todd,  Randall,  killed  in  action. 

Tornpkins,  John. 

Tracey,  John. 

Travis,  Andrew,  reenlisted  in  1781,  in  Fourth  Penn'a,  from  which 
he  deserted  in  April,  1781. 

Treaner,  Simon. 

Tresler,  Ludwick. 

Trett,  Thomas. 

Trexler,  David,  January  1, 1777—1781, 

Tull,  Thomas. 

Tunison ,  Anthony. 

Turk,  Hugh. 

Unroe,  George. 

Vanemaker,  Philip. 

Vankelner,  John. 

Vankelner,  Philip. 

Vansdurff,  Matthew. 

Vaughan,  John. 

Vaughan,  Nichols. 

Verkurius,  Joseph. 

Vernon,  Robert,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Vernon,  Robert,  1776,  wounded  in  the  right  arm,  at  Monmouth; 
resided  in  Mifflin  county,  in  1809. 

Sergean  t-Major. 
Weidman,  Jacob,  April  1,  1778—1781. 

Quarter-Master  Sergeant. 
Wallace,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 


Williamson,  James,  July  5, 1777—1781. 

Walker,  Samuel,  June  1,  1778—1781. 



Williams,  John,  April  20,  1777—1781. 


Webb,  Thomas. 

Weble,  Thomas. 

Woods,  Samuel. 


Wade,  Thomas. 

Wade,  William. 

Waggoner,  Jacob,  May  14, 1777—1781. 

Waldron,  Benjamin. 

Wall,  George,  January  1,  J777 — 1781. 

Wallace,  Richard,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Walter,  Christopher,  resided  in  Guernsey  county,  Ohio,  in  1820. 

Ward,  John. 

Warner,  John,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1S35,  aged  seventy-five. 

Warner,  William,  January  1,  1777 — August,  1781. 

Weidman,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Wells,  Richard. 

Wentz,  Jacob. 

Wesley,  Jared. 

West,  Thomas,  resided  in  Fayette  county,  1835,  aged  one  hundred 
and  two. 

Wharton,  Samuel,  died  in  Mifflin  county,  August  18,  1823,  aged 

Whelin,  William. 

Wheeler,  Thomas. 

White,  Thomas,  March  21,  1777—1781. 

Whipple,  George. 

Whitman,  John. 

Whitmore,  Everhard. 

Wilkins,  William,  in  Miller's  to  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Lieuten- 
ant Colonel's. 

Wilkinson,  William,  Finley's  company;  discharged  April  1, 1783. 

Willard,  William. 

Williams,  James. 

Williams,  Joshua. 

Williams,  Nathan. 

Williams,  Thomas,  died  in  Hamilton  county,  Ohio,  January  25, 
1826,  aged  eighty-one. 

Williams,  Stacy. 

Williams,  William,  August  2,  1777—1781. 

Williamson,  Daniel,  (e,)  in  Marshall's  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Williamson,  Edward. 


Williamson,  Jesse. 

Williard,  John. 

Willson,  Robert. 

Windsley,  John,  (e,)  in  Miller's  to  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Lieu- 
tenant Colonel's. 

Windolph,  Jacob. 

Winning,  James. 

Wise,  Henry. 

Wiser,  Solomon. 

Wisnam,  Joseph. 

Witherspoon,  William,  (e,)  in  Ashmead's  to  July,  1778 ;  afterwards 
in  Cobea's. 

Woolsey,  Isaac. 

Work,  William'. 

Worsham,  Joshua,  resided  in  Chesterfield  county,  Virginia,  in  1834, 
aged  eighty-six. 

Wright,  Charles. 

Wright,  Henderson. 

Wyndoff,  Matthias. 


Young,  Andrew,  (e,)  Tolbert's  company,  July,  1778 ;  afterwards  in 
Ashmead's ;  left  the  service  March  15,  1780. 

Young,  George. 

Young,  John. 

Young,  Robert,  January  1, 1777 ;  reenlisted  in  Procter's  artillery. 



JANUARY  1, 1777— NOVEMBER  3,  1783. 


O  RETURNS  of  this  regiment  have  been  found,  and 
with  the  exception  of  a  few  letters  that  relate  to  the 
regiment  incidentally,  nothing  upon  which  to  base  any 
account  at  length.  Formed  on  the  basis  of  the  Second 
battalion,  (Col.  St.  Glair's,)  it  was  recruited  in  December,  1776, 
January  and  February,  1777,  and  arranged  in  the  Continental  ser- 
vice March  12, 1777.  The  health  of  Col.  Joseph  Wood  was  impaired 
by  wounds  received  in  the  Canada  campaign,  which  induced  his 
resignation.  He  resided  in  Jonestown,  now  Lebanon  county,  in 
1785,  and  died  there  December  12, 1788,  aged  sixty-five  years.  His 
son,  Dr.  William  Wood,  practiced  medicine  at  Jonestown  for  a  long 
time,  and  died  there. 

Col.  Thomas  Craig  succeeded  him  in  the  command,  retiring  only 
in  January,  1783.  He  died  in  Allentown,  Lehigh  county,  Penn'a, 

January  20, 1832,  aged 
ninety-two.  He  is  to 
be  distinguished  from 
Capt.  Thomas  Craig,  of 
Baxter's  battalion ,  who 
was  one  of  the  commis- 
sioners of  purchase,  for  Bucks  county,  in  1780,  having  rank  of  col- 
onel in  the  militia.  Of  Lt.  Col.  Rudolph  Bunner,  formerly  a  cap- 
tain in  Second  battalion,  James  McHenry,  afterwards  Secretary  of 
War,  says,  in  a  letter  written  a  few  days  after  the  battle  of  Mon- 
mouth,  "  on  our  part,  Lt.  Col.  Bunner  was  killed,  having  very  much 
distinguished  himself  on  the  field." 

A  letter  dated  April  17,  1780,  has  the  following  account  of  Major 
Thomas  Langhorne  Byles'  death : 

"  Yesterday  morning,  a  detachment  of  200  Continental  troops, 
under  the  command  of  Major  Byles,  stationed  at  Paramus,  was 
suddenly  attacked  by  a  party  of  the  enemy,  consisting  of  200  horse 
and  400  foot.  The  attack  commenced  a  little  after  sunrise.  Major 
Byles,  besides  his  usual  patrols,  had  that  morning  sent  out  two 
parties,  each  with  a  commissioned  officer,  but  such  is  the  situation 
of  that  part  of  the  country,  intersected  with  roads,  and  inhabited 
chiefly  by  disaffected  people,  that  all  precautions  failed.  The  sen- 



tinels,  near  the  quarters,  were  the  first  that  gave  notice  of  the 
enemy's  approach.  He  immediately  made  the  best  disposition  the 
hurry  of  the  moment  would  permit,  and  animated  his  men  by  his 

exhortation  and  example. 
The  house  he  was  in  was 
surrounded.  Some  of  the 
men  began  to  cry  for  quar- 
ters ;  others,  obeying  the  command  of  the  officers,  continued  to  tire 
from  the  windows.  The  enemy  upbraided  them  with  the  perfidy 
of  asking  for  quarters,  and  persisting  in  resistance.  Major  Bylcs 
denied,  in  a  determined  tone,  that  he  had  called  for  quarter ;  but  his 
resolution  did  not  avail.  A  surrender  took  place,  and,  in  the  act, 
the  Major  received  a  mortal  wound,  with  which  he  expired.  Lieuts. 
Glentworth  and  Sherman  had  thrown  themselves  into  the  Major's 
quarters,  and  assisted  in  the  defense.  The  latter  was  wounded. 
Lieut.  Bryson,  being  a  few  days  before  detached  by  Major  Byles  to 
the  new  Bridge,  defended  that  post  with  great  gallantry,  but,  over- 
powered, he  surrendered.  He  received  great  attention  from  the 
enemy  on  account  of  his  bravery.  Such  of  the  detachment  as  could 
be  collected,  aided  by  a  few  militia,  hung  on  the  rear  of  the  enemy, 
retaking  four  wagons  and  nineteen  horses.  The  enemy  made  their 
boasts  that  as  Major  Byles  did  not  present  the  hilt  of  his  sword  in 
front  when  surrendering,  they  shot  him." 

General  Hand,  on  the  22d  of  April,  recommended  George  Tudor, 
of  the  Fourth,  "  as  an  old  and  experienced  officer,  and  one  in  every 
respect  qualified  to  fill  the  vacancy  with  credit  to  the  Line,  but  the 
rank  was  accorded  to  Capt.  William  Alexander,  of  the  Seventh 

In  July,  1778,  the  Twelfth  Penn'a,  which  had  been  reduced  to  a 
skeleton  regiment  by  exposures  as  a  picket  regiment,  being  largely 
composed  of  riflemen,  was  incorporated  with  the  Third ;  and,  on 
January  17, 1781,  the  Third  was  reorganized,  under  Col.  Craig,  and, 
after  recruiting  at  Easton,  accompanied  Gen.. Wayne  upon  the 
Southern  campaign,  or,  at  least,  the  largest  portion  of  it,  being  de- 
tached for  that  purpose. 

Capt.  James  Chrystie  was  born  near  Edinburgh,  Scotland,  in 
1750.  Came  to  Pennsylvania  in  1775.  On  the  discovery  of  Arnold 's 
plot  at  West  Point,  he  was  detailed  specially  by  Gen.  Washing- 
ton to  visit  all  the  posts.  He  served  until  the  end  of  the  war,  and 
was  said  to  be  the  oldest  captain  in  service,  except  one.  He  was 
the  father  of  Lieut.  Col.  James  Chrystie,  of  Fifteenth  United  States 
infantry,  who  distinguished  himself  at  Queenstown  in  the  war  of 
1812—1814.  They  were  both  dead  in  1824. 

Capt.  Thomas  Butler,  at  the  battle  of  Brandywine,  received  the 
thanks  of  Gen.  Washington  on  the  field  for  rallying  a  detachment 
of  retreating  troops.  He  was  a  major  at  St.  Clair's  defeat,  and  had 


his  leg  broken  by  a  ball,  and  it  was  with  difficulty  that  his  surviv- 
ing brother,  Capt.  Edward  Butler,  got  him  off  the  field.  In  1794, 
he  was  promoted  lieutenant  colonel  commandant  to  sub-legion,  and, 
in  1802,  on  reduction  of  the  army,  he  was  continued  as  colonel. 
He  died  September  7, 1805,  aged  fifty-one. 



Wood,  Joseph,  September  30, 1776 ;  resigned  July,  1777. 

Craig,  Thomas,  from  lieutenant  colonel,  August  1,  1777;  retired 
January  1,  1783. 

Lieutenant  Colonels. 

Craig,  Thomas,  September  29,  1776;  promoted  colonel,  August  1, 

Buriner,  Rudolph,  from  major,  August  1, 1777 ;  killed  at  Monmouth, 
June  28,  1778. 

Williams,  William,  from  major  Second  Penn'a,  June  28, 1778;  re- 
signed April  17, 1780.* 

Stuart,  Christopher,  from  Fifth  Penn  a,  April  17,  1780.* 

Butler,  William,  September  7,  1776,  promoted  lieutenant  colonel 

Fourth  Penn'a,  September  30,  1776. 
Harmar,  Josiah,  from  captain  First  battalion,  October  1,  1776; 

promoted  lieutenant  colonel  Sixth  Penn'a,  June  6,  1777. 
Bunner.  Rudolph,  June  6, 1777,  promoted  lieutenant  colonel,  August 

1,  1777. 
Huling,  John ,  from  captain,  August  1, 1777 ;  became  supernumerary 

July,  1778  ;  resided  at  Silver's  Spring,  Cumberland  county,  1785. 
Byles,  Thomas  L.,  exchanged  March  1,  1778 ;  joined  3d  July,  1778; 

killed  at  Paramus,  New  Jersey,  April  16,  1780. 
Alexander.  William,  from  captain  of  Seventh  Penn'a,  April  16, 

1780;  retired  July  1, 1783;  afterwards  one  of  the  surveyors  of 

military  lands ;  resided  in  Carlisle,  in  1813. 


Bunner,  Rudolph,  ranking  from  January  5,  1776;  March  17, 1777, 
to  have  rank  as  major  in  the  Continental  army  in  seniority  nex£ 
after  the  ninth  major  of  the  Penn'a  regulars. 

*  Quere?  Whether  these  dates  are  correct.  In  a  letter  dated  May  13, 
1780,  Capt.  William  Alexander  states  that  Lieut.  Col.  Williams'  resig- 
nation and  Major  Byles'  death  happened  on  the  same  day,  April  16. 


Bayard,  Stephen,  ranking  from  Januarys,  1776;  promoted  major 
of  Eighth  Penn'a,  March  12,  1777. 

Huling,  John,  ranking  from  January  5,  1776,  promoted  major, 
August  1,  1777. 

Rees,  Jo:m,  ranking  from  January  5, 1776. 

Brisban,  John,  ranking  from  January  5,  1776;  resigned  July,  1777. 

Moore,  Thomas  L.,  May  21, 1776  ;  promoted  major  Ninth  Peiin'a, 
May  12,  1779. 

Chrystie,  James,  ranking  from  August  9, 1776 ;  promoted  Novem- 
ber 11, 1776. 

Butler,  Thomas,  ranking  from  October  4, 1776 ;  retired  the  service 
January  1, 1781. 

Dunn,  Isaac  Budd,  ranking  from  October  6, 1776  ;  aid  to  Gen.  St. 
Clair,  1781. 

Moore,  Samuel,  ranking  from  November  11,  1776;  became  super- 
numerary, 1778 ;  resided  in  Lebanon  county,  1792 ;  applicant  for 
associate  judge. 

Gross,  John,  ranking  from  November  25, 1776. 

Craig,  William,  from  lieutenant,  July  4, 1777  ;  resigned  June  1, 1779. 

McCully,  George,  from  lieutenant,  October  20,  1777. 

Brodhead,  Daniel,  Jr.,  paid  from  September  1,  1777  ;  captured,  and 
lost  his  rank  while  a  prisoner. 

Eeily,  John,  transferred  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July,  1778;  trans- 
ferred to  the  invalid  regiment,  August  12,  1780. — See  vol.  n,  p. 

Henderson,  John,  May  12,  1779,  from  captain  lieutenant. 

Marshall,  John,  August  13,  1779,  vice  Capt.  Reily,  left  out  by  Gen. 
St.  Clair  in  consequence  of  his  saying  he  would  never  join  the 

Captain  Lieutenants. 

Henderson,  John,  from  first  lieutenant ;  promoted  captain  May  12, 

Marshall,  John,  rice  Henderson  promoted,  May  12,  1779;  promoted 
captain,  August  13,  1779. 

Boyd,  John,  to  be  captain  lieutenant  vice  Capt.  Lieut.  Marshall ;  re- 
tired the  regiment  January  1,  1781,  and  appointed  captain  of 
a  company  of  rangers,  in  Bedford  county.  He  married  Mary, 
daughter  of  Col.  John  Bull;  was  many  years  justice  of  the 
peace  at  Northumberland,  and  died  there  February  13,  1832, 
aged  eighty-two. 

first  Lieutenants. 

Montgomery,  James,  ranking  from  May  21, 1776 

Miller,  Benjamin,  paid  from  1st  January,  1777. 

McCully,  George,  paid  from  1st  January,  1777. 

Craig,  John,  ranking  from  November  11,  1776;  promoted  captain 
in  Moylan's  dragoons. 


Craig,  William,*  paid  as  lieutenant  from  January  1, 1776,  to  July 
4, 1777. 

Hoffner,  George,  paid  from  January  1, 1777. 

St.  Clair,  Daniel,  April  1,  1777. 

Marshall,  John,  from  second  lieutenant,  June  10, 1777 ;  promoted 
captain  lieutenant,  May  12, 1779. 

Butler,  Percival,  September  1,  1777. 

Henderson,  John,  transferred  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778; 
promoted  captain  lieutenant. 

King,  Robert,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July,  1778 ;  reported  by  Col. 
Craig  as  absent  from  the  regiment  three  years,  and  left  out.  In 
the  fall  of  1778,  he  was  with  Hartley  on  the  frontiers ;  he  re- 
sided in  Mifflin  township,  Lycoming  county,  in  1840,  aged 

Boyd,  John,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July,  1778;  promoted  captain 
lieutenant,  August  13, 1779. 

Ball,  Blackall  William,  from  second  lieutenant,  September  11, 1778. 

Engle,  Andrew,  from  second  lieutenant,  December  20,  1778 ;  re- 
tired January  1,  1781. 

Armstrong,  John,  from  second  lieutenant,  May  12, 1779 ;  a  captain 
in  1784. 

Fullerton,  Richard,  from  ensign,  May  12, 1779. 

Wigton,  John,  from  ensign,  August  13, 1779. 

Smith,  Peter,  from  ensign,  August  13, 1779. 

Jenney,  Thomas,  from  Fifth  battalion  ;  exchanged  October  25, 1780, 
Second  Lieutenants. 

Miller,  Benjamin,  dating  from  May  21, 1776;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant, January  1,  1777. 

McCully,  George,  dating  from  September  20, 1776;  promoted  first 
lieutenant,  January  1, 1777. 

Craig,  William,  dating  from  November  11, 1776;  paid  as  first  lieu- 
tenant from  January  1, 1777. 

Hoffner,  George,  dating  from  November  11,1776;  promoted  first 
lieutenant,  January  1, 1777. 

Marshall,  John,  dating  from  November  11, 1776. 

Bird,  James,  January  1,  1777. 

McDonald,  Daniel,  January  1, 1777. 

Drake,  Jacob,  January  1, 1777. 

Seily,  Charles,  paid  from  January  1, 1777,  to  April  1, 1777. 

Ball,  Blackall  William,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1,1778;  pro- 
moted first  lieutenant,  September  11,  1778. 

*  The  want  of  records  renders  this  roster  defective,  and  in  some  re- 
spects not  capable  of  explanation,  as  in  the  case  of  William  and  John 
Craig,  the  latter  ranking  the  former,  who  seems  to  have  been  promoted 
over  him.    The  greater  part  of  the  original  first  lieutenants  wanting. 
29— VOL.  X. 


Engle,  Andrew,  from  Twelfth  Fenn'a;  promoted  lieutenant,  De- 
cember 20, 1778. 

Armstrong,  John,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1,1778;  promoted 
first  lieutenant,  May  12,  1779. 


Engle,  James,  ranking  from  September  20, 1776. 

Oates,  James,  ranking  from  November  11, 1776. 

Lowes,  James. 

Coulton, . 

V  St.  Clair,  Daniel,  ranking  from  September  20, 1776  ;  died  in  Mifflin 
county,  February  18, 1833. 

Russell,  William,  from  private  in  Thompson's  rifles ;  lost  his  leg  at 
Brandywine,  by  cannon  ball,  September  17, 1779  ;  transferred 
to  Invalid  corps. 

Fullerton,  Richard,  commissioned  June  19, 1778 ;  promoted  lieuten- 
ant, May  12, 1779. 

Wigton,  John,  June  19, 1778,  promoted  lieutenant,  August  13, 1779. 

Smith,  Peter,  1779,  promoted  lieutenant,  August  13,  1779. 

Ruling,  Thomas,  June  19, 1778. 

Hamilton,  Robert,  May  23, 1779. 

Kinney,  Abraham,  May  25, 1779 ;  retired  October  17, 1780,  on  ac- 
count of  ill  health. 

Cunningham,  Peter,  paid  from  June  7,  1779;  retired  January  1, 

Brower,  Henry,  to  rank  from  August  25, 1779. 


Wigton,  John,  lieutenant,  June,  1777,  to  January,  1781. 


Fullerton,  Richard,  lieutenant ;  paid  as  ensign  and  adjutant,  June 
1,  1778,  to  June  1,  1779;  as  lieutenant  arid  adjutant,  June  1, 
1779,  to  August,  1780. 

Butler,  Edward. 

Quarter  Masters. 

Brookes,  David. 

Smith,  Peter,  lieutenant,  1779 ;  resided  in  Northampton  county,  in 
1831,  aged  eighty-one. 


Tate,  James,  appointed  August  1, 1777  ;  paid  to  July  31, 1780 ;  died 
in  1814,  at  Newtown,  Bucks  county,  Pa. 

Stewart,  Alexander,  October  6, 1779 ;  he  was  surgeon's  mate  in  the 

general  hospital  from  1776 ;  died  in  Chambersburg,  in  1793. 

Surgeon'1  s  Mates. 

Innis,  James,  appointed  August  15, 1778 ;  promoted  ensign  of  Ninth 
Penn'a  from  February  3, 1779. 

Wharrey,  Robert,  June  20, 1778. 


UARY 17,  178!. 

Craig,  Thomas,  retired  January  1,  1783. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Ilarmar,  Josiab,  from  Sixth  Penn'a ;  commission  dated  June  6, 1777. 


Alexander,  William. 


Chrystie,  James. 

Dunn,  Isaac  B. 

Keene,  Lawrence,  of  Eleventh,  January  12, 1777  ;  see  note  to  Pat- 

McCully,  George. 

Claypoole.  Abraham  G.,  of  the  Eleventh,  June  10,  1778;  retired 
January  1,  1783. 

Sproat,  William,  of  the  Fourth  ;  retired  January  1,  1783. 

Henderson,  John,  resigned  December  11, 1781 ;  captured  on  the  way 
from  Charleston  to  Philadelphia  ;  exchanged  after  the  war ; 
died  in  Washington  county,  Pennsylvania. 

Marshall,  John,  retired  January  1, 1783. 

Brady,  Samuel,  of  the  Eighth,  August  2,  1779;  retired  January  1, 
1783;  died  near  West  Liberty,  Virginia,  December  25,  1795, 
aged  thirty-nine. 

St.  Clair,  Daniel. 
Butler,  Percival. 
Ball,  Blackall  W. 
Engle,  Andrew. 

Pettigrew,  James,  of  the  Eleventh,  April  13, 1779. 
Armstrong,  John. 
Fullerton,  Richard. 
Wigton,  John,  retired  January  1, 1783. 
Smith,  Peter,  retired  January  1,  1783. 
Weitzel,  Jacob,  of  the  Eleventh,  March  11,  1780. 
Allison,  Robert,  of  the  Eleventh,  March  16,  1780;  died  in  Frank- 
lin county,  April  24, 1836. 

Thornbury,  Francis,  of  the  Eleventh,  May  25, 1780. 
Read,  Samuel, -of  the  Eleventh,  October  2, 1780. 


Cunningham,  Peter. 

Stewart,  Alexander,  retired  January  1, 1783. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
Wharrey,  Robert,  transferred  to  First  in  September,  1783. 


Bush,  John,  from  captain  lieutenant,  December  11, 1781,  vice  Capt. 
John  Henderson,  resigned. 

UARY 1,1783. 


Butler,  Richard,  June  7, 1777. 

Lieutenant  Colonel. 

Bayard,  Stephen,  September  23,  1777. 


Grier,  James,  October  23, 1777. 


Finney,  Walter,  August  12,  1776;  served  through  the  Southern 
campaign;  afterwards  associate  judge  of  Chester  county,  and 
died  April  20,  1820. 

Dunn,  Isaac  B.,  October  4, 1776 ;  aid  and  brevet  major. 

Christie,  John,  October  23,  1776. 

Bush,  George,  January  13, 1777. 

Clark,  John,  February  25,  1777,  from  First  Penn'a;  resided  in  Al- 
legheny county,  1813. 

Montgomery,  Samuel,  March  20, 1777. 

Pearson,  John,  September  7, 1777. 

McCully,  George,  September  20,  1777;  his  widow  resided  in  Alle- 
gheny county  in  1822. 

Stake,  Jacob,  November  23,  1777. 


Piercy,  Henry,  March  12, 1777. 
St.  Clair,  Daniel,  April  1,  1777. 


Crawford,  John,  April  18,  1777. 

Lodge,  Benjamin,  October  11,  1777. 

McKinney,  John,  March  18, 1778 ;  died  in  Campbell  county,  Ken- 
tucky, November  25,  1833. 

Crawford,  Edward,  March  23,  1778. 

Beatty,  Erkuries,  June  2, 1778. 

Hammond,  David,  December  8, 1778. 

Doyle,  Thomas,  March  11, 1779 ;  died  February  6, 1802 ;  his  daughter 
Mrs.  Weathers,  lived  near  Vincennes,  Indiana,  in  1830. 

Peebles,  Robert,  April  15,  1779;  mustered  out  as  captain;  resided 
in  Shippensbtirg,  in  1791. 

Strieker,  John,  May  1, 1779. 

Armstrong,  John,  May  12, 1779  ;  promoted  captain  by  brevet. 

Markland,  John,  July  1,  1779 ;  died  February  25,  1837,  aged  eighty- 
two;  buried  in  Christ  church-yard,  Philadelphia;  was  one  of 
the  commissioners  of  Philadelphia  in  1823. — See  Penn'a  Hist. 
Mag.,  1885,  p.  102. 

Pratt,  John,  January  1, 1780. 

Allison,  Robert,  March  16, 1780. 

Thornbury,  Francis,  May  25, 1780. 

Smith,  Nathaniel,  July  23,  1780. 

Read,  Samuel,  October  2, 1780. 

De  Marcellin,  A.,  January  1, 1781. 

Rose,  John,  from  Fourth,  April  1,  1781. 

Denny,  Ebenezer,  from  Fourth,  May  23, 1781 ;  died  at  Pittsburgh, 

July  22, 1822;  buried  in  First  Presbyterian  church-yard. 
N.  B. — Capt.  Pearson  has  retired  since  the  arrangement  was  made 

out,  which  brings  in  Captain  Walker,  and  Col.  Humpton  says  some 

alterations  will  probably  take  place. 

Captain  Third  Penn'a  Kegt. 

Beatty,  Erkuries. 

Quarter  Master. 
Pratt,  John. 

Rodgers,  John  R.  B. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 
Allison,  Richard. 

Jones,  David. 


A  pay-roll,  signed  by  E.  Beatty,  lieutenant  and  pay-master  of 
Third,  of  probable  date  September,  1783,  drops  the  name  of  Capt. 
John  Pearson,  and  has,  in  addition  to  the  foregoing  staff  and  offi- 
cers, the  names  of 

Finley,  Jos.  L. 
Walker,  Andrew. 

Lytle,  Andrew. 
Herbert,  Stewart. 
McMichael,  James. 

Ball,  Blackall  W. ;  was  living  in  1811. 
Davis,  Llewellyn. 
Campbell,  James. 
'Butler,  Edward. 
McKnight,  David 
Erwin,  James. 




[Those  marked  (e)  are  taken  from  a  list  in  the  Secretary's  office,  of 
soldiers  whose  depreciated  pay  escheated  to  the  State.] 

Anderson,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 


Adams,  Farmer,  T.  L.  Moore's  company,  January  1, 1777. 
Agnew,  Edward. 
Ahorn,  Philip. 

Allen,  Patrick,  killed  In  action. 
Alligan,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Anderson,  John,  March  1 , 1777 — 1781 ;  wounded  in  knee  and  ankle, 

and  transferred  to  Invalid  corps., 
Anderson,  William. 
Armstrong,  Daniel. 
Armstrong,  James,  resided  in  Franklin  county,  Ohio,  1833,  aged 

Arthurs,  James. 
Asheton,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  reenlisted  January  1, 1783; 

discharged  June  28, 1783 ;  resided  in  Philadelphia,  in  1813,  aged 



Asbmead,  Samuel. 

Atcheson,  Timothy. 

Auchmuty,  Samuel,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a:  discharged  January 

25, 1781 ;  resided  in  Augusta  township,  Northumberland  county, 

in  1835,  aged  eighty-two. 

Buchanan,  James,  Dunn's  company,  living  in  Allegheny  county, 

Boyd,  Thomas,  (e,)  in  Chrystie's  to  August,  1778;  afterwards  in 

Capt.  John  Henderson's. 


Beatty,  John. 

Benson,  Thomas,  May  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Berry,  Peter,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Brown,  Patrick. 


Bach  us,  Thomas. 

Bailey,  James. 

Baisley,  William. 

Baker,  John,  resided  in  Dearborn  county,  Indiana,  1834,  aged 

Baisley,  John. 

Banquet,  William. 

Barber,  James,  (e,)  in  Moore's  to  April,  1777  ;  afterwards  in  Dunn's. 

Barnett,  George,  resided  in  Tuscarawas  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged 

Barrett,  William. 

Bartle,  George. 

Bates,  Casper. 

Battersby,  John. 

Batton,  John,  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1832,  aged  eighty-two. 

Baumgartner,  George,  1776—1783;  served  in  Capt.  Rupp's  com. 
pany,  St.  Glair's  campaign ;  resided  in  Somerset  county,  in 

Bean,  Henry. 

Beaver,  Benjamin,  resided  in  Franklin  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

Beazo,  or  Beyerzee,  Nicholas,  January  1,  1777  ;  transferred  to  In- 
valid corps,  May,  1778. 

Bell,  James. 

Bellows,  John. 

Bender,  John,  May  1, 1778—1781. 

Bennet,  Terence,  (e,)  in  Butler's  company  to  August,  1777  ;  after- 
wards in  Dunn's. 


Bentley,  Henry,  transferred  from  Twelfth.  1778;  transferred  to 
First  Penn'a,  1781. 

Bevins,  James. 

Biddle,  Adam. 

Biddle,  John. 

Bioren,  Benjamin,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Bishop,  Richard. 

Blair,  John,  enlisted  near  London  X  Roads;  resided  in  Lancaster 
county,  1817. 

Bloomenshine,  Martin. 

Bonnel,  Paul,  from  Fourth  Penn'a;  died  in  Butler  county,  Ohio, 
August  26,  1820,  aged  fifty-nine. 

Borland,  James. 

Bough,  Joseph. 

Bowers,  William. 

Bowerman,  Peter,  (e,)  in  Gross's  company  to  April,  1777,  afterwards 
in  the  Colonel's  company. 

Boyd,  Thomas,  living  in  1789. 

Boyle,  Neal. 

Boyles,  Charles. 

Bradley,  James. 

Brady,  Thomas. 

Brannon,  John,  (e,)  January  1, 1777;  Reily's  company  to  August, 
1778 ;  afterwards  in  Capt.  John  Marshall's,  September,  1780 ; 
transferred  to  Invalid  corps. 

Briggs,  Joseph,  January  1, 1777. 

Briggs,  Richard. 

Briggs,  William,  transferred  to  sappers  and  miners ;  resided  in  Ber- 
gen county,  New  Jersey,  1818,  aged  seventy-three. 

Brooks,  Joseph. 

Brown,  James,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a;  discharged  April  1,  1780; 
died  December  6, 1820,  in  Armstrong  county,  aged  ninety-two. 

Brown,  John,  died  December  20,  1800. 

Brown,  William,  resided  in  Pickaway  county,  Ohio,  1833,  aged 

Bryan,  William. 

Bryan,  Patrick. 

Buckley,  Philip. 

Bulff,  John,  enlisted  January  27, 1781. 

Bunch,  John. 

Bunel,  John. 

Burk,  John,  May  3,  1777—1781. 

Burns,  James,  resided  in  Adams  county,  Mississippi,  1819,  aged 

Burns,  Lawrence,  (e,)  Chrystie's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  John  Henderson's. 


Burns,  Timothy. 

Burns,  William. 

Butler,  John,  transferred  to  sappers  and  miners ;  reenlisted  Decem- 
ber 3,  1781,  then  at  West  Point. 

Buxton,  John,  March  10, 1777  ;  served  seven  years  eleven  months ; 
resided  in  Montgomery  county,  1788. 


Carman,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Clendenin,  John. 

Cunningham,  Joseph,  from  private  June  1, 1777 ;  discharged  Janu- 
ary 17, 1781;  resided  in  Lack  township,  Mifflin  county,  1817. 
Ceilings,  Thomas,  from  private. 

Campbell,  George. 


Collins,  Samuel,  October  1, 1779—1781. 

Cook,  Ebenezer,  April  10, 1778;  absent  July  1, 1778,  to  February  1, 


Cain,  John. 

Calligan,  John. 

Calligan,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Camp,  Casper,  enlisted  1781,  Capt.  Bower's  company;  served 
eighteen  months ;  reen-listed,  in  1783,  in  Capt.  John  Craig's 
company  of  dragoons ;  discharged  September,  1783 ;  resided  in 
Crawford  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-four. 

Campbell,  James. 

Campbell,  Jeremiah. 

Campbell,  Patrick. 

Carr,  John,  died  in  service. 

Carr,  Michael,  resided  in  Cook  county,  Tennessee,  1837,  aged  seven- 

Carshay,  Michael. 

Cashberger,  Andrew,  February  18,  1777 — 1781. 

Casling,  George. 

Casper,  John,  January  1, 1777 ;  discharged  at  Trenton,  January  19, 
1781 ;  resided  in  Columbia  county  in  1835. 

Ceely,  George,  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  September,  1777. 

Chambers,  John,  (e.) 

Christ,  Balthus. 

Chambers,  James,  enlisted  in  Northampton  county,  1776;  resided 
in  Allegheny  county,  Maryland,  1827. 


Chambers,  John,  in  Butler's  company,  to  May,  1778;  afterwards 

in  same. 
Clark,  John,  died  in  Brown  county,  Ohio,  June  12,  1825,  aged 

Clark,  Robert. 

Cleag,  John,  T.  L.  Moore's  company,  January  1,  1777. 
Cleland,  Adam. 

Clements,  Peter,  resided  in  Union  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-four, 
demons,  John. 
Clinger,  Philip,  resided  in  Preble  county,  Ohio,  in  1833,  aged 

Clinton,  Matthew,  (e,)  of  Chrystie's  company,  January  1,  1777 — 

1781 ;  resided  in  Lancaster  county  in  1789. 
Clyon,  Philip. 
Cochran,  Blaney,  from  Miles';  died  in  Milton,  January  23,  1829, 

aged  sixty-seven. 

Collier,  Richard,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Collins,  David,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Collins,  Richard. 
Collins,  William,  died  March  3, 1819,  aged  eighty-two,  in  Dauphin 


Colter,  Andrew. 
Colter,  John. 
Connell,  Terrence. 
Conner,  Patrick. 
Conroy,  James. 
Conway,  Michael,  January  1, 1777 ;  discharged  at  Trenton ;  January 

15, 1781 ;  reenlisted ;  resided  in  Oneida  county,  New  York,  1822, 

aged  sixty-five. 
Cool,  Casper,  (e.) 

Cooley,  William,  January  1, 1777. 
Cooling,  George. 

Coon,  Phineas,  died  at  Valley  Forge,  July,  1779. 
Coontz,  Francis,  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  August  2, 1779. 
Cotter,  Edward,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Courtney,  Cornelius. 
Courtney,  William. 
Coyle,  Mark,  resided  in  Washington  county,  Indiana,  1834,  aged 

Coyle,  Robert. 

Cox,  Thomas,  June  1, 1777—1781. 
Crager,  John. 
Crager,  Robert. 
Craig,  Andrew. 

Craig,  Alexander,  (e,)  Major  Byles'  company,  1777. 
Craig,  James,  January  1, 1777,  to  1781. 


Crain,  Josiah. 

Craven,  John,  discharged  1781 ;  resided  in  western  part  of  the  State 

in  1818. 

Creamer,  Francis. 

Crole,  Casper,  Colonel's  company,  1778. 
Cummings,  Edward,  paid  as  corporal  January  1, 1777,  to  August  1, 

1779 ;  then  as  private  to  August  1, 1780. 
Cunam,  Richard,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Cunningham,  Alexander. 
Cunningham,  Robert,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Gushing,  Henry. 

Curley,  Barney,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Curtin,  John,  transferred  to  Invalid  corps. 
Curtis,  Francis. 
Cusick,  John,  March  1,  1777—1781. 


Dehart,  Abraham,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Delang,  John,  January  1, 1777—1781. 


Doyle, . 

Fife  Major. 
Dougherty,  George,  fifer,  January  1, 1777— August,  1778,  and  as  fife 

major,  to  1781. 


Dart,  Philip,  (e,)  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company  to  August,  1778 ; 

afterwards  in  Capt.  Chrystie's. 

Dagley,  James. 

Dagon,  William,  February  1, 1777—1781. 
Darley,  John. 

Darlington,  William,  April  23,  1777—1781. 
Daubert,  Christopher. 
Daugherty,  William. 
Davidson,  James. 
Davis,  James,  Stake's  company. 
Davis,  John,  Capt.  Butler's  company,  1777 ;  transferred  to  Capt. 

McClellan's ;  discharged  1781 ;  wounded  in  left  foot,  at  Block- 

House ;  resided  in  Franklin  county,  Ohio,  1829. 
Davis,  Thomas,  resided  in  Greene  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 
Day,  John. 

Day,  Moses,  resided  in  Morris  county,  New  Jersey,  1818,  aged  sixty. 
De  Dier,  John,  enlisted  1778;  appointed  wagon-master  of  regiment; 

served  until  1783 ;  died  near  Germantown,  June  14,  1824,  aged 



Deemer,  Frederick,  resided  in  Indiana  county,  1811. 

Delaney,  Daniel. 

Dempsey,  Charles,  October  1 , 1776— August  1 , 1783 ;  resided  in  Allen 
township,  Cumberland  county.  1813. 

Denmark,  John. 

Dennison,  John. 

Derr,  Matthias,  resided  in  Lebanon  county,  1834,  aged  ninety. 

Dewees,  Samuel,  resided  in  Baltimore  county,  Maryland,  1834,  aged 

Dewees,  William. 

Dick,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Dickey,  Nathaniel,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Dieli,  Daniel,  old  Third  battalion;  January  1, 1776 — 1777;  resided 
in  Lehigh  county,  1814. 

Dinger,  Michael. 

Dixon,  Jacob. 

Dixon,  Robert. 

Dixon,  William. 

Donely,  William. 

Doriohoo,  Patrick. 

Donavan  John,  January  1, 1770,  to  1780;  killed  in  action. 

Doody,  James. 

Dorman,  William. 

Doyle,  Henry,  (e,)  Major's  company,  to  1778;  left  the  army  April 
30,  1780. 

Doyle,  Samuel. 

Doud,  Michael,  January  1, 1777 ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  July, 
1779;  died  February  12, 1791. 

Dougherty,  John. 

Dowling,  Lambert. 

Downey,  Patrick. 

Driver,  Hopkins,  February  15, 1777—1781. 

Druery,  Michael,  wounded  in  the  head  and  invalided,  August  2, 
1779;  died  August  25,  1817,  in  Somerset  county. 

Duff,  James,  from  Capt.  James  Work's  company,  Flying  camp ;  dis- 
charged 1781 ;  resided  in  Washington  county,  1834,  aged  eighty- 

Duffield,  John. 

Dunivan,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Dunleavy,  Anthony. 

Durham,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Efright,  Jacob. 
Everhart,  Philip,  January  1, 1777 — December,  1778;  private  to  1781. 



Edwards,  John. 

Fife  Major. 

Evans,  Anthony,  died  in  Washington  county,  Ohio,  February  19, 
1822,  aged  sixty-seven. 


Earns,  Christian,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Ebersole,  Peter,  January  1, 1777 — 1781;  resided  in  Wythe  county, 
Virginia,  1834. 

Eicholtz,  John. 

English,  James,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a ;  transferred  to  First  Penn'a. 

English,  Joseph,  April  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Enoch,  Abraham. 

Etter,  Daniel. 

Ettinger,  Conrad. 

Evans,  Christopher,  to  Invalid  corps,  August  2,  1779. 

Evans,  Evan,  of  West  Vincent,  Chester  county. 

Everly,  George. 

Every,  Thomas. 


Ferall,  Patrick,  killed  in  action. 

Fitzsimmons,  Philip,  Byles'  company,  1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Dau- 
phin county,  1810. 

Ford,  Charles,  January  1, 1777—1781 ;  died  in  1781. 

Frazer,  James,  February  1,  1777;  transferred  to  chief's  guards; 
reenlisted  November  28, 1781. 

Funks,  William,  Sr. 


Furlieu  ,Dennis,  (e,)  in  Craig's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  John  Henderson's. 

Fagan,  Garrett. 
Fagan,  James. 
Fagan,  Michael,  paid  January  1, 1777 — 1781;  died  in  Washington 

county,  Kentucky,  1820,  aged  ninety. 
Farren,  Francis. 

Farroll,  Patrick,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Fenton,  Joseph,  November  1, 1778 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Yates  county, 

New  York,  1832,  aged  seventy-two. 
Ferguson,  William. 
Finley,  Peter. 
Fischer,  George,  March  1,  1777;  transferred  to  chief's  guards; 

reenlisted  November  30, 1781. 
Fisher,  Henry,  died  in  Columbiana  county,  Ohio,  May  1, 1826,  aged 



Fisher,  James,  died  February  1,  1798. 

Fitzgerald,  Edward. 

Fitzgerald,  John. 

Fitzgibbon,  James. 

Fleming,  Henry. 

Flinn,  James. 

Flowers,  Thomas,  resided  in  Washington  county,  Maryland,  1834, 
aged  seventy-three. 

Ford,  John. 

Francis,  Richard. 

Frapwell,  William. 

Frederick,  David,  (e,}  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company  1777 — 1781. 

Fultz,  Frederick,  wounded  in  the  head;  resided  in  Centre  county, 

Futhey,  Robert. 

Quarter- Master  Sergeant. 

Gowen,  Hugh,  discharged  in  1783;  enlisted  in  Cook's  company,  1792; 
served  three  years  in  Wayne's  campaign  ;  resided  in  Northum- 
berland county,  1820. 


Gordon,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Dauphin  county, 
in  1786. 

Graham,  David. 

Grosvenor.  Richard. 

•  Drummers. 

Grosvenor,  Richard,  died  in  Nicholas  county,  Kentucky,  November 

10,  1819. 

Gordon,  William,  (e,)  in  Chrystie's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  John  Henderson's. 


Gordon,  Abraham,  May  1, 1778—1781. 

Gable,  Isaac. 
Galbraith,  Alexander,  enlisted  March.  1781 ;  discharged  June  27, 


Gallagher,  Daniel. 
Gallagher,  James. 
Gardner,  Thomas. 
Garret,  Abraham. 
Garret,  Robert. 
Gates,  Philip. 
Geese,  Nicholas. 


Gibbs,  William. 

Gibson,  Thomas,  (e,)  Majors 's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  afterwards 

in  Major  Byles' ;  left  the  army  April  30, 1780. 
Gilbert,  Stephen,  died  November  8,  1819,  in  Berks  county,  aged 

Gilling,  Daniel. 

Gilman,  Benjamin,  January  1, 1777. 
Good,  Joseph. 
Gordon,  Joseph,  resided  in  Madison  county,  New  York,  1835,  aged 

Gould,  John. 
Gowen,  Hugh,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a;  resided  in  Northumberland 

county,  1820,  aged  sixty-six. 
Gray,  Alexander. 
Gray,  John,  July  1, 1777—1781. 
Gray,  Nathan. 
Green,  John,  in  Chrystie's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  afterwards  in 

Capt.  John  Henderson's ;  resided  in  Butler  county,  1835,  aged 

Green,  Solomon,  in  Keily's  company  to  August,  1778;  afterwards 

in  Capt.  John  Marshall's. 
Greer,  Moses,  Colonel's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  afterwards  in 

Gregory,  William. 
Grier,  George. 
Grier,  James. 

Grier,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Griffith,  John,  Major  Dunn's  company,  died  at  West  Point,  October, 


Griffith,  John,  paid  February  1,  1779,  to  August  1,  1780. 
Griffy,  Lawrence,  (e,)  in  Moore's  company  to  1778 ;  afterwards  in 

Capt.  I.  B.  Dunn's. 
Grimson,  Samuel. 
Groce,  Alexander. 
Guest,  Thomas. 

Hale,  Joseph,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Henderson,  John,  Moore's  company  to  August,  1778  ;  afterwards  in 

Colonel's  company. 
Hyde,  John,  (e,)  in  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company  to  August,  1778  ; 

afterwards  in  Capt.  Chrystie's  company. 
Huston,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 


Hamilton,  John. 

Hutton,  James,  enlisted  1778;  discharged  1783  ;  resided  near  Car- 
lisle, Pennsylvania,  1813. 

Haines,  John. 


Howard,  Daniel,  May  26, 1780—1781. 


Hackett,  Nicholas. 
Hagerman,  James,  May  20,  1777 ;   discharged,  1783 ;  resided  in 

Merion  township,  Montgomery  county,  1814. 
Hagerty,  James,  Invalid  corps,  August  2, 1779. 
Hall,  Samuel,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Hamilton,  Francis. 
Hamilton,  James. 

Hamilton,  Thomas,  resided  in  Philadelphia  in  1792. 
Hand,  Dominic. 

Hand,  Patrick,  Invalid  corps,  August  2, 1779. 
Hanlin,  Patrick,  died  in  Tyler  county,  Virginia,  February  28, 1826, 

aged  eighty-two. 
Harbeson,  Thomas. 
Hannon,  John. 

Harbolt,  Adam,  resided  in  Bedford  county,  1823. 
Hargin,  John. 

Hardy,  Thomas,  June  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Harper,  Nathaniel,  killed  in  action. 
Harper,  Thomas,  resided  in  Jefferson  county,  Tennessee,  1834,  aged 

Harper,  William,  resided  in  Morgan  county,  Tennesee,  1834,  aged 


Harris,  John,  resided  in  Lancaster  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-two. 
Harris,  Samuel,  resided  in  Mercer  county,  Kentucky,  1833,  aged 

Harris,  William,  wounded  at  Stony  Point ;  discharged  November 

4, 1783. 

Hart,  Nicholas,  died  July  10, 1821,  in  Philadelphia,  aged  eighty-three. 
Hartlinger,  Isaac. 

Hartney,  Patrick,  died  November  19,  1819,  in  Philadelphia. 
Hasson,  Barnabas,  from  Twelfth.  July  1,  1778;  Capt.  Chrystie's 

company ;  after  his  discharge,  entered  naval  service  ;  resided 

in  Centre  county,  1814. 
Hastings,  John,  died  in  Essex  county,  New  Jersey,  March  1,  1823, 

aged  seventy-one. 
Hans,  Christian. 


Haverickfir,  George. 

Heller,  John,  enlisted,  1776,  from  Allice's  company;  served  one 

year  four  months ;  resided  in  Penn  township,  Northampton 

county,  1818. 
Henning,  George. 

Henry,  George,  resided  in  Lebanon  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-one. 
Herrington,  Isaac. 

Herron,  Patrick,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Hickley,  Thomas. 
Hill,  Alexander. 

Hill,  Jeremiah,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
Hill,  John. 
Hinkle,  William. 

Holman,  George,  resided  in  Montgomery  county,  1835,  aged  ninety- 

Holt,  Lewis. 
Hooker,  William. 
Hoskins,  Isaac. 
Houghey,  Patrick. 
Howard,  Joseph. 
Howey,  William,  (e,)  Capt.  Chrystie's  company  to  September,  1778; 

and  afterwards  left  the  army,  April  9,  1780. 
Huffman,  Charles. 
Hugerman,  Henry. 

Huggins,  John,  Invalid  corps,  August  2,  1779. 
Hughes,  James,  November  13, 1776 ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards. 
Hughes,  William. 
Hugns,  William. 

Hulet,  William,  Invalid  corps,  June,  1779. 
Hummel,  Henry,  May  7,  1777 — 1781;  wounded  in  the  right  leg; 

Pennsylvania  pensioner,  1813. 
Hunter,  Benjamin,  resided  in  Pickaway  county,  Ohio,  1832,  aged 


Hurley,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Husler,  Thomas. 

Hussett,  William,  Invalid  corps,  August  2, 1779. 
Hutchinson,  Richard. 
Hutchinson,  William. 
Ingledo,  Thomas. 
Irwin,  Charles. 
Isephise,  George. 
Ivery,  Thomas,  Stake's  company. 

Jack,  Thomas,  died  in  Adams  county,  Ohio,  August  8,  1831,  aged 


Jackson,  Isaac,  resided  in  Columbiana  county,  Ohio,  1834. 
30— VOL.  X. 


Jones,  Hugh,  February  18, 1780. 


Jacob! ,  Michael. 

Jacobs,  Joseph. 

Jacobs,  Philip,  enlisted  1781 ;  discharged  1783  ;  resided  in  Lehigh 
county,  1813! 

Jacoby,  Nicholas,  died  November  1, 1832,  in  Adams  county,  aged     . 

Jamison,  John,  January  1,1777;  wounded  in  service;  discharged 

Jennings,  Edward,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Jennings,  John. 

Jennings,  Samuel. 

Jemmison,  John,  paid  January  1,1777 — August,  1780;  resided  in 
Butler  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-four. 

Johnston,  Hugh,  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1820,  aged  sixty- 

Johnston,  James,  died  in  Tioga  county,  New  York,  August  17, 
1825,  aged  seventy-three. 

Johnston,  John,  wagoner,  January  1,  1777 — 1781,  Colonel's  com- 

Johnston    Joseph,  resided  in  Beaver  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

Johnston,  Matthew. 

Johnston,  Patrick,  in  Chrystie's  company  to  August,  1778;  after- 
wards in  same. 

Johnston,  Richard. 

Johnston,  Samuel,  resided  in  Cumberland  county  in  1820. 

Johnston,  Thomas,  died  in  Jefferson  county,  Virginia,  October  19, 
1831,  aged  eighty-two. 

Jolly.  Luke. 

Jones,  Francis. 

Jones,  Hugh,  January  1,  1777;  promoted  corporal  February  18, 

Jones,  James,  resided  in  Scott  county,  Kentucky,  1833,  aged  sixty- 

Joi-dan,  Garret,  killed  in  action. 

Jordan,  John,  Westmoreland  county. 

Jouce,  John. 

Joy,  Francis. 

Joyce,  Michael. 


Kelso,  John,  January  1, 1780,  from  corporal. 

Kelly, ,  Moore's  company. 


Kennedy, ,  Huling's. 

Klaine,  George,  January  1, 1777— 1781. 


Kelso,  John,  from  private,  November  1, 1778. 

Kilpatrick,  William. 

King,  Joseph. 


Kennedy,  Robert,  January  1,  1777—1781. 


Kankton,  Daniel,  [or  Kinkan,]  February  1, 1777—1781. 

Ktiting,  Ignatius. 

Kearsey,  John. 

Keenan,  Nicholas. 

Keens,  Lewis. 

Keigar,  Henry,  (e,)  in  Reily's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  afterwards 
in  Capt.  John  Marshall's. 

Kelchner,  Matthias. 

Kellar,  Conrad. 

Kelly,  George. 

Kelly,  Thomas. 

Kelso,  John,  May  1,  1777  ;  promoted  corporal,  November  1, 1778. 

Kennard,  Benjamin. 

Kerr,  Michael. 

Keymer,  Nicholas. 

Kilbourne,  Benjamin. 

Kilp,  John. 

Kincaid,  John,  resided  in  Shelby  county,  Kentucky,  1834. 

Kirkpatrick,  William. 

Kissinger,  Charles. 

Kline,  Nicholas. 

Klinger,  Philip. 

Klingler,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1771. 

Knap,  Samuel,  resided  in  Tompkins  county,  New  York,  in  1834. 

Kusick,  John. 

Kuhn,  Frederick,  Capt.  J.  Boyd's  company ;  died  in  service. 


Lorentz,  Joseph,  transferred  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1,  1778; 
died  January  30, 1824,  in  Northumberland  county,  aged  seventy- 
eight  ;  left  widow,  Mary. 

Lorentz,  Andrew,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a;   discharged  at  Smith's 
Cove,  New  Jersey  ;  keeping  hotel  in  Sunbury,  in  1813. 

Lorentz,  Wendell,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778;  discharged 
January  17,  1781 ;  died  in  Milton,  1821 ;  left  a  widow.  Eve. 



Lock,  David,  (e,)  in  Moore's  company  to  July,  1778;  afterwards  in 
Capt.  Thomas  Butler's. 


Lackey,  Philip. 

Lafferty,  Daniel,  February  2, 1777—1781. 
y  Lane,  Edward,  killed  in  action. 

Lavery,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  died  in  Chester  county,  June 
17.  1819,  aged  sixty-nine. 

Lazarus,  Frederick. 

Learner,  Robert. 

Leary,  Daniel. 

Leary,  William,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1835. 

Leaveringhouse,  Christian. 

Lee,  Edward,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Lee,  John. 

Leland,  Patrick,  April  26, 1777 ;  Invalid  corps,  August  2, 1779. 

Lemmon,  John,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778—1781 ;  resided  in 
Armstrong  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-five. 

Lessley,  William. 

Levy,  Alexander,  drafted  into  Capt.  Eice's  artillery ;  wounded  in 
the  ankle,  near  Valley  Forge,  in  1778,  by  upsetting  of  gun-car- 
riage ;  died  October  27,  1801,  in  Lancaster  county. 

Lewis,  Samuel,  served  six  years  and  four  months  ;  resided  in  Frank- 
lin township,  Huntingdon  county,  1821,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Ligonier,  James. 

Ligonier,  John.  . 

Lipner,  Jacob. 

Lippincott,  Jedediah,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Little,  Matthew,from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778— 1781 ;  residedin 
Shamokin  township,  Northumberland  county,  1813. 

Logan,  David,  January  1,  1777 — 1781;  died  in  Northumberland 
county,  February  14,  1826,  aged  seventy-five, 

Lomax,  Charles,  (e,)  Capt.  John  Marshall's  company. 

Long,  Edward. 

Lynch,  Lawrence. 

Lyon,  Joseph. 

Sergeant  Major. 

Mitchell,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Quarter-Master  Sergeant. 
McClean,  Andrew. 

Drum  Major. 
Milton,  John,  January  1, 1777—1781. 



Martin,  Charles,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  reenlisted  in  Armand's. 
Martin,  William,  from  Second  battalion,  January  1,1777 — 1781; 

reenlisted  in  First  Partisan  legion,  Armand's. 
Mack,  Peter,  from  corporal,  January  1, 1778 — 1781. 
McCrea,  Arthur,  from  corporal,  August  1, 1780. 
McMeehan,  John,  disabled  by  rupture ;  resided  in  York  county,  in 

McLaughlin, ,  Moore's  company. 


Mustard,  Henry,  killed  in  action. 

McFaddin,  Angus. 

Mack,  Peter,  from  private,  July  15, 1777 ;  promoted  sergeant,  Jan- 
uary 1,1778. 

McCrea,  Arthur,  from  private,  November  1,  1777;  promoted  ser- 
geant, August  1, 1780. 

Minor,  John. 

Moore,  James,  (e,)  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company  before  1778,  and  in 
the  same  afterwards. 


McClelland,  John. 

Mcllvaine,  Thomas,  March  21, 1777—1781. 


McFaddin,  Joseph,  of  Capt.  James  Chrystie's  company,  1777—1781. 


McAnarmey,  Patrick. 

McAnnelly,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McAnnelly,  Patrick,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

McCarr,  John,  or  McClear,  discharged  January  16, 1781 ;  resided  in 

Fannet  township,  Franklin  county,  1835,  aged  ninety. 
Mc'Cartney,  Dennis,  transferred  to  Invalid  corps ;  died  May  23, 


McCaspy,  John. 
McClarren,  Thomas,  February,  1782,  Capt.  McCully's  company; 

discharged  1783;  resided  in  Westmoreland  county,  1820. 
McClean,  Andrew,  1777 ;  discharged  December  3, 1780  ;  resided  in 

Washington  county,  1824. 
McClean,  Charles,  January  10, 1777—1781 ;  died  December  21, 1822, 

in  Centre  county. 

McCloskey,  Cornelius,  April  1, 1778  -August  1, 1780. 
McCloskey,  John. 
McClung,  William. 
McConnel,  James. 


McCormick,  Hugh,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McCormick,  Timothy. 

McCoy,  Nicholas. 

McCoy,  William,  January  22,  1777 — 1781. 

McCrea,  Arthur,  January  1, 1777  ;  promoted  corporal  November  1, 


McCummings,  John. 
McCune,  William. 
McCurdy,  Kobert. 
McCutcheon,  Forest. 
McDermot,  John,  of  Capt.  Stake's  company ;  wounded  at  Bound 

Brook,  and  lost  his  right  arm. 

McDonald,  Charles,  (e,)  Ileily's  company  until  August,  1778  ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  John  Marshall's ;  Invalid  corps,  July,  1780. 
McDonald,  Godfrey,  January  1, 1777  ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps, 

July,  1780. 
McDonald,  John. 

McDonald,  Patrick,  July  1,  1777—1781. 
McDonald.  William. 

McDowell,  John,  died  January  22, 1819,  in  Allegheny  county. 
McElevy,  William. 
McElhone,  William. 
McElroy,  John. 
McElvay,  Hugh. 
McEntire,  Thomas. 
McFarlane,  Samuel,  discharged  at  Trenton,  1781 ;  served  three 

years ;  resided  in  Juniata  township,  Cumberland  county,  1813. 
McFatridge,  Daniel,  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1818. 
McGahy,  William,  died  in  Putnam  county,  Indiana,   September 

4, 1829,  aged  sixty-nine. 
McGary,  Neal,  from  new  Eleventh  Penn'a;  discharged  June  28, 

1783 ;  resided  in  Beaver  county,  1816. 
McGeary,  Hugh. 
McGill,  Henry. 

McGill,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
McGill,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
McGinnis,  Daniel. 
McGinnis,  John,  (1st,)  January  1,  1777 — 1781 :  resided  in  Adams 

county, 1814. 
McGinnis,  John,  (2d.) 
McGowen,  William,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
McGreggor,  Peter,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
McGuighan,  Andrew,  resided  in  Bucks  county,  1788. 
Mcllgar,  John,  January  17,  1777 — 1781. 
Mcllvaine,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Mclntire,  Daniel. 


Mclntire,  William,  died  in  Gibson  county,  Indiana,  July  8,  1821, 
aged  seventy-six. 

Mclntosh,  Morgan,  paid  at  Carlisle  in  April,  1781. 

McKann,  Charles. 

McKeever,  Angus,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a;  Capt.  James  Chrystie's 
company  ;  discharged  July  28, 1783 ;  lost  thumb  and  forefinger 
by  musket  ball,  and  wounded  in  the  thigh  with  grape  shot ;  re- 
sided in  Martinsburg,  Virginia,  1827. 

McKinley,  Duncan. 

McKinley,  John,  April  26, 1777—1781. 

McKinney,  John,  died  in  Bucks  county,  June  10, 1833,  aged  eighty- 

McKinsie,  Neal,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

McKnight,  David. 

McLaughlin,  George,  discharged  April  23,1782;  resided  in  Lan- 
caster, 1786. 

McManus,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McMath,  Daniel,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1,  1778;  discharged 
January,  1781 ;  died  in  Westmoreland  county,  March  10,  1824, 
aged  sixty-eight. 

McMichael,  James. 

McMichael,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McMullen,  Michael,  died  April  4,  1823. 

McMullen,  John,  from  Second  battalion,  January  1,1777;  in  the 
battles  of  Germantown,  Monmouth,  and  at  the  storming  of 
Stony  Point ;  at  Newark  he  and  thirty-three  other  Irishmen 
and  other  soldiers  were  captured ;  was  a  prisoner  nine  months 
and  ten  days;  rejoined  the  company  commanded  by  Capt. 
Thomas  Butler ;  then  marched  south  in  the  company  commanded 
by  Capt.  Henderson;  at  Green  Springs  and  surrender  of  Corn- 
wallis  ;  died  in  Mifflin  county,  January  3, 1832,  aged  eighty-one. 

McMullen,  William,  resided  in  Mifflin  county,  1835,  aged  eighty- 

McQuin,  Daniel. 

McVickers,  Archibald,  Stake's  company. 

Madeira,  Samuel. 

Malian,  Arthur,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Malone,  Richard. 

Malony,  Archibald,  resided  in  Tazewell  county,  Virginia,  in  1834, 
aged  eighty-three. 

Malony,  Richard. 

Manning,  Christopher,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Manuel,  Paul. 

Marr,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Columbia  county,  1815. 

Marsh,  John. 

Marshall,  James. 


Marshall,  Thomas,  (e,)  August  1, 1777—1781 ;  Lieutenant  Colonel's 

Martin,  John,  died  in  Franklin  county,  June  13, 1824,  aged  eighty. 

Martin,  Samuel. 

Martin,  William,  Capt.  Chrystie's  company,  January  1, 1777. 

Maxfield,  Henry. 

May,  Enoch. 

Maypowder,  William. 

Meagles,  John. 

Meek,  Philip,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Melton,  Richard. 

Mersheimer,  Boston. 

Messersmith,  Peter. 

Miller,  Christian,  January  1, 1777—1781 ;  resided  in  Berks  county, 

Miller,  Conrad. 

Miller,  Daniel. 

Miller,  Gavin. 

Miller,  George. 

Miller,  Samuel. 

Millrock,  August. 

Mills,  Samuel. 

Moch,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Montgomery,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Moreland,  Moses,  enlisted  in  Lancaster  county,  1777,  under  Lieut. 
.Thomas  Marshall ;  joined  at  Bound  Brook,  in  Chrystie's  com- 
pany, August,  1778;  afterwards  in  Capt.  John  Henderson's; 
served  five  years ;  resided  in  Greene  county,  1825. 

Morgan,  John,  resided  in  Greene  county,  Tennessee,  1834,  aged 

Morris,  George,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1835,  aged  sixty-eight. 

Morrison,  John. 

Moser,  Samuel. 

Moy,  Jacob. 

Moyer,  Jacob. 

Mucks,  Philip. 

Mullen,  Andrew. 

Mulvany,  John. 

Murphy,  Christian. 

Murphy,  Timothy,  (e,)  Chrystie's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  John  Henderson's  to  1781. 

Murphy,  Thomas. 

Murray,  Thomas,  resided  in  Franklin  county,  1835,  aged  eighty. 

Myers,  John. 



Nagle,  Christian,  resided  in  Berks  county,  1811. 
Niel,  Nicholas. 

Nettles,  Robert. 

Privates . 

Nace,  George. 

Nagle,  Jacob,  February  6, 1777—1781. 

Nap,  Samuel,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Nargin,  John. 

Nelly,  George. 

Nelson,  Andrew. 

New,  Christopher,  died  in  York  county,  December  1,  1826,  aged 

Newingham,  Daniel. 

Newman,  Nehemiah. 

Nixon,  Marion. 

Northbush,  William. 

Nowland,  John,  died  in  Cumberland  county,  September  12,  1827, 
aged  seventy-six. 

Noxen,  Henry. 

Noxen,  Richard,  (e,)  in  Moore's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  Dunn's. 


O'Neal,  Nicholas. 

Otty,  William,  (e,)  Major's  company,  August,  1778;  afterwards  in 
Major  Byles'. 


O'Hara,  Patrick. 

O'Hara,  William,  (e,)  Reily's  company  until  August,  1778;    after- 
wards in  Capt.  John  Marshall's. 

Oliver,  Richard. 

O'Neal,  Daniel. 

O'Neal,  James. 

O'Neal,  John,  January  1, 1780. 

Owine,  Thomas,  (e,)  in  Colonel's  company,  1777 — 1781. 

Privates.  , 

Painton,  Aaron. 

Paitsel,  Jacob,  resided  in  Botetourt  county,  Virginia,  1829. 

Palmer,  Andrew. 

Parker,  James. 

Peak,  James,  February  28,  1777 — 1781. 

Pemberton,  Christian,  wounded  at  Germantown  ;  died  in  Philadel- 
phia, May  24,  1825. 


Perkins,  Samuel,  Captain  John  Henderson's  company. 

Perry,  Martin. 

Peters,  Arnold. 

Peters,  Henry. 

Peterson,  Gabriel. 

Petre,  Anthony,  resided  in  Centre  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-two. 

Pierce,  Thomas. 

Pomeroy,  Joseph,  killed  December  23,  1779. 

Ponton,  Thomas. 

Popps,  Christopher,  died  in  Lancaster  county,  June  30,  1821,  aged 

Porter,  Samuel,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a;  detached  with  Morgan's 
Eifles  at  capture  of  Burgoyne  ;  served  through  Sullivan's  cam- 
paign ;  he  participated  in  twenty  engagements  or  skirmishes ; 
discharged  January  24,  1781 ;  died  in  Lamar  township,  (now 
Clinton  county,)  10th  January,  1825,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Powell,  Kobert,  May  1777—1781. 

Poulston,  Eobert,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778;  Invalid  corps, 
February  2, 1779. 

Pree,  John. 

Price,  John. 

Quigley,  Edward. 

Quinn,  Francis. 


Kichardson,  Ezekiel,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Quarter-Master  Sergeant. 

Eobinson  John,  from  Twelfth,  July  1, 1778;  July  13, 1779,  brigade 
conductor;  Second  brigade,  January  1, 1780. 

Eex,  Adam,  from  corporal,  February  18. 1780. 

Eex,  Adam,  January  1, 1777 ;  promoted  sergeant. 

Eeily,  John. 


Eamsey,  William. 

Eead,  Charles. 

Eeading,  Nicholas,  Invalid  corps,  May,  1780. 

Eeese,  John. 

Eeese,  Peter,  resided  in  Lykens,  Dauphin  county,  1818. 

Eedick,  William,  died  in  Claremont, county,  Ohio,  October  3, 1831, 
aged  seventy-one. 

Eedman,  John,  wounded  in  thigh  and  arm,  and  transferred  to  In- 
valid corps. 


Eeily,  William,  November  18,  1777  ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards. 
Rheam,  Nicholas,  from  Twelfth  Penu'a,  July,  1778;  discharged 

1781 ;  was  wounded  in  the  service  ;  died  in  Union  county,  1829. 
Rice,  John,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1,1778;  discharged  1783; 

in  1799,  enlisted  in  Tentli  United  States  regulars. 
Richardson,  Nightingale. 
Ricketts,  William,  June  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Reicraft,  Thomas,  May  1,  1777—1781. 
Riffett,  John. 
Rock,  Patrick. 
Robb,  William. 
Robinson,  Hugh. 
Robinson,  John,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1, 1778  ;  resided  in  Fay- 

ette  county,  1814. 
Rodman,  Christopher,  enlisted  in  Scull's  company,  from  Reading  ; 

in  the  poor-house  at  Montgomery,  Adams  county,  New  York, 

in  1819. 

Rodman,  William. 
Roe,  Joseph. 
Roland,  James. 
Rosgrove,  Henry. 
Rowan,  John,  enlisted  1780;  discharged  1783;  wounded  in  right 

knee  and  left  leg;  died  near  Mercersburg,  January  31,  1823, 

aged  sixty. 

Roush,  Jacob,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Roush,  John. 
Ruggles,  William. 
Rush,  Thomas. 

Rutton,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Ryan,  James. 

Stevens,  George. 


Seely,  Michael,  (e,)  in  Moore's  company  to  September,  1778  ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  Dunn's. 

Shire,  Conrad. 

Smith,  John,  (e,)  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company  to  August,  1778  ; 
afterwards  in  Capt.  James  Chrystie's. 

Shields,  William,  February  18,  1780. 


Sallada,  Daniel,  resided  in  Mifflin  county,  1835,  aged  ninety-six. 
Sankey,  Ezekiel,  of  York  county. 
Seaton,  Michael. 


Seel}7,  Samuel,  (e,)  Colonel's  company  to  August,  1778 ;  left  the  army 
April,  1780;  resided  in  Wayne  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-five. 

Shafer,  Frederick,  paid  March  12,  1778 — 1781 ;  died  in  Lycoming 
county,  July  29, 1832,  aged  ninety-one. 

Shafer,  Thomas,  in  Thomas  Craig's  company  to  1778 ;  afterwards 
in  Chrystie's ;  served  four  years ;  resided  in  Fallowfield  town- 
ship, Washington  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Shaw,  Abraham. 

Shaw,  John  R. 

Sheets,  William. 

Shehan,  Daniel. 

Sherman,  Adam. 

Shields,  Thomas. 

Shields,  William,  January  1, 1777 ;  promoted  corporal  February  18, 

Shillings,  John,  February  18, 1777—1781. 

Shippey.  Edward,  (e,)  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company,  August,  1778. 

Shire,  Clement. 

Shockey,  Christian,  1781 ;  from  new  Eleventh  ;  wounded  at  York- 
town  ;  died  in  Somerset  county,  April  18, 1829,  aged  seventy-six. 

Shoeman,  Adam. 

Shott,  Richard,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Shreck,  John,  alias  Rex  and  Lex,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a,  July  1, 
1778 ;  resided  in  Hunterdon  county,  New  Jersey,  1813. 

Shuttle,  Daniel. 

Sickfret,  Andrew. 

Simpson.  Nathaniel. 

Slaughter,  Henry. 

Slauterbach,  Michael. 

Sloan,  Lawrence,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Slockerman,  Christian. 

Slone,  William. 

Smith,  Conrad,  February  29,  1777;  died  Octobe'-  15,1778;  left  a 
widow  Elizabeth  residing  in  Reading,  1794. 

Smith,  George,  June,  27,  1781 ;  resided  in  Bedford  county,  1813. 

Smith,  John,  transferred  to  Eighth. 

Smith,  Nathaniel. 

Snowden,  Thomas. 

Snyder,  Frederick. 

Sommers,  George. 

Spear,  John. 

Springer,  Philip. 

Stackpole,  John. 

Standley,  Peter. 

Steel,  David,  Capt.  Chrystie's  company;  resided  in  Middleton  town- 
ship, Cumberland  county,  1793. 


Steer,  Adam. 

Stewart,  Robert,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Stone,  Richard. 

Strickworth,  Abraham,  (e,)  in  Reily's  to  August,  1778;  afterwards 
in  Capt.  John  Marshall's. 

Strieker,  Adam,  (e,)  in  Lientenant  Colonel's  company. 

Strouss,  George,  January  1, 1777—1780. 

Stump,  John,  died  December  16, 1810,  in  Philadelphia. 

Sullivan,  Daniel,  died  in  Clarke  county,  Indiana,  1822,  aged  eighty- 

Sullivan,  Owen. 

Sweeney,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Sweeney,  Hugh,  1776—1783. 

Symonds,  Isles. 


Toy,  John,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Tuncks,  William,  Sr.,  January  1, 1777 ;  discharged  January  24, 1781 ; 
reenlisted  September  12. 1781.    He  and  his  two  sons  below,  re- 
sided in  the  State  of  Delaware,  in  1793. 

Tuncks,  William,  Jr.,  June  1, 1777  ;  discharged  January,  1781. 

Tuncks,  John,  June  1, 1777 — 1781. 


Tackey,  Thomas. 

Taylor,  George,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Teal,  Leonard. 

Templer,  Thomas. 

Tennant,  William,  resided  in  Lancaster  county,  1835,  aged  eighty. 

Thompson,  James. 

Thompson,  Matthew. 

Thompson,  Nathan. 

Thompson,  Samuel,  April  1,  1778—1781. 

Thoomy,  Marty. 

Tiel,  Jeremiah,  April  29, 1777—1781. 

Toner,  James. 

Toner,  John. 

Toole,  John. 

Totten,  John. 

Tripner,  George,  Sr. 

Tripner,  George,  Jr.,  resided  in  Philadelphia,  1835,  aged  eighty-two. 

Trueman,  William. 

Turner,  James. 


Yerner,  Robert,  January  1,1777 — 1781;  resided  in  Westmoreland 
county,  1813. 



Vangorden,  Jeremiah. 

Varuer,  Philip,  May  15, 1778—1781 ;  also,  served  in  Southern  cam- 
paign, Capt.  Finley's  company;  discharged  at  Philadelphia, 
1783 ;  resided  in  Fayette  county,  1816. 

Vernor,  John. 

Vinegardner,  John,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1835,  aged  eighty- 


"Watson,  John,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Whitman,  Uriah. 
Whitesides,  James,  Capt.  Wilkins'  company;   killed   at    Green 

Springs,  Virginia,  July  6,  1780. 
Winand,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Wimmer,  John. 

William,  Peter,  pensioned,  act  February  2, 1802. 


Williams,  William,  May  1, 1777 — October  1, 1778:  as  private  then 
to  1781. 


Wallizer,  Michael,  from  Miles'  regiment;  discharged  at  Lancaster, 
1782 ;  resided  in  Derry  township,  Columbia  county,  in  1830. 

Walker,  Andrew. 

Walker,  John,  resided  in  Oneida  county,  New  York,  1835,  aged 

Walter,  Michael,  (e,)  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company,  1777—1781. 

WTaltman,  Frederick,  died  in  York  county,  August  23,  1825,  aged 
seventy-one.  ^ 

Walton,  George. 

Waltz,  Michael. 

Way,  Samuel. 

Wear,  Cornelius. 

Weary,  John. 

Weaver,  John. 

Weaver,  Henry,  resided  in  Lebanon  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

Webb,  Andrew. 

Webb,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Wegel,  John,  May  17, 1781. 

Weiss,  John,  resided  in  Northampton  county,  1791. 

Welsh,  William. 


Werner,  Robert. 

Wernor,  John. 

White,  Charles. 

White,  Joseph. 

Whitesides,  James,  from  the  Sixth;  promoted  sergeant. 

Whitman,  Godfrey,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Whitman,  Ulrich. 

Wildgoose,  Michael,  (e,)  Lieutenant  Colonel's  company,  1777—1780; 
from  Buffalo  township,  Northumberland  county. 

Wilhelm,  Adam,  Craig's  to  September,  1778  ;  afterwards  in  Lieu- 
tenant Colonel's  company. 

Wilhelm,  Henry,  resided  in  Berks  county,  1813. 

Williard,  John,  June  1,  1777—1781. 

Willet,  Richard,  enlisted  May  30, 1781. 

Williams,  John,  died  in  Hamilton  county,  Ohio,  December  25, 1823, 
aged  seventy. 

Wills,  Enoch,  February  1, 1777  ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards ;  ree'n- 
listed  December  3, 1781. 

Wilson,  James. 

Wilson,  Robert,  from  Twelfth  Penn'a',  July  1, 1778  ;  died  in  Beaver 
county,  October  20,  1824,  aged  eighty-six. 

Wilson,  William,  1777—1780 ;  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1826. 

Winer,  Henry. 

Wismore,  Abraham. 

Witheram,  John. 

Wolfe,  John. 

Woodolph,  James. 

Woods,  Christopher. 

Woods,  Thomas,  (e,)  in  Chrystie's  company,  August,  1778;  after- 
wards in  Henderson's  ;  died  in  Brown  county,  Ohio,  December 
20, 1833,  aged  seventy-five. 

Wolfang,  David. 

Work,  William,  May  6,  1777—1781. 

Wortman,  Ephraim. 

Wren,  Joseph,  from  Seventh  Penn'a;  discharged  September  2, 
1783 ;  died  in  York  county,  July  9,  1827,  aged  eighty-nine. 

Wylie,  Robert. 

Wyner,  Henry. 

Yost,  Martin. 

Young,  Jacob. 

Young,  Robert. 

Zane,  John. 



[See  similar  list  to  First  Penn'a  for  explanation.) 
'Capt,  George  McCully^s  Company. 

Ayres,  Isaac. 

Burnis,  Michael. 

Davis,  Morris. 

Frederick,  John. 

Fulmer,  Joseph. 

Goff,  John. 

Gray,  Samuel,  joined  Major  Lee's  corps. 

Griffy,  Howard. 

Hanley,  John. 

Hanusey,  William. 

Irvine,  John. 

McMillen,  James. 

Marks,  William. 

Maus,  Alexander. 

Myers,  Adam. 

Nice,  George. 

Olin,  Andrew. 

Shirtle,  John. 

Spence,  John. 

Stump,  George. 

Watt,  William. 

Weaver,  Adam. 

Weaver,  John. 

Wilson,  William. 



JANUARY  1,  1777— NOVEMBER  3, 1783. 

31— VOL.  X. 


IJOL.  SHEE'S  Third  battalion,  under  Col.  Cadwalader, 
by  reenlisting,  formed  the  Fourth  Pennsylvania  regi- 
ment; J)ut  as  nearly  his  whole  battalion  was  captured 
at  Fort  Washington,  November  16,  1776,  it  really  be- 
came a  new  regiment,  recruited  in  January  and  February,  1777.  A 
return  dated  June  30, 1777,  shows  the  number  recruited  and  brought 
into  the  field,  as  follows : 


Capt.  Scull's  company, 55 

Capt.  Gray's  company, 42 

Capt.  Fishbourne's  company, 55 

Capt.  McGowan's  company, 58 

Capt.  Burd's  company, 43 

Capt.  Cross'  company, 26 

Capt.  Connelly's  company, 97 

Capt.  Mear's  company, 63 





Of  these  one  hundred  and  ninety-six  are  reported  present,  fit  for 
duty;  two  sick,  present;  thirty-eight  sick,  absent ;  twenty-eight  on 
command;  one  hundred  and  twenty -one  deserters;  five  discharged; 
eighteen  claimed;  seventeen  dead;  fifteen  prisoners  of  war;  com- 
missioned officers  and  staff,  thirty-three. 

A  return,  dated  June  6,  signed  by  Marien  Lamar,  major,  gives 
the  strength,  as  present  at  the  lines,  fourteen  officers,  twelve  ser- 
geants, fourteen  drummers,  and  two  hundred  and  thirty-eight  rank 
and  file;  recruiting,  ten  officers,  three  sergeants,  and  drummer; 
total  strength,  thirty-six  line  officers,  eighteen  sergeants,  sixteen 
drums  and  fifes,  two  hundred  and  forty-five  rank  and  file.  Another, 
dated  November  1, 1777,  shows  of  the  rank  and  file  present,  fit  for 
duty,  sixty-nine;  on  duty,  eleven;  sick  at  Morristown,  five;  at 
Trenton,  nine;  at  Reading,  eight;  Bethlehem,  nine;  sick,  present, 
nine;  on  command,  &c.,  fifty;  Capt.  Gray,  on  command  with  in- 
fantry; Lieuts.  Calhoun,  Lewis,  and  Blewer,  prisoners  of  war; 
Lieuts.  Campbell  and  Beatty  wounded,  &c. 



The  regiment,  during  all  of  its  active  service,  was  under  the  com- 
mand of  Lieut.  Col.  William  Butler,  Col.  Cadwalader  being  a  pris- 
oner on  parole.  Shortly  after  the  battle  of  Monmouth,  June  28, 
1778,  Col.  Butler  was  ordered  to  Schoharie,  New  York,  with  his 
regiment,  and  a  detachment  from  Morgan's  rifles,  under  Major  James 
Barr,  late  of  First  Pennsylvania,  and  Capt.  Long,  of  the  Maryland 
line,  to  defend  the  frontiers  of  New  York,  and  to  chastise  the  In- 
dians. A  return,  among  the  Hand  Papers,  dated  at  Schoharie,  Oc- 
tober, 1778,  gives  the  strength  of  the  Fourth,  present,  as  one  lieu- 
tenant colonel,  major,  five  captains,  six  lieutenants,  adjutant,  pay- 
master, and  quarter-master ;  present,  on  duty,  one  hundred  and 
twenty-four;  sick,  present,  eleven;  sick,  absent,  forty-three;  on 
command,  twelve,  llifle  corps,  one  major,  four  captains,  four  lieu- 
tenants, one  ensign;  total  strength,  one  hundred  and  twenty-two. 
The  following  letter,  details  one  of  their  expeditious: 

Col.  Butler  to  Gen.  Stark. 

"SCHOHARIE,  October  16th,  1778. 

"  DEAR  GENERAL  :  Last  evening,  greatly  fatigued,  I  returned 
from  our  Indian  expedition,  and  embrace  this  early  opportunity  to 
give  you  a  sketch  of  it,  extracted  from  my  journal. 

"  Oct.  1st.  As  I  intended  marching  the  next  day,  I  detached  Lieut. 
Stevens,  with  twelve  men,  a  subaltern,  and  the  privates  of  the 
militia  to  the  frontiers  of  the  settlement,  to  guard  the  roads  and 
passages  leading  to  the  enemy  to  prevent  any  intelligence  being  car- 

"  2d.  P.  31.  I  marched  the  troops,  consisting  of  the  rifle  corps, 
Fourth  Pennsylvania  regiment,  and  twenty  rangers,  with  six  days' 
provisions  on  their  backs,  and  five  on  the  pack-horses.  We  moved 
this  day  twelve  miles,  to  one  Matthias's,  without  anything  material 

"  3d.  Marched  early  this  morning ;  arrived  at  Mr.  Sawyer's,  on  the 
head  of  Delaware,  being  fifteen  miles.  Rainy,  disagreeable  weather, 
and  very  bad  road. 

"4th.  The  weather  being  clear,  about  ten  o'clock,  A.  M.,  pro- 
ceeded to  Cowley's,  down  the  Delaware,  ten  miles. 

"5th.  Continued  down  the  course  of  the  Delaware  fifteen  miles 
further ;  we  then  left  it  and  struck  across  the  mountains  for  the 
Susquehannah.  This  day  we  marched  eighteen  miles. 

"  6th.  Began  our  march  early  this  morning,  and  at  dusk  arrived 
within  eight  miles  of  the  Unadilla  settlement.  I  here  detached 
Lieuts.  Stevens  and  Long  with  small  parties  to  make  prisoners  of 
some  inhabitants  who  lived  within  four  miles  of  the  Unadilla.  I 
then  continued  my  road  in  the  night,  in  order  to  be  better  concealed, 
and  within  a  smaller  distance  from  the  settlement,  from  whence  I 
I  might  make  the  attack  early  in  the  morning.  But  after  having 
marched  about  seven  miles,  I  met  the  parties  who  were  detached 


with  one  prisoner ;  he  told  me  that  the  enemy  had  left  the  place 
some  days  before,  and  were  gone  for  Anaquago.  This  day  marched 
twenty-four  miles. 

"•  7th.  Early  this  morning  detached  Lieut.  Stevens  with  a  few 
men  to  Unadilla,  to  make  a  prisoner  of  one  Glagford,  who,  I  in- 
tended should  guide  me  to  Anaquago.  This  he  effected,  and  after 
the  troops  had  cooked  their  provisions  and  rested  themselves  a  little, 
we  marched  five  miles  beyond  the  Unadilla,  having  crossed  the  Sus- 
quehanna  three  times  beyond  Unadilla.  At  the  third  place  of  cross- 
ing the  Susquehanna,  my  advance  guard  discovered  a  fresh  track 
of  a  man,  who,  I  imagined,  had  been  left  by  the  enemy  to  give  them 
the  earliest  intelligence  of  our  movements.  I  immediately  sent 
three  runners,  who  followed  the  track  eight  miles,  when  night  com- 
ing on,  they  were  obliged  to  return.  I  then  ordered  off  Lieut.  Ste- 
vens about  ten  o'clock  at  night,  to  advance  and  reconnoitre  the 
country  about  Anaquago,  and  meet  me  the  next  day  with  his  report. 

"  8th.  About  two  o'clock  this  morning  came  on  a  very  heavy  rain, 
which  put  me  in  a  very  distressing  situation,  being  in  the  woods 
without  any  means  for  keeping  our  arms  dry,  in  great  danger  of  the 
rivers  rising  so  as  to  prevent  my  advancing,  besides  the  difficulty 
in  returning.  About  eight  o'clock,  A.  M.,  the  weather  cleared  up. 
After  cleaning  the  arms,  we  continued  the  march.  About  three 
miles  from  Anaquago,  I  met  Mr.  Stevens,  who  gave  me  as  good  a 
description  of  the  settlement  as  he  was  able  to  discover  from  the 
adjacent  mountains.  The  Susquehanna  being  between  me  and 
Anaquago,  I  thought  it  best  to  cross  in  the  night  and  attack  the 
town.  To  prevent  their  ambuscading  me  in  crossing  the  river, 
(which  at  this  place  is  about  two  hundred  and  fifty  yards  wide,  and 
took  the  men  to  their  middle  in  wading  it,)  I  ordered  the  two  com- 
panies of  riflemen  to  march  in  front,  and  on  the  discovery  of  an 
enemy,  to  file  off  to  the  right  and  left  and  attack  the  flanks,  while 
the  musquetry  with  fixed  bayonets  charged  the  centre.  In  this 
order  I  crossed  the  river  and  took  possession  of  the  town  without 
interruption,  the  enemy  having  that  day  left  it  in  the  greatest  con- 
fusion, leaving  behind  a  large  quantity  of  corn,  their  dogs,  some 
cattle,  and  a  great  part  of  their  household  furniture.  I  ordered  a 
number  of  fires  to  be  built  to  make  my  little  party  appear  as  formid- 
able as  possible.  We  here  fared  sumptuously,  having  poultry  and 
vegetables  in  great  abundance. 

"  9th.  By  day  light,  Major  Church  with  a  party  crossed  over  the 
river,  (their  settlements  are  on  both  sides,)  and  burned  that  part 
of  the  settlement  consisting  of  ten  good  frame  houses,  with  a  quan- 
tity of  corn,  and  brought  off  some  cattle.  Some  of  the  pack  horses 
having  strayed  a  distance  from  the  town,  their  keepers  went  in 
quest  of  them,  and  without  their  arms,  though  contrary  to  frequent 
orders.  About  half  a  mile  from  the  party  they  were  fired  on  by  an 


Indian  who  lay  concealed  within  twenty  yards  of  them ;  he  missed 
them,  but  immediately  loading,  he  fired  again,  and  shot  one  of  them 
in  the  head.  As  soon  as  I  heard  the  discharge  of  the  gun,  I  marched 
my  whole  party  with  all  their  baggage  to  the  place,  being  down  the 
river.  I  found  the  man  with  part  of  his  brains  out.  Thinking  they 
might  be  some  straggling  fellows  left  to  carry  intelligence,  I  marched 
my  party  a  mile  or  two  f urthendown  the  river,  and  then  sent  Capt. 
Barr  about  three  miles  lower  to  burn  a  castle,  and  to  deceive  them 
by  a  feigned  pursuit.  When  Capt.  Barr  returned,  we  marched  back, 
set  fire  to  all  the  town  except  one  house,  and  about  three  o'clock, 
p.  M.,  began  our  return,  marching  now  from  the  left,  the  musketry 
in  front  with  bayonets,  with  orders,  in  case  they  should  ambuscade 
us  in  re-crossing  the  river,  which  I  much  expected,  to  advance  and 
charge  bayonets,  but  we  met  with  no  interruption.  We  marched 
twelve  miles  this  day,  burning  everything  before  us. 

'k!0th.  About  one  o'clock  this  morning  came  on  a  very  heavy 
rain,  which  continued  all  day.  At  day  break  marched,  it  still 
raining  excessive  hard,  and  the  creeks  rising  very  fast.  After 
marching  about  ten  miles,  we  came  to  a  creek  so  high  that  the  pack 
horses  were  obliged  to  swim,  and,  with  the  greatest  difficulty,  got 
the  troops  over  by  falling  trees,  &c.  On  coming  to  the  crossing 
place  on  Susquehanna,  it  was  so  high  that  on  any  other  occasion 
the  crossing  it  would  have  been  thought  impracticable,  but  our 
provisions  being  almost  expended,  it  rendered  our  case  desperate. 
I,  therefore,  by  mounting  the  men  on  horses,  (who  were  obliged  in 
some  places  to  swim,)  got  the  troops  all  transported,  and,  by  going 
over  the  mountains,  evaded  the  two  other  places.  This  day  burned 
all  the  houses  in  Unadilla  settlement  that  were  on  the  South  side 
of  the  Susquehanna,  except  Glagford's.  We  also  burned  a  saw- 
mill and  grist-mill,  the  latter  was  the  only  one  in  the  country.  We 
marched  four  miles  on  this  side  of  the  Unadilla,  having  marched 
in  all  this  day  twenty  miles. 

"  llth.  This  day  ordered  the  troops  to  rest,  and  clean  their  arms, 
and  prepared  a  raft  to  transport  some  men  over  the  Susquehanna. 
to  burn  the  other  part  of  the  Unadilla  settlement. 

"12th.  Lieut.  Long,  with  one  private,  crossed  on  the  raft,  and 
burned  all  the  houses.  According  to  my  computation,  I  think  there 
was  upwards  of  4,000  bushels  of  grain  destroyed  at  Anaquago  and 
Unadilla.  Marched  about  twelve  miles.  Water  still  very  high. 

"  13th.  Marched  this  day  twenty-five  miles.  Found  it  impossible 
to  cross  the  Delaware,  and,  by  the  negligence  of  the  guide,  in  at- 
tempting to  evade  crossing  the  river,  we  lost  our  way. 

"  14th.  With  some  difficulty,  got  on  the  road,  and,  about  eleven 
o'clock,  P.  >i.,  arrived  at  Cowley's,  being  the  first  inhabitants  on 
the  frontier  settlement  between  that  and  Unadilla.  Marched  this 
day  to  Mr.  Sawyer's,  being  in  all  about  fourteen  miles. 


"  15th.  Marched  this  day  to  Matthias's,  fifteen  miles. 

"  16th.  About  two  o'clock,  the  troops  returned  to  this  place,  when 
I  ordered  thirteen  rounds  of  cannon  to  be  fired,  and  a  feu  de  joie, 
as  a  compliment  which  I  thought  due  to  the  brave  troops,  who, 
with  the  greatest  fortitude,  surmounted  each  difficulty. 

"  You  will  excuse  the  incorrectnesses  which  you  must  find  in  my 
piece,  and  attribute  them  in  some  n^asure  to  the  great  haste  I  am 
in  to  let  you  know  of  my  return. 

"  I  am,  Sir,  your  most  humble  servant,- 


Simm's  History  of  Schoharie  County,  page  300,  etc.,  gives  inter- 
esting details  of  some  of  the  characters  in  the  Fourth  Penn'a,  and 
how  the  winter  was  spent. 

A  monthly  return  of  the  detachment  under  Col.  William  Butler, 
dated  June  13,  1779. 

Rifle  Corps. — Major,  captain,  one  lieutenant,  one  ensign,  adju- 
tant, paymaster,  quartermaster,  surgeon,  sergeant  major,  and 
quartermaster  sergeant,  ten  sergeants,  and  fifty-eight  privates  fit 
for  duty  present ;  sick,  seven ;  on  command,  thirty-four ;  on  fur- 
lough ,  one ;  total,  one  hundred. 

Fourth  Penn^a. — Lieutenant  colonel  commandant,  major,  four 
captains,  five  lieutenants,  adjutant,  paymaster,  quartermaster,  sur- 
geon, sergeant  major,  quartermaster  sergeant,  drum  major,  fife 
major,  twenty  sergeants,  eleven  drums  and  fifes,  one  hundred  and 
forty-eight  privates  present  fit  for  duty;  thirteen  sick;  thirty-two 
on  command ;  total,  one  hundred  and  ninety-three.  All  ensigncies 
marked  vacant. 

Capt.  Fishbourne,  as  aid  to  Gen.  Wayne,  from  February  17, 

Capt.  Edwards,  with  Gen.  Lee,  A.  D.  C. 

Lieut.  Sproat,  with  Gen.  Hand,  A.  D.  C. 

Lieut.  Blewer,  prisoner  of  war,  October  4, 1777. 

Lieut.  Ramsay,  absent  without  leave,  10  May,  1779. 

Capt.  Tudor,  Lieut.  Polan,  and  Lieut.  Evans  on  command  at 

In  June,  1779,  Gen.  James  Clinton's  command  assembled  at  Cana- 
joharie,  and  Col.  Butler's  command  was  ordered  to  make  a  junction 
with  it.  They  crossed  to  the  foot  of  Otsego  lake,  and  thence  made 
their  way  down  the  river.  Lieut.  Thomas  Boyd,  the  leading  scout, 
reaching  Gen.  Sullivan's  head-quarters  at  Tioga  Point,  on  the  20th 
of  August.  For  the  part  taken  in  Sullivan's  expedition,  reference 
is  made  to  Col.  Adam  Hubley's  journal,  printed  in  historical  note 
to  new  Eleventh,  posteo,. 


From  the  Hand  Papers  it  appears  the  regiment,  on  the  25th  of 
March,  1780,  was  in  Hand's  brigade. 

for  duty. 

William  Butler's  regiment, 117 

Adam  Hubley's,     189 

Moses  Hazen's, 256 

James  Livingston's, f 70 



Brig.  Maj. 

Erkuries  Beatty,  whose  memoranda  give  some  data  of  the  ser- 
vices of  this  regiment,  served  as  a  private  in  a  New  Jersey  battalion, 
at  the  age  of  seventeen  ;  was  sergeant  at  Long  Island  and  White 
Plains,  prior  to  his  promotion  in  this  regiment ;  was  engaged  with 
it  at  the  battle  of  Brandywine ;  wounded  at  Germantown,  and  re- 
joined in  1778;  engaged  at  Monmouth,  and  went  with  it  north  in 
Van  Schaick's  expedition,  western  New  York,  in  April,  1779;  with 
Sullivan,  at  Newtown,  August  29,  1779;  Morristown,  winter  of 
1779-80;  August,  1780,  at  Tappan ;  winter  1780-81,  Morristown; 
marched  south  with  Gen.  Wayne,  May  26, 1781 ;  in  the  action  at 
Jamestown  and  Yorktown ;  then  detailed  to  guard  prisoners  at  Lan- 
caster ;  mustered  out  November  3,  1783 ;  then  acted  as  clerk  in  the 
war  office  for  several  years,  settling  up  the  accounts  of  the  Penn- 
sylvania Line;  in  1786-87-88,  paymaster  to  the  western  army;  1789-90, 
commanded  at  Vincennes.  on  the  Wabash  ;  major  under  St.  Clair, 
but  sent  back  with  a  detachment  before  the  defeat ;  resigned  Jan- 
uary 11, 1793;  he  married  the  widow  of  Major  William  Ferguson, 
who  was  killed  at  St.  Clair's  defeat ;  resided  thereafter  at  Prince- 
ton, New  Jersey,  where  he  died,  February  3, 1823,  aged  sixty-four. 
His  son,  Charles  Clinton  Beatty,  L.L.D.,  founder  of  Steubenville 
Female  Seminary,  still  living  in  1880. 



Cadwalader,  Lambert,  commissioned  October  25,  1776;  captured 
November  16, 1776,  and  paroled,  therefore  never  in  active  com- 
mand; his  resignation  was  accepted  January  22, 1779 ;  died  at 
Trenton,  New  Jersey,  September  12, 1823. 

Butler,  William,  lieutenant  colonel  commandant,  January  22, 1779. 


Lieutenant  Colonels. 
Brodhead,  Daniel,  from  Miles'  regiment,  October  25, 1776;  promoted 

colonel  of  the  Eighth  Penn'a,  March  12,  1777,  to  rank  from 

September  29. 1776. 
Butler,  William,  commission  dated  September  30, 1776 ;  promoted 

to  commandant,  January  22,  1779. 


West,  William,  commissioned  October  25, 1776,  prisoner  of  war. 

Lamar,  Marien,  from  captain  First  battalion,  to  rank  from  Sep- 
tember 30, 1776;  killed  at  Paoli,  September  20, 1777.* 

Church,  Thomas,  from  Fifth  Penn'a;  commission  dating  from 
March  1, 1777 ;  retired  the  service,  January  1, 1781 ;  died  near 
Coventryville,  Chester  county,  Pennsylvania. 

Scull,  Edward,  of  Reading,  from  adjutant  of  Col.  Henry  Haller's 

battalion ,  Flying  Camp,  January  3, 1777 . 
Gray,  William,  from  lieutenant  of  Miles',  January  3, 1777;  retired 

January  1, 1781. 
Fishbourne,  Benjamin,  from  Second  battalion,  January  3,1777; 

aid-de-camp  to  Gen.  Wayne. 

McGowan,  John,  from  Miles',  January  3, 1777  ;  brigade  major,  Oc- 
tober, 1777  ;  wounded  at  Germantown ;  transferred  to  Invalid 

corps,  February  3, 1781. 

Burd,  Benjamin,!  from  First  Penn'a,  January  3, 1777. 
Cross,  William,  from  Moylan's,  January  3, 1777. 
Connelly,  Robert,  from  lieutenant  Third  battalion,  January  3, 1777 ; 

became  supernumerary  July,  1778 ;  resided  in  Lycoming  county, 

Mears,  John,  of  Reading,  July  3, 1777  ;  served  until  May  26, 1778; 

wounded  at  Brandywine ;  founder  of  the  town  of  Catawissa, 

where  he  died  in  1819. 

*  His  last  words  were,  "  halt,  boys,  give  these  assassins  one  fire !"  He 
was  instantly  cut  down.  He  was  probably  from  Northampton  county. 
Lamar  township,  in  Centre,  (now  Clinton,)  was  named  for  him  in  Au- 
gust, 1817,  by  Judge  Jona.  Walker. 

t  NOTE. — From  his  statement,  it  appears  "  he  participated  in  the  bat- 
tles of  Trenton  and  Princeton,  (as  lieutenant  of  First  Penn'a;)  com- 
manded the  left  platoon  of  Gen.  Wayne's  division  at  Brandywine ;  acting 
as  major  after  Major  Lamar  fell  at  Paoli ;  acting  as  such  at  Germantown. 
After  the  battle  of  Monmouth,  he  was  detached  with  the  rest  of  the 
regiment  to  New  York,  after  which  he  retired  from  the  army."  He 
settled  at  Fort  Littleton,  then  me  Fed  into  Bedford,  where  he  died  Oc- 
tober 5,  1823,  aged  seventy. 


Williams,  Joshua,*  joined  October  21, 1777;  became  supernumer- 
ary July,  1778. 

Tudor,  George,  from  Third  battalion,  joined  after  his  exchange  in 
May,  1778,  at  Schoharie;  promoted  major  of  Fifth,  to  date 
from  April  17,  1780. 

Bettin,  Adam,  from  Third  battalion,  joined  after  his  exchange  in 
April,  1778 ;  transferred  to  Tenth  Penn'a,  as  captain  lieuten- 

Bicker,  Henry,  Jr.,  from  Third  battalion,  May  15,  1778;  joined 
after  his  exchange. 

Duguid,  John,  from  first  lieutenant,  Third  battalion,  was  not  ex- 
changed until  October  25, 1780;  died  in  August,  1787. 

Brown,  David,  from  first  lieutenant;  resigned  April  17,  1779. 

Henderson,  William,  from  lieutenant,  May  16,  1778,  succeeding 
Capt.  Edward  Scull. 

Sproat,  William,  from  captain  lieutenant,  April  17,  1779 ;  trans- 
ferred to  the  Third  Penn'a,  January  17, 1781. 

Campbell,  Thomas,  from  captain  lieutenant,  January  1, 1781. 

Captain  Lieutenants. 

Brown,  David,  from  first  lieutenant ;  promoted  captain. 
Sproat,  William,t  to  be  captain,  vice  Capt.  David  Brown,  resigned, 

April  17,  1779. 
Campbell,  Thomas,t  from  lieutenant ;  promoted,  t- ice  Capt.  Lieut. 

Sproat  promoted. 

First  Lieutenants. 

Fitz  Randolph,  Edward,  January  3, 1777;  resigned  May  10, 1779. 

Calhoun,  William,  January  3, 1777;  prisoner  of  war,  November  1, 

Henderson,  William,  from  ensign  of  Atlee's,  January  3,  1777;  pro- 
moted captain,  May  16,  1778. 

Lewis,  Abraham,  January  3, 1777;  prisoner  of  war,  November  1, 
1777 ;  became  supernumerary,  July,  1778. 

Brown,  David,  February  18, 1777 ;  first  lieutenant  of  Capt.  Burd's 

Campbell,  Thomas,  January  3,  1777;  wounded  at  Germantown; 
promoted  captain  lieutenant,  vice  Sproat. 

*Capt.  Williams  was  commissioned  May  25,  1775,  adjutant  of  Fifth 
battalion  of  associators  of  York  county,  and  captain  of  a  company  in 
the  Flying  Camp,  September,  1776.  He  then  raised  an  independent 
company,  of  which  Alexander  Ramsay  was  a  lieutenant,  which  was  an- 
nexed to  Fourth  Penn'a,  October  21,  1777.  Capt.  Williams  died  at 
Bellefonte,  December  12,  1825,  aged  eighty-one. 

t  See  Col.  Records,  vol.  xii,  page  356. 


Sprout,  William,  from  ensign  of  Maryland  associators,  January  3, 

Dover,  John,  from  Third  battalion,  January  3,  1777 ;  resided  in 

Philadelphia,  1835. 

Ramsey,  Alexander,  of  Capt.  Williams'  independent  company ;  re- 
signed May  26,  1779,  on  account  of  promotions  over  him. 
Stediford,  Garret,  from  Third  battalion ;  joined  after  his  exchange 

in  1778 ;  resigned  May  23, 1781. 
Blewer,  George,  from  second  lieutenant,  May  16, 1778 ;  a  prisoner 

of  war,  October  4, 1777,  to  January  29,  1781. 
Beatty,  Erkuries,  from  second  lieutenant,  June  2,  1778. 
Summers,  Peter,  from  second  lieutenant,  June  2,  1778;  resigned 

April  1,  1781. 

Boss,  George,  (adjutant,)  June  4, 1778. 
Potan,  Matthew,  from  second  lieutenant,  May  11,1779;  resigned 

December  31, 1779. 
Bevins,  Wilder,  May  11, 1779. 

Pratt,  John,  vice  Lieut.  Thomas  Campbell,  promoted. 
Henley,  Henry,  from  ensign,  vice  Lieut.  Randolph,  resigned. 

Second  Lieutenants, 

Blewer,  George,  captured  at  Germantown,  October  4, 1777;  pro- 
moted nrst  lieutenant,  May  16, 1778. 

<3ray,  Samuel,  became  supernumerary,  July,  1778. 

Lewis,  John,  January  3, 1777  ;  became  supernumerary,  July,  1778. 

Simms,  William,  January  3, 1777  ;  resigned  November,  1777. 

Elliot,  John,  on  return  of  June  30,  1777 ;  retired  the  service,  Febru- 
ary, 1778 ;  died  in  Stark  county,  Ohio,  August  29,  1826,  aged 

Coates,  Isaac,  of  Philadelphia,  on  return  of  June  30, 1777. 

Armor,  James,  of  Salisbury  township,  Lancaster  county ;  on  return 
of  June  30,  1777. 

Beatty,  Erkuries,  May  2, 1777;  wounded  at  Germantown ;  promoted 
first  lieutenant,  June  2, 1778.* 

Summers,  Peter,  from  ensign,  October  18, 1777 ;  promoted  first  lieu- 
tenant, June  2,  1778. 

Potan,  Matthew,  from  ensign;  promoted  first  lieutenant,  May  11, 


Beatty,  Erkuries,  January  2,  1777;  promoted  second  lieutenant, 
May  2,  1777. 

Summers,  Peter,  of  Philadelphia,  January  2, 1777 ;  promoted  sec- 
ond lieutenant,  October  18,  1777. 

*  See  Coi.  Records,  vol.  xii,  357. 


Wilson,  James,  January  3, 1777  ;  resided  in  Trumbull  county,  Ohio,. 
1834,  aged  eighty-seven. 

Steel,  Robert,  from  Hendricks'  company,  Thompson  rifles,  January 
3,  1777. 

Carpenter,  Samuel,  January  3, 1777. 

Potan,  Matthew,  January  3,  1777  ;  promoted  second  lieutenant. 

Bevins,  Wilder,  promoted  lieutenant  May  11, 1779. 

Gamble,  James,  entitled  to  first  lieutenant  commission  from  Janu- 
ary 1, 1781 ;  transferred  to  second  lieutenant  in  artillery,  Janu- 
ary 1, 1783. 

Pratt,  John,*  to  be  lieutenant,  vice  Campbell,  promoted ;  return  of 
August  1,  1780,  makes  him  ensign,  July  1,  1779— lieutenant, 
January  1,  1780;  paid  as  lieutenant  from  April  11,  1779. 

Henley,  Henry,*  to  be  lieutenant,  vice  Lieut.  Randolph  resigned. 
May  10, 1779;  a  return  of  August  1. 1780,  makes  him  ensign, 
July  2, 1779— lieutenant,  April  17, 1780. 

Henderson,  Andrew,  July  4,  1779. 

Smith,  Nathaniel,  of  Carlisle,  appointed  July  5, 1779,  by  General 
Sullivan ;  promoted  lieutenant,  July  23,  1780. 

Rose,  John,  from  Seventh  Penn'a;  returned  August  9, 1781,  as  in 
the  Fourth  Penn'a  ;  transferred  to  Third  as  lieutenant,  Janu- 
ary 1, 1783. 


Boss,  George,  January  3, 1777,  to  June  30, 1777. 
Sproat,  William,  June  30, 1777,  to  December  17,  1777. 
Boss,  George,  December  17, 1777 — May  17, 1780. 
Beatty,  Erkuries,  May  17, 1780. 
Barton,  Benjamin,  acting  adjutant,  August  15,  1780. 

Hunter,  James,  of  East  Whiteland  township,  Chester  county,  from 

January  31,  1777,  to  June  1, 1779 ;  rank  of  captain. 
Beatty,  Erkuries,  June  1,  1779,  to  May  17, 1780. 
McGowan,  John,  May  17, 1780. 

Davis,  John. 
Summers,  Peter,  from  March  9, 1778,  to  May  18, 1780. 


McCarter,  Charles,  from  January  1, 1779 ;  return  of  August  1, 1780, 
Jones,  James,  from  surgeon's  mate  of  Sixth  Penn'a;  resided  in 
Kent  county,  Delaware,  1828. 

*  Col.  Records,  vol.  xii,  357  ;  ibid.,  427. 


Surgeon's  Mates. 
Jones,  James,  appointed  February  16, 1778 ;  acting  as  surgeon  from 

1777  to  1779 ;  transferred  to  Sixth  Penn'a,  May  1, 1779. 
Wilkins,  John,  April  8,  1780. 

ARY 17,  1781. 

Lieutenant  Colonel  Commandant. 

Butler,  William,  retired  the  service  January  1, 1783 ;  died  at  Pitts- 
burgh, 1789;  buried  in  Trinity  church-yard. 

Vernon,  Frederick,  of  the  Eighth,  commissioned  June  7,  1777; 

transferred  to  First  Penn'a,  January  1,  1783. 
Edward,  Evan,  of  Eleventh,  December  16, 1778 ;  retired  the  service 

January  1,  1783. 


Fishbourne,  Benjamin,  transferred  to  the  First,  January  1, 1783. 
Alexander,  John,  of  the  Seventh,  March  20,  1777 ;  resigned  July 

11, 1781 ;  died  August  4,  1804,  at  Carlisle,  aged  fifty-one. 
Parker,  Alexander,  of  the  Seventh,  March  20, 1777 ;  transferred  to 

the  Second,  January  1,  1783. 
Montgomery,  Samuel,  of  the  Seventh,  Mai-ch  20, 1777;  shot  through 

the  foot  July  6,  1781,  and  returned  home ;  transferred  to  Third 

Penn'a,  January  1, 1783. 
Irvine,  Andrew,  of  the  Seventh,  March  20,  1777;  transferred  to 

the  First,  January  1, 1783. 
Carnahan,  James,  of  the  Eighth,  April  18, 1777 ;  transferred  to  the 

Second,  January  1,  1783. 
Becker,  Henry,  retired  January  1, 1783. 
Henderson,  William,  retired  January  1,1783;  resided  in  Chester 


Campbell,  Thomas,  January  1, 1781 ;  retired  January  1, 1783 ;  sena- 
tor from  York  county,  1810,  died  at  Monaghan,  York  county, 


Bryson, Samuel, from  the  Seventh,  March  20, 1777 ;  wounded  in  right 

leg  at  Germantown ;  transferred  to  the  Second,  January  1, 1783. 
McMichael,  James,  of  the  Seventh,  June  20, 1777;  transferred  to 

the  First,  January  1,  1783. 


Stediford,  Garret,  October  12,  1777 ;  retired  May  23,  1781 ;  re- 
sided in  New  York  city  in  1817. 

Blewer,  George,  transferred  to  First  Penn'a,  January  1,  1783. 

Beatty,  Erkuries,  transferred  to  Third  Penn'a,  January  1,  1783. 

Summers,  Peter,  resigned  April  1, 1781. 

Boss,  George,  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  January  29,  1781. 

Peebles,  Eobert,  of  the  Seventh,  April  15,  1779;  transferred  to 
the  Third,  January  1,  1783. 

Milligan,  James,  of  the  Seventh,  April  16, 1779 ;  transferred  to  the 
First,  January  1,  1783. 

McCullam,  John,  April  16,  1779;  transferred  to  Second  Penn'a, 
January  1,  1783. 

Hughes,  John,  of  the  Seventh,  April  25, 1779. 

Bevins,  Wilder,  transferred  to  Second  Penn'a,  January  1, 1783. 

Pratt,  John  ;  no  date  of  commission  inserted ;  transferred  to  Third, 
January  1, 1783. 

Henley,  Henry,  *  January  1, 1780 ;  transferred  to  the  Second,  Jan- 
uary 1,  1783. 


Henderson,  Andrew,  July  4,  1779;  promoted  lieutenant  July  29, 
1781 ;  transferred  to  Second  Pennsylvania,  January  1, 1783. 


Magaw,  William,  of  Thompson's,  transferred  to  First. 
Jones,  James,  from  surgeon's  mate  of  Sixth;  retired  January  1, 
1781;  resided  in  Kent  county,  Delaware,  December,  1818. 

Surgeon's  Mate. 

Jones,  James,  transferred  to  Sixth. 
Wilkins,  John,  transferred  to  First  Penn'a. 



Stephenson,  Stephen,  from  captain  lieutenant  of  Ninth,  July  11, 
1781,  vice  Capt.  John  Alexander,  resigned. 

Henderson,  Andrew,  from  ensign,  January  29,  1781,  vice  Lieut. 

George  Boss,  transferred  to  Invalid  corps. 

Rose,  John,  from  ensign,  April  1, 1781,  vice  Peter  Summers  resigned. 
Denny,  Ebenezer,  from  ensign  in  the  Seventh,  May  23,  1781,  vice 

Lieut.  Garret  Stediford  resigned. 

*  Written  in,  not  printed,  as  the  rest  are. 


\_This  iloll  is  incomplete.'] 

[This  company  was  commanded  by  Capt.  Hears  until  Capt.  Tu- 
dor's  return  from  captivity,  which  accounts  for  the  retirement  of 
Capt.  Hears,  Hay  26,  1778.] 


Smith,  William,  February  7, 1777. 

Cochran,  John,  February  25,  1778. 

Jones,  Tnomas,  February  7,  1777  ;  corporal  to  February  24,  1780. 

Richard,  James,  Hay  10, 1777. 


Sloan,  John,  February  7, 1777 ;  promoted  Hay  1, 1779. 
Hunter,  Samuel,  February  7,  1777  ;  promoted  February  8, 1780. 
Keemer,  Nicholas,  April  23,  1777 ;  promoted  February  8, 1780. 


Baker,  John,  April  9,  1777. 


Brown,  Sylvanus,  February  6, 1780. 


Devolt,  John,  Harch  2, 1778. 

Farrall,  William,  April  1,  1777  ;  reenlisted  in  artillery,  1781;  dis- 
charged July  13,  1783  ;  in  the  battles  of  Trenton,  Brandy  wine, 
and  Paoli ;  wounded  in  the  head  and  arm  at  Paoli ;  resided  in 
Hercersburg  in  1818. 

Hartney,  Patrick,  February  8,  1777. 

Haloney,  William,  Harch  1, 1777. 

HcDonark,  James,  April  1, 1777. 

HcNamara,  Dennis,  Hay  13,  1777. 

Nixon,  John,  August  1,  1777. 

Patterson,  Daniel,  July  4,  1777. 

Roach,  Sadler,  Hay  20,  1777. 

Sullivan,  Owen,  Hay  10, 1777. 

Wimot,  John,  April  23,  1777. 


[This  Boll  is  incomplete.] 


Ogleby,  George,  March  15, 1777. 

Knox,  George,  March  15, 1777 ;  discharged  January  1,  1780. 

Me  Pike,  James,  January  1,  1777. 

Marford,  John,  February  15,  1777  ;  died  May  1, 1778. 

Stett,  Isaac,  February  15, 1777;  promoted  February  11, 1780. 


Johnston,  George,  March  6, 1777 ;  promoted  February  11, 1780. 
Maiz,  John,  May  1, 1777 ;  promoted  February  11,  1780. 

Bouden,  John,  April  14, 1777. 


Brown,  John,  March  18, 1777. 
Brown,  William,  May  1, 1777. 
Campbell,  James,  March  22, 1778. 
Colts,  John,  April  25, 1777 ;  died  November  16,  1777. 
Disman,  John,  January  15,  1777. 
Divine,  Hugh,  August  8,  1777. 
Harman,  Michael,  May  5, 1777. 

Harrigan,  Cornelius,  April  1, 1777;  discharged  April  1, 1778. 
Isanogle,  Thomas,  June  1, 1778. 

Keef ,  Benjamin,  June  1, 1777  ;  Invalid  crops,  August  17, 1778. 
Keenan,  John,  August  1,  1778. 

Lyons,  William,  May  2, 1777  ;  Invalid  corps,  July  4, 1778. 
McGee,  James,  January  1, 1777. 
Martin,  Ckuidius,  March  1, 1778. 
Miller,  Charles,  January  1, 1777. 
Miller,  Daniel,  April  7, 1777. 
Moore,  John,  June  1,  1777  ;  died  March  2, 1778. 
Moser,  Christian,  March  31, 1777. 
Old  wine,  Bernard,  June  1,  1778. 
Parks,  Thomas,  May  5, 1777. 
Patterson,  Christian,  January  15,  1777. 
Eice,  David,  May  2,  1777 ;  died  April  3,  1778. 
Saunders,  Abraham,  June  26,  1777. 
Stanford,  Henry,  July  4, 1778. 


Stoner,  Casper,  April  15, 1777. 

Teats,  Martin,  April  11,  1777. 

Warner,  Peter,  April  25,  1777  ;  Invalid  corps,  June  4, 1777. 

Wice,  James,  July  14,  1777. 

[This  Roll  is  incomplete.] 

Sergeant  Major. 
Allison,  John,  April  15,  1778. 

Quarter-master  Sergeant. 
Cook,  Thomas,  January  22,  1777. 

Drum  Major. 
Spauldin,  John,  September  7,  1778. 

Fife  Major. 
James,  William,  February  10, 1777. 


Faulkner,  Alexander,  May  28,  1777. 
Eaton,  Henry,  March  17, 1777. 
Lower,  Joseph,  January  16, 1777. 


Eogers,  Andrew,  May  2, 1778. 

Stewart,  James,  February  10, 1777 ;  taken  by  the  enemy,  March  4? 


Davisheiter,  Henry,  May  6, 1778. 

Good,  Daniel,  January  2. 1780. 

Granger,  George,  January  2, 1780. 

Hazelhurst,  John,  March  2,  1778. 

Henise,  John,  October  21, 1779 ;  taken  prisoner,  April  25, 1780. 

Hutchison,  John,  February  7, 1777 ;  taken  prisoner,  April  25,  1780. 

Jones,  Thomas,  January  2,  1780. 

Lesbeck,  Anthony,  March  1,  1777. 

McSwine,  George,  February  17. 1777. 

Noble,  William,  September  17,  1778. 

Seebrook,  Nathan,  February  1, 1777. 

Lieut.  Col.  Butler's  company,  Major  Parr's,  Capt.  Bicker's,  and 
Capt.  Bettin's  companies  have  been  returned,  the  others  cannot  be 
had  at  this  time. 

August  J.5, 1780. 


Acting  Adjutant. 
32-VOL.  X. 



[See  list  to  First  Penn'u  for  explanation.] 
Capt.  George  Tudor's  Company. 

Birch,  John. 

Chamberlin,  Clayton. 

Cotterell,  John. 

Forney,  Anthony. 

Johnston,  Kichard. 

McFarran,  Richard. 

Meyer,  John. 

Shotts,  Joseph. 

Steward,  John,  deserted  July  1. 

Stockman,  Andrew. 

Wise,  William. 

Capt.  B.  Fishbourne's  Campany. 

Alcorn,  William. 
Biddle,  Simon. 
Grimshaw,  Eichard. 
McGinnis,  William. 
Morrison,  John. 
Noel,  John. 
Wier,  Leonard. 

Major's  Company. 

Broomley,  John. 
Callanan,  Joseph. 
Cotter,  James. 
Hart,  Samuel. 
Henderson,  John. 
Moyer,  Jacob. 
Richardson,  William. 
Ream,  David. 

Colonel's  Company. 

Anderson,  Jacob. 
Anderson,  John. 
De  Hart,  Samuel. 


Garvey,  Bartholomew. 

Greggory,  Christian. 

Harvey,  Patrick. 

Hutchiuson,  Samuel. 

Jennings,  John. 

Johnston,  Join: 

John,  (the  negro.) 

Leigh  ton,  Alexander,  deserted  August  21. 

Marclay,  Adam. 

Murray,  James. 

Puff,  Valentine. 

liode,  Ludwig. 

Seckman,  Henry. 

Sheimer,  Christian. 

Siburn,  William. 

Spotts,  Henry. 

Williams,  Abel. 

Williams,  Humphrey. 

Capt.  William  Henderson's  Company. 

Cowley,  John. 
Donnelly,  Henry. 
Levy,  Nathan. 
Logan,  Samuel. 
McKinley,  Samuel. 
Nealy,  Matthew. 
Rice,  George. 
Robinson,  Benjamin. 
Robinson,  James. 
Vanderhoff,  Matthew. 
Wallace,  William. 
Zimmerman,  Stophel. 

Capt.  John  McGowan's  Company 
Adams,  John. 
Beaver,  Christopher. 
Frymire,  William. 
Grady,  William. 
Haffenbough,  Jacob. 
Hagerty,  John. 
Hause,  Peter. 
Moaller,  Martin. 
Morgan,  James. 
Mullen,  James. 


Shaffer,  Andrew. 
Shiver,  John. 
Smith,  John. 

Capt.  Henry  Bicker,  Jr.'s  Company. 

Bean,  John. 
Brown,  Isacher. 
Cassedy,  William. 
Dorlin,  Samuel. 
Hunter,  John. 
Huston,  John. 
Isenboys,  George. 
Mitchell,  Robert. 
Mulholland,  Charles. 
Myers,  Herman. 
Ream,  Andrew. 
White,  John. 
Willnot,  Martin. 
Wilkinson,  Christopher. 
Young,  Devolt. 

Capt.   William  Gray's  Company. 
Dinges,  Peter. 
Featherly,  Nathaniel. 
Fox,  George. 
Frickheffer,  Christopher. 
Hineman,  Henry. 
Jones,  Joshua. 
Kear,  Peter. 
Kerr,  William. 
McKoy,  Daniel. 
Reith,  Francis. 
Richards,  Owen. 
Shaddle,  Edward. 
Shipe,  Jacob. 
Snyder,  George. 
Sullivan,  Daniel. 

Capt.  Adam  Bettings  Company. 

Beggs,  James. 
Burke,  Francis. 
Hagley,  Joseph. 
McCutcheon,  Francis. 


McGraw,  Andrew. 
Pitt,  William. 
Rivolt,  Henry. 
Sakemiller,  Frederick. 
Vanciver,  William. 
Walker,  Jacob. 
Wetzell,  Casper. 
Zubler,  Abraham. 





Sergeant  Major. 
Allison,  John,  April  15,  1778. 

Quarter-master  Sergeant. 

Cook,  Thomas,  January  22, 1777 ;  in  the  Second  regiment  from  the 
1st  of  January. 

Drum  Major. 
Spalding,  John,  September  7, 1778;  drum  major  all  the  time. 

Eaton,  Henry,  March  17, 1777. 


Rodgers,  Andrew,  May  2, 1778. 
Stewart,  James,  February  7, 1777 ;  not  here. 


Davisheiter,  Henry,  May  6, 1778. 
Noble,  William,  September  17, 1778. 
McSwine,  George,  February  16, 1777. 



Donnelly,  George. 
King,  Alexander. 


Hamilton,  Matthew. 
Heed,  William,  October  15, 1778. 
Ward,  John. 

Yanbrimer,  Abraham. 



Beagle,  Charles. 

Camp,  Joseph. 

Chickney,  John,  October  28,  1778. 

Gable,  Peter,  1776. 

Garvey,  John. 

Harmody,  Henry. 

Hill,  Frederick. 

Hood,  Abraham. 

Laferty,  Edward. 

McCormick,  John. 

Martin,  John. 


Mclntire,  William. 
Ilourke,  Andrew. 
Prosser,  William. 

Woodworth,  Richard,  absent. 

Been,  Henry. 
Carroll,  Thomas. 
Kennehan,  Richard. 
Mclntire,  James,  absent. 
Moore,  Gilbert. 
Murdoch,  Thomas. 
Patterson,  William. 
Perry,  Thomas. 



Brown,  John. 

Maiz,  John. 

Harmand,  Michael,  corporal  from  March  1, 1780. 


Keen  an,  John. 
Martin,  Claudius. 
Miller,  Charles. 
Parks,  Thomas,  absent. 
Teats,  Martin. 
Stanford,  Henry. 


Howe,  William  Robert,  June  4, 1778. 

Christie,  John. 

Shipe,  Casper. 

Heft,  George,  April  25, 1777,  absent. 

Ellis,  John,  1776. 
Forster,  Edward. 
Ingleth,  George. 
McKeen,  John. 
Matthews,  James. 
Phillips,  Lewis,  April  1, 1780. 
Shipe,  William. 
Socks,  Andrew. 


Jones,  Thomas,  February  7, 1777  ;  corporal  to  February  28,  1780. 


Sloan,  John,  May  1, 1779;  private  from  February  7.  1777. 
Hunter,  Samuel,  February  8, 1780;  private  from  February  7,  1777. 
Keenan,  Nicholas,  February  8, 1780  ;  private  from  February  7 ,1777. 



Farrol,  William,  April  1,  1777. 
Hartney,  Patrick,  February  8,  1777. 
McNamara,  Dennis,  May  13,  1777. 
Maloney,  William,  March  1 ,  1777. 
Nixon,  John,  August  1,  1777. 
Patterson,  Daniel,  July  4, 1777. 
Roach,  Sadler,  May  20,  1777. 
Sullivan,  Owen,  March  10, 1777. 
Wimott,  John,  April  23, 1777. 



Beggs,  Thomas,  June  1,  1778;  sergeant  from  January  1,1777,  in 
the  Third  regiment. 


Lynch,  Michael,  May  13,  1777. 
Lillicrop,  John,  March  2,  1778;  corporal  February  1, 1780. 


Antrum,  John,  March  6, 1778. 
Boyer,  Philip,  April  3,  1777. 
Leavitt,  Christian,  March  5,  1777. 
Lewis,  Samuel,  May  7, 1777. 
Page,  James,  March  21, 1778. 
Stone,  Hugh,  May  7, 1777. 


Steel,  John,  January  1,  1777. 

Deal,  Jacob,  1776. 

Murphy,  James,  March  17, 1777. 


Hine,  Conrad,  May  6,  1778. 
Neeson,  George,  February  14, 1777. 
Over,  Jacob,  April  29,  1777. 
Shannon,  James. 




Kain,  Michael,  February  14, 1777  ;  sergeant  all  the  time. 
Beggs,  Moore,  March  19, 1777  ;  sergeant  all  the  time. 


Clark,  Thomas,  March  18, 1777. 
Good,  John,  April  27, 1777. 


Adams,  John,  February  7,  1777. 
Burchill,  William,  April  17, 1777. 
Cady,  William,  March  20, 1777. 
Craymer,  Jacob,  May  25, 1777. 
Dickinson,  James,  March  17,  1777;  promoted  corporal  January  1, 


Gabel,  Peter,  February  17,  1777. 
Sliker,  Casper,  March  10, 1778. 
Welsh,  William,  March  9, 1777. 




Sergeant  Major. 

Allison,  John,  enlisted  in  1776,  attached  to  Capt.  Thomas  Camp- 
bell's company ;  served  during  the  war ;  resided  in  Adams 
county,  in  1835,  aged  eighty-seven. 


Adams,  John,  February  7, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Northumberland 
county,  1820. 

Allen,  Daniel,  taken  at  Fort  Washington ;  on  his  return  home  en- 
listed in  Fourth  Penn'a,  by  Lieut.  S.  Gray ;  petitioned  the  coun- 
cil for  his  discharge  in  December,  1776,  being  an  old  man,  &c. 

Allen,  James. 

Allen,  John,  resided  in  Columbia  county,  1833,  aged  seventy-seven. 


Allwine,  Barney,  May  11, 1778. 

Anderson,  James. 

Anti-im,  John,  March  6, 1778 — 1781. 

Appleby,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777 — J781. 

Ackley,  John,  resided  in  Mifflin  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-one. 

Atchison,  Timothy. 


Beggs,  Moore,  March  19,  1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Harrison  county, 
Kentucky,  1834,  aged  ninety-two. 

Beggs,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

Baughter,  Matthias,  enlisted  1777,  in  Capt.  Scull's  company ;  dis- 
charged January,  1781 ;  resided  in  Berks  county,  1814. 

Brown,  Isaac,  enlisted  February,  1776,  at  Beading,  Capt.  Scull's 
company ;  wounded  at  Germantown,  in  left  side ;  seven  months 
prisoner  in  Jersey  prison  ship ;  discharged  January,  1781 ;  re- 
sided in  Bald  Eagle  township,  Centre  county,  January  1821, 
aged  seventy-one. 

Boyle,  John,  enlisted  in  Capt.  Campbell's  company;  afterwards 
Burd's ;  resided  in  Huntingdon  county,  1812. 

Broom,  Isaac. 


Bell,  John,  April  28, 1777. 
Brown,  John,  March  18,  1777—1781. 
Bradshaw,  William,  February  IS,  1777. 
Boyer,  Leban. 
Butler,  Patrick,  April  2, 1778. 


Bouden,  John,  April  14, 1777 — 1781. 
Brown,  Sylvanus. 
Baker,  John,  April  9,  1777 — 1781. 

Baletz,  George,  died  in  Champaign  county,  Ohio,  July  19, 1825,  aged 

Balsley,  John. 
Bannon,  Jeremiah. 
Bartle,  George. 

Baxter,  James,  May  4, 1778—1781. 
Beach,  Koswell. 
Beagle,  Christian,  (e,)  in  Henderson's  company  to  September,  1778; 

afterwards  in  Major  Church's. 
Beamer,  Andrew,  April  17, 1777—1781. 
Been,  Henry,  April  6, 1777—1781. 
Bell,  Thomas. 


Benson,  John,  January  1,  1777—1781 ;  died  in  Gnilford  county, 
North  Carolina,  November  26, 1828,  aged  eighty-eight. 

Berry,  James,  (1st.)  died  in  Cumberland  county,  November  7, 1820, 
aged  seventy. 

Berry,  James,  (2d,)  enlisted  January  1, 1777. 

Biddell,  John. 

Bishop,  Richard. 

Blain,  John,  drafted  into  Col.  Morgan's  rifle  regiment ;  wounded 
at  Monmouth,  in  the  right  leg;  resided  in  Venango  county, 

Blake,  Michael,  February  21, 1777—1781. 

Bodin,  John. 

Bonnel,  Paul,  transferred  to  Third  Penn'a. 

Boreland,  John. 

Bower,  Frederick. 

Bowes,  William. 

Boyd,  Thomas,  (e.) 

Boyer,  Frederick,  resided  in  Schuylkill  county,  1835,  aged  eighty- 

Boyer,  Philip,  April  5, 1777—1781. 

Boyle,  John,  served  two  years  in  Capt.  Cross'  company,  two  years 
and  three  months  in  Capt.  Fishbourne's ;  resided  in  Hunting- 
don county,  1818,  aged  sixty-nine. 

Boyle,  Neal. 

Bradley,  John. 

Bradley,  William,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  1822. 

Brannon,  Darby,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Briggs,  John,  May  26,  1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Greene  county,  Ten- 
nessee, in  1833,  aged  eighty -two. 

Brown,  Archibald. 

Brown,  Michael,  from  Seventh ;  in  sappers  and  miners ;  reenlisted 
December  3, 1781. 

Brown,  Philip,  May  3, 1777—1781. 

Brown,  Thomas,  killed  in  action. 

Brown,  William,  Invalid  corps,  August  2, 1779. 

Bruner,  John. 

Bruner  (Van,)  Abraham,  (e.) 

Bryan,  William. 

Buchanan,  George. 

Bunch,  John. 

Burchell,  John. 

Burchell,  William,  April  17, 1777—1781. 

Burke,  Francis. 

Burridge,  John. 

Butler,  John,  (e,)  in  Col.  William  Butler's  company. 

Byrns,  James. 


Quarter -Master  Sergeant. 
Cook,  Thomas,  January  22,  1777 — 1781. 


Close,  John,  (e,)  in  Scull's  company  to  September,  1778;  afterwards 
in  Capt.  Lieut.  Sproat's. 


Christie,  John,  April  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Clark,  Thomas,  March  18,  1777—1781. 
Cochran,  George,  March  20, 1777—1781. 
Crawford,  Henry. 
Conroy,  James,  May  8, 1778. 

Connor,  Patrick,  March  9, 1777 — 1781. 

Cogdail,  Daniel,  March  10, 1777—1781. 


Caldwell,  Thomas. 
Callaghan,  John. 
Camp,  Joseph. 
Campbell,  James. 

Carman,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Carnaghan.  Richard. 
Carnahan,  James. 

Carroll,  Thomas,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Cassady,  William. 

Cavariaugh,  John,  resided  in  York  county,  1835. 
Chambers,  James,  resided  in  Allegheny  county,  Maryland,  1834, 

aged  seventy-nine. 
Charles,  James. 

Chigney,  John,  October  28, 1778—1781. 

Chrisman,  Felix,  resided  in  Chester  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-four. 
Clarke,  George,  of  Capt.  Thomas  Campbell's  company;  died  at 

Ashley  Hill,  South  Carolina. 
Clarke,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Clarke,  Robert,  March  7, 1777 — 1781. 
Clayton,  Thomas,  September  12, 1778. 
Cleland  Adam. 
Clemens,  Peter. 

Clinger,  Philip — see  Third  Penn'a. 
Clinton,  James. 
Cloase,  Jacob. 
Cochrau,  Blaney. 


Cochran,  John,  February  i5,  1778 — 1781. 

Cody,  William,  March  2,  1777—1781. 

Cole,  David. 

Coleman,  Patrick,  resided  in  State  of  Delaware,  1835. 

Colkendoll,  George 

Collings,  John. 

Collings,  Richard. 

Ceilings,  Robert. 

Collings,  William. 

Conn,  Adam,  January  5, 1777 — 1781. 

Conner,  Charles,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Conner,  Martin. 

Connelly,  Andrew. 

Cooling,  George. 

Coulter,  John. 

Courtney,  Cornelius. 

Cowey,  John. 

Grain,  John,  1776—1781. 

Creamer,  Francis. 

Creamer,  Jacob,  resided  in  New  Castle  county,  Delaware,  1818. 

Cremer,  William. 

Crotty,  Andrew,  enlisted  1776 ;  wounded  at  Stony  Point  in  the  hip ; 

discharged  August  18, 1783  ;  resided  in  York  county,  1812. 
Crow,  Christian — see  First  Penn'a. 
Cunningham,  Matthew,  May  24. 1777 — 1781. 
Curty,  Francis,  June  12, 1777 — 1781. 
Gushing,  Anthony. 

Donnell,  John,  April  4, 1777 — 1781. 


Dunbar,  John,  killed  in  action. 
Davidson,  Edward,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 


Deal,  Jacob,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Dickenson,  James,  March  17, 1777 — 1781. 
Donnelly,  George. 


Dailey,  John,  resided  in  Mercer  county,  1835. 
Davidson,  James,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Davis,  David,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Davis,  Thomas— see  Third  Penn'a;  June  9, 1777;  paid  off  at  Car- 
lisle, April,  1781. 

Davisherter,  Henry,  May  6,  1778—1781. 
Day,  William. 


Dehomet,  Valentine,  (e,)  in  Henderson's  company  to  1778 ;  after- 
wards in  Maj.  Thomas  Church's. 

Deitz,  Martin. 

Demond,  Peter. 

Dempsey,  Patrick,  April  16, 1777;  Invalid  corps,  July  2, 1779. 

Deriize,  Timothy,  1781. 

Denmark,  John. 

Derumple,  Robert. 

Dennison,  Thomas,  October  5, 1778—1781. 

Desmond,  John,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Detrick,  George,  died  in  Lebanon  county,  August  10,  1826,  aged 

Devater,  John,  April  15, 1778. 

Deveney,  Hugh. 

Devine,  Bernard. 

Devine,  Hugh. 

Devolt,  John. 

Dewees,  William,  (e,)  in  Edwards'  company  to  1778;  afterwards  in 
Capt.  Lieut.  Sproat's. 

Dixon,  William,  died  December  26, 1826,  in  Philadelphia  county, 
aged  eighty-three. 

Drinnen,  Arthur. 

Drudge,  John,  May  26,  1778. 

Donahoo,  Patrick. 

Douglass,  Jonas,  (e,)  Church's  company  1778  ;  afterwards  in  Capt. 
William  Henderson's. 

Dougan,  John,  of  Cumru,  Berks  county;  died  in  1787,  left  a  widow, 
nee  Mary  Evans. 

Downey,  Patrick. 

Duffleld  Felix. 

Duffleld,  John. 


Eaton,  Henry,  March  17, 1777 — 1781 ;  died  in  G-allatin  county,  Ken- 
tucky, June  7, 1829,  aged  ninety-five. 
Evans,  James. 

Evans,  John,  April  27, 1777 — 1781;  died  in  Jefferson  county,  Ohio, 

May  9,  1826,  aged  seventy-seven. 
Estes,  Clement,  died  in  Bourbon  county,  Kentucky,  July  30, 1829. 

Eckley,  Thomas. 
Ecor,  Philip,  1778. 

Edgar,  David,  reenlisted  from  Ninth,  in  January,  1781;  died  in 
Bucks  county,  January  15, 1822,  aged  seventy-one. 


Eicholtz,  John. 
Elliot,  Robert. 

Ellis,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Elmore,  Daniel. 

Engleth,  George,  April  25,  1777 — 1781. 

English,  William,  died  in  Harrison  county,  Kentucky,  May  2, 1827. 
Entrican,  William,  March  20,  1777  ;  died  in  service. 
Epler,  Aaron. 

Estell,  William,  resided  in  Fleming  county,  Kentucky,  1834,  aged 


Faulkner,  Alexander,  May  28, 1777  ;  term  expired  May  28,1780  ;  con- 
tinued in  service  until  7th  November,  1780  ;  at  request  of  Col. 
Butler,  discharged  at  Camp  Totowa. 

Frick,  Christian. 


Fagin,  James. 

Fair,  Kobert,  (e,)  in  Church's  company,  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Capt. 
William  Henderson's ;  resided  in  Pickens  district,  South  Caro- 
lina, 1834,  aged  eighty-two. 

Faulkner,  William,  (e,)  in  Gray's  company  to  1778 ;  afterwards  in 
Major  Church's ;  resided  in  Adams  county,  Ohio,  1834,  aged 

Fau,  Matthew. 

Felton,  Henry,  May  12, 1777—1781. 

Fenton,  John,  chief's  guard ;  reenlisted  December  19,  1781. 

Fisher,  Henry. 

Fitzgerald,  Edward. 

Forster,  Edward,  February  28, 1777—1781. 

Foster,  Charles,  Invalid  corps,  June,  1780. 

Frapwell,  William. 

Fullerton,  Thomas,  wounded  at  Boundbrook  in  1778;  resided  in 
Crawford  county,  1835,  aged  eighty-four. 


Gibb,  William,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
Gray,  William,  April  11, 1777—1781. 
Gregg,  Robert,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Gulford,  Thomas. 


Galbraith,  Joseph,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Garvin,  Henry,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Gibbony,  John,  January  20,  1777—1781. 
Good,  John,  April  27,  1777—1781. 



Gable,  Peter,  January  1,  1777—1781. 
Galbraith,  James. 
Galagher,  Daniel. 
Galagher,  James,  April  4, 1777 ;  to  Invalid  corps;  in  Henderson's 

company  to  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Major  Church's,  October,  1779. 
Garvey,  John,  in  Henderson's  company  to  1778 ;  afterwards  in  Major 

Gastmyer,  Peter. 
Gates,  Philip. 
Germain,  Henry. 
Gigney,  John. 
Gilbert,  Stephen. 
Gilbert,  William. 
Gilles,  Daniel,  killed  in  action. 
Glouse,  Jacob,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Gogehan,  Joseph,  Invalid  corps,  September,  1777. 
Gordon,  Alexander. 
Gould,  John. 
Granger,  George,  enlisted  January  2, 1780 ;  resided  in  Lehigh  county, 

1833,  aged  seventy-five. 
Griffey,  William. 
Groce,  Alexander. 

Hungerman,  Nicholas,  of  Capt.  Mear's  company ;  killed  December 

13, 1779,  on  the  Western  expedition. 
Howe,  William  Robert,  June  4,  1778—1781. 
Hunter,  William,  March  11,  1777;  transferred  to  chief's  guards; 

reenlisted  November  3, 1781 . 


Hamilton,  Matthew,  February  11,  1777 — 1781. 
Harman,  Michael,  May  5, 1777 — 1781. 
Harrison,  Henry. 
Heister,  Jacob. 

Help,  Ludwick,  February  6, 1777 — 1781. 
Hunter,  Samuel,  February  7,  1777 — 1781. 


Heft,  George,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Horn,  Abraham,  April  17, 1777—1781. 
Hundley,  Michael,  (e,)  of  Capt.  Bettin's. 


Hagan,  Patrick,  discharged  January,  1781 ;  reenlisted  February  23, 
33— VOL.  X. 


Haires,  Samuel. 

Hamilton,  Cumberland,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Hamilton,  James. 

Hanlin,  Patrick. 

Hannah,  Robert,  (e,)  Scull's  company  to  1778;  afterwards  in  Col. 

Harbison,  Thomas. 

Hardy,  John,  (e,)  in  Capt.  William  Gray's  company. 

Harmody,  Henry,  (e,)  in  Major  Church's  company. 

Harding,  William. 

Harper,  Richard. 

Harpham,  William. 

Harris,  Simpson,  June  15, 1777 ;  died  in  South  Carolina,  1781. 

Harris,  John,  resided  in  Lancaster  county,  1813. 

Harris,  William. 

Harrison,  Henry. 

Hartinger,  Isaac. 

Hartney,  Patrick,  February  8,  1777—1781. 

Harvey,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777 — 1781;  paid  at  Carlisle  April, 

Harvey,  William,  killed  in  action. 

Hastings,  John,  January  2,  1777 — 1781. 

Havernicker,  George. 

Hazlehurst,  John,  May  2, 1778,  to  1781. 

Hawkins,  John,  (e,)  Capt.  Connelly's  company  to  July,  1777 ;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  Bettin's. 

Heisler,  Jacob. 

Henise,  John,  October  21,  1779:  taken  prisoner  April  25,  1780; 
died  June  10,  1819,  aged  seventy-six,  in  Franklin  county. 

Henley,  John,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Heter,  Henry  Davis. 

Higgins,  James. 

Hight,  Christopher,  March  15,  1777,  from  Col.  Spencer's  regiment. 

Hill,  Alexander. 

Hill,  Frederick,  May  10, 1778,  in  Capt.  Robert  Connelly's  company; 
resided  in  Lycoming  county,  1833. 

Hine,  Conrad,  May  6, 1778—1781. 

Hodge,  Abraham,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Holtman,  George. 

Hughes,  James,  killed  in  action. 

Hunt,  William. 

Hunter,  Benjamin. 

Hutchison.  John,  March  7, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Ontario  county, 
New  York,  1835,  aged  seventy. 

Hutchinson,  William. 

Hutton,  James,  May  1, 1778—1781. 


Hyner,  Daniel,  January  9,  1777 ;  transferred  to  chief's  guards  • 
written."  Himer  "  in  signature  to  guards,  with  cross  for  signa- 
ture; reenlisted  November  30,  1781. 

Isonogle,  Thomas,  (e,)  of  Fishbourne's  company. 


Jones,  Thomas,  February  7,  1777 — 1781. 
Jones,  Edward,  (e,)  Capt.  McGowan's  company. 


Johnston,  George,  Fishbourne's  company,  1777 — 1781. 
Jones,  Thomas,  February  7, 1777  ;  promoted  sergeant. 


Jefferson,  Jeshual,  reenlisted  December  19, 1781. 

Johnston,  Hugh,  October  20,  1777 — 1781;  died  in  Mason  county, 
Kentucky,  April  4, 1823,  aged  seventy-four. 

Johnston,  James,  May  15,  1777 — 1781. 

Johnston,  John,  April  3,  1777 — 1781;  died  in  New  York  city,  Feb- 
ruary 11,  1828,  aged  seventy. 

Johnston,  Joseph,  lost  his  left  hand ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps. 

Johnston,  Samuel,  1777 — 1783;  resided  in  Cumberland  county  in 

Jones,  Thomas,  from  corporal,  February  28, 1780. 

Justice,  Jacob,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  see  First  Penn'a. 


Kain,  Michael,  February  14,  1777—1781. 

King,  Alexander,  served  in  Capt.  Darby's  company  one  year;  reen- 
listed in  Capt.  Fishbourne's,  February  1,  1777  ;  discharged  Jan- 
uary, 1781 ;  resided  in  Huntingdon  county,  1813. 


Keimer,  Nicholas,  April  23, 1777—1781 ;  resided  in  Fayette  county, 
Indiana,  in  1834. 

Kain,  Henry. 
Kearsey,  John. 
Kealing,  Thomas. 
Keelands,  John. 

Keenan,  John,  August  1, 1778 — 1781. 
Keilan,  John. 
Kelly,  Barnabas. 
Kelly,  Charles. 
Kelly,  Thomas. 

Kelly,  William,  January  15,  1777 — 1781 ;  died  in  Morris  county, 
New  Jersey,  April  14, 1820. 


Ken  ley,  Samuel. 

Kennedy,  Andrew,  March  3,  1777 — 1781. 

Kernahan,  Richard,  March  26,  1777 — 1781. 

Keys,  William,  January  12,1777 — 1781. 

Keyser,  George. 

Knox,  George,  enlisted  in  1776 ;  promoted  sergeant-major  October 
5, 1777  ;  shot  through  the  body  accidentally  on  the  march,  at 
Albany,  July  13, 1778;  discharged  in  1779,  and  in  the  commis- 
sary department  until  December  31, 1781 ;  resided  in  New  York 
city  in  1834. 

Knox,  John  B.,  son  of  Andrew. 


Lohr,  Joseph,  January,  1777—1781;  in  Capt.  Connelly's  com- 
pany ;  resided  in  Frederick  county,  Maryland,  1834,  aged  sev_ 

Lee,  James,  February  28, 1777 — 1781. 


Lynch,  Michael,  May  13,  1777—1781 ;  resided  in  Delaware  county, 

Lillycrop,  John,  March  2, 1778 — 1781. 


Lackey,  Robert,  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1835,  aged  seventy. 
Lafferty,  Edward,  March  11, 1778—1781. 
Laird,  John,  resided  in  Sussex  county,  New  Jersey,  1823. 
Larkins,  James,  died  in  Harrison  county,  Ohio,  July  13,  1828,  aged 

Larner,  Robert. 
Lazarus,  Frederick. 

Leabeck,  Anthony,  November  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Lecon,  John,  April  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Leverick,  Michael. 
Lewis,  Charles,  died  in  Perry  county,  Ohio,  February  16, 1825,  aged 


Lewis,  Samuel,  May  7,  1777 — 1781. 
Leynick,  Michael. 
Lina,  John. 
Little,  Thomas. 

Lloyd,  Peter,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Loudon,  Richard,  reenlisted  from  Seventh  Penn'a;  dropped  dead 

at  his  post,  at  Col.  Butler's  door,  May  3,  1781. 
Love,  Joseph. 
Lymon,  James. 
Lynch,  Lawrence. 
Lyon,  William,  Invalid  corps,  January,  1779. 

Quarter- Master  Sergeant. 
Morrison,  John,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 



Mclritire,  William,  January  14,  1777—1781. 

Mackey,  John. 

McPike,  James. 


McMullen,  William,  April  4,  1777—1781. 

McDonald,  Alexander,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Mcllvaine,  Thomas,  killed  in  action. 

Maiz,  John,  May  1,  1777—1781. 


Murphy,  James,  March  1,  1777 — 1781;  resided  in  Nelson  county, 
Kentucky,  in  1834,  aged  seventy-two. 

McBride,  James,  (e,)  Capt.  William  Gray's  company,  1777-1780. 

McCarty,  Dennis. 

McClellan,  David. 

McClelland,  John,  resided  in  Columbia  county,  1835,  aged  seventy- 

McColly,  Robert. 

McConnell,  Charles,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McCormick,  John,  August  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McCormick,  Patrick,  April  8,  1777 — 1781. 

McCoy,  James,  killed  in  action. 

McCoy,  Rory,  January  7, 1777—1781. 

McCune,  John,  March  4,  1777 — 1781. 

McCurdy,  James. 

McDonald,  Francis,  January  14, 1779 — 1781;  died  in  Philadelphia 
county,  April  21,  1822. 

McDonald,  Patrick,  April  9,  1777—1781. 

McDonough,  James.  • 

McElroy,  Hugh,  Capt.  Gray's  company;  served  four  years;  resided 
in  Cecil  township,  Washington  county,  in  1820,  aged  eighty- 

McEllevy,  Hugh,  1778,  in  Capt.  Campbell's  company;  discharged 
1783 ;  resided  in  Cumberland  county,  1813. 

McFarland,  James. 

McGahy,  Andrew. 

McGarrigan,  Daniel,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McGlaughlin,  Bryan. 

McGuire,  John,  leg  broken  in  service;  died  March  10,  1816,  in 
Bucks  county. 

Mclntire,  James. 

Mclntosh,  Morgan,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McKevey,  Hugh,  transferred  to  Invalid  regiment. 

McKelvey,  Thomas,  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 


McKinley,  Peter,  February  17,  1777—1781. 

McLaiu,  Charles. 

McLean,  Jaoies,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

McLean,  Thomas. 

McMahon,  Timothy. 

McManus,  Ilugli,  April  30,  1777 — 1781. 

McNamara,  Dennis.  January  1,  1777 — 1781. 

McPike,  Thomas. 

McQueen,  Daniel. 

McQueen,  John. 

McSwaine,  George,  January  16, 1777—1781 ;  see  First  Penn'a. 

Madden ,  Michael. 

Maddis,  John. 

Magan,  Patrick,  1776—1781 ;  paid  at  Carlisle,  April,  1781. 

Magee,  Daniel,  April  25, 1777 — 1781. 

Maloney,  William,  March  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Maloney,  Archibald,  April  2,  1778. 

Maloy,  James. 

Martin,  Claudius,  March  1, 1778—1781 ;  died  in  Bucks  county,  Au- 
gust 19, 1821,  aged  eighty-three. 

Martin,  John,  February  10,  1777 — 1781. 

Martin,  Patrick,  wounded  at  Brandy  wine ;  died  January  2,  1825, 
in  Greene  county,  aged  eighty-four. 

Matthews,  James,  March  12,  1777—1781. 

Matthews,  John. 

Maxfield,  Henry. 

Means,  Thomas,  February  12, 1777—1781. 

Mellon,  Richard. 

Mercer,  Robert,  killed  in  action. 

Miller,  Charles,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Miller,  Daniel,  transferred  to  sappers  and  miners. 

Miller,  John,  January  12, 1777 ;  killed  in  action. 

Miller,  Henry. 

Mingle,  Stophel,  May  1, 1778—1781. 

Montgomery,  John. 

Montgomery,  AVilliam,  killed  in  action. 

Moore,  Gilbert,  May  16, 1777—1781. 

Moore,  John,  resided  in  Mercer  county,  Kentucky,  in  1833,  aged 

Moore,  Thomas,  September  18, 1778 — 1781. 

Moreland,  Hugh. 

Morris,  John,  discharged  1780  ;  reenlisted  in  Capt.  Von  Heer's  troop 
of  horse ;  resided  in  Blount  county,  Tennessee,  in  1820,  aged 

Moser,  Christian,  March  31,  1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Montgomery 
county,  1834,  aged  seventy-eight. 


Moyer,  Jacob,  1777,  Bicker's  company ;  discharged  17*82 ;  resided  in 

Huntingdon  county,  1818. 
Mulholm,  Charles. 
Mullen,  Manus,  (e,)  McGowan's  company  to  1778 ;  afterwards  in 


Murdoch,  Thomas,  March  13,  1777. 
Murphy,  Peter. 
Murray,  Daniel,  January  1,  1777—1781;  died  in  Fairfield  county, 

Connecticut,  June  8,  1826,  aged  seventy-three. 
Murray,  Patrick,  January  31,  1777 — 1781. 


Nicholson,  John,  March  15, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  Franklin  county, 
1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 

Nation,  Daniel,  killed  in  action. 


Neeson,  George,  February  14, 1777—1781. 
Nicholson,  William,  January  1, 1777 — 1781 ;  resided  in  St.  Francois 

county,  Missouri,  1833,  aged  seventy-nine ;  see  First  Penn'a. 
Nixon,  John,  August  1,  1777 — 1781. 
Noble,  William,  September  17, 1778 — 1781 ;  afterwards  sergeant  in 

Col.  Gibson's  regiment,  and  killed  at  St.  Glair's  defeat. 
Noe,  John,  died  in  Richmond  county,  New  York,  February  2, 1829, 

aged  seventy-five. 
Noglan,  William. 
Nowey,  John. 


Ogleby,  George,  1776—1781 ;  paid  at  Carlisle,  April,  1781. 
O'Neal,  John,  1776—1781. 


Organ,  John,  from  Col.  Spencer's  regiment,  April  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Organ,  Matthew,  enlisted  at  Bedford,  January  1, 1777 ;  discharged, 
1783,  at  Charleston,  South  Carolina.  He  was  at  the  siege  of 
Yorktown,  where  his  father  was  killed ;  resided  in  Washington 
county,  1820,  aged  sixty-two. 


O'Hara,  Patrick. 

Oldwine,  Bernerd — see  First  Penn'a. 

Oldwine,  Charles,  died  in  Washington  county,  Maryland,  Novem- 
ber 19,  1830,  aged  seventy-six. 
O'Neal,  Richard. 
Over,  Jacob,  April  29, 1777—1781. 


Owens,  John,  (e,)  Capt.  Hears'  company  to  July  1777  ;  afterwards 
in  Capt.  Lieut.  Sproat's;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps,  May  11, 


Prosser,  William,  March  28, 1777—1781. 
Pulford,  Thomas,  (e,)  1777 ;  left  the  army  April  1,  1780. 

Piggott,  Francis,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Porter,  Alexander,  April  4,  1777—1781. 


Page,  James,  March  21, 1778—1781. 
Palmer,  Andrew. 

Parkes,  Thomas,  (e,)  of  Fishbourne's  company,  1777 — 1781. 
Partridge,  John — see  First  Penn'a. 
Parkinson,   Abraham,    Capt.    Campbell's   company;    resided    at 

Printers'  Retreat,  Indiana,  1827. 
Patterson,  Christopher. 
Patterson,  William,  February  12,  1777—1781. 
Patrick,  George,  February  5,  1777 — 1781. 
Payton,  James,  Invalid  corps,  May,  1779. 
Peffenberger,  John,  Bicker's  company. 
Pensinger,  Henry,  from  Fourth  battalion  ;  lost  his  leg  at  Ticon- 

deroga  from  intense  cold,  in  1777 ;  resided  in  Franklin  county 

in  1820,  aged  sixty. 
Pepret,  Christian,  Bush's  company,  1777 — 1783 ;  resided  at  York  in 

1818,  aged  sixty-seven. 
Perry,  Samuel. 
Perry,  Thomas,  February  28,  1777 — 1781;  resided  in  Washington 

county,  Ohio,  in  1833,  aged  eighty. 
Peterson,  Daniel,  July  4, 1777—1781. 
Philips,  Lewis,  April  1, 1780. 
Pierce,  Thomas. 

Pinkerton,  Andrew,  February  5,  1777 — 1781. 
Popps,  Christopher. 
Postel,  Henry. 
Powell,  Lloyd,  enlisted  in  1778;  injured  at  Monmouth  by  a  fall 

after  the  battle ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps ;  died  September 

6, 1804. 
Pree,  John. 


Redman,  Michael,  January  15,  1777—1781. 
lleily,  Charles,  January  6,  1777 — 1781. 


Roberts,  William,  February  21, 1777—1781. 
Rourk,  Andrew,  March  28,  1777—1781. 


Read,  William,  October  15, 1778—1781. 
Rodgers,  Andrew,  May  2, 1778. 

Robinson,  David,  May  26,  1777. 


Ramsay,  William. 
Ream,  David. 

Reed,  Alexander,  January  1, 1777. 

Reed,  William,  March,  1777 — 1781,  from  Spencer's  regiment. 
Rice,  James. 
Riffett,  John. 
Rion,  John,  1778. 
Ripton,  John,  died  in  Virginia,  of  wounds  received  at  the  siege  of 

Yorktown,  October  19, 1781. 
Roach,  Sadler,  May  20, 1777—1781. 
Roark,  William. 
Robinson,  Alexander. 
Robinson,  James. 
Rollan,  Edward,  Capt.  Lamar's  company,  resided  in  Centre  county, 


Roseman,  David. 
Rose,  John. 
Rosgrove,  Henry. 
Ruple,  Martin,  (e,)  wagoner  of  Burd's  company  to  September, 

1778 ;  afterwards  in  Capt.  George  Tudor's  company. 
Russell,  John. 
Ryan,  Michael. 
Ryan,  Patrick. 
Ry lands,  John. 

Drum  Major. 
Spaulding,  John,  September  7, 1778—1781. 

Fife  Major. 
Stack,  Richard,  January  1, 1777. 

Smith,  William,  from  Second  battalion,  January  1,1777 — 1781 ;  paid 

at  Carlisle  in  April,  1781 ;  resided  in  York  county,  1818,  aged 


Steel,  John,  January  1, 1777—1781. 
Stewart,  Charles. 
Stitt,  Isaac. 



Sloan,  John,  February  7, 1777—1781. 
Sommerville,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 
Sutherland,  William,  (e.) 


Saine,  John,  January  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Sappinglar,  Thomas,  1781. 

Satwell,  Solomon. 

Saunders,  Abraham. 

Scandridge,  Jacob. 

Sheetz,  William. 

Seabrook,  Nathan. 

Seavolt,  Christian,  March  4,.1777 — 1781. 

Seitel,  George,  resided  in  York  county,  1822. 

Shaffer,  Andrew,  resided  in  Stark  county,  Ohio,  1820,  aged  sixty- 

Shaffer,  George,  March  4, 1777 — 1781. 

Shank,  Manus,  May  12, 1778—1781. 

Shannon,  James,  March  6, 1777 — 1781. 

Sharps,  George. 

Shaw,  John  K. 

Sherwood,  William. 

Shee,  Edward,  of  Capt.  Joshua  Williams'  company;  transferred  to 
Capt.  Campbell's,  1776-1783 ;  resided  in  Chester  county,  1814. 

Shilcut,  Ezekiel. 

Shipe,  Casper,  May  1, 1777 — 1781. 

Shipe,  William,  April  23,  1777  ;  discharged  January,  1781. 

Shoeman,  Andrew,  1776—1783 ;  died  in  York  county,  May  16, 1832, 
aged  eighty. 

Simonds,  Isles. 

Simson,  John,  Invalid  corps,  August  2,  1779. 

Sliker,  Casper,  March  10, 1778—1781. 

Slockerman,  Christopher. 

Smeltzer,  John,  March  17, 1779. 

Smith,  Daniel,  April  1, 1777—1781;  from  Spencer's  regiment. 

Smith,  Jacob. 

Smith,  Matthew. 

Smith,  Nathaniel. 

Smith,  Samuel,  January  1, 1777 ;  transferred  to  Invalid  corps;  died 
April  16, 1800. 

Smith,  Thomas,  died  March  5, 1826,  in  Mercer  county,  aged  seventy- 

Snyder,  Detrick. 

Stanford,  Henry,  September  14, 1778—1781. 
*  Stewart,  James,  resided  in  Dauphin  county,  1835,  aged  seventy-nine. 


Stewart,  Hugh,  April  1, 1777— 1781 ;  from  Spencer's  regiment ;  died 
in  Franklin  county,  January  20, 1823,  aged  seventy-four. 

Stone,  Hugh,  May  7,  1777—1781. 

Stone,  Casper,  April  25, 1777;  wounded  at  Germantown  ;  discharged 
January,  1781 ;  resided  in  Berks  county,  1810 ;  in  Stark  county, 
Ohio,  1820,  aged  sixty-one. 

Socks,  Andrew,  May  15,  1777—1781  ;  Capt.  McGowan's  company  ; 
resided  in  Montgomery  county,  1822. 

Soobley,  Stephen. 

Spalding,  John. 

Speigle,  Laurence,  died  May  21, 1824,  in  Columbia  county. 

Stephenson,  Stephen. 

Sullivan,  Daniel. 

Sullivan,  Murty,  January  12, 1777—1781. 

Sullivan,  Owen,  March  10, 1777—1781. 

Sullivan,  Thomas. 


Tachey,  William,  killed  in  action. 

Taylor,  John. 

Teats,  Martin,  April  1, 1777—1781. 

Templer,  Thomas. 

Thackery,  Thomas. 

Thompson,  James. 

Thompson,  Nathan. 

Thoouiy,  Marty,  October  7, 1778—1781. 

Todd,  John,  January  1,  1777—1781. 

Travish,  Andrew. 

Trebell,  John,  May  3, 1777. 

Updegrove,  John,  (e,)  in  Butler's  company  to  September,  1778;  after- 
wards in  Capt.  Lieut.  Sproat's. 

Upton,  Michael. 


Van  Kirk,  John,  January  1, 1777—1781. 

Corpora  I. 

Vernon,  Kobert,  January  1, 1777—1781. 


Vincent,  John,  July  13, 1778. 


Van  Brimer,  Abraham,  of  Capt.  William  Henderson's  company, 

Fife  Major. 

Williams,  James,  (e,)  February  10, 1777 ;  in  Scull's  company  to  Sep- 
tember 1,  1778;  afterwards  in  Col.  Butler's. 



"Winn,  John,  January  7, 1777 — 1781. 

Corpora  Is. 

"Ward,  John,  March  5,  1778 — 1781. 

Woodsworth,  Richard,  February  13,  1777 — 1781. 


Wann,  John,  January  1, 17